(Rumor corrected) Panasonic LX8 comes NOT(!) with the same 1 inch sensor as the FZ1000. Specs roundup.


The 1 inch sensor of the FZ1000.

UPDATE: There was a miscomunictaion between a source and me. The new LX8 will not feature the same 1 inch sensor of the FZ1000!!!! It will be very “different”.

Thee are the specs I got so far from another source:
– 24-90mm f/2.0-2.8 Leica lens
3% larger than the LX7
– Swivel touch screen with touch to focus and capture features
– Updated processing engine enhancing JPEG output
– built in EVF and no hotshoe (just like the Sony RX100m3).
– Automatic Lenscap
– built-in 3 stop ND filter
– 4K recording

One more thing: I think the chance is great Olympus will use the same sensor for their Trip-D camera. The camera should have a design reminiscent of the Olympus Trip 35 filmcameras (here on eBay).

P.S.: Panasonic FZ-1000 preorders at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here). In Europe at WexUK (Click here).

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  • Dummy00001

    Looks like a perfect cam!!

    (Though notably DFD is missing.)

    And the final question: the price?

    • Eno

      Agree, but the price can not be that high, I think it will end cheaper than Sony RX100 mark 3 but better and with 4K. Great news!

      I think this little baby, the FZ1000 and GH4 will sell very well.

    • AndersN

      Perhaps DFD isn’t really necessary for quick focusing with such short focal lenghts or short zoom range?

      • AndersN

        “Very different” 1 inch sensor could mean an Aptina with on-sensor PDAF (eg. the Nikon 1 sensor). Hence no DFD.

  • LX8 with a 1″ sensor! That’s great news!
    Hopefully Olympus will follow suit with the XZ-3!

    Next up?
    How about a Panasonic LX or Olympus XZ Tough camera with a 1″ sensor, tilting screen and RAW abilities!

    • zoombafloomba

      Looking further down the road to a GM2 with the possibility of hotshoe/EFV/tilt screen/4k, or a GX8 with 4k/better EVF/IBIS for video.

      I would sell my E-P5s for this.

      • zoombafloomba

        Although what you say is awesome too. Was looking at the TG-3, but the image output hasn’t impressed me. Need to see more examples.

      • Skyti

        but they already have gf4 for 4k video. I dont think that will be important to insert 4k in gx series and gm series. I m satisfied with my current gx7 now. and i just hope pana could release a new wide angel lens.:)

    • leone

      +1 to tough cam with 1″ sensor.

      the current tough cams, no matter of what brand, are ridiculously lousy in IQ.

      • DonTom

        I agree. The cost for a dedicated dive housing is so high, surely a manufacturer could build a dive/tough cam with a 1″ sensor and a quickish zoom lens (F1.8-2.8) for not much more. Something with a decent WA for underwater photography (or fisheye attachment), doesn’t have to go more than 50mm equiv on the long end, that’s enough for most purposes. It would be the only camera I’d need for outdoors.

    • CaverDave

      If the rumor specs are correct the LX8 looks to be a very good pocket camera. Most likely without a hot-shoe it will not be a camera for me. I trend to take my cameras caving and I really need to have a hot-shoe to trigger remote flashes. A rugged weather-sealed LX or XY model would be really nice. Even a true rugged camera like the TG but with an 1″ sensor would be really nice. No one has one yet and everybody has the tough camera with the small sensor. It will be interested in seeing what the rumored Olympus trip will be like. It could go with a fixed prime lens or it could actually be the 1″ sensor version of the XZ camera with a zoom lens.

      • Guest

        Like a Nikon AW1?

        • David

          This was supposed to be a reply to the DonTom post above

    • whensly

      I thought Olympus bagged on (stopped) the XZ’s and compacts altogether?

  • Ahmad Qasem

    I hope that olympus is going to use same sensor size in their upcomin xz3 coupled with 5 axis OIS :)

  • Slightly off topic Admin, but since you mentioned it: that Olympus “Trip” is rumored to have a zoon or a single focal lenght lens?

    • DouglasGottlieb

      Yes, wasn’t the rumor that the Trip would be an X100s retro style fixed lens? Hopefully, it will be a fast zoom (more of an X20 and RX100iii challenger). I can’t imagine a fixed focal length 1″ sensor camera succeeding. Even a fixed focal M43 is stretching it… I hope the Trip is weather sealed!

      • Peter

        A retro-styled 1″ camera with zoom that fits (size and zoom wise) between the LX8 and FZ1000 would probably be my dream travel camera. Not asking much, a 9-45mm f/2.8 would be great (24-120mm equiv.) Or maybe a little longer but f/3.4 to keep it compact.

        A retro-styled 1″ camera with a couple of compact, high-quality prime lenses would be interesting as well (my first camera was a Contax G1, it has its flaws but the lenses are awesome)

        • Origamy

          Don’t they already have the Stylus model for that? The Trip _has_ to be fixed lens with m43 sensor, otherwise it becomes a mockery of tradition like the Pentax “MX1” was.

        • What you are describing looks like a possible Fuji X30.

      • As Peter points out, a m43 sensor paired with a fixed lens can deliver a great image quality. Sensor tech is good enough. Right now I’m enjoying my new Ricoh Gr and its 28mm lens. A lenspaired to a sensor is better than the same interchangeable lenson the same sensor. I would welcome a 50mm equivalent f1.6/f1.8 lens on a m43 lens, with IBIS, weather sealed.

    • Infinity Jr.

      Any word, Admin? Hope it has a 4/3 sensor and fixed wide normal prime lens.

  • steve37

    Hopefully there will be a filter/hood mount possibility.

  • Sqweezy

    Wow, this lens starting at f2.0 is great, but I wish it was constant aperture. I know this would undoubtedly increase the lens size, so how about that for the next-gen FZ-1000? I’d much prefer a 24-135mm f/2.0 in the size of the FZ-1000 than going all the way up to a 400mm equivalent.

  • Yun

    Nice move from Pana again .
    20.2 megapixels 1″ inch sensor in LX8 is impressive even with it flagship models , GH / GX / GM , none of it achieved such high megapixels .
    If it sell cheaper than the RX100 m3 , this should be a good selling camera in it’s class .

  • Yun

    I remember when all of us yelling for 1″ sensor in LX7 to compete against RX100 , Pana disappointed us & now Pana start to listen .
    Now we want an organic sensor + MCS in the next GX / GM cameras otherwise no replacement for the cameras till the tech is ready .

  • Henrik

    “Swivel touch screen with touch to focus and capture features”

    That’s good news, just as ND filter and automatic lens cap.

    Do i hope the screen with swing sideways instead of up and down? No, i fear vertical hinging.

    I could well do without a viewfinder. Now bash me.

  • leone

    if this is true, here’s my money!

  • mfiftysomething

    LX8 is looking good; most boxes ticked, I am now waiting to hear will it have a mic input, and anything better than AVCHD? so far sounds like the perfect travel camera, but will it be ready for summer?

  • Viezevure

    Ini mini tini winie…………

    • Viezevure’s Trousers

      At least you didn’t post a picture. Now put your pants back on.

      • Seizure

        Hahaha… excellent! But he prefers the bigger ones to hold and play with…. LOL…

        • BdV

          Not sure about that, he can’t stop talking about ‘tiny’.

  • BdV

    Yes, the LX8 sounds like a great compact, but if that Trip D will have a fixed 35mm or 40mm or 45mm 1.4 lens I’ll wait a bit longer. Won’t be easy to explain buying both of them…

  • Salty

    LX7 had a painfully slow powerzoom, hopefully Panasonic have addressed this with the LX8, otherwise it looks awesome.

  • Still no word on the EVF specs? For me, this is the final piece of the puzzle and it’s starting to worry me a bit, I was expecting that at this stage, there would be rumors saying that it has the same EVF as the FZ1000. I hope it does – and now I also want that same 5-axis hybrid IS.

    • spam

      If the LX8 is only 3% larger than the LX7, include viewfinder and tilt or swivel LCD, and a 4 times larger sensor then I can’t see how they could fit in the same EVF as FZ1000.

      • Yeah and that’s why I’m a bit worried BUT… when it was first rumored to be slightly bigger than the LX8 AND with 1″, I didn’t think they would be able to fit a 24-90mm f/2-2.8 either. And think about it, the RX100 is smaller than the LX7 and Sony did fit a decent EVF, so it’s possible. The LX7 is already about 10% taller and 10% thicker than the RX100MKIII.

        • Capt.Obvious

          How the *#”/% does something like that “worry” you..? That’s worrying.

          • If you know the Panasonic LF1 EVF, you would understand what may worry me

        • mFTdude

          I don’t think that the resolution of an EVF has anything to do with its size. Without the casing an external EVF needs the unit is not very large at all

          • It has, because it also has to do with cost, the more dots in a smaller area, the costlier it will be. Plus, if it’s too small, you’ll get less magnification, which makes the EVF less useful, harder to pack info on the display, harder to see the details, check focus, etc. even more if it also has low res, which is what brings the LF1 EVF to my worries. Sony packaged the right size and minimum resolution, which is the same as the A6000 – although the NEX-6 had the same size but much more dots. So my hope is that Panasonic does use similar EVF to the FZ1000, which is an improved version of the GX7.

    • EnPassant

      Agree! A 1.44 MP EVF is what I consider the minimum acceptable standard. A 0.9 MP EVF like in the Nikon Coolpix P7800 is simply not good enough and a dealbreaker for me. The 2.3 MP EVF from FZ1000 and the other EVFs with similar resolution in Olympus O-MD E-M1 and Fujifilm X-T1 are of course even better. So let us hope both EVF and price will be good!

      • Exactly, that would really be the minimum, but so far Panasonic has been doing great, let’s hope they keep doing that.

      • Surab

        For me, if the other features are going to be correct, then I wouldn’t mind a worse than 1,44MP EVF, which one can use as a framing support under sunlight.

        But then I also hope that Pana surprises us as San did.

  • simon

    if that trip-d camera is coming for real (with 35 fixed lens) I will be a very happy guy, if it is rugged and water proof (like the nikon 1) I fear I might die of joy :)

  • mcentral

    I like the sound of this. I already have a fixed lens compact (GR) so a zoom would be a perfect companion. I’d travel with those two plus my EPL5 and one or two primes.

    I don’t need the built in VF, especially with tilt/touch screen. I bought the VF4 for my EPL5 but I’ve become a convert to the touch screen with the camera held low and stable against my prodigious gut. I hardly ever use the VF4. Plus I already have the Panasonic VF2, so I’m biased to that arrangement – tilt/touch plus occasional use of accessory VF2. One can dream.

  • leavmealone


    dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd ?

    • pro-level whiner

      GH4 sensor. And you still want a zoom lens. And have the whole thing pocketable. Riiight. What are you, a professional whiner?

    • Harry

      Marketing is the problem. That sensor is sure to be the same as the rest, but they are afraid it will lose “pro” status if they put it in cheaper models.

  • Chaitanya

    Wouldn’t mind that camera even if its slightly larger than GM1.

  • whensly

    oh I hope they’re wrong and it has a hotshoe. I like popping the pocket wizards on my LX7.

  • ronin
  • I already have a good pouch camera. Waiting for a shirt-pocket with LX7 IQ. LF2 with 24-70 f2.8-4.0 would do nicely.

    • Capt.Obvious

      So just get the LX7..

      • Captain Oblivious, I don’t know what kind of XXL safari outfit you’re wearing, but the LX7 won’t fit in my shirt pockets. Or my jeans pockets. I had one. When the weather was cold, it fit in a coat pocket. But, now the weather’s warm, it needs a pouch or bag, and if I’m going to carry that, I’ll take my GX7. An LF1 will fit in a shirt or jeans pocket, but the lens doesn’t deliver the resolution of which the sensor is capable. Hence, “shirt-pocket with LX7 IQ”.

        • samthesham

          Time to get rid of those skinny jeans & pony tail its 2014 lol

  • SteveO

    This being an mFT forum,Admin, how about some intel on a Panasonic 24MP mFT sensor? If they can pack 20MP into a 1″ sensor, stands to reason this should be do-able, and it would break down another perception in the battle to woe APS-C users.

    • Jonathan Caprilos

      it not only mFT,but it all about panny/oly
      forum. site review don’t beleive it’s same sensor as same as rx100III ,if it’s panny sensor or their partner factory,we will see new mega pixel on mFT soon

  • NH

    I also could lose the evf. I prefer the hotshoe. I think an evf is something everyone ask for but will never use.
    My biggest question at the moment is whether there will be a mic input. A portable 4k camera without a mic input would be a real waste.
    The lx7 had an accessory port, which on the leica equivelant had an optional mic port, that is also acceptable.
    Do you know if there will be an accessory port?

    • Burgo

      yes, there is a standard mic input (you can see it on the picture “under” the evf”. No Headphonejack though, unfortunately

      • Ben

        You realise the picture is of the FZ1000 while NH is talking about the LX8?

      • steve37

        Why is the headphone jack so important? I think it will not have a real HQ sound. If it has a sound control you can check it on the display. If it has an auto compressor then it’s useless anyway.

  • Surab

    So no 1″??? What does very mean here? …. I am fearing a big disappointment.

    • Mr Cunfusion

      It´s surprising if it will have the same sensor size as LX7 and go from f1.4(LX7) to f2.0 in widest aperture…….I understand nothing.

      • Surab

        No, I don’t believe that especially as they have also announced the FZ1000. But maybe they will really use an Aptina Sensor…. -.-

        • John

          If I remember correctly Aptina is actually licensing manufacturing rights from Sony for the 1″ cmos sensor.. Minor customization is possible, but the general design is the same.

          • Surab

            As far as I remember they exchanged ideas and Aptina developed their Sensors independently of Sony. The Aptina’s were faster, but the Sony’s brought better IQ to the game. That is at least the common sense I got.

      • steve37

        Nobody said that it will have an LX7 sensor. It was said the the 1″ sensor of the LX8 is not the same as the 1″ sensor of FZ1000

  • I bet on either the GH4 sensor or an 1″ one, but Panasonic design. No way to be as small a the one from LX7 as the lens is much less bright.

  • SteveHood

    Likely a mult-aspect sensor.

  • steve37

    I think the sensor will be about 12-16MP multi aspect not 20MP.

  • Nelson

    Well on another rumor site the FZ1000 uses the same 1″ sensor as Sony, this one I have a feeling will be inhouse 1″ sensor from Panasonic

  • Lumix

    1″ and 15-16mp with all video features of GH4 would be perfect.
    But this corrected rumors make in me the fear of a 1,1.7″ sensor …. we will se…

    • Surab

      I would even go down to 10-12MP and have a larger crop for 4K, less rolling shutter and hopefully even better DR and high ISO.

      But I share your fear…. :S

    • stn37

      if it will really be and happen so,that will be no change in type of sensor(in time when other profi-compacts in this class increasing large of their sensors to 1´´) so then iam for sure that it should and will be suicide for panasonic,panasonic will be no risk any loses sales positions on market of his new model and therefore i think that it will not happen,that will be used same sensor from lx7 its total bullshit cause it couldnt make any sense.. however,people in marketing area in panasonic are not stupid..(strongly hope)

  • Death89

    I’d like to see Panasonic keep away from the higher MP counts of its competitors personally. 12MP on my FZ200 is fine, I’d like to get an LX7 to do more low light shots with and I’d rather they kept the low light performance and decent detail, than go for high MP and high noise.

    If they do this I may consider spending out for it, if not I’ll save the cash and get the LX7 on the cheap, I don’t need 20MP shots but I do want decent family photos from evening meals, dull days, etc…

  • Pascal Fleury

    I have the LX7 which I consider the best camera I ever had. The additional EVF helps a lot in sunny days. The only interest the new LX8 could have is the integrated EVF.
    The fact that it will come with a 2.0 minimum aperture is a real weak point since the LX7 can do excellent photos in very dark situations, without needing a flash. It also provides nice bokey effects.
    The specifications of the LX8 are really poorly attractive and I will certainly not spend 900 euros for that. It is very easy to find a LX7 for 300 euros. Consider it !

    • Pascal,
      Thanks to its larger sensor, even with ISO one stop higher than the LX7, the LX8 at f2.0 should give you low-light IQ at least as good as the LX7 at f1.4.

      • Pascal Fleury

        Thank you for the advice, but, anyway, unless a surprising new feature, I will certainly not give up my beloved LX7 ….

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