(FT5) UPDATED -> Panasonic LX5 leaked! (with optional EVF and OVF!!!)

UPDATE: You can now preorder the Panasonic LX5 on Amazon

The specs below are very similar to the specs from thePanasonic LX3 and a worthy competitor of the Samsung EX1.

P.S.: The Panasonic G2 has also been leaked on the panasonic website in February :)

What we know for certain is that the LX5 will be announced on July 21!

Link: http://www2.panasonic.com/consumer-electronics/support/Cameras-Camcorders/Digital-Cameras/Lumix-Digital-Cameras/model.DMC-LX5K

Main differences between the LX5 and the older LX3:
– The LX5 has 3.8x zoom 24-90mm (the LX3 has 2.5x and ends with 60mm)
– LX5 wit 80 to 12800 ISO (the LX3 80 to 3200)
– It records in HD 60p (sensor output is 30p) AVCHDlite
– Veyr hot-> There will be also optional electronic and optical viewfinder!

P.S.: Click here to check out the older LX3 specs (on amazon)

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  • Barret


    Waiting for image samples :D

    Lets hope the new sensor is something interesting!

  • Michel Van Weyenbergh

    INSTANT JIZZ IN MY PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michel Van Weyenbergh

    MONO sound??? :((
    Come on STILL mono sound? Are you serious? They better release a stereo recorder for the hotshoe then!!!

  • mpgxsvcd

    I am fine with mono sound. The camera isn’t big enough to really utilize stereo mics. The mono sound from the GF1 is some of the best audio you can get from a camera. The hacked GF13 offers even better 340 Kbps mono audio.

  • MK

    much more flexible zoom range! hopefully gapless sensor? if so, want! if not, yawn… i’ll keep my lx3 and wait for gf2

  • Barret

    OK Now that I took a second look.

    Happy about the improvements in Zoom range, but I still want to seen IQ.

    Unhapy about the lack of stereo sound….how stupid are they not icluding that? Lets hope thats not really true.
    Also would have liked an auto lens cap but I can live with ricoh’s solution!

    Thanks admin.

  • thanks, admin… i hope this will be my next camera for street photography….

    offtopic: what about your knee problem ??

    • admin

      Hi Yosoynacho! My Knee still needs one more surgery :( But after that it will be fine again. I hope I will not have to skip Photokina because I wanted to be there! Bye

  • Duarte Bruno

    If the IQ delivers (and taking into account the sensor size, MP and LX3 there is no reason no to) this is going to be a Canon S90 killer.

    Excellent on paper! This will be a huge hit!

  • Looks good!

    I really hope the LX5 has the ‘Ricoh zooming system’ (for lack of a better word). I’d love to quickly switch between 24, 35, 50 and 85mm.
    The LX3 doesn’t have that, right?

    And how come it isn’t called the LX4?

  • Floyd

    The design is sooo lazy.

  • fta

    same sensor size as lx3 (dimensions and pixels)??? Power I.O.S. is good, I wish we got this in our m43 lenses. I hope they got rid of that stupid joystick nubbly thingy.. So far the spec don’t scream big improvement… it’s actually a little bigger and heavier. I hope the photos will tell the whole story. with increased ISO we will see.. the lx3 was already very very good…

    maybe a good time to get a cheap lx3 when people upgrade :)

  • elliot

    “how come it isn’t called the LX4?”


    | Number 4 (; accounting ; pinyin s) is considered an unlucky number in
    | Chinese, Korean, and Japanese cultures because it is nearly
    | homophonous to the word “death” ( pinyin s). Due to that, many
    | numbered product lines skip the “4”: e.g. Nokia cell phones (there is
    | no series beginning with a 4), Palm[citation needed] PDAs, Canon
    | PowerShot G’s series (after G3 goes G5), etc. In East Asia, some
    | buildings do not have a 4th floor. (Compare with the Western practice
    | of some buildings not having a 13th floor because 13 is considered
    | unlucky.) In Hong Kong, some high-rise residential buildings
    | literally miss all floor numbers with “4”, e.g. 4, 14, 24, 34 and
    | all 4049 floors. As a result, a building whose highest floor is
    | number 50 may actually have only 36 physical floors.
    | In Singapore during the early 2000s, Alfa Romeo introduced a new
    | model, the 144. Due to poor sales, the company changed the model
    | number of the product.[citation needed]
    | Unfortunately, Carlsberg is trying to sell 1664 ( fast road to death)
    | Blanche/Kronenbourg in Singapore.

  • @ Elliot,

    Wow, thanks. Didn’t know that!

  • don

    The LX5 specs look like it could be still in a body much like LX3 but raised height for the hotshoe to accomodate EVF capability and slightly heavier for larger lens. The body also may be slightly larger as Pany maybe has a fixed zoom lens 4/3 sensor camera in the works soon to come using the same body?

    One item missing from the spec sheet is any reference to burst mode speed? Also no mention of any panorama or HDR high speed modes? Can the new 1/1.3 sensor enable high speed operation like the new Sony CMOS sensors?
    At any rate the high ISO capability indicates it is no gap low noise design which is very good.

    The increased zoom range from 24 to 90 into portrait range is a much wanted improvement especially with much faster lens at tele end from competition. The S90 is still smaller but much less capable but the G11 and EX1 will be outclassed in video and photographic ability except for the lack of a swivel screen.

  • Lauro

    No rangefinder style?

  • Zaph

    “One item missing from the spec sheet is any reference to burst mode speed?”

    Burst rate 2.5 fps. Max 5 images.

  • Zaph

    Continuous Shooting Mode –
    Full-Resolution Image, 2.5 frames/sec
    Max. 5 images (Standard mode),
    Max. 3 img (Fine Mode)

    High-speed Burst Mode: approx. 6 frames/sec (img priority) approx. 10 frames/sec (speed priority) recorded in 3M for 4:3,2.5M for 3:2,2M for 16:9,2.5M for1:1)

  • HY

    No m43 size sensor… :(

  • Abi

    WTF with that ISO 12800 max… that is clearly fake and gay when larger sensor G2 still deliver rubbish ISO 3200…

  • Boris

    The price should be “RIGHT ON THE MONEY”!

    Nobody wants to tread on the micro 4/3 territory!

  • LX3.1 upgrade

    AVCHD lite, mono sound…. are you kidding me? 2 years of developing for presenting us a LX3.1 instead of coming out with something really revolutionary? What is about HDR, panoramic mode, etc.?

    The posted rumors about the LX5 with m43 sensor, fixed zoom lens and FullHD video, left me back with high expectations.

    Seems that Pana holds back some innovations for the GH2?

    As for a convergent photo/video device, it’s – to me – a dissapointment.

  • ron

    Focus specs say Manual Focus(Jog Dial) rather then LX3 Joystick! Also, Step Zoom rather then 2-speed zoom.

  • spanky

    Disappointing specs I have to say. It’s just an LX3 with a longer zoom. I’m not buying the increased ISO numbers, and the video specs are dreadful. I’m starting to worry about the GH2… Hopefully it won’t just be a re-badged GH1 with a touchscreen and a crappy over-processed high-ISO engine like the G2.

  • MacroFan

    No new sensor,was expecting something amazing on the sensor side.

    • admin

      Hi MacroFan! Only the size of the sensor is the same…the sensor itself is completely new!

  • Young

    The new lens 24-90mm f/2-3.3 is not too impressive for me.

    A new camera is coming from other camera maker with a 1/1.8″ backlit FullHD sensor…

    Be aware…

  • Din

    The sensor is the same, same video, resolution and specs.

    The high ISO is by firmware, no by sensor.

  • Mike

    If I weren’t waiting for the GH2s specs I might pick one of these up pronto. A nice bright lens with a longer reach and improved sensor. Sweet.

  • Nathan

    I refuse to believe that there are nearly a billion people on this planet who will not purchase the product they want because there’s a 4 on the box.

    That’s so stupid it almost makes me cry. “Oh, the new Canon’s out, but I can’t get it because they put a 4 on it.”

    FYI, a lot of buildings DO have a 13th floor. It’s rare to find one that skips it. Every time I’m in a high-rise, I check, and so far I haven’t found one without a 13, except a hotel built in 1930.

  • Yeah this isn’t so impressive to me. Would’ve liked a faster lens ala samsung F1.8-2.4 24-70mm. The extra zoom is nice but no dealer breaker.

    We’ll have to see the results form this supposedly new sensor.

    The FZ100K looks interesting though… I’m wondering what the speed is on that lens?

  • rfed

    Amazing to see people who can judge IQ from a specs sheet — superpowers ? :-D

    1/1.63″ is 22% larger than 1/1.8″, and that’s a big difference on these tiny sensors, so I’m not afraid of the 1/1.8″ competition with regards to high ISO.

    Same sensor size, same video and same resolution don’t mean high ISO is by firmware only, and I hope they improved the sensor itself (smaller circuits and/or backlighting and/or gapless).

  • JB
  • Chris

    Have they left the RAW file format out?

    Why do you think that is?

  • akvisuals

    I guess the GF2/GH2 are just around the corner..

  • MacroFan

    @rfed, I agree 100%, I think we should wait and see when the official announcement is made and some proper reviews are done.Panasonic could just as well shift the bar with the LX5 as they did with the LX3.

    I was also 2 minds when I got my Leica V-LUX20 recently,mainly due to most feedback being posted without people actually owning one.I am impressed after having it my hands.

  • elliot

    “Every time I’m in a high-rise, I check, and so far I haven’t found one without a 13”

    In NYC, on East 86th St alone, I can point to three different high rises that don’t have 13th floors.

  • Barret

    rFed and Microfan totally agree with you.

    On paper it looks interesting but not as exciting as the lx3 was when announced.

    Thats because of all the crazy spec rumors talking about 1/1.3″ backlit or M4/3 sensors so people are now dissapointed.

    Maybe the new sensor will deliver a much better IQ, maybe not! We’ll just have to wait and see the reviews and real life image samples (normal users post on flickr ect).

    Personally I’m troubled if I should buy this camera… for my allways carry on me camera or buy a DSLR/Mirrorless model which will be about 100 euro more.
    I already have panasonic TZ7 so will the increase in IQ be worth it? Gonna wait and see!

  • Quido

    It’s interesting if it’s really a CCD that they have the HD video in it. Maybe a Leica M10 or a FF Pentax will have live view/video after all a few years from now, using CCD.
    But it seems that historically CCDs don’t have as good low light performance as CMOS.

  • An LX3.0 Owner

    I agree with the “LX3.1” comment above. If I were to trade in my LX3 for another Lumix camera, it would be up to a GF1. This seems like a lateral move.

    However, I am a little jealous of:

    – The additional telephoto reach
    – Manual focus via “jog dial” referenced in comment above. The joystick is a pain.
    – The more ergonomic hand grip
    – The dedicated movie recording button

    Not so jealous of the new 60 fps AVCHD movie mode, which is really only 30 fps coming off the sensor.

    24 fps on LX3 is very nice. I only hope for a firmware update to reduce the amount of JPEG compression on movies from LX3, as the hackers are doing for the GH1 and GF1.

  • Carlos R B

    I guess for LX3 users, this cant be considered a great upgrade…but for others is an excellent camera…bt the question for panasonic users: will this camera be easier to buy than the LX3 (when it was the hype camera of the moment?)

  • Very disappointing…

  • Barret

    Question for photographers.

    With a the zoom set to 90mm and f/3.3 apertute can you achieve soomekind of bokeh effect for portraits?
    My TZ7 can do it at full tele (300mm and smaller apetute), maybe not dslr bluriness but still nice!

  • Dan Tist

    Hope that EVF will be the newer and better version of the LVF1 (LVF2?) that I’m waiting for..
    In that case: houray!

  • “1/1.63″ High Sensitivity 10 megapixel CCD with evolved sensor technology”

    evolved sensor technology…. hem….

    As a current LX3 owner, the spec sheet doesn’t giving me enough initiative to upgrade. The extra focal length might benefit shooting, but not soo much.

  • DeViation

    I was planning to buy lx3 in the next few days, but after reading lx5 specs I have been wondering if it’s worth buying lx3?
    Other than zoom do you think 1/4000 makes difference ? What will I miss? As I am in a hurry to buy a camera (currently don’t have a camera and going on a trip to Europe next month) and I am not a professional either. I want to take decent macro shots, decent potraits, decent low light shots, decent landscapes . Can lx3 be decent allround camera?
    Thank you. I appreciate your response.

  • JRS

    I think I will stick to my Ricohs.

  • Can’t wait to see sample images and videos !
    i am a huge fan of the lx3 and will follow the lx5 adventure at mylx5.com
    Be Quick Pany…

  • Godot

    “I refuse to believe that there are nearly a billion people on this planet who will not purchase the product they want because there’s a 4 on the box.”

    All it takes is a couple of superstitious executives…

  • Nor

    Where did the LX4 go ???

  • An LX3.0 Owner


    If the delivery schedule for the LX5 is the same as the LX3, we will not be seeing the actual cameras in people’s hands until the Fall.

    If you’re going on that trip soon, I suggest the Panasonic DMC-ZS5 (USA) or DMC-TZ8 (Europe).

    The lens (f3.3) is not as fast as the LX3 (f2.0); but, it has much a longer zoom.

    For travel, the ZS5 is easier to carry in a pocket, as the lens retracts fully into the camera body, and it has an mechanical lens cover. (I can’t believe that LX5 owners will still have to fumble with a lens cap.)

    I bought the ZS5’s predecessor, the ZS3, for my father, and found the build quality to be as solid as my LX3.


  • An LX3.0 Owner


    There is also a ZS7 / TZ10 that has a better screen, GPS tagging, and AVCHD movie recording.


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