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(FT5) Panasonic LF1 has 1/1.7 inch sensor (like the LX7)


What a surprise!

We were all expecting the camera to use a FT or APS-C sensor but the upcoming Panasonic high end compact camera with fixed lens and built-in viewfinder uses the same sensor size of the current Panasonic LX7! Apparently Panasonic preferred to focus on real pocketable size and high quality lens performance.

I ask sources if they could send me the lens specs of the new LF1 at or anonymously via the contact form present on the right border of the website. Thanks!

Reminder: The G6 and LF1 will be annoucned in late April while the new E-P5 (and E-PL6?) will be announced in early May!

Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • true homer

    How is it a surprise? You said it wasnt gonna be ft sized yourself. Anyway, expect the avalanche of negative comments in 3 2 1…

    • Anonymous

      Why be negative?

      I’m sure it’ll be the perfect camera for people who have next to no interest in cameras or photography, like many of Panasonics products these days. It seems to be the market they’re aiming for and good luck to them.

      • true homer

        Exhibit A

        You forgot to mention why olympus is so much better

        • Anonymous

          Anonymous didn’t mention Olympus! It´s all in your brain, hater.

        • Anonymous

          “Exhibit A

          You forgot to mention why olympus is so much better”

          Is it you’re intent to dismiss everyone you don’t agree with as an Oly Fan Boy?

          I own Canon and Panasonic cameras, I don’t own an Olympus camera.

          • BUT

            “I’m sure it’ll be the perfect camera for people who have next to NO interest in cameras or photography, like many of Panasonics products these days.”

            WOW… Why do you own Panasonic cameras again? Leveling your dining room table, or something? Clearly you’re not shooting with it with the amount of venom in your post…

            • Fish

              Is it possible to respond to someone’s criticism of a camera/company, WITHOUT resorting to a criticism of them as a person?

              You wouldnt think so from some of the posts here…

              • BUT

                Isn’t that what you’re doing now? Criticizing MY post??

                Take your own advice…

                • Fish

                  What??? No one is saying everyone (or anyone) has to agree. That is the problem with these forums, if someone has a different opinion people get all mad. The point is, disagree, just dont make it a personal attack.

              • JimD

                What people say on web sites and also generally is “them as a person” so their comments are tied up in who and what they are. The idea of criticising without some form of personal comment is therefore not always possible. Personal comment tends to attract personal comment which tends to attract personal comment and so on.
                All comment is personal, misguided, factual, or informative in some sort of person mix. So without personal comment many would be able to say nothing.
                Maybe selective deafness (blindness) is a major attribute that should be promoted.

                • digifan

                  “Maybe selective deafness (blindness) is a major attribute that should be promoted.”
                  That shouldn’t be a problem, I’m that already ;-).

                  Agree to disagree is case of point in these forums.
                  There are as many opinions as their are people, that’s what people have to consider.
                  We are all brainwashed by religion in some way, because we learned you have to try to convert others to the “true” religion (whatever that may be).

        • Fish

          Another one of these hyper-sensitive posters who think that Olympus is out to get them.

          I’m sure that even the engineers who design the cameras don’t take things a personally as some of these guys do.

          All you do is buy the cameras, not build them – you arent entitled to any of the credit or the criticism… so stop treating people’s choices like it is a personal slight against you.

          • true homer

            Yeah im sure its all in my delirious head amd therez not one fanboy in sight here….
            I wonder when the xz3 is coming out?

            • Fish

              Not at all. There are tons of “fanboys” as you like to call them. The delirium is in you trying to suggest that you arent one of them too…

        • Hifinut

          @ True Homer,
          Look like you are so hellbent to blame everything on the Oly fans that you forget the true competition for the LX1 are the Sony RX100 and Fuji X20. Not to mention on the higher end there are the Fuji X100s, Nikon CoolpixA, Sigma Merrill and Sony RX1. I am sure all those who criticize the LX1 want Panasonic to do well in the highend compact cameras. At least something that can compete with the Sony RX100 in image quality.

          • true homer

            Hyper sensitive hater (me) post according to you guys:

            “You forgot to mention why olympus is so much better”

            Perfectly acceptable statement to you guys:

            “I’m sure it’ll be the perfect camera for people who have next to no interest in cameras or photography, like many of Panasonics products these days. It seems to be the market they’re aiming for and good luck to them.”

            Yeah im the problem

            • BUT

              +1 with a Mario Jump for good measure…

            • Fish

              No, it is all part of the same problem. Lack of civility by some and hyper-sensitivity to one’s own product choice by others.

              Anonymous, who claims he is a panasonic and canon user, was criticising panasonic (the company), for catering to the non-enthusiast and video-only market. But he should have known that his comments would be inflammatory to some people. And you respond by trying to suggest that he (the person) was an olympus user, not even bothering to argue the issue.

              • true homer

                Im the proud owner of an ep1, epm2 and OMd, along with a list of oly lenses. As for panny I have a GH3 and 2 lenses. Im guessing youre not gonna believe THAT are you?

                • Rchard

                  “proud owner”????? Perhaps that´s your problem. Do you see your cameras as an extension of your body? I have several cameras and I´m not proud of any of them. If I was the designer of those cameras, then I would be proud. Now the only thing I have done is bought them, big deal. Anyone with enough money can buy a camera of an brand or price range. If I want a Nikon, i will buy a Nikon, if I want a Panasonic I will buy a Panasonic and if I want an Olympus I will buy an Olympus, my choise of camera brand doesnt´change who I am.

                  • peevee

                    You are unusually smart, Richard. Usually, people who have nothing of their own to be proud of, attach their pride to a team, ethnicity, country or a brand. In any case, just a mark of an idiot.

    • Looks like a winner. LX7 is a great wee camera, and will be even better with a nice built in EVF, even if nothing else is improved. Depending on the lens width, I’d be tempted to buy it compared with, say, the Panny 12-35 lens. Personally I’d use such a lens for landscapes, nothing wrong with a good small sensor camera for that.

      • Have just been reading Ming Thein’s review of the LX7 (in the Leica costume). That camera with a built-in EVF would suit me just fine.

      • Anonymous

        Why not just buy the EVF for the LX7. It’s high specs…better than the one offered from previous versions.Pending the full announcement and seeing what lens is inside.


    • Anonymous

      They are going to have trouble selling the LF1 when the LX7 can be had for $300 if both cameras have the same sensor size.

      • If the LX3 had an EVF, I would have bought that 3 years ago, instead I bought an E-PL1 and a VF-2. An EVF is worth a lot, to me at least.

  • well too bad…its not a mft model in the end :-(

  • Uberzone

    Not a suprise at all. I never understood the idea of a fixed lens MFT. Seems like a waste of a good mount. What advantages would a camera like that have over a regular MFT camera?

    • Anonymous

      It’d enable the lens to be perfectly matched to the sensor and having a larger sensor would almost certainly give higher dynamic range, better noise performance and overall better image quality.

      • remiremi

        They already built the 20mm with that in mind (I mean, they obviously built ALL their m43 lenses FOR the m43 sensor, but I remember reading somewhere a while ago that the 20mm was designed as a near-perfect normal lens for the m43 sensor)

      • Uberzone

        Is there enough room to put a larger sensor behind a MFT mount?

      • Me

        > and having a larger sensor would almost certainly give higher dynamic range

        Larger pixels give higher dynamic range, not larger sensors. And even that is wrong when it comes to Panasonic. There are many compact cameras that easily beat Panasonic’s mFT sensors in terms of dynamic range. (GH3 excluded, which uses a Sony sensor anyway)

        • BUT

          “(GH3 excluded, which uses a Sony sensor anyway)”

          I laugh every time I read that the GH3 has a Sony sensor.. I’m chuckling while I type this…

          • But But

            But But But……it does have a Somy sensor. Why do the pana-boi’s get their knickers all tied up about this?

        • d3xmeister

          If that was the truth, the D4 would have killed the D800 for DR. But the truth is quite the opposite. Larger sensor means greater DR, not largel pixels.

    • The Other Chris

      Compare the size and image quality of a Contax T3 to a Contax G2 + 35mm Planar. The former is smaller and is often cited as having incredible image quality. The latter combination is said to be the worst in terms of both size and image quality in the entire Contax line-up.

  • Alex

    What a big LAME PANASONIC, they were affraid not to hurt their micro43 world with a bigger sensor equiped compact camera.

  • pepe

    Muahahahaha! What a fail!

  • D’oh!

  • Le frog

    Short version: I am sure it will be a nice camera (although not necessarily pocketable), but if you want a fixed zoom, still no challenge to Sony’s achievement with the RX-100 on the horizon. And and if you are happy with a prime fixed lense, go with fuji,or nikon, or even a sigma merrill…
    What a pity. Unless of course Panasonic is trying to challenge the Nikon 7000 and the ZX-10 by squeezing full manual controls, a high grade, bright (say 1.8-3.5)25-200 zoom AND an EVF into a truly pocketable package… which is probably too good to be true.

  • Anonymous

    … I meant Nikon 7700. oops!

  • what a disappointment…I’ll keep my RX100 :|

    • wt21

      lol. too true. It’s protecting the value of my RX100 investment from last fall.

      • JimD

        Investment is putting money into something for an expected return on the capital. A professional photographer may invest in a camera. But the rest of us merely purchase an on going cost and eventually loss. This is not an investment.
        Investment may also be time and effort. With a camera that would be taking pictures the return being the photos. If not qualified investment usually infers financial.

  • Mike

    If it’s smaller than the LX7 and has a 45mm(equiv)/1.4 Lens, then there would be no competitor. Ricoh GRD only has 28mm/2.4 …

  • Pany Fan


    If true, this is a mistake. I think they need to use the larger sensor, otherwise, why not go for a smaller GF body with a prime instead of this?

    • Mike

      It should be smaller & cheaper than gf+20mm.

  • Salty

    So apart from having a viewfinder this is likely to have worse IQ and be less versatile than a lot of premium cameras already on the market like the RX100 or even the LX7.

    Nice one!

    • Salty

      I regret typing LX7 above.

  • Christian G

    Why so surprised by your own statement, Admin?

  • wt21

    No worries. One less camera I’ll angst about owning :)

  • What an epic fail.. Panasonic really wants to screw up.. strange..

  • Well.. If its an fixed 35mm FF equivalent with f0.95 and knife-sharp wide open – it could be an interesting addition.. But if its just an ordiary zoom like on the LX7 why even bother?

  • Brod1er

    Explains why the Panny rep said there would be no big announcements in 2013. Looks like he was right. The field is clear for Oly in 2013. Not sure the EP5 is going to be big news, but maybe the OMD successor will steal the limelight?

  • milt

    It will be interesting to see the EVF.

  • Pass. Unless it has something like F1.0-F1.4 zoom lens… Is there really a need for another Canon G15?

  • grzybu

    Well, if they could add EVF and articulated display then it can be one of the best compacts on the market.
    LX7 has really nice image quality, good lens, but it lack EVF and articulated display.
    Add this and you have complete, premium compact camera.

  • Rinaldo

    So why not LX8?? Because of the EVF? Panasonic stated that they wanted to simplify the lines, that’s not the way to do it…..

  • old_fart-ranting

    Is this the Panasonic 2013 innovation strategy? Copy other fabricants’ ideas and use a more crappy sensor to differentiate themselves?
    Sounds good to me, at least I’ll be able to re-use batteries from every single past panasonic model…

  • Herby

    Sounds like a LX7 with EVF – boring. No competition for Sony´s RX-100!

    • Sunny

      Sounds like a LX7 with EVF – very interesting. Big competition for Sony´s RX-100!

  • ru

    Remember that admin said in the first rumour about the LF1… said a fixed zoom lens! not a prime!
    So, if it will be a travelzoom with a constant f/2.8 and RAW.
    I would love a LX7 superzoom.

    • Ozzy

      LX7 sensor means crop factor 5,1 -> f/2.8 is nothing. The LX7 has already f/1.4 – f/2.3 (long end) which is comparable to f/3.5 – f/5,8 at mFT regarding depth of field.

      • Anonymous

        where are all the Olympus dumb asses with their f2.8 = f2.8 BS when you need them lol

        • Fish

          Only Olympus users believe that?
          That’s funny, I thought that was a criticism made by the apsc crowd towards all m4/3 users.

          The Olympus vs Panasonic fighting is so absurd. Its like those countries where one racial group hates the other even though they are both the same from an outsiders point of view. Us trying to put down our brother must be funny to watch for the FF users, who probably view as something similar to a fight for first place in the special olympics.

          • Miffed

            No. There’s a united front against aspc’ers and ff’ers elsewhere. This is m43 territory, theywouldn’t be here anyway.
            It’s apparent to me that the most hostility comes from the pana-bois. Majority of oly users have pana lenses and maybe a pana 2nd body anf have not problems having a cross pollinated system. It’s the pana-bois that have this absurd notion that their system only works if everything is pana branded.

        • Rchard

          Something for you to think about.

          “it is better to be silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”

  • Narretz

    wtf are Panasonic and Olympus doing? Apart from their best models, they ignore every trend, demand and market development and then wonder why they don’t sell cameras …

  • chronocommando

    If true its disappointing.

  • safaridon

    Am surprised the LF1 would be using the same sensor and not larger 1″ size one but then would have to be buying from another manufacturer. Hopefully this new type model has both articulating screen and EVF in small body? Such compact models from other manufactures have been very popular in past but why not the 1″ sensor which has been a game changer in IQ compared to smaller compacts?

    • ISO 1638400

      If we don’t see another manufacturer this year with a 1″ 20MP sensor compact besides Sony, it tells us that Sony is not prepared to sell/share its winning sensor just yet. Or that other companies don’t see a need to compete with Sony in this space. When we start to see other cameras with the RX100 sensor entering the market, we’ll know the game is on. But right now, Sony is causing problems for the traditional 1/1.7″ sensor compacts, despite its shortcomings and premium price.

    • peevee

      This 1/1.7″ sensor in LX7 is also bought from another manufacturer – Sony. It is the same 12 mpix sensor used by everybody with 1/1.7″, probably the only one on the limited market, LX7 just uses smaller, approximately 1/2″ 10 mpix part of it.
      In real pixel size terms, it differs very little from the best 1/2.3″ sensors out there (like the Sony’s 12 mpix sensor in Pentax Q etc) so it does not make any economic sense. It is better to keep the best 1/2.3″ sensor with a brighter lens, and if upgrade, then upgrade to at least 2/3″ (although even there the difference is too small) or better 1″.

  • lone.samurai

    Pointless!…… unless it’s a 2.4 million dot high refresh rate evf, a sharp lens starting at f1.0 or f1.2 and finishing at f1.6 on the telephoto end, a million pixel touch screen, hotshot, incredible video specs and a few extra gimmicks plus perhaps that new sensor tech they recently announced.
    To me this was a surprise especially when you consider all the competitors are releasing large sensor fixed compacts or larger sensored zoom cams.

  • Frye

    If nothing else, it’s the beginning of EVF’s in Panasonic compact cameras. Interesting to see how expensive it will be.

  • lone.samurai

    . Sony releases a full frame compact p&s with a fast CZ lens and they release a large than average 1 inch sensor zoom lens compact
    . Fuji gives us an APSC based x100s with an f2 lens and the amazing x-trans sensor and an x20 p&s with 2/3 x-trans sensor and f2- f2.8 zoom lens that can give the 4/3 12mp sensors a run
    . Nikon releases a APSC based p&s with a fixed f2.8 lens and they have a premium compact on place
    How is this an answer from Panasonic to it’s competition?

  • Wen


  • Another compact with a small sensor. I think that I will have a look at the new Ricoh GRD instead. That looks like an interesting compact.

  • wls

    Makes no sense to me. It’s just a LX7 with a built in EVF. Probably the EVF port is dropped then. The 1/1.7 sensor while better than the 1/2.3 makes it just a mini sensor camera. At the least they should have used a 2/3 sensor. As it is I have no regrets going 4/3.

  • lone.samurai

    If I could play Olympus’s cards for them……
    1. I’d leave the leave the xz10 as the premium entry level compact
    2. Replace the xz2 with a high end zoom compact that has the Sony 1inch sensor coupled with an excellent true pic imaging engine and a new specifically designed zuiko lens that’s faster and sharper than sony’s lens, say an f1.8-f3.5, keep the same touch screen panel on the back and add a few gimmicks
    3. Release a micro fourthirds sensor based fixed lens compact with a Sony sensor and all the latest tech and a newly designed f1.4 aperture zuiko lens to help offset the DOF and low light advantage that any other large sensor/fixed lens premium compact on the market may have. I’d personally style it retro like a pen with the latest Epson evf and add a few dials etc….

    Now we have premium entry, premium high end zoom 1 inch sensor zoom cam and finally the flagship 4/3 sensor f1.4 zuiko lens as the crown in the p&s arsenal. All other compacts are for entry to mid level users.

  • OM-4

    Weird decision from Panny.
    It’s between the Pentax MX-1 $499 and a Fuji X20 $599

    Same sensor like Pentax but with EVF, so more expensive
    Smaller sensor than Fuji but with EVF, probably more expensive.

    To stand a chance in this niche and compensate for EVF cost a really magic fixed 1.0 maybe 1.2 lens for bragging rights is needed.

    I mean, how big is this unit gonna be? If same size and more expensive than the X20, then Panny totally have lost it. Don’t even dare compare to 1″ sensor of Sony RX100

    What Panny, Oly or other brand daring to be different should do is introduce a compact square sensor camera with EVF.

  • Observer

    The RX100 stole all the attention for premium compact while LX7 was a flop and quickly discounted down drastically to generate some sales.

    If this LF1 has the same sensor size as the LX7 then it better have new sensor tech in it. A fast Leica lens can only go so far, so does it have new sensor tech in it(SmartFSI)?

  • “… but the upcoming Panasonic high end compact camera …”

    … is not high-end at all. More like a low-end, next to the RX100 and Coolpix A.

  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    Personally I don’t need it, but I remind to all broken hearts that you can still take nice pictures with it, even if this new camera is not going to set some new standard with its specs. :)

    • Optical1

      That is a nice sentiment, but unfortunately it is untrue. Based on the rumors, this camera has no place in my bag. It does nothing to compete with anything already in my kit. Worst of all, this dog won’t sell, and they will likely chalk it up to lack of interest in an integrated EVF and drop the feature from their future cameras. Flop.

  • OMD

    ok clear for LF1, @admin no more info about G6 !!! ???

    • admin

      yep, coming soon! ;)

  • Garypen

    LX7 with built-in EVF. That’s all.

    • OMD

      LF1 = LX7 + you buy EVF2 (^_^)

  • AQasem

    If it’s true the sensor size is only 1/1.7″ Just I will be waiting for some other day when pana or oly can produce some real new annovation for a fix lense with high image quality and video capabilities.

  • rpm40

    That is a bit of a letdown. I never thought it would be aps-c, but maybe 4/3. There has also been enough rumbling about 1″ sensors since the rx100 that I thought that was a possibility.

    That was what I was hoping for- a 1″ sensor with a fast lens, maybe 24-120 1.8-2.8, evf, flip out screen, and decent grip. Something the size of your typical superzoom, but much better quality. Basically, an LX7 on steroids.

    I’m sure we will end up with an LX7 with an EVF, maybe a flip out screen, maybe a little more zoom. Not quite an LX7 on steroids, more like an LX7 on vitamins…

  • Jørgen this the 43rumors forum or the Panasonic Olympus forum? I am not interested in this cam at all. It has its place in the market, but it has no FT sensor.

    I would be much more interested in the G6 and its specs. If that also has the GX1/G5 sensor it is almost surely a lost year for all those who want panasonic to succeed in this market. Others are not standing still…

  • Mr Gluppe

    1/1.7 sensor is fine as long as the sensor has 2 stops noice improvement, 16mp and max apature f1.1 with super sharp lens.

  • Yun

    Utmattsu have already highlighted the specs before & since there were no huge protests from us , so he go ahead with this small sensor camera .
    I just don’t get the point of this camera in nowadays competition ?
    If I want a small fixed lens camera , why not I get the Nikon A or the latest GR instead of this LF1 .
    Thanks Pana , no for me .
    Hopefully this is not what Pana means the very highend camera .

    • OMD

      i remember they called a new kind camera(What is new?)

    • peevee

      Nikon A or GR? How about fixed focal length fixed pretty slow lens cam? Do you ALWAYS shoot at a single focal length and don’t care about composition and perspective at all? How many people are like that? They all have been served by X100 2 years ago (and a few of them may upgrade to X100s, maybe). RX1, Nikon A, Ricoh GR etc will just fail in the market, because the market is too small. If any customer will buy a camera like that by mistake, they will return it as soon as they find out that it is just as limited as they phone, only there is no even the “pinch to zoom” digital zoom.

  • Amdrew

    So why buy a camera with a fixed 35/1.8 lens if it has the same size sensor as the LX7 which is a 24-90/1.4-2.3 lens? The LX7 is already pocketable.

    • AQasem

      I agree with you this rumor doesn’t make sense no way or at least it has 1″ sensor with 5-axis stabilization including EVF and AVCHD 2.0 :D lense 1.2f then it’s ok for 600$ :D

  • true homer

    I bet it doesn’t even have ibis

    • Anonymous

      IBIS?, Its a Panasonic, of course it won’t be that advanced.

    • Are you kidding me? Yes it will….

    • Incessant Troll

      thats because there is going to be ebis: external body image stabilization. its going to be an add on for the hotshoe. it will be produced by olympus. the normal version will cost $300, will not be pocketable, will not come with on on-off button, and will not match the LF1 colors. the limited will come in a color that matches the LF1, will not be pocketable (upgrade to pocketable for next year), has an on-off button, but will cost $500. 10 stops improvement (1 effective)

  • If it’s priced more than $400 it won’t sell.

    • Wen

      I bet it gonna be priced around $600 or even higher

      • ISO 1638400


      • Rags

        Don’t worry, the LX7 also started out expensive and look what it’s going for now… :D

  • Michael Gerrard

    Fingers crossed there will be more than the EVF to make the LF1 stand out from the LX7.

  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    Optical1, what I want to say is that all whiners here are never happy and always complaining. Me too I’d like something à la x100s with a m43 sensor and a fixed, fast lens coupled with the sensor for a better output, but I won’t call LF1 a bad camera or a wrong camera. Noone promised us anything, and it’s up to Panasonic (this time) to find customers for this new camera.

    As I asked sometime ago, given the complains I read on this forum, I wonder if those who complain have a camera, take photos, what kind of photos, and why they seem to wait for the perfect camera that never comes.


      Spot on Marco, people make up a camera in their on heads based on zero facts then complain when Olympus or Panasonic don’t deliver , the camera that they themselves made up , go figure lol

    • And when that perfect camera does arrive, they’ll still find something to complain about.

      In the meantime…

    • Anonymous

      @MarcoSartoriPhoto – I hear you. The rumors were that Panasonic would be delivering a “new camera line”, which got many of us excited. It is confounding that neither Panasonic nor Olympus has introduced a m43 camera with an integrated EVF in a rangefinder style, or a fixed lens compact with a m43 sensor. Panasonic even went so far as to suggest a 1″ sensor about a year ago before the introduction of the LX7. The problem is that the LX7 used to rule the premium compact market, but Panasonic has done little to maintain the lofty expectations that were set with the LX3 and LX5. Suggesting a ‘new camera line’ initiated our imaginations for what this new camera line would be. An LX7 with an EVF is just not exciting anymore. The market has changed, but panasonic has not The RX100 beats the LX7 in almost every way, in a smaller body, despite the darker lens. They need to increase the sensor size to at least 2/3″ to make the camera relevant to me in competition with the RX100. I understand that this would introduce other compromises, but I would be first in line for a camera with a 1″ sensor, built in EVF, and 24-70/F2-3.5 lens. I want to like this new camera, but this formula doesn’t give me reason to replace anything in my bag…

    • Optical1

      @MarcoSartoriPhoto – I hear you. The rumors were that Panasonic would be delivering a “new camera line”, which got many of us excited. It is confounding that neither Panasonic nor Olympus has introduced a m43 camera with an integrated EVF in a rangefinder style, or a fixed lens compact with a m43 sensor. Panasonic even went so far as to suggest a 1″ sensor about a year ago before the introduction of the LX7. The problem is that the LX series used to rule the premium compact market, but Panasonic has done little to maintain the lofty expectations that were set with the LX3 and LX5. Suggesting a ‘new camera line’ initiated our imaginations for what this new camera line would be. An LX7 with an EVF is just not exciting anymore. The market has changed, but panasonic has not. The RX100 beats the LX7 in almost every way, in a smaller body, despite the darker lens. They need to increase the sensor size to at least 2/3″ to make the camera relevant to me in competition with the RX100. I understand that this would introduce other compromises, but I would be first in line for a camera with a 1″ sensor, built in EVF, and 24-70/F2-3.5 lens. I want to like this new camera, but this formula doesn’t give me reason to replace anything in my bag…

  • David B

    1/1.7 sensor???? I assume they will fit in a F/0.95 lens then, right?

  • BLT

    Wow – how dull.

    I suppose a compact camera with a good EVF is something that isn’t really available yet . . . , just not something I’m excited about.

  • Henrik

    Who cares about the sensor size. There are enough alternatives. You wouldn’t be that brand-obsessed that your compact must be Pana, would you?

    • BUT

      Nah, you’re mistaken, only Olympus fanboys are that brand-obsessed to do something like that…

    • narutogrey

      There are no alternatives. That’s the problem. People basically want: 1. Relatively large Sensor, 2. Bright Zoom lens, 3. Viewfinder.

      None of the alternatives (i.e. RX100, LX7, XZ-1, X100S, RX1, X20, Coolpix A, etc…) meet all 3 requirements. People were excited because they thought the LF1 would be the first camera to do so even if the sensor was “only” a 2/3″ or 1″ sensor.

      • Rick

        That’s what I want (has to be manual zoom). Actually the X20 meets those requirements but the 2/3 sensor is on the small size. One inch or 4/3 would be ideal and keep the size down.

      • etrtre

        “”People basically want: 1. Relatively large Sensor, 2. Bright Zoom lens, 3. Viewfinder””

        Unfortunately, in a small body Relatively large Sensor & Bright Zoom lens are in direct opposition to each other , case in point the RX100 goes down to 4.9 at the long end. I know a lot of guys are unhappy with the cameras they had imagined that Panasonic would bring out rather than the one the did.But, I can see a lot of potential for a high end P&S with a built in EVF and fast lens assuming the sensor manages to better the LX7 , I am interested , I shouldn’t have long to wait as the queue looks as if it will be short lol. I use my GH3 for most stuff but my carry everywhere option is the GF1 with 20mm which can deliver great results so I am looking forward to finding out the details.

  • Photowang

    If the LF1 does come with the 20mm 1.7 glass, then it will follow the Sigma DP-2 Merrill methodology: the same great lens you enjoy for M43 can also be had on a compact body (and vice-versa).

  • Mompracem

    When I did first embrace the mft system I came from Canon world. My only reflex cameras, both for film and digital were Canon. No particular reason, I had to start with something. I sold off my Canon gear for a Panasonic GH1 because I was doing a lot of travelling back then and it made sense to have a small camera. At the time the GH1 represented the best there was in terms of compactness. At the beginning I thought of shooting video too, but soon realised it’s too time consuming for me, and I stuck to stills (while still appreciating excellent video features of the camera). When the GH2 was out I upgraded almost immediately. With GH3 I did not. I was disappointed by the camera growing in size and new features relevant only to videographers. I’m not sure if my next camera will be a Panasonic if this trend continues. I might as well switch to the OMD successor (I wish it will have the same orientable display as Panasonic to be perfect…). As for this compact camera, just to be back in topic… I was hoping for a fixed lens camera to upgrade my LX3… But with a larger sensor. MFT sized would be fine. Really this is 2013 and I believe it makes sense to have a larger sensor on high end compacts. I can do pictures with my phone otherwise, high end smartphones can already compete with cheap compacts. Panasonic is not really investing into technology I’d be most delighted to buy… highly portable, yet powerful cameras, with good sensor to reduce noise, AND bright lenses to achieve a little bit more shallow depth of field (the only significant limitation the mft system has if you don’t shoot video).

  • mahler

    With every year, Panasonic’s product strategy becomes more annoying. The GH3 was the first fail this year, now we have the next.

    • Sqweezy

      Fail? The GH3 just got a gold award from DPreview and elsewhere received generally high reviews across the board. How is that a fail?

    • BNN

      i think you fail @mahler the fu_K olly fanboy.

    • true homer

      Yup, their best selling camera is a massive fail.

  • Miffed

    “We were all expecting the camera to use a FT or APS-C sensor”
    APSC sensor??????????

    • Narretz

      admin never stops to troll with “Pana and Oly might go APS-C / FF”

  • fenton

    Very disappointing.

    Just imagine how disappointing the Leica re-brand will be at over $1,000!

    Panasonic is missing the opportunity to outclass the RX100 and the Nikon 1 system.
    A solid compact camera with a FT sensor, a(relatively bright)zoom lens (24-100 equiv), and an EVF would have been a perfect camera for a P&S upgrader or a back-up camera for a MFT shooter. If Panny had delivered these specs in a rugged-waterproof design, it would have had a dominant camera in the adventure segment (and a great back-up for the GH3 in bad weather).

    Panasonic’s product strategy is incoherent. The GH3 is the ony standout.

    All of the major camera manufacturers have obvious gaps in their lineups. all should aspire to an integrated brand experience:

    1) High quality android phone cam
    2) Family play-cam P&S with easy connectivity
    3) “luxury” thin pocket cam
    3) Enthusiast compact (sensor 1″ or larger)
    4) High quality waterproof action cam (sensor 1″ or larger)
    5) Compact mirrorless system 1″, MFT or APS-C [3 bodies entry-level to PRO]
    6) APSC & FF SLR
    7) Pro FF mirrorless
    8) Pro (square?) large-format mirrorless
    9) Pro-sumer & commercial video cams integrated into the camera product families

    All of these cameras shoud work with an integrated suite of image-handling apps, from mobile apps, to lap-top software to branded plug-ins for professional processing packages.

    The key is to create a brand experience that discourages cross-brand shopping in various categories.

    • true homer

      Sounds like a solid business plan, time to go get a business loan, youll own the market!

  • Ash

    If they are going to go with such a small sensor then it would be really great if they did something innovative like giving it an ultra-wide zoom lens, something like a:

    15mm-40mm equivalent

    I just can’t see this camera competing effectively vs cameras like the Fuji X20 or even the LX7 itself.

    • Incessant Troll

      i would be more interested in a leica designed 24-800mm equiv bridge camera with 2.8 – 6.3-ish (xs-1 like) that is weather sealed

  • Idreamphoto

    “Apparently Panasonic preferred to focus on real pocketable size and high quality lens performance.”

    This is not true, see what nikon has achieved. In this case panasonic juste put another 1/1.7 sensor camera on an extremely competitive market already. Unless they make a f1.2 lens. I would prefer to stick to cheaper compact solution with many great cameras including zoom capability just in case.

  • flangehead

    LF1 could be of interest also with a small 1/1.7″ sensor, but only if the camera (incl. EVF) will be significantly smaller than the LX7. The LX7 is a nice compact camera, but its size is not acceptable if you compare it with the RX100 (APS-C sensor is 3 times bigger than the 1/1.7″ sensor!).

  • flangehead

    LF1 as secondary camera has to be pockatable!

  • Jerome LaPlume

    For me, the right recipe is:Gh3 sensor, 25 1.4 summilux, an integrated viewfinder in a reasonably small body.
    All those premium compact and none with a fast 50 equivalent, only the Dp2(a 2.8 in Aps-c is good, but not enough), and is a shame, because 50 is probably the most used focal length of all time.
    And, using the summilux, you have:great sharpness even wide open(X100 is a little bit soft), probably the shallower depth of field in this niche of market, great color and fast autofocus.
    There’s a lot of work to get the smaller size, because the summilux is quite big, but i think the market will reward the job.

  • Lee

    If its not going to be at least 4/3 or APSC then let’s stop pretending its in any way ” high end” . I’ve been using a D-lux Leica with this size sensor for the last 4 years and don’t get me wrong I’ve been very pleased with it and had some excellent results. But things have moved on and by a considerable margin, let’s forget price for a minute, but Sony have crammed a full size sensor into their R x 1, there is an apsc sensor in the new Ricoh GR and I believe the new Nikon A, both of which are pocketable. Obviously there would be a size increase for the zoom, but again the Sony Rx100 managed a one inch sensor and zoom into a very pocketable size. So if this rumour is correct, then yawn yawn, it wont sell, why would it, there is far better in people’s camera bags and pockets already

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