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(FT5) Panasonic GH3 has WiFi and remote control applications!


The camera world is clearly moving into “More WEB” direction. Sony will announce the new WiFi NEX cameras tomorrow and Nikon just announced the fully Android powered Nikon S800c. And I am now pretty sure the new Panasonic GH3 will be the first Micro Four Thirds camera with built-in Wifi support! Sources told us what we will be able to do with the GH3:

1) remotely control the GH3 with your iPad or iPhone or any other Android device.
2) It has a Cloud and and Backup service running through the Lumix Club
3) Of course fully integarated with social networks like Facebook.
4) Some other features (like wireless printing).

Just to be clear, the GH3 is not Android powered and you can’t install third party applications on the camera itself. I guess this is something we will see for sure on future cameras…sooner or later!

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Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • lintom

    WOW,so GOOD!!

    • mpgxsvcd

      Great I can stop using the dog slow Eye-fi card.

  • nik

    put in IBIS better.

    • Ash

      Better? Not for Panasonic. They want to make money selling their lenses like any camera manufacturer.

      • Tobias

        I don’t know, wether it would be a big economical disadvantage for panasonic. I am using an OMD, but just Panasonic lenses, they have just very good offers with and without ibis and they look better in my opinion (and are black).

    • I’m sure that if even Pana would put an in-body stabilization in a Lumix MFT camera, similar to the 5-axis Hybrid OIS in Panasonic AG-AC90, someone would be still complaining that it is not as good as X-axes Oly magical stabilization, or some other tech spec ;-)
      Even with the O.I.S. activated, I’d suggest to try to keep your camera as steady as possible for a shot, and avoid unjustified long exposures. Besides, the motion blur can be a great photographic tool.

    • dau

      i think that with any news story concerning panasonic admin shoyld just put an automatic comment “no ibis , no buy” . Seriously, we all know enough about panasonic toknow they will persist with ois, and for those of us that favour lumix, ibis obviously isnt a a game changer. Every panny story theres alway a comment from a predictable oly fanboy of no ibis. Boring!

      • Joe

        Very boring, I agree. Can admin please delete these O/T IBIS posts, and block the numskulls who bleat out the same thing all the time.

      • +1

      • Steve

        +1. Very tiring.

        • roger48

          Moronic, bit like other idiots who ask for things like a full frame m43! For sure we should ask Panasonic to scrap all existing bodies and most lenses to provide IBIS which I doubt makes the slightest difference to the vast majority of photographs.

          • my go to lens is the pl 1.4/25 on GH2: there are occasions where I slow it down, have no tripod and IS could help. Fact is, its really not a big deal.

            Today, I’d chose the OM5 over GH2 for other considerations. DR, overall IQ, weather seal solid build, optional battery grip, video is not as important to me as I anticipated, etc. IBIS, its a bonus. Most important, I am happy with what I have.

      • n457


        but explain me someone, why Panasonic doesn’t put their IS into body as not all lenses are OIS stabilized? What’s the real problem?

        • n458

          All lenses and especially bodies can have IBIS. Simply stop smoking and avoid all stimulants such as caffeine and you will gain 3 stops of sharpness. End of story. Olympus people = marlboro men.

          • Bart

            Fact is, not all Panasonic/Lumix and Panasonic/Leica lenses have OIS, and none of their bodies does.

            Putting IS in the body means not having to put it into every lens, which is cheaper (if you as a consumer get to see this advantage is another question) and makes that it also works for adapted lenses.

            So the question why Panasonic doesn’t use in-body IS is justified. If they insist on not doing so, the question why Panasonic doesn’t use IS in all lenses is justified.

            Additionally, you are wrong, not all bodies can have IS because IS needs some room, which isn’t always available. Note that Sony also uses IBIS normally, but did revert to lens based IS for certain compacts where there simply wasn’t enough space in the camera body.

      • VJVIS

        +1, don’t care about IBIS. The rest of the camera (potential) features sounds fantastic.

    • Miroslav

      put in both best.

  • I don’t need a lot of things (wifi, social app …), I’m a little disappointed, but not much, I’ve had om-d :-)

    I’d rather see new lenses (water resistant)
    25mm/1.7, 300mm/4 or 100-300mm/F4 or 200mm/2.8…

    BTW: Admin, thanks for info ;)

    • Steve

      Yes, any details on new lenses coming. Will they show mockups of future lenses like they did with the f2.8 zooms last year.

    • VJVIS

      @Juraj, There is a 25mm 1.4, why do you need a 1.7, unless you are looking for a cheaper version. Definitely agree on the 300 F4, maybe even a 400 F5.6.

  • I can see Android appearing in the GH4 and/or other Lumix models released next year…

    The biggest reason holding back the deployment of Android to cameras is how conservative many professional photographers are (a Samsung spokesman said the same thing and Oly and Panny have hinted at this reason too)

    Anyway its a step in the right direction :-]

    • etet

      well there are only about 1% of pro photographer using Pansonic or Olympus so who cares

    • Yes, and I can understand it. What the heck do I need the crap like fb, cloud and so on on the camera on this level?! The remote control via a smartphone is fine, WiFi on-board too but software gimmicks, serving the purpose of instant picture sharing on a network, where the main activity of many is just posting nonsense and liking the one of the others, are something I would expect to see rather in low-end models, Nikon 1 or whatever, but not on a flagship like the GH3. However, none of those would be a deal breaker for me

    • All that gadget garbage is fine for consumer cameras. It’s not something I want in a photographic tool.

      • Cameras got bloated and its not going to change. Unless you pay for a Leica M or something, expect dozens of buttons and deep menus options.

        If Android doesn’t introduce bugs, lag or uncontrollable side effects, I don’t mind. Might be some useful features after all..

  • Anonymous

    Interesting. But I doubt that I would install apps in the camera — it could be too easy to screw up the system. I’d prefer to be able to control the camera and post process pictures from a “computer” (smartphone, tablet, etc.).

    Ok — if someone made an app for Nex-like manual focus, that might be interesting. But perhaps it would be safer to use a firmware upgrade from the producer (yes, I am aware of the firmware 1.2 update for the E-M5…).

    • peevee

      “yes, I am aware of the firmware 1.2 update for the E-M5”

      What is it about?

    • Steve

      We will certain have more “bricked” cameras.

  • matt

    remote control is very very good thing , I would like to have also option for uncompressed 4:2:2 wifi recording to my reciever and same for stills, you shoot all day on location, no need to copy stills from card, because they would be allready stored in your computer or ssd

    • Or come back from a field trip and without taking camera out of the bag, initiate a download to my server—using my smartphone as controller.

  • Oliver

    WiFi is a great feature in a cam!

    I´d like to get a PEN with integrated WiFi – for tethered shooting via Smartphone and for transfering photos from the cam to the phone. Okay, we have the Penpal. But it´s not offering tethered shooting, it´s an extra component you have to buy and carry with you and you can´t transfer pictures in full size.

    So please Oly, launch a PEN with evf and WiFi!

    • Me

      Why don’t you just use a FlashAir or Eye-Fi sd-card?

      • bilgy_no1

        they don’t provide tethered shooting, or do they?

        • Oliver

          That´s the point. And they also cost some extra money.

          • if you got a nexus phone or Android 3.2+ phone/tablet this maybe better or as good as wi-fi just came out!

            • Oliver

              Oh, I didn´t know the app. The phones I know so far can´t communicate with a camera via USB. At the moment there are only very few phones on the market with an Android version higher than 2.3. And you need 3.2+

              Okay, you presented a possibility to transfer pictures. It´s not as elegant as simply transfering wireless. You again have to use an external cardreader, even with your suggested solution. And: this isn´t a solution for tethered shooting, or is it?

  • Robbie

    I hope this gadgets don’t drain batteries faster than ever…

    • Esa Tuunanen

      False hope.
      If they also add that operating system and fashion crapplets battery life of cameras will drop like that of cellphones when they turned to smarter than their users.

    • It’s either short battery life – or unusably slow Wi-Fi transfer speeds.

      I heard about some progress in area of minimizing Wi-Fi energy consumption – but mostly for the idling period. That might help conserve the power while using remote control app (with lower image refresh rates).

      Yet not much can be saved if one tries to upload a 1080p flick or few gigs of RAWs. Sensible for Panny would be to include with camera a cable to be able to plug the camera into the power outlet to charge the battery AND power up the Wi-Fi transfers. Otherwise, the Wi-Fi as a mean for uploads would be of very limited usefulness.

      • Bart

        The issue with that is that if I have to use a cable anyway, why not use a USB cable :-)

        Actually, I do that quite a bit on-the-road to connect my cameras to a tablet with internet connectivity, which gets you all the ‘social network sharing’ you need. Tethering, either wired or wireless, is a different story.

      • It is absolutely unnecessary to put Android on a camera to provide full control of it (including codex etc.). There are many versions of embedded Linux which will do the job without sucking much power.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Just get used to carrying a 100 foot extension cord or a car battery. Being a tree hugger, I’ll just wear a solar panel on my head. ;-)

  • Gekopaca

    :-( ???? What is F… for? To post crap pictures of dogs of flowers on Facebook?

  • This is very good news. Often times when I take a picture I’m happy with at some event or activity I’m doing I would like to upload it directrly to facebook or flickr. Nowadays I only have that option with my camera phone.

    If the price isn’t much higher than the OMD and the DR and high ISO performance is better this is my next camera.


    • hortron

      Exactly. Camera makers might not have lost the low-end so quickly if their camera’s had post to flickr/facebook functionality built in.

      I rarely buy the latest and greatest of anything, but it feels completely anachronistic that when I download my photos I have to fetch a cable from my electronics box. Seriously, my audio/video/computing/telephone/car locks – everything else is wireless.

      • 2345357342

        Wireless N isn’t even half as fast as a good USB 3.0 or FW800 card reader and a fast CF or SD card. Fine for a few pictures, but I’d rather take 10 seconds to remove/insert card in order save 10 minutes of my time transferring photos/video.

        • Bart

          But wireless could easily upload the pictures in the background, meaning they could already have been transfered by the time you get to think about transferring them :)

          • burnardo

            this guy can do the maths!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, interesting but also dangerous to the camera in my humble opinion, access to Facebook is a very dangerous idea (I say this from personal experience). I joined FB and was a member for some three/four months, I left due to their ever changing security protocols, some nine months later a friend mailed me to tell me I was on FB, I discovered my photographs were still being used by them showing me as friends of people I’d never met or would wish to meet. On contacting FB to complain of this activity I got the reply that ‘having joined FaceBook I accept whatever they do with my images or details without recourse’, I made legal enquiries and discovered they were correct in their statement and that there was nothing I could do about it. That was a couple of years ago, I still get reports that my portrait is still shown occasionaly as a friend of some clown in the States, you should be very worried about what you allow FB to gain access to.

    • bilgy_no1

      Check out this South Park Episode on the dark side of agreeing with user licenses without reading them…

      Episode 15.01: Human CENTiPAD

      • pn

        … and don’t miss to watch the movie “Human Centipede” which inspired the makers of South Park to this episode.

        • fl00d

          No no no do NOT, repeat NOT watch the human centipede movie. Ever.
          I cannot UN-see it, don’t make the same mistake I did.

  • Yun

    Me too , I don’t need Wifi or social working .
    A camera is a camera , I rather wish Pana to concentrate on pushing it’s imaging in highest level whatever is possible & dare to compare it such as the X Pro standard .
    Is this the sensor that appear in GH3 is panasonic latest sensor patent ?

  • bilgy_no1

    Panasonic could provide a SDK and controlled app platform for the GH3 and further models. The question is of course if there’s enough of a community to start developing interesting apps. With the GH-series, this could well be the case, and the functionality of the apps can trickle down to GF/G/GX users.

    • VJVIS

      @ Yun, I am pretty sure they are doing that as well. They are not giving you wi fi INSTEAD” of better image quality, it is ALONG with better image quality. There is no harm in a camera having a feature that you don’t use. It might be useful for someone else. I don’t see myself using this feature, but I have no problem it being there. if my wife uses my camera and wants to upload our baby’s pictures right after taking them, then it will be useful for her. I am pretty sure there are other people who might use that function.

  • Anonymoose

    1) What do these things do to the price of the camera?

    2) What do they do to the user interface?

    3) What do they do to battery life?

    • Esa Tuunanen

      1: Anything new will add price unless something else got cheaper like tech becoming cheaper or they dropped something out.

      2: Remote control/tethered shooting doesn’t add much anything to camera side UI.

      3: At least wired tethering affects lot less than operating system+crapplets. Also RAW conversion could be moved to controlling device.
      Use of wireless connection again is one power sink more in this kind of very limited power device.

  • Max

    Its true. With more people using a camera phone, It becomes a handicap to use a standard camera without wireless. Even just being able to instantly view pics on a PC or tablet.

    Plus, with wifi chips in most phones these days, the actual chip is dirt cheap. They produce 100s of millions of wifi chips.

    • Yeah, and what about a crapp support, calculator, calendar, email client, browser, sim-slot, mp3 player, microwave, compass, navigation device (via google maps of course..)and so on (its quite a list..) – I could then leave my smartphone @home and just take my camera ;)

    • Bart

      So stick the proper eye-fi card in your current camera, get their (rather crappy but working) app for your android device, and you have what you ask for.

      Yes, its a ‘workaround’, but it actually is quite workable.

      Or just use a usb cable, and access the camera as a mass storage device, and you can use any picture on it with any application on your tablet instantly with far less battery drain for both devices.

      I opted for the later, but ymmv.

  • Great!
    The remote control and tethering are two aspects which are essential for some photographic workflows; the WiFi is also a welcome addition.

  • +1 for remote control app.

    I hope it would allow some automation, for example time lapse photography.

  • So by the reaction, I gather nobody has read up what the “Lumix Club” is. I just have, so let me inform you.

    Q: What can I do using this service?

    A: Using this service, you can configure, in one place, all the settings you need to send photos and videos to other photo sharing and SNS services.

    Q: Can I use this service to post photos and videos?

    A: You can configure this service to automatically post photos and videos to external Web services.
    Photos and videos can be posted from your compatible device/product.

    Not that bad idea overall: instead of rolling out another hosting service, they simply provide a web-based service to connect devices to existing services.

    From that, I presume that Facebook integration acutally works via the ‘Lumix Club’ thing.

    P.S. The top-level FAQ link:

  • Ragnarok

    Apps! I want custom apps! So finally someone who knows how can make an app to add a focus mode where the camera will always focus in the hyperfocal distance (or as close as possible) for maximum depth of field regardless of the selected aperture, or a focus mode where I can tap the touchscreen in two places and tell the camera “please select an appropriate aperture and focus point so I get everything is sharp form point A to point B”, or a focus mode… Apps! I want custom apps!

  • pn

    If WiFi can be used to record images and video directly to a remote computer (at a useful bit rate, not crippled web-video stuff), then I would consider this a useful feature.

    Of course, a switch to disable WiFi when not needed, so it does not unnecessarily drain power, is an absolute must, but I would be surprised if it did not exist.

    All the “post your pics directly from your camera to the web/cloud/whatever” are something I will never use, and any kind of unsolicited “phoning home” feature built into the camera would be reason enough for me not to buy it.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Wireless can’t quarantee continuous high bitrate and they’re always sensitive to interference.

    • Apart of that, can you imagine how much time/nerves you’ll save if you can shoot series of pictures (combinations of different parameters) in batch – all without shaking ?

  • Mike Fix

    Don’t care about all this crap if the video still has rolling shutter.

  • Brod1er

    WiFi may be useful (esp remote control), but it does not bother me much. I worry WiFi is just a distraction. I would prefer Panasonic to improve the fundamental photographic capabilities of the camera ie:
    – Faster AF and EVF refresh
    – Focus tracking
    – Bit depth
    – Silent & fast electronic shutter
    – Fast flash sync etc
    Facebook? No thanks.

    • For sure, they will address many other more photographic oriented improvements in the GH3, such as better performance, better EVF, and better IQ (all this has already been rumored).

      WIFI support is just the latest addition.

      Expectedly, Panasonic will take the lead again in m4/3. The superiority of the E-M5 lasted only for six months, and in many respects (UI, menu system, surface quality, ergonomics, lock-ups) the E-M5 was released a bit prematurely, actually requiring more testing and user feedback. Olympus likely wanted to take the chance having the mirrorless leadership for some months, which was in the end quite successfull.

  • Zörg

    Would be great to have apps for more customization and gain time.

    – example 1: customize the behavior of the buttons/wheels more than currently possible (double-clicks, etc.).
    – example 2: customize menus and home screen for direct access to functions I frequently use (different from another photographer and from what the manufacturer thinks).
    – example 3: raw processing with “Lightroom mobile” (fully compatible with desktop Lightroom, shared presets and history).
    – example 4: direct transfer to portable hard drive/USB stick, and browsing any attached drive.

    Also, when I see the size of the Olympus E-PM1, making a smartphone with MFT sensor and lens mount is probably not too far in the future.

    • cameras like a cat

      I agree.

      Will there be A-GPS?

  • Who would like an intervalometer app that enabled time lapse using the electronic shutter – presuming the GH3 will takes the G5 electronic shutter a step forward?

  • JF

    Remote control applications is a good thing, no need to buy an expensive one…

  • ED

    In what situations does one use this remote control feature, I am curious?

    …and would one be able to see the images on the phone before they are shot (like an external monitor or viewfinder) and can you change camera settings (shutter speed, f stop etc..) with the phone itself also?

    • JF

      Whenever you usually use a remote control…for example for landscape photography with low shutter speed, you use it to avoid shaking (you can also use self timer), you need it for HDR also to avoid shaking and to be sure all your pictures are aligned…Usually it is very expensive for what it is (very simple electronic)

    • Sean Nelson

      If you have the camera on the boom and are using an external monitor to frame the image, you need some type of remote control in order to fire the camera.

    • I often do weddings and other events where I use multiple cameras, usually 3 or 4. To have wireless remote over recording and maybe settings and video monitoring will be an absolute godsend.

  • peevee

    They’d better invest those money into IBIS…

    • Joe

      Admin, ban this idiot as well…

      • Steve

        Too bad we cannot hit “ignore” on guys like Peewee.

  • WiFi and remote control app = perfect. Imagine having a weather sealed body and lens on which you need to open a side door exposing the connectors to plug in your non-waterproof remote. That’s a problem to people who do several hours long time lapses, I welcome the addition and will gladly retire my Hahnel Giga T Pro for something like that to be built-in and accessible via an app on my cellphone.

  • Facebook is banned in China :( Better if I could just have it load straight to my blog page!

  • Rinaldo

    Admin, now we are waiting for the leaked pictures of the camera…. ;)

  • Anonymous

    New version of external flashes with Wi-Fi remote control are now necessary.

    Maybe else motorized version of head for tripod with Wi-Fi control.

  • Woo Hoo! Were getting there fo sure ! I PRAY for wireless video monitoring.

  • Jake

    Wifi in-camera could replace the need for a Teradek.

  • pdc

    There is huge scope in smartphone (iOS, Android, WindowsPhone) control of cameras, especially in multi-camera shoots. Bring it on.

    Not overly concerned about extra battery bulk/weight. These radios are so now low powered that the battery requirements are quite minimal.

  • roger48

    If the camera can use apps, does that mean it could get a virus and thus take only pictures up ladies skirts? Or something like that?

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Adding operating system and networking would expose cameras to all and every problem of computers and smartphones.
      Desktop computers just have lots of hardware resources and continous power source for running that huge amount of code with bugs and anti-malware softwares.

      After that question is only about volume needed before malware writers deem it worthy enough of their time to write malware.

  • T-EM-5

    I Want this for the E-M5. there is no reason that an external accessory can’t be developed for the accessory port.

    Please Please Please. (i realize you have no control over this, but i am hoping Olympus monitors this site) I’d gladly shell out another couple hundred dollars for such an accessory.

  • Well it’s a step in the right direction. Panasonic would quite frankly be silly not to add things like this on, the same goes for GPS.

    It’s modern technology, move with it. Apple didn’t get successful by keeping old legacy things to keep a certain crowd happy, they pushed the boundaries when possible.

    • Ant

      But the computer and gadget crowds are mostly open to new technology advancement. They might even openly accept weekly new features if it came for free.

      The vocal photography crowd is more conservative, and seems to believe that every single “gimmicky” feature added will deter the image quality and spells doom for real photography art.

  • Great move. It’s a first step to open architectures for the cameras and making it truly controlled devices… Seems Panasonic listened my requests for this functionality :). And seems there will be a new market…

    The first thing I wait from the control Apps is the batch shooting (w.r.t. the series of various parameters each of them varying in specific ranges). I am wondering how many parameters will Panasonic allow to control externally. For example will they give access to the control of focus distance etc (?).

  • smileblog


  • burnardo

    WiFI means you will need a Network (router).. no direct connection iPad- GH3? would be useless..

  • Drazick

    Tethering and Intervalometer done right.

  • Miroslav

    Good move by Pana, but integration with social networks is unnecessary.

  • Just

    Humm, looks like Samsung’s idea of WiFi (NX1000, NX210, NX20) is starting to get the buzz going.

  • Skeptikal

    Just fix the GH2’s main limitations of low bit-rate AVCHD and hopeless color banding artifacts (useless 8 bit 4:2:0 color).

    The “features” predicted as above are just marketing bullshit aimed at gimickographers not photographers.

  • It’s an amazing piece of writing designed for all the online viewers; they will take benefit from it I am sure.

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