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(FT5) Panasonic GH2 + lens announcement on September 21!


The new Sony A33 has almost the same size as current Panasonic G2 and GH1 cameras.

Finally we received very good info from our reliable sources. Panasonic will announce the new Panasonic GH2 and new lenses on September 21 (probably at 6am London time). We previousely told you that there was a planned Panasonic press release on Augst 26. According to our good sources Panasonic postponed the announcement for the GH2!
We are now investigating the reason for the delay. We know that Panasonic new sensor development has taken more time than expected and that could be the main reason for the delay. Another reason could be the announcement of the Nikon D3100 and Sony A55 and A33 cameras. Maybe Panasonic wants to make some last minute changes…

We will tell you more about the GH2 as soon as we have bulletproof infos!

P.S.: Nikon had their press release today, Canon and Sony will have it next week. Olympus and Panasonic only by mid Spetember. Does that mean something?

  • fta

    So now they are waiting for Day 1 of Photokina…. wait… wait… wait…

  • girl

    Can’t wait to see more new cameras and lenses…

  • emde

    “does it meam something?”

    maybe that Photokina starts 21 September..?

  • LY

    Any news of gf2 or 3?

  • elliot

    The gigantic Photokina show comes only every other year and most cameramakers show introduce cameras just before the show.

    The show is from 9/21-9/26 and Panasonic is going to introduce it on Day 1. Why? The most effective marketing is done by getting the pre-Photokina buzz going then showing the camera off during the show. Assuming the camera won’t be available immediately Panasonic still needs to have nailed down the specs for parts inventory (and purchase orders, and currency-hedging) months in advance — so what’s the point of this sub-optimal intro?

  • rich

    Any news on a GF2?

    • Vincent

      I’m still waiting GF-2 :(

  • YeahYeah

    Maybe they are only setting the last details now?
    This would mean we couldn’t see anything before christmas….

    When can we expect an Olympus event?

  • Voldenuit

    Are we seeing the death knell for m4/3 like we saw for 4/3? 4/3 was eclipsed by APS-C cameras that were just as small as they were, and we now see m4/3 facing the likes of the NEX, A33 and K-x.

    Maybe Panasonic is delaying because they’ve only just realized they’ve been caught with their pants down? The G2 and G10 were completely underwhelming products, so what are the odds the GH2/GF2 will be anything special?

    • spanky

      Agreed on the G2 and the G10. It’s quite possible Panasonic has completely wasted their development lead time gained by the revolutionary introduction of the G1. We already know they were taken by complete surprise about the popularity of the format, could they have been taken completely by surprise about serious competition from Canon, Nikon, and Sony for this market space as well?

      The GH2 should have been planned to compete with future compact DSLRs and mirrorless cameras anticipated from competitors, NOT with existing DSLRs. If you launch a new product to compete with existing models, you’ve already lost. They’ve had two years at least to plan for this release. It would indeed be sad if the GH2 comes out as merely an ‘improved’ GH1 similar to the G2’s improvements over the G1.

      Announcing the new product at the start of Photokina means both delayed production as well as rushed development to try and catch up at the last moment. Neither of those bode well for the format. A failure on the flagship of this format would spell disaster for the entire format.

  • Joel

    All I’m asking from the GH2 is noticeably better dynamic range and ISO sensitivity, SDXC, and that new lens. If they really want to impress, they can improve the LCD/EVF resolution and throw in some wireless flash support. It doesn’t look like the D3100, a33, or a55 will have 60 fps, which is what makes motion on DSLR video look ok.

  • J.D.

    Thanks for the post, I didn’t realize the new Sony A33 was that small, yikes! I do have some faith left in Olympus/Panasonic. They both can make good lenses and they pioneered the mirrorless market, so here’s hoping they wow us all :-)

  • YeahYeah

    Oh? It seems the same vultures are flying over m4/3’s head?

  • jt

    I have a bad feeling the GH2 is going to be a huge letdown for video enthusiasts. In the wake of the GH1 it will have to be really special- and I just don’t see that happening. Hope I’m wrong and Panasonic has a hit on their hands.

  • Rockfish

    I recently moved to Sony because I struggled with the x2 crop sensor of the 4/3 system and can’t wait for the Sony a55. Sony finally seem to be getting their act together. Panasonic and Olympus really need to start releasing fast primes like a 50mm 1.4 and soon before its to late.

    • jt

      Could not agree more about the need for fast primes. They need to stop with the slow zooms and start concentrating on fast primes. Just look at how much more popular the GF1 was with a prime for the kit lens. You would think that would give them a clue.

  • steve

    The A33 will also have a 2 megapixel OLED EVF (from Epson) with built-in virtual horizon according to sonyalpharumors today. This should be an improvement over the one used in the G2/GH1. The G2 is already looking outdated now. Panasonic really missed their opportunity to stay out front.

  • Just think Panasonic got lots of new features up their sleeves and micro four thirds will go from strength to strength (they’ve proved they know what they are doing already).
    I believe that it’s last minute development on the new sensor (that we’ve heard rumours about) and announcement of lenses (maybe Leica primes for video)that has led to the slight delay of the GH2…

  • Agent00soul

    Hmm.. a development delay for the sensor doesn’t mean the announcement has to be delayed, only the shipment.
    If they delay the announcement a month it’s because they think it will be an advantage to announce after their competitiors. For instance so the can decide on the price point after they know what the competitors prices will be. This might affect what lens they will bundle it with, for instance.

  • I wish Panny would do a new sensor but chances are, it won’t happen. They haven’t recouped their investment in the GH-1 sensor as yet. And for the most part, the GH-1 was a market failure. Panny has gone sideways into the video cam market with their 3D capable corders and may not show any interest in developing the GH-1 sensor.

    Sure, a new firmware could push the ISO capability further but there is a strong chance that the GH-2 will use the same sensor as the GH-1.

  • Maybe they are unlocking firmware features based on other manufacturers releases? So, its not a hardware delay, just firmware to keep them on top of the spec sheet pile.

  • Agent00soul

    Of course there will be a new sensor – sooner or later. Why not now?

  • spam

    You can’t make “last minute changes” on a camera. All hardware components must have been in production for months already, and any software problems wont be visible on the launch date anyway. They might not want to launch it at the same day as Canon 60D though.

  • MicroCam

    What is 43 and µ43 at the moment? It is a wasted sales opportunity!

    As 43 launched they had a excellent pro body and very good, light (and cheap) lenses. A combination of a E-3 and 12-60, 50-200 was a very good excuse for a smaller sensor.

    But with advancing technology it was easier for the competitors to shrink the camerasize. This is where Olympus and Panasonic failed.
    They stopped. And the competitors reached them. Where was now the excuse for a smaller sensor?
    Panasonic realized this very soon and “killed” their FT very quick.
    There was no point in having a small sensor in a body which was not smaller than a APC/APS DSLR body. SO what now?

    An evolution was the solution. Get rid of the past and creat a smaller camera. The birth of µFT. The idea was noting new, SIGMA had done this in the past with the DPx. (What if SIGMA had been smart enough to build up a stock of pancakes and a SIGMA DPX with interchangeable lenses?? Good bye µFT)

    The next step was the G1. And it was perfect. But the competitors aren’t stupid. And soon the first small “bigger sensor” EVL joined the market.

    How can be µFT saved to not endure the same fate as FT?

    • Miroslav

      It seems that A33 & A55 have brought to DSLRs two things that only mirrorless offered: live view and continuous AF in video. I even don’t see the point in NEX existing side by side with these translucent mirror cameras in Sony lineup. It remains to be seen whether Sony will mess up the UI and image quality as badly, which I doubt.

      4/3 can only be saved by making smaller cameras. Not by much, 10% smaller than DSLRs for example, but enough to be visibly smaller when side-by-side. Lenses are already small. Also, as we all say repeatedly, there have to be more lens choice for m4/3. If you look how many native lenses there are for A55, it’s disheartening …

  • interesting interview with Vitaly Kiselev on
    GH1 hacker

  • Erik

    A33 has the similar height and width, but not the same depth as it has a 44.5mm register and a mirror forcing it to use DSLR-sized lenses.

  • Skeptikal

    Haha…the last minute changes are to make sure the firmware lock is strong enough to prevent hacking.

    GH2…why bother. The hacked GH1 will keep me very happy until the GH4.

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