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(FT5) Panasonic GF5 will already ship in late April in Japan. G5 pic is real.


The GF5 will soon be announced and the good news is that it unlike so many times before we will not have to wait a long time until it ships out from the fab. Trusted sources told me that it will be delivered to Asian stores in late April and in European and US stores a couple of weeks later.

I am still not sure when the other new m43 camera will ship, the G5. But all I have been told by other good sources is that the other G5 picture is definitely real:

  • Narretz

    I wonder what upgrades the G5 will bring.

    • spam

      Probably not much, looks like a somewhat redesigned body. Sensor is probably more or less the same, EVF too, but we’ll get the usual updates to electronics, 1% faster AF and of course a new battery.

      They might add manual control in video mode now when GH3 isn’t too far away and likely to be a significant upgrade from GH2. If GF5 get a higher res LCD then G5 will probably get it too.

      • Parci

        You’re probably spot on. On the other hand, just the looks are enough of an advance (for me anyway), as the G3 was anything, but pretty… :D

    • Think G5 will have same sensor so E-M5.

      • BLI

        Didn’t they say it would be a 12 Mpx sensor?

        Anyway, it would make sense with the same sensor as the E-M5 (unless the E-M5 just is the GX1 sensor with Olympus’ fine tuning), but with added movie capabilities. That way, they could release the specs/test pictures just before the E-M5 hits the street, and give some buyers second thoughts about switching to Olympus.

        • Jesper

          It was the GF5, which will recieve the 12mpx sensor. Nothing has been leaked regarding G5 at the moment.

          • Me

            G5 wil have the same sensor as the G3. That has been posted here already in the first or second rumor about the G5.

    • Charlie

      New cams,

      Just like the old cams.

  • awaler

    Can’t help it, but to me both cameras somehow look crippled at the left hand side.

  • xshadowhk

    G5 is so ugly… and I want colorful body!
    When will GH3 come out? Will there be more colors?

    • Narretz

      Funny, to me G5 looks better than G3, but GF3 better thatn GF3

      • Diane B

        I like it a bit better body wise from what I can tell than G3 but I own G3 so no upgrading at this point for me LOL. I’ll be looking at GH3 and I guess the successor to OMD. I can’t see buying the curent one now though I could always change my mind after trying it but I do prefer the swivel LCD than tilt. Compromises…….

    • Pedro del Río

      It will be sold in black or pink. They are planning a line of pink lenses too.

  • YeahYeah

    What a ugly camera the G5 is! Why can’t Panny make beautiful bodies like Oly?

    • Pedro del Río

      GF1, GF2 and GX1 are beautiful bodies. Anyway, de gustibus non est disputandum.

      • BLI

        …de gustibus e coloribus…

        • Anonymous

          non venit in flavo

      • Jorge

        Actually, I like it a lot. Though I prefer the OM-D, I find it a lot better than the G3 and many of the DSLR-like designs. And the grip curve reminds me of a Leica S2.

    • inis44

      What is wrong with Panasonic bodies except the changed grip of G5 I don’t like? For me Olympus bodies are retro styled, which is not my cup of tea.

    • Anonymous

      Well, it may be a matter of taste, I like it. Though I prefer the OM-D design, this is not bad at all. The curve in the grip reminds me of the Leica S2, and the hunch is low, so it looks pretty functional.

  • Pedro del Río

    The more I look at the G5, the less I find it ugly. Looking forward to see more pictures plus the real thingh

  • Yun

    Folks , G5 not longer consider top camera fr Pana , is GX , GH & G? are Pana’s top guns . If I don’t get EM5 means I’ll not get G5 .

  • elindur

    Dear admin, do you have any news about upcoming Panasonic LX6 and Olympus XZ-2?

  • The G5 really is a butt ugly camera. Obvious lack of left-right balance. Take the GH2, specs are great, but I woudn’t found to be seen dead with one around the neck. Call me superficial if you want… ;)

    • Sean Nelson

      You hold the camera with your right hand on the grip, and then use the left hand to support then lens while taking a picture.

      Why would you want more mass sticking off of the left side of the camera that just exerts more of a twisting force on the right hand that’s holding the camera?

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Wrong guess. I’ll call you film era fossil or retro retard, pick you choise.

      Basically everything in design of film era cameras (untill in last 15 years of SLRs) was made only to comply with limitations and requirements of that ancient analog mechanical technology.
      Just like in British Colossus computer you no doubt would want to have in your room instead of modern PC because that’s the way it was with ancient tech.

      Whole lens mount/viewfinder being in the middle of wide flat brick design was only required for film roll’s space and only serves to get nose hit to body/display when trying to look into viewfinder, which itself could be now positioned quite freely as electronic component. (thouhg VF in line with lens is part I can accept)
      And don’t try to claim that body has to continue left from lens mount because of use for supporting camera: Every time I demand mirrorless high end camera to have proper size grip instead of P&S’s lack of ergonomy it’s countered by saying that there’s no need to get secure grip from camera because left hand supports from lens. So obviously no one can have single use for that stone age relic.

      And whole placing of primary controls to top was only because with camera’s back belonging to plate covering film there was no way to have mechanical controls in it.
      Besides those manual era cameras didn’t even have much anything to control so for example latest Fujis spending two dials only for fixed functions is complete waste (like display wider than 2/3s of the body) of limited real estate surface: User interface of high end DSLRs with front and rear dials being configurable and used also for changing settings is lot more effective use of space and lot faster than having everything else in slow to use four way button menu hell.

      • Hey, the colossus looks cool ;)

        But seriously… My big problem with Panasonic now – and Olympus before the EM5 announcement – is how these guys where reasoning in terms of market segmentation, spreading the features all over their range of product… and this is how Panasonic has gifted the GF1 (which I own) with usability, good looks and a definitely “cool” factor , and later on the GH2 with features…
        An Apple fan myself, I like innovative designs, but I also like durable designs, as well as the use of time proof materials. This is what this retro styling and metal body so-called “fetishism” is all about: the clever reuse of time-honored concepts for the hosting of top-notch technology. Let’s see what a GH2 will look like in 3 or 4 years… or let’s bet on the life expectancy of the NEX style design…
        Oh yeah, and so the EVF shouldn’t be in the middle, but on the left side of the camera, you’re saying? I would tend to agree, but I’m not sure this is the case of the third of the overall population who unfortunately happens to be left eye dominant.

        • Esa Tuunanen

          > clever reuse of time-honored concepts for the hosting of top-notch technology
          Which is essentially same as saying that modern PC should look just like Colossus and have same user interface/input/output methods…

          Have to agree about PEN line up having been unmemorable “Which model has what?” mess…
          But metal surface is something which just tries to freeze fingers during over half of the year and hence isn’t very functional…. Just like iPhone and and most smartphones which easily become dumb as shit at winter because of overhyped capacitive touch screen working badly/not at all in dry weather.

          Wonder if there’s some regional variation because of genetics as I don’t remember when I’ve seen someone using left eye to look into viewfinder here in Finland. More likely it’s half just learned behavior of brains because eye dominance can change.
          But considering most non-DSLR users don’t even seem to know what viewfinder is and how to use it it should be bother them where viewfinder is…

  • Rawfa

    Seriously, I really cannot see the point of this camera. It looks exactly like the GF3 and it will probably just a few upgrades could probably have been done via firmware update. They should at least throw in the GX1/G3s´ sensor.

    • It will have a new 12MP sensor.

      • Parci

        It’s actually funny that whenever Olympus comes up with a “new” sensor, you are skeptical (rightfully so, usually), but you have no problem writing down that Panny is coming with a “new” 12MP sensor… ;)

        Why on Earth would they make a new 12MP sensor, when the only cost effective solution is to build upon their existing 12MP or 16MP designs?

        • Why do I belive that this rumor is true?
          1.: The existing 12MP sensor is VERY old now.
          2.: We are speaking about a Japanese company. Don’t even try to understend their strategy. ;)
          3.: Because they can. Pana has its own sensor development and production resources.

          But, who knows… You may be right.

          • Better DR. in new sensor to GF5, and i think G5 will have new sensor like it in E-M5 also.

          • Parci

            All three points are true, but still, it would be rather pointless and expensive to develop a truly new 12MP sensor, when they have the 16MP in house that is performing just fine.

            All in all, I would be very surprised if this wasn’t the good old 12MP sensor with 120 fps readout and some tweaks in the toppings. We’ll see…

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Welcome to consumer electronics of quarterly capitalism, Rawfa:
      Even if there’s nothing really new at least model number stamped to product must be increased periodically.

      But maybe Panasonic was just making excessive amount of those old 12MP sensors with Oly tweaked faster readout and they now need to get rid of them…

  • physica

    What means WILL HAVE ALREADY ship……?

    • MJr

      What do you mean by WHAT MEANS …

  • Mundstrøm

    Still looks shopped, even if it represents an actual camera configuration I don’t think it’s a photo. The reflections in the metal around the lens, shutter button and lens-eject button looks like a bad gradient job.

  • ght

    With what Olympus has introduced with the new OMD line and the advances the GH3 is expected to bring, I think the GF5 and G5 are going to be really boring cameras, with the standard minor improvements. Olympus now has an opening to make their lower end cameras really exciting by putting things like the 5 axis image stabilization in other cameras. What new technology will Panasonic put in these cameras to make people take notice of them?

    • spam

      Exactly, boring cameras with great price/performance ratio which is exactly what 90% of the customers want.

      • +1

      • ght

        1. You’re being obtuse- consumers do not want boring cameras. $600-$700 on a camera is a significant investment for most people and one that is not made lightly. There must be some things that distinguish these from all the other cameras out there. Consumers will do at least some research for cameras at this price point.
        2. Once the Olympus cameras which follow the E-M5 start to be released they will greatly diminish the perceived price/performance ratio of these Panasonics. Also, the GX1 might do this. It’s only $599 now, and while we don’t know the specs of the GF3, I’m confident the GX1 will be a much better buy.

        • spam

          You might think I’m being obtuse. I thought it was a pretty good answer to a post where you assume that your point of view is valid for people looking for good entry level models.

      • Neon123

        +1 I’d love to have the money for an OMD, but I can’t afford that. £400 ish for a G3 now (or G5 later this year) gives me a camera that’s affordable and still good enough.

        The GF5 isn’t aimed at people that want an OMD, it’s for people who want a point & shoot upgrade for maybe £350 that just works. They aren’t going to spend upwards of £1000 for a camera.

        • ght

          I agree that in general the people who are looking at getting a GF3 aren’t the ones that are looking at the E-M5. But it’s safe to assume the upcoming Olympus cameras are going to be cheaper than the E-M5 yet still incorporate much of it’s technology. That means they will be a significant improvement over previous models. I strongly suspect the GF5 and G5 will represent modest upgrades. Let me ask you, if you’re looking at the GF5 at $599, and the GX1 is now priced af $599, would you still seriously consider the GF5?

  • Duke

    Looks butt ugly. Compacts shouldn’t look like SLRs, it just looks sad and wannabe.

    At least the GX1 is nice and simple.

  • Dannecus

    What Pana need to do, to build a serious contender is put IBIS into their bodies. They should admit Oly won that argument, not only with their 5 axis system in the E-M5, which most of the tests acknowledge works well. But also because of the great unstabilised lenses Oly are releasing. Especially the short telephotos like the 45mm and 75mm. We already know the 45mm is a winner, the 75mm is a fairly safe bet to follow that in my view. There are no equivalent stabilised lenses for Pana bodies, and don’t get me started on legacy glass.

    Panasonic do a lot of things well, but going for OIS was not a good decision, one they should now admit to and fix it.

    • Panasonic chose OIS for the video performance. AFAIK there haven’t been any tests for the E-M5’s video stabilization, so let’s see. Honestly, I’ve been making due without any IS on my G1 for a while. If I had two more useable ISO stops, I wouldn’t need any OIS. The GX1 gets me that.

      • Dannecus

        Fair points, video doesn’t really appear on my radar, so I missed that angle. But if it is the case that OIS is better for video, why saddle the whole Panasonic range with no IBIS for the (probably) minority who use M43 mainly for video?

      • Esa Tuunanen

        Here’s video clip without and with stabilization.

        Besides Minolta actually had same sensor movement principle based stabilization (in fixed lens prosumer camera) working in videos already almost decade ago.

        And Panasonic’s OIS hyping is question of another case of chronic NIH-syndrome

        • yeah it would be nice if ONE of the Panasonic bodies included IBIS to give you a choice between it a d OIS. But that ain’t happening! In any case, IBIS is a plus for me, not a must.

      • fgl42

        There have been tests of the E-M5 stabilization and it is nothing short of amazing- at least for still. Haven’t seen a test regarding it’s use with video but from the footage I’ve seen it looks incredible in that regard as well. The only problem is, there sometimes seems to be a slight stutter in the video, like the sensor is readjusting itself or something.

  • Bob B.

    To me the G5 is a form-follows-function design. The reduced hump is for the flash…not a mirror. The rubber grip is a nice, practical improvement that I wish I had on my G3. This looks like a very holdable camera. For some…if it isn’t range-finder-like or retro…somehow it is ugly. This is a modern camera, and I think the design reflects that.

    • katy

      I agree Bob, I think the GX1 is a very simple and elegant design that I love to hold and use, likewise this new G5 looks simple and elegant too, especially now that the hump with flash has been shaved off a little and has given it a lower profile,


      • Bob B.

        I have a GX1 too. I agree…I love the design of the camera. The design I am not thrilled about is the LVF2…It’s kind of blobby…but I am guessing that to fit all the electronics in there to get the the improved performance, the VF had to be that big…so there wasn’t much the designers could do…..

      • GX1= best street camera available. While I’m not fond of Panasonic’s menu system when compared to Oly’s, as far as design goes the GX1 has it in spades. It’s small, light, very comfortable to hold and easy to shoot one-handed (you can even hold the AEL button and press the shutter button one-handed). With the 14mm pancake attached, man the thing is as inconspicuous as you can get for an ILC (and the AF is wicked fast). And on top of all that, the 16mp sensor is fantastic. Maybe not quite the refined version the E-M5 is sporting, but still a solid performer, especially in raw at low ISO’s (which is where you should be shooting anyway). The only knock I could really give it is that the jpeg processing leaves something to be desired. I really never shoot jpegs, so it’s no diff to me, but if someone wanted a camera for that purpose, I would have no hesitation sending them to Olympus.

        • Bob B.

          +++ (the camera isn’t perfect…but, like you, I shoot stills and in Raw, always…so I don’t care about the jpeg engine in the camera, either). It packs a lot of wallop in a small package, as it appears, perhaps even more so the new Olympus OM.

    • Diane B

      +2 I guess. I’m not a retro person either. I have a small collection of older cameras–most of which look like the OMD in one way or another. I’m more a proponent of form follows function and modernist. I have the G3 but think this one works even better but don’t expect to buy it because I don’t expect much other changes but bodies do have to evolve.

      I also have the GF1 and would buy the GX1 but prefer the oncamera EVF. Design wise though, like the GX1.

  • Brian

    Lets get some specs on the GF5. My GF3 was such a blast to use at a music festival with the crappy 14-42X, that I’m willing to splash the dough on a juiced up reiteration.

  • safaridon

    This is good news. For the GF5 to be available only 9 months after GF3 indicates maybe the sales of GF3 are so good worldwide where they are close to #1 in mirrorless sales that Pany moved up the introduction to avoid losing sales during the changeover? Alternatively with only minor changes to the body in the form of better grip, the new GF5 with higher rez screen offers significantly better IQ as is rumored?

  • safaridon

    Looks more and more like a similar early arrival for the G5 by summer and for now Panys answer to the E-M5 and DSLRs. If the picture rendition is correct with more substantial grip it looks like Pany will be merging the existing G and GH series. The milled polished appearance of the shutter and lens release buttons suggests a higher grade body than G3 but still metal and likely it will have a higher resolution articulated LCD. I expect the G5 will have more advanced HD video capability, same or similar sensor ( but no multi aspect sensor) to the E-M5 and its IQ and maybe new designed higher resolution EVF.

    Based on earlier comments by Pany spokesman I expect the GH3 with EVF will be much more like the GX1 in appearance as he said that by year end the GX and GH would be distinguished as a higher grade?

    The shape of the G5 is very functional enabling it to not only include a flash but also if same as G3 larger EVF than the E-M5 with a significantly lower hump. While I like the looks and feel of my GF1 very much I like the looks of this G5 much better as I do the E-M5 than any other DSLR out there in comparison.

  • Victor

    Will the gf5 have a tilt screen ? (that’s just my little hope)

  • I like the looks of the G5’s grip–it seems to borrowed from the GX1. I’m not expecting much from this newest iterations of Panasonics, but if all they do is improve the ergonomics, that could be enough to make it a real entry-level DSLR alternative. Now if only Panasonic had the marketing and distribution of Canon, Nikon and Sony. Their cameras are impossible to find in stores in the USA.

  • guest

    I would get the g5 for the screen, if it’s tilt/swivel. otherwise i’m happy with my hacked gf2. new body style = new and improved camera in pany’s world, so $1200 msrp. also gf5 will likely get high res lcd, and g5 gets same swivel low res. Vitaly will never get enough donations to keep up with panasonic.

  • Milt

    A couple of years ago I bought a GF1 – G1 combination, the GF1 for my pocket with the 20mm lens, and the G1 for longer lenses and the built-in EVF. They also share batteries. I Find I use the GF1 more.

    I need to decide whether I am going to upgrade this two body system with the GX1 and G5, or hang on for a while to see if Panasonic makes a GX1 with internal EVF. I also would like to try to see if the G5 feels as good and as balanced with moderate length lenses as the G1, which I enjoy a lot.

    Olympus E-M5 tried to combine both kinds of bodies into one, with the optional grip. I am sure it is a good camera, but I find the hump disproportionately large from a design and pocket portability standpoint.

    The GF5 with the 14mm would be a fantastic “the best camera is the one you have with you” setup, but a bit over the top because it will not be inexpensive. We shall see how far the prices of GF3s come down and what the used price will be.

    • Chez Wimpy

      -Find I use the GF1 the most.

      Interesting, seems we started on the same path. I too used the GF1 the most (as I had planned when I bought it), but over time the EVF and swivel LCD have really grown on me, to the point where the GF1 has been relegated to “backup” camera – only coming out for a shoot when size *completely* trumps functionality.

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