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(FT5) Panasonic GF2 to be announced this week!


What a surprise! Panasonic had the great idea to launch a new camera after Photokina to get all the attention from the media! We heard from our sources that the new Panasonic GF1 successor (the GF2) will be announced…. THIS WEEK!!! If you want proof that the GF2 really exists, take a look at the screenshot above. Panasonic registered the new camera at the Korean radio research agency. What will the GF2 look like? We have no picture yet but two of our sources have already seen the camera. The GF2 is incredibly tiny! De facto it will become the smallest mirrorless camera ever (bye bye Sony NEX!). And it will use the same Panasonic G2 12 Megapixel sensor

Stay tuned!

P.S: One source said it’s an incredibly sexy looking camera ;)

P.P.S.: Panasonic really did everything to keep that announcement secret. Only a very few people knew about that announcement!

P.P.P.S: A few days ago we told you that the camera will be available by early 2011. It looks like the announcement will be made this week but the camera will be available by early 2011.

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  • ggweci

    Sounds great. Will it have the same easy to access controls of the GF1, or will it be more like the NEX (i.e. hot keys)?

    Also, I assume no built-in EVF for this model due to the size.

  • George

    g2 sensor. This can’t be GF2, with g2 sensor it can only compete against NEXs.
    What a huge disappointment. Almost after 2 years old gf1 this is a very little upgrade. I was expecting a camera from panasonic to compete against NEXs but i never thought they will choose gf2 for this mission. Plain moronic. No way i am buying this.

    • RS

      So, you’re saying you’re not going to buy a camera that noone knows anything about yet. Taht’s what I’d call moronic.

      • George

        sorry but for me it is the sensor what makes it count, what makes its base. Everything you are going to add to a camera will be affected by sensor. I owned g1, preordered g2 the day it was announced, and returned it back in a couple of days. So when i say “no i am not buying because it uses g2 sensor” believe me i know what i am talking about. If it comes with a gh2 sensor i wouldn’t hesitate for a second sorry but g2 sensor IQ is a joke for a 2010 camera

  • CR102

    Not entirely surprising, but then every new m4/3 camera is exciting news. I hope the next one will be made by a new partner (Pentax? Ricoh?).
    Admin, thank you for your efforts to keep us posted. 4/3Rumors has been a remarkably reliable source.

  • Tim

    Now go and enjoy your vacation :-)

  • Brod1er

    Agree Admin did a good job predicting this camera from a long time back. Shame it is based on the ageing g2 sensor – but this is not the point. It is all about producing a ILC which can fit in a pocket with lens- absolute IQ is not so relevant. The new 28mm lens will come into it’s own – we just need a 50mm pancake now to give a really great lens set alongside the 20mm.

    • ggweci

      Agree 100%. The 14, 20, and a 50 would be a great combo for most situations. I’d actually prefer a 12mm, but the 14mm will work.

      • sam

        They could bring out a 50mm and a 9/10mm then its a really good line up of pancake lenses, not sure how achievable a 10mm lens is in pancake form?

    • Zaph

      “we just need a 50mm pancake now to give a really great lens set alongside the 20mm”

      100% agreed. They should also make a small hard shell case that holds two pancake lenses. Maybe even sell it as a complete set.

      • Zaph

        (something like a shaped eyeglass case maybe – that you can easily slip into a pocket, but has decent protection)

    • STAV

      50mm? meaning 100 equivalent? to use it for what?

      • Keith

        Umm… portraits?

  • Nathan

    It better have some new feature like built in EVF. Getting tired of incremental, tiny increases in sensor tech (with most cameras getting a 2 yr old sensor) and no real sense of model changes.

    It’s been happening with Olympus and Panasonic both. It has been giving me the impression that 4/3 is like Hollywood. Hope you like rehashed ’80s movies, cause that’s what you’re gonna get! Yes, we know that many people have told us what they want, and just like Hollywood is well aware of all the Vonnegut and Asimov stuff that hasn’t been filmed, we’re gonna do a minor refresh and release something we’ve already done before.

    It’s lazy, uncreative, and not likely to make me part with cash. My E-520 is working fine for what I use it for. Sure, for my portrait work, I could really use some of the specs of the E-5 or some other camera, but they don’t want to build my camera.

    Just need EVF, wireless flash, and in-body image stabilization, or EVF, IBIS, and PC socket. I’ll wait for the E-50 if they ever build it, or switch to Nikon. (shudder)

    • Camerageek

      Portraits? From the RF standpoint that makes sense. A Classic Leica kit usually is a 28/35/90 or 35/50/90.

  • Agent00soul

    I guess they rushed this camera as a response to the Sony NEX.

  • Kyle Batson

    Hmm, gotta say the ‘really small’ rumor is disappointing. Small is good certainly, but the GF1 is already a good size. I’m more concerned about ergonomics and usability. If they’ve sacrificed external controls for compactness, I probably won’t be interested. But I guess we have a few days more and we’ll know for sure.

    • lorenzo

      Agree, GF1 had a good size/usability ratio. The real problem here is the substantial lack of good small lenses (i.e. primes) that are being anounced but not as quickly as one may have imagined, considering the potential market for these smallies (i.e. owners of DSLR wanting a small alternative for daily use).
      Also: old G2 12 mp sensor? Why on earth? Are they underspecifying the camera in order to force us to buy also the GH2?

      • Larry

        It’s possible, if their marketing department has determined that people are holding off on the GH2 because they think they may get the same sensor / similar features in the GF2, that they’re announcing this now to _discourage_ people from waiting.

        • sam

          then they need to bring out the GF2 as the ultra small m4/3 camera and make a really nice range-finder style m4/3 camera for all the GF1 owners.

      • Agent00soul

        I’m sure that if the had a new sensor ready, the E-5 would have used that too.

        • lorenzo

          GH2 has a new, and apparently excellent, sensor. It’s already out there being tested and praised. So: sensor does exist, GF2 does not sport it.

  • Brod1er

    Small may not be for everyone but it will challenge compacts and NEX which have a lot of followers. More mft cams will also add credibility to the format, which is good for us all. It seems almost certain there will be a higher spec larger gf3 to follow – probably with 16mp and EVF.

  • Don Pope

    Tiny!?!? Way to focus on the wrong stuff.
    The GF1 already has a great form factor.
    All it needs is a built in EVF.

    • sam


    • Justin

      yup they focused on the wrong stuff. Figures.

  • Camerageek

    I’ll take await and see on this. I like the size of the GF1 fine, the NEX feels a bit small in my hand. I was hoping the GF2 would head more in the direction of the new Fuji X100, with a hybrid finder. Oh well, here is to hoping that Voigtlander releases a true Rangefinder based on m43. I don’t need smaller, I need something that will be light, with quality lenses so I don’t have to drag my 1ds every where. The GF1 is damn good, but I would love a true RF.

    • sam

      LC1 style updated with a great OVF/EVF/Hybrid is what would work for me. With shutter speed, aperture and iso all manual controls.

  • adventsam

    Maybe its the GH2 sensor not the g2! if they could move to the multi-aspect ratio then the 14mm in 16:9 mode becomes a 25mm horizontal fov(1.82x crop equiv), which is awesome on the GH1 and soon GH2. Dont think many are aware of this subtle but big big difference, applies to all lenses too, 7 becomes a 12mm, 20 becomes a 36mm etc etc.

  • bilgy_no1

    A tiny camera actually makes sense. I’m very happy with the E-PL1, but it’s still a little too large and heavy for my pockets. NEX with lenses is almost as bulky. A ultra-small GF2 with the very compact 14mm lens would be great to take along anywhere without need for a bag or very deep pockets.

    My guess is that it’s a touch screen operated camera with very little dials, wheels and button controls.

    • Lucas

      “My guess is that it’s a touch screen operated camera with very little dials, wheels and button controls.” If this is true, I’m afraid most people will be disappointed…

    • The problem is that a slim GF2 was not designed with slime lenses in mind. It’s positioned against Sony’s NEX, which seems to be more fashion/lifestyle item than real camera. Female? Money in your pocket? Get a pink NEX. When we see the announcement from Panasonic, I’ll bet we’ll see weird (fashion) colours available, if it’s in fact a slim GF2.

      I also own an E-PL1 (for about two weeks now) and I’m pretty happy about it. It shouldn’t be much smaller though. The only thing bothering me is the added size of the viewfinder, which is a must have accessory. A camera with interchangeable lenses isn’t really usable without a viewfinder and it shouldn’t be anything smaller than the PEN. It’s hard enough already to reach the right buttons while looking through the viewfinder and setting the frame.

      • Agent00soul

        Ouch, slime lenses!

        • LOL, I meant slim lenses. The weird thing about Sony’s NEX models is that the camera body itself looks like a slice of bread which a huge salami of a lens sticking out of it… I can’t imagine how anybody can want to use such a thing.

      • Archer

        “Slime Lenses,” sounds like a great new optical technology, a sort of more viscous liquid optics. I’m all for it, especially since they will undoubtably gross out all of the girls with COOTIES!

  • Miroslav

    A camera for those who like shooting with primes only, a nice little second body, why not? Makes sense. The sensor is good enough. Good news. Let’s see what Panasonic brings.

  • Ulli

    almost get the feeling that there are coming more m43 bodies then lenses lol!

  • harryz

    where is bright zoom? no more bodies, more lenses!!!

  • safaridon

    Thanks for the news. No need for some to be disappointed that this is the not the model with inbody EVF as that larger m4/3 model is surely also likely coming early in 2011.

    Pany needs this small camera to counter the runaway success of the NEXs. Why use the old sensor? Simple lower cost and availability. Pany likely would not have enough never sensors available for both GH2 and GF2.
    My hope is they provide a better high resolution EVF option for hot shoe mounting. I would think that Pany has found a way to also include a small flash maybe LED type which could trigger off camera flashes. I expect for starters the 14/2.5 will be the kit lens but wouldn’t be too surprised to see a new small zoom maybe similar in effective focal length to that on NX100 as would be very small. As Pany’s recent price reduction on GF1 showed this camera could be a runaway success if priced about $600.

  • kesztió

    Sounds horrible.
    The worst m43 camera ever – taking even G1 in account…

    • Heh, i have to partially agree :)

  • hd72

    I’m surprised everyone is upset about the GF2 being smaller … I thought the rumors for the past month (on this site at least) have suggested that the GF line was going to get smaller, while Panasonic was going to release a new line alongside it — higher-end rangefinder-sized version with a built-in EVF, similar to the LC1.

  • Duarte Bruno

    Keeping the old DR limited, high ISO limited, banding sensor is a wrong move for both Panasonic & Olympus. It’s just helping the system to freeze and won’t look anywhere good when compared to the NEX.

    Women alone going for the small form factor won’t make this system thrive because they aren’t the ones buying lenses so this can’t their only target.

    For the above reasons I don’t believe it will be the same sensor, I believe it will a GH2 equivalent just without multi aspect ratio.

    • Tom

      Why do u think a small camera appeals only to women? As a man, I’ve got pockets, not a purse. This would be an awesome camera to replace my LX3. With a pancake lens, I could slide it in my jacket pocket when I don’t wanna carry my GH1.

      • If that would have been the marketing segment they are aiming for, they would have done it like Fuji announced and create a clever camera with a fixed lens.

        The regular MFT buyer will want all purpose zoom lenses. That’s why Panasonic and Olympus brought that kind of lens on the market in the last months. Those lenses don’t really support the case for a slim camera body.

        Sure, for people like you and me, a small MFT body with Panasonic’s 20mm pancake sounds great. But that’s not where the market is.

      • Duarte Bruno

        There’s a small typo in my post, but if you read it carefully I’m saying:
        “they aren’t the ones buying lenses so this can’t be their only target.
        Women buy mostly small cameras but that’s not the same as to say “men don’t buy small cameras”, so I agree with you and your necessities.

  • Full Beam

    Sounds like they’re releasing a camera which already exists?

    No viewfinder, no sale!! How many times do we have to say it!????

    (Sorry, I’m sure we’ll get what we want one day, I’m just getting very impatient!)

  • “And it will use the same Panasonic G2 12 Megapixel sensor”
    I believe this means the the sensor will be unchanged compared to the existing GF1!?

    copy all of this ->|0/(appareil2)/669|0/(appareil3)/630|0/(onglet)/0/(brand)/Panasonic/(brand2)/Panasonic/(brand3)/Panasonic

    • hd72

      Ask Sony where the market is at. Their NEX series is extremely popular, despite the fact that it is (to quote Luminous Landscape) “a dog’s breakfast of poorly designed menus and awkwardly placed controls.”

      • hd72

        Sorry for the misplaced reply — I still can’t get used to the “Reply” link being *above* a comment.

  • Really Good News

    It’s one area where the APS-C never can beat the Micro Four Thirds, and that’s the size and weight, either if we count the individual components, or the complete system.

    Don’t underestimate the market value to be able to position a camera, a lens, and a combined system, as the worlds smallest camera.

    Especially, if you can triumph over a competitor that has been bragging, and now become a looser of it’s own positioning.


    And now we’re waiting for Olympus to run over the SONY with a smaller camera as well. Come on Olympus, win this marketing race in a duel with Panasonic.

    • Vlad

      The sie and weight are important when switching from a big DSLR to a tiny mirrorless camera. From there the differences are minimal. Panasonic and Olympus should do something about their sensors.

  • Robbie

    This forum’s followers never get satisfied at ANYTHING period. LOL

  • Re GH2 at Adorama: Just got off the phone with them. At first the salesman looked at the website and said it “looks like” the silver version was in stock; I made him check and then he said it was NOT in stock. He said their estimated availability dates are Nov. 18 for the silver and Nov. 19 for the black.

  • Frank

    I am very sceptical, it’s never a good sign when the say that they “have held it very secret ” and that not much people know about it. Hoax or not?

    • I dunno, Apple usually is able to pull that off.

  • jeff

    olympus needs to step their fucking game up

    the second that nikon releases their camera and olympus is still releasing slow ass zooms for the epl1 it will be over for them in that market

    • fsonline

      C’mon. You may have an opinion. Opinions, as they say, are like assholes. Everyone has one. But, really, what’s up with the language when little old photogs might read this column. Clean upo your act… Please. Thanks.

    • Duarte Bruno

      Ugly words but wise nonetheless! :)
      Either the E-P3 is a major beast (and the decrepit G1 sensor won’t cut it in 2011!) or when Olympus catches the cow, it will be completely dry!

      • the other Rob

        I guarantee the E-p3 will have the same sensor as the E-p1.

        • Reverse Stream Swimmer

          The E-P3 will have a newer sensor, mainly for the following reasons:
          ■ The E-P3 however first needs to await a stable process performance at the Panasonic foundry.
          ■ Faster sample rate of the newer sensor will give a faster CD-AF performance, (à la DMC-GH2).
          ■ European frames per second is needed and also Full HD performance.

          The E-P3 therefore cannot be equipped with the commodity E-P1/E-P2/E-PL1 sensor, given that the formfactor of the camera body is kept.

          But should Olympus introduce an E-PM1 model, a tiny worlds smallest mirrorless camera, the key selling point is not improved performance over the previously introduced model E-PL1, but the record setting of weight and size, allowing them to grab the marketing value title!

        • Catastrophile

          i agree looking at what happened with the G1 and GH1 sensors, the latter was only used in GH1, the former was used for the first time in a Panasonic camera, the G1, and in all subsequent Oly’s & Pana’s other than the 2 GH’s. Now after the GH2, there doesn’t seem to be a new single-aspect sensor with higher than 12 MP to be used in most (m)4/3 cameras (non GH models). it seems that even Panasonic is sticking to 12mp in anything other than the GH. If so, Olympus will have one main choice and that is the same 12mp sensor that will be used in GF2 & future Panasonic models (hopefully an improved version of the old 12mp). the only other choice for Oly would be to consider some other sensor makers like Kodak or Sony (unlikely).

    • WT21

      It’s the reason I’m not moving to the EP2 or the EPL1. I’ve got an EP1 that’s basically worth nothing now, so I’ll keep it, but I’m VERY worried about Oly’s lack of action (and ancient sensors). They look like they are fading fast.

    • jeff

      i would love to invest into a micro 43 system but so far panasonic is leading the way in the wrong direction and olympus cant seem to figure out what a built in viewfinder or a fast prime lense is

      • Vlad

        Nicely said!

      • the other Rob

        are you saying you are not excited about a 14-400 F5.6 to f12?

        • jeff

          the only lense a photographer that is traveling light needs is a 50mm,35mm,or 28mm

          • Archer

            Speak for yourself.

          • (almost) well said. 28mm and 50mm (equivalent) are a must, but the 35mm is not (I’m speaking digital, where you can crop just a little bit the 28mm, hopefully in-camera at shooting time without interpolating). A fast 90mm (portrait) is required instead.

            Now, the panny 20mm pancake is great. The Panny/Leica 45mm is very bad: slow (in aperture and AF speed), expensive. Useless. Macro and Portrait are two different beast (think of sharp against soft) and don’t marry together in the same lens.

            The 14mm is moot, it should have been at least 12mm, better if 10mm.

            I’m very sad, panasonic seemed to have started right with the GF1 and the 20mm, then all these other not-so-good lenses came out. Now the GF2 is rumored with a “bad” sensor, instead of the great GH2. I might still stick to the GF1+20mm, but I’m seriously waiting for Nikon and/or Canon to come in the play.

  • omox

    Good work Panasonic!
    Maybe few of us need sexy camera but… MFT system needs it! NEX has consumed a big part of the market and it is a good move trying to take the marketshare back. We saw that there is a lot of interest in slim form factor cameras – something we haven’t had in MFT range. Now MFT bodies can cover Pro and Semi-Pro with GH2, enthusiast with two types of body (G2/G10) and smaler a’la compact GF1, PENs and now the easy-sexy slim bodies (GF2). It’s alla bout expanding the possible market range, to sell more, to get more profit, to make future grow possible. I can hardly imagine slim body for Pro/Enthusiast usage… But I can easily imagine slim body cheaper than NEX with which it is aimed to compete. That in my opinion is a really great move from Panasonic!
    After over a year using G1 I decided to upgrade to GH2 to mainly get rid of my Handycam but there are some situations I wish I had really really small camera with me. I don’t know if I buy GF2 but… I’d definitely consider to do so. G1 sensor is not great, it is a fact but… I think it is good enough for many people – me included. There will be always complains about image quality no matter what, so for me it is a rat race. The more important thing is to get the skills to use equipment we have the best we can. And believe me… even with G1 and it’s poor sensor one can take great pictures!

    Thanks Admin for Your extraordinary work and effort!

  • Jonathan

    great, yet another camera using the same sensor used in the e-620, e-30, e-5, g1, g2, g10, gf1, e-p1, e-p2 and e-pl. same crap dynamic range and low light performance.

    the g1, with all its deficiencies, was a ground breaking camera. when i invested in micro43 (g1 body, micro and reflex 43 lenses, legacy lenses) i was expecting the system to evolve. unfortunately with each new camera (the gh2 being the only possible exception, we’ll have to see) i am more disappointed, now to the point of total disgust.

    mind boggling, especially when considering how aps-c and compact sensor have evolved during the past 3 years.

    • SkyZ

      Exactly. GH2 is the only hope for m4/3 troop. Anyway, I really don’t see a huge differences if GF2 still using G2’s 12MP CMOS sensor….. Built-in EVF, flash and touch screen LCD would be nice, but it’s not essential, I guess most users really want is higher dynamic range and better noise control (but not losing detail like Oly E-5). Will see how surprise (or disappoint) we’re in couple of days.

  • I’d love to see a GF2, but it’s really too late to get good retail penetration for Christmas. Orders have already been placed, and many people have already bought for Christmas.

    • ssl

      I agree completely! why not put at least the GH2 sensor in the GF2? the NEX5 is already miles ahead of the GF1 IQ, esp at ISO400+, just needs better lenses. its the only thing keeping the NEX from dusting m43 completely. and I hate Sony in general, but cant ignore the IQ at the end of the day

  • calxn

    Smaller than NEX? Really, Panasonic? Really? Your goal is now to chase Sony? People have been clamoring for a professional level GF, and you’re giving us an even lower end version? This, after Fuji announced the X100, which is what people really hoped the GF would turn out to be.

    • Vlad

      Oh man, this X100 just needs some interchangeable lenses with K-mount and it would be the best camera ever!

  • CRB

    Same crappy G2s sensor? dont care thanks…

  • vlad

    smaller? i don’t give a damn if will be smaller than gf1. i like gf1 shape. evf or better sensor could be some smart upgrades if they will comes with the new pany.

  • Person

    Whine all you like.

    Good business decision. More sales. More money they can invest in the smaller market of discerning photogs.

    Business comes first. I wish em luck..

  • Ad

    I already pre-ordered the GH2. This GF2 with the 20/1.7 on it might be a nice addition as a coat-pocket camera. It’s a good thing that Panasonic offers extra options within a system. The GH2 offers the best IQ, other options are cheaper and/or smaller. Add to that the interoperability with Olympus MFT products and you won’t hear me complain: Panasonic is forcefully going forward, expanding its product line at a breathtaking pace. I even saw a rumor about a tilt/shift lens, now that would really make my day!

    In every system there’s always something to wish for. I for one would like Nikon to make a DX standard zoom that is on a par with the Panasonic 14-45mm; tried several but they just didn’t cut it.

  • BBernhardt

    I think its wrong how some people immediately diss new products if they dont, ‘in their opinion’ meet their personal wish lists. Having the worlds smallest system camera is definately a marketable product. This can only strengthen the system and get more people on board.
    The GF series will branch further and the wish list lenses will come, in time!

    • Vlad

      And I think it is wrong to say that “The GF series will branch further and the wish list lenses will come, in time!”. How do you know that? See you are just an optimist. Others are pessimists. How are they more “wrong” than you?

  • Kuo

    Never trust a camera below fullframe. A 300 gram fullframe is possible NOW – what are all those manufacturers waiting for?

    Plus: announcing something 2 months before shipping while you still have got old stuff to sell is a really stupid business move. Even stupider if Xmas is in those 2 months. What are they thinking?

  • George

    i cant believe some people. These people who are very happy that new GF1 is very small and tiny and yet still the very same people complaining about not having an built-in EVF. you guys are a big joke. You want a very thin and tiny camera and you want built-in EVF ?????????? Are you really that stupid?

    • Yes and Yes,
      but seriously, i think that the GF line should be split into 2 groups
      1.GF-S (minimal and slim, aka NEX)
      2.GF-P (bigger, meaner, EVF built-in)
      in addition to this:
      3.G (for general photography, entry level)
      4.GH (high end + video)
      5.GP (weather proof, pro build quality + GH electronics)

      and we want 12-75 f2.8 lens!

    • calxn

      Sorry dude, only girls with small hands looking for fashionable cameras are looking for thin and small GF2. Current GF1 is pretty darn small. NEX is almost too small. I see Panasonic is definitely targeting the P&S fashion crowd. Perhaps Olympus will address the photographer crowd. Perhaps Panasonic will come out with a pink GF2 with a Hello Kitty sticker on it and a rainbow of multicolor hearts. That will definitely make their target market happy.


        ^That’s a very ignorant comment. Anybody who travels knows the value of travelling with small and light equipment. For me it has nothing to do with fashion but with mobility while still maintaining quality and usability. I hope the GF2 doesnt sacrafice too much to achieve this.

      • Tom

        The NEX is only too small because its lenses are too big for it. A smaller GF1 with a pancake lens would be more like an LX3 – a camera that was popular with men and women alike.

        But don’t listen to me – you’re apparently the expert on what small-handed girls are looking for.

        • Vlad

          The NEX is too small, because there is no space for even one dial on it. Not because of the lenses.

          • hd72

            The NEX cameras are bigger than the LX3 and LX5 – and Panasonic managed to fit plenty of photographer-friendly buttons and controls on those.
            (LX3 is 108x59mm vs NEX3 at 117x63mm or NEX5 at 111x59mm).

            If you look at the back of an NEX you’ll find two things:
            LOTS of empty space above AND below the control dial.
            LOTS of empty space around the LCD screen so that it can swivel out.
            The NEX has [absurd] menu-based controls for design reasons, not because of its size.

      • Archer

        Hello Kitty has finally been consigned to the ash can of history, so, no HK edition, though maybe a blue and white Sailor Moon themed camera is possible.

  • mpgxsvcd

    My prediction is that it will ultra slim like the NEX cameras. It will have all of the features that the G2 has(touch screen, ISO 6400, AF on 4/3s lenses, intelligent resolution, and higher speed burst mode). However, I think it will also have the extended teleconversion feature of the GH2. That will be HUGE if it does! It is like getting 3 video lenses for the price of one.

  • Otis

    I agree- the GF1 is small enough. I wanted better ISO, esp. at 1600+. Not a toy that’s as big as a credit card. This is a real disappointment.

  • fjldas

    NEX was never the smallest camera in the format. The body is smaller than MFTs, but with lenses of comparable focal lengths it’s about the same size.

    • DF

      I only use the Sony 16mm and various M lenses, so the NEX certainly is the smallest camera around for me. Plus, NEX-5 is not the same format as m4/3. It is a bigger sensor.

    • chris

      are you living in one dimension ? ; )
      with a attached pancake lens the nex does indead have the same depth as a gf1.. but it the gf1 is still taller wider and simply has a bigger volume.

      just get over it people.. the gf2 is not for gf1 owners.. it is for people who didnt want to buy a gf1 for whatever reason (size?).
      if this helps panasonic to get better market share than they will make more money and have more budget for innovations.
      cameras makers cannot only invent cameras for us camera nerds… they still have to find a majority to buy them ;P

  • RW

    I am not sure that you can dismiss Panasonic’s business savvy out of hand. 2 models of GF – one to go head to head with NEX for the point-and-shoot market, and one for photo enthusiasts featuring external controls and built-in EVF makes sense to me.

    As for the Christmas thing, if you have new models coming – but can’t get them on the shelves in time, you still don’t want to leave the gift giving season completely to the competition. Much better to convince some percentage of the potential buyers to go into “wait and see” mode.

    • chris

      at least some people here know some basic 101 marketing : )

  • Hmm, Is admin sure about the sensor? Could it be GH1 sensor which is also 12 mpx and it’s better than GF1 and G2 sensor? Anyway, I am curious :)

  • Stephen

    I didn’t want smaller, I wanted better.

    • Justin

      Better makes everything better.

  • Me

    was about to buy the nex5 this last weekend but decided to wait a couple of weeks to see if pany or oly would announce anything…. And it seems pany will! Ooray! Ooops, same sensor as G1/G2? !!?? Guess it will really be sony nex5. Oly please Ep3 soon!!!!

    • SkyZ

      Oly is hopeless if Pana is the only source of CMOS sensors. They’re more or less competitor than alliance now, why would Pana offer top of the line 18MP sensor to Oly to eat up the already shrinking (due to Sony and Samsung) market share?
      If the upcoming E-P3 still using the same old 12MP sensor plus TruePic V+ engine like what they offer in E-5, even with built-in EVF/flash, Oly will be history.

  • Chris

    I could use a little cheese to go with all this whine.

  • This sounds very exciting for me.

    Hopefully it has also swivel lcd.

    That would be too much:)

  • Stupig

    Where’s 25/1.0, or at least 25/1.4?

    • Ganec

      Already created by Voigtländer (25mm F0.95) .. so why?

      • Stupig

        No AF, heavy, expensive.

      • AF, exif?

      • kesztió

        Lack of AF?

      • Stupig

        We’re talking about a 50/2 equivalent, not 50/1.

  • Alfons

    Ofcourse they have to show that m4/3 is the smallest. GF1 is perfect size to carry around. I feel quite uncomfortable with LX3 or LX5 with my medium size hands.

  • IB

    Many people here are a little retarded.

    The promise of M43 is to make smaller cameras/lenses with a big sensor. When the competition makes a even smaler camera based on old technology, offcourse panasonic needs to step up the game.

    I can Imagine the GF2 be pretty darn small with the 14mm, and I 100 percent sure its going to be a great camera. Its going to be close to compact small with the flexibility of interchangeble lenses. A great alternative to the GH2 when you need something truly pocketable.

    To those of you who want the GF1 to be a Pro camaera with integrated viewfinder, that already exist in the GH2.

    To use an old cliche: The future is so bright, I have to wear shades… ;)


  • Arboreologia

    Good Morning!!!!

    According to an Spanish Website… Not only Panasonic will unveil their new GF-2… Also Olympus could be also announcing the new Pro Pen (Olympus E-P3) or maybe a new E-PLX. Let’s hope its the New Pro Pen!!!!!


  • Arboreologia

    This website is from a very well known Master in Optical Engineering named Mr Valentin Sama. His website is:



  • IB

    Many people here are so sceptical even before seeing the product.

    The promise of M43 is to make smaller cameras/lenses with a big sensor. When the competition makes a even smaler camera based on old technology, offcourse panasonic needs to step up the game.

    I can Imagine the GF2 be pretty darn small with the 14mm, and I 100 percent sure its going to be a great camera. Its going to be close to compact small with the flexibility of interchangeble lenses. A great alternative to the GH2 when you need something truly pocketable.

    To those of you who want the GF1 to be a Pro camaera with integrated viewfinder, that already exist in the GH2.

    To use an old cliche: The future is so bright, I have to wear shades…


  • I would love a GF2 but disappointed with the sensor news. Smaller would be great but in therms of resolution and ISO, they would be far more important to me. I was hoping for 18+ MP and usable 1600-3200 ISO but maybe G3 is the next logical option.

    • Duarte Bruno

      To each his own. I was hoping for 12MP and usable ISO 6400…

    • Alfons

      I just don’t get that resolution thing…

      I shoot 10MP E-3 and it’s enought for me and my clients. I’m feeling the worst thing about E-3’s resolution is the AA -filter, not pixel count.

      Neither do I understand the whole “usable ISO” thing. Great images are not about noise. I have shot plenty of good photos with T-Max P3200 film, and it has so much grain that I have to think about the resolution. Never with E-3, even at 3200 ISO. Get faster glass, get lower ISO. With m4/3 you will get better DOF even with large apertures.

      I would like to play with more dynamic range, but the main thing I would like to see is better build bodies. Cameras that feel like they are made to work.

  • Alex

    The Sony NEX has a APSC sensor…… Bye bye Panasonic, NOW AND FOREVER!!!

    • Ganec

      Do you know that it is only 33% more in width and 18% more in height?
      (or you just heard that one is big and second is small?)

      No big deal .. you just need bigger glass…
      (understand: the same glass have more reach in {micro}four-thirds)

  • oluv

    the GF1 is already pretty good. sure it is not a high-iso king, but iso800 are very good if using raw. even iso1600 is more than usable. for me most important is good quality at base iso. panasonic cameras already have quite light AA-filters, but the EPL1 and especially the new E5 have even lighter filters, i hope panasonic will lighter their filters as well instead of increasing pixel amount. i even think that an upcoming PEN successor will be the killer regarding image quality. already now EPL1 has the best jpeg-quality of all mFT cameras, also RAW looks slightly better than GF1 for example. i hope panasonic concentrates a little bit more on image quality, not only on design, speed, etc, although those are very important as well. but most important is what comes out at the end and if it is good. so far olympus seems to have the edge here, but they are behind panasonic regarding speed etc.

    now i simply lean back and see what panasonic brings out with the GF2. no sense of critisising the product without even having seen the specs.

  • MKH

    If the admin’s claim about the sensor is correct, the GF2 will be more like the poor man’s Leica X1 rather than the M9.

    • Jonathan

      That would more likely be the X100 (in fact most chances it is going to be a far better camera than the X1).

      The GF1/2 can not be compared with neither the X1, and certainly not the M9. The only similarity is the ‘rangefinder like’ design.

  • David

    GF2 looks like an answer to the Oly PL1.

  • Howdy! I just want to give an enormous thumbs up for the good info you may have
    here on this post. I can be coming back to your weblog for more soon.

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