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(FT5) Panasonic GF2 to be announced on November the 4th at 6am London time


Finally we know the exact date and hour of the Panasonic GF2 announcement.

November the 4th (Thursday) at:

– 1am New York City time
– 6am London time
– 7am Berlin time
– 3pm Tokyo time

As usual I will not sleep the night before the announcement to keep you updated with all last minute leaks and first press releases and previews. I would be very happy if you could send me everything you can find about the GF2 to share it with all 43rumors readers. Thanks!

Spread the word! See you at 6am (London time) on 43rumors ;)

P.S.: Received many mails from people asking me if the GF2 has a Fuji X100 or so called [shoplink 17271]”rangefinder style”[/shoplink]. The answer is pretty obvious…it’s “No”!

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