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(FT5) Panasonic GF2 to be announced on November the 4th at 6am London time


Finally we know the exact date and hour of the Panasonic GF2 announcement.

November the 4th (Thursday) at:

– 1am New York City time
– 6am London time
– 7am Berlin time
– 3pm Tokyo time

As usual I will not sleep the night before the announcement to keep you updated with all last minute leaks and first press releases and previews. I would be very happy if you could send me everything you can find about the GF2 to share it with all 43rumors readers. Thanks!

Spread the word! See you at 6am (London time) on 43rumors ;)

P.S.: Received many mails from people asking me if the GF2 has a Fuji X100 or so called “rangefinder style”. The answer is pretty obvious…it’s “No”!

  • Marq

    U r the best!!

    I was hoping for oly to announce though…

    • Henrik

      Yeah I was kinda hoping for that too. Both updates for the next upcoming M4/3 from Olympus AND the high-end compact. Nothing new about the compact admin? :)

      • admin

        Just pieces of specs. I will post them as soon as I have some kind of doublecheck.
        But it looks like the real evolution will be the small size. But there is one surprising news I have to digg (not related to the GF2).

        • CML

          Surprising news? We like the sound of that!

        • Henrik

          When you are mentioning the that real evolution will be the small size… Which camera are you talking about then? I couldnt follow you in that post =/.

  • Once again. Thanks for your work.

  • I’ll keep the money in my pockets for an X100.

    • bilgy_no1

      Keep your money in your pockets then, because the X100 won’t fit in there…

      Really hoping that the GF2 will be so compact and light with the 14mm that it will fit better in my pockets than the E-PL1 with 20mm.

      • kesztió

        Sincerely, I cannot understand why a bulky fixed lens camera with parallax error on viewfinder could be so “killer”. I see that it has a cool retro look but photography is ultimately image quality & ergomony…

        • Duarte Bruno

          It’s all about the viewfinder IIUC.

      • Fair to me. I really respect your desire for a smaller M4/3 camera. It is just that the concept does not suit me: small + interchangeable lens means that it is not that small anymore. If you are going to change lenses, or put any lens bigger than a pancake, it is not small anymore. And for a small camera… the prices of the M4/3 cameras are way too high. There is a point where a S95 with a €300 price tag is just a better deal.

        The market is putting the M4/3 cameras where they belong… below €400. E-PL1 was introduced around €800 and that is severely overpriced gear. Last weekend it was offered at €400 with the 14-42 in an outlet website (vente-privée or ofertix) and it did not sell out. I did not purchase it.

    • Don Pope

      Same here. I was hoping for a Panasonic GF1 or an Olympus EP2 upgrade with built-in EVF. Panasonic is not playing that game, so let’s see if Olympus can lure me away from the Fuji X100.

      • I don’t think Olympus will create a PEN labeled camera with a built-in EVF. They can offer the expensive (but excellent) viewfinder accessory for PENs. What’s the point of such an accessory product if they were to offer a PEN with one already built in?

        So, Olympus PEN and integrated EVF? It’s not gonna happen.

        I can rather imagine that Olympus will come to market with a camera body alike the GH2. That wouldn’t be labeled as a PEN. The PEN label after all, is associated with the classic PEN cameras which an SLR like body like the GH2 does not resemble.

    • cL

      Another one waiting for x100 as my pocketable. That hybrid optical viewfinder is the killer feature. Excellent lens is also very appealing. I found something I don’t like though…, it’s longest shutter speed is 1/4″ before it hits bulb…. My favorite long shutter speed are 1″, 2″ and 5″. 1″ is especially useful for those motion blur like moving ferris wheel and merry-go-round, and a very good shutter speed for the twilight hour. Does it have image stabilizer though?

      • hd72

        It appears that the x100 does *not* have image stabilization. Apparently a lot of people in forums think it doesn’t need it. (But those people clearly don’t like creative freedom, and they feel that people who buy compact cameras should also carry tripods at all times.)

      • Pocketable? I’m sure it will turn out to be a very nice camera, but you’re going to need some very large pockets if that’s your plan! LOL ;)

  • Jesper

    The highend models probably won’t be announced before photokina next year.
    I will somehow be pleased if GF2 turns out to be a updated and cheapen model of GF2 (like EP-L1), so I won’t be tempted of replacing my GF1 :P

    • Thats low…

    • Don Pope

      There’s no Photokina next year

  • Admin thanx!
    at least we dont have to wait long to hear the details

  • M

    Interested, but won’t buy anything before the X100 is out.

  • Flerk

    I’he heard some voices speaking of a new m4/3 from Olympus this year. Is this related whith the ‘one surprising news you have to digg’ admin?


  • Otis

    9 PM Alaska Time! I’ll check it out that night.

    Though, I agree, I won’t buy until the Fuji x100 comparison / reviews are out.

  • James

    Hopefully the GF2 with a pancake lens will be slimmer than my iPhone ;-)

    • Could be a long wait, seeing as how the X100 shown at PK was only a “concept” mockup!

  • chris

    the body will be circular and the same size as the lens mount.
    so basically it will be a pancake lens + pancake body.

    • Four by Six

      LOL! Good one chris! Fell out of my chair on that one…

    • girl


  • Mark

    “if…GF2 has a Fuji X100 or so called “rangefinder style”.

    Aww.. no Fuji X100 in the GF2 and no “rangefinder style” either. Panasonic, why no Fuji X100 in the GF2? That would really impress me.

  • sacundim

    I will sleep easier knowing that you’ll be awake to tell us everything while I sleep.

  • Boris

    It is 6:36 am GMT!

    • Nick

      Boris, tomorrow, not today :)

    • It is still wednesday today…

      • Boris

        I just noticed it, sorry! I am probably too impatient to wait till tomorrow :-( .

        So ya gotta hang on
        ‘Til tomorrow
        Come what may
        Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
        I love ya Tomorrow!
        You’re always
        A day
        A way! ”


  • gekopaca

    It seems a lot of us are hoping for a “rangefinder-like” built-in EVF.
    Admin, what can we do?
    A sort of petition for OLy and Pany?
    Could you organize something like that? Or could you speak with your contacts in the companies?
    Did you ever speak with them about that? What did they say?
    I can’t imagine they never read the forums; don’t they?

  • Eric Douglas

    What a pitty. The G2-Sensor seems to be not very much better than the GF1 according to these tests just more nr.
    The GH2-Sensor has an advANTAGE of 1,5 steps acc. to

    • ecle

      the G2 sensor is exactly the same as GF1 :)

  • Martin

    I was really excite when I first read the announcement rumor, but the only thing I really wanted was better performance at higher iso, and that is apparantly not going to happen. What a nice surprise if it turned out pana put the new gh2 sensor in the gf2 / gf1 successor after all. But we probably have to wait for next year for that to happen.

  • George

    As i wrote on my previous comments, i was very sure that sooner or later Panny will make a smaller and lighter camera against NEXs. I even wrote i expect them to be announced at the same time like G2 & G10. I also wrote names can be like GF2 and GF10. GF2 can be with builtin EVF with higger ISO quality and more expensive and GF10 can be lighter cheaper less IQ without builtin EVF. But i never imagined that Panny will market gf2 against NEXs. This will leave a huge marketplace gap, it seems if OLY will get its act together 2011 will be their year in light m4/3 market.

  • bokehman

    Warmed over leftovers. That X100 is looking better and better.

    Hope Pany has a GF3 in the works.

  • Cteve

    I really hope to see an upgrade in the “video” department, wish a 1080p with 24fps option :)

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