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(FT5) Panasonic G2 and G10 announcement this weekend! Both with 12 Megapixel sensor!


Finally I have two trusted sources saying that both new MFT cameras will be unveiled in few days! According to one of them the cameras should be announced on on March 7 in Japan!!!

Keep following us! We will update you with every rumors and news we can find!

UPDATE: Panasonic will have a press conference at the Focus on Imaging show on Sun 7th Mar, 9am (London time)

P.S.: Both cameras will have a 12 megapixel sensor!

  • kesztió

    12 MP sensor? Do you mean the old 12 MP sensor from G1, GF1 and PEN? This sensor isn’t really a winner in conformity to DXO lab test results!
    Even the 14 MP sensor from GH1 is a much better performer, but for new cameras I expect newly developed sensors too. Come on, Panasonic!

  • Boris

    I too expected to see in them the sensor from GH1 at least (or even a newer one). Otherwise, what the deal?
    But we all know that 14 MP sensor from GH1 is claimed everywhere as a 12 MP one.

  • revverse stream swimmer

    Maybe these sensors are good enough, and won’t induce any cannibalism among the current crowd of cameras. Apart from the Full HD camera, still the unrivaled DNC-GH1.

  • misu

    there is nothing interesting a gh1 sensor could bring in g2. maybe a gh1 without video? that would be nice.

  • kkt

    there is nothing interesting a gh1 sensor could bring in g2. maybe a gh1 without video? that would be nice.

  • J

    How about the LX4(LX5)? Any good news?

  • J

    How about the LX4(LX5)?

  • Ryk

    I’m waiting for LX3’s succesor so so much!!

  • Alex

    I’m waiting for the LX3 successor as well. Been holding out on buying a new camera for the past year (almost). Come on, please don’t disappoint…

  • Duarte Bruno

    Old 12MP Sensor? GODAMMIT!

  • Duarte Bruno

    Same old 12MP Sensor? GODAMMIT!

  • fripper

    I am one of those awaiting for the LX3 succesor.. I’m buying a compact camera this spring as second camera, and if LX3 doesn’t go out, I will just buy the Canon s90 or Samsung TL500/EX1.. one sale less for Panasonic ;) and I’m sure I won’t be alone on this

  • rUY

    I am not very care about the resolution of the camera but the quality of output photos and viewfinder. as those are typically important for manual lens. for the resolution, if it is 12 mega pixels but with a more advanced processing and less noise level, then, I will vote for it.

  • kesztió

    Nowadays’ manufacturers (like Panasonic) develop better and better sensors in terms of noise and dynamic range – just see GH1 sensor vs. G1 sensor. And there is still room for improvement!
    After all a good harware is the one which counts. If the JPG engine is weak you still can get great pictures using (third-party?) RAW converters but if the sensor itself is noisy nobody can help you!

  • Duarte Bruno

    If the 18 months old sensor is in the new cameras, we’ll have to declare the 12 months old GH1 sensor a sidetrack adventure from Panasonic.

  • BornBad

    i still hope 12mpx means the cam, not the sensor.
    i really want to have the sensor of the gh1, or a entirely new one.
    keeping fingers crossed.

  • Zaph

    Why does it being 12MP automatically mean it’s the same sensor? :)
    Couldn’t it be a new 12MP sensor?

  • I’m waiting for LX3 successor too.

    But do u think Panasonic would very surprise us, not by LX4(LX5), but GF2? or mayb ‘GF-L1’? the silhouette shown could assemble the shape of GF series. and it make sense since Olympus already has EP-1, EP-2 and EP-L1. *finger cross*

    I wonder why every people think it will be the same sensor. Panasonic never really fight in the MegaPixel war. why nobody is talking bout the back-illuminated image sensor now?

  • Duarte Bruno

    philippecr says:
    I wonder why every people think it will be the same sensor.

    Because the GH1 sensor is 14MP, even though you will always get 12MP images.
    Because Panasonic admited having their share of problems producing the GH1 sensor to market demands.
    Because Panasonic also admited the GH1 sensor was more expensive to produce.

  • elf

    If you accept that the GH1 is Panasonics premium m4/3 product… Why would you expect them to use their premium sensor in the budget models. Me thinks you all expect too much. I’ll expect new processing and improved white balance performance with other minor tweaks,better out of camera jpegs etc. Definately a solution to the strap lug problem.

  • Here’s a link to an old interview:

    “We’ve just started with Micro Four Thirds with the G1 and at this PMA have introduced the GH1, and our first priority is to survive these severe market conditions with Micro Four Thirds. So, we’d like to strengthen the Micro Four Thirds lineup first. After that – if the market requires it – our Four Thirds models, such as the successor to the L10, will be considered.”

  • Is it not likely that we will basically see a G1, but with some improved image quality (from the same sensor) and some basic video features (30p, auto)?

  • Ole

    I’m waiting for LX3 successor too. The LX3 is to old to buy. There has to be a new one or i will buy another brand. Perhaps the Leica X1. I hope Panasonic reads the comments here. Please!

  • killmewithtoys

    i hoped for a successor of the gh1, i don`t know why, but i do not expect anything breathtaking this weekend. For sure we expect very much, may be too much, but that is a result of the processes on the market: canon has released a t2i which has the full video mode of the 7d… i hope panasonic will be able to answer, but if not the t2i is my way to go…

  • Matt

    Ah, thanks for the dpreview interview link. I can now speculate that the G2 will be just a G1 with a simple video function.

  • People, people, people… all the rumor says is that the new models will have “a 12mp sensor,” not that they will have the SAME old 12mp sensor as the G1/GF1.

    So let’s not give up too soon, eh? I think all the rumor-mongers are trying to tell us is not to expect something like a 16mp sensor… if that comes, it probably will come later in the top model (i.e. G1H successor.)

    My guess is that the new cameras will feature a 12 mp sensor with Pana’s latest tech (no reason for them to waste production resources keeping an old-tech sensor in production) and that they’ll probably try to get the price down to make this an entry-level model to compete with the new Olympus.

  • Carlos

    I tell you what. To have a 12mp sensor it has to have at least the same DR and noise performance as the D5000 sensor…..i couldnt care less about touchscreen or whatever…my G1 suc…s at iso800 and the DR is poor,poor,poor…….and to have the same performance as the Nikon , what will be the price? it cant be that high anymore………

  • Paul

    What’s the chances then of seeing a pre-production model at the Focus on Imaging show at the Birmingham NEC on Sun 7th Mar ??
    Or will we just get the press announcement & maybe a high level spec sheet…

    I expect the G2/G10 to have this green pixel technology that Panasonic are using to boost Hi ISO IQ – although from the reviews of the TZ10 it’s not working out so far…

  • Sarinen

    It seems pretty clear that in order to keep costs down they’ll just use the GH1 sensor in the new cameras, and most likely introduce the GH1 successor with a completely new chip later this year (say for Photokina in September). The G2 and G10 will target the low end, and the GH2 will be the upscale model.

  • Godot

    Wow, so much anguish over the number 12.

    I see 12 MP as GOOD news (well, rumour). It implies that Panasonic is advancing its sensor work without increasing pixel density, similar to how the LX3 had 10 MP, just like the LX2, but with much better results. On the one hand, I find it practically impossible to believe that Panasonic would release the successor to the G1 using the very same sensor; on the other I think 12 MP is more than enough for most purposes, and would rather have improved quality than greater quantity any day.

    My own guess is that the cheaper of the two cameras will have *at least* the GH1 sensor (which may be 14 MP total, but is 12 MP effective at any given aspect ratio).

    My wish, like many others, is for one of the new models to offer something special in the form-factor department, perhaps a revival of the LC1/L1 look.

    As for the LX3 successor… has there been any solid indication that Panasonic will deviate from its usual announcement pattern? (Mid June or July, I forget which.)

  • mpgxsvcd

    What they must do is offer the new cameras as “body only” in the US. People are not going to buy a second body with a lens. They already have the lenses they want. They just want a second body with more features.

  • Javi V.

    It would be unusual to have them presented on a Sunday…

  • Godot


    Although I agree, body-only should be offered wherever it isn’t already, it’s possible there will be yet another kit lens. Each of the three G series models has had a different kit lens, and we know more lenses are on the way. The obvious candidate is the 14/2.8.

    That wouldn’t make as much sense as offering body-only, but I wouldn’t expect it to deter many early adopters who want to get a second-generation body.

  • mpgxsvcvd


    I see what you are saying. However, I don’t see the point of the 14mm F2.8. Why would I want that over the 14-45mm F3.5-5.6? The kit zoom lens is only a stop lower at 14mm but offers the extended range as well. However, I still think the F1.7 of the 20mm makes it a much better choice than both of the others.

  • Godot

    I think the 14/2.8 would be a great kit lens for an entry-level, compact form-factor model to go head-to-head with the E-PL1. (Which could be the GF1, if it’s not being discontinued and something is being released above it.)

    For an SLR-style body, I agree most people wouldn’t prefer it over the 14-45. I would, because my 14-45 is practically glued at 14mm, but I realize most people do zoom.

    Compactness is obviously the main selling point for this lens, and presumably optimal performance at 14mm. I do find it strange that so many Panasonic lenses offer 14mm… the 14-45, 14-140, 7-14, and now 14. Like many people, I’d rather see a wider prime from Panasonic or Olympus; hopefully we’ll have one sooner than later.

  • Anything could happen. You guys look at Olympus… First, EP-1, then 6 months after EP-2, then 4 months later(recently), the EP-L1… (I’m 100% sure Olympus PEN users are very angry now)

    I really do hope Panasonic can bring the m4/3 price lower while keeping or improve it’s performance.

    I admit i like the GF1 very much, but price is not.

  • jt

    I think people are going to be sorely disappointed with these cameras. With the T2i Canon has set the bar really high for entry level cameras. I’m looking forward to see what Panasonic comes out with- but I’m not expecting much.

  • jt:
    u can’t really compare m4/3 cameras wit DSLR. In fact, look at the size of both camera. Some people out there (include me) willing to sacrifice tat performance for something much easier to carry.

  • jerryk

    I don’t have a MFT camera, yet, so I’d love a kit lens/body. I’d love an 18 MP sensor, who wouldn’t, if it produces good pix? What amazes me is that new tech comes out and, all of a sudden, the old tech sucks! I love reviews that say this camera is awesome, then a new model comes out and everybody says, it was actually lousy. NO! My Nikon D80 was a great camera when I bought it and it still takes great pictures. Have it’s pictures become bad because Canon has a wonderful new camera? No. All it means is that there are more great cameras out there. Why can’t the nay and doom sayers realize that we live in one of the greatest times for photography and photographers? Look at the choices and tech! Sony has a 24MP sensor! Nikon has the F6 for film fans! Panasonic and Oly developed a whole new way to make cameras! YAY! Rejoice, guys and gals! No matter what Pana brings out, we, as photographers, WIN!

  • spanky

    It’s interesting to read people who still chase after MP. Having a camera with higher MP is not an automatic determinant of image quality, so by itself the fact that the G2 may be coming out with 12MP doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t prevent Panasonic from introducing an entirely new sensor that’s 12MP, but with much better dynamic range and noise reduction. Heck, I’d be OK with a 6MP sensor if it gave the same quality as a FF camera. Not only that, but changing the image processing of the camera (the hardware and/or the software) would improve the frame rate and would allow some additional in-camera processing.

    I suspect the G2 launch will feature perhaps the GH1 sensor capabilities with some reduced video function (720p quality). Panasonic got hammered pretty badly when they introduced the G1 initially for not having any video, so I don’t see any new camera coming out without video. Having said that, I expect we’ll see real innovation with the launch of the GH2 later this year. I imagine features like electronic shutter, better processing, higher dynamic range, better ISO performance aren’t all that far into the future, and Panasonic will have to work hard to make sure it captures a fair chunk of the market before Canon and Nikon finally decide to enter the market with their own version of the format.

  • jerryk

    Right on, Spanky!

    I have a question (forgive the naivete). Is the electronic shutter/global shutter a camcorder thing, or something entirely different?

  • Swetty

    Here’s some more photos of the G110 and G2 in this thread

  • You must copy and paste my link since it wont get everything.

  • jt

    Did anyone notice on that page the new reduced price for the GF1 and 20mm 1.7? Now listed at $720.90 from Panasonic. As for the new cameras, I’m not that interested. But the price on the GF1 is getting more and more attractive.

  • Swetty

    @jt, no that is not the price… that was me cutting and pasting the URL when I was logged in through a partner program. I’m a little surprised the site encodes the difference in the URL, I would have thought it was session based. Logged out it is still $800.

  • Swetty

    Err… $900

  • jt

    Okay Swetty. Thanks for clearing that up.

  • Don

    Hasn’t anyone on 43rumors noticed by now that the Pany official pictures and specifications and descriptive literature for both G2 and G10 have been plastered all over the place on the web. just take a look at Pany m43 forum for links.? 43rumors is supposed to be the rumor site yet they are the last ones to know anything in this case?

    Essentially both models use the G1 body with some modifications but have added 720P HD video with G2 model featuring a new swivel touch screen while G10 model a conventional fixed screen instead. Both are 12 mp with ISO 6400 rated and G2 has similar dual processor as GH1 for HD.

    No sign of a smaller body so I predict that will be the LX4 yet to come to be insinc with the Pany teaser ads.

    • admin

      Hi DON!
      As you know I am living in Europe. I was sleeping :(
      Please respect the fact that I am not living in front of the computer for 24 hours per day. And in this days I wake up every 2-3 hours to check for mails and rumors. That’s why I posted the leak 1 hour after I received it …at 1 o clock in the night!!! So be calm and enjoy the rumor. it doesn’t matter taht we posted it 2 hours after it has been found on dpreview.
      P.S.: We have been the first to talk you about the G2 and G10 and about touchscreen :)

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