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(FT5) Panasonic announcement on Wednesday morning (6-7am London time)


The brand new LF1 compact camera, the G6 Micro Four Thirds camera and the new updated 14-140mm MFT lens will be announced that Wednesday April 24th at around 6-7am London time! You are kindly invited to be online at 43rumors by that time to follow the live updates with news, reviews and first comments on the new Panasonic stuff.

The LF1 is a compact camera with fixed lens, tiny EVF and 1:1,7 inch sensor like the current LX7
The G6 has a 16 megapixel sensor, same GH2 video quality, mic input and similar G5 size

For sources: Sources can send me anonymous info at (create a fake gmail account) or via contact form you see on the right sidebar. Thanks!
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Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • JBL

    Wednesday !!!

    • Wow it’s coming fast! Very exciting week indeed. Better keep your eyes on SCBP.

  • weopeösödfkäsweääö

    The LF1 looks like a Nikon Coolpix P7700 contender. Hopefully LF1’s lens is at least as bright as the P7700’s (f/2.0 at 28 mm, f/4,0 at 200 mm).

  • Sqweezy

    What are the chances the new 14-140mm will be weather sealed? Come on, Panny, let’s get more of these types of lenses out there!

    • observer

      The rumour I read on a german site is that this is a powerzoom x lens.

      • Milt

        If this rumour is right, a pancake sized 10 times zoom 14-140mm would be a killer daytime walk around lens for smaller GF and GX bodies. I wonder if they can make it that small. I wonder if it is going to be a kit lens for the GX2

  • kiki

    I think it will be smaller like the 14-42 II was smaller than 14-42.

    • Sqweezy

      You’re probably right about that. We’ll probably see something smaller, lighter, with marginally better optical quality. As for weather sealing? Highly doubtful (its not rumored to be an X lens).

  • Anonymous

    Rumors on this site do not make sense :) This announcement and Oly’s one next month will show whether this is a respectable rumors site, or a wanna be news site.
    The new LF1 and new lens without any input from Panasonic testers, looks like a big WHOWHOWHOWWHOWHOWHO … or a strong lake of good sources.

    Remainder – GX2 unending story with FT4 sources (since Nov 2012) .. glad I got the GX1 and did not wait

    • JBL

      hey you ,panasonic was sent both LF1 and G6 to any website that they will post
      on-hand preview before this Wednesday,but today no news.
      this site was failed !!! ???

    • admin

      It’s five years that I write rumors now. People already know who I am. The next announcements will not change that :)

      • I think comments such as these are best ignored. :) I’m not sure what the lad is trying to achieve with comments like these..haha

  • Please, Admin, would you tell at least which one is the morel likely scenario?
    G6 with GH3 sensor or any of already outdated sensors?

    • admin

      I really have no info. I think it’s the GX1 sensor but I am really not sure.

      • This scenario has the lowest probability as the GX1 sensor is clearly inferior than the one from G5.

        • admin

          P.S.: Sources only got an info about a “16 MP” sensor. That’s it.

          • JBL

            ok admin,don’t worry i know so many 16Mpx sensor is hard to indicate ,
            wait until they announce.

      • JBL

        i think impossible ,GX1 use G3 sensor and they change to GH2 sensor on G5,
        because GH2 class higher than G3 ,Why they do that??

        • It would not make sense to use the same sensor from G3/GX1, but… Waiting is nearing an end anyway.

          • true homer

            Its not going to be the gh3 sensor if there’s so much insistance in gh2 video quality

    • You’ll have to wake up early the day after tomorrow ;).

      • No way, I’m on EET (GMT + 2). :D

  • Yun

    Me too , interested to know about the specs of G6 especially the sensor cause it definitely will reveal something that close to GX2 although I have no mean to get the G6 .
    GX is the camera line for me afterall but this time I expect more , a build in VF & a higher sensor specs is a must .

  • fi

    Interested to see the G6, not expecting much though. Don’t understand the point of the LF1 when you have the LX7. Maybe it’s because they think they’ve figured out why the LX7 didn’t sell well and are coming out with a new model to fix the perceived deficiencies? I think the LX7 is an excellent camera by the way.

  • tomas

    I understand that Pana put GH2 sensor into G6, and keep the GH3 senzor into its premium model….. but dont understand why they said it full mouth open …

    • Milt

      The G5 already has the GH2 sensor.

  • tomas

    ah sorry take back my words…the info is about GH2 video quality…

  • kiki

    i think gh3 sensor inside. Why? Olympus did it with EPL-5 and EMP-2.

    • Sqweezy

      Yes, but Panasonic did not put the GH3 sensor in the GF6. Both E-MP2 and GF6 are from entry-level lines, but only one has the far superior sensor.

  • sneye

    I suspect the differences between the G5 and G6 will be minimal. Perhaps some enhanced video options, a GH3-like WiFi remote control and minor ergonomic enhancements. I hope there is more to it, but if I’m right the question that has to be asked is: What is the point? Why not wait another 6-12 months and release something significantly better?

    The same question goes to Olympus re the E-PL6.

    • Allansdept

      Olympus issued camera after camera with the exact same image quality from the E-30 in 2008 till the E-M5 came along in 2012.Olympus are the masters of reusing crap while claiming it is gold, they will be using the E-M5 sensor in 5 years lol

      • JBL

        Olympus has no their silicon factory,
        that is reason they use same sensor all lines of cam.

        but they can join to outsource factory such as Aptina,Toshiba,Sharp or others.
        why they don’t do it like Nikon[Aptina,Sony,Toshiba].

  • dau

    admin, anymore news on the “best micro 4/3 camera ever” that you mentioned in passing last week? i assume that the g6 is not this camera, considering you expect it ti have the g3 sensor?

    • David

      I don’t remember that comment. But I do remember enough of yours dau to know that your motivation to come here appears to be to antagonize/flame, not to get/share information.

      Seems like a waste of time to me, but whatever floats your boat I guess …

      • BUT

        There was such a comment from the Admin… Some of us are just less patient than others.

        Stop over-reacting and making things out of nothing.

      • MarcoSartoriPhoto

        Admin replied to me writing about “his best camera”, and if I’m not wrong henamed the upcoming GX. No other infos were leaked, so we can only imagine and dream about its new specs. Me, I’m waiting for OMD-Pro simply because I need a second body with similar if not same menus and button lay-out, so I can swap camera without worrying. This reason does not prevent me to wait for this revolutionary GX.

      • dau

        er ok, that came out of left field. all i did was ask a simple question!! nothing there at all. i really have no idea what youre talking about. you must have me confused with someone else…

  • Anonymous

    If Panasonic use the previous generation GH2 sensor in new cameras when Olympus are using the latest generation chip in their flagship model and trickling it down into other cheaper cameras I can’t see myself buying a Panasonic in the near future.

    The GH3 is near enough DSLR sized and doesn’t interest me and it looks like the G6 will be using an already surpassed sensor.

    The only explanation I can think of is that Panasonic can’t compete with Olympus due to their dire financial situation. Whatever the reason… I think Panasonic are going to struggle in the face of the competition.

    • bousozoku

      The GH2 sensor seems to be finished with the GH2.

    • Allansdept

      “”””The only explanation I can think of is that Panasonic can’t compete with Olympus due to their dire financial situation. Whatever the reason… I think Panasonic are going to struggle in the face of the competition.””””

      lol Olympus imaging doubled their losses this year from 9 Billion yen last year to 18 Billion yen this year, they are obviously on a roll

      • Anonymous

        Quite, and I had that in mind when I posted so LOL seems less appropriate than shedding a few tears if Panasonic are in a worse state than Olympus. Olympus have as far as I know had an injection of cash from Sony who have their own financial worries… which makes it even more worrying if Panasonic are in such a state that they can’t compete with companies that are in the mess that Olympus and Sony are in.

        Or maybe Panasonic just don’t want to compete? I can’t know and I don’t care.

        All I care about is that if these new products from Panasonic are as I fear I almost certainly wont be reaching for my money to spend it with Panasonic as they seem to be using previous generation technology whilst their competitors, Olympus, Sony and Fuji, seem to be genuinely trying to attract customers with genuinely interesting products not just tired rehashes of older generation cameras that have been on sale for years.

        Luckily I mostly use legacy lenses so switching systems will be quite easy for me.

        • Anonymous

          Olympus, Sony and Fuji, seem to be genuinely trying to attract customers with genuinely interesting products not just tired rehashes of older generation

          Other than the E-M5 with its love it hate it design and dubious ergonomics , the newest Pen models other than having a new sensor are the exact same , feature lottery they have always been. With recent tactics like not including hoods , overcharging for black editions , less than stellar lenses the 17mm f1.8 is not one of their best and the rehashing the 75-300mm yet keeping the ridiculous F6.7 aperture is the literal definition of rehashing.

          • Henry king

            as a long long term Olympus user , I am worried that both the Olympus board and us as Olympus consumers will regret getting in to bed with Sony. Ask any former Minolta fans.

            • why not ask Pentax?

            • MarcoSartoriPhoto

              Henry, Olympus is not your wife or girlfriend: if it has to “disappear” as Minolta (that we still remember), then there will be other cameras to choose from. Personally I think that if Sony is going to eat Olympus brand, it’s not going to erase it. (I can think of a collaboration between Sony body and Zuiko lenses)

          • Anonymous

            “Other than the E-M5 with its love it hate it design and dubious ergonomics , the newest Pen models other than having a new sensor are the exact same…”

            Apart from offering (arguably) the best sensor and the best image quality in the class… Yeah, right :) That’s the sort of “same” I like :) rather than Panasonic change being to use a previous generation sensor in a “new” camera :(

            Anyway, it’s all about choice and if buying now or in the near future I see no reason at all to choose a warmed over Panasonic product rather than a warmed over Olympus, Sony or Fuji. In fact I’d place all of the latter in front of Panasonic if buying into CSC’s now.

  • Donat

    I have on hands the invitation to presentation in Moscow

    • JBL

      Where ‘s your source?

  • QBNY

    Waiting for the GX successor, but if the G6 has enough new features (I’m cool with current sensors), I’ll get that instead. Better ergonomics, WiFi and Easy menu system… Toss a little more in and I’m on board.

  • RTFM

    Here’s an idea:

    It’s the same sensor as the GH3, but the video is crippled to match the GH2.

    Else, an outdated sensor really won’t be doing anyone much good, and it will just lower the price of the G5 further.

    Rahul T.

  • Richard

    I guess since unlike Nikon or Canon, Panasonic doesn’t have different sensor sizes, the way they differentiate high level from low level cameras is to give the lower level cameras older, not as good sensors? Glad Olympus doesn’t do that.

    • JBL

      Olympus ,they had no image sensor factory .
      today they use newest sensor from Sony,it’s very good but they can’t separate level of camera lines.
      that is good for me or you but in the future i worry about next sensor ,20Mp Sony Sensor,Others factory,
      Or they still use this sensor(E-M5) for 5 or more year.

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