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(FT5) One rumor to rule them all: Olympus E-M10, Panasonic GH4, and new lenses.


We are now ready to start into the next MFT camera and lens announcement period. Starting from late Janaury and til June we will see a couple of new cameras and lenses. And now let’s talk about the thing we know that will be announced:

1) Olympus E-M10 to be announced in late January (or early days of February at last). It will succeed the E-M5 (althaugh the E-M5 will keep remaining for sale for a longer time). Same E-M5 sensor but with new E-M1 imaging processor. Expect it to have most of the E-M1 features without the E-M1 extra grip and buttons (and not freezeproof body).
2) Olympus will announce two new lenses along the E-M10. The 25mm f/1.8 and a new compact zoom lens
3) Panasonic is likely going to finally introduce the Noctirocron 42, 5mm f/1.2 in February
4) The Panasonic GH 4K camera is likely going ot be launched in Spring. I have no exact timing but NAB show in Las Vegas (April) seems to be the right place for it.

But there is more to come: We can expect a new GF camera (see patent images), new G camera and new PEN cameras too.

The surprise: I got the feeling there will be some suprises this year. Particularly on the Sony-Olympus partnership front.

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