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(FT5) One more E-5 leak…


The new edition of the japanese Camera Style Magazine leaks the new Olympus E-5. You can pre-order the magazine (due to release on the 17th Sept) at Amazon Japan. Click on the Magazine cover picture to enlarge it and the E-5 appears on the top right. The subtitle says: “The pursue for the highest picture quality, E-5 the most advanced/best camera from Olympus“.

ME like the subtitle :)

P.S.: Zone-10 just published a very long article about the E-5 and the modular camera rumors:

P.P.S.: Olympus E-P1 (Body Only) for $399 at Amazon (Click here)..ME like the E-P1 :)

  • jeff

    Best picture quality , good news

  • Bu

    Shame it probably won’t fit in a pocket. Such a shame physics gets in the way :/

    • jeff

      meh , the lighter a camera is the more movement the hand makes

      more movement = less clarity

      • Neville

        Although I agree in principle if holding a pen. To a degree, try holding 3kg for a while, with super tele, waiting for the right shot

        • jeff

          well if you have a super telephoto you are going to be using a monopod at least

          • Neville

            What I would like is an add on mount for my hiking pole

  • Neonart

    Yup. Even if m4/3 takes over Olympus and Panasonic R&D. Big cameras have their place. I would never shoot a wedding with an E-PL1!? I’d get kicked out!
    It’s just the way it is. You want your mechanic to have a 12 piece Walmart tool set, or a $10k Snap-on box? The former may be the better mechanic, but you sometimes need the bigger tools for both function and assurance!

    • NeonArt, I know of someone who shoots weddings with a rangefinder only! Clients approach him but his market is very niche.

  • Tiny picture, but I like it. I have the feeling this will be a great camera. When I switched from the E1 to the E3 I saw a great jump in resolution but I felt unconfortable with the dynamic range. I didn’t care much about noise because I don’t take hand held night pictures. I think this camera is another jump, not much in resolution, but in other quality factors (DR, weak AA filter, etc.). My hands are itching to test it with my 14-35mm, 50mm macro and 150mm f2.
    I remember this camera was almost ready to be disclosed in March or April, but they stop it. I’m quite shure Olympus came with some breakthrough or some important improvement in image quality and after a few month we are ready to see it. Let wish them the best.


    • four thirds photo

      Well I hope you are right. DR, resolution and noise should all improve with quite a big step in the new model. If Olympus succeeds in that, people will quickly enjoy shooting with it and forget some other issues (12MP/ 5fps) which are not that important anyway.

    • they probably stopped the release to put video camera ability in the body (as is all the rage with the other makes) … have to admit, the lack of video was one of the reasons I got my E-30

  • jt

    That’s a good price for the ep1- which is a great camera. It’s a pity Olympus hasn’t made any lenses that I would want to put on it.

  • … and roll on the E-5 launch

    lets see it come out with a bundle of their Canon L prime equivalents (something to compare with the 24/1.4, 35/1.4, 50/1.2, and 85/1.2)

  • Dave

    Oh look, it’s a thumbnail of the E-3.

    Really, “rumors” website? Really?

    • Inge – M.

      This is not like E-3, so the is E-5.

  • marilyn

    rape me if you want im stil want to compare this cam wid my brother d3s , d7000, and our ofc camera 7D.

    • Fish

      Please, no one rape marilyn.

      I have been offered a good deal on an Olympus 35-100mm lens and I am thinking I should buy it before the 14th and there is an announcement which causes a renewed interest in 4/3.

      • Neonart

        If you decide against it, please let me know. I’d love that lens!

  • Neville

    Marilyn I would be interested in you doing some comparisons, are you going to buy it?

    • Dan #2

      You do that, compare a probably $2000 camera to a $6000 camera. Good for you. Why don’t you compare the D3s to a Leica S2 while your at it.

      • calxn

        $2k vs $6k? WTH? D7000 is $1200. Never understood why Olympus offerings were always more expensive. They must use lots of gold in their electronics and diamonds in their lenses.

        • Tim

          That’s the price you pay for ruggedness and reliability. Remember this camera is built to high end Canon specs for durability. That’s not cheap to do.

          Plus, for them to make a profit they probably need to charge a little bit more.

      • Neville

        I think you will find that Marilyn will be comparing Olympus very favourably

  • Clark

    I shoot weddings (not many mind you) with the e410. Ive never gotten a bad look. I’ve had more guys with 7ds and d300s come up to me and talk gear, and no one questions my equipment. Results speak for themselves.

    • Dan #2

      Some sense at last. A camera is only limited by the person using it.

      • Neville

        Yes I agree. On a recent tour, the Canon guys were all looking favourably at the E620 with HQ glass results, that they could not get because they could not bring their gear as it was too heavy. And talk about defect problems with Canon gear, they were SO frustrated with their pro glass results and their cameras breaking down all the time. Trading in 3k glass for 7k glass! Telephoto wildlife stuff.

    • Neonart

      You’re right, it’s not the other photogs that want to see big gear, it’s often the customer. I remember reading a story/post on a guy that lost a social corporate event because he was going to use an E-P1. Their reasoning was, you’ll look just like all the other people with P&S cameras. We want the “official photographer” to look the part. We want or guests to see we actually spent money and hired a “real” photographer.

      We may not like that thinking, but it’s reality. Yes, some people will appreciate art regardless of the brush used, but many wont.

      And we shouldn’t act all righteous about it. We’ve all done it. Gone to the bigger, “better” restaurant, or store, or dealership. Or assumed ones capability on their gear. Unfortunately it’s human nature.

      • Sorry but that’s a perceived reality from someone looking at an article and thinking its the way of the world.

        When you talk about paid work, in any industry as you’ve pointed out, expectations always need to be managed through discussion with the client. Obviously, it will never be a camera that does the talking for anyone… that responsibility is on the photographer.

        If this photographer did their due diligence and worked in advance with the client, this type of problem would never have happened.

        • Neonart

          Your comment sounds idealistic. Why do you assume he didn’t? He spoke to the customer. It was a customer he had done work for in the past. They liked his work, but simply could not put a person to “officially” shoot an event with a camera that looked like one their guests would use. He needed to “look” the part. He lost that job. His reality was that he did not make money. Nothing perceived about it.

          You may not like it or agree, but it happens.

          • ANGRY Olympus Owner

            I agree
            This is true, looks do matter to people and it will look funny shooting at a wedding with a pen and a Zuiko50f2 and the family is there with a d3000 or Can-rebal which we all know will produce garbage compared to the pen and 50mm

            but before they see the pictures there minds will already have a bais against the real photographers work simply because the camera used didn’t look like a real “photographers” camera

            sadly In many case that is the way of the world.

          • I’m not saying it can’t happen. However I think your example demonstrates how this kind of issue is relatively infrequent since you clarified the photog had done lots of work in the past for this particular client. For that project it would seem the client needed more of an actor than the preferred photographer right?

            Point being this causes little need to have small camera anxiety. I would rather have a camera that works for me, and loose a few jobs to this sort of issue, than fumble around with less suitable kit for my taste, essentially working against myself. You’re into a whole new bag of problems in that scenario. That’s not an ideal, it’s reality in any business.

          • Neonart

            Well, it happened after he switched from a full body SLR to EP1 and he tried to sell the idea of a more compact setup for candid shots. He got burned and then realized he had to go back and rethink his decision. He loved the EP1, but it wasn’t something that would serve a pro at all times.

            Here is my point: If you shoot by yourself and turn those images to a customer/boss it makes no difference what you shoot with as long as they like the photos. Once you need specific equipment, weather resistance, or have brides, parents, guests, bosses to put up with and judging you, you need to look pro weather you like it or not. If you can afford to turn away work in today’s economy, great! But that’s not the case for most people.

            Just imagine these tests: Put two equally talented photographers in a Mall next to each other. One with a D3s and one with an EP1. Ask 1000 people who is the pro photographer. What will the vast majority say?
            Have two equally talented photogs sell a $3000 wedding package to 100 Bridezillas. Same cameras. Who will they likely choose?

            Unfortunately that’s reality. Anyhoo, Im out. Good discussing the subject. I look forward to the E5 having great image quality. Best regards!

  • P.s. While I’m interested in what the e5 brings I see my future in micro4/3. Image quality, and now video quality, are the number 1 priority for me. Then camera controls, customization, and small footprint. Sheer speed (af, continuous shooting) is near bottom of the list for me.

    • jeff

      unless you are fine with paying retarded prices for manual focus primes then there is no reason currently to bother with micro 43’s

      until olympus starts making GOOD primes for the camera its useless

      • bob


  • marilyn

    we actually i dont need to buy them i can barrow my bro’s d3s and used the e5 when theres a demo thing here using my cf or sd card just shoot in iso 100 – 6400

    • Neville

      Excellent, look forward to it

  • It doesn’t have to cost a lot to buy mf primes and zooms. If I could buy the kit my first lens would be the 20 1.7 anyway, the rest could be taken care of with the 14-150mm + wireless flash. That’s my other hope, that pant adopts a wireless flash system.

  • The article subtitle says: “The pursue for the highest picture quality, E-5 the most advanced/best camera from Olympus“.

    So that’s been the main goal for this new model. It will be interesting to know more about the underlaying facts explaining how Olympus has reached this goal. New sensor architecture, colour pattern, bit depth, image processing?

    But how will it sell?
    Doesn’t it need some good new lenses i.e. primes (since I believe the zooms has been covered up already) to accompanying the camera release. My suggestions are to revise the 50mm/F2 Macro, the pending 90mm F2 Macro, and a new 40mm F1.4.

    Why 40mm? Sincee it doesn’t overlap neither the 35 & 50mm Macros, nor the 14-35mm zoom, while complementing the 35-100mm zoom with a lighter option for portraits.

    Who are the target customers?
    -Birders with 150mm & EC-20; with 300m & E-14/E-20?
    -Photojournalists with 14-35mm, 12-60mm, 14-54mmm?
    -Portrait photographers.

    • Boooo!

      40mm is too long. It would need to be a 15-20mm lens.

  • ET

    Now… all oly needs to do is to overtake canon in terms of focusing capabilities. World’s best IQ? World’s best lenses? Now, com’on Olympus! Give us the best Auto-Focus!!

    • Alfons

      Better AF would need a update for lens side too.

      12-60mm has a nice AF, really nice. Still E-3 seems to be sometimes a bit “rushy” and throw the AF away and then again rapidly back to target… Weird.

      I have photos where the target is within selected AF point but 1 or 2 shots in the middle of 5 shot burst shot at 5fps are just out of focus.

  • “fantafourthirds”

    and if the “modular” word in next 4/3 camera is about the format ?
    if we have .39micron
    4/3 (22.5 diagonal) = 4400 x 3300
    4/4 (22.5 diagonal) = 4032 x 4032
    16/9 (22.5) diagonal = 5000 x 2812

    we need a 20mp sensor ;-) 5000 x 4032

  • Bring it on. I hope someone will test it thoroughly and in time before it ships in Europe. I’m ready to get it as soon as it’s available if the reviews add up and the price is right. If it comes with a new fast prime (I really doubt it) all the better! Otherwise, I’ll probably invest into the Panasonic Leica 25mm f/1.4.

    • marilyn

      good luck we are always the last country to test new product of olympus and pana lol… country philippines

  • Michael

    I hope that with E-5 will be introduced new Zuiko Digital fast primes (hopefully not f5.6 :D).

    • jt

      I have a feeling Olympus won’t be making anymore regular four thirds lenses- if they do I doubt it will be more than one. They need to build up the lenses for micro four thirds- which is where most of their sales are now.

  • Rocky

    Yeah! This is very good news.

  • I think that Olympus is smart. We had the information about what is going to happen years ago but after some falls news we forgot about it. They said that 12 mpx is enough so that means 12 mpx is enough you stupid people :D Insted they will try to improve DR, ISO, AF so they will try to improve DR, ISO, AF you stupid people :D They lisened to us and now a better LCD and video mode for people like me. I remember my words few years ago saying to my friends that I will buy new Olympus pro model if it will have a better LCD and that is it. I use now E-510 and it doesnt have a very good AF, kinda slow, 3 AF point, live view isnt as good as I want it to be. And my kit lenses… KIT LENSES! Are good enough to do what I want then to do. Now I have 50mm f2. Sharp macro lens that I use for portraits. Sure it hunts and I dont even try to use my C-AF :D but I somehow I am still in the league. I also hoped that Olympus would create something woooooooooow but know it is clear to me that all that this new camera needs is basic things that dont ruin the hole idea of E-3 but just make it better. I dont even care if it will have art filters, because it is fun to use them filming. 720 fps 30? I wanted some options like 60fps and a good AF while filming but if it is 30 fps, manual focusing – good for me. Why so long to wait for this one camera that has so little things done? Because if you do something do it right. If you think that Olympus is going to risk like it did with E-3? I am sure if they would waited for half a year it would still be the best camera in town ;)

    • marilyn

      let me give u sa sample they released the E-30 and e620 but the e620 DR is far more better than E30… and when they released the e30 still lucks CF… crap but i still love the colors and the lens of oly… all i wish they would make a good job this E5

      • napalm

        e-3o was released a few months before e-620. so they probably did some tweaking which gave the latter more DR (among a few other stuff like backlit buttons)

      • Olaf

        I own the E-30 and has recently also borrowed a E-620. I can not detect any practical change in DR between the two, but I can tell you that the E-30 files are cleaner with a lot less noice. Its simply a better camera!

    • Michael

      I am always impressed how Olympus ZD kit lenses are so good in light rendering that are just kit ones and don’t even mention HG and SHG line. I think Micro Four Thirds needs this lens categories either (optically and mechanically as good or better than HG/SHG for regular FT). Olympus have to go further in mFT bodies development too – serious line with built-in viewfinder, magnesium alloy materials and so on like was said billion times in 43rumors. For sake of compactness and performance the only one way is possible – fast fixed focal lenses (f0.95 is not that necessary, f1.4 is completely fine). Until then I consider FT more mature product than mFT (well, obviously FT are here for a longer time).

  • Scott

    I checked out amazon and the lookup for that particular magazine has been replaced with an image not available image. :(

  • Scott

    Just checked and it is now back. :)

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