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(FT5) OM-D shots nine(!) frames per second!


Blog.Livedoor stitched together the three leaked images to create the OM-D alike image (it’s NOT a real image of the real camera. Also the camera name is just their guess!).

Olympus OM-D, between hype and reality.
While some good sources tell me that the camera has a high dynamic range, superb video quality, much faster AF than the Olympus E-P3 and and a possible two stop JPEG noise performance issue we still have to remain with our feet o earth. I haven’t seen any image sample yet and I have no info about who made the Olympus sensor and how the supposed image quality increase has been achieved. But finally I got at least one new “fact”. I have been told the the OM-D can shoot 9fps! The current best m43 camera of the class, the Panasonic GH2 shoots 5fps. A trusted source also told me that it has a buffer of “max. 11 or 17 frames on sequential shooting depending on the mode (H/L, both in RAW).” And considering that this is a 16 megapixel sensor that’s quite a good performance!

The camera will be announced next week on February 8th. Only than we can be 100% sure if the Olympus sensor has some new major technology or if it’s just a “tweaked” Panasonic sensor. All sources and rumors lead us to believe that this will not be a remake of the Olympus E-P3 marketing hype, when Olympus said that this is a “tweaked” sensor and in reality the image quality improvement turned out be very minimal. Let’s hope the best guys!

Personal notice: I am very busy until late Thursday night. I have to work on a frozen lake for two days and the terrible Burian will bring temperatures down at -15/20 grad Celsius. So expect some delay in comment moderation and email response.

  • Boooo!

    Please make sure to dress warm so you don’t catch pneumonia and don’t lick metal camera parts out there in the cold!

    • DonTom

      +1, keep warm, save your strength for all the new leaks that will be in your inbox when you return!

    • MJr

      Has anyone thought this through anyway ?

      What this news means is not just that it can do 9fps, but is also means that apparently Olympus is confident enough about the focusing system that it will actually keep up with it, TRACK subjects for a longer period of time. Do you guys see how big this is ?

      -very- High burst rates means a bigger buffer, tougher hardware and many more things which no sane company would raise the retail price for without there being use for it.

      If this rumor is true there’s going to be PDAF folks.

      • nobody

        How do you know AF is working at all with 9fps? Wait and see!

        • MJr

          Didn’t i just tell you ? This is a rumors site, so what else would we do but speculate.

          • tmrgrs

            Some rumors are more believable than others. Firing rapidly is easy enough but it doesn’t mean that AF is working for every shot and it doesn’t even have to mean that there’s a larger buffer. A camera has to have a LOT of processing power to keep firing at 9 fps for very long while also maintaining focus. We’ll see.

            • MJr

              Would 11-17 frames in RAW at 16MP be possible without a larger buffer ? Like i said, the components needed for 9fps need more justification than just that number in the specs sheet. People do read reviews these days, especially for high-end products. So if the 9fps is useless for anything moving, it will only add to the costs but have no value. It might not even do anything to the retail price, but the trick is to keep production cost as low as possible, because how else are they to make money for the next one.

            • Steve

              Why would you say “firing rapidly is easy enough”? This is not a mechanical camera, there’s tons of processing going on without considering AF. Look at the E-P3, got a brand spanking new Truepic VI and has a lower frame rate than the E-P2. If it were easy, it would have been included there, or the E-3, or the E-5…

              • Stupig

                Because Sony has been doing it for ages?

                • spam

                  Agree, it’s not difficult. Olympus is the only manufacturer without decent frame rate in high end models like E-5. Nikon V1 has a buffer for 40 RAW-images and can do 10 images per second, and more with lower quality.

      • Esa Tuunanen

        > -very- High burst rates means a bigger buffer,

        Wrong, that 11 frames is low entry level camera reading for buffer size considering the fact that it’s only fair second of shooting and how cheap memory is nowadays. (E-30 from 2008 takes nearly 20 shots at full rate of 5fps before filling buffer and memory was heck lot more expensive then)

        And neither is GH2’s buffer size above entry level and especially its buffer full rate is very low because of slow storage interface.
        Just like with controls and ergonomy you guys keep hyping about every single m4/3 body as such high end despite of “emperor being naked.”

        • MJr, you may be right. However, you may be wrong lol…

          the NEX7 does 10fps, without AF, and 5fps with AF. And it does it with contrast detect AF. Sometimes these things are added not because they’re going to be amazing, but because it looks good on a spec sheet.

          It’s relatively cheap to throw in a bit of ram for the buffer.

          While I’m excited at the prospects of what you say, I doubt it’s going to be that useful in real scenarios.

          • MJr

            Yea maybe so. However, Olympus is not Sony, and you know how long they’ve kept with the measly 12MP when basically 24 was the new 12 ;). Also the E-P3’s fps is actually slower than the E-PL3… They might not be in it for just the specs. Anyway i’m keeping my hopes up, but expectations low.

    • G.W. BUSH

      sony nex shoots 10 frames per seconds without focusing.. it´s down to 3.7 frames when you shoot with continous focusing.

      so much about that…..

      • MJr

        in RAW and how many ?

        • G.W. BUSH

          as i said … 3.7 raw with autofocusing….

          • MJr

            you didn’t say raw, and still don’t know how many. fps is the speed not the amount.

            • Bob B.

              he is as dumb as his father.

  • I hate high frames per second rates, cameras should be limited to no more than 4fps.

    • I have to disagree high frame rates can be useful in some situations but a camera must have a low speed continuous as well.

      • G.W. BUSH

        nine frames without focusing.. like sony nex i guess.

        well thats useless…..

    • Push only a half second on shutter button.

    • Berneck

      I don’t necessarily care about 9fps. However, it’s a great indicator that shutter lag will be minimal! The lag is something that drives me crazy on my GF2. Also, I’m glad to see a larger buffer. That was another problem with the GF2, even with fast cards…

      While I’ll wait to see what the GH3 brings, the OM-D may be everything I have been looking for!

      • Pei

        Don’t bet on it. You pressed the shutter, a second later the camera starts to take 9 pictures with nothing in it.

      • bibi

        are you from Berneck, Switzerland?

    • ange7

      all cams SHOULD be limited because YOU don’t like high frame rates? wow

      • @ange7
        9fps is almost choppy video, high frame rates makes for lazy photography and lots of duplicate pictures…

        • Boooo!

          Ever tried shooting things that move rapidly, like children or animals? Probably not.

          • TomR

            I agree with YouDidn’t… on this. I don’t see the big deal about faster frame rates. I don’t find that there is enough difference between frames and even when taking shots of my kids that I end up with too many. But I guess it can work fine if the camera has a slower setting.

            • ange7

              you agree all cams should be limited to 4fps? Sounds crazy to me. Squeeze 4 or 5 pics off and then delete the dross.

              • TomR

                No, I guess I just agree that there should be an option.

                • Yes, agreed, an option would be good (b.t.w. the E-30 has an option to limit the fastest shooting speed). That said, 9 fps is great news for HDR shooters: You can take a sequence of handheld pictures without having to worry too much about ghosts, camera shake etc.

                  • om-4

                    Than you must hope it will work in combo with bracketing mode. Olympus doesn’t do press once and do 3/5/9 pictures. You have to hold down the shutter.

                • ange7

                  none would argue against that.

            • Boooo!

              So what if you end up with too many? Delete the ones you don’t need and keep the ones you do.

              And if you don’t like this, switch to single shot or set the burst to 3 fps.


          • @Boooo!
            yes frequently photograph children and animals, if you can’t get it with one or a low burst rate then switch the camera to iAuto mode (that’s what I do when handing the camera to someone else).

            • Boooo!

              I don’t believe you the slightest, since both kids and animals move around rapidly, but I have an idea: how about you switch to single-shot manual focus instead? Burst is obviously the tool of Satan as far as you’re concerned.

              • Duarte Bruno

                Was about to suggest the same…

              • @Boooo! and @Duarte Bruno
                how about I post a link to a photo taken with manual focus of kid and animal moving towards the camera at night

                ….just think burst mode is used as a crutch and far too often.

                • Boooo!

                  You serious? A fisheye? A lens which basically has everything in focus at f/3.5?

                  Now you’re just blatantly trolling.

                  • erm no all my other lenses have autofocus, this lens is manual focus on my GH1 and not everything would be in focus anyway.

                    High fps (9fps) is just a marketing tool that won’t be used by many good photographers.

                    • eeeeeeee

                      With an 8mmlens on mFT at F3.5 you have from 2.5ft to infinity in focus.Are you sure you are not a special ed guy!. And what excatly would you know about what a good photographer will do

                    • Digifan

                      Yes it will… in sports when using CAF.
                      I’ve used my E-1 and E-5 CAF but I have to work more/”harder” than with a Nikon D3 or Canon 1D(x).
                      Fast sports like motorracing etc just is easier with a Pro Nikon/Canon camera, I accept that.
                      But if this camera (OM-D) really has great 3D tracking in combination with 9fps and 2 stops better DR, I do not need to rent other equippement anymore when I have bought it.

                      Well, in the Netherlands we say, if it looks/sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

                      Edit: We just have to wait another week to know the real specs.

                    • Anonymous

                      “High fps (9fps) is just a marketing tool that won’t be used by many good photographers.”

                      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA! Oh wow!

                      Yes my friend, because technology is bad.

                      You know what? More than 10 MP is bad and only marketing gimmick, there should be more 2MP high ISO cameras.

                      You know what? The AF is too fast and is only marketing gimmick, they should limit to 1sec for focus.

                      You know what? Weather sealing is only marketing gimmick, they should make the body out of plastic without screws.

                      You know what? EVF and LCD is only marketing gimmick, they should just get rid of them entirely and put a laser dot at the front of the camera so the photographer can aim that where they want to shoot, take a picture and wait until they get home to upload it on a computer to see how it turns out.

                    • mclarenf3

                      I disagree. I often shoot at hockey games, and with my E-3 (5fps) it is not fast enough to get the correct expression, movement of the puck, or spray of ice.

                      Those are things that you can only predict will occur, but cannot realistically time your shutter press to capture. Even more frustrating is often the event I’m looking for will occur within the two frames (when shot at 5fps).

                      So 9fps is not a gimmick, and it’s not something just used as a crutch. It increases the ability to get the right photo given a fast and difficult environment.

                    • BS Artiste

                      Try shooting on a 35-foot boat in coastal waters. As the waves rock the boat, a fast number of frames per second allows getting a well-framed shot.

                      The same issue applies for shooting sporting events if one wants to get the exact shot when a football crosses a goal line or a bat connects with a ball.

                      The purpose of the high frame rate is to capture the exact moment when something instantaneous and fast-moving occurs. The focus does not necessarily change for each shot. A photographer knows generally where the bat will be when it hits the ball, which determines focus. The hard issue to address is determining the exact moment when the bat hits the ball, and then pressing the shutter fast enough to record the moment. A fast frame rate increases the chances of capturing that instantaneous and short-lived moment.

                      Also, 4/3 was originally marketed for sports and nature photography because its telephoto range is double that of a full-frame camera.

                    • BS Artiste

                      Also, trying capturing motion stills of a meteor shower or close-buzzing airplanes at an airshow without a fast frame rate.

                      Yes, the fast frame rate is not as useful for portrait photography and stationary and slower-moving people in day-to-day life.

                      I may not be a “good photographer.” However, a fast frame rate is the only possible way to have a realistic chance of capturing some types of shots of events of momentary and fastly fleeting duration.

                  • eeeeeeee

                    Save your posts Boooo Youdidnt is a very well Known clown on various forums the guy is borderline you would not belive some of the BS he has posted

                • “…how about I post a link to a photo taken with manual focus of kid and animal moving towards the camera at night

                  ….just think burst mode is used as a crutch and far too often.”


                  Say no more…

                  Shooting – or even realising that there are – facial expressions like this would be extremely difficult, without high frame rates and a properly workin C-AF:

                  • @DonParrot
                    to be honest when I looked at your photos before on flickr I thought that they looked like they had been shot on burst mode.

            • Wow! Silly argument…

              Faster fps would be considered a ‘pro’ feature and speaks well for the camera in general. I’m not sure how more fps could be seen as a negative.

              • MJr

                Only those who are unaware of the option to choose a maximum, something that would not be found on a camera incapable of very high fps in the first place, because what would be the point.

        • Rchard

          On E-3 and E-5 you can choose between High = 5 fps and Low = 1-4 fps. I guess you can choose fps with this new camerto.

        • ange7

          no duplicates if you shoot fast action. Don’t like it…turn it off. “lazy photography” could be used to describe loads of things including digital photography as a whole. Suggest you dust off your old film cam and buy some new chemicals.

          • Ragnarok

            LOL! How true!

            • MJr

              Very true.

        • DonTom

          @YDDY, without being too harsh, I remember looking through your wedding shots a while back. You could have captured some better expressions using burst…..I know I have wished I used it more when an otherwise good shot is marred by one person blinking…..
          But I do agree that being able to choose a fps rate would be great, now that they getting so high.

        • jim

          Cameras should have frame rates selectable from 0.001fps (timelapse) to 1,000,000 fps – military weapons videos :)

          Untill this is in our camera, with a nice easy menu to set up framerate – then wen need more!

          • Duarte Bruno

            With matching shutter speeds, of course!
            Otherwise it’s useless.

            • jim

              of course :) and flash sync :)

        • Duarte Bruno

          So because you don’t like/use it I should be impaired when doing HDR or any other kind of bracketing? Oh wait, I forgot the OM-D will be packed with 16EV stops of DR and I will never need to bracket… at least for EV!

        • This answer is rather pedantic. High FPS is used by sports and wildlife photographers of all kind.

    • BLI

      9 fps would be excellent!! HOWEVER — the important next question is: is this with continuous autofocus/tracking? If so, and if the sensor is from the same company that makes the Nikon 1 sensors, this will take away much of the lure of the 1 system.

      Those who don’t like fast frame rates: don’t use it!! Personally, I’m not that keen on a tiltable LCD/OLED screen because I prefer to use the EVF. But if a tiltable screen makes the camera more attractive to others and thus will sell more, why not? I don’t mind (as long as it doesn’t make the camera more fragile).

      • @BLI
        you are unlikely to have the choice between low and high frame rate on the camera.

        • Olaf

          I would rather say that I take it for given that you can select between High and Low frame rate.

          • There is a mention of a H/L setting in this very rumour post.

        • I am not sure why you think this is the case. My D90 is not that fast and it offers fast and slow frame rates. It is a very easy feature to implement and is just another choice when selecting the shooting mode.

        • BLI

          Why not? E.g. my D300 has the possibility of fast and slow continuous modes. Or do you know something that the rest of us do not know? And — if I can only have one speed — make it as fast as possible :-).

        • The Olympus E-30 (and most probably also the E-5) has this feature (and, if I recall correctly, even the entry-level E-620).

          • okies, hopefully you will have a reasonable choice, I’ll be dialling down to low burst rate :D

        • Ross

          And another, why not? from me too. My E30 has the Hi rate at 5 fps while the Lo is set at a default of 3 fps but can be set from 1 to 5 fps.

        • The Real Stig

          What if you set a shutter speed that won’t allow 9fps? ;)

          • G.W. BUSH

            then the universe will collaps.. moron.

        • TheEye

          Why would you think so? Seriously!

      • Berneck1

        Hmm, I have to think if they are jumping to 9fps, continuous focus must be greatly improved, or it’s basically worthless, and just another marketing element.

        • rrr_hhh

          Well most cameras shooting in burst mode keep the AF which was resolved on the frost shot. They don’t measure focus continually. Or you give priority o the shutter release over focus lock.
          AF tracking with continual refocusing in burst mode you find ny in pro cameras. So be realist.

          • BLI

            The Nikon 1 does continuous tracking at ca 10 fps.

            • G.W. BUSH

              and it does a lousy job under not perfect light.

              • BLI

                That may be so; I havent’t tested it.

          • G.W. BUSH

            you are not only ugly but also wrong.

            • BLI

              @ “G.W. Bush”: Please! I don’t know who you are addressing, but comments like that reflects back on yourself.

            • Bad beat


    • Bob B.

      Choice is nice…one can turn the frame rate down if need be.
      The more range a camera has…THE BETTER!
      9 frames per second is great..but can the photographer maintain visual contact and auto-focus?
      That is a major challenge for mirrorless cameras with fast frame rates. That is one situation where having a mirror in the camera is of great advantage. Based on the looks of the OM …perhaps it has a mirror?! :-) OMG!

      • Umm… theoretically it should be the opposite. A mirror has to flip up for every frame and thus black out the finder. But an EVF could buffer the image and prevent blackouts completely. There would be a short freeze, but that is surely better than a blackout.

        • Bob B.

          Agent…I understand what you are saying…but this is definitely a challenge for mirrorless cameras in the real world. I think for right now for the camera to process the data that fast it would catch on fire!

          • Well, it only has to buffer the last VF frame while capturing the shot. Readout from the buffer could be handled by the VF’s graphics chip. At 9 fps the sensor probably needs to capture just one VF frame between each shot, to make the VF viewable. The camera will need fast processing to capture 9 fps, of course.

            • Bob B.

              Thanks for the education..I am sure that in the future it will become very fluid. (I know the mirror is archaic compared to this potentially..but even with the blackout I find follow-focusing action at high frame rate more desirable than my mirrorless experiences shooting action).

              • Bob B.

                Agent..the above should have been “I find follow-focusing action at high frame rate more desirable with my DSLR, than my mirrorless experiences shooting action..” Sorry, my wording was not clear.

              • Well, AF that can keep up with this and follow the subject is another matter entirely. That’s going to be the really hard nut to crack.

                • rrr_hhh

                  AF will be locked on the first frame probably.

                  • Bob B.

                    I have a G3 and a GX1…I think they both do that…lock on the first frame….not positive about that though..any info would be enlightening.

                  • Trevor

                    My E520 would keep focussing during burst mode. Given, that was 3fps and PDF, but I shot plenty of runners coming right at me with focus changing.

                  • BLI

                    I doubt the focus will be locked on the first picture — Nikon has solved this in their 1 system at even faster speeds. According to the rumors, the OM-D has a very fast AF and 3D tracking. If this is correct, aren’t they going to use it?

                    • Bob B.

                      Me down below has the answer….but I think this will be different from camera to camera?

                • SZRimaging

                  Having not handled one, doesn’t the Nikon 1 series track between frames just fine?

                  • Bob B.

                    I think you may be right there!

    • no fan of it either, but that is due to the fact i dont do real action photography. A good buffer for sequences is something i prefer (12 raw frames in a row buffer at least)

    • If you don’t like it then don’t use that feature. Problem solved.

  • frank

    Oh come on, Oly will never make a press photo with a panasonic lens, which the one on the pics seems to be. It was, is and will be a fake picture.

    • admin

      That is just a collage with a random lens. The camera pics are real!

      • Miroslav

        Good picture, I especially like the fact that 20mm is in it, every m4/3 user should have one.

        But, ever since I’ve seen the third part with the mode dial, I’ve got a feeling that the other dial, on the left side, is Photoshopped.

        Nine fps burst is a nice thing to have, but not a deal breaker for me.

      • Swejk

        Der Sucher ist nicht echt ! Chef
        Das sieht man beim Aufhellen… (PS)

    • lol. +1

    • Digifan

      Under which stone were you hiding. Nobody said this pic originated from Olympus. A reader patched this one up.

      • ange7

        lol frank thought this collage came from olympus?

        • Bob B.

          The leaked jigsaw-puzzle images are most likely coming directly from Olympus Marketing.

          • ange7

            obviously Bob… we were talking about the collage.

            • Bob B.

              Well the collage has a Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 inherently making the OM betterer, obviously ange.

              • LOL!… Does look pretty good. I hope the real thing will be close, the 20mm is high up on my list of desirable lenses.

    • A real emperor’s new clothes thing, Frank. You’re right. The large dials are borrowed from the black E-P3, and that’s the OM-4 pentaprism housing. Only the left wing (as seen from the front) seems plausible, the video and the Fn buttons don’t seem to have been pasted. My guess is that the final product won’t look like this at all. For God’s sake – we don’t even know for sure if it will be a m4/3 camera!

  • Francesco

    The strangest thing about these “leaked” pictures is that the “alleged” OM-D mount a panasonic pancake lens, among other things, mounted upside down.

    • ange7


      • jim


    • Andy Taylor

      Please, PLEASE read the post before replying.

  • Bobafett

    Wenn diese Specs sich bewahrheiten sollten, dann müsstest nicht nur du (Admin) dich warm anziehen, sondern auch die Konkurrenz von Olympus =)Danke für die Leaks!

    • Riley

      ist nicht sinnvoll

  • Boris

    Who’s made the sensor?

    I still have a feeling that it’s done by Panasonic. Which is nothing wrong about. I like what it does in GH2.

    But we’ll see it soon!

  • Berneck

    Please read the caption under the photo! It’s not real! It’s just the three leaked photos stitched together and a Panasonic lens added!!

  • lf it was real, thats the 20mm f1.7…so what are you complaining about…

    • Hmmm….., should be a zukio 17 f2.8 maybe.? ;-)

      • TomR

        hope there is a zukio 17 1.4 coming soon after this camera. or even 17/2. But high quaility not pancake.

        • > or even 17/2.

          Pancake 2.0/17mm would be pretty cool.

  • L.S

    Dear Admin

    Take care in the cold !
    Any news about the adapter ? some other PDAF compatibility to 4/3 lenses ?


  • Richard_K

    What if, on feb 8, the real camera and the actual specification are totally different with, or not the same as, our discussion here?? Does anyone think about this??

    • ange7

      we haven’t put our money down so what’s the problem with guessing/wishing/hoping.

      • TomR

        +1 this is entertainment

    • Andy Taylor

      Nope. Don’t care. ;)

  • BLI

    “…a buffer of “max. 11 or 17 frames on sequential shooting depending on the mode (H/L, both in RAW).” ”

    Hm. “H mode”? “L mode” = “High mode” and “Low mode”? Both in RAW? This sounds like there is some image processing going on. “High DR”? “Low DR”? OR that some HDR trick is used to combine several image samples for each final RAW picture in the H mode.

    • High speed, Low speed.

      • Me

        Normally, H mode is with focusing done only on the first frame (hence the faster rate) whereas L means that focus and exposure is done on every frame.

        • rrr_hhh

          +1 finally someone understands how a camera works !

          • Bob B.

            LOL…I DID read that in the camera instructions…it is just hard to remember EVERYTHING!!

          • BLI

            The Nikon 1 does continuous tracking at ca 10 fps, and at 20fps or so when locking in on the first picture.

          • Andy Taylor

            Relieving, isn’t it?

          • Which implies ~6 (5.8) fps with focusing.

        • “Normally, H mode is with focusing done only on the first frame (hence the faster rate) whereas L means that focus and exposure is done on every frame.”

          This may be true for the MILCs available to date but most defenitely doesn’t apply to the Oly DSLRs – and the ones of other manufacturers, too. Both on my E-30 and my E-5, C-AF works at every FPS rate.

          • Andy Taylor

            “Works” is a variable term – for example, my Pentax K5 can shoot at 7fps, but this will reduce if the camera is set to prioritise accurate focus over consistent frame rate. That becomes difficult to do at high frame rates (even the Nikon system can’t do it 100%, it’s just locked to prioritise frame-rate and uses its DoF to mask the inaccuracies).

    • Anonymous

      “OR that some HDR trick is used to combine several image samples for each final RAW picture in the H mode.”

      a continious sensor read-out would be a cool feature

    • Olaf

      H mode = High speed, Low mode = Low speed. On E-5 and E-30 the Low speed is a selectable option. (1-4 FPS) if I remember right.

    • BLI

      OR — H mode and L mode could simply mean High frame rate and Low frame rate :-)

      • BLI

        Oops — someone had already clarified the H/L thing… (I don’t have Oly cameras with H/L modes) — I assumed it related to the 9fps.

    • The is talk about maybe RAW L mode as 12 bit and RAW H mode as 14 bit…..?

  • Robbie

    Obviously some people have reading problems, they don’t even care to read Admin’s post

    • Boooo!

      That’s nothing compared to yesterday and about fifty posts about how “E” is actually a “3”.

      Reminds me of that famous question on Facebook:

      “10+10+10+10+10+10+10+10+10+10*0 = ?

      a) 100
      b) 0
      c) 90”

      • BLI

        Are you using the decimal number system? :-)

      • I don’t think I get it… the answer is 90, right?

        • Boooo!

          About a trillion people answered “0” and kept shouting how everyone is stupid and how people don’t know math these days :D

          • BLI

            If the numbers are given in the binary number system, then the answer is 10010 :-).

        • MJr

          x counts before +, so it’s


          right ?

          • Andy Taylor

            Yes, but it’s a poorly formatted sum ;)

  • Alexander

    I never use RAW, I would like to have a Remote Control & Panorama-Stitch-Function

  • Barugg owb ama

    Good for dog and balcony plant shooters

  • Mal

    I believe there is a relationship between shots per second and AF speed. The EP3 has very fast SAF, around 0.205 to 0.267 seconds according to Imaging Resource,and is capable of 3.11 shots per second when focusing between shots. These two figures seem to make sense. If this camera can shoot 9 frames per second, either it has CDAF running on steroids, is using PDAF (or similar) to get faster focus, or its just a claim for the focus-once frame rate, although still impressive.

    Others might be able to chime in with more info on this, but I’m hoping that the advanced AF with PDAF is what is helping this OMD achieve the higher speeds…

    • ange7

      “but I’m hoping that the advanced AF with PDAF”
      My dusty 12-60mm and me are hoping the same.

      • jim

        That is the Holy Grail!

  • BLI

    At the other end of the fps race — it would be nice if the camera could automate generating a high quality video film from time lapse photos (e.g. a flower slowly opening, etc.).

    • SZRimaging

      Come to think of it, that would be cool. The only reason I might not want it, is it would probably render out in 1080p, but by rendering at 2k or larger in post, I can do psuedo camera movements on my 1080p project.

  • Camaman

    My question is how will the EVF and LV work when you are shooting high speed? Will it freeze, blackout or remain live view? :-)

  • Maybe the high continuous speed is achieved with electronic shutter only, this goes together with reduced jello effect?

    • Berneck1

      Electronic shutter would be nice…

  • Jorginho


    It is called the Buran, -15 C is very nice with the sun and little wind certainly after the very mild winter. The Buran (kind of a harsh wind) makes it far less pleasant, but over here it is not that windy although it is picking up. And it is only -4 C or so. But we’ll get < -10 C soon enough.

    Feet on the ground. Well: I stopped visiting this site regularly this Olympus rumours are fedding me up. You took rumours to a whole new level ;-).

    Greetings from a cold, dry, sunny and white part of the Netherlands (a bit) that enjoys the freezer. Well..I do. Can't wait to put my skates on, go to a lake and enjoy the "Burian"…:-)

  • amne

    Considering the buffer size is even 17 images in the slower mode and of course depending on the speed of the slower mode, the buffer is not only large, but also able to quickly write the data to the memory card. If we knew the rate of the slower mode, one could even calculate the time/speed. ;-)

    Anyhow, if the technical specs (great sensor & fast frame rate) keep up to the rumors, this camera could become awesome.

  • Dius

    This just adds to an already impressive list of feats. I can’t really come up with anything else to wish for.

    If only most of the posted specs are true (there are obviously many buts and ifs behind them)…

    I’m getting this camera, simple as that.

    • konikonaku

      yup…i’ve sold my mirror system & plan to buy E-P3 during X-mast sale before stumble into 43rumors & find out about this OM-D…as long it got better review than E-P3 i’m buying it…positive knot from street/wedding shooter would be a big plus

      admin…any rumors about processor ?
      CMIIW, E-P3 got dualcore processor…what about this OM-D ?

  • Gabi

    Zieh Dich nur warm an, Admin, damit Du uns nicht erfrierst! Wir brauchen Dich noch! ;-)

    I like the high frame rate! It may prove useful for taking pictures of animals or sports events.

  • Narretz

    Oly, shut up and take my money already!

  • GS1


    so what do we have now:
    – 16 MPix sensor, optimized for high dynamic range and superb video quality
    – two stop better noise performance in jpeg ( unknown in RAW )
    – much faster AF, 3D tracking
    – 9 fps
    – five-axis image stabilizer
    – weather sealed, magnesium body that weights only 373 grams
    – built-in superb EVF (1.44 mio dots )
    – 3-inch 610000 pixel OLED tilting screen
    – new FT adapter ( weather sealed )

    this looks like a wishlist!

  • Dannecus

    Really like the latest stitch up, gives a pretty good impression of the total camera.

    Although I am excited about the OM-D, my problem is my ‘aged’ E-PL2 has only been out 12 months, and my example is only 10 months old. It’s just too soon to bin/EBay a £500 camera that is still in short trousers.

    As most of us here on this thread are Oly Fan boys, many of us have solid M43 kit already. Is the OM-D enough to trade in our relatively young cameras and shell out 1,000 (insert currency here) for an upgrade from an already pretty capable piece of kit?

    • My rule is to keep a camera body at least three years. My E-P1 will be three years this summer, so I’m soon ready for the OM-D.
      Actually, I expected to replace the E-P1 in less than three years, since it was the first model in an entirerely new class of cameras.

    • DonTom

      That’s why I have stuck with the E-PL1 up to now. The replacements are better, but not enough for me to lose so much money on it!
      Having the VF2 also means that this new camera is no better ergonomically. I would rather have a corner EVF. But all the other features and improvements might persuade me anyway.
      Black or chrome, that is the question!

    • SZRimaging

      This isn’t really a replacement for any PEN. It’s a new segment for the m43 Oly cameras.

    • mclarenf3

      I have a G2, which for the most part (other than it not being Olympus with the IBIS and OOC Jpegs) suits me perfectly. I am very interested in this camera because I do eventually want to get an Olympus body, but not until it can ergonomically offer what the G2 does.

      But at $1,300 USD, I think I will be waiting instead of buying this camera.

  • 9fps. Super fast AF. Probably Admin’s hunch about new Aptina sensor wasn’t that far off.

    I have totally forgotten that something similar is already inside the Nikon 1, based on the Aptina sensor.

    And outside the Panny *and* the Aptina, nobody offers fast CDAF.

    Panny’s G3 sensor also provides the 2 stops improvement – but not the 9fps.

    • safaridon

      Every rumor released so far about the OM-D points to a Aptina sensor being in it.

  • melvin

    16 MP
    High quality video (beats GH2?)
    Super fast focussing (faster than any m4/3 camera
    High dynamic range?

    There goes my money. This cam will sel like bread. I hope production capacity is enough.

    Can’t wait to use this cam with the zuiko 300/2.8 150/2.0 etc. Why the weather proof adapter? I suspect it can drive 4/3rds glass too.

    Well done Olympus

    • JF

      If everything is true I buy it as soon as possible !

  • Yun

    9 frames per second is good enough .
    Another credit for OMD . But I still insist the sensor is crucial point if I really want to purchase this new cam as too much disappointments from previous Oly cameras .

  • Iovis80

    Hope all these rumors will be true, I’d love such a camera!

  • jocky

    This is Apt in A way that crosses the 7 stars.

  • achiinto

    Now the camera seems way too cheap with it rumored price for the performance that it gives.

  • Alfons

    9fps at shutter speeds of 1/250-1/4000s with AF/AE locked and evf blacked out or real usable fast FPS? NEX-7 didn’t quite deliver with it’s high FPS.

    Well, I have done quite well with E-3’s 5 fps.

  • 9fps is faster than the G3 (4.5fps) and the GH2 (5fps).

    This ‘fact’ certainly lends some credibility to the possibility of the OM sensor being truly new… and perhaps not manufactured by Panny.

    • Bob B.

      G3 is 4.0 fps and GX1 is 4.2 fps. I own both cameras and each has a SandDisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s SD card. I have to say …that the GX1 seems to shoot much faster frames per second than the G3. I think that the perhaps it was under rated a slight bit…nothing monumental. I think you are right about the framerate of the GH2…and it should be higher as the price of that camera is considerably more.

      • Bob B.

        oh…you are right 9fps is a massive breakthru for MFT if the rumor is true.

  • Sucks

    This sucks,Frame rate sucks, not enough…too much. 4/3 sucks, full frame sucks. digital sucks…film sucks…Canon sucks..Nikon sucks. cheeseburgers suck…vegans suck. butterflies suck….and so on…….

  • Hi Folks,

    By this weekend ( around Friday ), most Review sites will have had access to the new ” E-M1 ”. Our very own ” R.W. ” will be using it for a field trial by Sunday.

    Like most new cam, there will be pro’s and con’s, but for me it’s the ” OM ” factor that’s bringing back those wonderful Film days gone by….!!!

    Regards………Uncle James.

    Mods at Malaysia’s only 4/3 site :

    My Gallery :

  • HB

    I’m looking forward to use it with Zuiko OM 35-105 3.5-4.5 (i just got mine from ebay).
    That combo will be perfect retro style :-)

    • What by a Zuiko OM 50mm F1.8 there you need more light, ca.50$ maximum.

      • HB

        I wanted a zoom lens- my primes are brilliant (20mm 1.7 Pana and 45 1.8 Oly) but somestimes zoom is quite helpful (even if it’s MF lens..).

  • fl00d

    I sincerely hope Olympus has the goods with this camera.


    This is do or die – unless OM-D delivers in reasonably spectacular fashion, I don’t think they’ll ever recover.
    The excruciating incremental hype will only compound the net result if it’s bad, or even average. Olympus cannot afford to make an ‘ok’ camera this time around. I don’t think even the Olympus faithful will put up with it anymore.

    I’ve been looking at a balanced system to buy into, I hope it is this one, but if its not, I’ll likely go NEX. Good lenses are only a matter of time for them.

  • panmoria

    New Olympus products are always a lot about marketing. Beware.

  • We shouldn’t forget that the PL3 offers 5.5 FPS but in C-Af mode, the frame rate drops to 1.6 FPS – and the view finder doesn’t show a live picture. So, we will to have to wait and see if this high frame rate is accompanied by a working C-AF and live pictures. Only then it will be worth getting enthusiastic.

  • Nathan

    That suggests it has a compact flash slot. I sure hope that it does. SD is just too slow.
    CF and SD would be perfect.

    • Dannecus

      CF is too big for M43. They’ll stick with SD and use the buffer to cope with the high frame rate for a short period.

    • BLI

      What is slow? Sandisk sells SD cards with a write speedbof 90 MB/s.

    • Bad beat

      XQD would be nice.

      • BLI

        Sony XQD cards can write at 125 MB/s. Not that much faster. But 3rd gen are supposed to take 500 MB/s.
        How much is needed? 16 Mpx with 12 bit/pixel gives 24MB pr RAW?? So the current gen SD cards can almost take 4 fps??

        • rrr_hhh

          Raw data are compressed too, so this will be about 9 Megs pro shot to write, not 24megx,

    • Bad beat

      Dual SD. Any chance?

  • A CF card slot would be nice. Any clues to what type of battery the camera will use?

    • BLI

      Why do you guys want a CF card? Sandisk’s CF cards have a max write speed of 100 MB/s. Their SD cards have a max speed of 90 MB/s. Not much of a difference.

    • Battery is sam size so Pen and E-4xx and E-6xx series use.

  • Pedro del Río

    Last autumn I was going to buy an Olympus PEN EP-3. Then I read that a new Panasonic GX1 was coming and I waited to see how it performs. I read plenty of reviews, some people hate it, some street photographers love it. When the GX1 was finally becoming available, the new Olympus OM-D rumours started. Now I am waiting to see how it looks like and how it performs. I guess that by the time the OM-D will be on sell, some new m4/3 camera, or other CSC, will be rumoured of. Will I eventually buy a camera before the end of this year? :-(

    • Bob B.

      no…you will wait for the GH3!!!! :-)

      • Pedro del Río

        Not if it looks like the other GHs!

        • Andy Taylor

          +1 :D

          • Bob B.


    • Dannecus

      I had the same dilemma when buying my E-PL2. Was waiting to get a look at the new G3, eventually decided I could wait no longer and got the E-PL2 with VF2. Just accept whatever you buy will be out of date in 6 weeks.

    • flash

      Yes, you will buy a camera before the end of the year. There will be something that you want to photograph in a big way that will trigger it.

      You will first have to evaluate what a camera is for. It is to take pictures, not brag about meaningless specs.

      Then you will evaluate what camera will take the pictures you want to take in the next two years. And what camera system will last you 5 or more years, glass is more important and expensive then a camera body.

      Then you will buy a camera, and learn to use it like an extension of your arm and eye, getting better and better in taking the pictures you want to take. Using a camera fully will get you better results then getting the latest.

      You will be contented to buying a lens every 6 to 9 months, then you will have a great collections of lens for your camera body. After two or so years cameras will be “significantly” better and you will buy one that will improve your picture taking ability.

      But most important is to have fun. If in business to have fun and make some money.

      The tea leaves are dry, so I believe this will happen to you.

  • HMR

    Waiting to read the phrase “High Speed Flash sync” rather than FPS. More useful to me.

    • Miroslav


    • metalaryeh


  • hyuio

    An alpha nex killer…. but there is nothing to kill in sony :-) they are already dead in imaging products

  • Miroslav

    Anybody noticed this image shows the complete grip shape? We didn’t see that so far, this isn’t just a combination of three previously leaked images.

  • slomo

    It is possible the OM-D is using electronic shutter to achieve 9 fps.

    GH2 can shoot 40 fps 4 megapixel pics for 1 second in super highspeed mode using its electronic shutter.

  • Rich Rich

    We do not want another M43 no matter how great it is. After just purchase EP1 two year ago EP2 18 month ago and EPM1 last week, how many more of these same sensor sized cameras do you think we the consumer is going to buy? Olympus should have issued cameras with thoughts rather issue them like cheap DVD players from panasonic every 3-6 month. This OM-D should have been the EP2-OMD instead. Olympus had the design at that time when EP2 was issued, instead, Olympus choose to roll out many cameras to cheat its clients for quick money.

    Look at E5, many of us were wait for the price drop to its real new unit worth of $1000-$1200. After 12-15month of waiting, very few are still waiting, who cares?! My local Penn Camera just sold new e5 at $1200 range two weeks ago and $850-$900 last week. I looked at the price drop and decide to pass. I want a full frame. or at least FUji’s style of APS size.

    I spoke to a few die hard core Olympus users since OM-4Ti age, we all agreed the sane thing: Olympus has wasted its OM trademark goodwill for its M43 junk. We all have moved on. What is the ending if one insist on the wrong decision of small M43 sensor for professional or advanced users? Death to Olympus!!!

    Note I still own 3x E1, e500 in addition to EP1 EPM1, (sold E3 EP2).

    • “how many more of these same sensor sized cameras do you think we the consumer is going to buy?”

      Damn you are right. Every single APS-C camera ever sold increased the sensor size in contrast to its predecessor. The same goes for full-frame. They all became bigger over the years with the release of new cameras.

      Oww… but wait a minute… the sensor size did NOT increase. And still they sold like tons of cameras.
      Your talk is 100% bullshit. It all comes down to required/desired image quality and size of the camera.
      If this were not true… ALL of us woudl carry a Hubble Telescope with us with a sensor size of 4.5 m2 and a focal length of 57.6 m.

      I for one salute the smaller sensor.

      • PS

        If you do not need more cameras with the same size sensor there is nothing stopping you from buying a APS of FF. There are enough choices available

    • ShatteredSky

      I want it, I’ve been waiting for around 5 years to purchase a camera like that:

      a) Small (E-600 size or a bit smaller) and robust (against dust & sand, care less about moisture), I guess you have had a look at the new D4, just MONSTROUS (like all before, I even won’t get the E-5II for the lens-size reason) and the death for anybody doing fieldwork (as Biologist, Geologist). Not when you are carrying lunch, a water bottle, rain-cape, materials, hammer and 25 kg of rock samples.

      b) Bright zooms, sadly they did not implement the 12-60 for m43, but there will be the Panasonics, or the the 12-60 will focus fine

      c) Apparently reasonably good autofocus. I am fed up with my E-600, taking semi-sharp shots 30% of the time.

      d) Resolution like or greater than E-600, with slightly better dynamic range etc., CHECK.

      BTW, that was also the reason why I never considered the E-5, since it is just too large for the sensor.


    • flash

      Who do you me we? Most of us want mFT or we would not be here. The OM-D looks very good so far.

    • “We do not want another M43 no matter how great it is. After just purchase EP1 two year ago EP2 18 month ago and EPM1 last week, how many more of these same sensor sized cameras do you think we the consumer is going to buy? Olympus should have issued cameras with thoughts rather issue them like cheap DVD players from panasonic every 3-6 month. This OM-D should have been the EP2-OMD instead. Olympus had the design at that time when EP2 was issued, instead, Olympus choose to roll out many cameras to cheat its clients for quick money.

      Look at E5, many of us were wait for the price drop to its real new unit worth of $1000-$1200. After 12-15month of waiting, very few are still waiting, who cares?! My local Penn Camera just sold new e5 at $1200 range two weeks ago and $850-$900 last week. I looked at the price drop and decide to pass. I want a full frame. or at least FUji’s style of APS size.

      I spoke to a few die hard core Olympus users since OM-4Ti age, we all agreed the sane thing: Olympus has wasted its OM trademark goodwill for its M43 junk. We all have moved on. What is the ending if one insist on the wrong decision of small M43 sensor for professional or advanced users? Death to Olympus!!!!


      What are you doing here at FT rumors?
      FF is so yesterday but if you want it buy it. There are enough manufacturers still providing this dying breed.

      • Barugg owb ama

        FF is yesterday for you, but tomorrow for most serious photographers, you can have a look where your 43 sensor will be in 10 years already today

        • I can tell you where FF will be in 10 years: in a tiny, tiny niche, used only by those who keep on believing bigger is better.

    • MJr

      So they’re all crap but still you keep buying one after another when according to you they deliver the same. Now who is the real idiot here. Just wait until there is a generation that appeals to you or shut up about it and get some other system.

    • deniz

      why do you buy everything olympus releases is my question :)

    • Bad beat

      Do you frequently say such things as: “we need to go to the bathroom”, “We have a headache”, “There is no we in team”?
      Just curious.

    • Barugg owb ama

      Couldnt agree more, all good but 5 years late

  • metalaryeh

    I have never used an PEN. Does anyone know if the fl50r would work ok with this camera, or would it be way to big? Obviously it will be functional but will it be uncomfortable? It seems a high end camera should have a high end flash available for use…

    • I use my FL50 (with Flip-it atop) on my E-P1 sometimes. It’s a bit unbalanced, but it works.

    • Better to use the 50R off camera, where it belongs anyway.

  • metalaryeh

    I have never used an PEN. Does anyone know if the fl50r would work ok with this camera, or would it be way to big? Obviously, it will be functional but will it be uncomfortable? It seems a high end camera should have a high end flash available for use…

    • mclarenf3

      I used my FL-50 on my E-P1, E-PL1, and G2. It is awkward on all of them (except when I have the grip on the G2). However, it performs great, and the TTL works just as well with all the camera bodies.

  • Kermit

    Its funny to see that he stitched a Panasonic Lens onto the OM-D

  • Barugg owb ama

    1/8000 shutter and 14bit raw are musts

    Dng and 1/500 flashsync would be a plus

    • Absolute agree.

      • karay

        Couldn’t disagree more. Neither of these features let’s you take a picture when you otherwise couldn’t. The only reason of having 1/8000 shutter speed is achieving shallower DOF, which is not the strong point of 4/3 sensors anyways. 14 bit raw would only make sense with a higher dynamic range sensor and/or when you do a lot off massaging in Photoshop. The sensor itself will make or break the success of this camera, I think.

        • We talk not only by a camera but a more pro camera. And achieving shallower DOF is not all, we talk about a camera so start on ISO 200 also.

    • MJr

      I’d say those are bonuses.

      • Barugg owb ama

        Forgot to add FOR ME, peasantry mileage may vary

  • Jason

    New Olympus PRO + 20 mm f1.7, 50 mm f/2.0, 12-35 mm f/2.8, FL-36R – Think Tank Retrospective 5 …..can’t wait

  • Pro body? 9 FPS? Sports? Olympics? New (weather-sealed) FT adapter? FT glass? FT/PDAF support? Oly Pros @ Olympics?

  • Terry

    Interesting the previous picture you posted that just got changed looked like a Panny lens was attached.

  • Pei

    9fps is pretty decent. Not as good as NEX-5n with a bigger shutter but still a decent technological improvement and a big step for m4/3 usability.

    Does this mean the sensor has electronic first curtain? I doubt Olympus will put a very expensIive shutter in this camera.

    BTW, I don’t like the big hump.

    • TheEye

      That’s not a big hump. Even camera joshi don’t mind a little hump!

    • Bad beat

      Thank you for slumming.

      How does electronic first curtain shutter lead to faster sequential shooting?

  • TheEye

    Maybe the 9 fps shooting is performed with fuzzy logic (random) CAF. :-P

    • Bad beat
      • TheEye

        Uh, I was being cynical, as I am 90% of the time.

        • Bad beat
          • TheEye

            Apparently you require an explanation:

            Equaling fuzzy logic with “random” was a cynical remark, hinting at Oly fuzzy logic being not fuzzy but random.

            • Bad beat

              Example of a cynical remark
              Olympus demonstrating how marketing can substitute quality.

              Example of a cynical and Ironic remark
              Yet a quantum leap in IQ, just like between the E-p2 and E-p3.

              Example of a stupid remark.
              Maybe the 9 fps shooting is performed with fuzzy logic (random) CAF. :-P

              Had Olympus made a big deal out of using fuzzy logic in implementing the CDAF, and you referred to how fantastic their random logic was, or maybe their fuzzy IQ. Might be amusing, and yeah, cynical.

              Maybe the 9 fps shooting is performed with fuzzy logic CDAF, or better yet, wishful thinking PDAF.
              Closer, but not quite.

              • TheEye

                All that commentary over my throw-away remark? Don’t you have something better to do, bad beat-off? ;-)

                • Bad beat

                  So that was to long was it. Good to know. I’ll try to get my posts just the right length for you in the future. Very clever there with the name. Your a wit.

  • OlyPan

    9fps…..hmmm…..does this mean they used an Aptina sensor for their new camera or a BIONX sensor tech from Sony. The plot thickens. Exciting times indeed.

  • IHUR

    This is a very good concept camera system, execept one thing: that ‘micro’ sensor that it’s using.

    • pdc

      Micro 4/3 sensor is as big as most of us will need into the future.
      IQ of the current sensors is pretty good already for stills shooters and definitely very good for video. CMOS BSI sensors are just hitting their stride and they will soon become the standard for MILC systems.

      MFT is the “sweet spot” for the future of enthusiast photography. Canon may try and distance themselves with a marginally larger sensor in their upcoming MILC, but they are playing catch-up.

      The disadvantages of larger body and lens sizes in APS-C and larger formats will always play out to MFT’s advantage, and to MILC systems based on yet smaller sensors (Nikon now, others in the future).

      • karay


      • Barugg owb ama

        A classic, its big enough as long you dont try something bigger

    • OllieS

      Sensor size has been a major issue for oly re pic quality over recent years. Not that photos from these sensors are vastly inferior to the larger sensors, just that any feature that differentiates between cameras is key to success. However I think with sensor tech improving there will be less and less to differentiate between FF, APS-C and 43.
      I think 43 is now coming into its own and with it being an invite only club, it will be interesting to see what canikon can do to compete with such an established system.

      • Yeah absolute we need camera about if five year or ten year, so 43 is a good choice.

      • Barugg owb ama

        I guess even the most hardcore olympus fans a tired of waiting for the sensor to catch up, face it will never happen

  • Vivek

    Olympus: Pentaprism or Pentamirror?

    • MJr

      EVF + Flash ?

    • EVF + viewfinder metal frame

  • calxn

    Nice looking camera so far. Hope they deliver the goods. If the sensor is really improved, I might buy back in. Wait and see now.

  • buzzz

    What’s “the terrible Burian”?

  • Reinhard

    What I am wondering about is the lens: does anybody has an idea about the lens attached to OM-D in the image? A minimun focus distance of 1.15ft? It is not a 9-18mm nor a 12mm nor 14-42mm nor 12-50mm nor 17mm nor 40-150mm nor 45mm nor 14-150mm nor 70-300mm. Did I forget one?

    • You mean E-M1 image. ;-)

    • MJr

      Your question has been answered 5 times per any post about the OMD on average, but you seem to be the very last one still asking :)

  • Bad beat

    @Admin regarding cold. Assuming your not used to it(based on nothing).

    Wool > all
    Suspenders > Belt
    Mittens > Gloves
    Don’t breath through cover(scarf, balaclava). Condensation, ice, skin, bad.
    Many layers. Control body temp. Really warm -> sweaty -> Really Cold.
    Don’t rub frozen skin. Get in warm location and let thaw. Feel free to scream.
    Bring extra clothing, especially dry socks. Wool.
    Don’t trust clothing with batteries.

    Read up on treating camera gear in the cold. Condensation is a …

    and have fun!

    • mclarenf3

      You forgot to mention…


      • Bad beat

        Damn, your right.

        Use wool.

    • Drink not a beer without schnapps, for example Aquavit. ;-)

    • Milt

      Good idea to wear a coat. Gloves are also very useful at -20. Might be a good idea to do up your vest. A hat if you insist, and put the hood of your parka over that for wind chill. Wool long johns are good, but so are synthetic ones. Enjoy!

      • I use ice-climbing gloves (from OR, if anyone’s interested) that are very warm and also allow for reasonable dexterity.

  • Bad beat

    Another thing I forgot.

    Don’t drink alcohol while out in cold. Makes you colder.

    Remember wool.

    • Absolute right, but hot capputino or espresso is better. :-)

      • bli

        Very important: wool based cap (knitted?) — a surprisingly large fraction of heat loss is through your scull :-). (Personal experience… -30 – -40…)

        • The big point by wool is the take up 35% water, but the so is important by wind-resistant jacket and clothes.

          • Bad beat

            There is a bit more to wool then that, although it is a major feature. Google “how wool keeps you warm” (I just did, had to refresh my memory. :/ )

            You are of course right that wind resistant outer wear is important as well. Wool works great for that :)

            • TheEye

              That’s why smart sheep dress in in merino shearling coats. What do you wear?

              • Baa baa, i use rain suit and wool below :-D

  • paulo moreira

    People, there is no disappointment regarding the Panasonic sensor being used in the new Olympus. What did you expect? Do you think that Olympus is free to buy sensors from other makes, that Pana hasn’t secured Olympus contractually for some time? They are not in the M4/3 to loose money.

    Secondly, the name makes sense, in my opinion the OM signature should not be used lightly. Anyway, what’s in a name?

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