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(FT5) Olympus XZ-2 coming late August. Still some chance to see a LX with larger sensor?


[shoplink 19904][/shoplink] Image on top: The current [shoplink 19904]Olympus XZ-1[/shoplink].

This is not a Micro Four Thirds stuff related rumor but I just wanted to share one mroe info I got from trusted sources. The XZ-1 successor will definitely be announced in August (very likely the end of August) right before the Photokina event in September. I have no info about the sensor size yet. And I am still hoping that Panasonic will announce a larger sensor compact camera (with fixed zoom lens) at Photokina. Some time ago at Techradar they said they are “thinking” on doing so :)

Links to the current XZ-1: [shopcountry 19904].

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