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(FT5) Olympus XZ-2 coming late August. Still some chance to see a LX with larger sensor?


Image on top: The current Olympus XZ-1.

This is not a Micro Four Thirds stuff related rumor but I just wanted to share one mroe info I got from trusted sources. The XZ-1 successor will definitely be announced in August (very likely the end of August) right before the Photokina event in September. I have no info about the sensor size yet. And I am still hoping that Panasonic will announce a larger sensor compact camera (with fixed zoom lens) at Photokina. Some time ago at Techradar they said they are “thinking” on doing so :)

Links to the current XZ-1: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

  • K

    Any PEN rumors in the pipeline admin? :)

    • admin

      Yep, one :)

      • TheEye

        Out with it! Raus damit! Dites-nous! Vertel het ons! ;-)

  • nicwalmsley

    I was quite happy with the IQ of the X-Z1, but it needed better video and an integrated lens cap would be nice. What I’d really love though is weather sealing. Mine got destroyed by a rogue wave that washed me down onto some rocks. Still, I did upgrade to a E-PM1 with the insurance money.

    Admin, don’t hold back with those Pen rumours. We are dying to hear what’s next.

  • Robbie

    Yes more rumors please, the Panny ones didn’t get me excited at all…

  • n457

    Zzzzzzzz… yawn….

  • chronocommando

    I dont know were to post this else. So I am doing it here :-)

    My wishes for the XZ-2

    A setting to shutdown noise reduction at all
    Shutter speed faster than 1/2000
    Aperture values higher than 8
    ISO values below 100
    At least one control dial
    wide angle wider than 28mm
    better lens cap!!!

    I could add a lot of other stuff but that would make the camera larger.
    The biggest strength of this camera is the size! (And yes it also makes good and sharp pictures)

  • Mal

    Don’t expect any other company to do what Sony did with the RX100 in the short term. That camera will definitely steal sales from mirrorless and DSLRs alike, even/especially Sony’s own NEX cameras, and it will have caught the other manufacturers off guard.

    It feels like Sony are really playing hardball, and the other manufacturers will take some time to catch up. So perhaps LX-8 and XZ-3 will be more like the RX100.

    In the meantime Sony have that space all to themselves (the lame G1X doesn’t count).

    PS. I have the XZ-1 and am still impressed each time I use it. Great camera. Bought a self-opening lens cap and that made a big difference. Still fits in the cover.

    • Sqweezy

      Agreed. I had the XZ-2 on my radar for a long time but it seems like Sony’s RX100 is at least a complete generation ahead. I don’t expect anyone this year to match the 1″ sensor in a body that is truly pocketable. As great as the Olympus glass seems to be, they’re going to have to increase the sensor size, and add some other competitive advantage, to stay relevant in this class… I’m hoping for weather sealing!

    • AtlDave

      I wonder if Sony has decided to keep the 1 inch sensor to themselves for the short term.

      I have always heard that the semiconductor division is separate from the camera division but there has to be someone in charge of the whole corporation. If the camera division went to the corporate board and argued that by keeping the sensor Sony only they could dominate the enthusiast compact category, sell lots of RX100s at a very high profit margin and make more money for Sony overall than sensor sales would generate they would have a very strong case.

      Making the high end compact all others are compared to also helps shift their public image as a camera maker away from being known mostly as maker of low end consumer P&S models. The profit margin is so low on cheap P&S cameras they probably want people to think of RX100s, NEXs and Alpha SLT when they think of Sony cameras.

    • Narretz

      Wild guess: Sony needed to do this, because their mirrorless offerings are not good enough to compete with the small packages Pana and Oly are offering. They don’t have the lenses, especially the pancakes that sustain growth, so they needed another product to gain market share. Or, the size and performance difference between this and the APC cameras is bigger than with m43, so Pana and Oly shy away from porducing such a camera, fearing it will steal market share from their own.
      Still mind-boggling that the LX-7 has a smaller sensor.

  • Ernest.orf

    Bahhh sony new camera lost all its light in zoom , PLUS ZUIKO has bo comparation at all, zuiko makes the best lenses i’ve ever seen , i really love my xz1, olympus is doing it VERY WELL this time , so , sure XZ2 is a awesome camera , i wanna see whats next in that IZUIKO QUALITY ^^

  • rrr_hhh

    @ Admin :
    Either increase the width of the main frame of the comment section, or limit the number of possible indentations in the replies. As is I’m getting long columns of only 2 centimeters width, each line not containing more than 2-3-4 words. It is getting unreadable.

    I write it here to be sure it doesn’t get lost, but it was mostly a problem in the G5 discussion threads.

    BTW thanks for all your work happy installation in the Pyrénées.

  • physica

    give me a Bulb Mode and a shutter wire , olympus , then I will get it for sure…. I need a pocket camera which able to use bulb mode together with shutter wire…

  • Miroslav

    With the announcement of Sony RX100 these compacts based on 1/1.7″ sensors have lost purpose. They were pocketable cameras with fixed zoom lenses and better image quality than standard P&S. Now that something smaller with better image quality exists, EX2, LX7, S100, XZ-1 and some Nikon whose name I’ve forgotten :) don’t make sense anymore. Yes, RX100 is more expensive, but I expect the price to come down in a couple of months. 1/1.7″ sensored compacts will go the way of their 1/2.33″ cousins…

    What P&O are afraid of is that model with 1″ sensor would eat into m4/3 sales, but they’ll either make it or loose market share.

    • Martin

      > With the announcement of Sony RX100 these compacts based on 1/1.7″ sensors have lost purpose.

      Not at all. You (as well as admin) forgot about one important link in the imaging process: lens. When comparing RX100 and LX7 just on the basis of ABSLOLUTE light capturing ability (which is THE important factor, not the f-number or the sensor size alone), the RX100 is clearly better at the wide end of the focal range, but at the tele end its the other way around! Moreover, the LX7 lens has significantly better wide angle capability (24mm eq. compared to 28mm eq.) and is a bit more versatile.
      Anyway, the two cameras are very well comparable as for light gathering… A more important factor is the preference for the wider or longer zoom range. I myself would prefer the former…
      Then there are of course other important factors in the IQ: sensor technology level, optics quality and postprocessing capability. Let’s wait for some properly done comparisons, and only then we shall see!
      Conclusion: cameras must be judged as wholes, not just on the sensor size. IMO the pipedreams about another Panasonic compact camera with a bigger sensor to be released in 2 months are just that: wishful thinking.

      • Raist

        But, here’s the big problem: first the RX100 as you stated has a fast lens at wide. But at the tele end let’s say the bigger sensor/slower lens cancels out to about even.

        Even so, the RX100 in good light will have a color richness that will outclass the other compacts. And don’t forget you can resize down to match the 12 or 10 megapixels increasing quality further.

        I agree that the other cameras aren’t “useless” but Sony really threw a bomb.

        • Martin

          Yes, you are basically right. At the wide end, LX7 has 1 stop (equivalent) handicap, at the wide end it’s about a third stop better.
          I also agree that a bigger sensor has some other advantages but then again: it’s one link of a chain. And it’s also quite a bit pricier…
          I am pretty curious about some meaningful comparisons, also with the upcoming XZ-2. Btw, it will be also interesting to see which sensor will be chosen by Olympus.

      • Miroslav

        I don’t agree. Concerning light gathering capability, I think that the difference in sensor size is so vast that no difference in lens performance ( at least when comparing modern sub F2 Sony and Panasonic lenses ) can make up for it, let alone one stop. DR and sharpness as well…

        Why are we using m4/3 cameras then? Why not buy Pentax Q and a fast lens?

        Using car analogy, you just can’t compare a 500cc and 2000cc car if their weight is approximately the same.

        You’re right concerning how wide lenses are, but that’s a matter of personal preference and shooting style. If Sony managers are smart, they’ll make more RX cameras with that sensor, both with wider and longer reaching lenses.

        The only thing I don’t understand is why they make so many overlapping products. They could have made a RX line of cameras and SLTs for those who prefer something with better capabilities. It won’t be long before RX100 hits 500 USD and that’s when it’ll compare with the cheapest NEX.

        Of course, proper RX100 tests may prove me wrong, but all preliminary ones are very positive.

        • Martin

          > Concerning light gathering capability, I think that the difference in sensor size is so vast that no difference in lens performance ( at least when comparing modern sub F2 Sony and Olympus lenses ) can make up for it, let alone one stop. DR and sharpness as well…

          A bright lens can make up for a small sensor even if you don’t believe it :) As I replied earlier, it’s true that the RX100 has about 1 stop eq. advantage at the wide end, but that advantage vanishes as longer focal lengths are approached.
          As for the DR.. Okay, Sony will be probably better in that department (but we don’t know yet, do we?) And regarding the “sharpness”, Sony has natively a bigger resolution, that’s true, but we don’t know (again) anything about the optics quality.. So if the Pana lens is better, it can somewhat even out the difference.

          > Why are we using m4/3 cameras then? Why not buy Pentax Q and a fast lens?

          Simple answer: Because there are no such lenses (and in many cases they couldn’t even be made)!

          > Using car analogy, you just can’t compare a 500cc and 2000cc car if their weight is approximately the same.

          That’s an utterly inadequate analogy…

          • Martin

            > Using car analogy, you just can’t compare a 500cc and 2000cc car if their weight is approximately the same.

            Actually if the two engines had the same power (and they could, using some downsizing “tricks”), then why not… :)

  • Yun

    XZ is the camera I missed out in my compact list so I’ll not going to miss out 2rd time if Olympus make it right again . Of course , it is unlikely to beat RX100 but at least make it close will definitely cheers Oly fans .
    RX100 is an ideal compact but the problem with Sony is it keep coming up new models for replacement that is less than 12 months old , this is the point I don’t like from Sony .

    • Sqweezy

      You rather they update their models with less frequency?…
      I don’t understand this line of thinking, as no one is forcing you to buy the newer model.
      If a company updates their products every year, as opposed to every two years, you can still wait two years to upgrade.
      Faster updates give you more options, and they are undoubtedly better than a slower time table.

  • I’m quite happy with the image quality my XZ-1 delivers, at least at low ISO settings.

    Two image HDR from my XZ-1:

    It’s my carry-always camera, and used to be my backup with the E-P2 (now usually the EP-2 is the backup to the OM-D). The possibility to use the extern viewfinder of the Pen series is very useful to me.

    I also like to use it for macro work, Here the DOF of the small sensor actually is a bonus. So, please, no bigger sensor, but brtter sensor technologies.

    My biggest issue with the XZ-1 is the underwhelming wide angle focal range. There isn’t even a dedicated Olympus WA converter. For long distance hikes I gladly give up some IQ for a reduction in weight and bulk.

    My wishlist for XZ-2

    . at least 24 mm equiv. wideangle
    – super-macro mode over the whole range of of focsl lrngth
    – weather sealing
    – the tiltable touchscreen of the OM-D

  • nik

    articulating lcd pls.

    • Forgot one of the biggest issues – responsiveness. The lag between real time and the live view display plus shutter lag makes serious work with quick changing situations very difficult.

      This is an issue hardly ever discussed in camera reviews, and that’s where, until the OM-D, DSLR’s and rangefinders have a uge advantage.

      So, please, a live view as fast as the OM-D!

  • Mathias

    @admin, don’t care if this is mft or not. Please don’t stop reporting news and rumors about high-end compacts like this. I appreciate it. Thanks!

  • nico

    My wishes…

    -better sensor (XZ1 is just acceptable at 800 iso)
    -better battery
    -apertures above 8
    -a usable manual focus for video

    -include the LC63A lens cap in the package (~$30)

    Otherwise… XZ1 is already my best lightweight alternative to the E-5.
    I wouldn’t buy any m43 camera.

  • Melba

    I have a xz-1 and love it. I would not want a wider angle lens. I can’t stand the distorted look. I don’t get why so many people want a wide angle. Mountains and lakes look further away and people look ugly.

    • TheEye

      Maybe you are a little narrow-eyed? ;-)

      • Melba

        Fish eyed:)

  • FZ50

    I just hope that Panasonic brings out a FZ50 replacement with 1 inch sensor. When I saw FZ70, I was initially thriiled and thought finally there was a FZ50 replacement only to be disappointed to see the sensor size and the pixels. Lets pray that god gives these camera manufacturers ears so they can listen to what people want.

  • Fenton

    Interesting battles are under way. These will result in the dominance of a few formats

    A) Camera phones
    B) Easy to use/share photos point-and-shoot “family” cameras, including waterproof “fun” Cameras
    C) Pocketable Enthusiast cameras “probably with 1″ sensors (these should eat Nikon’s 1 system) .. This class should include rugged/waterproof versions for high $$ spending scuba/extreme sports fans
    D) m43 & APS-C mirrorless compact system cameras (m43 may win due to ergonomics and easier to execute optics)
    E) Full frame and larger enthusiast cameras, ranging from relatively compact systems like the M9 to medium-format
    F) Specialized PRO cameras (video & still)

    There are a few key considerations. Compact system cameras exist to allow either a jacket-pocket set-up (pen & small kit zoom) or a small messenger-bag set-up (OM-D with a full set of lenses and accessories at hand right next to a laptop or an iPAD)

    IMO, these product classes are best to meet the needs of most of us. Lucky for Panasonic, the Sony RX100 missed on a few key points (too many MP, not optimized for low-light, 28mm WA limit). Once the 1” class improves a bit, there will be no purpose for cameras like the LX-7

    At every sensor-size level, sensor performance will continue to improve, focus speed and accuracy will improve, video capabilities will advance, and wireless/remote/networking features will continue to proliferate.

  • ryan

    I for one am very excited about the XZ-2 coming! The XZ-1 is a absolutely GREAT camera! The lens is just phenomenal! There are things that could be better. So hopefully the XZ-2 address this!
    What I would address.
    Needs a function button.
    Auto ISO in manual mode would be nice.
    Adjustable auto ISO with min and max.
    A flash like the RX100/GX1(able to bounce).
    Faster AF.
    Lastly, better video(high quality(bit rate),different formats)
    Things that would be nice.
    A larger sensor with just as fast lens.
    Wider lens

  • Sam

    AE-Lock pls… and GPS even as an attachable option

  • cL

    I would love to see an XZ-2…. Using OM-D as a compact companion for DSLR is just too expensive. For people who haven’t seen XZ-1 in person, the reason it’s so far ahead of other compact camera is the lens…. It’s FREAKING LARGE! The front element is probably larger than some m4/3 kit lenses’s. I bet it’s optically correct. LX-7’s lens is so small by comparison, despite of the f-number, so I think it’s probably some software corrected lens, which lowers resolution. Let’s see the final production sample before the judgment. If XZ-2 uses a 2/3″ sensor (doesn’t have to be 1″ sensor like Sony’s), plus an excellent lens match or exceed that of the current XZ-1’s, the combination would be a winner.

  • Renee

    Olympus in Czech republic sent me information (June 2012) that XZ 2 will be here in August. Now they sent me information that they don´t know XZ 2. I think Olympus have a problem.

  • fishtank

    With Sony’s introduction of the RX100, cameras like Canon G, Pana LX, and Oly XZ series are facing tough challenges. I don’t think XZ series will ever use 4/3 sensor, but I’m hoping something like RX100’s 1″ sensor would be great. Or… if Oly could put a decent Foveon sensor into XZ-2, it would be very interesting…

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