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(FT5) Olympus will go for the f/1.2 primes (around 400g weight and very fast autofocus)


The official 12 and 14mm f/1.0 Olympus patent (article here).

Last month I reported that Olympus will launch a new f/1.2 Prime lens series in early Spring. Our reader and highly reliable source “Simon” added some info about those lenses:

Olympus did develop both f/1.0 and f/1.2 lenses. But did choose to produce the f/1.2 only:

Why ? The production cost for the f1.0 were double as for the f1.2. And the size was 43 % bigger and the wight 230g more. The f1.0 is around 620g. Don’t forget with two very quick & silent autofocus Engine. But we will see no f 1.0. it is the same Story like FT E-7 vs. MFT EM-1. and here it is a question of invest in more glas, what means more expensive + more wight. The diameter was 68mm. so to big and to haevy for mft . The autofocus of the New f1.2 is outstanding und works perfect together with the PEN F. 30 % quicker as EM-1 with the Same les.

Thanks Simon for sharing those info! I hope you can tell us more about the PEN-F too :)

Bit of history: Olympus OM system had two f/1.2 lenses: The [shoplink 56524 ebay]50mm f/1.2 (here on eBay)[/shoplink] and the [shoplink 56525 ebay]55mm f/1.2 (here on eBay)[/shoplink].

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