(FT5) Olympus-Sony partnership more advanced than we could think of. New sensor tech in 2015.


I got many new rumors about the Olympus-Sony partnership. Apparently the partnership on the camera front is much more tight than you could think by reading the official press releases. In short:

1) All the best tech from Olympus like the 5 axis stabilization, JPEG engine, lens knowledge are already being implemented in the soon to be announced Sony A and E-mount cameras. We will see them in use on Sony cameras by end 2013 already!

2) Olympus will receive some literally “Amazing” sensors from Sony. 2014 sensor will be improved tech based on today’s sensor tech (with on sensor PDAF for example). From 2015 on completely new kind of sensors will be used that will be more advanced than the sensor tech show recently by the Panasonic-Fuji duo. More about that in a future 43rumors post.

This comes from highly trusted sources. And if all works fine I could give you soem details about the 2015 sensors soon. Stay tuned!

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Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • Observer

    2015 is light years away — we could all be dead by then.

    • MJr

      With the amount of readers, it’s highly likely that some of us actually will be.

    • Pharque Moi

      Imagine how many posts we will make between now and then.

      • C. C.

        Imagine how many times some of you will talk about that “old/outdated sensor”.

        • Pharque Moi

          Or the lack of a built-in EVF or the price of the EP5

    • Jacek

      several readers probably have died in the time between the publication of this topic and your comment.

      • Jacek

        .. and between your comment and my comment.. :(

        • Jacek

          .. and between my two comments! :(

          ..I have to stop posting comments!!

          • Cheetos

            Yes, please stop or more people will die!!! =P

          • Observer

            Yes when 2015 do come around…

            Those who are still alive will die of disappointment to find it is only marketing hype.

            Those who died and resurrected(by the Holy grace of Nosferatu) to see the new sensor will die yet again also from the disappointment.

            Meanwhile the skeptics will die laughing: “I told you so.”

            Canikon will quietly continue to reap tons of cash selling new models of DSLR based on the same old D800 sensor chip.

            • Oilymouse

              Well trollboy, those that were keen enough to notice the increased performance of the E-M5 sensor will surely be please by further improvements. It might be too much of a nuance for you, but that’s irrelevant, as is your opinion. We’ve heard it all before and sensors just keep getting better… until nobody cares anymore.

              I personally considered the E-M5 sensor something along the lines of “great, but let’s wait for the next generation”. Good to hear that’s coming along nicely!

    • Beautemps

      One post less! – who cares?

    • Taran

      Please bury me with whatever camera comes out. Thx.

    • bacon_eater

      21st of December 2012 has been and gone…chill out

    • coaguloso

      Light Years is a measure of distance, not time, you are just saying that 2015 is happening right now but in another place..

      • J-Man

        Actually a Lightyear is a measure of distance and time, because it’s the distance light travels in a year.
        Eg. The light from a star 100 Lightyear’s away takes 100 years to get here.

    • john

      If we were fruit flies yes.

    • I hope the new sensors are available in black as well as silver.
      And with a hood included.

    • Mt Olympus

      Au contraire! In digital camera years, 2015 is tomorrow morning.

      What all this means (together with the upcoming GX7) is that it’s better to sit on the sidelines while m43 technology, features and pricing improve rapidly.

  • You know what would be the best two moves in this partnership?

    1. make a NEX adapter for m4/3 lenses with electronic contacts and enable their full functionality on NEX bodies in crop mode

    2. make a m4/3 adapter for alpha lenses with x0.71 converter built in ( similar to Speed Booster ) and electronic contacts and enable their full functionality on m4/3 bodies

    • alexander


    • Matt

      #1 (making adapters to mount M43 lenses on NEX cameras) will not work well because M43 lenses have a smaller image circle.

      • DavidB

        The M43rds adapter would be interesting and fully possible. One manual only already exists, allowing focus to infinity.

        The Nex lens to M43rds would be impossible. The Nex registration distance is too short. Also there is not enough space for a good quality lens to offer the 0.71x option.

        But a M43rds fully electronic adapter would be very interesting and could work. Some lenses would vignette, but I think a lot would work well. Some of this has already been tested with the manual adapter.

        • I didn’t write about m4/3 adapter for NEX lenses but “m4/3 adapter for alpha lenses”, A mount, Sony/Minolta DSLR lenses. There’s enough space for Speed booster optics there.

      • Norman

        Which is why he said in crop mode.

  • Observer

    “From 2015 on completely new kind of sensors will be used that will be more advanced than the sensor tech show recently by the Panasonic-Fuji duo.”

    Organic sensors and Quantum film can only do so much, do they also have light splitters? Hopefully it is not all hype — when is this tech to be announced to the world???

    • Beautemps

      one “show” is advanced than another “show”?! – Its show time. Poor marketing blablabla
      Has anybody seen a Pana-Fuji Sensor yet? There is nothing to compare.

      • JBL

        one show from fuji-panny is a prototype
        wait for more one year we will see first product.

        advance than ,better than is sludge
        where is advance tech from oly-sony ,although i know they have many patents .

        • Renato S.

          Panasonic has prototypes of both tech, organic sensor AND micro splitter, which was also said to be easily combined, so this may be one-year away. Marketing aside, there will be some real improvements, that’s for sure. Panasonic-Fuji’s sensor will be out there by 2014-15, while Sony-Olympus will be out by 2015-16, if it’s really more advanced, we can’t rule out that P/F won’t be better one year after, right? The competition is always good for consumers.

  • DC

    I’m quite excited when seeing the following:
    “All the best tech from Olympus like the 5 axis stabilization, JPEG engine….”
    Thanks admin. Can’t wait to see the new Sony cameras with the Olympus JPEG engine. :-)

    • Anonymous

      You skipped most important part, ibis and jpg engine is nice addition for some, but lens knowledge is far more important and biggest weakness of nex. Especially if they also start using software correction for lenses, this would be awesome.

    • Phred

      …and IBIS!

  • tharwan

    Coming from the Sony side I hope we get that fast autofocus you guys have.

  • Narretz

    Hard times ahead for Panasonic. The sensor in the GX7 will be an indicator of how Pana’s current sensors perform. To be honest, even performance on par with E-M5 would be a pleasant surprise.


      Don’t hold your breath. It there’s going to be hard times for anybody, it will be for Olympus. They just released a camera that’s too expensive and won’t sell, and last I checked, the sensor in the GH3 is just as good as the one in the EM5.

      On top of that, the rumored GX7? Is on it’s way, not to mention, the Fuji/Panasonic team up.

      We honestly might be looking at the final years of MFT cameras. What if this new GX model has a APS-C sensor? What if Panasonic leaves MFT and Olympus behind and sides with Fuji? What if that forces Olympus to sell out to Sony? What is the use of MFT then?

      I for one think Panasonic is to big of a company to not improve on their camera division and I only see them getting better.

      • Quite a yarn you spin there. Chances of Olympus selling it’s camera division to Sony, who already bought minolta… Slim. Chances of collaboration between the two companies with Olympus using Sony monitors on products, Sony using Olympus Glass on products, sony sensors, Olympus focus and IBIS… There is plenty of room for collaboration without one needed to swallow the other.

        I think people here forget how important the imagine division is to Olympus medical products.

        • WE’LL SEE…

          We don’t know what went down behind closed doors.. We don’t know IF the Olympus/Sony deal left a sour taste in Panasonic’s mouth. We don’t know if that’s the reason Panasonic is dealing with Fuji.. What if that’s a Fuji sensor in the GH3? -Not saying it is, but “What If”??

          Panasonic and Olympus were partners in MFT… Now Lenses will soon overlap and other partners merge..

          Sounds like a break up to me!

          • Anonymous

            What we do know is that the minolta deal didn’t work out the way Sony would have liked and any deal between Sony and Olympus is going to be of a different nature.

            Oh, why it didn’t work?

            They bought the product line and licensed the tech, but they didn’t buy the ability to develop this technology. Additionally, they bought out an irrelevant (in market position) competitor and with that killed the source of new developments of the technology they bought.


            They need 3rd parties for lenses (while Minolta didn’t, rather, Minolta has been a second source supplier for Leica), they need 3rd parties to get their image procesding right, they failed to become a major player in the dslr market, and they had to either start from scratch or keep paying minolta for what now amounts to outdated technology.

          • Sky

            FYI: Sony was in similar cooperation with Konica Minolta before the merger happened. They delivered components to KM Dynax cameras eventually buying remaining share of Imaging division. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a similar thing happening here.

        • Sony has swallowed many companies, not that this is practice is unique among world-wide corporations:

          CBS Records
          Columbia Pictures
          EMI Music
          Guber-Peters EntertainmentSharp (Displays)
          Konica Minolta Photo Imaging
          MGM Studios

          That’s just the few companies I know right off the top of my head. There’s more, including a whole host of video game makers. Olympus Imaging is a snack for Sony.

          • Still no “edit” function? It’s a basic feature.

  • Sören

    “In Short:”
    Sony owns Olympus and keeps it alive for a while.

    • As long as they don’t kill m4/3, I don’t care which brand is on the camera / lens. Minolta name is no longer around on photo equipment, but the mount is and is very well supported. Much better than 4/3 mount in fact.

    • Beautemps

      May be Sony is going to switch to m43!!!

      • tom

        Sony m43, what is the point? Sony has shown they can make NEX lenses that are as small as comparable m43 lenses, it can only get better with Olympus aid.

        • Anonymous

          Sony lenses…other than the Zeiss branded are mostly lame….Major problem with the system. It has gotten a little better of late..but the NEX system is really weak in that dept.

          • Sky

            Well, look at the DXO test – perhaps lame but still better than what nearly every other mirrorless system got.

        • beautemps

          A NEX lens as small as a comparable m43 lens is a bad lens. Good lenses must be bigger. It is just physics.

  • Thomasso

    I’m not sure if i like it at all :/
    Why? That’s why: “We will see them in use on Sony cameras by end 2013” but Olympus will get new tech in 2014 and 2015.
    Olympus is giving everything great they got and receive only “amazing” sensors.
    I think it’s the first step in selling Olympus brand to Sony :/

    • MJr

      That was my first thought as well, but on second thought, this will just make sure both systems will keep doing well, the only thing we the consumers have to worry about is choosing one, or save up to get both !

    • alexander

      what about Olympus ????????

    • Anonymous

      And why it’s bad? Means finally nex can build some decent lenses and we can get best things of both worlds, sony bodies and olympus lenses.

      • Don Pope

        It is bad if makes the m4/3 format go away.
        In my opinion, m4/3 is currently the best compromise of size and quality.
        The APS-C sensor, requires bigger lenses and that’s why I don’t like the NEX or Fuji X systems.
        The bodies are compact and excellent, but the lenses are just too big.

        • Carl

          I agree… the science says that m43 lenses can be smaller and lighter than lenses designed for larger lenses.

          But in practice it’s not always happening. The Sony SEL1018 F4 (15-27mm equiv) is smaller and lighter than the Panasonic 7-14 F4 (14-28mm equiv).

          63.5mm length v 83.1mm
          and 225g compared to 300g Panasonic.

          My fear for m43 is… after Sony has licensed/traded all of Olympus’ current tech what if Olympus needs another cash injection? It’s now difficult for another company to come to the rescue and Sony may decide to put just enough money into Olympus to keep it ticking over.

          With mirrorless A-mount lenses coming I’m wondering where that will leave the fledgling E-mount cameras.

          • @Carl
            Today’s News: Olympus are looking to raise Y118 billion ($1.2 billion) from mostly overseas investors to spend mostly on medical research and development.

            Olympus is turning itself round by the looks of things…

          • Hojk

            But the Sony lens operates out of its specifications: at 10mm there is more than 3 EV vignetting which is the compromise for a low weight UWA lens at APS-C


            • Zohee35

              You might want to read that chart again (hint, it’s far less than 3 EV).

              • Hojk

                See the vignetting section. Unfortunately the scale ends at -2 EV but other tests indicate that vignetting is even higher than -3 EV at 10mm! Sony can´t break the optical laws. It is a trade off to get APS C lenses at reasonable sizes.

                Apparently the marketing department designed this lens.

                • Zohee35

                  You should really consider a new pair of glasses. At 100% of the APS-C frame, the extreme corners show about 2.6 EV vignetting wide open at the widest angle. At 95% it’s 2 EV. Nowhere near your claim of more than 3 EV. It’s all there in the charts they presented. Second hint: look at the profiles section under vignetting.

      • It’s the “how big is the pie” question that comes to play here. If the pie is growing rapidly and of indeterminate final size, then sharing technology through coopetition doesn’t tend to hurt you. If the pie is staying the same size or shrinking, then giving tech to a competitor is extremely risky, especially when the competitor has brand advantage and distribution advantage over you.

        Personally, I see this as a mistake by Olympus. The sensor tech is available for purchase and always has been, as Sony Semiconductor is NOT the same thing as Sony Imaging. No doubt Olympus got a “better price” by doing a trade, but pricing is the least of their worries. It simply isn’t good news for Pen/OM-D if Sony is making better NEX models with identical abilities, as we’re back to the same old problem again: smaller sensor versus larger sensor.

        Yesterday Olympus announced they’d be issuing more stock, raising more than twice as much more new money as they did from the investment from Sony. I continue to think that the whole situation has been grossly mismanaged. Some of that is to be expected given how many changes of they’ve had in the top ranks in recent years, but in terms of the camera division, none of this has been good news, IMHO.

        That doesn’t make the Pen/OM-D cameras any worse. But it makes competitors better. This changes the equation for those who aren’t yet bought into mirrorless, and that’s a pretty big chunk of folk if you believe mirrorless is the future. The old equation was Olympus was performing above the bar, Sony below the bar. The new equation suggested by these developments will be Olympus and Sony performing at the same level.

        Remember, Olympus recently said that mirrorless is well below breakeven for them. How this helps that problem, I fail to see.

        • I am not worry about the future of m4/3. Call me a heretic but I do think that:

          1. current Sony APS-C NEX line is only an excercise for full frame NEX line – it has been said that full frame NEX line will be targeted at semi-pro/enthusiast market. And APS-C line is targeted at mainstream where many users stay with one or two basic zoom kit lenses/or standard value pancake. So why to put money to this line? Sooner or later Sony can cancel the line in advantage of m4/3 because the size really matters and the IQ diff. with the latest Sony tech. inside these OMDs/PENs will be negligible and may change current point of view: larger sensor is “significantly” better.

          2. Oly can gain the best possible sensors for itself and boldly compete with APS-C mirrorless rival systems on the market – success for Oly is success for Sony as a stock holder. Even with mediocre Sony sensor inside the OMD – look what this small camera is capable of. End where it was with outadated one.

          Of course this is very risky decision Oly have made but now they have something – growing system. Two or three years later they couldnt have anything. The market belongs to players, brave players.

          • Frye

            I think you’re scenario makes sense. Compact cameras with larger sensors are possible, but in the end its as much about the size of the lens as it is camera body. That’s still a plus for m43.

            Why does everyone assume aps-c wouldn’t get phased out before m43?

          • > I am not worry about the future of m4/3.
            I’m not worried at the moment, either, but for far different reasons. There’s no investor pressure on Olympus, and there’s a long history of Japanese companies executing in negative ROI for long periods of time. Short answer: they’re stubborn.

            > current Sony APS-C NEX line is only an excercise for full frame NEX line – it has been said that full frame NEX line will be targeted at semi-pro/enthusiast market. And APS-C line is targeted at mainstream where many users stay with one or two basic zoom kit lenses/or standard value pancake.

            I don’t understand that logic at all, and I’m not sure that Sony is executing that vision, either. That’s not to say that they won’t have a full frame NEX, but you seem to think NEX will only be full frame, and I think that’s incorrect. I suppose there’s a small possibility that Olympus/Sony negotiated a truce, and that NEX would abandon APS letting Olympus have the smaller sensor market, but I think the likelihood of that is low.

            Historically, the Japanese consumer electronics firms all build multiple levels of products in a single category. They want products that will sell at different price points so that they pick up every possible customer. So there will be low end NEX, middle level NEX, high-level NEX, just as there is today. It would be impossible to do low level full frame NEX due to sensor costs, so don’t go down that path ;~).

            > So why to put money to this line? Sooner or later Sony can cancel the line
            Why is it in Sony’s interest to cancel products to allow competitors to thrive? Just because Olympus would be buying sensors (and smaller sensors at lower cost, at that) doesn’t mean Sony is going to give up on anything they’re doing. If that were the case, they would have already stopped making DSLRs because Nikon was using Sony sensors.

            > success for Oly is success for Sony as a stock holder.

            I’ve asked this of others before: define “success.” Currently, Olympus is highly negative ROI on mirrorless. They’re more than 40% in unit volume away from breakeven, let alone profit, by their own recent admission. Even double the sales of m4/3 cameras by Olympus is not going to tangibly change Olympus’ stock price. What does change Olympus’ stock price is continued success in medical applications, since that is highly profitable for them and has a highly positive ROI.

            > Of course this is very risky decision Oly have made but now they have something – growing system.

            This is subject to interpretation. While Olympus claimed increased sales recently, the nature of “sales” in the camera world mostly meant they built more and transferred them to the subsidiaries inventories. There are some apparent contradictions between Olympus’ many claims over the course of m4/3, too.

            > The market belongs to players, brave players.

            Don’t disagree. But I still think this was a terrible decision by Olympus, if the rumors of IP trade here are correct. You don’t want to make “brave terrible decisions,” you want to make “brave good decisions.”

            • Thank you Thom for very interesting but gloomy remarks. Now I am really afraid of Olympus. They provide all know-how which nobody else has got right now – 5axis IBIS, processing, lens design know-how and maybe whatever they have benn working on… Years 2014-2015 are almost secure for Oly, but they have to gain suficient cash flow and profit > change current situation. Decisive moment will come in 2016 than? Uff.

              • Sky

                “They provide all know-how which nobody else has got right now – 5axis IBIS, processing, lens design know-how and maybe whatever they have benn working on”
                – what?
                As for Processing – seems like the best company in that regard is Pentax, followed by Nikon, Olympus might be 3rd if at all.
                As for Lens Design – well, there’s plenty of companies manufacturing better lenses out there, even for a short rear flange distance. I don’t need to count them all, do I?
                As for whatever they have been working on – it’s mostly medical stuff, as that’s where bulk of their profits comes from. So I wouldn’t be too excited.

                • Sky

                  Oh, and as for 5 axis stabilization – it’s advantages are marginal comparing to what most recent Sony cameras got, while at the same time it’s by far more prone to damage than either Sony’s or Pentax IBIS. So it’s not really such a huge advantage – more of a trade-off: marginal gain in performance for significant decrease of reliability.

        • Anonymous

          I usually totally disagree with Thom but I’m totally of the same thinking on this one. …giving a system, and a competitor, with a bigger sensor all the features that would make someone consider the m43 system. Continuing bad moves by Olympus …run Panny run!!!

          …it’s like the USA arming Syrian rebels …oh wait.

          • beautemps

            good joke

            It is like “fracking”. Going for short sighted benefits and ignoring the risks.

          • john

            Pentax will die in 2008
            Olympus will die in 2010
            Sony will no longer make FF sensors 2009

            • Sky

              hehe… yea… Tom and his predictions. I’m better at predicting stuff than he is! lol

        • ML

          Large sensor… Large sensor… It’s not necessarily the future. Yes, it is the current trend, but you can never know what will be the trend in a few years.

          If a few years, the tech might give the same high ISO and DR with small and large sensors with enough megapixels.
          And in low light, the shallow DOF of large sensors at high apertures can be a problem.

          One can even think of a simulated “bokeh” made purely with software. We already have distortion and CA corrections, why not simulate the DOF purely with software on a tiny sensor and super bright zoom lens ?

          And don’t tell me that pure optical IQ is all that matters: just look at what they did with the PC industry : Basic pc’s, Powerful Pc’s, Laptops, netbooks, smartphones, tablets. People are no more than goats following the dominant marketing trend. Never say never… Buy more, work more, trash more.

          • Actually, I don’t necessarily disagree with you.

            For the consumer/mass market, 1/2.3″ to 1″ is probably the long-term sweet spot. The reason has to do with the likely convergence lines of sensor improvement, part cost, and likely consumer purchase price. With the currently predicted advances in sensors, those small sensor sizes are going to perform perfectly fine from base to ISO 3200 for most people.

            Each bump in sensor size adds parts cost and ultimately adds to the consumer price. We’re already to the point where additional improvements in full frame sensors really don’t add much to the performance as cameras are generally used, especially for JPEG shooters. If the need is 24mp, the differential between APS/DX and fullframe/FX for most users in most situations is marginal. Not that there aren’t any, but of the 16 million folk that bought DSLRs last year, I’ll bet less than a million would be getting anything different in their shots from a 24mp FX camera than with a 24mp DX camera.

            And that’s part of the problem. Much like CPU clock frequencies eventually didn’t make for easily distinguishable differences between most customers, the same thing happens with sensors at some point. Price then becomes more of a driving factor, and smaller sensor size means lower price.

            • lorenzaccio

              Ciao Thom,

              Agree with your analysis, although I am quite sure the problem for Oly is to appear better than Panasonic, first and foremost.
              However: you are missing from Bythom etc. since long! Waiting for news there!!!

        • ljmac

          My gut feeling is the same as yours on this one Thom. However, given the non-standard format, it almost certainly wouldn’t be as simple (and certainly not as cheap) for Oly to simply have bought Sony’s sensor tech as it is for APS-C manufacturers. I guess Oly is banking on Micro 4/3rds continuing to be a better balance of size vs. performance (especially in the lenses) than NEX. Given how close the performance of the OM-D sensor was to the equivalent Sony APS-Cs, maybe they’re right.

    • We are all using these cameras because their sensors are above average. Many P&S have excellent AF and IS, but the sensors have acceptable performance only in certain lightning conditions. Sensor and lenses are the most important parts of the camera, so what Olympus is getting is not that bad. The current 16 Mpx (Sony) m4/3 unit, introduced in 2012, is on par with most APS-C sensors…

      • Raist3d

        No, it’s not on par. Certainly not with K-5 APSC and I dare say, Fuji’s Xtrans.

        • In other words, only Sony 24Mpx and Fuji X-trans are visibly better. Sony 16Mpx only a little bit…

  • “This comes from highly trusted sources.”

    Sounds like summary of slides from strategy planning meeting. Pretty good news overall.

    Admittedly more good news for Sony. Alphas/SLTs might get a very serious boost – and already this year!

    @Admin, you probably would have to start summarizing SAR rumors and cross-post them here. Your job doesn’t get easier. Or does it? :D

  • Yun

    Completely new sensor in 2015 for Olympus , above Fuji-Pana duo . What a bold claim ?
    That must be our long anticipated , Organic Sensors .
    Sony always the quick / fast manufacturer when come to implement new techs in it’s gadgets & that is one thing I like about Sony .

  • Yun

    Without Sony in this Digital Photography World , techs will went very slow especially from the duo sleeping giants , Nikon&Canon . Time to wake them up !
    The only thing that worry me is can Pana catch up
    with such fast pace techs ?
    The GX7 will serve a guard line to see what have been achieved by Pana since GH3 .
    A sensor that equal to EM5 standard in GX7 definitely cannot be tolerance anymore .

    • Anonymous

      If Panasonic can’t catch up, they will end up using Sony sensors. Question is, will they be of the same level as Olympus?

      With this development, Sony has the most to gain, and Oly and Pana has the most to loss.
      Oly should have retained some level of their IP to differentiate itself, and Only and Pana must remember they are in MFT together. They must invest in greater synergies or scrape the concept altogether.

  • mark

    Did you mean “than”?

  • ….not surprised :)

  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    I think I’ll buy two other cameras in the meanwhile! :D (2015 is sooo far!)

  • Ranger 9

    Rumor 1 summary: Sony is taking Olympus’ here-and-now tech and giving them promises in return.

    Rumor 2 summary: “Our vaporware is better than our competitor’s vaporware.”

    • CaverDave

      Yep on both counts!!!

      Still if the sensor in the upcoming OMD above the E-M5 is better and if it has PDAF (or someother technology) to make AF-C and tracking useable then it is a big plus.

  • Pannyboom

    2015? you might as well clear your sensor in a dust storm.

  • PLI

    I don’t know whether to feel happy about this news. I’m feeling a bit afraid of the m43 future now.

    • Beautemps

      You could as well feel afraid of APS-C NEX Future. Paper-thin bodies and bulky lenses don’t really make sense.

      • PLI

        True, maybe I’m just too pesimistic. Time will tell.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, it’s really pathetic that advanced trolls and gearheads still don’t get it. M4/3 format was chosen for a reason, and the reason still holds.

        Sony will always have bigger *or* worst lenses. You buy sensor + lens, and then check IQ/size with other brands.

        • Sony NEX line Outsells Olympus

          Here in the States, Even with the NEX’s weak lens line-up, it outsells Olympus. Now give the NEX line IBIS and Great lenses and what does that do?

          -It KILLS Olympus.

          If you don’t think that won’t happen, watch and see…

          • Anonymous

            You have reliable data on that? Show us the source or alternatively go talk to photography magazines and sites as those will pay good money for reliable data on camera market share.

            • amazon HAS IT AT $399.00!!!


              Sony mirrorless is constantly beating out Anything from olympus, unless it’s a fire sale.

              • Anonymous

                Amazon may see quite a bit of sales, but isn’t exactly representing the US market as a whole, not even the majority of it. You may want to think for a bit about why about everyone is referencing the Japanese market share data when discussing such things.

          • Anonymous

            Frankly I wipe my ass with NSA United States. They are only able to think how big it is what hangs between their legs.

            Just the opposite of what m4/3 is about. Go back to your NSA pigsty.

            • You’re Pathetic

              I stated it’s out sold IN THE STATES, Then I show a link for proof, Then you want to Region-Bash… You’re a Joke.

              • Anonymous

                Different anonymous. The one who asked for the link (me) replied directly to your post with that link, telling why it is interesting data but no proof of what you claim.

                • OH, I’M AWARE IT WASN’T YOU

                  It sounds like amalric, Mister “I hate the United States” himself.. I can tell when he comments, with words like “NSA” “US” “United States” and anything in relation to private parts in the comment.

                  Maybe he just forgot to sign in. -Why he isn’t banned already….

  • ert

    Awesome news! I plan on getting the next A mount and the Sigma 18-35 1.8 and saying goodbye to overpriced micro 4/3 lenses. The only thing holding me back was 5 axis.

  • Joe

    Hopefully Leica wide angle lens will work with an adapter and it will be a no brainier – the mini M. But I’m very interested in the Ricoh GXR rumor, maybe full frame coming from them as well with an M module? That would be even better for M mount fans!

  • JBL

    Oly lose and lose significant ,why ?
    when 5 axis and Jpeg /process engine fill in Sony body ,where new sensor for Oly ,i guess wait and wait
    Sony wait for rule all,

    who give promises,who want garantee ,it”s business (like classic context in film) :)

    • Chris


    • Eric

      doesnt sony already haev their own 5-axis tech in their camcorders? i dont think they needed that much help from olympus for the tech

  • ever hopeful

    “olympus sony partnership more advanced than we could think of”

    Why anyone thought this is a surprise is beyond me. Why else would Sony buy 20% of the Olympus imaging? What did Olympus get out of it? Excellent sensors and a lot of money that they badly needed.

    • jim

      thought the sony buy out was more about the medical imaging so its odd to see them rape the camera dept.

  • Chris

    I am not quited excited about this news. It looks like Sony would become stronger , but Oly stays on the original point. It looks good , but after this change, Nex may replace M43.. That s what I worry about,

  • Phred

    Cool…this means that my OMD will continue to ROCK right into 2015! :-)

    • Chris

      If sensor the same, lens the same, why I choose oly not Sony? At least Sony has bigger sensor ?

      • ever hopeful

        NEX-7 sensor is 30% bigger: not something that is going to significantly affect image quality
        NEX-7 need bigger lenses which negates the smaller body
        NEX-7 has a god-awful interface (far worse than even Olympus)

        Overall, the payoffs make OM-D a better option.

  • I have panny oly Zeiss and Sony stuff now and love it all. The tech I use is wonderful now. Bring it on. Happy shooting.

  • Steve

    So what ever happened to the sensor that allows a global shutter. I thought that was always just around the corner. As far as any new organic new sensor talk, I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Steve

    I hope this doesn’t mean Oly will starting designing the same focal length lenses for both APS-C and m43, similar to what Sigma is doing. This would literally kill the benefits of m43.

  • AndersN

    But where does Olympus fit in Sony’s product strategy? I would be very surprised if Sony is planning to kill off the E system in favour of Olympus M43.

    • Actually dumping the APS-C for m4/3 would be the best thing Sony could do. APS-C was born out of economics—m4/3 was not.

      • Indeed, what we see here id a bunch of serfs asking what is the next master they should serve. Gives you an idea how base the NSA US, raped by terror laws have become.

        A nation of Guantanamo inmates. Sorry, those have more dignity.

        • C. C.

          am – What are you drinking today? How did we end up in Guantanamo, Cuba following the Oly-Sony partnership?

  • Future tech is the best :-)

    • Andy

      Tech in the hand is better!!!

      • jim

        some prefer tech in the bush….

  • ihateidiots

    Well, I saw it coming. Again the issue is: what is going to differentiate Sony from Olympus now? No matter what any of you say, an APS-C is always going to have better noise headroom than a 4/3 sensor, and now Sony gets to apply the better noise reduction algorithms from Olympus! How does this again help Olympus besides digging a deeper grave?

    But whatever, if Sony gives Olympus the rope to hang itself, it has everything to gain, and nothing to lose.

    • Anonymous

      well, noise is getting less and less of an issue no?

      my main point is: it’s easier to design “small” telecentric lens for m43 than for aps-c, not even talking about FF here (have you seen the latest distagon type 55mm lens for FF of Zeiss…). With increasing pixel count, it is more important than ever to have retrofocus optical formula up to normal focal lens, which will lead to lens size increase.
      m43 might be the right compromise here

    • E-1

      Yes, APSC will be 51%/64% larger, 1 stop better at High ISO, less difference with DR (see OMD vs. Fuji X). A current generation m43 will be as good as a 2yr old APSC. m43 images in no-light 204800 ISO will be as noisy as APSC 409600 ISO images.

      • coaguloso

        i Agree with you, in 2015 the difference in quality in APSC vs m43 will be almost indetectable, because the technology will be better, but the cost of production of a APSC vs a m43 will be much higher, an also the lenses are smaller, easier to produce, cheaper to produce, with better quality but with the similar price.

        So overall the m43 system will only get stronger in time, becoming the prefered product of the companies with better profit.

        But we can only especulate over the technicalities, because it will all depend on the consumers, marketing strategies, global markets, and many factors.

        • Hojk

          It is not only about APS-C vs m43. The question is if even m43 will be oversized and an 1´´ sensor powered by excellent lenses would be sufficient to cover all amateur photographic needs?

          • coaguloso

            Exactly, like the Tough line

    • noise reduction of the E-M5 is terrible, I switched it to off…

  • fred

    Olympus is done. Who cares that they get good sensors. If Sony just raped all the tech from Olympus, Olympus could of bought sensors anywhere. Doesn’t make their sales, marketing and market share any better. Sony has the sales presence, marketing budget and ability to increase market share that much better. Face it, that sneaky rat Woodford, eff’ed Olympus in the butt. If anyone does jail time that guy deserves it. He reminds me of that lying sniveling George Zimmerman.

    • Well, one sees that you conceive of ordinary life like an extended waterboarding. You don’t need cameras, just sinks full of water.

  • jim

    be nice if oly got some of the sony processing features too…

    3D (automated distance between shots – calculated by FL focus point and using IS sensor to guage motion)
    Image Stacking for Low light.
    Auto HDR
    and maybe sony implementation of Focus peeking – faster more definable/tunable.

  • Nancy

    If Olympus disappears and M43 weakens by Sony swallowing them, I’d rather not support Sony whatsoever. Sony cameras are junk. If that’s the case, I’d rather go back and support Nikon and Canon, since they are real photo companies.

  • Don’t need a new sensor, the sensor of the E-M5 is good enough, need some good zooms from Olympus for mFT… and that before 2015!

    • E-1

      Exactly, I want a 12-60/2.8-4 replacement! Fuji showed the way with the 18-55.

    • CaverDave

      Yes, a few more lenses would be great. Developing lenses for their “partner” Sony is got getting the needed m-43 lenses developed. A mid-level 12-60 f2.8-4.0 and a 50-200 f2.8-4.0 would be nice. Also high-end lenses like a 12-40 f2.8 and a 40-125 f2.8 would also be nice. Different users have different needs. Then how about a 9 f2.8 prime to go with the 12/17 lenses. Also where is the normal prime something like a 25/1.8. Also were are the long lenses either prime or zooms. A 125-300 f4.0 would be great. Or maybe a 150/2.8 and 300/4.0 prime lenses.

      For Sony I can see them dropping the Alpha/STL line of cameras once the PFAF on sensor technoly get to the point of being real useful. With the right application of a combining CD and PD information for AF one could get an AF system better than using just one system. Most likley it will take a few generations to get there. Still once there there is really no need for the expensive of the transparent mirror to get light to a PDAF.

      Anyhow, lets hope this tech exchange is a two way street and Olympus will be getting more goodies (money is nice, but new tech might be better).

      The OMD-Pro and the E-Series cameras being release late this year might show some of the shared technolgy exchange and the direction OLympus is heading.


  • Why is this bad news? Sony has a lot of tech that it seems Panasonic was unwilling to share. Modern sensor technology, DSLR video technology, SLT technology for the next 43rds body (hopefully SLT reflex) etc.

    Throw in up to date video codecs from sony, the new sensor, IBIS, the video port, Wifi, GPS, etc and we have a very compelling product. Hell, improve the Video on the OMD pro and it is Panasonic that should be concerned as it is the last bastion of their flagship product. Not to say a deisaster as they can always take it to the next level and drop in RAW video… But you get my point.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Video or not, most Panasonic M4/3 cameras (G-Series, GH-Series, GX1) have superior ergonomics, handling and interfaces over the majority of Olympus cameras. A built-in flash isn’t a bad thing either.

      • Anonymous

        I am not sure if many will agree with you. The sad fact is that Panasonic puts the latest sensor in their GH series only. All the other series use second-rated sensors.

        • ever hopeful

          which has nothing to do with superior ergonomics….
          The other sensors may not be ‘the best’ but they are still damned good.

      • Superior in lack of configurability you mean? You realize you are talking about things that are mostly a matter of personal preference?

    • I find it strange that people don’t understand the advantages of a smaller more active sensor. Perhaps they should ask their wives in Middletown. :)

    • Raist3d

      Because Olympus is giving up key competitive advantages to Sony. In turn, Sony gets to clean up the deficient areas of the Nex System (the lenses) and march forward with new sensor technologies anyway. Oh, you bet Sony is selling new sensor technologies to Nikon, Pentax. Those are also customers.

  • Anonymous

    Olympus doesn’t get sensors from Sony free. Likewise, Sony doesn’t get 5-axis IBIS etc from Olympus free. There is a price to pay for everything. It is business. Even in the same company, there is a price tag to each service generated by each department that must be paid for by any other department using that service. The issue is if the prices are reasonably set.

    m4/3 will always be smaller in size. It is always body+lens. m4/3 won’t get wiped out by the bigger NEX.

  • Anonymoose

    So where’s that E-7…?

  • C. C.

    You mean the E-7 with the next-generation (beyond E-M5) Sony sensor? Where/when do I place my pre-order?

  • Anonymous

    How can a rumour about 2015 get an FT5?

  • Cyril

    Need fasts primes 1.2 and smalls fasts quality zooms with new sensor.

  • kiki

    sensor fight will be aggressive on 2015 with fuji/pana and sony/olympus

    and it’s a good thing for m43!

  • lone.samurai

    I’m somewhat excited knowing that whatever Olympus camera I purchase will have a cutting edge sensor and af system and probably even video capabilities but I’m left wondering, is there anything which Olympus hasn’t given Sony and kept exclusively for itself? …..I mean seriously, even it’s jpeg engine?!!!
    It seems very promising but I hope not too risky for Olympus not possessing anything that is uniquely distinguishing for them in this competitive market.
    Interesting relationship this Sonylympus thing is turning out to be and time will tell….
    Oh…2015?? Just use the omd Pro we buy in a couple months for one and a half years and then purchase something that’ll make it look a poverty pack!…

  • JBL
    • Swejk

      Admin’s probably asleep?

    • Nice.

    • Anonymous

      Best post of the entire discussion!
      Looks good to me-i want one, even with an existing Panasonic sensor!

  • end user

    Dang that’s it for my future Olympus purchases I guess my E-5 will be the last Olympus camera as I can’t support anything made by Sony.

    Look like Panasonic will be the new Olympus.

  • This site certainly has all of the information I wanted about this subject and
    didn’t know who to ask.

  • Raist3d

    I think IF this is true, short term Olympus benefits, but not sure about long term. Now Sony gets access to all the tech that made current Olympus cameras unique and they can combine that with their own freely.

    Olympus gets latest sensor tech, but so does everyone else. Sony isn’t going to stop selling their sensor tech to other manufacturers. Ditto for their own camera system.

    Of course, long term Olympus Imaging could be absorbed into Sony, but looks like if they are getting all their patents and knowhow now, they do not need to take that expensive step.

  • Nikon Rules

    My prediction. Sony swallows up Olympus. Integrates Olympus tech into NEX. Kills the Olympus camera division and by doing so kills M43. Panasonic is left by themselves, but without Olympus they end up pulling out of the system. M43 is dead. Sony takes top spot in mirrorless. The Sony Olympus alliance only benefits Sony.

  • lone.samurai

    As raist3d has mentioned earlier about Sony sells it’s sensors to Olympus but they may just continue selling them to every other company anyway, so what does this all mean?
    It makes no sense unless Sony has signed an agreement to give access to all it’s cutting edge sensors and pdaf features to Oly way ahead of the others and by the time the others (pentax, nikon etc) get it Olympus will have access to something else that only Sony has at the time and so on…..otherwise Olympus has become Sonys bitch!

  • lone.samurai

    Time will tell where this is going.
    I have to be honest and say I’m somewhat excited at the idea of having truly cutting edge sensors for my m43 and 43 glass but Feel a little apprehensive of this sony assuming what seemingly looks to be a symbiotic relationship while Sony corp turns all parasitic on Oly!
    Ok, this may seem like I’m adding a far fetched sinister angle to the hole thing and so far it’s a rumor, albeit a verified one but if what Sony sells to Olympus nikon and pentax get anyway than what has Olympus achieved?

  • Everyone loves it whenever people get together and share views.
    Great website, continue the good work!

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