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(FT5) Olympus “reinvents” the AF system! It is incredibly fast!

[shoplink 16254 ebay][/shoplink]

The image on top shows the GH2 which “is” and soon we can say “was” the mirrorless camera with the fastes AF. Olympus new PEN cameras will be faster!

The biggest new feature of the upcoming new PEN cameras is the completely new and almost revolutionary autofocus system! The new AF system focuses almost instantly, it’s faster than the actually very fast [shoplink 16254 ebay]Panasonic GH2[/shoplink] focus (which focuses in 0.1 second with the [shoplink 14802 ebay]Panasonic 14-140mm[/shoplink]). Sources told me that the improvement is huge and you can feel it for REAL (they had the famous “Wow” reaction)! The new AF is even faster than the phase detection autofocus of most of the current Canon DSLR cameras (faster than the [shoplink 16254 ebay]Canon 5D[/shoplink] for example! Olympus made this possible by combining a new optimized sensor and engine plus the new autofocus system inside the new Micro Four Thirds lenses. I repeat, the AF is incredibly fast only when using the upcoming new Olympus lenses (like the 12mm f/2.0 lens). By the way, the AF is not only fast, it’s also very accurate (according to my sources). Genrally the real good news here is that Olympus remade the whole sensor-processor engine-af workflow. I guess and hope this will also positively affect the image quality! Well done Olympus!!!

That’s a very good news if you do consider that fast autofocus is usually one of the advantages of DSRL cameras over Mirorrless cameras!

P.S.: I will have more news about the sensor and lenses soon. I am still having some troubles about the sensor rumor I received. If you have “rumors” to share feel free to contact me using the anonymous contact form on the right sidebar Thanks!

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