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(FT5) Olympus pricing info for Japan!



On top you can see the pricing table in Japane for the new E-P5 and new accessories. I still don’t have the price in US Dollar and Euro. But I have been told that the E-P5 with 14-42mm kit will initially not be available in USA.


  • 260 euros for the VF-4?

    • Vlad

      Wrong conversion :)

    • Anonymous

      how much the equivalent with US$ could be 300$,..

      • DavidFindlay

        Problem with that calculation my friend is that sadly we do not pay USA prices here in the UK or in euro land quick example

        USA Vf-2 = $ 170 ( £109)
        UK vf-2 = £180 ( $278)


  • Austin

    an easy conversion for current exchange rate: YEN/100 = USD

    • DavidFindlay

      lol then add 50% to get the UK/EU price. It is not for me anyway , I quickly decided that I want all my mFT bodies to have a built in EVF , personally I hate composing on the back LCD, asi find them all but useless in bright light, I live in Perth ,Scotland so I don’t know how you folks that live in the sunnier parts of the world get buy without an EVF. It might just be an old farthing and perhaps I have had too many decades using an OVF to be comfortable with using the LCD, oh well I will just have to struggle on with my E-M5 , it’s a hard life lol

  • Andrew

    I don’t think Olympus is selling nearly enough premium genuine leather straps. They need more!

    • Funny that you mention it.. my black E-M5 came with one of those (in addition to the regular neck/shoulder strap). No, the box didn’t mention it being included, maybe it ended up in the box by accident… regardless, I won’t complain.

  • caver3d

    But no price for the E-P5.

  • EEmu

    The price of the VF-4 is a bit disappointing… It’ll probably be $300-$350 in the US, as historically it seems Olympus keeps their US and Japanese prices quite close. With the VF3 at a painless price of $100 and the VF2 floating at or below $200, I can’t help but think this is going to be a tough sell, unless the performance is significantly better than just the extra dots (esp considering that the eye sensor apparently doesn’t work with any of the current cameras).

    Shame there’s no price on the E-P5, though we do at least get the release date confirmed!

  • Vlad

    What is a “premium” E-P5? Carbon fiber battery door?

  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    I bet there will be (again as usually) a lot of people writing that prices are too high.

    • one already did above you, about the vf-4 lol

    • sneye

      Prices of “premium” Olympus products tend to be very high and remain high for longer than usual. Then they suddenly crash to nearly nothing, making reselling almost impossible.
      The best economical strategy is buying high end Panasonic cameras a year into their life cycles and Olympus lenses. The only problem is you will never have stabilization.

      • JimD

        financial or optical or both

      • Dave

        A person who “invests” their money in modern camera gear is a fool.

    • Jerry

      And I bet there will be people defending the high prices, making comments like, “Do you expect to get a Ferrari for the price of a Honda?”

      • For me these cameras are already Ferraris, so cant complain about the prices(even me being jobless right now).

        • true homer

          The pen is a ferrarri? I didnt know ferrarri made 4 cylinder consumer cars.Ferrarri prices you must mean
          And the prices are too high indeed. 300 for the vf 4? 75$ for the battery? If digicame is right in the prices they posted ( they usually are) the ep5 body only is gonna be 999$! Lets see that plus the clip on fisher price finder comes to 1300$….what was the price of the gh3 the very people commenting here said was to high?

          • You are right about the battery being too expensive, because there is the option to get cheaper 3rd party versions, yes i know they are not the same quality. But can you get a 3rd party VF-4 or PEN? Remember this is the list/introduction pricing for The current flagship in its lineup. And actually you do still have an option; waiting (something we are good in here in the forum)for the streetprice goin down.

            • I have been using Oly BLS-1 Maximal Power BLS-1 clones, and even after four years, there is no noticeable difference in performance between the OEM and the aftermarket product.

              • I am having less luck with noname batteries for the OMD, it is marked as a higher capacity version but run shorter then the original one. The seller was so friendly to send me another one (which did not run longer).Besides that no problem as I always used both original and 3rd party at once with the HLD-6 during modelsessions, its enough for 3 x 2 hours shootings this way. If there were no 3rd party batteries, only then I could agree with using an Olympus would be expensive!

                • true homer

                  I bought 2 wasabi power batteries with the charger for the OMD. one on the cam and one for the grip and they last a life time. just about as good as the oem. I guess its a gamble

                  • DavidFindlay

                    I would second that homer I bought a couple of the wasabi batteries with the charger unit and they work very well , life is a gamble

                • Doesn’t Hähnel have a battery for the OMD? I’ve never gotten a bad Hähnel battery, and you should be able to find them easily.

                  • I will check them out, thx to both of you.

          • MarcoSartoriPhoto

            True Homer: Exactly my point: people on this forum (I don’t read many others, only Steve Huff and the cousins of this one) keep complaining about prices. I would also prefer to receive cameras and lenses for free, but it won’t happen.

            We make a camera a Ferrari, with our needs and targets and dreams. But it will simply and always be a camera.

            Again, it’s almost funny how many react on big rumors (new cameras): first they wish & wonder, then we write how we would have done it (better, of course). Then people calm down and start to appreciate the new gear. And after two days they complain about its price.

  • Oh still no price for the P5 itself.
    I do wonder what it will cost together with the 17mm in EU ….. well in Switzerland but I doubt that the CHF price will ever make it public before any other currency ^^

  • Cheetos

    Open price for E-P5 huh. So that means it could be anything. Here’s hoping it will be $1, but then you have to add tax to that. It’s going to be a tough sell for me.

    • Of course the price is open. The marketing people look at prospective consumers’ reaction. That said, if the E-P5 body doesn’t sell for at least $1,400, then I don’t want it, because I’m a dentist first and a photgrapher second! :-P

      • Is “prospective” a bad word?

        I also notice a typo. Keeping up hope for an EDIT function is futile, I suppose? ;-)

      • Dentist’s friend

        I just gotta special for dentists only.
        I paint the words Leica over Olympus. Stick on a red Ferrari badge. Fit Kangaroo leather strap and Gold plated TEC Python hooks. For that quick hand held ‘Mucho’ look if the audience changes.
        Only for you $8,255.72 plus PP. No, for you free PP, but I won’t ruin your rep and tell anyone.

        • You re-badge, I de-badge!

  • Anonymous

    When they say the premium EP5, they are firstly talking about price

    You don’t intentionally leave out features, to protect sales of another one of your products, from a “premium” product

  • I’ll stick with my E-PL3 for a little while…

  • Nelson

    That similar price to NEX’s EVF

  • caver3d

    E-P5 body will sell for $899, $100 less than the E-M5. Let the betting begin.

  • Do

    Time to look in the crystal ball…My prediction for prices in the EU: 899 Euro for E-P5 body (including lens cap), 1199 for the kit with the 17mm/f1.8

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