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Olympus officially unveils new PRO lens release roadmap!


Olympus latest financial results report (pdf here) also discloses the new PRO lens roadmap:

– The 40-150mm f/s.8 PRO is scheduled fot launch in second half of the Fiscal Year 2015 (which means late 2014)
– The 7-14 f/2.8 and 300mm f/4.0 are coming in Fiscal Year 2016 (which means 2015).

And these are Olympus goals for the future:
1) Expansion in European and U.S. markets, where results are beginning to appear. Expand sales centered on OMD series, which boosted performance in 1Q
2) Improvement in Japanese and other Asian markets, where performance suffered during 1Q. Introduce new, competitive PEN series products
3) Accelerate lens business expansion by bolstering lineup of professional use products. Lens sales up approx. 40% YoY (Year o Year) in 1Q of FY2015.

It is also interesting to see the chart showing the increase of system camera sales that sadly is not enough to balance the loss in the fixed lens compact camera market:

More interesting notes:
1) OMD series drives sales improvements in Europe and U.S market (Europe: Up approx. 70%; Americas: Up approx. 10%, yoy)
2) Deceleration in domestic market and sluggish PEN series sales due to impact of consumption tax hike

Like we read in rpevious reports the OMD line is making a positive difference in the otherwise not so “mirrorless friendly” US and EU markets. But PEN and compact camera sales are falling down. Olympus is now focusing on the high end market which means PRO lenses, new OMD cameras and high end fixed lens compacts. Overall the Imaging Business is still in loss but Olympus forecasts a recovery (no red numbers) for the next fiscal year.

  • Augustus

    Excellent. Lets hope the 40-150 is another razor sharp gem.

  • Guy McLoughlin

    >>>- The 7-14 f/2.8 and 300mm f/2.0 are coming in Fiscal Year 2016

    I think you meant to write “300mm f/4.0”, which is a lot more affordable than a 300mm f/2.0. :-)

  • SteveHood

    Fiscal Year End is March 31st. So the 40-150mm could come as late as March 2015 and the other Pro lenses could come as late as March 2016.

    • Tomas Tran


    • Bob Panick

      I caught that too. So basically, I’m sticking with I’ll believe it when I see it. I applaud them for giving us a roadmap, but they have missed badly on dates so far that I put no faith in them. Reality is if I need something, I’ll buy what’s available now, I’m not going to wait a year or more for a lens.

      • Bob Panick

        Oh, and what I learned from the software business. The way to read these statements is to always insert “end of” in to the announcement as appropriate.

        • Bob Panick

          Here is the original announcement. Technically if they get it out before the end of the year, they have met their promises. I think the problem is that we all listened to the speculation that it would be in the first part of 2014 and Olympus didn’t step up and set the record straight.

          Olympus Imaging Corporation (President: Haruo Ogawa) is pleased to announce the development of the M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 40-150mm F2.8 PRO (80-300mm, 35mm equivalent) which is planned to release in the latter half of 2014. This lens will be a telephoto zoom lens that conforms to the Micro Four Thirds System standard, with a bright constant aperture f2.8. This lens, of the ‘M.ZUIKO PRO’ high-performance lens category, will feature a dustproof and splashproof construction rugged enough for professional use.

          This lens will be the high-performance version of the M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 40-150mm F4.0-5.6 (80-300mm, 35mm equivalent) already released, which is an interchangeable telephoto zoom lens that conforms to the Micro Four Thirds standard, and retains high-performance, despite being compact and lightweight to mobile. This high-performance telephoto lens covers both a maximum aperture value of f2.8 for brightness at all focal lengths, and a dustproof and splashproof construction.

          When this product is combined with the M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12-40mm F2.8 PRO, it covers a focal length of 24mm to 300mm (35mm equivalent) with a fixed aperture value of f2.8, for specifications that meet professional demands as one of the “M.ZUIKO PRO” lineup. This product is scheduled to go on sale in the latter half of 2014.

          Product SummaryCategoryProduct NameMSRPLaunch DateInterchangeable lensM.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 40-150mm F2.8 PRO (Black)TBD2014

      • SteveHood

        I just hope the 300mm f4 doesn’t get delayed past March 2016, missing another bird migration season. The good news is that the E-M2 should be out by then so I can jump directly from my GH3 to E-M2.

  • zoombafloomba

    Would like to see the new PENs (and OM-D) become more competitive with Panasonic GX7 or Sony A6000 in the video image quality / features department. With at least 3-axis IBIS would be great. I’m digging the form factor image quality of E-P5, and really like the excellent V-F4 for when shooting in bright sunlight.

  • RakSiam

    7-14mm is 14-28mm equiv. FOV, not 14-24 as the graphic states. Shame we have to wait 18 months for it. Why tease us so?

  • Yun

    A look into the future lenses , judge from their focal length all are similiar with FF lenses specs . Why can’t Oly make it a bit faster consider their sensor size is much smaller than FF .
    F2.8 why not F2.0 ?
    If the FT lenses can make it , why can’t mFT ?
    Too big for m4/3 cameras to hold such lenses ? Expensive production cost ?
    Come on , Oly !

    • tempusername

      Because then it will be bigger and more expensive, which sort of defeats the purpose of m43.
      Four thirds lenses were very big and very expensive and most people decided they would be better off getting a FF camera with smaller aperture lenses and get the benefits of the larger sensor.
      I think they’ve learned their lesson

      • anon

        We got the small and “inexpensive” versions already but now we need the fast lenses. It’s not that you HAVE TO use/buy these bigger/faster lenses (if the size is the problem). You can still use the old versions but some people actually want faster lenses despite bigger size. It still makes more sense to use a bigger lens on a m4/3 camera than buying into 2 different systems just because you need faster lenses.

        • anon

          *It’s not that you… = It’s not like you…

        • Exactly! It’s nice to have both!

        • tempusername

          The lenses have got to be profitable though. Look at the Olympus Imaging finances above.
          They’re not in a position to have the faster lenses subsidised by sales elsewhere.
          Canon and Nikon have huge sales bases for their more exotic lenses plus a user base that is more prepared to use larger/heavier stuff and look at the price of their large aperture zooms.
          Add in that producing high quality lenses for a smaller sensor requires higher precision and manufacturing costs and you are looking at massively expensive lenses or lenses sold at a loss..
          These lenses have to perform better than the FF F2.8 lenses because the smaller sensor means a greater degree of enlargement for the same final image size which means aberrations are magnified to a greater degree.
          That’s why m43 lenses often outperform FF lenses in lp/mm when tested.

  • Olympus needs a faster 45mm and 25mm. Yeah, I get that the current versions are great of which I own. But, I’d gladly pay more for a 1.2 and all metal build. If you want to focus on your pro lenses then start here. A supertelephoto is a niche of a niche product. Fuji has some stellar 1.2 and 1.4’s now and without much more weight and size. Just saying. Stop shying away from the faster lenses below 1.8.

    • tempusername

      You would gladly pay more but how many others would ?
      How many photographers are buying the Nocticron ?
      Given the high ISO capabilities of modern cameras it is a fairly small niche who need the F1.2 lenses and have the money (or are prepared to spend the money). The DOF gains are minimal over an F1.4 lens and the Nocticron already exists for those that must have very narrow DOF in portraits.
      It is easier to justify the same sort of money on a (for example) 40-150mm lens as it can be used in a greater range of situations.

      • tempusername

        I should have said ‘its benefits can be used in a greater range of situations’

      • Well, there are portrait applications were I find the 1.2 to be a plus- at least for me. Yes, it is limited but it’s there. I don’t want to pay 1600 for the nocticron- I think that price is ubsurd. Although, it’s wishful thinking to assume Olympus would make a pro 1.2 under 800 bucks. Sad really, I feel like Fuji has this nailed down. However, I overall prefer the oly system more. wishful thinkig I guess.

        • tempusername

          The problem is that sales would be small, pushing up the cost significantly.
          The price has to cover the fixed costs of developing the lens.
          That’s why the Nocticron is so expensive even if very good.

          • I’d do 1200 bucks. I’d do that. I can’t mentally justify 1600.00. I don’t doubt its performance though. I think it goes against the ethos of the M43 system. I can buy some serious glass with that kind of money that is rather light and small as well.

        • Buy the Voigtländer 42.5mm f0.95.
          It’s $600 less than the Nocticron has a wider aperture, closer focus and beautiful rendering.

      • Essien

        in terms of dof/ bokeh the nocticron is not even a 1.2 it is a 2.4 ff equivalent and 1.8 aps-c (e.g. fuji) …..i agree in terms of light gathering it is a 1.2……nevertheless it has to be stated that a larger aperture 1.2 on a smaller sensor has less dof, light gathering and impact on these issues than a larger sensor with a smaller aperture (e.g. nikon d610 with 85 1.8)….the bigger sensor has always a bigger impact onn light gathering, dof you cannot change physics….

        And by the way i am an m43 owner and heavy user….but i have the d600 and a 85 1.8 beside al completeythe m43 equipment setup incl. em1 and 42 1.2 nocticron…..if you compare the 42 1.2 em1 vs d600 85 1.8 lens you can see the difference in dof…my best friend of mine has a fuji xt1 with the 56 1.2 and we included the fuji combo and even there the dof advantage of the bigger sensor of the d600 was remarkably noticeable despite the same equiv. 56 1.2 on aps-c is like the 85 1.8 nikon…..the sensor still has the most impact on the dof/light gathering…..anyway i use the m43 equipment by far the most…..the em1 is lighter, not the nocti ;) the nikkor is nearly 80 gramms lighter….

        • SteveHood

          Rather than try to convert to FF as if that is a standard, we should look at the actual focal length when determining DOF. The Noctricon is a 42.5mm f1.2 lens with a 85mm FOV. This lens on FF would have the same DOF but of course only 42.5mm FOV.

          • Essien

            I totally agree! Nevertheless, it doesnt change anything with regard to sensor size and its / highest impact on DOF and light gathering more than a larger aperture prime….

        • tempusername

          I wasn’t referencing FF DOF and the DOF is identical on a 42.5mm F1.2 from either system. As you’re comparing it to an 85mm FF (which I wasn’t) then you’re correct about DOF.
          The discussion was about the DOF (and light gathering) within the m43 system and the Nocticron has the thinnest DOF of any portrait lens within the m43 system if you want a lens that has autofocus.

    • Read above. :) and there’s already a Nocticron at f1.2.

    • Renato Valenzuela

      i’d like to see Olympus make a line of weather resistant primes in line with the EM5 and EM1 that have the snap-back focus ring.

      • +1

      • Augustus


        I’d love to see a Zuiko 25mm f/1.4 and f/1.2, a 45mm f/1.4 priced between the current 45mm f/1.8 and the Nocticron, or Olympus could make their own f/1.2. I’d also like to see a 17mm f/1.4. All black. All sealed. Ideally all with snap focus ring. I’d also like to see them re-make the 12mm f/2 to be black and sealed.

        Olympus did it with the OM series, and others have it now. A 50mm 1.8, 1.4, and 1.2. The same focal length with two or more choices for aperture, build quality, and optical quality.

        12mm f/2, 17mm f/1.4, 25mm f/1.4 or 1.2, 45mm f/1.4 or 1.2. All sealed, all black, all with snap focus. Thats my holy quartet.

        • Marc Ramirez

          I’d be happy with the current value lenses like the 25 just converted to weather sealed, looking like the pro zooms. This would make a lot of financial sense for Olympus as they wouldn’t have to invest in optical design, only mechanical.

          • Augustus

            Even that would be great. I’d jump onto that.

          • Trinavi

            ^ This. Weather sealing and metal construction with MF clutch would do it for me. The 17mm f/1.8 is almost there, I can’t see it costing much adding weather sealing and one more contact so that the clutch would work the same as on the 12-40mm f/2.8

      • Are you willing to wait until 2020 to get one? Given Olympus’ dismally slow record bringing their “pro” lenses to market, I don’t think 2020 is an unreasonable date… unfortunately!

  • Besamess

    As a photojournalist, the range of the 40-150mm is very very attractive ! As @Yun said earlier, now let’s do some super fast zooms. 12-35 or even 12-30 F/2.0 and a 35-100mm F/2.0 ! That would be killer lenses. The things is, If Olympus release those kind of zooms, they will have to put out some super fast prime too (1.2 or 1.4) !

    • They won’t go wider than f1.8. It’s the sweet spot of Olympus. But who can tell about the future? In the meanwhile there’s a bunch of great glass available.

      • besamess

        Sweet spot for a compact, but high quality glass. But as a lot of pro who were shooting ff and now have turns to m43, is not really an issue. Range and speed are ! To me, speed and sharpness is everything, If I can get this advantage, size would not be a matter… Actually I find very funny people who says that the EM1 or the GH4 are too big… This combo (actually I own a GH3) is what replaced my D7100 and D700, and it is by far smaller and polyvalent.

        • I’m an Em1 user and I find it has a great handling, be it with small lenses as well with havier ones, like the Nocticron or the 17.5mm Voigtländer. F1.8 is, following Olympus bosses, the sweet spot to achieve the best compromise between light gathering, image quality (less vignetting and aberrations), sharpness. I prefer their new 25mm f1.8 to a cheaper 50mm f1.2 lacking sharpness, just to say.

        • DouglasGottlieb

          I agree, but at a certain point, the M43 advantage vanishes. The next few months will see very high quality Fuji lenses that map to these new Olympus zooms in size and quality. Price remains to be seen, but they will likely be very similar. I think Fuji’s APSC system is the greatest competitor to M43 at this point, not FF. And if Nikon continues to build the “1” system and prices it competitively, M43 will start to feel pressure from below as well. Competition is good. I hope M43 continues to innovate because I’ve invested in it, but I’m definitely more loyal to the best product, not to a format.

          • BVP

            I still think Fuji has a lot of work to do on lens performance. I’m aware of the few jewels in their lineup and as a company produce some of the finest Cinema zoom lenses available today, but quite a few of their photo lenses really are average. They look nice and have a decent enough build, but it’s the optical performance that matters. I’m really surprised at how much people can overlook when a lens has a decent fit and finish. I do hope the new fast WR zooms that are coming are fantastic. If they are, I will consider replacing my current “bad weather” system with Fuji.

            • DouglasGottlieb

              From what I’ve observed, the lesser quality Fuji lenses are priced accordingly, and even these are not “bad” lenses. Like you, I’m interested in the forthcoming WR zooms and how they compare to the forthcoming Olympus “Pro” zooms, although I don’t want to maintain two systems and M43 size and speed still has an edge for my taste.

              • DouglasGottlieb

                The XF 27mm just fell to $299. That lens isn’t weather sealed, unfortunately, but it is tiny and reputed to be sharp. This lens on an XE1 or an XM1 body is pretty tempting and less than the price of an EP5 body. The EP5 still delivers focus speed performance that better suits my needs, but the XE1 controls and integrated EVF are very appealing.

          • SteveHood

            It’ll be interesting to see how well the Fuji lenses hold up when their new bodies go to 24mp. I can hear the complaints already regarding edge performance.

      • DouglasGottlieb

        The difference between the Oly 25mm 1.8 and the Panny 25mm 1.4 is pretty significant in size, but not so evident in bokeh and other optical qualities, which validates the 1.8 sweet spot approach. Had it been available at the time, I would have purchased the Olympus instead of the Panasonic-Leica. But I’ve not seen a really good head to head comparison of the Olympus 45mm and Panny 1.2 portrait lenses. One would hope to see a major benefit, given the price difference, but I’m not so sure I could justify it.

        With IQ being as good as it already is and no sign of a major leap coming (organic sensor dreams may be just that), lenses seem to be Olympus’ focus (pun intended). They can also make big improvements to their video, which may help them sell cameras with the same great stills IQ to new buyers. But I think it is going to be a tough couple of years for them unless we see a new sensor technology soon.

        • For people who love to shoot at wide apertures…any small increase in faster lens is welcomed, if the price increase is not too dramatic. DOF wise the differences are as subtle as the differences between an older and new sensor IMHO. Its up to us what we prefer….I would prefer to pay for a faster kens rather then a newer sensor.

          • DouglasGottlieb

            That’s a valid point of view. But I’d prefer to get a new sensor that can gather more light with better dynamic range and less noise for all of my lenses rather than purchase new, larger, wider lenses. Hopefully, we’ll get both options :)

          • If you prefer to shoot with available and low light, faster apertures are always welcome. Shallow DoF is more of an annoyance than something to strive for.

            • sure if you shoot very close distance, it can be, but in the mft format i cant imagine worrying about too shallow if not doing macros or closeups. on bigger formats it can be more of a problem, if people are obsessed with just this one aspect of creating the image.

        • Organic sensors will give us the new important jump in performance, and will be the reason I will buy another m43 camera body. In the meanwhile I’m happy to use Em5 and Em1.
          I can tell you that Nocticron at f1.2 has the sharpness of MZuiko at f1.8. Not scientific tests, just my eyes on images taken with the two lenses. I understand it is an expensive lens, I’m far from rich and about to get married, but I don’t regret its purchase.
          What I don’t understand is how some people can ask for a f1.2 lens, abd want it to be tiny and not expensive (I’m not referring to anyone in this thread, but usually some people ask for such quality lenses) :)

      • I dont think Olympus will stay at 1.8 if Panasonic does have 1.4 or even 1.2 versions which perform quite well. It could become a prestige reason for Olympus to come with faster versions for some focal lengths too.

        • DouglasGottlieb

          I think you’ve nailed it: the Panasonic 1.2 is a prestige lens to attract users to the brand, similar to Sony’s strategy of launching the original RX1. But Olympus already has a strong photography heritage. They’ve got other challenges.


    “but Olympus forecasts a recovery (no red numbers) for the next fiscal year.”

    This is like a Broken Record. They’ve been saying this for over Three Years now.
    PEN series isn’t doing well, yet they’re about to release another one.


    • Phred

      Speaking of broken records..we ALL think that you qualify for that, too! :-)

    • DouglasGottlieb

      The new Pen isn’t the change of direction that they’ve said the line needs. It takes time to create something new, so this is just a stop gap. But M43 as a whole has reached a very high image quality plateau and is dependent upon sensor manufacturers for the next advance. Still shooters will likely sit tight unless that happens, which means either Olympus needs to make some big strides in video or watch those happy OMD numbers slide back. EM5, 10 and 1 users have great cameras and will need more than incremental updates to entice us to buy again soon.

      • pete

        No worries, there will be something big. Premium wooden grips and premium fake leather for every one of us.

        • DouglasGottlieb

          Did they hire a bunch of Hasselblad designers? I hope not

      • Andrew

        It also depends heavily on them getting the planned PRO lenses out the door, along with improvements in their lineup of primes. Most of their current prime lens lineup affordable rather than professional. The obvious exception is the 75mm f/1.8. Some faster weather-sealed glass, especially at the wide end and super-tele end is really needed.

        What baffles me about their PRO zooms is that they aren’t faster. What limits the utility of MFT vs. larger sensors and DSLRs is:
        1 – Focusing performance. This is directly dependent on lens brightness, especially in low light. The E-M1 has amazing C-AF in bright light OR with fast glass. But slap the 12-40 f/2.8 on and you really need to be in bright sun to get reliable C-AF.
        2 – Noise performance. The image stabilization makes up for it with static subjects but you can’t substitute IS for lens speed when you’re shooting anything that’s moving.

        #1 is an issue for me. In my testing, Olympus took a big step ahead with the E-M1 in C-AF, especially if you pick a focus point to track near the middle and keep that on your subject. But unless you use a single point, S-AF is distinctly less reliable than on the E-M5. 9 times out of 10, it focuses on the background unless directly instructed to do otherwise. Add to that a slow lens (even the 12-40) and indoor shoots with moving subjects, even slow moving ones, become a real pain.

        Also it might seem like a small gripe, I find the arbitrary button-assignment limitations on the E-M1 to frustrating. For example:
        – I really like having C-AF/S-AF assigned to the lever, but then I can’t assign a button to MF
        – I can’t assign AF Stop to anything but L-FN
        – I can’t assign a button to adjust the flash level (without using the lever to select it)

        Basically, the only things I want right at my fingertips are:
        – As much AF control as possible
        – Exposure control (AFL, Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, metering mode)
        – DOF preview

        This seems like a pretty standard use-case for someone who shoots RAW. I’d think it would be easily achievable on a PRO camera.

        In terms of making the gear work for me, MFT has what I need to do my work. But there are still real limitations and I really want to see those addressed over time. Fast AF glass is #1 on my priority list because it translates directly to focusing speed and IQ. At this stage, the concern isn’t what the next PRO lens will cost…it’s whether or not it will be of any use to me.

        • Fri13

          Seriously, have you shot with 12-40 at all? You don’t need “bright sun”. After sunset in indoors it still does perfectly C-AF on me, without lights.

          • Andrew

            Yeah, actually, I have. I’ve owned the 12-40 since last December. Wonderful daylight lens, but I get far better pictures indoors if I slap the 25mm f/1.4 on. With anything slower:
            1 – It won’t focus reliably on any object if the background is brighter
            2- C-AF tracking constantly jumps targets. For example, it has a tendency to jump from someone’s eye (where I’ve set it) to someone’s nose. From what I can gather it’s struggling to resolve the shape it locked onto.

            Any faster lens makes both issues resolve. By the way, the E-M5 does much better on #1 than the E-M1 in S-AF, in my experience. That’s why my low light combo is almost always the E-M5 and the PL 25mm f/1.4. The rendering of the 25 is just miles ahead in challenging lighting conditions, for example high contrast scenes with harsh shadows. And the focus motor is as fast as anything I’ve seen.

            In total, I own about $15,000 in MFT gear and have bought and sold another $5000 worth. I’ve been using the system for more than two years and I’ve gone through 1 shutter on my E-M5 already. (It died at around 60,000 shots after 14 months. Very happy with the repair service, BTW!) So I have quite a broad array of experience with these cameras.

      • Brett M

        I agree, Douglas. I bought an EM-5 a couple of years back, have the battery grip and a suite of lenses, and I can’t justify an upgrade to the EM-1 (don’t need PDAF, happy enough with the EM-5 EVF, like the modularity of the grip) or the EM10. I even picked up an x100s along the way. Sold it, EM-5 + 20 f/1.7 gets me close enough in both size and IQ.

        I’m not sure what they would have to do to get me to buy a new body with a similar sensor, it would have to be something pretty revolutionary. The only thing I can think of is that truly awesome C-AF might convince me, but it seems like that might be reserved for the EM-1 line. There’s no way I’m buying an EM-6 or whatever with the same sensor + wifi or whatever

      • “It takes time to create something new…”
        Yes, it’s a wonder that Panasonic managed to release the GX7 and GM1 within months of each other, not to mention what Sony and Fuji released.

        The problem with Olympus is they’re so wedded to looking to the PAST for inspiration… the glory of the OM/PEN and grand wizard Zuiko … they seem unable to break new ground.

        Meanwhile Sony, Fuji and Panasonic ALL outmaneuvered Olympus with new, groundbreaking products.

        What was Oly up to? Digging through ancient scrolls in some obscure little temple in Hokkaido looking for the next big thing… for the 16th century. ;-)

        • DouglasGottlieb

          The rumored Panasonic GM2 sounds like the Trip D (and mini GX7) that I’ve wanted and more. I hope Olympus brings more than new OMD body colors!

        • tempusername

          But the GX-7 and GM-1 don’t have better IQ than the GH3. And that was the point he was making.
          Now the sensors are ‘good enough’ most people will be waiting for a major upgrade in IQ before buying and that could be many years away as sensor technology seems to have plateaued.
          As for ground breaking, arguably the GM-1 is unique due to its size but I’m not sure what was ground breaking about the GX7 unless you think a swivel viewfinder that lots of people seem to hate is ground breaking.
          When they introduce a GM2 with built in EVF then that will be ground breaking.
          I also suspect the next Pen will have an EVF judging by the comments about slipping behind the opposition.

          • The GX7 certainly has marginal improvements in image quality over the GH3. Like you say, it’s all very slight with all the current generation M4/3 cameras being essentially on par.

            The GX7 is the first true rangefinder style body with a built-in EVF, unlike all the glorified P&S bodies with add-on EVFs as an afterthought. I have a GX1 and really dislike the LVF2 lump. That’s a big deal for photographers who want not only a compact body but also prefer to use a viewfinder the majority of the time.

            The tilting EVF is great. It’s a bit strange at first, but once you discover it’s utility and flexibility, it’s a wonderful feature. I wear glasses and being able to shoot without removing them, by tilting the EVF and pushing my glasses down my nose a bit, is great. Yes, I’ve lost glasses by taking them off, putting them down and walking away. grrrr

            All the add-on EVFs tilt, so what’s so different when it’s built-in?

    • james

      No problem, you can buy an external EVF for half the price of the body. Bargain.

      Well, what actually amazes me even more is the continuous ‘surprising’ loss in the compact camera market. Just recently Nikon announced ‘surprise’ losses too, one main reasons being again, compacts. Is there something magical about that market that makes manufacturers hang onto it like crazy?

      • Fri13

        Yes, it is branding. You need to keep your brand in people’s mind. Do you know who manufactured your smartphone camera? It was not phone OEM what more likely just bought the camera module like what Nokia did.

      • tempusername

        If 50% of your business area is geared up to producing a particular class of camera there are large costs associated with moving out of it. People need to ‘let go’ or reallocated, contracts terminated, plant closed or reallocated, distribution channels and agreements with retailers renegotiated etc etc.
        This is expensive and cannot be done overnight.
        We’ll see a gradual reduction in sales and a reduction in costs which will lag the sales reduction by about a year.

    • BlueSky

      I don’t understand you. Must you always voice your negative opinion all the time. Seriously, dude! Nobody is forcing you to buy Olympus gear.

    • mahler

      The only broken record here, are you. Get your act together and stop your campaign.

  • DouglasGottlieb

    Fine that they’ve released a roadmap in the financial report, but Olympus should aggressively communicate it directly to consumers the way that FUJI does. This kind of transparency bolsters consumer confidence and allows us to plan purchases. It is nothing but a good thing, and creates a level of accountability that a confident manufacturer should embrace. But maybe this is a first step.

  • Bob B.

    Cool stuff. Can’t wait!!!!
    Now…we need a new sensor to go with them!!! :-)

    • why do we all want a new sensor?

      • DouglasGottlieb

        “Want” is the operative word. Most of us don’t need a new sensor, since IQ is great, and 16 megapixels is plenty of resolution. Some need more. Not many. But who can resist rooting for more astounding technology breakthroughs? As long as it doesn’t stop us from enjoying the gear we have, its fun. :)

        • I think this is true, the technology aspect….like a new cpu which gives some gain in waiting less for some task to complete or a 3d game being able to make higher framerates per second. I am curious if an organic sensor does really make so much difference.instantly. And if really needed. I am not really in need of gain in IQ since I started serious digital in 2004….its more that i am in need of models who fit to my taste.

    • DingieM

      In the next Olympus m43 body I want software utilities like Sony’s HDR and panorama modes. That will greatly increase the usability, at least compared to my e-m5.
      More pixels like at least 18m or better say 20m would allow for higher quality poster print outs.

      • DouglasGottlieb

        Things like sweep panoramic modes should be able to be delivered to existing models via a firmware update if Olympus was so inclined. And I agree — they’d be very useful.

      • Fri13

        You don’t need more than 16Mpix. If you do, then you NEED a 64Mpix sensor and not less.

  • CaverDave

    I did wait until late spring of this year and ended up buying the excellent Panasonic 35-100/2.8. So now I am to displeased waiting until the 40-150/2.8 actually does reach the market. Hopefully a matching 1.4xTC will be released at about the same time. If so I will get both. It just might tide me over until the 300/4.0 is released. It does seem like they are missing sales opportunities with the slow releases of the lenses in the Pro-line.

  • Bhima

    Is it really any surprise that the PEN line struggles? I mean, an EP-5 costs $800 for the body only. Sure, it has 1/8000th shutter and 5-axis IBIS, but you for $800 you can get an EM-10 that already has an EVF and a kit lens.

    Then when you look at the EPL line, all I see is a decent camera with again, too high a price point at retail. Better to just buy an older gen panny or Oly at that point.

    • I think the EPL cameras are modestly priced. The EP5 is to expensive, which is why I bought it used for 575.00. I wouldn’t pay a dime more than 600. The VF-4 is fantastic though and I like the overall design. What’s killing it is the lack of built in EVF. Either they do it or figure out a way to insure flash can be used simultaneously. My next camera will be the EM10.

  • StopevilAndroid

    Nice ! Wish this was a Panasonic announcement !

    • tom

      Agreed, I’m sure Olympus won’t do ois

  • PGi

    Unlike Nikon it does not matter to Olympus how really well its camera division did, after all, Olympus is a medical company, not a camera company

    • ronin

      Yes, corporations love money-losing divisions, and shareholders care nothing for them, are perfectly content to make a lower ROI because of it.

      • Four Letter Nerd

        Japanese business planning is not short term oriented. Japanese imaging companies that have closed or sold their camera divisions lost face. A division making quality products provides a halo effect to other products of the brand. As PGi said, cameras have tiny effect of Oly’s bottom line. Oly would rather turn a profit on cameras, but the advantages of a having a money losing camera division outweigh the disadvantages of quitting the business.

  • camaman

    Hopefullly this means they wull be develiping other stuff pros use. Teleconverters, flashes, trigers, etc etc…
    I understand they had to concentrate on building a pro lens lineup but irs time to build the system more.
    There is far more to a system than agood pody and good lenses

    • Fri13

      That I didn’t realize for longer time that m4/3 system miss a TTL capable flashes and wireless functions for them. That is a problem for many. Bring system up and objectives isn’t a problem.

      • Trinavi

        Huh? The E-system does have wireless TTL capable flashes. The FL-50R is great. FL-36R gets the job done too at shorter ranges. I have a couple of both, and they work seamlessly with the OMD’s.

  • The price for the 40-150 f/2.8 sounds about right.. should be about the same as the panasonic equivalent 35-100 f/2.8 that’s been out for a while. Looking forward to that and the other Pro lenses.. besides, that, eagerly awaiting more news no more upcoming items from other manufacturers at Photokina coming up really soon. Better start preparing to budget for multiple items.

  • Dantheman

    What we need is a PRO quality 75-300 f4 to 5.6

    • DingieM

      We? I certainly don’t.

      • Keith

        DantheMan, is a self confessed troll. Hope that helps.

        • Dan the Man

          First, of all, I never confessed. Second of all, what is wrong with wanting lenses for m43 that fit the philosophy of m43? Small and good quality? Why on earth would we want a very heavy f 2.8 300mm to go with m43 before a good quality 100-300?

          • SteveO

            I agree. Fast glass is large and heavy glass, no way around the laws of optics. Fast enough but exceptionally sharp through-out its range glass (along the lines of their FT HG lenses) can remain smaller and lighter, i.e., within the philosophy of what mFT was supposed to be all about. Nice to have an SHG quality 300mm f4, but back to lugging around monster lenses at likely a very high cost.

            • Fri13

              The size and weight is still smaller than what small format or even APS-C would offer in same specs.

              It is just silly that people expect that m4/3 means _everything_ can be as small and light as their m.Zuiko 45mm f/1.8.

          • Keith

            >> First, of all, I never confessed. <<

            Oh? . . . shall I re-post your 'dancing in the end-zone' – "Confessions of a Troll" with it's lengthy yet incomplete list of your regular trolling names?

            That braggadocio post was not a only a "Confession" it's a complete indictment.

            • Maybe he was just messing with you head.
              It seems to have worked.


              • Keith

                It was a screw up for which I have apologized – (see my abject apology to Dan the Man above).

                You were right, as usual, Jeff. Thanks for the gentle smack-down.

            • Dan The Man

              I didn’t post that, and I never saw that post. Can you please humor me by re-posting it? Thanks.

              • Keith

                I am sorry that I mistakenly blamed you for the “Confessions of a Troll” post. Upon re-reading I found that it was “The Real Dan” and NOT “Dan the Man”.

                I copied it and saved it but would rather not post it at your expense since I am so badly mistaken. It is extremely lengthy and not fit for re-posting in error.

                I humbly apologize for my accusation and will be more careful in the future. I hope you will forgive me.

                • Not the real Dan

                  What kind of person copies and saves troll posts? Most sane people just ignore them. I see no other explanation than this: Keith is in fact our resident self-appointed troll hunter, Hedge Hopper/Head Chopper. You have quoted the troll before, and I was impressed by your memory, but it seems that you maintain an archive of troll posts. How extraordinarily bizarre! You must spend more time here than the people you hunt.

                  This is not the first time you’ve accused the wrong people, either. Just because the troll(s) use many names, it doesn’t mean that all names belong to trolls.

                  • Keith

                    I definitely saved your post “Confessions of a Troll” . . . I have never before seen a troll post so revealing and in our faces. I refer to it now and then just for your benefit. (I should have read it a little closer this a.m.)

                    At least I am able to apologize when I am wrong and offend people. I don’t have much time during the summer to read the posts, however I am aware that our Admin is trying to clean up this forum before and during Photokina and also that he makes a portion of his livelihood in providing this service for all of us. I don’t feel that he is asking for much especially in light of his efforts on our behalf. I will help if I can.

                    “You have quoted the troll before, and I was impressed by your memory”

                    Well, my friend, In this sentence you have tipped your hand . . . “You were impressed by my memory” . . . only the author of “Confessions of a Troll” would know how accurate my memory was/is – OR someone else who saves an “archive of troll posts”. ;-)

                    I don’t have the time nor the inclination to copy and save “Troll posts” generally, (Heck, I only have a 1TB hard drive), but I made an exception for your confession.

                    • Günther Grass

                      Out of curiosity, why are you using different names? I have seen at least a handful names, that I’m pretty sure belongs to you. I mean, you’re supposed to be one of the decent contributors to this forum, not someone who is trolling and playing games. Why not create a regular login, so people can see your posting history?

                      Also, I want to set one thing straight. I know that you didn’t believe me the first time I told you this, but it really is the truth. The name-changing troll who some call ‘SD’, who frequently use perverted versions of other people’s usernames, and whom you accused of gay-bashing and misogyny, that is not me.
                      I am the name-changing troll who often post as Photomeister, Assman and a host of other names (you know them all, I assume). The only names I have ever based on other posters’ names, are The real Dan, Not the real Dan and Zeikology Professor. I frequently talk about proctologists, rectoscopes, enemas and such things, but I have never written any misogynistic or homophobic posts. Ever. That’s not who I am.
                      Believe me or not, you really are dealing with two name-changers, if not more.

          • How about a 100-400mm f4?

          • BlueSky

            “We?” If you don’t want the f/2.8, 300mm then guess what? You don’t have to buy it.

      • Fri13

        Many would need such. But I would still take only a 150-300mm f/2.8 or f/4 as it would complete the 40-150mm.

  • Abraham Latchin

    1 year to wait… ouch.

    • just about to give up

      Agreed…I would not have bought into the EM1 system had I known the remainder of the pro lens were that far out. I just can’t get excited about this anymore

      • Abraham Latchin

        Well, while it is an irritation, I haven’t regretting moving my chips here at all… I just did a video over the weekend with my EM5 with the 17mm f1.8 walking backwards while hand holding the camera and filming my subject and I couldnt believe how smooth the footage looked.

        Between my photography and budding video projects I have a diverse system which is modern at its very core… I know should I want to upgrade my bodies in the future I have at least 2 very serious manufacturers, if I want specialist video Black Magic is producing some very innovative bodies for my lenses…

        But yeah, 1 year is a pain… But I can wait.

      • MrALLCAPS

        You do know the EMI is part of M43? There are other lenses besides Olympus.

        • Fri13

          You know there are no other Pro level objectives available? Compare as much wanted to Panasonic etc but they don’t reach same use. But as awesome those Pro objectives might be, you are correct that we can get others objectives. Like m.zuiko 40-150mm isn’t bad by quality but only a small aperture what limits its use.

          • Mark Lavrijsen

            There are plenty of other “Pro” lenses available in the Four thirds system from Panasonic and Olympus(On the E-M1 perfectly usable). They are a little bigger then native m43 lenses should be, but other then that there is very little to complain about those lenses.

      • Mark Lavrijsen

        There are plenty of “Pro” lenses available in the FT system(usable with full autofocus on the E-M1 with adapter). The Olympus 50-200 F2.8-3.5 for example is an excellent lens. It’s a little big, but has a great range, and not very expensive. And there is already a higher grade Olympus 300mm F2.8 available, very expensive though(but very good). Yes, they are a little big(that’s why these new m43 lenses are welcome), but feature and performance wise you should not be missing anything. Also, the panasonic 35-100 F2.8 is on of the best lenses for m43.

      • Trinavi

        You do realize that by getting the MMF-3 adapter, you have access to a range of exceptionally good zoom lenses that are weather sealed and every bit as “pro” even if it doesn’t read on the lens barrel? And they are available right now.

        • I give up

          I do… I have tried most of them and found them to not be acceptable AF wise. Native Lens focus much faster and reliably

          • People’s needs vary, naturally, but I have found the DSLR lenses to work very well with my E-M10 in manual focus mode. The OMD cameras have a very fast and accurate manual focus that works great.

            With auto-focus on the E-M10, they work well enough for landscapes, cityscapes, still life, and some portraits.

            I wrote about it here:


            • JvC

              Ha ha, what?

              I would think pretty much any lens will focus fine in manual… Although, I’m not sure manual is the way to go for super telephoto photography. “Stop moving you damn bird!”

              “Autofocus is well enough for landscapes, cityscapes, still life, and portraits.” So, what you’re saying is as long as your subject doesn’t move, at all, autofocus works like a charm? I would hope so. I think my phone could do okay in those scenarios.

            • jaydubstar

              where within your blog can I find words on your experience using 43 lenses?

          • Trinavi

            This is true, you need to configure your E-M1 to work around that. Use single focus + MF setting, very useful with the full time manual override in the 4/3 lenses. Also use something else than single AF point, I prefer the group of 3×3, and get very acceptable speed from the 50-200mm SWD.

    • Jules

      Lets face it, a year is long by today’s standards, where we are surfeited while asking within a year for the next GX7 …but any pro lens worth the adjective ought not to be delivered like fastfood: I much rather Olympus to take all of their time in the world and get it right.

      (edit) On a personal note, I never bought any gear based on road map and I never will. And its not like the 40-150 was filling a glaring hole. As much as I am looking forward to have the choice, the X 35-100 isn’t exactly a slouch.

  • Nic

    Very disappointing. Why is it taking so long to release lenses for the em1. Do they have a team if three working on this.

    When a company announces something with more than 6 months lead time, it’s just a wish list. Not a road map.

    Think of the number of things that could happen to or within olympus between now and end of 2016, that could delay the release of these lenses.


    • SteveO

      Wasn’t long ago they developed their HG/SHG lens line within 3 short years:
      2003: SHG 50mm f2, HG 14-54mm f2.8-3.5, HG 50-200mm f2.8-3.5
      2004: HG 11-22mm f2.8-3.5, SHG 150mm f2.0, SHG 300mm f2.8
      2005: SHG 7-14mm f4; SHG 35-100mm f2, SHG 90-250mm f2.8

      Things slowed up a bit after that, with their concentrating mostly on very affordable but high quality SG lenses (not included):
      2006: SHG 8mm f3.5 fisheye,
      2007: HG 12-60mm f2.5-4,
      2008: SHG 14-35mm f2; HG 14-54mm f2.8-3.5 SWD, HG 50-200mm f2.8-3.5 SWD

      How quickly many forget, Olympus managed to combine some wonderful small bodies (E-510, E-620), about the same size as today’s higher end mFT’s (E-M1 and GH4), with an outstanding range of affordable but very fast and high quality HG lenses. Clearly they’re unable to maintain the same pace today, likely due to tighter money and management.

  • Fish

    Did they misprint their own roadmap? They have the 7-14mm listed at a 14-24mm equivalent instead of 14-28mm.
    I just bought the 12-40mm yesterday and am saving up for the 40-150mm

    • Thomas

      High 5 on buying the 12-40 yesterday – me too!

  • reza

    EM1 system had I known the remainder of the pro lens were that far out. I just can’t get excited about this anymore

  • Charles

    The 40-150mm 2.8 comes 2014 and the rest in 2015 (maybe in spring). That´s not a year from now on…

  • Martin Cohen

    The heck with pro – I want am! My first two lenses (for the PL1) were the Olympus 14-150 and Panasonic 20mm f/1.7. I still use them with my E-M5.

    What I really want is a 10-100 f/2.5 for less that $1000 (US). Fat chance, I know.

  • I hate Hamas!


  • Mark Daams

    I don’t think Olympus is really in touch with what pro’s want. Give us some f1.4 primes. I don’t use zoom lenses.

  • Pink

    At this point they have released more “pro” road maps than “pro” lenses. Just sayin….

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