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(FT5) Olympus mini OMD coming on October 29!


The mini OMD looking fixed zoom lens camera will be announced on October 29. I am yet not 100% sure about the sensor size but it should be 1/1.7 inch like the one used by the current Olympus XZ series. I call it mini OMD because it will look like a small OMD (and yes it has a built-in EVF in the middle). Reminder: The Panasonic Gm1 and 12-32mm announcement will happen next week on October 17 at 5-6am London time.

message to sources: The last two weeks I got many rumors about the next MFT lenses, fixed lens large sensor camera and Panasonic cameras in 2014. Thanks you all for the messages. Only want to ask you to be patient. I am trying to triple check the info I get to avoid to post false or partially incorrect rumors. Just to say that I got your rumors :)

Some of the glorious High End fixed Lens filmcameras from Olympus:
Olympus Trip 35 (here on eBay and article on 43rumors)
Olympus 35 SP (here on eBay and article on 43rumors)
Olympus XA (here on eBay and article on 43rumors)

For sources: Sources can send me anonymous info at (create a fake gmail account) or via contact form you see on the right sidebar. Thanks!
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Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    I was hoping for a m43 sensor and fixed prime.. If I had to choose from this and the tiny GM1 I would go for the Panasonic. Let’s see if I can get it along a 7r.. :D

    • Agreed. I’ve been going on about wanting a fixed prime, pocketable P&S for years … Fuji finally made one, sort of; but the price is too high for me, yet it sells like caramel-coated hotcakes. And still no other manufacturer gets it!

      • rpm40

        I have tried out the Nikon A, a quite small camera with fixed lens and aps-c, and thought it was very nice. I have also heard very good things about the Ricoh GR. There are options.

        What would a camera with m4/3 sensor and fixed prime give you that you can’t already get?

        • MarcoSartoriPhoto

          Personally I would prefer a 35mm or even better a 50mm equivalent fast prime, I love the Ricoh GR but it’s too wide for my use.

          • ADK

            I think that’s the key right there, a FAST prime. If you are going to weld a lens to the front of a camera, for the love of god make it a f1.8 at least (f1.4 preferred)!

            I’ve toyed with the idea of some of these cameras, but with f2.8 or even f2.0 offerings, I’ve just gone back to leaving other lenses at home and using my 20mm f1.7.

            Maybe one day…

  • bill

    Arf, mini-OMD with EVF but small sensor versus GM1 with larger sensor but no EVF… DILEMMA.

    • bill

      Now for me final decision really depends on if GM1 will feature a hotshoe or not…

      • bill

        Just to prevent trolls, that’d be for a tertiary actually pocketable camera, I already have a GX7 with I’m perfectly happy with.

        • Phred

          Have to agree…I have an E-P5 & VF4 that I am EXTREMELY happy with…although the mini GM1 sounds interesting (have no interest in the OMD Mini at all – sensor too small)…it seems there will be too many trade-offs and actually the camera will most likely be too small and un balanced with all but the smallest MFT lenses. Still curious to see what it finally turns out to be, though.

  • OM-4ever

    If its got the big viewfinder, it gets more interesting.

  • Henrik

    For me the mini isnt something Id be interested in. A mini version should be kept small and Im not sure the “dromedary-design” of the OM-D1 allows it to be truly pocketable.

    Instead they should copy the LF1 design(and improve the EVF) but increase the sensor size and lowering the focal length..

  • tomas

    1/1.7 is useless …wont sell even it would have 2.8 fix zoom and 2.4mega EVF
    …I am not FF troll but Oly should start to force the M43 senzors to its cameras

    • Anonymous

      It will sell to me. I’ve ordered an E-M1 but something like an Olympus XZ-1 with a built in EVF will be great for everyday use.
      Big enough to have decent controls and small enough to go into a coat pocket.
      I would though prefer a shorter zoom range than the rumoured 28-300mm, with a larger max aperture like the XZ-1, which reduces the impact of a smaller sensor in low light.

      • spam

        +1 – If the specs are correct then it will be a bridge/superzoom-model. Olympus used to make pretty good ones, and the bridge/advanced compact/superzoom market is doing well, can’t see why this shouldn’t sell unless Olympus make som really stupid mistake. I hope for a viewfinder similar to the one in FZ200 – fairly small, but with decent resolution.

    • Rick

      1/1.7 or for that matter 2/3 doesn’t cut it anymore. Buy a cellphone. Anyone buying a camera in the future does so for image quality and that starts at m4/3 (or maybe 1″).

  • ML

    Why waiting so long for rumors to be confirmed ? I believe people can understand what FT1 means.
    There are rarely “real rumors” anymore : almost only confirmed products.

    Rumors are fun !

    (keep up the good work anyway…)

    • jim

      Agree if they are roumors then they don’t need to be right! – are you just realesing FT5 all the time?

      • Olaf Hall

        I agree. It’s more fun if we can get more rumors, FT1 rumors are quite OK!

  • Phred

    Admin: Any more info on the Nocticron?? Possible release date?

    • admin

      Latest info I got is that Panasonic dind’t manage to make it into production for 2013. Coming early 2014 now :(

      • Phred

        Thanks!…it’s OK..M1 and 12-40mm will tap me out for 2013…my bank account can use the breathing room! LOL. Looking forward to the Nocticron more than anything else right now.

        • Uberzone

          That will definitely be my next major purchase.

          • Phred

            I am hoping that that lens (Nocticron) is quite special!

  • Tuxfriend

    I don’t see any point in a new compactcam line other than XZ. Olympus should put more effort to MFT development.

  • Sir d800e man

    I’ll be sticking with my real camera for now, not a tiny glorified point and shoot. Thanks anyway, Olympus!

  • AW

    Doesn’t sound too interesting with the small sensor unless it has an ultra fast lens. What I most want to know which I haven’t seen discussed on here is the question what will Olympus leave out of their EM1 so that the next EM5 replacement doesn’t step on its territory?

    They can make the weather sealing a little less good, and change the body shape a bit, but really what else can they drop? If they don’t drop anything else, people will pick the EM5 replacement over the EM1 since it will have to be priced much cheaper like the EM5 price level was. If they do drop a lot of EM1 features, everyone will say ‘crippled camera’ and it won’t get any buzz or enthusiasm, not like the EM5 where they put their best stuff in at the time. Any predictions about EM7 specs? That the rumours and gossip I want to read.

    • Tropical Yeti

      Em5 sucessor = EM5 + PDAF + more megapixels + wireless
      All the rest same as in EM5
      (I just happen to be in guess mode at this moment)

    • I would expect the E-M6 to miss out only the PDAF on sensor, perhaps have a lower res VF and not have the 1/8000 shutter speed.
      For me, the only reason to choose the E-M1 over the E-M5 is the PDAF. Anything else is gravy.

      • Anonymous

        E-P5 w/VF4 has that beat!

        • Doesn’t have weatherproofing or a built in EVF though, does it! Nor an available battery grip…..

          Going back in time a bit, when I bought the E-PL1, it was higher specced in many ways than the E-P1, so was artificially crippled with a lower shutter speed and no orientation sensor.

          It’s always a bit random, how they manage lower end models and continual tech advances

        • Anonymous

          It DOES have:
          1. 1/8000 sec.
          2. Incredible VF
          3. Toggle for the two control wheels
          4. Waaaaaaaaay better buttons
          5. Better layout
          6. Live Bulb
          Plus…the camera feels so “right” in your hand that you do not want to put it down.

          I have an E-M5 w/grip (great camera too)….but I am reaching for this every time….I am going to put my E-M5 set-up on the block to help finance my EM1 purchase….glad it has held it’s price!

    • I expect the E-M5 successor to lack weather sealing and the E-M1 viewfinder. Perhaps it will have a bold new sensor though (without PDAF).

      Olympus regards build quality, control layout and viewfinder quality as the defining characteristics of a camera. Everything else, including image sensors, is expendable. A new Olympus camera will always feature the newest available technology regardless of its class.

      • I think, the body is same so the E-M5, the sensor does not have the PDAF and have as DR so E-M1, and EVF and WIFI is as E-M1.

  • I hope you are wrong about the sensor size. I want to see a camera to compete with the RX1. Full frame fixed super bright lens 35mm, f1.7 or better. Olympus IBIS. They can model it after the TRIP 35. With a viewfinder I don’t think anyone would be bothered if it were larger than RX1. I would gladly add a full frame fixed lens camera to my kit and shoot with it alongside my EM5.


      Why would Olympus make a FF compact? Surely you can’t be serious. Why would they do something like that, when they can put a below standard sensor in it, knowing their Blind fanbase will buy it anyways!
      Plus, it’s going to look like the OMD? -Win for Oly…

      • Anonymous

        Why would Canon make a G16 or Nikon make P7800 or Panasonic make whatever this month’s model numbers are. Perhaps they are bought by blind Canon, Nikon or Panny fanboys.


          The G series has a repeat buyer, it has a customer base that looks towards the next, or the one after that.
          This camera will not be a G16, far from it. It may be smaller, and of course may even cost more, but it won’t be better.
          Just another way of Olympus to rip off customers.

          Sometimes I think you fanboys want olympus to make stuff, Only to not buy it and wait for a sufficient price drop. Like that’s going to help them…


            Case in point, for YEARS here, people have been wanting a RANGEFINDER-STYLED-MFT camera WITH a CORNER VF… FOR. YEARS. This was the MAIN complaint here… Even the Admin complained and even posted the L-1, many times, asking for a corner VF.

            The Latest PEN, -people complained that it didn’t have a corner VF… The GX1, -People complained it didn’t have a corner VF…

            NOW, Panasonic releases the GX7, but being that it’s made by PANASONIC, the Olympus fanboys don’t want NOTHING to do with the camera, instead, they keep asking Olympus to make one!!!

            Wait… I thought Olympus and Panasonic were Partners!!?? What’s wrong with Panasonic? -OH, they have no “Rich” camera history?? “They should go back to making Microwaves and toasters??”

            So, in Summation… My comment about the “Blind Faithful” was SPOT. ON.

            Mr ALLCAPS

            • Anonymous

              but some of us don’t want a rangefinder style camera. some of us want a modest zoom compact like the XZ-1 or LX-7 with a built in evf to supplement our e-m1/e-m5.
              and why should we be denied that ? otherwise we’ll have to buy the nikon p7800 and that’s worse than buying a panny.

              mr all lowercase

      • Bruce

        At this point in time, Olympus is dedicated to M43.
        I agree that there is little chance they will release a FF range in the near future (although they may assist Sony with their FF development).

        The rest of your rant about the “blind fanbase” was pointless and pathetic.
        It appears to me that most M43 users (both Olympus and Panasonic) have carefully studied their gear options and made a considered decision to adopt M43… hardly the behaviour of the blind.

        • Anonymous

          The Gx7 is a PANASONIC rangefinder. No can use! I bought an E-P5 w/VF4, instead. WAY better camera. No plastic dials or bottom plate. Beautiful, large viewfinder. Quality file capture. It is made by Olympus, an experienced, dedicated camera maker!

      • MarcoSartoriPhoto

        Do you know you can say the same thing in a more polite way?

      • It may be fantasy to think that a full frame is coming any time soon. But it would make good business sense to defend Micro 4/3 as an optimal interchangeable lens system. By providing a full frame fixed companion. i don’t think I am alone in carrying a TG1/2 as part of my kit to take pictures in environments I don’t want to bring my EM5. Having a small full frame fixed tool for low light and indoor situations would be similarly welcome. Carrying an extra camera is more manageable for Micro4/3 users than other systems.

        The entire industry is focused on the prosumer market, who is the buyer for a smaller sensor compact. Because of the sunk investment of legacy glass its is incredibly difficult to win users over from other systems to other systems. High-end fixed lens products moot the argument that keeps a Canon/Nikon user buying Canon/Nikon bodies. But it needs to clearly do something that you are not getting out of your current kit. The same way a brighter f-stop or a new focal length gets you into the store for a lens.

        Call me a fanboy, but I think Olympus could make a better product to do this than Sony can, but if no competitor to the RX1 emerges by the time Sony does an update (RX2), then I’ll probably purchase that and maintain my EM5 as my interchangeable system.

  • peevee

    admin – got the rumors – post it, don’t believe it much, post it as FT1 or FT2 before it is checked out. Don’t sit on them.

  • Alex

    Olympus is deffending the micro43 sales (canon-fuji symptoms:), if they release a fixed lens camera with “big” m43 or apsc sensor + a bright fixed focal lens that woud be something.. of course they wont do that

  • Random_Avenger

    Not so sure about this soo..
    They’are gonna release miniature model of omd. Which has probably the size between real omd and xz-1. But the sensor size is still same as ‘normal’ compact camera.
    Sounds a lot like a doomed effort to compensate plummeting compact camera sales and keeping stock owners happy. Totall rip-off missionto get some money in my opinion.

    If you make it look like a “pro” you should at least but in bigger sensor.

    • Anonymous

      I suspect it won’t look anything like the OM-D. Somebody has decided that beacuse it has a viewfinder in the middle it is an OM-D lookalike.
      There were plenty of cameras with centrally placed viewfinders in the past that didn’t look like the Oly.


        They did it with the E-M1.. Now, they’ll see if they can get away with murder by selling a sub standard OMD look-alike.
        They lied about their financials for years, what’s going to stop them from milking sensors and body types?
        At least with canon, a DSLR doesn’t look like a G16, a G16 doesn’t look like a S100… but Olympus us going to have a OMD looking series of cameras.. thats a sign of desperation.

        • Anonymous

          XZ quality with EVF, IBIS and 28-300/2.8 (as rumored in previous post on this site) will make a great premium compact, despite your negative beliefs.

        • Anonymous

          Hmm. Panasonic G3, G5, G6 and GF2, GF3, GF6 and GF1, GX1 vs Oly E-M5 and E-M1.
          I’m sure in you head every Panasonic is an individual and unique design but I’m not sure the rest of the world thinks that.

  • MJr

    Another big question is, does it have 5-axis IS ?

  • Steve

    Admin is doing the right thing by holding back rumors until confirmed. Imagine all the trolls having the ability to send in fake rumors every week. I can see it now: “Olympus dropping m43 – going FF” “Panasonic Focusing on Video only going forward” “Panasonic and Olympus scaling back on new lenses due to poor sales”

    • admin

      exactly :)

      • Olaf Hall

        I would expect you to not publish FT 0,0001 rumors…..

    • After all these new products we should look back at the lists admin made for us to vote on, and see how many wishes were granted. Then make a new list..

      • Steve

        The FT1s would basically become someone’s wishlist or a response from a troll. None of which are worth starting an article for.

  • Yun

    If I have to pick between this mini OMD & GM1 , the GM looks more promising .
    Pana outsmart Olympus at least this time .

    • Anonymous

      The Panny sounds like a nice camera, especially with the small lens but you won’t gain anything significant over a Panny LX-7 with it’s much brighter lens. Unless you plan to carry around other lenses with it which then reduces the size advantage.
      But as sensor size seems to be the only criteria for choosing a camera nowadays I’m sure it will be a sales success.

      • Mr. Reeee

        The GM1 will have a M4/3 sensor.
        How is that NOT an improvement over the LX7’s small sensor?

        • MVW

          I agree MR Reee
          You can have an excellent, fast lens all you want, and it will keep your ISO lower, true. But still, the sensor is really small.
          A small sensor will never have the dynamic range or editing headroom that larger sensors do, even when these larger sensors use a “darker” lens.

        • m112

          +1. The GM1 with new pancake, which we’re told should be rx100 size, should have better low-light image snr as long as the equiv f-number beats the competition (ie for 1/1.7″ LX7 have to beat f/3.2-f/5.3, or for 1″ rx100 have to beat f/2.5-6.9 at the equiv focal lengths)…Even ignoring the flexibility to slap on the 20/1.7, etc. We will see…

        • Anonymous

          Because the LX-7 lens starts at F1.4 and if you want to get the same range and size in the GM-1 you will be using a lens that will probably start at F3.5 which loses you 2.5 stops of low light performance.

    • Boogeyman

      At least this time?! All the time!!!

  • someone

    Don’t forget 24p/25p this time Oly. You have ONE JOB. Don’t mess it up.

  • pete

    I want a 10x zoom(25-250)2.4-3.5 aperture,evf,bigger than 1/1.7″ sensor,ibis,built in flash.Make it small.Thanks.Can I have by next Tuesday?

  • Puhhh Puhhh

    Mini OMD = Maxi stupid idea

  • DOA, with Sony RX100 and Fuji X100s already in the market with way better image quality and better handling.

    • stoneinapond

      “….DOA, with Sony RX100 and Fuji X100s already in the market with way better image quality and better handling….”

      Omniscient are we? Or is it time travel?

  • Anonymous

    am i the only one who is saveing their money and will not be buying anything untill the mtf super-telephoto comes out

    • Sebastian

      No. Same here. Not buying a m43 body until there is a 300 f4 to mount in front. There are two significant gaps in the m43 lens line-up: fast ultra-wide and wildlife telephoto prime. But the former can be mimicked by defishing a samyang. As for the telephoto, the argument has always been that it’s useless without AF follow, but now that we have PDAF, get on it!
      But I’m afraid we’ll just get a 6000$ 5 pound m43 re-do of the existing 4/3 300 f2.8, just because the design work has already been done.

  • Chris

    When is the e-m5 successor coming out? :(


      BUT, if you camera has to say “OLYMPUS” on the front, just get a E-M1.

    • MarcoSartoriPhoto

      Next year, E-m6, based on Olympus words, so I won’t hold my breath. In the meanwhile you can get the “old” E-m5 if 5 axis is a must for you, a GX7, an E-m1, or wait for the liitle surprise from Pana. Or again, wait for next FF mirrorless. There are a lot of choices, but whatever camera you buy/use, don’t say it, or you will be called fanboy.

  • Anonymous

    What, another stupid move by Olympus? WTF wants another tiny sensor compact, when we have phones that can do that work now. If I was a Oly stock holder, I would be furious for this waste of time and resources. It’s almost as bad as offering only silver lenses, when more than half the people want black. How can a company do so many stupid things and stay in business?

    • Anonymous

      Why don’t you sell your m43 gear and buy a new BLACK smartphone?!?!

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