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(FT5) Olympus is sending out the 75mm f/1.8 lens for testing!


Mysterious things are happening around Olympus. Mysterious ads, mysterious packages and mysterious nuts are floating around the world :)
Good to know that I have some good sources explaining me what’s going on! One of them just sent me the info that Olympus is sending the first batch of 75mm f/1.8 Micro Four Thirds production version lenses to photographers and journalists. I hope to learn more about the Lens price and quality within the next few weeks. Of course there is more coming from Olympus, the Tough camera, the XZ-2 and maybe “something else“. If you have some secret news to share drop me a message by using the anonymous contact form on the right sidebar or contact me at! Thanks!

More bits about the upcoming 75mm f/1.8 lens:
The good news is that it sounds like the lens could be announced soon (maybe in June). The lens is certainly NOT weather sealed, it will have about the same image quality of the Olympus 45mm f/1.8 price (around 400 Euro/Dollars) but at a bit higher price (some rumors from external websites said around $700-$800).
If the quality is good and the price around $700 this could become a real hotseller. It gives you a focal lenght of 150mm in terms of Full Frame. If you are a Full Frame camera owner you will know that lenses like the Canon 135mm f/2.0 (Click here) and Nikon 135mm f/2.0 (Click here) and the Sigma 150mm (Click here) do cost more and are a bit slower. But I doubt the new Olympus lens will reach the quality of the superb Olympus 150mm f/2.0 ED Lens!


Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • ma55imo

    Awesome news! :)

    • Sure is good news. I doubt I could resist this lens for long! Hope the price is closer to the 45/1.8 than the 12/2 though.

  • Brod1er

    Oly 150f2 lens is twice the focal length. Not really comparable.
    At $700, definitely too expensive for me. I will wait for the Panny 35-100.

    • Gabriel

      Panny 35-100 2.8… not cheap either

      • Brod1er

        Gabriel, you are right but the Panny 35-100 covers both the 45mm and 75mm, in between and beyond. It is also stabilised and weather sealed. Of corse max aperture has not yet been announced.

        • E-1

          I’m in for the 12-35/2.8. I’m more likely to cover the 35-100 range with the 45 I have and the 75. The 35-100 is 2.8 (ok, but not really fast) and >$1000 for sure.

          • DonTom

            I’m really torn. I have the 45/1.8, 20/1.7, 14/2.5. The 20/1.7 gets the most use. I usually end up cropping a portrait or landscape shot with the 45/1.8, I think a zoom might suit me better. The difference between F1.8 & F2.8 at longer focal lengths isn’t that significant anyway wrt DOF. Add in weatherproofing and the Panny 35-100 is quite convincing.

            • Nice line up!

              20mm used to get most beating here too. This is why I replaced it with the 25mm. I felt like the I’d have just one favourite anyways and I’d appreciate the difference every bit.

            • Agent00soul

              I would say the other way round. If you want seriously blurry background in a full-figure shot, this is probably your only bet (among native m4/3 lenses). The 45/1.8 can’t really make it for full figure shots.

              • Thanks for this comment. I took myself away, and checked out some images at 150mm/2.8. I see what you mean, some seriously good isolated portraits.

          • Brod1er

            I don’t have the 45, so it will be a choice between the 35-100 and the 45&75 combo. If the 75 is $700 then the overall cost may not be that different. The Panny will be stabilised and weatherproof and more flexible. The primes will be faster and have better IQ. Choices, choices.

  • 75/1.8 lover

    Why (always) so late. I want it now.

    Admin: any chance on spec for “other two m43 lenses” you’ve been talking about?


    • admin

      The two are the 75mm 1.8 and 60mm macro!

      • Admin: any similar rumors about the 60mm macro getting out into the world?

        Sure, I’m still waiting to receive my pre-ordered E-M5 — but that doesn’t mean I can’t be ready to pre-order the 60mm!

  • BLI

    Very good! (@ admin: alThough I understand, it is the Tough camera, not Though.)

    • Miroslav

      No, it’s Tuff camera ;).

      • T-L

        Super-Tuff.. da shiny bitz from Oly Mek Boyz! ;)

        • lol


    • admin

      Corrected :) Thanks!

  • Stupig

    Why always compare with those large aperture 35mm lenses? A good 150/3.6 equivalent is nothing to be ashamed of.

    • i dont think many people want to create another equiv discussion here ;-)

      • Mr. Reeee

        Sure they will. Equivalence arguments are the equivalent of Godwin’s Law in M4/3 forums. ;-)

        • E-1


    • Mr. Reeee

      f1.8 is f1.8 is f1.8 is f1.8 is f1.8 is f1.8 is f1.8 is …
      Depth of Field is a different issue, as is the M4/3 crop factor.

      75mm f1.8 is a good focal length. I guess it’s the closest to a classic 135mm equivalent M4/3 lens as we’re likely to see. Now we need to see some longer prime telephoto lenses, that are much sharper than all the current M4/3 long/super zooms.

      • Bob B.

        Wait…you mean that f/1.8 lets more light into the sensor than f/3.6 ?????? Really? Are you sure??? :-)

        • Brod1er

          Good effort heading that off chaps- unfortunately I doubt it will be enough!! Equivalenzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Wake me up when it’s time for tea.

      • E-1

        I always use this in arguments:

        A word about this equivalence mumbo jumbo: If you have a FF sensor image (say D800), and crop it to 43 size, the image gets darker because your lens is no longer 2.8 but 5.6? How can the lens/exposure change by cropping I wonder ;-)

      • Mike

        As I never made photos in the analog times: What is this focal length used for? In my opinion it would be great for close-up potraits, but most people like the Classic 85mm (or 42mm in FT) more. For Safari/Birdwatching it’s not tele enough, for street it’s too much tele.
        Don’t understand me wrong: I’m sure it is useful somehow – I just don’t know how yet

        • Nikku

          Outdoor portraits, indoor stage performances. It’s a wedding photog’s dream lens.

          • BLI

            You can also use it to make gorilla portraits, i.e if you don’t care to be too close to the object :-)

            • What if it’s a pretty gorilla?

          • It’s probably not as useful all around as the 45 1.8. You will know if you need it, or perhaps when you start seeing samples. I think it would be a good lens for shooting dark events. Some fashion photographers use longer focal lengths for the look that the background compression gives the shot.

        • Brod1er

          I think you have given the answer. It’s for portraits. However, it is certainly a more niche FL than the 45. I am not sure I need anything between the Oly 45 and the 100mm f4 end of the Panny 100-300.

          • Mike

            The 100-300mm is a good idea. I made nice portraits with the Sigma 105mm, so this should work also with the 100-300 (and the Oly 75mm).
            And I thought I’m the only one doing this with focal length >150mm (equiv.). I always heard the flat nose complaints…

        • Mr. Reeee

          75mm @ 150mm equivalent, is close to the classic 135mm telephoto lens. It’s very useful. If the Oly 75mm is based on either the 45mm or 12mm, it should be excellent.

          I have 20mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 60mm, 105mm and 135mm manual prime lenses. The 60mm is a macro, so I use it exclusively for that. 105mm is a bit too long for general use, so there’s a big gap between 50mm and 105mm. And 85mm seemed a bit too long, so a 75mm will fill that gap nicely. Maybe not this lens, though… ;-)

        • for me it would definitely be a lens for shooting people.
          Actually I always was hoping for a ZD 100mm f/2 when Olympus announced a 100mm macro for FT. And now I ended up with that ZD 35-100 f/2 :-)

      • Mr. Reee
        I’d settle with a 300mm f4.

        • Mr. Reeee

          Yep, me too!

          I have a 100-300mm, but rarely use it below 300mm. A prime would be so much better.

          There’s always KEH and Rainbow Imaging for lenses and adaptors!

          • pdc

            Likewise on the 100-300. Also have a Nikkor 300/2.8 with 2x TC301 which I use a lot. If someone came up with a sub-$6000 m43 500mm/4 that was as good or better than the best legacy glass out there, I would jump at it. Back to the Oly 75/1.8. Yes, I want, as I do the 45/1.8. No matter how good the Panasonic 35-100/2.8 is going to be, these Oly primes will be better investments.
            (PS Mr Reeee – took delivery of the Nokton 17.5 yesterday, and have posted some testing results)

            • Mr. Reeee

              No I didn’t, unless you signed for and ran off with it. ;-)

              I cancelled the 17.5mm order and got, oddly enough, a Voigtländer 75mm f2.5 Color Heliar lens instead. That should be delivered today!

              • pdc

                Steve Huff posted some good sample images with the 17.5. I have tested for fringing wide open – see:
                for a series that tests Voigtlander Nokton axial chromatic abberation (purple fringing artefact) in weak daytime backlight conditions.
                #23, #32 F0.95
                #24, #33 F1.4
                #25, #34 F2.0
                #26, #35 F2.8
                #27, #36 F4.0
                #28, #37 F5.6
                #29, #38 F8
                #30, #39 F11
                #31, #40 F16
                All processed through Lightroom 4.1 from RAW (Panasonic GH2)
                For -2 series Lightroom Manual Lens Defringe AllEdges applied
                For -3 series Defringe plus “Direct Positive” tone preset applied
                Conclusions: Apertures wider than F2 will produce significant purple fringing in fairly weak backlighting. Lightroom Defringe marginally effective in removal.
                Recommendation: Avoid backlit scenes if shooting wide open. Stopped down to F2.8 or smaller will avoid purple fringing.

      • “Repeat…
        f1.8 is f1.8 is f1.8 is f1.8 is f1.8 is f1.8 is f1.8 is …”
        I think, I said something like that a few posted articles ago.
        Strange how people get all confused with focal lengths, aperture/f stops, sensor size, DOF, FOV, COC, viewing distance/image size. I think there are some more that don’t come to the confused mind right now.

    • Anonymous

      It is full frame 150mm f3.6 that’s equiv. to m43 75mm f1.8, not the other way around.

      • admin

        The aperture remains f/1.8. it’s the DOF that corrisponds to f/2.6 (here is the scale:

        • BLI

          And in most cases, the aperature is considerably more important than a tiny DOF.

  • Admin, do you know if the XZ-2 will be out before Photokina?

    • admin


      • Fantastic! Thank you.
        I want an advanced compact camera to compliment my m4/3rds gear and had been holding on to see if the XZ-1 or LX-5 would be updated before summer. I was about to buy an XZ-1 but I will wait a bit longer now to see the XZ-2 :)

        • Henrik

          Would love to see the XZ-2 with side-hinging monitor. But Oly seems to have discarded the concept.

          • I’m hoping for a step zoom type feature to enable setting the lens to traditional fixed focal legnths (28mm, 35mm, 50mm etc).

          • pitrak

            quality compact with hinged screen : samsung ex1 is a bargain now, ex 2 should come out later this year.

        • BLI

          Apart from noise starting to appear below ISO 400 (and making me shift to m43), the XZ-1 has a fantastic lens. The two stupid things I dislike are: (1) lens cover easily gets lost + should allow for attaching an UV filter for protection, and (2) the flawed design of the (over expensive) original case (it wraps the wrong way, making it impossible to take pictures with the camera in the case).

          • Casp

            For the lens cap, Olympus already got a solution: Olympus LC-63A Lens Cap
            (quite expensive, but there are also cheaper alternatives…)

  • Henrik

    I can tell you for a fact even at this point in time that this lens will be very excellent indeed until the first independant tests are done.

    • Brod1er

      Undoubtedly this is the best mft lens ever. No question……until the independent tests are done. :-)
      Seriously- this lens looks large and heavy (by mft standards). Looks circa 85mm long by 70mm diameter. Similar to the Panny 14-140 super zoom. Not unmanageable but may be heavy.

      • BLI

        ? By measuring on my screen, my estimate is 60mm thick and 70mm long (the width of the camera on my screen = 150mm, the length of the lens is 85mm and its thickness 75mm — scaled to the known width of 122mm for the camera, I get the above numbers).

  • adriaantie

    There goes the reason for 43 omd camera and a lot of bla bla how small it is compared to apc bigger and better sensors with that big lens.

    And still LOL about starting iso at 200.

    • Atle

      If you really can’t grasp that a m43-system has samller lenses than APS-C, then buy a cam with a bigger sensor.

    • Brod1er

      @Adrianntie: Canikon lenses are still much larger though – Canon 135mm f2 is 750g/112mm x 85mm. So I think the size argument is justified if you look at the detail. I was just pointing out this is at the large end for MFT.

    • BLI

      So what is the size of a 100mm/1.8 lens for APS-C, or a 150mm/1.8 for FF? (Yes, I do know about the DOF, but light gathering is more important to most.) Could it be that they are somewhat bigger/heavier than the 75/1.8? And can it be that they must be stepped down before they are as sharp as the 75/1.8?

    • “And still LOL about starting iso at 200.”
      And you will also LOL when you will realize that the 200 iso of E-M5 is in fact iso 130…with the same DR as APS-C…and maybe better than D3s and 5D mark III

      • Adriaantie

        Lol again.

        • How’s that box brownie of yours, have you got it repaired after trying to fit the new film? You really must try to remember how to do it and get the correct size next time, you’ll be on your third film soon, bit slow for an original owner, but, hey, each to his own.

    • OldAlaskan

      Based on BLI’s size estimate (thank you) and info on the size of the somewhat equivalent Nikon and Canon 135 f/2 lenses, the volume on the 75 F1.8 will be about 1/3 that of the full frame lenses. That would indicate that the weight of the Olympus lens may also be about 1/3 of the Nikon or Canon equivalent. Even half the weight would be advantage Olympus.

  • Geoff

    Off the track just a little, that lens and body combo looks absolutely stunning, in colour and balance.

    • inorog


    • More silver lenses wanted.

  • Mark

    The 45mm is in the Netherlands around 230,- euro on the internet shops.

    • Brod1er

      The 45mm is a great lens at a great price. I worry Oly will get greedy with the 75mm on price. We should fairly expect it to be more than the 45mm owing to larger elements etc but $700 is too much even as the list price.

  • Mar

    I don’t think this photo is a good representation of the lens size.
    Lens is smaller than that, around 1.5-2cm longer than 45mm but wider.

    • Brod1er

      You may be right- i was just doing a crude comparison against the EM5 body dimensions. Could be distorted by the perspective. Let’s hope so.

    • OldAlaskan

      Well, considering that the equivalent Canon full frame lens is $1000, $700 doesn’t seem unreasonable.

  • Yun

    This is good news . I like this type of lens .
    Might be my next lens purchase but I still hoping for Pana’s 35-100 , if it is in F2 then I’ll definitely get it otherwise ( F2.8 ) , I’ll buy into this Olympus lens .

  • matt

    m4/3 needs some cheap lenses in 35mm/50mm/85mm territory

    almost every lens is in price range more than 300€

    I want a cheap wide angle , cheap 25mm f1.8 , cheap 17,5mm f 1.8, and f****g black version of the 45mm f1.8

    • Brod1er

      Panny 14 and 20 and oly 45 are now in that range in the UK. I know what you mean about a black 45mm though. “Is it cos I is silver?!”

    • +1 on the lenses being black. I have the 45mm and, just after a few months of (light) usage, it is already aging pretty badly. Not to mention it just looks awful on the black gh2.

      Oly, please, make all primes in black as well – i want my photo gear to be low key, i’m not interested in calling attention to my camera or lenses, or showing off bling bling!!!

      • I used a black pre-production 45mm months ago. In fact, I remember you asking about it then I think. Lord knows why they didn’t produce one yet. Must be costing sales surely.

        • Yes, i remember that now. I’ve been trying to vocalize my need for black lenses everytime i can, hehehehe. It just doesn’t make sense that all their primes are silver only. m43 is ideal for travel, street, photographic genres where calling attention to you or your gear is the last thing you need. I’m holding off buying a 12mm just because i’m waiting for them to come up with a proper black version…we’ll see…i’m not holding my breath though…

      • Go to digital rev Kai will show you how to paint the gh2 pink by using his leica sample. Pink and silver that’s worn to grey will go together.

  • T-L

    Every single lens with price above 600 USD should be sealed.. :P
    I think people want “do everything”-lenses a that price tag.

  • Cedric L

    The lens is shorter than you think… There’s a lens hood attach to it!

    • Bob B.

      In the photo at the top of the page there is no lens hood on the lens. You can see that here:

      I bet that the lens hood is also a $100 premium just like the lens hood for the 12mm f/2.0. It has that look!

      • cybervand

        there is a lens hood attached to the lens…see where the blue line is? Now look up in google olympus lens and youll see that all of their lenses that have the blue ring, stop right there…and since the lens doesnt…well…

        • Bob B.

          Wrong. Look at Geoff’s link. The lens hood is rather large with a thumb-screw.

          • Cedric Leveille

            I was wrong… no lens hood on the pict.
            That’s a fat Boy!!

    • Geoff

      There is no lens hood attacked, take a look at this if you want to see the lens with hood.

      Also the 60mm.

      • Bob B.

        Thanks Geoff…I forgot to paste in the link on my post above. Duh!!!! LOL!

  • if Olympus had decided for a sealed 75mm version, I would have waited for it and the OM-D. Nevertheless a very interesting portrait lens.

    • Ross

      That’s the reason they have opted for not weather sealing it as most portrait are not done in the rain, but then there are the exceptions. It shouldn’t be too expensive then, but will have to more than the 45mm because of more glass. Is this one metal or plastic construction?

      • BLI

        I’m pretty sure it is a metal construction.

      • Well, just because the lens is a “short tele” doesn’t mean the only possible usage you can get out of it is shooting portraits…And even then, street or travel photographers would certainly find valuable having a weather sealed fast tele for shooting candids.

        • bli

          It will be an excellent event lens. I have used the 45 at an intimate concert; the 75 would have been better.

      • lots of portraits are done at the beaches too; sand, moisture etc…does that ring a bell ? ;-)

  • Joel

    I have the Olympus 150/2.0 it is a great lens but I need a team of people to take turns carrying it for me ;-) lol..

    I would love the 75/1.8 and something to replace the 150/2.0, even if it was 150/2.8 (or something weird like 150/3.2) to reduce the size and price, as long as the quality was good..

    • my god, you are considering divorcing your ZD 150 ? did you already tell her about this?

  • Ton

    Congrats Olympus to your engineers & marketing people, you’re winning my heart every day :)

  • Job

    To metal or to plastic, that’s the question. (like 12mm and 45mm)

    • Metal. That’s why I think that the price will be higher than expected by Admin.

  • Robbie

    I am just curious if Olympus and Panasonic are indeed sharing their work on the lens line up. So if the 60mm is released, there will only be 2 native m43 mount weathersealed lenses from Olympus with relatively small aperture. This can’t be the case, is Olympus going to release a weathersealed camera(EM5) and then let Panasonic gets all the revenue for the lenses?

    • BLI

      I hope Oly will release a weathersealed black 3-400 range lens for birdies (and sports?) — with the IBIS, this would be a very useful addition.

      • How do you get a bird to stay there at 3mm!!!!!!!!!

        • Geoff

          That’s an easy one to answer, you put a blob of super glue on the front of the lens (best to use an old Sky Light filter), then when you get up close to the bird as soon as it moves you have it captured.

          • No birds were harmed in the making of this picture!

            • Geoff

              It’s nice to know there are some people who see the funny side of some of the comments, though the mere thought of a 3mm lens is somewhat mind boggling, how does the photographer stay out of frame???.

              • I can see a laugh in the silliest,,,, sorry, most serious of articles. Sad but true, there is no help for me.

  • FredA

    Sounds like a very nice lens (one more !) I wonder how Oly does when you look at the rhythm of new Nex lenses…

    But please avoid comparisons with 135/2, that brings confusion, a 75/1.8 should rather be compared with a 85/1.8 (if any comparisons are required).

    • Brod1er

      See above re equivalenzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. It’s just not worth it!

  • Sounds nice, but still waiting for a 14-54 and a 50-200 for mFT…

    • E-1

      +100 – A 12-54 or a 12-60 version would be nice. I’m not that keen for the 60 end, but 12 is much more useful than 12 I think. And as I believe the 50-200 is perfect (quality, price, size), yes yes yes!

  • I hope the 75/1.8 becomes available soon, as it is the main reason I decided to buy an E-M 5 and stick with Micro 4/3 instead of jumping to the Fuji X-Pro 1.

  • Anonymous

    Its 799$ US ,. If I’m not mistaken it will be release on Jun 18th in US market

  • As its effective focal length will be 150mm f1.8 its much closer to a 135f2 than an 85mm 1.8 so its right to compare it to a 135mm f2 lens

    I’m really looking forward to seeing this one, it should be a classic!

    • Bob B.

      I cannot wait to get my paws on that little glass grenade!!!!!!!

    • E-1

      Only if you use FF as a base. A 100/1.8 would be comparable for APS-C, but there is no such lens I believe. The 85 (127.5 on APS-C) is as much off as the 135 for APS-C.

      (Update: There is a nice Canon 100/2)

    • I prefer to see it as a 75 mm with an “effective” fov close to the classic 135 mm. The perspective character will still be that of a 75 and not like a 135.

  • dbas

    Here we go again with the Full frame 150mm price comparisons.

    Samyang make a full frame 85mm 1.4 for about $300. If they release this in a m43 mount, this should give them permission to charge at least double!

    • Nikku

      Samyang doesn’t do autofocus, or electronic aperture control. Thanks for playing, please try again.

      • dbas

        Nikku will gladly pay $2500 for the 35-100 2.8 simply because that’s what the full frame equivalent is worth. Nice going, slick.

    • Does it have AF? Don’t think so…

      • dbas

        Keep drinking the m4/3’s pricing kool-aid. Olympus needs your money.

  • pdc

    Got a promotional on the OM-EM5 and accessories from
    They seems to be really excited about this camera, and their pricing is very good. Have bought Panasonic m43 gear from them in the past – good to deal with.

  • marilyn

    LOL here we go again… ROund and round again…

  • Anonymous

    Just starting in on m4/3rds and no way will I have the money for the 75/1.8 any year soon, but unless it proves to be a weak performer or WAY more expensive than bets are estimating, I’ll probably get it eventually. I’d like to see a fast longer zoom as well. Maybe an f/2.8-4 50-200 or something like that.

    It would also be pretty cool to see a fast 100, 150, 200, 300 and 400 lenses some day Like say a 100/2, 150/2.5 or 2.8, 200/2.8, 300/4 and 400/4.5 or 5.6 or something similar.

  • 43shot

    Now if that were not in huge bright silver then they may sell 50% more lenses. What the hell are their product development people thinking? Must be the same group that designed the buttons and strap lugs on the EM-5. As a new olympus owner I must say they are pushing trend and not paying attention to common sense design and market acceptability.

    So far the IS and built in viewfinder are nice on my EM-5 but beyond that there are some very basic design flaws. I could live without the IS as I have for years and although it is great for movies the video quality is nothing worth mentioning . My guess is that a much more usable camera comes out in the next year, one that is actually nice to hold in the hand. For those of you that do not mind a larger camera I suggest ordering the grip and the cheap battery three pack as you will find these two things are important on this camera. If you are not in a hurry and like video I would say wait for prices to drop or see what the GH-3 brings. I’m not a fan of larger m43 cameras unless there are big benefits and I’m not anywhere as excited about this camera as I was within the first 20 min of opening the box. I’m sure I will be happy on those bright days using the viewfinder but I’m no longer feeling the love and may even sell it to a friend chomping at the bit. Go check out a demo before buying it and hold it naturally in your hand. If you have a strap on your cam all the time this may be ok, but then again if that is true you likely will be more concerned about not having a flash inside.

    • so after 20 min you were not excited anymore….may i ask…did you actually do some intensive shooting with the camera??

    • All lenses should be silver not black. Black defines one style from one era, that era is over, that style proved not to be any style as everything was black. Yuk.

  • Admin, you said:

    “But I doubt the new Olympus lens will reach the quality of the superb Olympus 150mm f/2.0 ED Lens!”

    I think it’ll be quite close or on par with the great 150mm f2.0, you’ll see.

    • Agent00soul

      Yes, why not?

    • i beg to differ sir, we are talking about SHG class lenses, where Olympus did some awesome engineering. The 75 mm might come close to the SHG standard, but the difference is still reason enough why this FT glass is still highly in demand.

  • Adrian Q

    Admin, could you add minimum focus distance to your list of things to find out? Not being able to focus close enough is the only thing I don’t love about the Oly 45mm 1.8.

  • While I see some use for a 75mm prime lens, I would rather spent my money on Panasonic 35-100mm f/2.8. I am currently using Canon EOS 35-80mm f/5.6, and despite of anything I greatly appreciate that it’s not a fixed focal length.

  • Pasukun

    This lens will be a nice addition to my prime lens lineup.
    Pana 14mm f/2.5, Pana 25mm f/1.4, Oly 45mm f/1.8 & Oly 75mm f/1.8. :D

  • BLI

    I have fondled with the black OM-D w/ 12-50 in my local store… seems like those with preorders on the black model have got their cameras. But they had no clue as to when my silver model arrives… :-(

    First impression:
    + quiet shutter release
    + I didn’t want to leave it in the store…
    + felt lighter than the PEN — even with double grips. Perhaps because it *looks* more pro so that a higher weight is expected…
    + very nice EVF, quick switching between EVF and AMOLED screen
    + I didn’t hear the slightest hum (ok — it was in a noisy store)
    – the right strap eyelet may be slightly in the way; but I think one can figure out how to handle it
    – the main dial does nor have a perfect location for left-eyed shooters. Solution: either do a laser operation, or put less used operation on the main dial
    – somewhat slippy surface? However, very good grip with either on or two extra grips (rubbery surface)
    – two quick/twitchy switching between EVF and AMOLED screen?

    So… wait or not wait?

    • One reason for you feel E-M5 is not so heavy so a Pen is maybe better grip.

    • “the main dial does nor have a perfect location for left-eyed shooters. Solution: either do a laser operation, or put less used operation on the main dial” why not have a left handed grip? With thumb rest built in, not a straight swap sides of the current version.
      OR. Why not have a pistol grip with 2 stage trigger, fn buttons and maybe even the wheels operating through the HLD-6 connectors. Then add a forward adjustment setting (lockable slide?) on the pistol grip to compensate for longer lenses. It would suit both left and right handed users and be instantly adjustable for short and long lens balance.
      OK I have said all this before. Yes. I will continue until some one makes it.

  • Dennis

    Sigh … a lens with a 67.5mm aperture is not slower than a lens with a 41.6mm aperture. If you want to ignore equivalence and insist “f/1.8 is f/1.8” then fine, but saying the 135/2 is “slower and more expensive” is like saying the 75/1.8 is ridiculously priced compared to the XZ-1. Either use equivalence or don’t compare apples to oranges.

    As for the FL, I think the 20/1.7, 45/1.8 and 75/1.8 would make a killer trio. On APS-C, I’m using a 28 and an 85 and could easily see making good use of these lenses. Throw in IBIS on the E-M5 and if the sensor is as good as advertised, this will be many a still photographers dream system.

    • FredA

      I agree. For some reason, there is this belief that smaller formats have magical properties on lenses, increasing the focal length while keeping the rest unchanged… Maybe it originates with the first digital APS-C times, where everybody tried to find reference points in the change ?
      Marketing messages are of course quite guilty.

      My only problem is it encourages brands to put relatively high prices on small system lenses…

  • Anonymous

    compare the Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 75mm f1.8 to the Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 12mm 1:2

  • dreamcatcher

    would you rather the 12mm f2.0 or the 45mm f1.8?
    i have heard there is a new lens coming out for olympus
    “The M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 75mm F1.8 lens”
    what is the best prime for m zuiko???
    as a fashion photographer id love your advice on these primes in comparison to each other?

  • Haswell

    These are wonderful news for micro 4/3 community. But let us start the campaign to release the BAD-ASS BLACK versions of these babies: 45mm f1.8 in BAD-ASS BLACK, 75mm f1.8 in BAD-ASS BLACK !!!!

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