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(FT5) Olympus France says innovative products will be announced starting from February-March


Image on top: The Olympus teaser that was posted a few days before the [shoplink 14832]Olympus E-PL1[/shoplink] launch in February 2010

Usually January is a boring time for those of like me try to catch rumors. But the rumors I do receive in those days do prelude an even more exciting time than we had it at Photokina last year! Both Panasonic and Olympus will release tons of new stuff. It looks like Olympus had to make an unusual January announcement of the new [shoplink 18844]Olympus E-PL2[/shoplink] at the CES in Las Vegas to make “room” for the future product announcements :)

The french website “Forum Olympus France” had a smalltalk with Christopher Valentine (Marketing Director, Olympus France). At the end of the interview Christopher explains how Olympus will expand their market share in France (google English translation): “I think we can legitimately aim for the fourth place of the photo market in France (in volume). In order to do so, Olympus will be able to lever notably on the products presented today (Jan 6, 2011), but also on other particularly ground breaking novelties that we will be announcing shortly and throughout the year. Thus, announcements will be made next February and March, others will follow…..

As you know Olympus will announce at least one pro Micro Four Thirds camera and three new pro pancakes within June!

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