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(FT5) “Oh My Goodness”! Olympus is coming big :)


Did you read the text on the image on top? It has been taken from the back page of next week’s Amateur Photographer magazine. And Olympus higligted the letters “O” and “M” :) You can see a full size image of the back page here:

The digital OM styled m43 camera is going to be announced the second week of February! Don’t miss to visit 43rumors the next days. I will post any rumors I can get, and hopefully we can find an image too! Meanwhile look at all those nice OM cameras. The system just became 40 years old :)

M-1 OM-1 OM-1 MD OM-1N OM-2 OM-2N OM-2S/SP OM-3 OM-3Ti OM-4 OM-4T/Ti black and chrome OM-10 OM-20 (OM-G) OM-30(OM-F) OM-40 (OM-PC) OM-77AF (OM-707) OM-88 (OM-101) OM-2000



  • Vivek

    OMG! What color curtain would they have this time! OMG!

    • DR

      No new sensor, no care.

      This will be more mutton dressed up as lamb.

      Olympus should save OM for when they have some real advances, not for when they just want to boost sales to refill the corporate vault after they threw the cash away.

      • tmrgrs

        If this is a faux-DSLR with the old 12mp sensor, I’m going to join the stampede away from Olympus and eventually probably away from m4/3 unless maybe Panny can finally offer a fully featured compact body that can matchup with the NEX-7. You dinosaurs who are lusting after a modern day OM are helping to bury Olympus which is too bad for the majority of us who have bought into m4/3. I love my PEN and my zuiko lenses but there’s no way I’m going to buy into any of this bring back the OM bullshit. Please God let these latest rumors turn out to be FT1.

        • Pete

          I enjoy my PEN and the MFT prime lenses too. If the new kameras is not the right one for you, you can still love your PEN and wait until photokina or 2013……

          …and spend the saved money into a nice trip to a nice place!


        • I’d choose OM1+501.4 over modern PEN anytime

          • tmrgrs

            Yeah lets all put on leisure suits and go check out the foxes at the disco.

        • Berneck

          Funny, I have been seeing the dinosaur comment thrown around a lot. There’s a reason a lot of people are getting excited over these retro style bodies….. They’re getting back to the roots of photography. The key elements of exposure, shutter speed and aperture, are displayed prominently on the camera. There’s no mode dial, that makes it easier to just set it and forget it. Of course, you can achieve the same “modes” on the retro cameras, but you have to at least give it a little more thought, which could perhaps improve your photography. Just because you can make a quick button to get to those functions, doesn’t necessarily make it better. Just sayin’

      • Amen.

        The body and other such ancillary features are important, but the core needs an update.

  • lean

    oh my goodness!

  • spam

    I hope it’s smaller than E-5, half the size would be fine.

    • No “half the price”?

      • spam

        Size is important, that’s where Olympus can stand out. Price is important too, but not to the same extent. The E-5 is IMO somewhat overpriced, but if the camera offer something unique then I’ll pay the price – within reason of course. If it’s another oversized body with a small sensor inside then I’d rather have a GH2 (or GH3).

        • Mr. Reeee

          The E5 is about the same size as a D700.

          Why on Earth would I buy an E5?

          If I were to decide to carry that much bulk and weight, I’d go for the full-frame D700 and the huge array of Nikkor lenses. The Zuiko myth is enticing, NOT feeble selection of 4/3 lenses. Not in the least.

          The E5 is waaaaaay oversized AND overpriced, to boot!

          The GH2 is NOT oversized. It’s actually the best handling M4/3 camera to date.
          Perhaps you should try one sometime.

          • Bob B.

            but…but…its not retro????????

          • Well, I have both, and the E5 runs circles around the GH2 handling wise. But I like the GH2, too. It’s a nice indoor camera if you have the fast primes, and surprisingly with wb adjusted to blue +2 and magenta +1, auto white balance is a little better indoors than the E5.

            • Jason


          • spam

            Answer to the wrong post? I argued that E-5 was oversized and GH2 was right.

  • Farrukh

    Exciting, though in this modern era no need to register, I’ll just keep an eye on this site :)

  • James

    Looks like a scam!!!

  • CRB

    Any words on the sensor admin?

    • @CRB
      admin believes that the new Olympus will have a sensor :D

      • But but but … the OM cameras did not have one!!

        • Not true.

          Even 1980 OM can use 2012 modern film like Kodak Portra 400 (it has 19-stop dynamic range, and can be shot as anywhere from iso 100 to 1600, can also be shoot at 3200 thru push process)

          • OMG. I never heard before about the analogue sensors! I thought there were all digital.


          • fta

            Haven’t you heard? Kodak is going bankrupt.

            Welcome to 2012…

            • John Best

              The film sales are going well, the film division is heading back to eastman. My F6 is running circled around any camera released the last 8 years, it has an exchangeable sensor

      • CRB

        lol…i know some of you get angry when others ask for a new sensor but i just want any info…but thanks for the laugh…cheers…

  • I’ll know where I’ll be in the first week of March ;-)

  • Hal

    Did you notice the letters ‘O’ and ‘M’? Sure you did. Seems like Olympus OM is coming back.

    • Frederic Hew

      Ha! Thanks for pointing that out.

    • P

      The background is like original OM packaging with an “O”

    • Thom

      You’re an idiot! That is the point of this post in the first place!

      • Thom

        Not you P! …Hal

  • Sounds like nothing but marketing fluff, but never the less I’m still highly anticipating it.

    I might have to pre-order a 3rd camera soon. Hopefully, one of them actually ships sometime in the near future :-/

    • P4INKiller

      Woah, you got a lot of money to burn.

      • Na, not going to keep all three. In an ideal world all three would arrive at the same time so I can compare them all, then choose the one I like the most, then return the other two. But more likely I will just keep whichever arrives first, and cancel the other two. My current bet is that will be the NEX-7, but who knows.

        I really screwed up selling my G1 the same day I pre-ordered the NEX-7. I never thought I’d be camera-less this long.

  • Nomaan

    Anyone else notice how the first two intials of Oh My God (O and M) are always in bold here. Probably a hint that the new Oly mFT camera will indeed be OM-like.

  • That may be the most ridiculous ad I’ve ever seen in my life.

    • Vivek

      You must have missed the first one before the EP! ;)

    • Maley

      How right u are :)

    • Babbit

      It’s almost as ridiculous as the ad for the original Pen before it came out.

    • BLI

      What about the Nikon 1 slogan? “I’m coming”. That’s really ridiculous. Let’s hope the product is better than the ad.

  • Bob B.

    Oh my goodness…..MORE HYPE!

  • So it’s going to be called the OM-G then…

    • Vivek

      Good One !!! LOL!

    • Peegee

      Hahaha! this one made me laugh!

    • Ben Y

      lol, there’s already an Olympus camera called the OM-G.

    • Mr. Reeee

      There already WAS an OM-G. That’s what the OM-20m was sold as in the U.S…. supposedly.
      My grandfather left TWO OM-G bodies after he kicked the bucket. Me? I just want the lenses. ;-)

      • The Real Stig

        No, Nikon made the FG. You would have thought with those initials it was something special but it wasn’t. ;-)

        • Mr. Reeee

          Nikon FG, what a concept! ;-)

          A girlfriend’s father gave me a Nikon FG. I sold it and got an FM2!

  • WT21

    They did highlight the “OM”

    C’mon Oly, give me an affordably reason not to chase the Fuji. I need a built in EVF, in a smallish body at a good price. A new sensor would help.

    Instead, I’m expecting a bid, weather-sealed body at a high price. With the same sensor.

    Time will tell.

  • Mikey

    Olympus is getting the hype machine going. I’m assuming that February 8th date is still when the camera is set to be announced and there will be a hands on event in early March?

    I hope that viewfinder is really “super” and if this is a “pro” level body, I hope Olympus releases at least one “pro” level lens.

    A pro level camera with a kit zoom is a fail.

    • Bob B.

      ….needs a prime.

      • Mr. Reeee

        … and at MINIMUM a built-in viewfinder…
        otherwise, it’s Fail City all over again…

  • Jason

    The camera will look great, be weather sealed, have a viewfinder built-in….but will it have a better sensor than what Oly and Panasonic are currently working with? That is the question….

    Hopefully it will be at least equal to the new Fuji X-Pro1 sensor in performance.

    +Please have manual controls for ISO and Exposure.

    • Brod1er

      As good as the new Fuji sensor? That’s a bit optimistic surely? The Fuji appears state of the art and is APSC sized so has an inherent light gathering advantage. A new better sensor is required, but there is no point raising unrealistic expectations only to be disappointed.

  • Mar

    *With the booming voice*

    The storm is coming…. be ready.

  • thias

    So it’s going to be REAL!

    Can’t wait for it

  • Bimbo

    Have you guys noticed that the “O” and “M” in “Oh My Goodness” is highlighted or is it too obvious?

    • Julien M.

      It’s too obvious.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Only a Bimbo would notice. ;-)

  • Ben Y

    Just bought an OM2n and OM4. Forgot to use admin’s ebay links, apologies! I will next time.

  • I’m not even holding my breath. I have seen too many underwhelming Oly products, which they have tried shortly before to hype up. Product development fail. Marketing fail.

    • Ben Y

      +1 but I hope we’re wrong.

  • Bob B.

    If you take a look at the actual image(click on link above), of the ad on the back of the Amateur Photographer (that in itself is HILARIOUS…anouncing a “pro” camera on an amateur magazine)….at the top of the that a graphic simulation of a sensor?
    If so…maybe that is a big hint?

    • Jonko

      You mean the big white and black square? No, that’s a QR code to be scanned by smartphones.

      • Bob B.

        oh..thanks…I don’t do smartphones…pardon my ignorance.

  • Ben Y

    Can anyone make out what the obscured text says across the image?

    • Richard

    • edited: too late

  • Raist3d

    For once I kind of like this ad :-)

  • 43pr0n

    Wow! I want Olympus to be out of the doldrums just like any other guy, but this is fanboyism at its worst. Let’s just wait and see what Olympus has to offer and at what quality …

  • nicholas

    just announce it and show us photos … most of us wont order it .. so JUST SHOW US A PICTURE OF IT SO WE HAVE SOMETHING TO READ ABOUT.

    omg . i like my GX1

  • Scott

    You mean they are actually going to market something?

  • jacek

    Why people always ask dumb questions about sensor? What do they expect? It will be just m43 camera with same 4/3 sensor like all other Olympus cameras. They are not announcing new sensor but new body. If you are not happy with Olympus sensors then you should just change the system instead yelling. I use both Olympus and Nikon and I am not goint to leave Olympus, because I like its bodies and its lensens.

    • NativeFloridian

      I would not call a question about the sensor “dumb”. Maybe “futile”, maybe “overly optimistic”… but wanting and asking for a competitive sensor in an Olympus camera is anything but dumb.

  • With an E-P2 and an E-PL3 I am done this year.

    Especially since I must start saving for a X 1 Pro. Or shouldn’t I?

    Because that is what’s suddenly changed: m4/3 is not alone anymore at the top tier.

    And part of the challenge is having a sensor up to speed. Good looks and fancy VF not enough, although they might appeal to old geezers like me.

    Of course I expect the Goddess to be made of weathersealed steel not of aluminium and plastics.

    If it has no new sensor I could still use as a hammering device :)

    • On the press invitation it says “PRO model”. Olympus surely must realize that a pro model with the E-P3 sensor would be impossible to sell in this day and age.

      • Seems like the E-5 doesn’t do too bad, doesn’t it? Has been the most price-stable camera in the market for more than a year.

        • John Best

          I d rather think the production numbers are that low, and the audience (a few old farts with old lenses) that they are not pressed to enter any fire-sale prices. I saw one in the local market for 700 eur used, lowest i ve seen yet

        • agent00soul

          But it was introduced over a year ago. And it was an update of the E-3, not a new camera.

          • “But it was introduced over a year ago. And it was an update of the E-3, not a new camera.”

            How please would you define a ‘new camera’? It was an improvement in every respect: from IQ through AF performance (speed and precision wise) to live view and far more. Actually, it improved the performance of every single FT lens. So what else could you expect from a new camera based on very good predecessors. Inventing photography newly with every new camera generation is just impossible.

            And if the new ‘µFT compatible’ camera would be able to quickly AF my FT lenses I wouldn’z bother if it came without a new sensor. I’m happy with the ones of my E-5 and E-PL3 as they allow me to shoot great pictures. I just don’t compare them to the latest offerings every single day and if others would opt for the same approach instead of keeping on chasing the latest and newest addition to the market they might be much happier with what they’ve got.

  • “OMG” three letters that i just LOVE to read on this site

  • I really wonder what the new finder could be.
    If it’s going to be OM-like, it can’t be a rangefinder style hybrid finder.
    And looking into the mount of my E-P1, I can’t imagine that there can be room for some kind of optical TTL finder. Remember, they said the camera was going to be m4/3 compatible.
    So what remains IMHO is some totally new kind of electronic finder technology.

  • D3xmeister

    So basically, we are gonna get the updated E-620 we were asking, but it will use m4/3lenses which are much worse compared to 4/3. And it will cost more. No thanks. But it will be pretty. Who cares ?

  • Dave_in_MI

    I’m guessing an E-P3ish body with an EVF-pyramid on top? Obviously, it’s the innards of the thing that count, but I do like the look of the silver & black OM-x bodies. Externally, I hope they can combine the e-p3 touch lcd and the e-pl3 tilt lcd (or a “flippy-twisty” lcd like the Panny G3). The attachable/detachable grip from the e-p3 would be a nice ergonomic touch, too.

    • Mr. Reeee

      “… an E-P3ish body with an EVF-pyramid on top… ”

      You should call it a HUMP. And you should HATE it, regardless of what it does. ;-)

  • Miroslav

    OMG, they’re actually going to call it OM! So, after they resurrected PEN name, now it’s OM turn. Thus the new camera will have pyramid on top :( . Although if it looks like this it won’t be that bad.

    • Miroslav

      And if they stay with film analogy, PEN being half frame and OM full frame, then this new one should have FF sensor ( =new “PRO level camera” ), be smallest FF camera, be able to use m4/3 lenses in crop mode via adapter ( =compatible with micro four thirds ) and be announced with some new FF lenses ( =a “line of new products“ ). Add “focus peaking” and adapters for legacy lenses and this becomes a veeery interesting camera.

      • Frederic Hew

        Assuming the 12-50 is the kit lens, I’m expecting a m43 camera.

        Olympus would be very foolish to release a FF camera right now – neither can it compete with anyone of the companies that have FF models, nor does it have lenses that cover such a large image circle.

        • Miroslav

          “Assuming the 12-50 is the kit lens, I’m expecting a m43 camera.”

          Yeah, new 12-50 is the weak link in my theory ;), but it could be mounted via adapter as well… And they could announce just a couple of FF primes at the beggining – like Fuji. FF zooms should be omitted – they’re huge anyway.

      • Brod1er

        Now that would be radical……but it is also intriguingly possible and makes some sense. One practical issue though is that if it was a 24mp sensor, only 6mp would be available using mft lenses in crop mode.

      • Sounds sweet. There have been rumors about Olympus going full frame for a while, so this could be it.

        On a second thought, no this can’t be it. Too good to be true.

      • Chris

        I expect it’ll somehow natively take both m43 and 43 lenses, and will be used as a gateway to tempt m43 users to get interested in the 43 format and all its lenses.

        The camera will be the bridge that makes m43 and 43 ‘one beautiful system’.

    • Anonymous

      The digital Pen looks very much like the old Pen F, the digital OM will probably look very much like the OM1 or OM3., otherwise it will be called m-volt 450, m-650.

      When Olympus released the OM1 in 1972, the most advanced technologies were implemented (OTF metering and 97%, .92x viewfinder)in the body, I hope Olympus will do the same for the OM digital.

      • Stu5

        OM1 did not use OTF metering. It was the OM2 that had this which came out in 1975.

  • 123

    Maybe it will look like the Olympus “OM-G” ?

  • The hybrid VF, being able to take multiformat, leaves a faint hope for a ‘Super 4/3’ or for a camera able to take both formats.

    But seeing how incremental Oly has been lately one can hardly hope that they will spend everything they have in one go. Each novelty must be dearly paid.

    Or could they have a mirrored adapter like Sony among the rumoured accessories?

    But really, with Fuji setting a new standard for 16Mpx sensors they better hurry up.

    Give it a year or two and both Sony and Fuji will be up to speed with FAST AF. Then people will buy them for their sensors.

    • Fan

      Mirrored PDAF adapters suck. Totally unnecessary too, since PDAF can be implemented right on the sensor itself (cf. Nikon 1).

      • Haven’t seen a single picture in the World Wide Web proving that the Nikon’s PDAF works with fast approaching objects. So, this only seems to be a marketing trick – just as it was the other year with Fuji’s on sensor PDAF – although I would love to be proven wrong, with this assessment.

  • Keith

    12mp sensor = no thanks.
    16 or newer 18mp sensor = worth considering.
    It will have to be good to upgrade from my ep3, and prevent me from buying a Xpro1 or G1X…
    Full stop.

  • P

    “which will become the latest Olympus masterpiece in the long line of design classics”

    Let it not be just a design masterpiece, but also a performance masterpiece!!

    Keeping my fingers crossed. Come on Olympus, show us the best of you!!

    • D3xmeister

      Yeah right, try to shoot a sports event indoors with an EVF, buddy !

      • Oilymouse

        Yeah! Sports events indoors! Every masterpiece camera should be able to that.

        This is why medium format sucks of course: low iso, bulky, terrible focus tracking (if any). No fun at all when shooting sports events indoors, I say. Man, if you also include Leica rangefinders, you’ll find that almost every camera that is more expensive than a D3X cannot be a masterpiece.

        But that would mean your comment is a verbal turd. Buddy.

    • Daemonius

      True that. I can use ugly camera as long as it gives me image quality I want.

  • blastingmills

    hate hate! rabble rabble!

    is it possible that olympus has been developing this camera for a long time now? and during such development, they have been releasing incremental upgrades to the pen line, just to satisfy the ever growing demand for new models every year?

    hopefully this new camera will be a big leap forward for olympus.

  • Daemonius

    This rather be exceptionaly good, or Olympus will just bury themselves..

  • I am quite sceptical. More than a E-P3 with build in VF would be a surprise for me. I would maybe buy this camera, but Olympus would price it very high.
    I really hope I am wrong and Olympus will surprise us with a new sensor to keep up with the competition.

  • Lily

    Second week in February = the CP+ show in Yokohama. I am so super psyched to be living in Japan right now.

  • lnqe-M

    Oky, Pen have 12mpx sensor, and i guess OM will have 16mpx.

    But in year 2017 is IS-series 30 year…… ( ;-) )

  • You know what is the difference between the Panny 12 or 16 Mpx sensor and the Fuji one?

    The Fuji can climb at the highest ISO with little loss of dynamic range, by the samples I saw. So there is little difference, especially in noise, between shooting at base ISO or in low light. A photographer’s dream.

    So the only advantage left to m4/3 is AF speed and the number of lenses.
    But photographically they are left behind if they don’t conjure some sensor trick like Fuji.

    • > The Fuji can climb at the highest ISO with little loss of dynamic range,

      at the tremendous cost of the resolution,

      > by the samples I saw.

      FTFY. We haven’t seen anything from independent reviewers. I’m holding off my judgement.

      > So the only advantage left to m4/3 is AF speed and the number of lenses.

      Re AF speed: why the f*** nobody cought up with the m43 in the AF speed department? All indications are that even Canon G1X is going to be slow.

      Re number of lenses: never understood the argument. As soon as a user is past 1-2 years of using an interchangeable camera system, they should know the lenses they need or want. “Number of lenses” is not the same “all the lenses I want and/or need.”

      • DR


        “FTFY. We haven’t seen anything from independent reviewers. I’m holding off my judgement.”

        Yes we have, and it was pointed out to you in an earlier thread:

        Not seeing this mythical ‘tremendous cost to the resolution’ you speak of?

      • JRK

        Nikon 1 is actually very fast. The only ones matching and sometimes superseding Pen and Lumix G.

    • Brod1er

      Errrrrr, I think you may have overlooked size, cost, video performance, weight- these together with lens selection are actually quite significant. The Fuji does look good from first impressions, but good high ISO performance doth not solely make a good photograph, camera, or photographer.

    • mahler

      Number of lenses and fast AF are the most important advantages, not “only”. I would argue that these attributes are at least as important as DR.

  • Boooo!

    So what happens a couple of years from now, when everyone is fed up with those retro-looking casual snapshot cameras and the market is fully saturated?

    • Bob B.

      I already am fed up with them.

      • mahler

        Me too !!

        • Bob B.

          …and the retro retort…well it make better jpegs.

    • Neonart

      Well, “retro-looking casual snapshot cameras” where around from the 1930s till the beginning of the 1980s. The “current pro-looking, (but still for snapshots) DSLR cameras” have been around since the 1980s and people are sick of lugging the weight. So it makes sense to bring back smaller cameras, and retro is in.
      But there are plenty of choices from Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony, Panasonic, and even Olympus for smaller DSLRs and ILCs that look like DLSRs. So the fact that 2 companies are introducing some “retro-looking” cameras should be of no cause for concern.

      • Oilymouse

        Well said. It makes a lot of sense. We need both types to be a available for m43. There is no reason for concern (unless you enjoy whining, of course).

    • Mr. Reeee

      I was fed up with them in 1975! ;-)

      • Bob B.

        Too bad they have retro sensors, too.

  • mng

    Wait a second, if they use OM this time, is that means there is nothing left for Full Frame cameras any more ? ?

  • Wish list!

    1. Manual Shutter Speeds control ring(not gonna happen, but hey I can wish)
    2. OM-1 or OM-10 viewfinder design
    3. 16mp sensor
    4. ZD 50/1.4?
    5. leather “finish”

    One more thing that would look cool, would be battery grip with the design of Winder 2…
    That’s it, if atleast a few of these come true, Olympus got my money again!

  • Reza

    I know it is going to be a hybrid m43/43 mount, but there is a little nagging voice that keeps telling me it might be a full frame camera!

    • Ross

      It would be nice (but still only a dream) if it was a larger sensor, even if it was only APS-C size, that took m4/3’s but was also able to take adapters to allow AF/aperture control etc. for other brand lenses (as well as 4/3’s).

  • fir

    OM-I? It’s the inverted ‘!’. I think..

  • Berneck

    I do like the retro look a lot. Anybody who thinks the E-P3 doesn’t look retro needs to take a second look.

    Anyway, that Fuji X-PRO 1 is exactly the type of camera I have been looking for. However, they fall short on one key element, the focus speed. I know, I know, it hasn’t been tested yet, but the fact that Fuji have downplayed the focus speed is telling. The only other thing for me is that it is larger than I would like.

    If Olympus’ OM has retro functionality similar to the X-PRO 1 along with a new sensor, AND the same or improved focus speed as the E-P3, they will have a huge winner on their hands…..

    • charlie

      You are exactly on the money for me as well! I believe this would cover many of us and would be a great seller for a long time.

  • Ab

    Wouldnt that be something a FF OM released with 3 primes and somehow compatible with m43rds, say they make the body very thin so an simple adapter would allow m43rds and 43rds lenses to mount, and the OM FF Primes would have the lens elements mounted deeper into the lens for better performance.

    What the hell do I know :) But you have to love the anticipation! To be honest I am enjoying my m43rds setup, hoping for a 70mm f1.8


  • What I find interesting in the Fuji’s exercise, is that they might be right in contending that they can achieve some or all of the FF qualities with a cropped sensor.

    After checking their files I went back to the canon 5d Mk. II at DPR, and honestly I couldn’t make much difference.

    Curiously the two bodies with lens have now about the same price. That doesn’t mean that new FF won’t have the edge, but really progress in cropped sensors is fair enough for all applications. But O&P must do it.

    Oly by learning to design their own sensors even more and radically so.

    • Ab

      Oh I get you Al, i fond cropped sensors very competitive. I am just having some fun :) with the speculation.

      I think someone over at DPR got it just right, m43rds with massively improved viewfinder in the OM body style (to accommodate viewfinder). New sensor would be nice, and would make sense I guess. But lets watch this space.


  • TheEye

    “Oh My Goodness”! Olympus is coming big :)

    Oly, me love you long and hard! :P

  • Nic Walmsley

    I sure hope I’m not embarrassed to be an Olympus user by the end of February.

    Basically, no current m43 sensor is hood enough anymore. So unless Olympus can debut a brand new sensor, they should stay home.

    Silent shutter would be appreciated.

  • G is the Lumix micro 4/3 line from Panasonic. So it could be a join/twin product from Panasonic perhaps? Badged as OM-Pen by Olympus and as the anticipated Lumix GH3 by Panasonic? This has been applied before with the Panny. Lumix L1 & Leica Digilux 3, so it’s a logic possibility.

  • shanti

    come on Admin more details..cant sleep otherwise….hope it can use real 4/3 glass and focus with it as well,and all the old Zuiko primes with focus peaking…
    14-16M is fine with low noise/high ISO….

  • Juan Caliente

    It will be called the O-MY for OM Yakuza

  • zsun

    After all the hype about the “new” P3 sensor and what actually delivered, olympus marketing has very low credibility in my book…

    • io


      That’s what I was thinking about a “new sensor”. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Juan-Caliente

    No, it will be called the O-MY. Y is for Yakuza lololol hahahahaha

  • Juan-Caliente


  • ft5 should it comes with real picture like what we have seen x-pro1? :)


    will it just a april fool hoax? :)

  • OlymPan

    Tehe Olympus OM styled bodies looks aesthetically and functionally beautiful. But the inside of this camera what really counts. Here’s hoping it would be a new sensor from Fuji…an organic APS-C modified for the m4/3 and 4/3 system or……but most likely it would be from Panasonics GH1 or G3 sensor.

  • fgl42

    I’m excited. I’ve always thought the OM cameras were pretty bad ass looking.

  • slomo

    Looking at the full size Amateur Photographer ad, the circles look like split image focusing screen.

    So my guess: Retro rangefinder style metal body kind of Fuji X-Pro1.

  • Yun

    “Oh my goodness” sounds promising . I expect image quality from such words not only exceed current Pens but on par with current X Pro or NEX standard ( Resolution & ISO performance ) at least otherwise no point with beautiful external design but internally not capable to rival the rest .
    A new sensor must capable to compete not only in it’s M4/3 class but must able to cope with current market standard ! If that really happen then I’ll consider oh my goodness is truely live to it’s mean .

  • Wai

    If it is still using the same sensor, I will say OMG!!!!

  • napalm

    and on Feb, people will go Oh My Goodness! It’s the same old sensor! :D

    • Best


    • Oilymouse

      It simply cannot be, therefor it will not.


  • Reza

    Hmm, why is in the background?! Sounds fishy!

  • Jonathan

    If they’re really bound to release an OM style product, COMPATIBLE with m43, thus it won’t be a m43 body, but either a new 43 FT body or either a completely new type of product ( a new mount with new sensor size).

    -Pen were Half-Frame with 4:3 ratio => Pen digital with 43 sensor (17*13.3mm) which area 2 times smaller than the original half-frame (24*18mm)

    -OM were FF with 3:2 aspect ratio => OM digital with APS-C Fuji EXR? which area is also 2 times smaller than the original Full frame (24*36mm)

    There’s a lot of possibilities including a simple return of the original mirror-boxed FT mount which have no replacement body yet in this line.
    If you look at what an E-450 was, it was already a digital OM.

    I think that E-volt series failed at the time, despite their great innovations, because of their tiny viewfinder ( smaller than competitor and ridiculous compared to the OM-1 viewfinder…) their poor sensor performance in low light and their lack of small primes.

    If they come with a new small FT body with these problem fixed and a new line of FT pancake designed to handle both PDAF/CDAF very well, msc and fully compatible with m43, and the last G1X sensor (Dream…;) but it has approx 25mm diagonal length thus it makes it fully eligible to the 43 coalition’s sensor requirement…) they will sell it like hotcake!

    • lorenzino

      I think that for Olympus the “selling like hotcake” time has ended years ago.
      They have already showed products sporting great innovation, but always being plagued by basic defects that would spoil all.
      E.g. FT cameras had small sensor but were big in size Wwhy? Ever heard about pro quality cameras with small size, à la Leica, Nikon FM, etc.? They could have taken that route and invented a new niche, but instead they copied Nikon and Canon sizes ending-up with similar cameras but less-than-par sensor.
      Then m43 got it right in the size aspect, but kept on showing sub-par cameras (at least in performance, UI, and, well, sensor). I don’t see Oly coming out of this empasse, as buyers do not trust Oly anymore (why should I invest in a set of lenses when the producer has a record of changing mount every few years, leaving its old costumers with scarce new camera bodies that are no more than a maquillage of the existing ones – and let’s not talk again about sensors – ?).
      And the news on the Oly’s board scandals do not help, either…

      • Oilymouse

        FT did not have a “small sensor” at all: the size difference is marginal and mostly attributed to the difference in aspect ratio. Many prefer 4:3 over 3:2, as do I.

        Still, the E-420/450 was the smallest DSLR available on the market (I think it still is). And why on earth would anyone compare Olympus consumer cameras with Leica rangefinders? Bizarre. And excacly how does Nikon FM compare to Olympus OM? Enlighten us. You might as well include Olympus Pen F and Pentax 110 if you wish to discuss size, troll.

        On with you other blabbering. My Nikon cameras have “the same lens mount” in name only, and compatibility in terms of AF and metering leaves a lot to be desired. Using legacy glass on Olympus E and m43 requires a simple adapter and you’re set. But it’s a worthless comparison anyway.

        I think Olympus is brilliant in selling so many cameras with a crappy sensor to moronic customers all over the world. I currently use two digital Olympus cameras with no intention to get rid of either. Enjoying my brainwash very much, thank you.

        The accounting scandal is probably meant to send freaks like you far, far away. You just forfeited your right to ever own Olympus gear again. We know you don’t care, so you can now troll someplace else.

  • Marcel

    In my wildest dreams this new gem has a fully compatible OM mount.

    • John Best

      True, but i fear we will say OMG same old sensor inside!!!!!!

      • lorenzino

        If they still use their old 12mp sensor inside future products, esp. inside this, then Oly is dead (and was dead months ago, as no sensor producer has not been selling them the technology anymore for a while…)

        • Oilymouse

          The Nikon D4 has 16mp. Many excellent APS-C sensors have 16mp. When cropped to a more rational aspect ratio of 4:3, you end up with roughly


          12mp is enough! We only need more DR. Let other brands compete on specs that are easy for the simpletons to comprehend.

          • Bob B.

            I agree…if we can only get improvement in increments….a stop of dynamic range should be the next increment….It is where my MFT system is MOST lacking…blown highlights when the shadow are exposed properly in an average lighting situation! This needs to change.

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