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(FT5) No new EVF for the GF1 but more prime lenses to come!


In March we thought Panasonic could release a new External Live Viewfinder for the Panasonic GF1External Live Viewfinder for the Panasonic GF1External Live Viewfinder for the Panasonic GF1External Live Viewfinder for the Panasonic GF1External Live Viewfinder for the Panasonic GF1External Live Viewfinder for the Panasonic GF1External Live Viewfinder for the Panasonic GF1External Live Viewfinder for the Panasonic GF1External Live Viewfinder for the Panasonic GF1External Live Viewfinder for the Panasonic GF1External Live Viewfinder for the Panasonic GF1External Live Viewfinder for the Panasonic GF1. Japanese dealers wrote us that they were experiencing a shortage and Panasonic didn’t deliver them any new EVF. Now interviewed Mr. Inoue from Panasonic (click here to read the google english translation)

And that are the most interesting things he said:
1) There will be more prime lenses (43rumors will tell you more about it soon!)
2) We will upgrade the Panasonic GH1Panasonic GH1Panasonic GH1Panasonic GH1Panasonic GH1Panasonic GH1Panasonic GH1Panasonic GH1Panasonic GH1Panasonic GH1Panasonic GH1Panasonic GH1Panasonic GH1 camera with many professional features
3) No new EVF for the GF1

  • iMikl

    Can’t wait to hear about the primelenses!!!

  • AirShaker

    How soon is soon? Can’t wait either !

  • I can’t wait to hear about the pro HD video capability on the next GH!

  • BBernhardt

    New Primes is very nice news. This almost confirms that the GF2 will have inbuilt VF.
    Happy Days.

  • Javi V.

    No new EVF? That makes me think about changing my GF1 for an EP2 or an EPL1…

    Nevertheless… great news about the (expensive?) primes!!

  • CR102

    Wide fast(ish) primes are a very good idea. That and a decent portrait prime (which is coming from Olympus?)

  • ma55imo

    Now I am glad that I bought e E-P2 instead of GF-1, which I also thought of, not that much though…

  • DonTom

    @BBernhardt, I agree, it makes it look much more likely that the GF2 will have the inbuilt viewfinder. Great news!

    The prospect of the GF2 is what is making me wait to enter this format, I never liked the G1 or GH1 style wise, but do appreciate the need for an evf. I am mostly using a camera in bright light (desert or snow!), and often cannot see an LCD screen for composition or checking focus. I really hope that the GF2 has the rotating evf from the patent drawing, that makes a lot of sense ergonomically as well. That and a G2 style touch screen: perfect! Screen can be moved to the right to accommodate the evf if they move the menu buttons to the touch screen itself. Basic manual controls on top a-la Leica M series please!

  • don

    I think the problem that Panasonic faced with wanting a new higher resolution EVF like that for the EP2 was the lack of space because of the flash design but they should lower price of EVF by including it in a new standard kit. Also they will want buyers wanting a EVF to go to the new GF2 with most likely a tilting EP2 like EVF in the body but body size while chunkier likely no bigger with less height (with EVF to top left of back screen) than existing GF1 if designed like their patent sketch describes. Also don’t forget that Pany has already announced they will be producing the world’s thinnest, lightest, ILS ie a m4/3 most likely with a design much like the NEX with flash hot shoe mounted. Such a model would have a new higher resolution EVF for zooms most likely

  • spanky

    As long as the “more professional HD video features” in the next GH1 results in also better stills, I’m all for it. Video is not the main reason I buy a photo camera.

  • Mumbly

    I can’t understand all that excitement about prime lenses! Prime lenses may have a superior image quality compared to zooms, but I dare to pretend that the difference in quality is not significant. Why not build faster zooms (something like a compact 35-100/f2.8 lens would be really nice and useful), which wouldn’t be as fast as prime lenses, but would offer a good compromise between luminosity, compactness, image quality and polyvalence?!? Then, I wouldn’t have to carry and change five primes lenses just to cover the same focal range as with an equivalent zoom; optical design has made so much progress during the last few decades that it is IMHO some kind of anachronism to move back to the times where people only worked with prime lenses…

  • AirShaker

    It all depends on what are your priorities, you said that a zoom would offer a good compromise between luminosity, compactness, image quality and polyvalence but on those four categories, the zoom only wins in the last one and some people just bother much more about luminosity, compactness and image quality than polyvalence

  • Mumbly, you mention that a compact 35-100 f/2.8 would be a good compromise. While I agree that zooms are handy, I have a 14-54 and 50-200 and love them…

    but that “good compromize” as AirShaker mentioned is really all about what your priorities are. For you it seems that you need to have all your focal lengths covered, which may be why you think you need 5 primes to cover that range. Where as someone like me would be fine with 2 or 3 primes to cover that range. a 35mm and maybe a 85mm.

    The diference between f/2.8 and f/1.4 is HUGE, actually 4x’s the shutter speeds, and much more narrow depth of field if subject isolation is your thing.

    So while you’re shooting at 1/40th f/2.8 ISO800 I could be shooting 1/80th f/1.4 ISO400. Not to mention the prime will be both lighter and much more compact if designed for mFT. So what’s a “good compromize” for you certainly isn’t for me.

    I love my 50-200 f/2.8 to 3.5, but it would not be a great walk around lens on mFT due to its size. I’d much prefer a 50mm f/1.4, and say a 150 f/2.8 which in both cases is brighter and together probably lighter.

    I just picked up a D700 with a 50mm f/1.4, and I’m probably going to stick with primes for now as the size/weight advantage compared to those 2.8 zooms is huge… I guess we’ll see if I can walk the walk lol… lens’ changing may become a nuissance. But hopefully I’ll just be able to visualize the focal lengths prior to lens’ change, so I can make sure I have the right lens on when I need it. We’ll see.

    Btw, the 50mm f/1.4 compared to the 14-54 is night in day, not even considering ISO’s.

  • Zonkie

    Well, prime lenses are not that much about image quality/sharpness (though that counts too, but to be honest zooms are good enough for most situations). It is mostly about size and speed.

    You are asking for something impossible. There is no way you can make a fast and small zoom. You can’t even make a slow and small zoom! Just compare the kit zooms with the 20mm f/1.7 lens! And those are f/3.5-5.6. If you want an f/2.8 zoom you have to make it almost twice bigger. And it will still be quite slower than fast primes.

    Of course, if you can make a f/1.8 zoom that has a compact size… count me in!

  • @Mumbly I feel a m43rds camera is already a compromise in size between a P&S and DSLR. putting a zoom on a gf1/ep2 has very little appeal over carring a full DSLR. + between 35mm and 100 I would only need to carry 3 primes at the most. but mostlikey I could cover the whole range I need/want in 4 prime lens (my choice would be around 10, 20, 65, 300 (wide,1 fast, macro+port, and a small as can be 300 f4.5/5 for random wildlife)

  • Mumbly

    @zonkie: Actually, it is quite possible to make a fast and compact zoom! Of course, it would not be as compact as a pancake, but a 35-100mm/f2.8 for m43 would definitively be more compact than an equivalent 70-200mm/f2.8 for 35mm-cameras. Size can be reduced because a lot of factors (smaller image sensor and therefore smaller image circle, shorter flange back and therefore simpler lens designs etc.) have a more or less direct influence on the optical design (number of lens elements, front lens diameter etc.). I don’t await a 35-100mm/f2.8 to be as compact as a 14-150mm/f4.0-5.6 but it could certainly be more compact than a 50-200/f2.8-3.5 for FT! Zooms offer a degree of flexibility that prime lenses cannot offer and why content oneself with two or three prime lenses if one can get a zoom of decent luminosity (f2.8 may be not as fast as f1.4 but is still faster than f4.0-5.6) and decent image quality (the difference in image quality between good zooms and primes is NOT really significant) offering all intermediate focal settings…!?!

  • Ryo81


    For me, I would like more primes than zooms for the m43 at the moment when the line-up of lenses is still not particulatly large. Primes can maximize the system’s main advantage of portability (light weight/size) over other systems. Of course faster zooms are also always welcome, but if there are priorities I’d take the primes first.

  • Michael

    Finally, guys form Panasonic just realized that mFT system is not about big zooms. It is simple: add nice EVF on the left, offer a range of fast glass (mostly in compact design – primes we know from rangefinders: from wide to short telephoto, pancakes are not necessary) and solid camera body with few dedicated buttons for adjusting shutter speed, aperture and sensitivity.

  • Primes are the way to go, I´m getting more and more convinced that I´ll be choosing right to go m34 as my everyday camera.. I love my 5D + 4 primes (20+35+50+85) with it, but they are just too heavy on ff. I love the idea of digital rangefinder ideology Panasonic seems to be offering..

    I´m about to get my first m34 camera soon.. Not sure about the body yet, but the first lens will be Panasonic 20mm f/1.7.

  • Michael

    Just one addition to new mFT primes for semi-pro or enthusiast category: mechanical construction of the solid fixed focal lens is internal AF and operating lens doesn’t change its external dimensions (outer barrel is immutable). And every good lens have a proper (removable) lens hood – for mFT lenses the hood has to match lens and camera (good examples are M mount lens hoods). I am for aperture ring on the primes but that is much to ask for these days ;). Cheers.

  • RW

    Too bad about no new EVF – I have been sitting on the fence about either getting one now – or waiting for an improved one. I guess I will go and get one this weekend now.

    I like the idea of a detachable EVF even if it isn’t as good as the one on the GH1. There has been a lot of talk about modular cameras lately – but the GF1 is a bit like that now. The basic module being the GF1 body and 20mm F1.7. Add the EVF when you need it but no need for it on all the time. Add a zoom set like the 7-14 / 14-140 + EVF for the full SLR experience.

    That is pretty modular – everything from portable point and shoot to full SLR covered in one small package that fits in a minimal camera bag.

  • central squared

    @mumbly – Not to be argumentative, but small, fast, zooms just don’t exist. They would already have been done in other mounts if they could. For my canon I have the 17-55 2.8 IS. It’s huge. The 70-200 F4 (no IS) is also really big. The FT stuff is a bit smaller, but I just don’t think it’s realistic.

  • Ray

    For primes, if it ain’t f1.4 it’s not fast enough. I really am not looking for primes that are f2.8 above.
    For 4/3 to work they need to produce fast primes.

  • Hello, I think your website might be having browser compatibility issues.
    When I look at your blog in Ie, it looks fine but when opening
    in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads
    up! Other then that, fantastic blog!

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