(FT5) No joke: Not yet announced GX7 can be preordered in France at FNAC! Costs 999 Euro.


43rumors reader Guillaume reports an amazing story:

Yesterday, I went to Fnac store in oder to get a G6. Unfortunately, they only have G6 with kit lens 14-140. As I wanted the body only version, the vendor searched in Fnac products database but the body version wasn’t referenced. He show me the search results for “Pana body only” saying: “sorry, no G6, the only Panasonic that I can order in body only version are the GH3 and GX7. Bingo, I pre-order mine with 200€ account.

Sadly Fnac had no pictures of the new GX7 but at leats we now know that the GX7 body costs 999 Euro! And all my sources confirmed the GX7 specs. New 18Megapixel sensor, built-in tiltatble EVF, on sensor stabilization (a first on Panasonic MFT cameras). Announcement in August! This is more o rless how it looks (image from panasonic patent):

This is how the GX7 is likely going to look (Courtesy Dicahub).

Message to all sources and readers: Let’s try to search for the first GX7 picture. If you find it drop me a message at 43rumors@gmail.com or send me an anonymous text by using the contatc form you see on the right side of your browers. And don’t miss any news. Join our group on facebook and follow our tweets.

Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • emde

    still wondering if the sensor stabilisation is true and if yes, if it works without the OIS or simply improves OIS operation but does not work as a standalone technology…

    • Anonymous

      Good question. I hope it’s standalone as I’d love to use it with the PL 25/1.4!

      • spam

        I’d expect it to be standalone if it’s realy there as making sensor stabilisation and lens stabilsation work together would be extremely difficult. Remember that lens stabilisation is self-contained in the sense that the body only knows if it’s off or on (and the mode if there’s omre than one), but nothing about what it’s actually doing at any given moment.

        To get two stabilisations sstems to work at the same time they’d have to know about each other and the lens stabilisation isn’t designed for that.

        What Panasonic could do with a double system is selecting autoatically the one best suited for any situation – supposing that the systems heve different strengths and weaknesses.

  • MJr

    LOL They’ve already started calling it PanaSony :P

    • Pixnat

      :-) good catch!

    • PanaSony – Ideas.Believe

  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    My question is: when will he receive it?

  • Anonymous

    And how about the lense bundle options? Will it reveal some new lens? :-)

    • MJr

      If you call the same old 20mm pancake new with that shiny metal finish. :)

      • Anonymous

        Same old 20mm lens that delivers excellent quality better than all the Olympus primes unde 60mm while being quite a bit cheaper .The Olympus primes under this consist of very mediocre overpriced 12mm, dreadful F2.8 17mm ,mediocre 17mm F1.8 and the 45mm which does give good quality pity the build feels like a bit of junk you would pick up in a lucky bag. The one weakness supposedly of the 20mm slow AF in low light or whatever is almost allways exaggerated by Olympus fanboy types like well you. The GF1 + 20mm kit probably brought more people to mFT than any other model.

        • MJr

          Did i say there is anything wrong with it ? By the way i use many brands, but no Olympus yet.

          • MJr

            No wait i do, forgot about the good old OM (non-D). How could i forget, even got my second one (along with a Pentax) like less than a week ago ! Hmm, i might just be focused on actual features etc. I know, strange concept right … Not that there’s anything wrong with appreciating a brand for the way they work. We’re all allowed to have taste.

        • Anonymous

          Show us your beautiful works taken with your beautiful gear.

        • MarcoSartoriPhoto

          Do you know you can take nice photos even with “mediocre” lenses? Gear must be really in bad conditions to ruin a photo. It’s like saying that it’s possible to eat a good dish in a restaurant only if the pots were the best available.

          • MJr

            True. The best gear is simply that which gives you the best experience both during and after.

        • E-1

          YMMV clearly, but woha, from my 14/20/45/75 I think the 75 is best, clearly, the 45 second, 20 third and slightly behind the 14. From AF it’s 75/45/14/…………../20. Even in bright sun – at least on an EPL5 – it is painfully annoying slow. Often 1-2 secs. Not owning the 17/1.8 in reviews it looks like it has the same quality as the 20.

  • Nex 6?

    • NEX-6 doesn’t even have touchscreen, not speaking about virtual touchpad, you little troll.

  • Jeroen

    this is immensely intruiging. I really only have eyes for the e-p5 currently, but I feel it would be foolish to buy it before the GX7 gets its place in the spotlight.

    • stickytape

      There is always the chance that the GX7 forces the price of the E-P5 down. In any case, I’m waiting for it to be released to see what it has to offer.

      • chronocommando

        Dont we all have to wait for it to be released ;-)

      • MJr

        Force down ? I bet it will only justify it. ;)

        • Anonymous

          Oly fanboy much….jeeeeeezzzzzzz……


            Where Olympus Fanboyism runs RAMPANT.

          • Anonymous

            The only fanboys are actually those who call other people “fanboy”…

            • true homer

              Nope, theyre actually the people who cant come to terms with reality, the “oly is right no matter what” crowd

              • Anonymous

                As opposed to ‘everything Panasonic does is good and those who disagree are stupid pana bashers and oly fanboys’. You sir are in absolutely no position to comment until you learned some less moronic behavior

                • true homer

                  Go back and read my comments, I only reply to, as you so well put it, moronic pana bashing, which this site is full of, but of course people lkke you dont really see it. If it were oly bashing id reply to that, but there isnt any or very minimal. Ive said it before, i have both oly and panny cameras with both oly and panny lenses, but people like you cant believe that because i dont perform felatio on everything oly does and makes. you dont like it because what I say is the truth. You on the other hand all you do is call me names and hide behind anonymous naming. Grow some balls and post a name and stick to it then present arguments to the things I say instead of a idiotic insult.

                  • MJr

                    What’s wrong with Panasonic ?

                    • Anonymous

                      Nothing especially wrong with Panasonic, some like their products more others like other products more. They have some nice unique features as do others, all a matter of what you want and need.

                      There is something wrong with true homer however as he simply can’t stand the idea that not everyone loves every Panasonic product.

  • mau

    Excellent finding. It’s so hard these days to keep things quiet for manufacturers

  • DrThrash

    If the GX7 with built-in EVF costs the same as the E-P5 without EVF (the bulky VF-4 is 315 EUR extra), it’s interesting for me.

    • MJr

      Not if you get it with the 17mm, then the EVF is free in addition to a complimentary €100 savings. Compared to buying them separately that is .. in Europe.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed the EP5 and 17mm with EVF is an awesome combo. It remains to be seen if the GX7 combos can match or better it. Hoping Pana will give us a 25mm and also 17.5mm combo. Oh, a reskinned or new 14mm won’t hurt either:-)

    • MJr

      Also, the E-M5 costs the same as well, and even has 5-axis IBIS. ;)

      • jf

        in fact E-M5 is 200 euros less in europe…

    • Anonymous

      Yes. It is bulky. Too bulky to be good if ya ask me.

    • Yalky Bobo

      Yes. It is bulky. Too bulky to be any good if ya ask the missis.

  • skeptical

    I somewhat doubt Fnac have been informed of the cost of the GX7 before any official Panasonic announcements on the camera for them to set a retail price. More than likely, this is an administrative error or oversite and the price was simply entered into their product database as a placeholder, most commercial/retail product databases would also have a flag to mark if the product system/catalog should even show the product as available. My guess is Fnac had the GX7 incorrectly marked in this instance.

  • Sqweezy

    If the GX7 body really will cost $999, then it will be an absolute bargain compared to the E-P5. So far, it seems that only 5-Axis IBIS will be lacking, but in exchange you get a built-in, tiltable EVF as well as a brand-new sensor! Look for the E-P5 to fall in price shortly in order to compete.

    • Narretz

      But “brand new sensor” does not mean it’s better or even on par with the E-P5 sensor. Still hoping it is though …

      • Tron

        I hope they go with the current generation of Toshiba sensor now being used in the 24MP Nikons. That would give m43 a huge boost in low-light and a nice increase in dynamic range. Panny is not married to Sony the same way Oly is, so I think it’s entirely possible this could be the case.

    • Rob

      999.00 EUR = 1,318.19 USD

      • MarcoSartoriPhoto

        You should deduct European taxes!

        • MJr

          Yep. But it’s never that complicated. $999 = €999, 99.9% of the time. :) :(

          • Andy

            When it comes to technology:

            $999 = 999€ = £999

            We always get ripped off here in the UK

            • MJr

              You guys had your chance to join the Euro. Now look at ya. ^^

              • OMega

                Yep and look at the mess the Euro is in. Germany is only waiting for the UK to make a move to get out and Angela will not be far behind.

      • C. C.

        But for marketing purposes it may be only $999 US, even though it is 999 EUR.

  • Anonymous

    Well, if that is what it is going to look like, with the hugh EVF protrusion, just moved to the left, then what was the point? In my mind, the point was to make the body more streamline, like the Fuji X100, so it could slip into a jacket pocket easier, not just move a GH2 viewfinder protrusion, to the left and call it good. I hope they were smarter than that.

    • Anonymous


  • Yun

    18 megapixels is interesting but it’s still too early to judge the performance of GX7 sensor . I expect a full stop improvement over current GX1 .
    Let’s wait & see if Pana can achieve that standard .

    • chronocommando

      I hope it is more than a stop. GX1 was far more behind than one full stop.

      • BEHIND WHAT??

        I have the GX1 and have NO problems whatsoever taking great pictures. I’m sure this GX7 will be a great camera.
        It’s funny how people ask for the features the GX7 mostly provides, yet people still complain. -Oh, is it because it doesn’t say “Olympus”?
        Panasonic lured me to MFT as well as many other DSLR users and they’re the only ones that would keep me here. Olympus puts out bodies that compete with one another and ask for too much.
        People here should be praising Panasonic for the moves they’re making. If anything, they’re the ones keeping MFT alive. If they weren’t, MFT would be dead.

        • chronocommando

          behind GH-2 … which was announced a year before.

          I dont share your opinion about the “greatness” of Panasonic.

          • YOU DON’T HAVE TO

            But the facts remain.. the Panasonic 20mm is the Most Sold Lens in MFT. The GF1 brought pros to MFT, The GH2/3 are thoroughly respected in the film industry and now they’re about to drop a camera with the features most of us have been asking for.

            Olympus like to make shiny stuff that you can drape around your neck like jewelry.

            But hey, the OMD is making a lot of noise too.. If it handled better and had larger, not too rubbery buttons, even I would have one.

            • Yalky Bobo

              It does have nästy little buttons.

            • Phred

              WHAH…spongy buttons, (ok..so they are), WHAH! The OMD is not ergonomic enough for my soft, sensitive whittle hands….WHAH,…the fact remains…if you are a still shooter…the OMD with its incredible IBIS and great sensor is the BEST MFT for the money that there is. Bar none.

        • Anonymous


          Of course, Panasonic keeps m4/3 alive.

          You are just as stupid as some of the diehard oly fans on here

          • true homer

            So what is oly doing to keep m43s alive according to you?
            Fast primes? Nope. F2 or f1.8 is not fast
            Sensor development? Nope.
            Diverse range of cameras? Nope (just pens in different sizes).
            Fast zooms? Nope.
            Video? Nope
            Innovation? Nope. Well maybe, live time is something.

            All thats left is different color lenses for a premium, updates on a f6.3 lens and a horde of people riding the overhyped ibis train for 5 years and counting.

            • Anonymous

              So you arbitrary decide which lenses can be called ‘fast’?

              Not to mention, it kinda looks like Panasonic joined the IBIS train as well.

              Really, both arguments clearly show that you are extremely blind to anything that doesn’t result in praising Panasonic, and take every chance you get to make a sneer towards Olympus. If that doesn’t define a Panasonic fanboy then nothing does.

              Oh, and on another note, it doesn’t matter at all who I am, as what I say stands on itself. You don’t need to know who the messenger is for determining if the message is logically correct.

  • Rob

    It looks like that order was for a silver body. So I guess it comes in at least black and silver.

  • Adriaantie

    Big price for tiny sensor.

    • you pay a premium for micro electronics, think laptop vs desktop.


    • I just run a search on Google for the expression: “tiny sensor” + “micro 4/3”. I bet you are responsible for about 50% of the 30,000 results.

  • This is off topic.

    Reading through the responses to this post reveals just how male dominant the following of this blog is. What is it with camera brands that makes people so fundamentalist? The fact that you have chosen one brand over another does not make it superior, nor does it make everybody who chooses differently an idiot.

    4/3 Rumors needs a decent dose of emotional intelligence. I really feel for admin who has to cope with this.

    • Anonymous

      from the beginning, coming to m4/3, I thought of it as buying into both Pana AND Oly. I went for PEN, my girlfriend for G3, and we have lenses from both.
      Being able to mix and match lenses and bodies from several manufacturers sounded like a good thing.
      The only thing which really bothers me at this point with m43 is that prices are increasing a lot, without much in return. Yes, the latest generation of cameras is looking quite good, and is an real improvement upon the last, but its not head and shoulders ahead of the competition by any stretch of the imagination.

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