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(FT5) Next small piece of the real Olympus camera!


The super nice anonymous source that already sent me the first image of the OM-D camera controls now also sent me that small piece of the camera. On the right angle on top you see the built-in viewfinder and on the bottom the lens mount. Then we have that Olympus E-P3 grip (don’t know if you can remove it like you can do on the E-P3). Would like to see the other control panel on the right of the camera and of course the back. If the source can send me some details about that we would all be happy :)  Another source told us “The mode dial is on the other side. imagine the OM4-TI (here on eBay) – almost there in looks.

There are still two MAIN questions where I don’t have a final answer:
1) What’s the definitive name of the camera?
2) Who made the sensor?

Again thanks to all sources for your help!

Reminder: The camera will be announced on February 8th and as usual you should be here on 43rumors to follow all the announcement!

  • Riley

    ‘super nice and anonymous’ wow…. ;)

    looks like we can see the lens mount there….

    • Digifan

      Yeah, and the camera is very small, when I look at the piece of the lens mount etc.
      I’m ecxcited now too.
      What little shows of the EVF hump looks indeed like the small mirror hump that the OM camera’s had.
      VERY VERY interresting.

      • stickytape

        …How can you derive how large the camera will be from that snippet? I, too, hope it will be a small camera, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

        • dumbo

          These snippet leaks are deliberate and annoying. they obviously have the camera, why not take a picture of the whole bloody thing.
          Then we will be able see the size :)

          • Mr. Reeee

            Agreed. This is so clearly an Olympus marketing ploy.

            The worst part are all the amazing features and gorgeous look that have been attributed to the thing based on seeing a tiny portion of a studio advertising shot.

            • Marilyn

              Plus 1000

            • Digifan

              So you admit Olympus has a clue about marketing ;-)

              General concensus was that they didn’t.
              I don’t care if they leak like this, it seems to be working.

              • MJr

                Well maybe to those who already like Oly, but i think they should think bigger to reach new people. Many people here don’t even know m4/3 exists yet, or learned about it just recently. Not because of good marketing but because it has basically become unavoidable by now – with the first and second generations selling dirt cheap, and the third ones just arriving. There’s no room for anything else. If they had a better marketing status, it might all have kept a little more value.

            • Bob B.

              You mean that you think OLYMPUS is behind this? NO WAY!??? LOL.

              • Mr. Reeee

                We can dream can’t we? There’s a shitload of it going on around here already. At least the camera fantasies revolve around something plausible. ;-)

            • rrr_hhh

              Well how many days are left to go to the 8th of February ? Let me count: eight in February and eight in January ..aka 16 days. Will we get 1/16th of the picture each day ?

              I don’t like how they started : two overlapping pictures.. They should have introduced a puzzle and leave us guessing where the not overlapping neither neighboring parts were located…

              Anyway this remembers me that famous add campaign in France where a nice girl in bikini said : next week I’ll take the top off.. And then next week I’ll ake the bottom off… And the add had all the French men salivating for two weeks.. In the end, the add was from an agency specializing in advertising and looking for corporate clients..

              • OK 16 small bit again. ;-)

                • Ben Y

                  Where can I find this French girl? I must know (for research of course).
                  edit: was supposed to be reply to rrr_hhh

        • The Real Stig

          You can get a good idea of the size from the camera strap lug in the first leaked photo.

        • JimD

          I want something a little larger (marginally bigger) than the ep2 or ep3 for better feel and easier use of 4/3 lenses.

    • And hopefully that lens mount has a shutter-speed/fn ring?

      • Digifan

        No shutterspeed ring in the picture. Have a second look.

        • BLI

          Perhaps a “shutter speed ring” would move m43 lenses too far from the sensor/ enforce the sensor to be moved forward?

        • What’s your explanation for the writing near the lens mount?

          • Peter

            that would be the closest focusing distance.

          • napalm

            that’s part of the lens, not the mount

          • True, that’s the grey macro writing on the 12-50mm.

            My hopes diminished…

            • Alfons


              They had the technology and the decided to follow the OM legacy, but they forgot one clever idea of Maitani’s original design?

              • Ben Y

                One of my favourite things about the OM system was that I didn’t have to remove my finger from the shutter (apart from the occasional exp comp) even to change the shutter speed.

                Although perhaps they did include it and photoshopped it out to entice us? If you look closely there’s a strand of grey pixels where you would expect it to be.

                • @Ben Y

                  I thought there was enough room there and they might have shopped it out too. But it looks unlikely.

    • Bob B.

      So my suspicions were correct…Four Thirds Rumors IS offering up a very slow stip tease….LOL!

    • mpgxsvcd

      Looks like you are just teasing us now.



      hype for a camera that will not deliver what it promises.

      • Digifan

        And you know this for fact because…

      • RichA

        Stupid name, stupid comment.

      • Bob B.

        Well let’s face it…at this point the hype is way beyond what the camera could EVER deliver. LOL.

    • Berneck1

      By the way, the lettering on the lens looks to be consistent with the new 12-50 lens.

  • Q1 2012 Mirroress Summaries: :D

    Sensor technology:
    1) Fujifilm – X-Pro1 – 16MP APSC 6x6pxl,noAA (par with D700)
    2) Sony – Nex7 – 24MP APSC
    3) Samsung – NX200 – 20MP APSC
    4) Nikon – NikonV1/J1 – 10MP CX
    5) Panasonic – GH2/GX1 – 16MP M43 multi-aspect ratio
    6) Olympus – EPL3/OME – 12MP 43/16MP M43 5way IS
    7) Pentax – PentaxQ – compact & shift sensor
    8) Canon/Ricoh – GX1 (compact DC)/GXR MA12 -irrelavant (disqualified)

    Lenses Lineup
    1) Panasonic – 25 f1.4, few X lenses OIS
    2) Fujifilm – 18F2p, 35f1.4p, 60f2.4m (all metal built)
    3) Samsung – 20f2.8p, 30f2p, 60f2.8m (is alot lenses)
    4) Olympus – 25f2.8p, 30f3.5m, few zoom lenses
    5) Nikon – 10f2.8, 1030f3.5, 2 zoom lenses
    6) Pentax – 5Q lenses
    7) Sony – 1855, 30f3.5m, 50f1.8O, 22210 (0 pancake)

    low light High ISO Performance: (Dxomark)
    1) Fujifilm – X-Pro1 ??? (par with D700)
    2) Sony – Nex7/5n – 1016/1079
    3) Samsung – NX200 – ???
    4) Nikon – Nikon1 – 346/372
    5) Panasonic – GH2/GX1 – 655/701
    6) Olympus – EPL3/OME – 499/??? (expected lose to nex7/5n)
    7) Pentax – PentaxQ – 189

    View Finder technology:
    1) Fujifilm – XPro1 – EVF+OVF
    2) Sony -Nex7 -EVF 2.4Mp
    3) olympus – OME 1.44M
    4) No need to mention for the rest :)

    Video Recording Spec:
    1) Sony – Nex7/5n AVCHD 2.0 1080p60 28Mbps
    2) Panasonic – GH2 (hacked) -1080p60/50p/30p/24p25p 144Mbps
    3) Nikon – Nikon1V -1080p60 and 1200fps Slomo in small resolution
    4) Fujifilm/Samsung/Panasonic – XPro1/NX200/GX1 – 1080p24/30

    Auto Focus/fps technology:
    1) Sony – Nex7 -10fps 24MP -CDAF/PDAF with LE-EA2
    2) Nikon – Nikon1V -CDAF+PDAF (small sensor tend to fast focus :)
    3) Olympus – OME -hybird AF (fixed sensor AF)
    4) The rest CDAF

    Price wise (top most expensive)
    1) Fujifilm -XPro1 $1699
    2) Sony -Nex7/5n $1299/699
    3) Olympus -OMD $1199 price yet to annouce :)
    4) Panasonic -Gh2 $975 with 14-42mm
    5) Pentax -PentaxQ $799
    6) Samsung -NX200 $899 with 18-55mm
    7) Panasonic -GX1 $699
    8) Nikon -Nikon1 $846 with 10-30mm

    • Nick

      Sorry what?

      • matt

        gh2 doesn´t record 1080/60p

        • RichA

          Hacked he meant.

      • Daemonius

        You are wrong about few things.

        Sony 16mm f2.8 – is what? Not pancake? :D

        Ricoh GXR M-mount is regular mirrorless, with optional EVF and focus peaking in few variations. From pure IQ part, it wipes floor with every mirrorless.. maybe except NEX-7 (but using M-lens on that isnt unfortunately that easy as on NEX-5N). If they release newer 16 mpix Sony APS-C based version.. well that will be something.

        Samsung does have EVF only in older models, so unfortunately no for NX200. Not that much issue as is lack of focus peaking (for me). Tho native lens are pretty good and actually not much need for other lens as with Sony.

        EVFs in older Samsung are I think OLEDs. And back LCDs are AMOLED. Btw. AMOLED on NX200 is really impressive. That should be on more mirrorless (I think EP-3 does have one too?).

        What they use as AF system, no idea, but its fast and accurate.

        Samsung real issue is non-existent marketing (and in case of NX200 – lack of EVF and focus peaking). Otherwise, its near perfect system.

    • V4Vendetta

      D700 not; D7000

      • BLI

        Some testers indicate the X-Pro 1 sensor exceeds the D700/D3 and the 5Dii sensors in quality.

        • Antoine

          Where? Any url link by any chance?

        • Nothing concrete yet save for marketing hype and limited data released on the net. Wait for indepth review before concluding

    • BLI

      Lens lineup lacks several of the m43 top lenses.

    • Lenses Lineup
      1) Panasonic – 25 f1.4, few X lenses OIS
      2) Fujifilm – 18F2p, 35f1.4p, 60f2.4m (all metal built)
      3) Samsung – 20f2.8p, 30f2p, 60f2.8m (is alot lenses)
      4) Olympus – 25f2.8p, 30f3.5m, few zoom lenses
      5) Nikon – 10f2.8, 1030f3.5, 2 zoom lenses
      6) Pentax – 5Q lenses
      7) Sony – 1855, 30f3.5m, 50f1.8O, 22210 (0 pancake)

      Not comprehensive enough.

      Panny has 20mm 1.7, Olympus has 12mmF2 , 45m1.8…

      Nex has a 16mm2.8 pancake , a CZ 24mm1.8, 18-200 and 55-200..

  • It’s not the E-P3 grip. It’s clearly visible in the leaked picture above that the leatherette-covered body curves out in an integrated grip.

    • Ross

      It’s looking good to me (as one who still uses an E30 with grip).

      • Yeah, looks much better than the grip on the E-P1 and the E-P3.

        • stickytape

          Might be a good grip ergonomically, but at the moment, that curve looks horrible aesthetically.

    • MJr

      I was hoping it would be removable/interchangeable, looks like it’s not.

  • onlyme

    If this camera is part of the “new product line” that Olympus spoke of can we expect other cameras in the OM “line” this year or will there be just one OM camera that will be refreshed every year or two?

    • admin

      I don’t know it yet. But I am sure Olympus is working on new more advanced OM cameras right now.

      • Sun

        hope for modular camera (Olympus-Modular-Digital)= OM-D

        • The Real Stig

          You might have something. What if the sensor and processing engine were contained on a replaceable module?

          • MJr

            And EVF please, don’t wanna be stuck with the same EVF when you can upgrade all the rest. But no i wouldn’t bet on anything modular. Not even the grip apparently.

      • Rich

        How about a more dumbed down version too, with an add-on shutter speed selector – a modern OM10? lol

  • MacroFan

    Just gets more exciting each day!!!

    Thanks Admin

  • TheEye

    *nom nom nom*

    OM-D is still pasted-in.

    • frank

      pasted in for sure! +1

  • Martin

    the OM-D text looks faked.

    What credit remains for the rest of the picture then?

    I believe, when I see the whole thing.

    • admin

      The pictures are real. other soruces confirmed it.

      • Berneck

        This has to be Olympus piecing this out to build excitement, OR we’re being punk’d! LOL

        For now, I still believe that this is it, only because of Admin’s track record. I trust him….

        If this is in fact real, then these aren’t “leaked” photos, these are simply a controlled PR stunt. Which is working by the way! I don’t recall m43 getting so many comments in the past…

      • Steve

        Lettering hasn’t been pasted on at the correct angle and looks more pixelated than the rest of the image. Top right corner looks fake too because the shadows and edges don’t look right.

    • Ross

      Yes, the OM-D is most likely photoshopped in because this would be a photo of a prototype plus the actual model name might also be OM-D5 (as rumoured from some other source) & I think this is going to shape to be a very desirable camera. I might even be persuaded to buy one when funds can stretch that far.

      • admin

        no photoshop.

        • TheEye

          A browser-based photo editor perhaps? ;)

        • Ross

          Thanks admin, but it doesn’t matter either way to me. The OM-D lettering didn’t seem to be as good a resloution as the rest of the photo, but I’m still getting excited over this model like I haven’t been before (over last years models etc).

      • I guess the realy name is E-OM1 ;-)

        • admin

          I have been told there is an “E” somewhere :)

          • I reckon it’s E-M1! If you brighten the image you can see evidence of photoshopping around the letters. They also blacked out the other dials so you couldn’t see what they did!

            • MJr

              Product images are always photoshopped, real or not. Removing imperfections, brightening shadows and logos, and even sticking on different lenses etc. These days a lot of them are not even photos at all.

            • Gabriel

              There must be letter ‘X’ somewhere and the digit ‘1’ like all new mirrorless camera ;) OM1-XD ? OEM-X1-Pro ? OM-EX1 ?

            • rrr_hhh

              Certainly not E-M1! Or they would be sued by Leica ! This is the Very reason why the OM series were named so, they were named M at the beginning but had to change to OM due to Leica threats to sue them.

              • MJr

                I’d say E-M1 differs as much from M1 as OM1 does.

          • Boooo!

            Hopefully not E-7, because that would totally suck :(

            I want a real E-7, not a retro toy :(

          • Mr. Reeee


            with a click-click here
            and a click-click there
            here a click
            there a click
            everywhere a click-click
            Old Olympus had a …


        • MJr

          It’d be fun if they would continue where they left off, meaning it would have OM-5 in there somewhere.

  • Rich

    Very clever Olympus marketing department; give us the camera piece by piece like a jigsaw!

    • zinanga


  • Olympus is going about their leaks in a nice way. Tiny pieces at a time, slowely building up the hype. I would say their marketing strategy is coming along nicely.

    Still looking very interesting. Not much else to say, really.

    • There’s a lot more to marketing than advertising. Marketing’s job is to figure out what the customer wants now, and anticipate what they’ll want in the future. Then they have to communicate that to engineering, and also work with engineering through the development cycle to keep thing on track. This is complicated by the fact that engineers look upon marketers as interfering busybodies who get in the way of them doing their jobs.

      • JimD

        Yes you are right they do get in the way, but less so than the bean counters.

      • Of course. My sister is a constructional engineer, she says the same thing about architects.

      • Jonko

        As an engineer, let me say I haven’t had the best experiences with my company’s marketing department, and I know that is pretty much par for the course. The marketing department tends to ignore what the engineers can/can’t do, and tell clients what they want to hear regardless; then, when it can’t be delivered, they blame the engineering department.

        I can guarantee this happens a lot with camera companies and these type of products.

  • Since we can see a protrusion for the mount, the camera body (excluding mount) must either be slimmer than the E-Px or the camera is thicker over the mount. I suppose the latter is more probable, since the tilt screen will add some thickness.

    • Ross

      I don’t believe we know what battery it uses yet, but I hope it’s the BLM-5 & that would require a thicker body perhaps. I’m also hoping there will be a battery grip too. I guess I will find out soon enough.

      • Well, we seem to know that the battery + card weigh 52 gram. A BLM-1 weighs 77 gram.

        • OK BLM-5 battery is only for FT series. ;-)

        • Ross

          Thanks, I did read the weight with & without (previously) & I should have checked the battery weights before wishing for something that won’t be.

      • I also hope the. ;-)

  • nobody

    “What’s the definitive name of the camera?”

    Maybe it’s just OM-D for now? And the successor will be called Mark II? Just like Canon did with their EOS 1D and 1Ds cameras?

  • There seems to be a strange gap between the mount box and the finder hump. I wonder why…

    • Could it be that the EVF part ist tiltable, like the VF-2? It certainly looks that way.

      • Or maybe collapsible, to make it more pocketable?

      • JimD

        Maybe the EVF lcd is flat to the body with prism and waist level finders available! but then why a tilt screen

    • Miroslav

      Maybe the flash is raised?

    • MJr

      There’s no gap ..

    • safaridon

      Very strange. In this picture there doesn’t even appear to be an EVF or viewfinder? Looks like just a part of the OM-D before it has been fully assembled or EVF added to the mid section? Unless I am seeing a different picture than others are getting I can’t see how anyone is seeing the EVF? Maybe the revolutionary part is the inbody EVF is removeable ie modular?

      What hump, I am seeing a rectangular hole?

  • prefer xpro1 leak, 1st with full spec list, then follow by whole picture :D

  • Miroslav

    The grip looks like Samsung NX100 – not much to put fingers around :(.

    Now, where’s that guy that stitched previously leaked images? I want to see this part added :).

  • Mal

    … three main questions:
    3) Does it do PDAF?

    • admin

      right! That I should add!

      • bilgy_no1

        Or any other solution for using the excellent 4/3 lenses on m4/3 cameras (PDAF adapter would be fine with me)…

        Just to keep repeating it until they hear it…

        • Only four people in the world care, and they’re all in this thread. Olympus should just tell you the answer (which is “We already have an adapter for that.”)

          • Mr. Reeee

            At least the pages won’t stick together! ;-)

            • Olaf

              Do you really think so? At least there are 5 in this thread right now that would appreciate 4/3 lens compatibility. And probably a lot of other owners of 4/3 lenses out there that want to use their superior lenses on a new better body.

              • blohum

                I’ll put my voice down as #6

              • Nathan

                Number 7

              • And #8. The FT lenses are amazing and only make MFT better, but the FT autofocus needs some TLC. Fingers crossed.

                • mooboy

                  Sorry Olaf, blohum, Nathan and occam… you were the 4 Ranger 9 was talking about :)

                  I’d much rather Olympus put out a better PDAF adaptor for you guys like Sony and Nikon have, than add to O-MDs size, cost, complexity etc. And if it could be made to work with any m43 camera, that’s a win for you as well.

              • mclarenf3

                Yep, until they are able to make fast zoom lenses like the Olympus HG and SHG lenses, I will want PDAF focus abilities on u43 cameras.

              • JimD

                And me. must be able to use my 12-60 4/3

          • bilgy_no1

            Believe it or not, but there are plenty people out there who once bought an E-520, E-620 or E-30 and added several HG ZD lenses: 14-54, 50-200, 50mm, 11-22, 7-14. All these lenses are excellent in optical terms and deserve an up-to-date camera.

            Maybe four of these people bought an E-5 for that purpose, but for most of them that camera is way too much (size, weight and money). The PENs don’t offer the full package yet to make using those lenses as natural as on the E-system bodies I mentioned above.

            And no, the MMF-1 adapter is not the solution. Believe me: I have it, it works, but it’s not enough. Olympus could just make a weather sealed MMF-3 adapter with PDAF tech inside (or some other kind of hybrid AF solution). That, with the OM-D would provide a much more feasible solution than a PEN with MMF-1.

            Finally, Olympus has promised us ‘One beautiful system’. With this OM-D and a good PDAF solution, they will deliver…

            • That just won’t happen.

              • MJr

                Why not, it happened with Sony.

                • Mr. Reeee

                  Yes, Sony made A-series lenses compatible with NEX cameras with a $200 adaptor. AF works at full NEX speed (ha ha).

                  No one is negating the desire or need for full 4/3 lens compatibility on M4/3 bodies. Building full 4/3 lens compatibility in to M4/3 bodies WILL add complexity and expense and most likely bulk and weight. But, it makes no sense to compromise the M4/3 system cameras’ main advantages of small size/low weight adding 4/3 lens compatibility for a minority of users, when an adaptor will serve the purpose.

                  The real and most sensible solution for 4/3 users is simple: update the current 4/3 to M4/3 adaptors so that they can focus at current M4/3 focus speeds! The current 4/3 to M4/3 adaptors are a joke.

                  And yes, the Sony A-series to NEX adaptor works quite well.

                  • MJr

                    Yes, a new adapter, that was the point.

          • Melvin

            This looks like a great cam. New sensor, fast focus. If the camera cannot focus 4/3rds lenses quickly, I won’t buy it. For me this is the most important feature. Otherwise I can also buy GH3 which will probably have better video performance.

            OM-D looks very promising

          • Miroslav

            …and besides, this is digital OM, so they should first make an adapter that enables AF on OM lenses ;).

  • cbr09

    What is the lens mounted. Looks like ??mm/0.??.

    Could that be a faster than f1 lens or is that something other than the f-number?

    • It’s the focusing distance in meters/feet. But it’s not printed in the same spot as on the 12 and 45 mm lenses that I have. Maybe the 12-50 is different?

    • simon

      Probably minimum focus distance: 0.xx m / 0.xx ft

    • Digifan

      The lens is the base of the 12-50mm where it says 0.35m/0.98ft-∞ then you get the RED DOT of Lens alignment and then MACRO 0.2-0.5m/0.xx-1xxft.
      I think it’s the MACRO text part.

    • rrr_hhh

      May be just the close focusing distance ?

  • Why do we need a mode dial? My camera is in aperture priority nintey five percent of the time.

    I would prefer to have another direct control, of shutter speed or aperture, exposure compensation and iso selection. I think the Sony concept of tri navigation wheels is a fantastic move forward.

    I love the leaks… My investment into micro four thirds now seems to be a very good choice… Can’t wait to have one in my hands…

    • ditto.

    • Ross

      “Why do we need a mode dial? My camera is in aperture priority nintey five percent of the time.”

      Maybe to get bumped like it occasionally does on my E30. I guess it will cater to less than professionals too, similar to how the E30 was designed.

      BTW, it’s good to see another Aussie enjoying Olympus stuff.

      • Hey nice to meet you Ross…

        I am showing lots of photographs taken with a Pen at the Mercure Sydney Potts Point for the next three months… you should drop in and check them out… Opening tomorrow night at six if you want to say hello…

        • I might come by and check it out too :)

        • Ross

          Thanks Len. If I don’t get down there I should at least see you in August when you’re at our Mountains club.

      • mooboy

        Another Aus here who doesn’t like mode dials. I tend to switch from A and M mode a bit, but much prefer the system on the Nikon D700… Have a few buttons on top for Mode, WB, ISO, etc, and change settings by holding one down and then using main thumb wheel. I remember when I first got it it threw me for about 10 seconds, then I fell in love with this control system.

    • bilgy_no1

      “Why do we need a mode dial? My camera is in aperture priority nintey five percent of the time.”

      I think that (or P-Mode or S-Mode) is true for most photographers. The only reason a camera needs it is that lots of people will b!tch about it. Look at the discussion of the GF2 and the lack of the mode dial…

      • TomR

        But the good news is that the mode dial is not taking up prime real estate on the side of the shutter release.

      • rrr_hhh

        When you don’t use the fancy scene modes, you need to change from shutter priority to aperture priority quickly, even if most of the time you are shooting in aperture priority, there re situation where the speed is more important, when you want to freeze movement or when you want motion blur.

    • “Why do we need a mode dial? My camera is in aperture priority nintey five percent of the time.”

      Possibly because other people work differently from you?

      I’m about 50% M, 30% A, 15% P, 5% other, and I switch back and forth a lot. The mode dial is the control I use the most often by far.

      • Bob B.

        WOW….so I guess you take notes each time you take a picture so that you can keep up on your percentages. Amazing. Simply AMAZING. Thanks for keeping us informed.

        • mooboy

          Although I don’t agree with Rangder 9’s conclusion (we hates the mode dial) in his defense I’m sure he has a rough idea in his mind about his usage. Or, if he really wanted to, it’s not that hard to pull out all the EXIF data from his photo library and report on all kind of stats.

      • Mr. Reeee


        I don’t track my percentages, but keep my camera in M mode the majority of the time. Sometimes use A, rarely S and iAuto and never use P. I certainly wouldn’t want to lose a dedicated Mode dial, that’s for sure.

        Unlike the NEX-7 dials, I prefer clearly defined and labeled controls.

        • I have never touched “P”. Wouldn’t even know what it does. Always in M or A and if I’m in a rush iAuto.

  • Brod1er

    The suspense is killing me. Even once this is out there is the GH3 to look forward to. Then there are those f2.? zooms too. I don’t need a crystal ball to see that 2012 is going to be a great year.

  • Admin., I bet you have the whole picture already! ;-)

    • admin

      No, I wish I could have them :(

  • L.S

    Dear Admin
    If I may correct you there are 3 MAIN questioned left to be answered.
    The first 2 questions you have mentioned and THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION … 4\3 COMPATIBILITY !!!
    If the OM-D will not FULL solution to all 4/3 lenses and including the SWD lenses I think Olympus will lose a lot of its credabilty.

    Thanks …

    • Dude, 4/3 is dead. Fullstop.

      But you’ll probably be able to use your lenses with an adaptor.

      • bilgy_no1

        Yes, there already is an MMF-1 adapter, that even allows AF with 4/3 lenses. But the problem is that the most interesting lenses only focus very slowly, because they were not built for CDAF.

        What a lot of people want, is to have a solution for using 4/3 lenses with fast AF on the new bodies. This weather sealed OM-D would be a perfect match for a lens like the 14-54mm or the other HG weather sealed lenses. That way, everyone is happy:

        – people who invested in those lenses can use them with up-to-date camera
        – Olympus is more likely to sell this camera to existing 4/3 users who have been sitting on the fence
        – Olympus gets to market its camera with a more complete set of lenses, which will help it sell more cameras.
        – Olympus even gets to make money on selling a PDAF-adapter like the Sony one (or use it as a gift to sell more cameras, like they did in 2010 in Europe)

        • Boooo!

          “What a lot of people want, is to have a solution for using 4/3 lenses with fast AF on the new bodies. This weather sealed OM-D would be a perfect match for a lens like the 14-54mm or the other HG weather sealed lenses.”

          No way…

          The body is going to be too small to comfortably use HG or SHG lenses on it. If this camera has some kind of PDAF, that would probably mean it’s the E-5 successor Terada talked about, and that would be absolutely horrible. The OM-D is small and I can’t even begin to imagine how bad it would be to use a simple 12-60 on it – the lens is heavier than the camera, so it would be a catastrophe.

          • Rchard

            Hmm, my ZD 150/2.0 is almost twice as heavy as my E-3. I don’t se that as a catastrophe. The 300/2.8 and the 90-250/2.8 is almost twice as heavy as the 150/2.0.

            • Esa Tuunanen

              E-3 and E-30 have proper grip and ergonomy which is something m4/3 lacks totally as even GH2 makes Canon’s entry level DSLR feel ergonomically good.

            • Easy no probleme E-7 coming later, maybe next year and good time after GH3.

          • flash

            You can add the big grip and optional batteries to it. That will make it bigger. Like you can do by adding the autowinder etc. to the OM-4

          • A catastophe, really, come on most telephoto lens are heavier than the camera bodys. In the film days my 135 FD ƒ2.5 weighed as much as my FTb anything beyond that weighed more. What did we do? Uhm, held the lens you know where we had direct access to ‘analog’ focus and aperture controls while the right hand fell quite nicely on the thumbgrip oh right film advance. right thumb and forefinger, easily turning the shutter speed dial (except of course OMs). Seriously i generally held my camera in my left hand by the lens barrel as much as with my right. Sheesh

            • Boooo!

              A quick Google search tells me this:

              135mm FD f/2.5: 395g
              Canon FTb: 750g

              Maybe Google is wrong, or maybe memories of the past seem more rosey than they are ;)

              Anyway, the moment a lens is heavier than the body, you get in trouble, because the lens tilts the body to the ground and the centre of mass is moved outside the camera body as heavy lenses tend to be longish (a slab of lead wouldn’t cause problems). Tilting introduces wrist strain and pain.

              It’s fine when you keep holding the camera with both hands for shooting, but once you wear the camera around your neck or hold it in one hand when walking around, things become really bad.

              I don’t know about other people, but I don’t like my camera in a bag when I’m out shooting. I like to carry it in my hand. Only my E-3 is capable of letting me walk with a 12-60 mounted – my E-510 is too light and doesn’t have a large enough grip. The OM-D is smaller than the E-510 and has a smaller grip. Figure out the rest.

        • The solution is out there, just that its not perfect. The 4/3 lens are different in nature, unless Oly releases a dual mount system, you wont get a perfect compatibility use for 4/3 lens.

          • bilgy_no1

            MMF-1 is far from perfect. And I’m not asking for the perfect solution. Even a PDAF adapter, such as Sony already has, would be better.

          • Esa Tuunanen

            Modular dual mount would be needed only for dragging along that hundred years old prism viewfinder.
            SLR design has focus sensor separately only because analog film excluded putting it to focal plane.

            But like with Panasonic’s mostly substandard performing sensors you no doubt want to keep Olympus out of developing what probably every DSLR maker is trying to achieve to lessen mechanical complexity.

        • Mr. Reeee

          Like it or not, 4/3 is kind of a dead-end at this point. Built-in support to use 4/3 lenses at full M4/3 speed would be fine, as long as it doesn’t compromise the size and weight advantage of M4/3 OR drive up the cost. If it DID make the camera bigger, heavier and more costly it would be detrimental to the system, simply to support a minority of users who already have access to a fine camera that supports their lenses, the E-5.

          The best bet for the system would be for Olympus to release a new 4/3 to M4/3 lens adaptor that could bring focus and exposure speed for their 4/3 lenses up to M4/3 levels. Sony has already demonstrated this with an A-mount to NEX adaptor. Yes, it is big and a bit expensive @ $200, which is about the same as a high-quality M4/3 lens adaptor, but it works and quite impressively. A few months ago I was able to try one briefly at B&H when a Sony rep let me try his NEX-7.

          • Esa Tuunanen

            That hybrid AF sure made Nikon 1 bodies so huge…

            And I suppose according to you m4/3 already has better working moving target tracking and focusing than all other cameras and doesn’t need anything to help trial and error contrast AF.

            • Mang

              As long as the E system isn’t losing money for Olympus, it won’t be going anywhere. The more these camera companies can do, the stronger their position. Even though there are fewer professionals using Oly than the big 2, it’s a segment that I can’t imagine Oly would be comfortable forfeiting outright.

            • Mr. Reeee

              HUH? I never said a word about AF tracking and the like, which do need improvement.

              I mentioned that rather than trying a kitchen sink approach and building non-native lens support into M4/3 bodies… something that a minority of users will want or need… that improving the 4/3 to M4/3 lens adaptor is a more sensible approach.

    • Neonart


      GET AN E5.

      • bilgy_no1

        Sorry, but that’s no solution. E-5 is a good option for people who once bought an E-3. But for someone who bought an E-620 or E-520 and added the 14-54mm and 50-200mm, that’s not a real option: too big, too heavy, too expensive.

  • Alan Baxter

    There is no bit of an OM1, OM2 or OM4 that looks anything like that.

    • Digifan

      Yes there is. Look at de curve of the mount area.

  • Good Morning Admin, can admit it…. you already have a picture oft the whole OM-D…but you want to do it like the German Bundespräsident… slice for slice.. to keep the attention :)

    • admin

      I am following the full Bundespräsident since weeks. Wondering when he will resign :)
      I understand that you think that I am doing those small leaks for purpose. I would probably believe the same if I would be a reader only. But no really, I don’t have them. My guess is that somebody wants me to publish small pieces only. If I would have the full picture I would post it now for the sole reason that otherwise I would risk other websites to post it instead of me.

      • bilgy_no1

        You know what’s frustrating: DPR and other review sites already have this thing in the office so that they can publish articles on the day of the release. The camera is also probably in full production, and Olympus are mostly working on marketing issues right now.

        So quite a few people can already tell us everything about the camera that we want to know…

        • Duarte Bruno

          Only they can’t legally talk about it…

          • bilgy_no1

            People can drop information here anonymously…

        • Mr. Reeee

          If you want to risk your job and legal action by breaking a non-disclosure agreement, then go for it. Fan appreciation should pay the rent and cover your legal fees, right?

          • bilgy_no1

            That’s right!!! ;-)

  • Anonymous

    Hey Olympus, give us a metal top on this new model, what I’ve seen until now looks like the average cheapo-chino plastic box – it’s not enough to just stick the letters “OM” on it to make it a decent descendant of a legendary product :(

    • Didn’t the E-Px have a metal top?

      • safaridon

        Yes, thin aluminum but nothing like the durable stainless steel clad skin on its sides.

  • Sorry all 43 owners, but that system will not develop in the future. It failed as it provided no added value compared to APS-C – but always has the fact of having a sensor half sized compared to APS-C.
    m43 has the same downside, but is smaller, lighter and cheaper.
    “Survival of the fittest” in the photo industry.
    What you can hope for is an intelligent adapter similar to what Sony did – and you can use all your excellent, heavy and expensive lenses on m43 cameras.

    • Ditto…

    • Berneck

      I thought 43 is half the size of FF….

      • Digifan

        Well 43 is a quarter the area/cm2 of FF, it’s halve the diameter of FF.
        43 is more than halve the cm2 than APS-C and >3/4 of the diameter.
        43rds is closer to APS-C than Nikon 1 is to 43sensors
        The new Canon sensor on the G1X is almost the same as 43.
        a nice comparison

        • Berneck1

          Ahh, ok. That makes sense. Thanks for the explanation….

    • bilgy_no1

      “What you can hope for is an intelligent adapter similar to what Sony did – and you can use all your excellent, heavy and expensive lenses on m43 cameras.”

      I’d be happy with that…

    • “Sorry all 43 owners, but that system will not develop in the future. It failed as it provided no added value compared to APS-C – but always has the fact of having a sensor half sized compared to APS-C.”


      Well, seems you never have been shooting with an E-1/E3/E-30/E-5 and HG or SHG Zuikos, otherwise you wouldn’t make such a claim.

    • Frederic Hew

      Actually many 43 lenses are better value than m43 lenses, especially considering the superior optic and build quality :)

    • Mang

      The E system is an excellent one for a variety of professional applications. There are a lot of us making a living from photography who find the optics and build quality of the E system way more important in our work than sensor size alone. Oly isn’t going to abandon a still profitable E system (the system that gives them some inkling of pro-credibility) just because the masses are pining for m4/3.

  • chris

    Hi there,

    is there already any information about the size and weight of this camera? Will it be much bigger/heavier than an e-p3?

    • Size leaked: width 121mm
      Weight leaked: 425g with the Li-ion battery and a memory card, 373g without them

    • Same width, around 40 g heavier. Probably somewhat thicker and most certainly a bit higher.

      • Riley

        has anyone got the scales to weigh a BLM1
        no drug dealers please :)

        • Boooo!


  • TheEye

    121 mm width is tiny. As long as camera joshi are foiled by the thumb rest, all is well. :-P

    • chris

      Thank you guys.

      This really is exciting… :)
      Could be the final impulse for me to change from Canon to m43. Mostly because af the small size and weight.


      • Same here. As much as I love my 7D it’s just too big. I’m not a pro and never will be, so size is more relevant as I will use a smaller camera much more quickly than the big DSLR. I still care about aspects such as build quality and control dials, and this looks like it might just be a very nice alternative to my 7D.

        • Rich

          My 50D and various lenses have already gone. It was getting too much weight on long walks – especially when my G3 started coming out more and more instead. I got the G3 because I thought nothing like this new OM-D would never arrive – maybe in a few months it will have a new friend…

          • My wife just started laughing when I told her I wanted to take a step back in size. I guess she remembered that two years ago I wanted to get something bigger and better built (my current 7D). But what I really want is a ‘user’. A camera that is tough and can be easily carried. The Leica M was always the only choice available that fit what I was looking for. Now with the Fuji and this OM-D, there are more alternatives, and I think the OM-D might just have the best price/performance/versatility combination.

    • It’s pretty much the same as the E-P3, which I think already has a nice size. If it’s a bit thicker and higher it will be a really fine camera. Compact, but still something that is nice to hold. The thumb rest is certainly a great feature for added stability.

  • L.S

    Dear Admin

    Do you agree with my comment on the 3rd question needs to be answered or should I give it up surrender and change exciting 4/3 rumors with boring E bay ?

    • admin

      Yep! Agree! I know there is an adpater. But I don’t know what it does yet :(

      • bilgy_no1

        HOPES UP!!!

    • TheEye

      EDIT: Apologies, this reply was for forbes one post above!

      My E-602 is 130 mm wide, which is smallish but okay. However, I have the battery grip permanently attached. The OM-X looks like it may handle fine, certainly for horizontals due to the prominent thumb rest, but there will hopefully be a battery grip with controls for additional convenience.

  • Really liking the carbon fibre overing, maybe Olympus have been looking through my gear gallery and seen my Pentax ME! hehe

  • kyle

    Here a little dirty photoshop montage of the 2 leaked pics just for fun !
    Hope this camera can focus with good speed with my 50-200 swd.

    • admin

      That’s cool! Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      excellent work kyle, now I could make sense of it, thanks.

    • MJr

      That’s funny i did that too, but with more perspective correction :)

    • Miroslav

      Excellent, thanks!
      Now we see there’s the same E-P1/2/3 grip :(. Hopefully, the finished product has less 43rumors branding ;).

      • nicwalmsley

        MJr, can you explain what is happening on the right hand edge of the image – above the lens mount. The shapes don’t make sense to me.

        The line above the OM-D ends abruptly. The top plate from the left edge ends at the same point, above the top plate that is above the mount. This leaves a gap of sorts.

        Right next to that is the lighter shade of the protrusion above the lens mount – to my eyes it’s curved. Nothing like a pyramid.

        • MJr

          Yes i don’t doubt it’s got curves. Have you looked at the OM-4 ? I can see the mount-box, the minimum focus distance on the lens, and where the ‘pyramid’ starts to shape up. Maybe even a little bit of a screw there in about the same place as the OM-4. Image a pyramid with the edges of the bottom corners filed down to a nice curve. It looks like they did very well to modernize it just enough with a few curves in the right places, while the classic OM shape is still there.

          • nicwalmsley

            OK thanks. That linked helped, the 4 does have a similar(ish) edge. I’m still struggling to understand the slight overhang of the top plate coming from the left hand side, and the way it joins up with the curved piece coming from the lens mount. But that says more about my visual imagination – which is why I asked you.

            • MJr

              Well that’s the thing, there are many ways to imagine it because there are many ways to do it, and we won’t know which it is until we see it in about two weeks or before. It seems to me that the grip is already starting to curve back towards the body, and will then meet up with the rim on the left. The overhang of the pyramid seems to be resting on the box around the mount so to say. I don’t think text can explain it.

    • Berneck

      Nicely done! I have to say, it’s starting to look like a really nice camera, at least as far as aesthetics are concerned. It really could be an OMG moment….

      However, I am quite an impatient person, and I’m really getting annoyed at these little pieces….LOL

  • Yun

    Another nice potion of photo !
    It all suggest the new Olympus camera will have winning design of all the current cameras . Beautiful camera !
    Wondering if the new cam can cope with desirable image quality as expected .

  • Jón

    A bit bored at work, so I made this, very quick’n dirty:

    Olympus marketing is using the old tease method, I see. :)

  • Heh, I have my own version of the combined photos…

  • stickytape

    If it’s being formally announced in early February, when will it be available for purchase?

    • modsnrockers

      “It looks like the OM-D was photoshopped in, but 43rumors claims it wasn’t.”

      43 rumour does not say that.

    • End of march, they say.

  • anyone noticed the shutter ring looks different in both leaked closeups?

    • MJr

      Yes, this image is shown closer and from a lower angle, making it look thicker. Also i think the dial around the shutter angles inwards like a volcano, which is why the inner circle looks recessed from this angle.

  • I tried to correct the perspective a little.
    It’s not that great… but it sure is better than nothing:

    Edit: Damn… Jon was a little faster than I was :D
    Edit2: ohh and a couple others as well… mhh… never mind :D

  • Bluebox10

    Looks strange. The text is flat, the camera is shot at an angle. It does not add up.

    And why oh why should someone send you piece after piece? If he/she has acces to an image, why not just send the entire image or at least a portion that gives a good impression of the camera? I don’t get it.

    That said, IF all info is correct, it might be a nice enough camera to forget about the rest of the competition :-)

    • Duarte Bruno

      Yup, You’re pretty much right!
      That OM-D label is not real.

  • Hojk

    by any chance… do you receive those pictures from ? :)

    • Maybe that 8 February. :-)

  • goffen

    The two pieces seems to be of to different bodies. (Might be two prototypes with different finish.)

    Examine the edge right above the OM-D letters. The second has two distinct lines, whereas the first one seems a bit more rounded. I doubt you can get this effect by just changing the angle of view and the light.


    • Peter

      I would guess that they aren’t photos at all, just two different renderings, and quick&dirty ones too.

  • Keith

    If this is the same size a a classic 70s SLR then why don’t they use a mirror and have a nice optical viewfinder !
    Seems pointless to put a dvf in when there is room for a ovf and mirror!!!

    • Balthier Bunansa

      because in classic slr you had the shutter curtain and then film, here you have electronics that are thicker than shutter curtain and film, it wouldn’t fit in the same size body as classic slr

      • Keith

        Yes, you are correct. The shutter curtain + film would be a few mm thick. Thesensor and AA filter and dust shaker are probably 10mm thick. But the distance from the rear lens element and the plane of focus is much narrower than 35mm

        Id hazard a guess they could make it work with a 35mm classic slr depth body…

    • It will be narrower and thinner than a 70s SLR.

      • Balthier Bunansa

        @ Agent00soul – yes, because of no mirror. Keith asked why not mirror and optical viewfinder

    • Nawaf

      Won’t that defeat the point of a mirrorless camera?

      • Keith

        Exactly – the point of mirrorless is to save space. This thing looks like it will be as big as a SLR!

  • I agree that this is a planned release. A car company did the same thing a number of years ago where they showed a fender and then a bumper, etc. it does seem to be working though getting us all to comment and speculate on the final appearance on the camera.

    • It was not just anumber of years ago. It happens all the time. Like the new Dodge Dart for instance.

  • io

    I was very skeptical about the sensor, but I’ve read on spanish web quesabesde that there are rumors about Sony making 4/3 sensors for Olympus.,1_8416

    Hope it’s true!

    • Leave a reply

      That would be great!

      • DC

        +1. That is great!

    • The rumors come after Sony will buy share in Olympus, more so 0,03% the have.!

    • nobody

      How would a possible future collaboration of Oly with Sony have any impact on the sensor in the OM-D that is supposed to be announced two weeks from now???

    • Now, that would be some really interesting news.

    • rrr_hhh

      We are running in circles : I have read that article and the only source quoted is 43rumors !

  • Vivek

    Admin: It is not your fault. You are doing a great job.

    But, these are getting to be boring.

    Where is the beef? Kobe or otherwise. ;)

  • The camera must have been in full production for a while now, if it’s going to be in the shops in late March.

  • JesperMP

    It looks sexy, BUT ….. I question the ergonomics.

    The trigger button is awkardly positioned somewhat away from the front of the body, due to the position in the middle of a dial.
    There is no real grip. The wedge-shape of the body reminds of Samsung NX200 (which I really dislike).
    These two things spell “finger cramps” after prolonged use.
    Olympus, you make good looking camearas based on legacy cameras, PEN and OM, but I think it would be better to start with a clean slate.
    For a pro camera, retro looks are irrelevant.

  • Olympus Fan

    Since there are some many posts, I may have missed it. I have a feeling the 2 wheels are actually the command dials/ multi purpose dials.

  • admin,
    you are weird, 1st you shared 1st image leak, then told us the name will not be OMD, then share again the image leak with name of OMD :D contradict?!! what is the point? lol…

    • Maybe all models in the OM-D system will have the OM-D logo on the front? My Pen doesn’t say E-P1 on the front.

  • The Real Stig

    Has anyone looked at that metal ring below the Shutter button/dial? It is not the same diameter as the dial above it and it is off-centre in relation to the axis of rotation of that dial. The part of the image below this ring appears to have been altered – probably to hide the fact of a second control wheel being associated with this metal ring and below the other.

    If you run any of the composite images, Like Mr J’s, through Photoshops emboss filter, you will see what I mean.

    • Riley

      very very good
      that makes this much clearer

      • Geoff

        I like your explanation but you seem to forget that the composite image you are using consists of two images taken from differing horizontal and vertical axis, therefore causing a certain level of distortion which compromises your train of thought.

        • The Real Stig

          I haven’t forgotten anything. The effect is valid for both of the original images on their own. In Particular, with the second image the embossing hints at vertical striations on what I hypothesised to be a second dial. I suspect it was blurred out or similar. The shopping in of the OM-D lettering becomes painfully obvious as well.

          I suspect this camera is certainly not called OM-D. I could hope for DM-1 – Digital Modular 1. Given the 40th anniversary of the OM series, this could be considered apropos vis a vis the OM-1 if one were to forget about the M1 for a moment.

          My train of thought is not compromised, it is perfectly fine. It could however be pursuing a red herring. ;)

          • admin

            I have seen so many tests, “proves”, photoshop trick explanation any time I posted an image leak. I should record all this comments and you would be surprised how many times people is screming I know it’s fake! :)

            • MJr

              Moon landing (all six of them) :D

            • The Real Stig

              I was not saying your images are fake. I just think some parts have been altered.

              The lettering has a bit of a paralax problem IMO:


              • admin

                The images has been saved two times in different formats for source protection reasons. That explains the low quality of the image and some compression artifacts.

              • That is the nature of compression. Look here


                Anytime you do heavy compression, it creates results like that in areas that have isolated details (like letters) surrounded by a non-detailed space. It happens in video compression to, its normal.

                Get any real camera image from Google and run your same test, you will get the same results

    • TheEye

      My old Canon A1 has a small front dial that can be hidden and thus disabled by pushing up a little front cover. Maybe the OM-X has a similar feature.

      • Mr. Reeee

        Maybe Olympus will finally start to ditch those crappy 4-way-how-did-my-settings-change-dials with Panasonic-like Control Wheels.

        • mooboy

          As opposed to the crappy push-why-is-my-shutter-speed-instead-of-aperture-change-dials Panasonic use? :)

          I still think Sony with the NEX-7 have right concept, if not execution.

    • MJr

      Have looked at it, don’t know what to make of it. It disappears into the shadows at some point, but i don’t think it has a smaller diameter. Seems to me it’s just a function dial with it’s inner workings exposed a bit. Don’t forget that we’re looking at this with a few times magnification, because like someone said, judging from the strap lug size this thing is really tiny, or these buttons would be huge.

    • you better read the whole thread first as it was already mentoned

  • For me, the MAIN question is about the image quality ;-) If it’s much better then the iq of my E-PL2 I will buy the new cam, otherwise I will buy a mFT 9-18 instead of a new cam :-)

    And I also wonder how good the new is will work.

    • Neonart

      Same here. I love my EP3 with VF2. If this does have a new sensor with improved low light performance, then I’ll probably go for it. If its the G3 sensor, then it’s gotta be something really special elsewhere to make it worthwhile.
      The “rumor” of a Sony sensor from Quesabesde is very interesting.

      • rrr_hhh

        We are running in circles : I have read that article and Quesabesde’s only quoted source is 43rumors !

  • Charlie

    Jigsaw puzzle marketing.

    Nice job on the renderings.

  • Milt

    Darn, I actually sat here and looked at the renderings for 20 minutes. Easy to get sucked in. Looks like an interesting camera. Enjoy the speculation!

  • awaler

    The image is a glued-together thing, reality or fantasy???
    Just look at the part aboven the white letters … like a piece of crap.
    And also, OM-D does not belong there at all. Mixed into the collage later.

    I hope something real will be announced on Feb. 8th.

    • MJr

      Product images are always like that if you look at them carefully. We all know the real thing is not as flawless. Any unwanted reflections and whatnot are eliminated in such images, and things don’t look right when they’re too perfect like that. In some cases it just isn’t a photo at all. Also tilt-shift lenses would probably be used to ‘correct’ the perspective, which is why the OM-D logo can be this straight, and then would most likely be brightened up to stand out as much as possible, sometimes even added later. Isn’t that what a product photo is all about after all.

  • 123

    you invest in a system that will be gone in two years.

    olympus will not make it…. they will drop the camera business in 2013 because of financial pressure.

    think about my words!!

    • TheEye

      You may want to check your math.

      • MJr

        He can count to 3 – should be legit.

    • nobody

      According to the Mayan calender it will be gone even sooner :)

      • Absolute the is hurry by the new OM-D camera now. ;-)

    • flash

      Look at their stock prices, it lost less money in the last year then Sony and about the same as Panasonic. More importantly their banker likes them. There is a problem at Olympus but it it trust; which they can over come. The Pen and E camera line seem to be making money, not the P and S stuff.

      The other issue is what digital camera is good for three years today anyways. The more expensive DSLRs seem to have longevity but that is about it. If Olympus stops making mFT there is Panasonic and the used market place.

    • its not like spending a fortune(yes i know there people who buy more then 2 or 3 lenses for vague reasons) so if the system is canceled after a few years so what? The big camera names are chicken to start clean (though Canon was brave enough to switch from FD to the new mount, but that was still before the digital age) I salute Olympus for coming with innovation. And the complainers should stick with the chicken companies…

    • Riley

      we did, you sound like an idiot…

    • Pedro del Río

      My personal astrologist said Olympus will be still alive and kicking in 33 years from now. He checked with Nostradamus and found independent confirmation.

      • T-L

        True, my Zuiko crystal ball revealed the same.

    • Maybe he is working for another camera company? ;-)

  • Ep3zd50_ninja

    Wah!!… Enough of the puzzle pieces.. This is making me check this site every hour!!!

    For the last time, can someone confirm its m43? Not FF? Not 43?

    • admin


      • Camaman


        These threads are beginning to be popular for commenting like D800 rumors threads on nikonrumors!
        I can’t even load these pages on my iphone comfortably, and posting always fails! :-P

  • Ralentizeur

    Camedia C8080 olympus had already a Sony Sensor, so I guess it’s possible, that we get a GOOD sensor finally

  • So, should it replace my E-P3 or E-5? Or both?

    • MJr

      Depends how good a new adapter will be, and its sealing. If you can live without OVF, the fps and such.

    • flash

      I hope, neither. The Pen is a different line, without a viewfinder. The E5 is just to good at what it does.

      Now will it allow use of mFT (yes, as mFT lens is show in the picture); FT with native focusing, I hope it is built in as I would like it, for the compatibility and more importantly to track focus flying things like birds.

  • Nathan

    Holy crap, I just had an idea.

    What if there’s a mirror-box adapter? Since Olympus has “5 axis” image stabilisation, what if they can now make an overly thick adapter work by moving the sensor forward a few mm? Contax did that on a film camera for focus, but didn’t build it en masse.

    One of the limitations that Olympus built in was that there isn’t enough difference between 4/3 flange distance and m4/3 flange distance to make a proper mirror box assembly. BUT, if you could move the sensor forward to a new position when that adapter was installed, that would mean you could make a much thicker adapter work properly. PDAF and mirror (perhaps pellicle) could function in a larger space.

    Good heavens, I hope that’s what they’ve done. Probably not, but it would be super-cool.

    • Nathan

      Or hell, you could make a very thin 4/3 adapter and move the sensor back, drop down a mirror and have a camera that could do both. MAYBE THAT is the radical new viewfinder.

      I just made a few preliminary sketches and it WOULD work if they could even move the sensor 5mm.

      • Excellent. The new macro-only camera. It should be a hit with Olympus medical division…

        • Nathan

          No, silly, the sensor would only move back when a new thinner 4/3 adapter was in place. Otherwise, it would be in the normal m43 position.

  • BS Artiste

    I’m still hoping that the camera has the fully-articulating screen of the E-30, E-620, and E-5 instead of just a tilt-screen.

    However, overall the rumored capabilities do seem to be interesting.

    • digifan

      It’s only tiltable

      • BS Artiste

        I know that is the rumor. I hope the rumor is wrong on this point.

        I have found the completely-articulating LCD on my E-30 to be significantly more valuable and useful than the tilt-only screen on some of my previous Oly products.

        Tilt-only works for above-the-crowd and low-angle shots. It is not as good as a fully-articulating screen for reaching over railings or placing the camera in physically risky positions.

    • JimD

      I have an e30 and a 330 the tilt screen is very handy. I use it more than the e30 screen.

  • O

    Make a guess on the model name. It’s interesting.

    As for the sensor, it’s not Pany.

    • admin

      Is it Sony?

      • nobody

        I wish it was! But Sony’s latest 16mp and 24mp DX sensors have a base ISO of 80. Unfortunately, if the OM-D sensor really has a base ISO of 200, I doubt it’s a Sony sensor.

    • The Real Stig


    • Thinking aloud…
      Hypothesis: Business motives for new Oly sensor from Canon/Sony:
      OR: The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

      Both Canon and Sony are more in competition with Panasonic than with Olympus, since Pany does video extremely well. If either (or both) wanted to HURT Panasonic in MFT, they might see fit to HELP Olympus. Olympus is small, has poor marketing, and (due to current financial troubles and technical history) is unlikely to make a strong showing in video anytime soon. Also Pany is using MFT to bolster its position in pro video with its new MFT based pro video system. So hurting Pany in MFT could help Pany competitors succeed against Pany pro video. And helping Olympus with a genuinely good sensor would help Oly compete favorably with Panasonic in MFT, and slow Pany’s MFT progress/success. So it could benefit Pany’s two major video compeitors to help Oly with new sensor.

      Plus they sell the sensors for good money to prop up their sensor division internally.

      And now with talk of Oly partnering (or buyout) for financial reasons, perhaps it makes sense for one of the big video companies to step in if they already have a brand new Oly sensor relationship.

    • Is it Toshiba?

      • Better by Toshiba than Sony.

        Sony is a hunger bear.


    • Sneye

      Must be OM-5.

    • Fish

      Not a panny sensor??? That is awesome news!

    • Sören


    • Is the name: EM-1?

    • nobody


      Admin said, there’s an E somewhere in the name. So I put it at the beginning where it is for the other Oly m43 cameras as well.

      The OM part seems to be a given going by Oly’s advertisement.

      And since it is the first one, it’s E-OM1.

      • Charlie


    • T-L

      OEM ;)

    • Miroslav


  • OllieS


  • 43shot

    Everyone I know, pro or otherwise bought into M43 for the size and the accepted compromise. Now with bigger bodies it is not worth the compromise. Good photos are not made by faster auto focus and tilt screens they are made by having the camera when you need it and having the skill to shoot. Silly composed stills and action photos that rely on technology to focus lack substance in most cases. If a m43 camera were even smaller with the same specs as the present GX-1 then more people would buy them and use them often to shoot great shots because it is convenient. Just think of the many great P&S photographers out there that would love more quality with a slight increase in size. My GF has no idea what an f stop is or even how to use manual on a camera but she takes better photos then the majority of the junk I see online by “pros” and others simply because she has her camera everywhere and focuses on content not sealed bodies, adapters, and how fast the focus is. If she had a GX1 it would be about the largest size she would tolerate but she could certainly make some impressive photos better. If m43 does not do well it will be because of size and increasing cost for “pro” features. If this camera improves on photo quality great but why do I want something larger then what I have in a system that is all about small. MFG’s should be competing on size and quality in this system. I hope Panasonic continues to strive for a small body size. I suppose the larger M43 bodies would do well for drivers of Mini Cooper wagons. Having a sealed body is nice but pros that need this usually don’t use a camera like this full time, they buy them for convenience. Make them small and affordable and they will sell like crazy and there will be many options. No Cooper wagons please.

    • P&S? Hint: Buy one of the small MFT bodies, e.g., E-PL3.
      Yes, the OM-NotASmallBody is not for pocket Point-&-Shoot.

      • 43shot

        Point and shoot. Believe it or not the big draw to M43 is people who want better IQ but don’t want to carry a large camera. I have a GF1 that I can carry in my coat pocket with the 20mm, that’s a big deal. Once the camera gets much larger than that I would just skip the compromise and go to something larger. I believe some of these bodies can be smaller and should be. A tilt screen in a so called “pro” body? Really. I have three OM bodies in great shape but Im sure if they were digital they would be dated in two years, like a GF1. Once the DR is better on these I will pay for the premium cost of a sealed body, etc but without that its money spend on something that will quickly be replaced. In a couple years I can see a camera like this having a much longer owner life as it will be at a level were incremental improvement will not be such a big deal except for those that need the newest. video is the wild card of course. I hope Panasonic has some options this year as well. I suspect this will be a nice solution for many that are fine with the “maco” size and it certainly looks promising.

    • BS Artiste

      And thus cell phones. They are always with the person.

    • nobody

      I’m very sure Panasonic will continue to sell the GF3. And Oly will still sell the PM1. You’re free to buy a very small m43 camera or a full featured one. Nobody forces you to buy an OM-D. Where’s the problem?

    • BS Artiste

      And by the way, I may or may not shoot good photos. The issue is whether I get enough enjoyment from the hobby to spend my money on the product. That is the only issue of importance to Olympus, namely whether the camera creates enough value that people are willing to purchase it.

      I don’t enjoy the ergonomics of a small camera that cannot work well with larger lenses.

      • JimD

        What is value? 2 million people 2 million values.

    • mclarenf3

      The big draw to u43 for me is not the smaller size of the body, but the smaller size of the SYSTEM. For me, the smaller lens size (even on the zoom lenses in comparison) makes the entire system very portable. If the camera body is 25% larger, it doesn’t make a big deal to me. I’ve actually been pushing for more dslr form factor’d cameras if anything.

      For me, the G2 really is the perfect body. I just wish it was developed by Olympus so I could get the IBIS and OOC Jpegs that I loved so much in my Olympus bodies.

  • OllieS This true? If so my guess is a sony sensor!

    • nobody

      How would a possible future Oly-Sony collaboration have any influence on the image sensor of a camera that will be introduced in two weeks???

      • OllieS

        Well, my thinking was If they are willing to collaborate / get more involved with olympus perhaps there is an underlying interest we don’t know about. It’s just a vague link but if the sensor aint panny it gets my vote.

        • rrr_hhh

          The underlying interest is not in the camera division, but in the endoscopes which account for 70% of the world production. Sony is not doing so well right now in the entertainment business where it meets the Apple competition. The health market is growing due to the aging of the population and Sony just want to diversify its activities.
          Also,I think that Sony is producing the compact cameras’ sensors. But I’m not sure whether it is realist to hope for another sensor than the G3 sensor in the coming camera.

      • JimD

        Don’t forget the e300 and the e330 one after the other different sensors the e330 must have been sitting on productions door when the e300 came out.

    • Sony vill buy more share than 0,03% so Sony all have.

      Ahooo no, tell to Sony Oly sink. :-D

      • TheEye

        I can’t find the crypto key. Will have to get back to you on that later!

  • bugoy

    Anyone know how the video capabilities of this one will fare against panasonic m43s, particularly GH2 (or maybe GH3)?

    • MJr

      If it goes by the OM series mentality, it would be aimed at ‘pure’ photography so i wouldn’t expect the same dedication to video as Pany’s GH series.

    • The Real Stig

      Not without a fully functional crystal ball.

  • Camaman

    Why not Sony, who knows how long ago Oly contacted them with the idea. If they ever have, that would be at least 1-1.5yrs ago.
    Maybe it is a m43 crop of their 24MP APS-C, that would mean a good deal more DR IMO.
    Then again maybe Toshiba, but god knows how that works…

    Pure speculation, but it is fun to guess. :-)

    All I know I am lookin at how much i can cash in my D7000 kit for.
    It should suffice for this new body and several good primes and a compact zoom. :-)

  • Jeff

    Once again, the OM-D text is not on the same plane as the surface it is supposed to be printed upon.

    • flash

      I see what you are saying. But as the picture probably is of a prototype or mock-up; it might be just stamped on or screen printed on by hand; may have been redone several times to get it “right”. I think the real camera will have a little different printing there. Despite this I do think the pictures are the real thing.

      The big thing for me now is how does it focus? Is it a combo? and what will it cost me to buy in April.

      • Jeff

        I would be willing to believe it if it were just crooked, but it’s not. The way it is situated on the surface the writing would have to actually be standing proud of the surface itself. It’s just a bad retouch job.

  • XM

    Has it even been established that this OM-D is an interchangeable-lens camera?

    I’ve read that the OM-D is Olympus’ answer to the X100. If it were a fixed-lens camera the reported ~$1000 price point (which is close to that of the X100) would make sense; and it would serve to explain why Olympus would establish a brand new camera line instead of just adding any of the rumored OM-D features to the next PEN bodies.

    Have I missed some key bit of info that points to the OM-D being an ILC? If not, many people may have set themselves up for a huge disappointment.

    • narutogrey

      It is supposed to be compatible with M4/3 lens, so it is at the very least a micro-four thirds ILC. What we don’t know is if it’ll also be compatible with a new (FF) or old (4/3) lineup of lens as well because of the way the Oly reps hinted to the press.

  • FT1 – probably fake rumor

    POLL: Do you want to speed up the “OM-D striptease”?
    YES – show me all at once.
    YES – you can leave your hat on.

    • XM

      “It is supposed to be compatible with M4/3 lens, so it is at the very least a micro-four thirds ILC.”

      OK. Can you point me in the direction of the source for this?

      I’ve seen, on this site, a reference to a poorly translated Japanese article that could be interpreted to mean that this OM-D is an ILC. But I’ve also seen this:

      “The gossip mongering is pointing towards an announcement in the second week of February for the under-fire Japanese company with regards to a brand spanking new compact system camera, one that will take on the likes of the Fujifilm FinePix X100, and rock with an integrated viewfinder.”

      So obviously everyone else is privy to more/better/more current information which has convinced you that the OM-D is a camera body. I hope you’re all right about that, but I’m looking to have the source(s) cited so that I’ll know this isn’t a conclusion to which some people jumped, and that others simply accepted unquestioningly.

      • Jonko

        You do realize that all of the sources for all of these rumors are anonymous right? You can’t cite anonymous sources. The article you linked to cites this website as its source, yet this site has never hinted at the camera NOT being an ILC. The article you linked to, also, never says anything about the camera NOT being an ILC, other than comparing it to the X100, which I haven’t seen anyone or any other site do, anywhere.

        Also, Admin has already said in the comments of other posts that this is a m4/3 camera. There was a new 12-50mm weather sealed lens very recently announced, also, that is most likely this camera’s kit lens. Also, look at the picture above, you can clearly see the focus distance lettering on the side of the lens near the body, I’ve only seen that on interchangeable lenses, not fixed lenses like the X100. Sorry, but it’s going to be an ILC.

  • Clark

    I love a good striptease, but after 10 mins of not showing the goods I start to get pissed. Haha

    • XM

      Sorry, FT1. I meant to reply to naurtogrey.

    • XM

      “You do realize that all of the sources for all of these rumors are anonymous right?”

      Yes. But you did read narutogrey’s post wherein s/he mentions “the press”, right? I’m asking about where s/he got the information s/he’s referencing.

      “The article you linked to cites this website as its source, yet this site has never hinted at the camera NOT being an ILC. The article you linked to, also, never says anything about the camera NOT being an ILC, other than comparing it to the X100, which I haven’t seen anyone or any other site do, anywhere. ”

      My point was that there have been things written which are contradictory. I wanted to know what might have been written that made people so sure that it was an ILC. The clue to that being my intention is that I asked for that information.

      “Also, Admin has already said in the comments of other posts that this is a m4/3 camera.”

      Well, that’s called “burying the lead.” But I suppose it was too much to expect that you could just answer my [perfectly reasonable] question without trying to make it seem as if it was stupid. And for another example that effort:

      “Sorry, but it’s going to be an ILC.”

      “Sorry,” as if I didn’t state in my post: “So obviously everyone else is privy to more/better/more current information which has convinced you that the OM-D is a camera body. I HOPE YOU’RE ALL RIGHT ABOUT THAT.” Hard to see how that could be construed as me wanting to think the camera would be fixed-lens model.

      So, your agenda to display how much smarter your are required that you either willfully misinterpret, or completely ignore the actual content of my post.

      • Jonko

        It was the tone of your entire post. You, essentially, made it look like everyone else was just jumping to conclusions without any real reasons, while you are the only one thinking logically.

        Anyway, the only thing that has been contradictory about this camera being an ILC or not is that one article you linked to, which cites this site as a source, which has never hinted at it not being an ILC. That’s the point I was trying to make.

        Also, I read your “all right” as “alright” (so many people make that typo it’s become habit for me to auto-correct it), which changes the tone a bit, sorry.

        I had no agenda, was just stating facts (…about rumors).

  • 43shot

    Can someone post a partial picture (1/3) at least of the inside of the lens cap on this camera. That would likely help me decide if I’m going to get it or not. I just posted this on the other thread but I’m sure this would help many of us make an early decision!

    • The lens cap is going to say: “LC-52 52mm Made In China” because it’s the 12-50mm.

  • Milt

    What I hope, perhaps vainly, is that the new camera will be as portable and usable as my GF1 with the 20mm lens, but has an internal EVF. We know it is only about 50 grams heavier, including the EVF. The width seems to be about the same. We don’t know the height, unless I have missed something.

  • This camera is not actually finished yet…

    This is a marketing / focus-group, crowd-sourced R&D situation going on here :)

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