(FT5) UPDATED: New ring flash adapter for the 60mm macro coming too…


Next week Olympus announcement will likely see the final release of the 60mm macro lens and we just learned from top sources that there will be a sort of RF-11 ring flash light adapter for the lens.

So for now we know that Olympus is going to announce a 60mm macro lens, 60mm ring flash adapter and a crazy 15mm f/8.0 and 9mm thick pancake. No cameras yet! E-PM2 (or E-PM5) and E-PL5 coming in mid September!

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  • Dreamgirl

    Not a product that especially interests me, but good news that Olympus are continuing to build a SYSTEM.

  • Mike

    Sounds like some cool stuff from Olympus.

  • Anonymous

    The T-10 is hardly a current ring flash, it was part of the Flash System for the OM series of cameras and is not compatible with any of the digital ranges produced by Olympus. It can however be used in a fully manual mode with any camera, but care needs to be done in setting the system up and finding the correct settings with a modern SLR. Some help and advice can be found here, http://www.biofos.com/cornucop/flash_e.html, there is a section here on using the T-10 with E series cameras.

    • sgoldswo

      I realise the T-10 isn’t current but I think that was just an example picture of an Olympus ring flash rather than the T-10 being purportedly new…

      • Anonymous

        Admin originally stated ‘Current T10 ring falsh’, he has ammended comment.

        • admin

          Yep! Because Anonymous is right. I missed to specify that this is not a “new” flash.

          • Anonymous

            As always Admin is on the ball and quickly corrects any errors, which are easily made, many’s a time when I have wondered what a comment is about as it’s already been corrected, a big compliment to Admins alertness to changes in situation and rumours.

            • admin

              Thanks! :)

              • Ok, glad to see that corrected, but why not make reference to the current Olympus ring flash in the first place?

  • I was very surprised to see a size comparison of the 75mm to the 60mm. The 60mm is one beast of a lens. It’s cool that it’s going to be a black lens, I just wish all the prime lenses were black.

    @Admin, did we ever got an explanation that makes sense as to why the prime lenses come in slightly different shades of silver only?

    • Anonymous

      I think the variations in the silver colouring of lenses is one of two things,
      1, different shade of paint used in a different plant, if different lenses are not produced in same plant.
      2, which I feel is more likely, the material the lens is made of, just look at how a metallic paint finish looks on a car, where there are plastic body panels you can clearly see it in the shading of the finish.
      My two penneth on the subject.

    • emde

      The lenses in the picture you are referring to, are not shown at the same scale: the 1,8/75 has a 58mm filter thread, the 2,8/60 46mm. You can also look at the mounts…
      The 2,8/60 will actually be comparable to the 12-50 but slightly smaller: http://4.static.img-dpreview.com/files/news/3156989980/accessories.jpg?v=1560

  • What filter size does the 60 mm macro have? Is it really a weird 46 mm thread? I hope the ringflash will work with a 72 mm filter thread via a step-up adaptor ring.

    • emde

      All pictures I have seen say “46”: http://www.dpreview.com/products/olympus/lenses/olympus_m_60_2p8
      What is particularily weird with 46mm? 12mm Oly has 46mm, Pana(Leica) primes all have 46mm.

      • My 12-60 has a 72 mm filter thread, and that’s the lens I’d like to use with a ring strobe. My Micro Nikkor has a 62 mm filter thread. I sure hope the ring flash will not be limited to 46 mm or less!

        What’s weird about 46 mm? Depends on if you are willing to buy all filters new, or if you are willing to deal with step-up rings. I have filters in 52, 62, 67, 72, 77, and 82 mm. I once had a few 49 mm filters for a 28 mm f/2,8 Soligor lens.

        • You can use old Flash on new Lens by it adapter. :-D

  • Farrukh

    Fabulous! If that’s an LED ring flash which I could also use for video, even better!

  • Nice idea!
    I was going to buy a 15 af5 from metz, but now I’m waiting.

  • mapleflot

    I have the Oly MAL-1 twin arm light .. I am hoping the length of the 60mm lens won’t be so great that it reduces the usefulness of this `highlighter’.

  • A couple of things to check when (if) a new ring flash is announced:

    1) Will it be compatible with the existing macro controller or will Olympus make those interested in these accessories fork out the money for a new controller? If they want to introduce a new controller (say because of the smaller bodies of the Pen/OM-D line), fine… but make the flash unit itself compatible with the existing controller.

    2) Don’t make the mistake they made with the old ring flash attachment – it worked with the snap-on lens hood attachment ring setup on the 4/3 14-54mm Mk I and the 50-200mm Mk I, but was incompatible with the Mk II of each of those lenses… It required a special adapter for use with the 4/3 50mm f2 macro lens.

    These are expensive accessories but work well for their intended uses. They are in the tradition of comprehensive macro equipment support for the OM series. Just don’t go out of your way to make it costly for your users. :-)

  • Micro four thirds NEEDS a ring flash! Most ring flashes on the market are too big and heavy for MFT and if you were to use a step up filter ring to fit it, you would require two to bridge the gap! Anyone who has tried this would know what I mean.

  • Mikef

    Has everyone frgotten about Olympus’ current ring flash for Four Thirds, the RF-11? Why dredge up an old relic from the past like the T10 when there’s a more modern example?

    • emde

      ANd obviously there is no new ring flash coming but an adapter for the 60mm to attach the RF-11. Nice move for the owners of the RF-11…

  • Bob B.

    WOW..that Oly Macro is a MONSTER….but I bet it will have GREAT IQ!….but don’t get too excited…let’s see…Oly announces 75mm f/1.8 in May…and I STILL have no idea when it will actually be truly available in the US (I have stopped listening to all projections as none are forthcoming..)…so I would guess that this new macro would be available sometime after the first of the year if Oly’s time format follows suit. LOL! Oly…why not just announce it in Dec.??????

  • That’s good new if all one needs is the FR-2 adapter for the existing RF-11, which I have. It will probably still seem too expensive (don’t they all) but much, much less than getting a new flash, controller, and adapter :-) Now one can only hope about the price of the 60mm macro and the actual availability date :-)

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