(FT5) New (precious) Olympus E-M5 info!


A super european source (Thanks Lady D.) sent me some precious info about the new E-M5 camera (Thanks!). This is her text:

1.) E-M5 has Super fast AF and “3D tracking” for “moving objects” .

2.) The camera comes with an external GN10 flash called FL-LM2, which is “weather sealed” and can be used as remote trigger (just like E-P3)

3.) There is a E-M5 Diving box coming this summer (name PT-E08). It goes 45 Meters under water, and you can use the 14-42mm II, 14-42MM IIR  or MZD 9-18mm lens. Yuo can also use MF lenses like the Zuiko ED 8mm f/3.5, the ZD 50mm f/2.0. The (exteranl) Flash that comes with the E-M5 can also be used.

4.) The MMF-3 adapter is weather sealed and has a “detachable” tripod mount. There is no info about the  focusing speed…

5.) We will be able to view the IS effect through the new EVF, and the EVF has sensor when you get close to 18mm it turns on (turns on very fast according to OLY), you will also be able to see the shutter speeds and aperture stuff just like the E-5 at the bottom of the EVF

6.) There will be two more art filters ->Dramtic Version2 and a new Version of a current filter…

7.) Video format is  MOV (MPG4 AVC, H.264). Sound is PCM. They still have the AVI (motion JPG), still not sure if the E-M5 can record at 60p, let’s also cross our fingers on this one.

8.) The two extra Fn buttons on the horizontal battery grip can be set for different functions other than the one on you have on the camera. The battery grip uses the same kind of battery of the E-M5. It’a new battery with 1220 mA! The grip can connect to an AC adapter.

9.) The FL-600R flash is a GN50 flash with much faster recover than the current FL-36R or FL-50R. It also has an extra LED light for “recording mode”, it can also fire short flashes to help focusing in low light

As I told you yesterday I was hoping for some kind of adapter for the wonderful OM lens collection. You might not know it but I counted 69 different OM lenses. Click here to see the lenses on eBay. I give you just a short version of the list with some of the nicest pieces of Glass:
21mm f/2.0 and 21mm f/3.5 lens 24mm f/2.0 and 24mm f/2.8 and 24mm f/3.5 shift lens 28mm f/2.0 and 28mm f/2.8 and 28mm f/3.5 lens 35mm f/2.0 and 35mm f/2.8 and 35mm f/2.8 shift lens 40mm f/2.0 lens 50mm f/1.2 and 50mm f/1.4 and 50mm f/1.8 and 50mm f/2.0 macro and 50mm f/3.5 lens 55mm f/3.5 macro lens 85mm f/2.0 lens 90mm f/2.0 macro lens 100mm f/2.0 and 100mm f/2.8 lens 135mm f/2.8 and 135mm f/3.5 lens 180mm f/2.0 and 180mm f/2.8 lens 200mm f/4.0 and 200mm f/5.0 lens 250mm f/2.0 lens 300mm f/4.5 lens 350mm f/2.8 lens 400mm f/6.4 lens 500mm f/8.0 lens 600mm f/6.6 lens 1000mm f/11 lens

That an amazing list or not? Anyway, stay tuned until Wednesday (feb 8). The camera will be announced at around 2-3 am in the morning (London time).

Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • Bimbo

    So it’s got a built in flash?

    And first!

    • Ross

      No, it’s included with the body as a separate flash unit to fit in the hot shoe as the smaller PENs (E-PM1 & E-PL3) have, only it’s weather proof instead.

      • Bimbo

        Thank you, Ross.

      • OMG!
        I predicted nearly all these on a dpreview thread in the Olympus DSLR section a few weeks ago! (new flashes, 16mp,new art filters, new microphones, underwater housing, weather sealed adapter, GPs add-on)

        any word on in built in timelapse, panorama function and high speed synch? I’m guessing doesn’t have in built ND filter? Any new aspect ratios like 21:9 and better duotone options?

        * I can feel a 1,000 comment post coming in the next few days ;-) *

        • Ross

          The time lapse would be a nice added function instead of using after market remotes, assuming a cable remote is possible.

          • is there camera bodies with inbuilt ND? isnt that up to the lenses?

          • Thumbs up for the dive case too! I was very tempted to get a case for my E-PL2 this summer, but decided not because of the slow AF. I do hope the case will be designed to take lenses other than the ones listed, or that it comes with a removable port for other attachments by 3rd party companies…

            Loving that flash bracket and new flash too. I think I may be adding that to my kit with the 75mm :D

            • A tad annoyed there’s no built-in flash or wireless transmitter, but I can live with the optional flash for the hot shoe I guess. It’s not that often I need the ability, and if I do I would be taking my main flash anyway, so it wouldn’t be a problem to bring the trigger along.

            • this is the capital injection Olympus have been waiting for, we can all be shareholders ;-)

              • MJr

                Not that i had any doubt, but this is very good for Oly indeed !

            • Michael Meissner

              I believe the flash bracket in the picture is the existing FL-BK04 bracket. There is also the FL-BKM03 flash bracket.

          • its surely an interesting option, i remember my kodak dcs 760 had it too called “intervalometer”

        • Alexander

          they were just able to take an E-P3 & build the VF2 viewfinder insider. Mor or less this is the new E-M5.

          • Balthier Bunansa

            i was going to buy E-P3 with VF2 anyway , so this suits me very well

          • I beg to differ sir, its a mix of E-x,OM, E-p and then some!

          • Zaph

            E-P3 doesn’t have articulated screen, or improved sensor stabilisation, or new sensor.

        • Raist3d

          Did you? No GPS. No new microphone. 16 MP- again, big deal. Same with the water housing. New art filters hardly a surprise.

          I’ll give to you the new Flash. :-)

  • Rockfish

    Just gets better and better, can’t wait!

    • Ross

      I agree. :)

    • Berneck

      Even with “the same old sensor” this camera is shaping up to be just what I have been waiting for! I think there’s a good chance I’ll be buying this camera.

  • ljmac

    The new flash sounds very interesting! I take it that’s it in the bottom right hand corner of the system pic? If so you should point it out in the same way you have the new lenses.

  • jim

    Well nothing amazin – apart from the potential for fast focusing of 4/3 lenses – hinted by the adaptor and the reference of them in the blurb…

    60p would be the other Ace needed!

    Flash seems cool tho…

    • Hinted, but didnt seem like very possible really

    • Philip

      I think speeding up 43-lenses would be very difficult. The motors and how they work mechanicaly is very different from CDAF to PDAF. And why would anyone want to sacrifice image quality for pdaf-pixels? And new, cdaf-compatible and faster, lenses for 43 would be very strange. 43 is a dead end

      Sony has shown what it takes to have full compatabilty between pdaf-lenses and EVIL-cameras. I think Oly is watching this closely. If Sony sells enough LA-EA1, Oly might make a similar for 43-m43 but as it is they wouldn’t sell enough to recoup the RD-cost. I think they’re doing the right thing here. Oly is supporting 43 with the E-5 and you can use 43-lenses on m43 (although slowly). I’d guess the new 60mm is replacing the 50mm macro and soon all their lenses will be ported to m43

      • > And why would anyone want to sacrifice image quality for pdaf-pixels?

        To get better image quality. Much of the 43 glass is superb, so that’s the motivation.

        • konikonaku

          occam…can you explain how superb these 43 lenses ?

          i’m new in photography but my thought is that if 43 lenses THAT GOOD why not Oly/Pana also make it in m43 format…is there any technology limitation that make it can’t be made into m43 & produce the same good lenses/pictures ?

          thanks, mate..

          • @konikonaku, good question.

            FYI, let me say that I have several 43 lenses, and two which are signature lenses (superb reputations, weather-sealed, and fairly unique to 43). So you can explore Amazon (and elsewhere) for reviews of Olympus 12-60mm f/2.8-3.5 (24mm-120mm equivalent) and 50-200mm f/2.8-3.5 (100mm-400mm equivalent). Both of these lenses are surprisingly fast for their size, colorful, and sharp. The 12-50mm is essentially a superb 5x zoom travel lens — a lion in sheep’s clothing. The 50-200mm is high-powered in a small package. These are the two of the best values in signature 43 lenses available. Another is the 50mm f/2.0 macro — which makes the new 60mm macro all the more intriguing. The 50mm was so sharp it was used back in the day to test 43 bodies during camera reviews. These are only a few of the superb 43 lenses, but they’re probably the most accessible price-wise.

            Now back to your questions. I’ll peel the onion in layers.

            First of all, MFT (“m43”) has adapters for the 43 lenses. So at first glance, all the 43 lenses already work on MFT. And that’s cool, but only part of the answer.

            Another part of the answer is that the 43 glass was designed by Olympus as top tier glass for a (small sensor but) mirrored system — with some consequences — and for professional shooters (think: compete with big glass from Canon and Nikon). So the glass is fast, big, and heavy (compared to MFT glass) even though it’s typically small and light compared to CaNikon glass.

            So, to answer your question one way, the glass already works for MFT. But to answer your question another way, the glass is out of proportion to the smaller throw bodies of _typical_ MFT bodies, i.e., the glass is heavy for 43 bodies, and too heavy for cheaper _typical_ MFT bodies.

            Now let’s explore a few wrinkles + and -.

            One thought is that Olympus (and Panny) can remake all these lenses for MFT, and I think we’re seeing a little of that but with a twist. The new MFT 12-50mm is a macro, and much smaller and slower than the vaunted 43 12-60mm (so no direct translation there). The MFT 60mm macro is mysteriously big compared to the 43 50mm macro , so no direct translation there either (but a mystery to be revealed on Wednesday). However, the new 75mm is fat and fast — very much in keeping with the spirit of 43 glass, so even though that lens is genuinely new (no repeat), then assuming it’s superb glass, I would say it proves that Olympus is willing to make 43 caliber glass for the MFT format.

            But I think the real story is that two families of glass would work really well for MFT. The pro and the casual (light, small, and affordable). And that’s what Olympus should be trying to do — satisfy both markets. And why duplicate all the great designs that already exist? Better for Olympus to create a market for the older but still performant 43 glass. The sensor is the same size, so the glass doesn’t get any smaller with a redesign for MFT — since it’s really not a redesign. Add lens adapter and use the lens.

            Which brings us to the 43 glass fly in the ointment: autofocus speed.

            The pro glass is expensive, designed to compete with the big boys (CaNikon), and on the big stage (e.g., sporting events, weddings, etc.) where the capturing the “moment” is make or break business. The non-obvious problem with the superb 43 glass on MFT bodies is that MFT bodies use a barely compatible focusing system (Contrast Detection Auto Focus or CDAF) which ruins the focus speed of the 43 glass. Did I mention the 43 glass is big, heavy, expensive and fast — but gets slow autofocus on MFT bodies. Ouch.

            So the big technical/marketing question is whether Olympus (Panny didn’t create much 43 glass, just Oly) can solve the 43 glass autofocus issue on an MFT body. If they can, it would be on a pro MFT body — like the upcoming OM-D E-M5.

            So that’s the fly in the ointment (43 glass Auto Focus) and the big question: Will the new E-M5 fully support 43 glass via adapter — full autofocus speed?

            Curiously, Sony is struggling with the same issue and has come out with a new adapter to bridge their lens systems: http://www.sony.es/product/dsl-lens-accessories/la-ea2.

            So (apparently) that’s the engineering challenge facing Olympus, and they are rumored to be releasing a new adapter with the release of the E-M5. But it’s weather-sealed (new feature). It’s not clear whether the weather-sealing is the whole story, or they have an answer like Sony’s (a la Rube Goldberg with mirror in adapter!), or some other solution… or no Auto Focus solution _yet_, or no solution at all.

            So there is a technical challenge remaining. Wednesday should reveal whether it’s been solved by Olympus yet. And many of us have our fingers crossed that Olympus has solved it once and for all, that the E-M5 is the bridge camera we’ve all been waiting for, and that the 43 glass and MFT glass systems will finally be unified.

            Fingers crossed!-)

            I hope I did not bore you. Thanks for asking such a good question.


            • konikonaku

              thank you very much…now i understand why people put so much hope in this pro MFT (E-M5), not just because they own 43 lenses

              i’ll crossed my finger for you guys… 8-)

  • > the EVF has sensor when you get close to 18mm it turns on

    Turns on what, IS? or something else?

    Other than that, sounds all good!

    • Turn on the EVF.

    • Bimbo

      An eye sensor. When your eye gets to within 18mm of the EVF, it will turn on. Saves battery life.

      • Ross

        I don’t know about saving of the battery, but it would certainly save the time for manually switching from the screen to EVF compared to instant change-over with the proximty sensor, turning on as the eye comes close & back to the screen as soon as you move away from the camera (as is used on several digital cameras). Generally, the power saving is usually done with a preset time out from any actions & restored by half pressing of the shutter button or maybe any button.

        • rrr_hhh

          I hope you can switch the “auto on VF” to off, or it would constantly get switched accidentally when you wear the camera around your neck, although if you have the lcd flipped to 45 degrees for waist shooting, the LCD may extend far enough to prevent this from being annoying.

          • Ross

            I would imagine you could because the other brands do, plus there is the manual toggling button on the right of the viewer.

          • jack

            I’d expect the eye sensor is exactly what the name implies, it recognises your eye and not any object that gets close. so when the camera is against your chest it wont turn on. The same technology is used in military and aviation equipment i’ve tested.

            • dzv

              I don’t think it was ever referred to as an “eye sensor” (or at least not what I read). The sensor on my GH-1 seems to be a pretty simple proximity sensor, so it does indeed switch when anything (eg. a chest) gets close to it. I expect the E-M5 to use the same system. You can see two dots on the right side of the viewfinder, similar to (but smaller than) the two sensors on my GH-1’s EVF, and also very similar to the two dots on my iPhone. They seem to all use the same technology, and I doubt they would bother with something as sophisticated as actual eyeball detection.

              The sad thing is, this really shouldn’t be considered a “feature;” it should be standard for any camera with a built-in EVF. The lack of auto-switching on the G3 was very disappointing, and hopefully not the beginning of a trend.

          • TheEye

            It’s an eye sensor, not a chest detector.

      • Michael Meissner

        Given the VF-2 drains batteries faster than using the LCD (in at least the older Pens), I wouldn’t count on it saving batteries. I usually carry the camera turned on, letting it go to sleep, and I assume the sensor would probably be enabled when I have the camera slung over my shoulder strap.

    • napalm

      proximity sensor… EVF will turn on when your face is about 18mm to it

    • Gabi

      Turns on the EVF, I guess… ;-)

    • double post sorry

    • I wonder about that, if the IS preview would be enabled by the sensor, I would assume it drains the battery quickly (unless the preview is done with the help of an oversized image sensor or even evf, so full electronic IS preview)

  • This hype is going to drive up OM glass prices!

    • MJr

      Dammit, not again ! Should have stocked up way before the first PEN. :) :(

  • Ken

    Mmf-3; if there is no info about speed at this point, it probably will be just a weatherproof mmf-2. Shucks.(i have the 11-22 as my workhorse) Nevertheless, a drool worthy camera…

    • Michael Meissner

      Whatever speed increase will come from the camera itself. The MMF-2 (probably MMF-3) adapters are fairly simple electronics to convert from the 9 pin micro 4/3rds mount to the 7 pin classic 4/3rds.

      • Ken

        “Whatever speed increase will come from the camera itself.”<- Which is more of an ideal elegant solution that I would prefer. Probably unlikely that it will be fast as native 43 speed. That being said, if it does at all focus 43 glass faster than the previous bodies, and fast enough for use, I wouldn`t complain. Heck, I personally would be happy if the OM-D had a big bright evf a la original OM prisms with some sort of manual focus assist(like a digital focus screen) that would allow me to focus 43 and legacy OM glass manually, but that probably wont satisfy a lot of other 43rders.

  • simon

    “you will also be able to see the shutter speeds and aperture stuff just like the E-5 at the bottom of the EVF”

    THIS is great news. It’s a mystery to me why we had to put up with shooting info overlays coming from the compact market. I want my shutter speed and aperture visible at all times, without interfering with the image.

    I was hoping Olympus would go the Panasonic route and offer an option to shrink the image and place this info underneath, but a separate display underneath the main EVF image would be even better.

  • clark

    Nice to see info on the battery. How does 1220 mA compare to the E-P3?

    Interesting to see they’re not saying much yet about the sensor… is there really so little change from whats out there e.g. GX1 etc?

    • L

      BLS1 = 1100mA… new battery is a bit higher in capacity…

    • Sven

      I think the Ep-3’s battery has 1150mA… not 100% sure though

  • awaler

    Any leak about remote control via cellular phone?

  • clark


  • Hmm… a new battery. But the capacity is only marginally higher than the BLS-1 (1220 instead of 1150 mAh), so let’s hope the form factor is the same and the BLS-1 still can be used.

  • Sven

    Great news!!! I am curious about the 3-d tracking function..

    • Anonymous

      I wonder if they will use the 3D tracking to make the CDAF predictive like PDAF is supposed to be?

  • Holger

    Already bought an ZUIKO OM 35-105 3,5-4,5 and additional adapter (adapter made in china). Adapter arrived today and i’m gonna test it on my e-pl2 – old school cam i know :-)

  • emde

    What kind of OM adaptor are you hoping for? There is already the MF-2 OM, which works on any mFT camera…

    • Ross

      An adapter that activated the aperture lever, would be very nice (assuming that doesn’t happen with the existing one). Trying to focus a stopped down lens is not great (speaking from a DSLR user’s point of view) & to have it like any other lens where focussing is done at full aperture & closes down to what ever it is set at for the exposure. I guess that will just remain a wish. :/

      • Yes absolute, but what price around 500$ +++?

      • Andy C

        Stop down focussing is much easier in live-view because you don’t get the focus screen dimming effect, the view stays full brightness as long as there is enough light for a 1/30 sec or so exposure.

      • Focusing a stopped-down lens isn’t too hard on an EVF camera; the finder “gains up” so it’s still bright, and the AF generally works fine. I use manual-aperture lenses all the time on my GH2 and hardly notice the difference. I’ve noticed that some lenses (e.g. the 45/1.8) stop down in use, so you may already be doing this without realizing it.

        (Incidentally, this is one advantage of CDAF over PDAF. A PDAF sensor needs to be able to “see” the edges of the lens to focus, so it quits working if the aperture stops down and blocks its view; a CDAF system will keep working.)

  • Ragnarok

    Look at the camera with the penpal on it… It’s clear that if the camera’s ‘hump’ was shorter the accessory wouldn’t fit. That must be the reason for the ugly hump. Worth it? Not for me, but I guess others will appreciate to be able to use the few available accessories (like the lights, the stereo mic or the penpal). I wish you could at least detach the hotshoe, just like in the old OMs… Well, no camera is perfect.

    Any word on focus peaking?

    • Yes, Oly manual focus is a bit fiddly even compared to Pana. It seems focus peaking implemented by Phase One, Sony, Ricoh is mostly gives a very clear visual feed back. Some complanes that with wide-angle too much is highlighted – of course with the depth of field wide angle has.

    • @Ragnarok
      unfortunately it might having focus peaking, but you luckily you’ll be able to use magnified live view once the novelty has worn off…

    • Miroslav

      “It’s clear that if the camera’s ‘hump’ was shorter the accessory wouldn’t fit.”

      Yes, and now you can put VF-2 or VF-3 there, so you get stereoscopic live preview of your 3D images in portrait mode :).

      • Ross

        Funny man! ;)

  • Should this 3-D tracking really work – accompanied by live pics in the EVF – I’d be in µFT heaven. But this time – he said hopefully – I will wait until the first user reports confirm this feature – or not. Going to buy the E-M5 anyway, but with the E-5 and thje E-PL3 in my bag, there’s no need to hurry.

  • The OM-D will be a system within m43 system. No doubt there will be more camera housings that are OM-D. Great with flexibility with different grips: You can make the choice the feels best in YOUR hands.
    About what you see in the EVF: Can it be (choice) the same as on the LCD? I like the histogram being visible before exposure to be able to control f.i. highlights clipping. This info can be disturbing when you compose the image. The overlay info could be auto shut down when half way pressing the shutter release.

  • achiinto

    Sound good, if the 43 adaptor has fast AF, I think am in for the m43 system.

  • bilgy_no1


    Why do you want a new adapter for OM-lenses? There already is an OM-m4/3 adapter from Olympus: MF-2. Doesn’t need to be weather sealed, because the OM-lenses were not sealed…

    • @bilgey_no1
      that’s a better point than I made earlier :D

    • Ross

      See above.

    • Ross

      See my comment above.

    • Eugenio

      I think admin is only wishing for an adapter that could make the om lens merged with om-d, it’s an “estetical” request (IMO)

  • Stu5

    I can see the idea of the FL-600R flash catching on with other companies. Combining flash and a LED light into one unit for photo and video work is a good idea. Saves space and weight. Don’t expect the LED to be that powerful but it is still better than nothing at all.

    • Ragnarok

      Canon already did it (with the 320 or something like that).

      • SteB

        That’s why I knew it was a video light straight, away because the central light looks so similar to the Canon 320EX. Apparently nearly all the camera manufacturers flashguns are made by the same manufacturer I think if I remember rightly it’s Panasonic. That’s why in reality they are not very different and it’s more the camera implementations and interfaces that differs, along with their cosmetic appearances.

    • The Real Stig

      Entirely depends on what LED they put in it. There are some with outputs that would amaze most people.

      • SamshootsAll

        More light out = more battery usage :)

        • Ross

          The more efficient the LED, the more light output there is. ;)

  • MacGyver

    If not record 60p is not for me, is strictly necessary for my work

    • TheEye

      All you need is a Tinker SAK, a paper clip, and a rubber band!

      • MacGyver

        @TheEye If I could hack all, I would like to do!

    • Stu5

      Out of interest what do you film?

      • MacGyver

        Especially sports, but 60p is more versatile than the rest

    • if no 60p, mr. Vitaly surely rape that E-M5 ;-)

      • MacGyver

        Would be greatly appreciated;)
        in this case I’ll wait to see what’s new on GH3

  • L

    Wonder how “3D” tracking works? If it is just a marketing hype or if it is actually achieved in engineering? If it IS “3D” then it’ll need two separate points to detect the movement, right? Otherwise it shouldn’t be called “3D”.

    • Maybe a similar technique as face detection? Pansonic cameras can follow people and adjust the focus accordingly. Suppose this camera takes a snapshot of the area in the focus point and follows it. Then it can extrapolate the focus distance when the shutter goes off.

    • @L
      “Wonder how “3D” tracking works?”
      your subjects wears the new Olympus focus tracking device (probably a belt(available in various colours)) which sends a radio signal back to the camera to track :p

    • The image can be analyzed to find the points in that are in focus, and the distance can be figured out from the lens. Motion analysis of successive frames can then tell you which direction every point is moving. Don’t know if there’s enough oomph! in the processor to do this sort of thing.

    • Re “3D tracking:” I’m going to guess it works much like the system on the new Sony compact, the TX-200V, announced in late January.

      This camera claims super-fast AF; according to dpreview, it “compares out-of-focus images to determine which direction to move the lens to achieve focus, avoiding the camera scanning for focus in the wrong direction.”

      In other words, apparently someone has found a way of analyzing out-of-focus images to determine whether they are caused by being “too close” or “too far,” and using that info to avoid scanning the lens in the wrong direction.

      My guess is that this technology is owned by some OEM and can be embedded in an image-processing chip, so we’ll be seeing more of it on more cameras beyond the new Olympus.

      (Then again, maybe there’s a tiny tape measure inside the hump that springs out and suction-cups itself onto the subject, moving in and out to track the subject’s movement like one of those retractable dog leashes…)

  • Miroslav

    “The camera is packed with an external GN10 flash called FL-LM2”

    Thanks, but no thanks. Other info is positive, but this is a deal breaker. Still a slim hope MMF-3 will do something to enhance focus speed with 4/3 lenses…

  • Peter

    Do we know the size and weight yet (of the basic cam without grip)?

    Admin: Any news on “peaking”?

    • Look at previous posting!

    • rrr_hhh

      369gr without card and battery, 425 gr with them.

  • Miroslav

    “Diving box is coming this summer for E-M5, called PT-E08”

    Oh no! That’s another underwater housing leak ;).

  • Jamie Frew

    I wonder if this small clip on flash will be sold separately… I could do with something like that for my e-p2. I’ve read that the flash thats bundled with the E-PM1 doesn’t work on other models.

    • Michael Meissner

      I’ve already tried the current clip-on flash (distributed with the E-PM1 and E-PL3) in the store, and it did not work. I would imagine the same would be true of the new flash. In theory Olympus could release a firmware update to enable it on older bodies, but they rarely backport features to older bodies. Your best bet might be getting the FL-300R.

  • Since it is the accessory port below the hotshoe, it is almost confirmed that the hump is not detachable. I was thinking it can be removed and have a little smaller in size..

    • tmrgrs

      I’ve just about given up on the removable hump possibility but I don’t see why the accessory port getting removed with it would make any difference. You’d just have to install the removable hump in order to use the port which doesn’t seem like a big issue IMO.

    • Well, let us put it this way:
      We now know that the hump does not contain a flash and that the accessory port most likely have dictated it’s height.
      But if the height was given, why didn’t they use the space inside the hump for a pop-up flash? We already know that a weathersealed camera can have this (E-3, E-5).
      The answer must be that the hump DOES contain something worthwhile. The question is WHAT?

      • Miroslav

        EVF electronics

        • Jalo

          original post had something about displaying shutter speed and aperture like in E-5. This would require a separate LCD panel outside finder display area (actually outside EVF). Otherwise the shutter speed and aperture would be included in the EVF as an overlay.

          This extra lcd display might require some space, too.

          • Possible. But do you really think the have added a second display instead of just shrinking the viewfinder display so that the data can be outside the finder display area?

            • simon

              It would make a lot of sense to add a single-line display (as in regular DSLRs). That way, you can use the full EVF resolution for the image without overlaying the shooting parameters. That alone makes the camera worth 50 pounds/euros more to me.

          • good observation. another aspect which might contribute to the “HUMP” would be the IBIS mechanism around the shutter unit. the “5-axis” thing could make it even bigger.

            • I think or maybe EVF have also a IS, also camera shake but EVF is quiet.

        • But the VF-2 didn’t need all that space for electronics. It has the eyepiece close to the top of the casing, whereas on the E-M5 the top of the eyepiece is somewhere halfway to the hump’s top.

          • Bob

            So the VF2 has the electronics below the eye port, the OMD has them above. As small as the body is, there’s probably no room to house the EVF circuitry in the body proper, so it ends up in the hump.

      • GL

        Get out the hacksaw!

        • So the first OM-D lives dangerous. :-D

      • Tiny unicorn that makes all your wishes come true, but is visible only to the pure in spirit. We are all disqualified because we participate in rumor forums. No unicorn for us.

        • Ross

          That sounds like the best answer to me. :D

  • drj

    a lot of news with not the least word about the sensor or IQ. Not sure this is that a good sign…

    • Narretz

      There was some info about the iq before. Two stops improvement in JPEG and cleaner high ISO. But without images (and sources don’t get to keep their pre-prdocution series photos) what can we say? Also, the iq is probably the point where most companies put the butter where the bread is, so they don’t exaggerate too much. And since it is the G3 sensor, we can assume that the raw output is very similar to that.

  • Sneye

    I don’t know. A bit disappointed with the lack of manual focus aids, fast focusing of 4/3 lenses (we would know about it by now) and built-in flash. After all the E-M5 is quite dear. I was hoping it could replace both my E-P3 and E-5, but apparently not just yet. It’s just a PEN with a viewfinder.

    • The Real Stig

      Can I pour water over you Pen please, then drop it onto concrete?

    • All m43 camera give auto focus on FT lens, but FT lens as not is mark by blue ring is best use at manuel focus.
      (all lens need up grad firmware)

  • I simply can’t believe it. 3 years after introduction of m43, they finally deliver pretty normal enthusiast level body. And people here get real excited: hurray! very normal camera from Olympus!! yeah! You guys are so patient and so easily to please ;)

    Though still lacking in the lenses department. It seems that they think that their zoom strategy in 43 failed, so this time they release more primes instead. At least they have finally released a decent kit zoom for the m43. 12-50 is much more useful than the most (or even: all) of the kit lenses I have touched before.

    • tmrgrs

      There are lots of normal enthusiast level cameras with plastic bodies that aren’t weather sealed like the 60D, D3100, A77, etc.

      The zoom strategy was with physically large lenses that don’t really go with a small m4/3 body and were also too expensive for most m4/3 buyers.

    • @Dummy00001
      I think primes have come back in fashion in the last 3-4 years so Oly and Panny have evolved to meet people’s changing needs…

    • sven

      shut up and buy a super D700 for 2000,-€

    • Analyse by Pekka Potka shows the 12-50 delivers decent, by no means the same image quality like th 43 12-60.

      • True. Of course, the 12-60 is a bit of a legend, and costs about twice as much. You do get what you pay for.

    • Alexander

      you are right !!! where is the NEX 7 head to head camera????????

      • Ross

        It can be found at the toy store. ;)

  • Larry

    There have been complaints at DPR about the hump or pyramid.. I put those in the same class as the remarks back in 05/06 about how ugly the E-300/E330 appeared without a hump… Just Gasbag venting.

    If the new camera is in a league with the GH2, image quality-wise, I’ll be savin’ up for it.. If it is NOT in the same league, I’ll just buy the GH2.. (its cheaper).. I dont really care about video at all, but up ’til now, the GH2 seems to have the best all around sensor in m4/3.


  • Boooo!

    Only 2 new art filters?!

    • Andrew Howes

      60d and A77 are weatherproofed.

      • sony claim moisture sealed, i dont think that is same to weather sealed.

        • Andrew

          If the A77 is not weather-proofed, the reviewer below is making quite a mistake.


          And see this diagram on dpreview, regarding the 60d:


          • Werda

            I ask Sony aspecially if it´s possible to shoot with the A77 in rain and the answer was no, it´s only protected against dust and moisture. For me, thats no weatherproofed. So the reviewer made a mistake and he´s not alone.

            • Andrew

              Shooting in rain isn’t explicitly recommended, but it is weather sealed in the same fashion that cameras like the Canon 5D/7D.

              “The A77 is weather and dust sealed, as is the new 16-50mm f/2.8 lens. ” (Luminous Landscapes)

              “Ports, doors and controls are also weather-resistant for smooth operation under adverse conditions.” (Amazon)

              “Ports, doors and controls are also weather-resistant for smooth operation under adverse conditions.” (Sony Store)

              Even cameras with a reputation for strong weather proofing can fail in rain: http://www.pentaxforums.com/forums/pentax-k-5-forum/142142-weather-sealing-failed-my-new-k-5-a.html

      • Werda

        A77 ist not Weatherproofed, only dust! So dont shoot if its raining. Thats the answer i got from sony.

      • Maybe not 60D rather.

        • I dont think the 60d is weatherproof either

    • Mauro


    • Riley

      yes one is the ‘nude’ IR filter

  • inorog

    this is getting beter and beter, do not know wich I like most, 2 extra Fn buttons from the grip is awesome, new flash also, 3d tracking woooot :) can’t wait

  • All in all, looks like a very interesting proposition from oly. The retro styling and relatively small size as well as the availability of quality primes in the system, makes it an attractive choice for people that enjoys the “classic” way of shooting. The weathersealing was an obvious step forward for a company that is known for the ruggedness of its slr line. Improved ibis and faster af.

    All in all seems like a solid package, that plays to olys strengths, and thats a good thing! I have to retire my gf1, and this cam might its place in the upcoming months :)

  • Atle

    Is GN10 a useful flash? Can i buy it an add to my EP2 for indoor pary-pictures and so on, or is it to weak? (and can i angle it?)

    • Narretz

      Google the one that comes with the EP-L3, you can buy it separately from BH Photo e.g. Also has GN 10, and is probably cheaper, because not weathersealed. IT angels by 45°

    • Its mostly to trigger remote flashes.

  • Javier

    i think MMF3 have this design http://ves.cat/a5WS

    • Oky, but i think around 400$ for the also.

    • Wow, never seen such an adapter before. Nice. If that’s what it takes for full PDAF support, then so be it. Thanks for sharing.

  • Leonedolci

    Oh I want one with underwater housing.

  • Bob B.

    Still no inside info or confirmation on the MOST important thing about the camera, the sensor and the RAW dynamic range………….

    • Narretz

      It’s the G3 sensor. Same Dynamic Range etc. in RAW. Get over it.

    • bango

      You people are mad. Five years ago dynamic range was never mentioned it was mp quantity then noise and now dynamic range is everything. Utter madness.

      • Reto

        Acutally not so mad, my 40D had decent dynamic range 3 years ago and so did my Minolta A200 (or so it was called) from 2005. If a camera is sold as “pro” then pros will have a look at it. Or let’s put it like this, if a camera helps me earn part or all of my living, I’m quite concerned about IQ. And dynamic range IS a part of it.

    • jacek

      that’s important only to trolls and other people who will never buy olympus, because they are very busy checking how sharp is their lens

      • Charlie

        Lens checkers!

        Lens checkers!!!


    • @Bob B.
      New information/pages here for you http://www.four-thirds.org/en/microftmerit/merit2.html

      • This is not impartial information at all. Justification by the 43 consortium……..

        • @Kyleberg
          of course it’s impartial information it was written by Woodford and Reuters :P

    • I share the same hope as Bob B. – how is improved DR achieved and are the RAW improved in some way. Reople like Bob and I like to optimize our photography and need improvements over G3/GX1 level.
      I do not understand what kind of photo “jacek” and most likely that is is not of interest.

      • Bob B.

        Thanks for the support!

    • Bob B.

      oh…the Oly fanboys unite! LOL!
      No…the sensor and DR info is important to real photographers. Such silly comments.

      • leonedolci

        Hi Bob, yes DR and RAW IQ is important.

        But it’s 16MP, m43 sensor put in an Oly cam. Do you really believe there’s other options than the pana sensor in GX1 and G3?

        Oly’s “tweaking” capability we have already seen on EP3: better jpeg but essentially same RAW IQ.

        Do you sincerely believe Oly has somehow got enlightened after all the financial turmoil?

        So, get real. It’s just another cam built around pana sensor (and RAW output).

        • Unfortunately what you are saying is probably right. So, to any prospective buyers, expect gx1 or g3 performance with oly colors and tweaks. Ive been tempted to jump ship to sony nex for the better dr, but their lenses lineup is appaling. That is m43 strength. And particularly this new 75mm seems like its going to be the bomb :)

          • Indeed. I’m tempted by Sony and Fuji myself, but then I remember how long I’ve waited for lenses like these for m43. How long would it take a single company working with a proprietary mount to make an equivalent set of lenses that m43 has..?

            • And how much bigger they would be? And even then, theres something about oly optics that i dont think we would get from sony…

              This system is very good already, we just need a new sensor with great dynamic range at base iso….

              • Yep. My worry now is that I’ll be tempted by the E-M5 and then the E-M6 will come along with a new awesome sensor…

                • Charlie

                  Sensor smensor, it’s the HUMP that counts.

                • given oly track record, i would not hold my breath for a new revolutionary sensor too soon

                • Miroslav

                  … and E-M7 with flash ;).

          • Bob B.

            That is why I say…use a G3 body for now and buy lenses. I picked up an open-box G3 body for $425 as a spare. Very complete camera…not built anything like this new Oly…but I think eventually we will have a sensor break thru. It is silly to sinkI am sticking with the MFT system and not jumping ship because it is the most complete system with the best glass for mirrorless.

            • If you buy cameras out of rational analysis, you are probably right. Thing is, in photography many people buy with their hearts, and this camera will probably be high on their list, because of the build quality and retro design.

              I still think this is a step forward for the system, maybe not a gigantic leap, but certainly a hint of whats to come in the future.

              Just bring a new sensor to the table. With 1 more step of dr!

              • Bob B.

                I agree….it is a step in the right direction.

        • Bob B.

          Well…if that is the case…I will just hold on to my GX1 and LVF2. Why would I spend $1500-$1600 on this body, grip and battery compartment when for the $900 I have already spent the RAW photos will look the same. I will keep that money, buy the 75mm f/1.8 and not spend that kind of money on a pro-like body until the sensor improves the DR. Kind of silly to buy this camera. 16mp sensors are not all created equal. My highlights still get blown out on my GX1 in situations that other cameras will handle.

          …but again…we do not have confirmation about the senor in the OM. It is still all speculation at this point.

          • leonedolci

            If IQ matters, why not go X-Pro, really.

            For my eyes, m43 still have at least 18 months to catch-up with what Fuji has achieved with the X-Trans sensor today.

        • Sumeth

          Did you see the ACTUAL raw or jpeg files from EM-5?

          • Yes m43 should have a potential to develop! Why not, the different APS-C sensors developes all the time. Maybe it will be a Pana GH3 or something after the summer (Photokina). A 75/1.8 lens is probably easy to sell at a good price if it turns out Fuji or Sony is the best way to go.

            • Bob B.

              I want a full kit of lenses. I currently can shoot from fisheye to 350mm (35mm equivalent). That is right now with MFT. I have these lenses. The Sony I can not even discuss. Sensor great, lens situation including the Zeiss a joke and not truly sharp. Very limited choice in AF lenses. All the images I have seen from the Fuji are not truly sharp either, I think that may be some kind of NR problem ( I hope..because that is a pretty trick camera)…not sure…I need an independent review on that camera…but for me…the lens situation there too, is limited. Just my opinion. This is what I have seen.
              Sizewise everything MFT has the above two cameras beat. So I am praying for a better sensor here so we can have it all.

    • mclarenf3

      By the way people have been commenting here, I thought the most important thing was how the camera looks…

    • LOL yet 99% of people look at the photos on a computer screens which are not calibrated and the photos will look underexposed/overexposed from screen to screen.

  • st3v4nt

    No built-in flash ? A US$1000+ camera without built in flash? Now instead carrying VF around we have to carry small flash ? I bet EM-5 Mark II or whatever they want to call it will have built in flash….and of course new battery…

    • BLI

      Well, although I would also prefer a built-in flash, I also realize that I use the EVF on my E-P3 99% of the time, and the flash 1% of the time. So if there was only room for one of these, the EVF is the right choice.

    • Narretz

      Do you really need a pop-up flash that often? BTW, a 4000 $ 1D Mark IV does not have a flash. Would you say it’s a bad camera? Especially with better high ISO performance I don’t see the justification for a puny pop-up flash. Sure, I got the GF-1 because I wanted a built-in flash, but now I don’t really use it (I would more if it bounced) and would much rather have a built in evf.

      • jekins

        1D Mark IV not have flash, but have remote radio control to external flash.

    • flash

      New battery is to meet Japanese new regs I am sure. All Pens have the same battery.

      No popup flash is good. Who wants all that heat etc in the camera.

      I never had a use for pop-up flash. More often then not the digital pictures I have seen with it used a fill were poorer because of it. New Small System Digital Cameras do not need fill in flash, their DR and post software processing covers the problem of shadows better then a popup fill in flash in most situations. Then there is HMDR? processing. What we need is DR and more DR.

      If you need it just put it in a pocket on your camera strap.

      • Nonsense, flash will always have its place as a creative tool. People that says flash is not needed and that it can be replicated in post have no idea what they are talking about

        • I shoot nothing that requires flash. Yes I am the world.

  • olyE5

    what about fast focusing on 43-lenses? most importent question to me!

    • There will be no breakthroughs on 4/3 lenses. That’s not their priority. In fact, the mysterious pivoted front surface of The Hump contains a little mallet that comes out and raps you on the forehead if you try to use 4/3 lenses.

      • arthur65

        useless, meaningless comment

  • anentropic

    looks a nice camera (though this and the GX1 both make the G3 look like better and better value…)

    anyone know if the 5-axis IS (or any IS) will work when shooting video?

    Panasonic only seem to put OIS in their longer focal lengths but seems like video could benefit from IS at any time, as in a camcorder

    • Bob

      Not likely. As I understand it, the reason for no IBIS during video is overheating the sensor, and if anything 5-axis movements would make that problem worse, not better.

  • Stein

    It won’t record at 60p if it’s the GX1 sensor. Only the GH2 sensor can do that

    • Riley

      that sounds right

  • neeming

    The 3-D tracking is hopeful.

    The other major unknowns are:

    (1) Flash sync speed (the regular synchronization, not the flash-based multi burst, which is much less useful). Based on the top shutter speed 1/4000, there is very little hope. It is very likely to be a miserable 1/180sec or even worse.

    (2) Whether the EVF is tillable for low angle shots. This is just some wild speculation based on the leaked photos. It would be a great feature, but I’d be very surprised that it has that.

    Concerning the DPR, simply stop hoping for a miracle. There will be none unless it’s an entirely different sensor. Tweaking may increase the miserable 10.1 Evs to a slightly less miserable 10.9 Evs, but don’t dream about Sony sensor’s 13.4 Evs. Entirely different performances separated by several leagues. Olympus needs a better sensor in order to survive. They are already doing beyond their capabilities in other departments, but the sensor is going to kill them if they are tied to Panasonic.

    • Narretz

      I think if the EVF were tiltable they would have shown that in the overview picture. They show three EM-5, all in different configurations, so it would have made sense to show a tilting viewfinder.

    • Panasonic use sensor self also.

  • Sven

    Any news on the gimick side, i.e.HDR or Panorama function – maybe even 3d since there’s 3d tracking now ;)
    So far I am liking the cam more and more the not built in flash I can compromise with…. – don’t need it that often anyways..

  • “In the future, as this technology continues to evolve, you can look forward to such exciting new features as an ultrafast AF system that predicts the subject’s next action by analyzing the scene based on the status of the human skeleton.”

    The future starts this wednesday?

  • Guy McLoughlin

    I wish they would produce a full lens line with a black finish. ( still waiting for the 12mm f/2.0 in black )

    Sure it’s just cosmetic, but I think many of us associate “professional” with a camera system that looks “professional”. :-)

    • I have it in silver, but i think after summer come the in black, and also 45mm F1.8 and 75mm F1.8.

  • Wolf

    This just keeps getting better and better!

    Will the camera itself be weather sealed?

  • Sumeth

    Is the silver (or chrome) body made from plastice or metal?

  • SteB

    I know I’m a bit biased here but no one has picked up on my comments about the 60mm f2.8 macro lens. There is definitely something unusual about it, and it may be one of the more radical differences from other camera manufacturers in design. In other words it might not be a simple infinity to 1:1 macro lens that people are assuming. It clearly has a switch on the side and appears to have a magnification ratio table with a second group of figures in red. This along with it’s unusual length tend to indicate switchable ratio ranges. I might be mistaken because cosmetics don’t say everything.

    It most certainly isn’t just an extended macro lens in the extended position as a few mistakenly think. If you look at both switches and structure it is impossible it could telescope down. The lower parts are as wide as the focusing ring + the switch makes this impossible.

    There are a number of intriguing possibilities including that it is not even an infinity focusing macro lens. Whilst it might not be that interesting for many it is one area which could attract attention for the Olympus from elsewhere. The manufacturers have taken a very conservative approach to macro lenses with most going from infinity to 1:1. There is no particular reason for this and most macro photographers would prefer a specialist macro lens that started in the close-up range and went to a higher magnification than 1:1. If any manufacturer stepped outside the conventional approach it would attract a lot of attention.

    Macro photography equipment is clearly not designed by people that are macro photographers. This is why you see so many modifications of the lenses, flashes and other rigs of macro photographers. Whereas other photographers just use the equipment as it comes, macro photographers have to adapt it to what they need, because it is not designed for what macro photographers want and need. Any manufactuer that wakes up to this would make a killing and attract photographers from many other camera systems. It’s not that the manufacturers don’t make macro photography equipment, it’s that they haven’t got a clue as to how macro photographers use it.

    It might be that it is just another not very original macro lens, not particular well designed for the needs of macro photographers. However there definitely is something unusual about its design. Whether it’s cosmetic or functional who knows.

    • Ahh, now I understand why you’re saying the internals cannot retract because of the switch. Your whole post is intriguing. Both new lenses look very interesting, but I am particularly interested in the macro. If what you say is true, that could explain why Olympus is making a macro so close in range to their vaunted 43 50mm f/2.0 — but which looks so much longer!

      I agree that > 1:1 magnification would attract attention, though I do not have a sense how that translate into marketability of the system.

      It’s also intriguing that some suggest the new 5-way IBIS may be a first for macro photography as well — first image stabilization that may actually help macro photographers. Perhaps this detail plays into Olympus pushing the limits of macro lens design as well. If so, kudos to Olympus to highlight and press their advantage in macro photography with the new 5-way IBIS, 12-50mm kit macro, and 60mm macro.

      If you’re right, Olympus will be opening new (micro)vistas for macro photography and, perhaps with the new IBIS focusing, making macro photography much more accessible to macro enthusiasts (kit macro) and pros (60mm macro).

      • SteB

        I had to get a Canon system just to be able to use the Canon MP-E 65mm f2.8 1-5x macro lens. It’s the only current lens that goes greater than 1:1 without add ons. It has got a legendary status now. Yet ironically the Canon lens has it’s roots in the Olympus OM macro system which at the time was by far the best macro system ever made. The telescopic auto-tube and it’s lens heads were never made by any other manufacturer. Most enthusiast macro photographers want greater than 1:1 and they have to use tubes, converters, close-up lenses etc, to get there. But there’s a huge advantage to not having to add anything on. Lot’s of macro photographers like myself only got a Canon system (I still have a 4/3 system) because of the MP-E 65mm. It’s a lens that nearly every macro photographer aspires to, even if they never get one.

        Any manufacturer like Olympus who simply took on board the modern interest in macro photography would make a killing. Whilst it’s not everyone’s interest, it is one area where if Olympus wanted, they could be well ahead of everyone else. They do have the pedigree in this area. One of the problems with the Canon MP-E 65mm is it’s magnificaton starts too high i.e. 1:1. If it started at 1:4 and went to about 2.5:1 it would be so much better. I’ve been recommending on forums that Olympus do that for quite a few years. I doubt they’ve been listening to me, but it will be interesting to see what they’ve done.

        Even if photographers don’t engage in a particular type of photography themselves, they are inspired by other successful photographers. One of Olympus’ big problems for years is that there aren’t many influential photographers who’ve been using their equipment. Whereas the original Olympus OM system was actually used by a lot of big name photographers who influenced others. A system gains far more credibility and kudos when it is used by photographers who are looked up to, even if other photographers don’t do that style of photography themselves. That type of marketing and kudos is priceless. That is why the original OM had real kudos, and Olympus has been struggling to refind their mojo since. There are no David Baileys or Don McCullins using Olympus equipment now for their influential work. I never did their style of photography, but that they actually used Olympus equipment for their work influenced a lot at the time.

        • > One of the problems with the Canon MP-E 65mm is it’s magnificaton starts too high i.e. 1:1. If it started at 1:4 and went to about 2.5:1 it would be so much better.

          What is the 1:4 to 2.5:1 advantage over the 1:5 to 1:1? I am not following your thought process there. Thx in advance.

          • SteB

            For most types of close-up and macro photograpy, whether it’s enthusiasts shooting insects and flowers, professional medical/scientific photographers, technical close-up photography, 1:1 is a mid-way point. In other words most specialist close-up photograhers of all fields take photographs at less magnification than 1:1 on a regular basis, and higher magnification photographs. So a lens that has a magnification range starting at, or ending at 1:1 is very restrictive. It means that you will constantly have to change lenses or add or remove accessories, just for a small change in magnification ratio.

            In other words 1:1 is not a natural division. It is not a natural boundary. Whereas the range of about 1:4 to 2.5:1 covers more of the typical scenaris most close-up photographers deal with. Less magnification than this and it’s in the ordinary lens range, and much greater magnification than this, and it starts getting more difficult, more restrictive and more specialist. If I said 1:6 to 3.5:1 I would probably be talking about 90% of this type of photography. However, it obviously gets technically more difficult to cover that range with one lens. So the range I recommended is probably a better compromise.

            Unless you do a lot of this type of photography it’s difficult to get across the inconveniences. Regularly changing lenses is a problem because of dust spots on the sensor. The higher the magnification and the smaller the effective aperture the more you see sensor debris. You think your sensor is spotless, stick the MP-E 65mm on at 3x f11, and you can’t believe the crud you see. You have to spend ages just spotting out the dust spots with each image, it’s a pain. I can get my sensor spotless, and in the summer in the field, within one week it looks filthy again.

            • Ahh, now I see. @SteB, Thank you.

        • @SteB
          hopefully what you say has come true, as I’m really interested in the new Olympus 60mm f2.8 macro lens too :D

    • pingflood

      Canon already has the MP-E 65 macro lens which is basically what you describe. I think it goes from 1:1 to 5:1.

    • Fan

      The Pana/Leica macro lens is already 2:1 (35 equiv).

    • Also, the new Nanoha 5x (w/ built-in LEDs):


      • SteB

        To be perfectly honest I can’t see the point of this lens. It is expensive for what it is, has a very restrictive magnification range, and the image quality doesn’t seem that great to me. You would do far better using a reversed manual focus wide angle (24mm or 28mm) or good enlarging lens reversed. They would be far cheaper, giver better image quality and be more versatile. Unfortunately I think I upset Seb Farges when I pointed that out on DVXuser when he did a thread on that lens. But I was only trying to be helpful.

        The main advantage of a lens like the MP-E 65mm is that it covers a big range without adding anything on. If the magnifcation is fixed you might as well use cheaper options. Get a reasonable quality 24mm or 28mm f2.8 manual focus lens with an aperture ring, a reversing ring and a set of cheap manual extension tubes off eBay. Throw in an LED light, and it will cost you a lot less, and be able to cover a bigger magnification range. A reversed wide angle is still the official Nikon way of getting greater than 1:1.

        • @SteB, thank you again!-) Now I have a pet project to work on. I’ve been looking at the Nanoha for some time. Now I shall try the approach you suggest instead. Fortunately, I have the pricey piece(s) already. I have a lot to learn about macro.

    • I think you have right maybe the is a M43 version of Zuiko Macro 135mm F4.5 so in old OM days need auto bellow or auto tube for use.
      Olympus had also, 80mm F4, 38mm F2.8 and 20mm F2 for use on OM system macro group all the lens had 9 degree view, but 135 have normal 18 degree view.

      Olympus had also 90mm F2 and 50mm F2 so can use right on camera.

    • PS

      I am taking a learned guess on the Macro Lens.

      The lens is not in an extended position.

      The matter writen on the lens is a magnification guide. There are mulpiple red makings with varoius magnifications.

      The lower ring has a red dot which will allign with the red dots on the barrel to choose the varoius magnifications possible?

    • I suspect that its an internal focusing lens, which is really welcome from a company that has eschewed that approach to lens design. That would explain why it is so long. Some of the leaked verbiage seems to indicate that the new IBIS is particularly well suited to macro work, so introducing a particularly innovative macro lens makes a lot of sense.

      Olympus has a long history in macro and micro photography. Its good to see them building on that tradition.

  • O

    There will be an adapter for OM lenses.

  • Bob

    What the heck is this “sensor” that turns on a 18mm. What happens at 18mm that’s so important?

    And I wouldn’t read too much into the display of shooting data in the EVF. I expect it to be similar to how it works in the GH2: all on one screen, with the image area taking up only a portion of the display and a black band above and below with the shooting data. The likelihood there will be a physically separate display for shooting data seems remote. Very remote.

    • BLI

      I think someone else already answered this: I understand it is a proximity sensor in the EVF that turns on the EVF when “something” (e.g your eye) is less than 18mm from the EVF.

  • Sounds nice, still waiting for tests ;-)

    Is there also another solution (built in in the cam) for focusing in low light or only with the flash?

    • BLI

      Isn’t there a lamp on the front, just under the mode dial? I assume that is for AF assistance.

      • I hope so, but I think it’s a sensor for the white balance.

  • hannes

    For me the buying decision hinges on whether there is focus peaking or not.

    I would love to have focus peaking for fast manual focus. Magnification is not practical for moving subjects.

    The question is whether it is patented for the use in mirrorless cameras by Sony or not. (For video cameras it seems to be an old trick.)

    Any info on that, admin?

    • Charlie

      No focus peaking.

      • flash

        Why do you say that? It probably does not have it, but until you read the brochure you will not know. I think they may have some extra new way to manual focus. not sure why.

    • flash

      Peak focusing is not the end all. Use it got tired of it, they should include it though so after 3 or so months you would agree with me. There should be not patent, as it has been done for a long time in many diffident ways, besides they all share patents.

      We need better displays. or microprism displays like the old days. Maybe a bunch of microprism displays that follows the moving item. But then why not just use auto focus on an auto focus lens? I know you use manual focus legacy lens, some work very well; but Olympus, Panasonic, Sony, etc. does not make any money on them so I do not think they will fully develop any manual focus method for them.

      • BLI

        Why not use AF? Well, sometimes if you take pictures in the dark, you don’t want to flash the AF assist lamp in the face of your target object; then MF may be a better option. (E.g some artists are extremely sensitive… such as leaving the stage if someone is sneezing, etc… Probably an electronic shutter would also be useful :-) .)

        • @BLI
          you mean like this http://www.youdidntdidyou.com/blog_images/little%20red%20head%20girl%20at%20wedding.jpg manual focus enlarged view used in low light so as not to alert subject…

          • That’s not a real girl, that’s a doll that you posed ;-).

            Fantastic picture. Nice to see some photographs posted. Oh, and you just got more cred from me wrt your opinions on cameras.

          • NIce picture! I like it a lot

        • flash

          I was referring to using the camera assisted manual focus. Not manual focus. I prefer to manual focus, mostly as habit. It makes me take better pictures.

          I had an artist leave a clients stage last month (for too trivial a problem), I put a stop payment on their check. Then I had most of their next months performances at other venues cancelled. They apologized last week, so all is forgiven.

          I do agree that the camera needs not to have noise or light during a performance.

      • hannes

        @flash: I have to admit that I never tried it in practise but it looks great to me.
        I try to use nikon legacy lenses (like 50mm 1.8, 200mm f4) but for street photography of moving people the magnification is useless.

        It is difficult to hold someones face in the magnified area as they move and you cannot recompose the whole image as the scene changes while they move.

        Using the unmagnified image for manual focus, am not able to hit the right plane of focus with large aperatures consistently with the external viewfinder. (Not to talk about the E-PL1’s display.) Why don’t you feel that peak focus helps here?

        I see that Olympus’ interest in developing assistance for manual focus that encourages the use of old lenses is limited. But if enough people ask for it, it becomes a selling point. That is why I keep asking for it here ;)

  • Farrukh

    Annoyed that there is no built-in flash. And why bother with a bluetooth module, it is so very slow! How about a wi-fi module instead!

    • Wifi uses more power (in general) than BT, plus BT can form simple adhoc networks that are moe difficult to do in the field with Wifi.

      I agree that Wifi is more generally useful, but don’t knock BT, especially for quick uploading of previews.

      Olympus also supports EyeFi, so there is an option, albeit one I’m not totally thrilled with. (Edit: take a look at the camera on EyeFi’s front page).

  • Z

    Any possibility of the Panasonic f2.8 zoom lenses announcement this week?
    They seem to have been forgotten…

  • IHUR

    What’s the point having those dslr size lenses, accessories and weathershield body in a micro 43sensor camera??

    And how big will it be when you attached the external flash to it. You are carrying a dslr size system on your neck but with a micro43 sensor which was created to supposedly make the camera compact.

    If it’s big in dimension, big in lenses, big in money, but MICRO in sensor with IQ down below, that is what I simply call overkill.

    And like what Nikon says on the other site, just for fanboys

    • @IHUR, the overall system (i.e., lenses) is relatively smaller (than full-frame systems) even if the body is accessorized and lenses are hefty. The circumstances would only be worse with bigger sensor system. As usual, it’s just the normal tradeoffs. So make your choice (of sensor size, system size), and live with it.


    • then i am happy to say: “Ich bin ein fanboy”

    • flash

      Your assumption are wrong, so you conclusion is wrong.

      Don’t you think it rains on small cameras, or dust for that matter? Come to think of it I hope you have fun cleaning your Nikon sensor. The small external flash is well small.

      The rest of you comment is silly. Compare a complete travel shooting kit to a Nikon (one that is not crappy made) to a mFT system and you find it weighs less then half, and is capable of taking the same images in 99% of the time.

      Sensors will get smaller and better until the size is dictated by the human engineering, not optical performance. This happen to film when most of us migrated down to 35mm, but not really below it; and now will with digital. Their are times in film when a larger format then 35 was called for (such as 3 by 5 inches when taking landscapes), as there will be in digital. I think in fact that more S2 and larger digital cameras are on the horizon.

      There is nothing magical about 24mm by 36mm size or APC size; they were just convent for the camera companies when they switched to digital.

      Buy what you want, and but try a lot of different things you will have more fun, and take better pictures.

      • IHUR

        I like the idea of what you say “Sensors will get smaller and better”, but is it yet? Is this particular camera that have smaller sensor produces better IQ and better DR than the compact aps-c cameras around(Nex-5n, 7, fuji, etc)?

        If it’s not or maybe some would say ‘small difference’, why bother bring it in rainy or dusty situation, say for instance you go hiking or climbing, with all the effort you put to get those wonders of nature, yet you bring camera that cant capture the scene in its fullest.

        Or maybe you come to think again, well, this camera is more for walkaroundsnapshooting with its fast AF or streetphotographer with its…compact(?) size and ofcourse, its weathershield body

        • I’ve posted this link before, and if you haven’t read it, please do.


          Buy the camera and lenses you like best, take lots of pictures, and enjoy life.

          • Geoff

            I don’t know what you are trying to say here, as soon as I’d scrolled down to the side by side images I could clearly tell the image on the right is clearly softer and less sharp.

            • Read the entire article. You might learn something.

              • Geoff

                As it happens I did read the entire article, which in no way alters my opinion, the Canon was clearly softer, if I was looking for a sharp pristine print for display I would be very disappointed with the quality of the Canon, the softness was such that I would suggest it was deliberately shot that way.

          • Love my G10… though i dare say the Hasselblad has better DR and better capacity to handle reds than the G10 which blows out red quite easily

        • flash

          No the sensor are not truly there yet. Even with out “pixel peeking” I can tell the difference between a shoot taken with a Nikon D3 and a mFTs; most of the time the D3 is better. I however can not really tell the difference of a APC camera over a FTs camera, by resolution or DR. Using a Lieca S2 is truly a pleasure, in shooting and post, but its limited in what it can do compared to the Nikon D3 system. There will come a time not to far out when the mFT or similar system will be the most versatile. Right now what is missing, for most, is tracking focus, for shots of the kids playing sports or in plays etc.; or to take pictures of birds in flight; there is a promise that this new mFT will do better, maybe it will, but it is going in the right direction. More processing power and tighter code will get there.

          Most individuals are not as picky as me or you, so I think most will be very please with the optical performance of a newer mFT camera, and certainly the easy of use. Individuals of all leves do like cameras that feel right and have a high build quality, that is IMHO why all 4 of the Fuji Xs are so well received, if the OM-D has a similar feel it also will do well.

          Weather proofing seems to be popular at all levels of cameras from point and shoot to the new D4. Even for cameras strictly in the studio it is a good thing, accidents happen. Many of us have had cameras hurt do to weather or dust. Some of us like going under the water fall etc.

      • IHUR

        ..double post..

    • BLI

      Are the m43 lenses big? The Sigma 150 mm/2.8 is close to 140mm long and weighs close to 900g. The new Olympus 75mm/1.8 appears to be shorter than the 12-50mm, i.e shorter than 83mm. It is difficult to guess the weight (the 12-50 is ca 200g), but I’m relatively sure it is considerably lighter than the Sigma lens. OK — the Sigma lens is a macro lens, but the coming Zuiko lens is a 1.8 lens,

  • GeorgeH

    Admin, let’s not forget the rare 55mm f/1.2

    While I am happy that they figured out how to get DR (at least better than it was before) I am hoping one day they figure out how to get FF lenses to work on m43.

    The 50mm f/1.2 is a stunner at f/2 on my 5D2. On 4/3 the 50mm f/1.2 at f/2 is not that good. It’s a shame because I have the 24/2, 35/2 and 50/1.2 and none of them are that good one stop down on 4/3 but one stop from wide open on FF they’re great.

    • OM Zuiko 55mm F1.2 is a nice portrait lens for FT and also MFT.

      • GeorgeH

        I’ll have to respectfully disagree. I used them on my E-1 and E-3 and the results were pretty bad. Once stopped down to f/4 they were decent but offered no appreciable advantage over the DZ 50mm f/2

  • Camaman

    I second that 12-35mm fast zoom question!

    Are they going to announce them this week? I am eager to be shocked by their prices and start crying about how I can’t afford or justify spending that much on a small lens… ;-( ;-(

    Just you wait and see, small fast HQ zoom, first of its kind, and… its a Panasonic. (that alone is +20% $$$)

  • evenflo

    Sounds all nice and well, but when it comes to the sensor – I’ll still score only 53 or so on DXo. I know, I”ll trigger some flaming now… I don’t say that this is everything when it comes to quality of pictures, but it provides a basis for what is possible, and what is not possible, at least in RAW.

  • Mr Monkey

    Olympus is going to incorporate the new 16MP sensor, and new AF technologies in the next iteration of the PEN line that is due out in September of this year.

    If you want the new sensor, along with high ISO improvements, AF improvements and other image quality improvements without paying $1500 then just wait about 6 months. Of course the PEN line won’t have an EVF, and all those dials but some people can live without those.

    Also, the next PEN cameras will only have 2 cameras instead of 3 since the E-PM1 and E-PL3 don’t have much difference to them. There will only be a successor to the E-P3 and one to replace both E-PM1 and E-PL3.

    • And then there will be another set of improvements about six months after that, just in time for the next round of trade shows. And then another after that. Might as well wait for those too.

      In fact, I have it on good authority that just about all of our current wish list will have been fulfilled by fall 2028 (just in time for Photokina) and then by six months after that the prices will have come down, so you might as well not buy anything until then.

      Don’t worry, nothing worth photographing is going to happen between now and then, so you won’t be missing out on anything.

      • OM-4ever

        You’re on a roll. I especially liked the hammer inside the hump. Reminds me of an old life in hell cartoon I read in the late 80’s, lol.

      • Mr Monkey

        @Ranger – Your childish comment isn’t worthy of replying to but i’ll give it a whirl anyway.

        The technological jump from the second PEN series (E-PL2, EP2) to the third series (E-PL3, E-P3, E-PM1) was not huge. Similar sensor with just some AF improvements.

        The fourth series of PEN cameras will have a new sensor as well as the other advancements seem in the E-M5. This jump in new technology is much greater than a typical one year product refresh.

        Also, most people who post here probably already have capable cameras so it’s not like you will be prohibited from taking any pictures until the next 6 months.

        But hey if you want to shell out a good chunk of money for this new camera then by all means go for it. Some of us don’t need all the extra little features on the E-M5 to take good pictures so we can wait it out a little.

        Now go line up for the next iphone while you’re at it.

    • I would wait for the new PEN because I don’t need a weather sealed cam, but the reason for me to buy a new cam are holidays in June :( But if iq and is are not much better then the iq + is of my E-PL2 i will not buy the E-M5 and use my E-PL2 for another year. Hey, only about 24 hours and we will know more :)

  • OllieS

    Thanks Admin for your hard work. I hope the new 43 adaptor has some trick up its sleeve! Tripod mount is a good sign. Is it to be released at the same time as the OM-D?

  • Camaman

    While we are talking of release schedules, do you guys thing that now since we have PEN and OMD series we will see Olympus go for a 2yr refresh cycle between their Top models in each class?

    I don’t thing wee will see a new top PEN until Christmas and that would be 1,5yrs.
    New OMD will mos likely be 1,5yrs at least, with maybe a lower model by Christmas time. IMO

    • flash

      I bet we will. It seems you can not sell a camera that is 9 months old with out it being refereed to old. Who would want a 14 month old camera as a holiday present?

      I also think it will not be worth the upgrade for just about all who have a P3, PL4 or PM1. I think we are in a period of continuous upgrade, how long it will last is the question. Maybe they learned from Microsoft in just charting out the improvements then spreading them across the years. Not only camera companies do this.

      Sometimes, it is better to buy real old stuff because it will always be real old.

      • TheEye

        The corporations and markete(e)rs have boiled the frogs, that’s us. The continuous incremental and usually marginal upgrading will not stop until the moral improves. Everyone is scared of missing out on the latest, because, as we all know, the newest and latest is always better than what we have right now.

  • Focus peaking anyone?

    • Miroslav

      Probably won’t happen in E-M5, or we would know it by now. Or maybe admin has saved the best for last :) ?

    • Not going to happen! They didn’t implement in the last three PENs so they won’t start doing it now.

  • Timbo Tas

    Please do silky smooth 60fps…if so I will part with my money!

  • konikonaku

    “Anyway, stay tuned until Wednesday (feb 8). The camera will be announced at around 2-3 am in the morning (London time).”

    where will be the announcement first be made ?
    i’m on GMT +7, can you suggest where should i brows when i wake up tomorrow morning ?


    • TheEye

      I myself need to schedule around a wedding, two birthdays, and one funeral.

  • Metthew

    * sign *

    If no focus peaking (or something equivalent), I will have no choice and have to stay with NEX, even though how much its design is very impressing.

    • Raist3d

      What’s wrong with that?

  • JaSon

    Admin.. did you remove one of the features u posted yesterday? i thought i saw tilting touch screen.. T.T

    • admin

      Oh yes. I removed it because this was nto a news because I already posted this days ago :)

  • JaSon

    i see.. haha.. lets count down to official announcement! woohoo~

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