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(FT5) New Panasonic X lens series coming (PRO lenses)


I was working on that rumor since a couple of weeks (and I told you here that there would be a surprise). Now our friend Andrew from EosHD beat me on time and published a part of the surprise ;)

Yes it’s true, Panasonic will announce a new Micro Four Thirds pro lens series. It will be called “X“. What EosHD didn’t mention is that the 14-42mm and 45-175mm lenses will be the very first lenses having that “X” mark! Unlike Andrews speculation there will be no 12-50mm or 45-300mm zooms yet. I have been told the new lenses are an “optical revolution” because they are incredibly compact, do have a high optical quality, powerzoom and inner focusing. The lenses are made with both worlds in mind, still photography and video recording. I am currently collecting info about those lenses but it’s clear that Panasonic is putting very high expectations in this new project. One of the source was actually very impressed by the new kit lens performance. When he saw the lens he thought this would be a new “cheap” zoom lens. But he image quality and the new size and features will have a “WOW” reaction even on more serious photographers. The source strongly believes this will become a very popular line for amateurs and pro photographers!

As I said that is only the first part of the surprise, the second part will be published as soon as I get more out of my sources! Thanks for your patience!

P:S.: I repeat. There iwll be no GF7 yet!

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