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(FT5) New Panasonic GF3 and Leica 25mm lens to be announced on June 13!


So here we are, tomorrow (June 8) Sony will announce the new ultra compact NEX-C3 (you can follow the announcement on And five days later (June 13) Panasonic will launch the counterattack and announce the new ultra-compact GF3. A fully touchscreen oriented device which is around 15% smaller than the current GF2. It should have almost exactly the same Panasonic G3 specs. We also heard that the price will be very similar to the original GF2 price ($699 with kit lens). The GF3 is that tiny that the mount is higher than the camera itself. Sources that have seen the camera said that it is an ugly looking camera :)

Panasonic will also launch the Panasonic-Leica 25mm f/1.4 Micro Four Thirds lens. Hope to get some info about the price soon. But it should be definitely cost less than the discontinued Four Thirds Leica 25mm which costs around $1000 dollar/euro on eBay (Click here). Don’t know if many of you will buy the lens when you can get a much cheaper and unlike the Leica lens much more compact 20mm f/1.7 lens. It will be interesting to see if that lens will become are hotseller or not!


Reminder -> Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct


  • A new camera is always good news. But I’ll wait for the next GF1 or Pen.

    • fta

      Sorry guys, but you need to stop “waiting” for the next GF1. The next GF1 was the GF2, and the next GF2 is the GF3. They are not going to make a GF3a and a GF3b. Maybe hope that Oly will make what you want.

      A nice surprise would be if the GF3 came with the 25mm as a kit.

      We will see..

      • stickytape

        Agree. I wanted a GF1, but didn’t have the funds. Now that I do, I’m giving up on Panny. Hopefully Oly will get it right.

      • The GF3 and the 25mm as kit just make no sense. Why bother making a dwarf camera and stick a bright bigger lens? And let’s don’t even mention price. I don’t see that combo coming at all…

        • Mr. Reeee

          The 25mm will be a high-end lens like the 45mm or the 7-14mm.
          There’s no way it would be bundled as a kit lens with the GF3 or any other Panasonic camera, even the GH2. Most likely it’ll be bundled with the 14mm and 14-42mm, just like the GF2.

          Since I’m using mostly Nikon and Pentax manual lenses on my GH2, the 7-14mm being the exception, if it’s small enough, I’m thinking the GF3 might be the perfect home for my mostly neglected 20mm and great way to augment my GH2.

          Obviously, handling will be an issue and I doubt ever using manual lenses on the thing. Maybe Panasonic will release a new add-on EVF with similar specs as the G3 EVF? That’s LONG overdue!

  • Jeff

    It is nice to see the cycle continuing with development (historically the ones who win are the consumer) and creating a competitive environment. That said, the GF2 is looking better and better everyday.

  • AndyOz

    Its interesting that the new 25mm Leica lens will be released at the same time of the most low-end camera in the range – the GF3. Not many people who buy the GF3 would want the 25mm lens. I would have thought they would have released it at the same time as a more enthusiasts model camera (or even with the G3). Oh well at least they are releasing the lens at all I guess! Thats the good news.

    • Miroslav

      “Its interesting that the new 25mm Leica lens will be released at the same time of the most low-end camera in the range – the GF3”

      My thoughts exactly… Funny. Even more funny would be if it becomes one of the kit lenses for GF3 :). If GF3 turns out to be m4/3 version of NEX, I’d like GF2 to continue. Or they should make a revamped GF1. It’s interesting how each camera from the GF line totally changes the concept.

      • AndyOz

        Hi Miroslav

        Totally agree. Imagine if it was the ONLY kit lens available for the GF3!!! That would be funny.

        I agree they need another camera in the GF line. Most people who dont want the mini size GF3 would probably prefer the old GF1 design over the GF2. Unless they are planning to bring out a rangefinder style cam with built-in EVF to complete the GF line. So could there be:
        – GF3 : as small as possible to compete with Sony (replacement for GF2)
        – GF? : for more enthusiasts but should it be an improved GF1 or a bit bigger form with EVF? What do you think?

        • Miroslav

          Yes, I agree. GF2 was/is neither here not there, they better make a very small camera, a NEX competitor ( should have called it GX, just for fun :) ) and a GF1 successor with built in small EVF, the size of X100 EVF. Since they’ve proved a smaller body then GF1 can be made, then GF2 + small EVF should be around GF1 size. Just make LCD a bit smaller…

          Btw, a NEX sized m4/3 camera could be attractive for use with small primes. 14mm, 17mm, 20mm and the upcoming 25mm shouldn’t look too disproportionate with it. Maybe new Olympus 12mm and 50mm won’t be too big either. Just give the camera proper controls and it could be a nice second body for prime lenses and places where “serious” cameras are not welcome.

  • adventsam

    What, who will buy a 50mm f2.8 FF Equiv in dedicated m43 mount with af and leica iq, man does it need asking, look at the sales of the vl25mm 0.95, no af? 50mm is the most flexible image lens and on gh2 it will be like a 45mm f2.5 with af, very very nice and flexible, they will sell by the bucket-load even at $1000

    • niva

      Your are confused here, 50mm yes, but not f2.8, the aperture doesn’t change at all, it still be f1.4, it doenst have anything to do with the crop factor. So it will be a 50mm in 35mm format and with an aperture of f1.4

      • Bizzarrini

        You are right wrt exposure, but I think adventsam was talking about DOF effects…

      • Martin

        > Your are confused here
        I hate to say that, but you are the confused one here.
        >50mm yes, but not f2.8, the aperture doesn’t change at all,
        Here is the source of your confusion: f/2.8 is NOT an aperture, it is just a RATIO of a focal length AND the aperture (more precisely the diameter of the entrance pupil).
        >So it will be a 50mm in 35mm format and with an aperture of f1.4
        Nothing like that at all. 50mm f/2.8 is the equivalent FF lens.

        • i have seen this kind of arguing on the dpreview forums millions of time….please girls, stop…..

          • +1 hahahahaha

          • +2

            I’ve seen all the various DOF calculations and comparisons between sensors sizes, but I’ve reached a simple conclusion; f/1.4 on 4/3’s is fast enough and gives me plenty of DOF control. After you figure out what you need all the bickering over equivalents is pretty pointless.

            The key is for Panasonic to make sure the lens is sharp at f/1.4. Most full frame lenses are pretty much unusable at f/1.4 so that big aperture on the side of the lens is basically just for show (unless you happen to own a Leica Summilux).

            • AndyOz

              I am with you Eric. f1.4 at 25mm is plenty for me. I certainly hope its a sharp lens.
              As for a portrait lens – there were rumors on this site about Oly coming out with a 50mm f1.8 and alot of people were saying that they would prefer 50/1.4 or 50/1.2 that f1.8 was not good enough. But when I looked at a DOF calculator I seemed to notice that large aperatures gets less important as the focal length increases. f1.8 at 50mm on a 43 sensor would be plenty. I reckon that even the 40-150 zoom would do me at this focal length!! I appreciate that for available light its a different matter.

              • Mr. Reeee

                I’m using a Pentax 50mm f.4 SMC screwmount lens and it’s fantastic! So, the new PL25mm f1.4 should be excellent. F1.4 is bright enough, without doubling the price going to f1.2.

                I’ve even been looking at the Voightländer Nokton 35mm f1.4 and 40mm f1.4. They’re both smaller diameter than the 20mm and the Leica M mount adaptor adds only 9.5mm length. Both and are supposedly excellent. Can’t decide which to get.

                It would be nice to see PanaLeica release something pancakey in that middle range.

                • AndyOz

                  I’ve thought about the Voightländer Nokton lenses that you quote. They look really nice and well made.
                  I had originally hoped that Olympus would have released a 40mm or 42mm lens then I would have got the Panasonic Leica 25/1.4 and the Oly lens but if its true that Oly are going with a 50mm lens then maybe you might be better getting the Nokton if that focal length is important to you.

                  I hope the 25/1.4 has a manual focus scale and a hard infinity stop. I much prefer that. At least the Nokton has that feature! Good luck on deciding which one to get.

                  • Mr. Reeee

                    Maybe Olympus will release another 14-42mm zoom?
                    The third time is supposedly the charm, right? ;-)
                    Oly releasing the 12mm is a great sign!

                    I guess the best way to tell what the M4/3 25mm f1.4 will be like, focus scale, etc., is to see what the 4/3 25mm f1.4 is like. It’s probably going to be similar.

                    As far as the Voightländers’ FL go, 50mm is a bit long and 20mm is a little wide, something in the 35mm range would be just right, especially for a walkabout and street shooting.
                    (all taking the M4/3 2x crop into account of course)

                    • AndyOz

                      Aah yes the third release of the 14-42 – that’s a possibility with the unpredictable Oly. But on a serious note I hope that Oly might release some M43 versions of their high grade zooms like the 14-54 or 12-60.

                      I just checked the 4/3 25mm 1.4 lens and it does have a focus distance scale. So here’s hoping!

                      For the Voigt lenses I was getting confused with focal lengths and the 2x crop. Just to clarify you are happy with the 35mm lens focal length which then becomes effectively 70mm on a M43 for your street shooting? Obviously then the 35/1,4 is the way to go. Otherwise if you are after effective FL of 35mm on M43 then you would need a Voigt lens around 17mm – isnt there a 15/4.5 Voigt lens? I am not sure how well this performs on a M43. I have seen some really nice pics from the 35/1.4.

                  • Mr. Reeee

                    70mm equivalent would be great. I like to stand back a bit and kind of sneak in with a longer lens. The 100mm eq I’m getting with a 50mm can be a bit much. The small physical size of the Voightländer 35mm is very compelling.

                    I’m preferring primes these days, although the rumored Panasonic 12-60mm could be tempting. For wide angle, I’m kind of hooked on the wider side of the 7-14mm.

          • Martin

            >i have seen this kind of arguing on the dpreview forums millions of time….please girls, stop…..

            Please ulli, say it rather to the girl above me ;-)
            Well, truth hurts sometimes.

    • WT21

      I can’t afford $1000, but if it’s something like $600, I’ll pre-order it. I would take this over the 20/1.7, and probably change out the 20mm for Oly’s 17. I would like a 35mm eq. that I can shoot at f/8 for hyperfocal. I really like the 50mm eq FOV.

      I’ll no comment the GF3. Waste of time.

    • WT21

      I can’t afford $1000, but if it’s something like $600, I’ll pre-order it. I would take this over the 20/1.7, and probably change out the 20mm for Oly’s 17. I would like a 35mm eq. that I can shoot at f/8 for hyperfocal. I really like the 50mm eq FOV.

      I’ll no-comment the GF3. Waste of time.

      • AndyOz


        Totally agree. I would take the 25/1.4 and then keep an eye out for an Oly 17mm for compactness and a different FOV (35mm eq) than the 20/1.7. Probably no point in having both the 20/1.7 and 25/1.4. Although the 20 is alot more compact.
        I will try and find a black 17mm Olympus lens which are prob harder to find than the silver. Its a shame that Oly offered the silver 17mm with the black E-P2 body. IMHO just didnt look right.

        • I am interested in that 17 mm too as it can be found for a low price.
          The black edition would be nice yes.

          • Folks,

            I would like to buy the rumored new small PEN, that would likely be sold at the same price with or without the Olympus 17mm.

            I don’t care about the Oly 17mm, but I want the Panny 20mm.

            So wanna trade? You’ll get a brand new, unopened Oly 17mm, and I’ll get your Panny 20mm (hopefully in great conditions, isn’t it). No money movements.

            Anybody near Denver or in Italy (where I’ll probably go for vacation in September)?

            PS: of course this is speculation for now, since the new small PEN is just a rumor…. but if it comes out as rumored, the offer is serious!

    • Jules

      Not everyone needs overkill thin DoF.

      If the IQ is there, there are plenty good reasons to get this lens.

      • AndyOz

        +1 Jules.
        Sometimes a little bit of background blur is all i need.
        Totally agree that its all about the IQ for me. I think it could be a great all round lens – especially for low light like wedding receptions.

  • popeye

    ultracompact, 15 % smaller, touchscreen ? the new crap .. :)

  • Agrivar

    why would anyone by a more expensive 25mm f/1.4 when the 20mm f/1.7 would probably be cheaper and optically almost as good. Also the FLs are so similar. I would have thought Panasonic smart enough to develop either a 35mm or 50mm lens instead.

    It seems that in m4/3 land, oly and panny keep producing similar FL lenses. When are they going to learn to cooperate and develop lenses that make sense.

    • the 25mm is very similar to what the human eye sees, the 20mm is noticeably wider and it’s quality is no where near the Four Thirds 25mm F1.4 Leica

  • I like ugly cameras. Not so keen on touch screens, though. I suppose the kit lens will be the deciding factor: if it’s bundled with the Leica for $699 I’ll get one. If it isn’t, well…

    • WT21

      “if it’s bundled with the Leica for $699” — funny! A Leica for $699, with a camera thrown in for free!

    • 43RC

      I don’t care if it’s ugly, as long as the pix look nice!

      Lens announcement just coincidental, no way it will be kit lens.

      fta is wrong, true GF1 successor will come eventually.

  • Bob B.

    I won’t be buying the lens. I have a 45mm 2.8 Pan/Leica Macro…which I love. Great lens.
    I won’t be buying the camera. (an ugly touch-screen camera?)…can you make phone calls on it,too?
    Wow…I hope so. :-)
    That is so far removed from all the reasons I bought my GF1. Oh…well.
    Unfortunately I find the upcoming Olympus products to be much more intriguing.
    I have put a stop on all MFT purchases…don’t like where this is headed.

  • Spadista

    Where are the macro lenses? The Leica 45 has middling performance and a price tag which makes it seem, to me, to be not such a great buy.

    Where’s the m4/3 version of the Olympus 50 macro or even the 150 Sigma (although it seems a bit long for general macro use)?

    A lot going on in m4/3 but it seems that specialty prime lenses are a very low priority. I realize that the market is small, but someone needs to take a chance.

    BTW, my absolute favorite m4/3 lens is the 20 1.7. Can’t see any real reason to buy a 50 1.4.

  • Luke

    The gf1 will continue to rise in value as they release more of these touch screen monstrosities.

  • Jorge

    I plan to buy some prime lens like this, and I’m sure there are people willing to expend that money, but not me. However, I’m still not sure about the 20mm f1.7. Does anybody know anything about the Sigma lenses? Panasonic said that there would be new Sigma lenses for those that could not afford the Leica, but I heard no news since then.

    • Bob B.

      The Panasonic 20mm f1.7 lens is hands-down the best (auto-focus) lens that has been offered by any manufacturer for the MFT format.. From a standpoint of image quality, price and small size you can’t beat it! Just buy one…It is a fabulous lens.

      • Mr. Reeee


        I’m not holding my breath waiting for either Panasonic or Olympus to release primes that I want.

        Manual lenses are a real, viable and can be an inexpensive option, if one is willing to make the commitment to manual shooting.

        When I want convenience, I pop the 20mm or 14-140mm onto my GH2. The 7-14mm is for business shooting interiors. The rest of time it’s all manual primes. The funny thing is, I never thought I’d end up this way. ;-)

        • rampart

          No shame, Mr. Reeee. They are great lenses that work well and not too expensive. I’ve been coveting the 7-14mm but I have no work-related need for it, it just looks like it would be fun to shoot with.

          • Mr. Reeee

            Yes, the 7-14mm is a lot of fun.

            I got the chance to wander around the base of the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges (Bklyn side) a couple times the past week and having a great time shooting with it. Got some amazing hyper-engineering type shots.

            It can be fun on the street, but keeper ratio is pretty low. ;-)

        • me neither, though i would applaud any new entry in the m43 lens line up. I only use manual focus lens atm, but for snapshot style, a pancake would be welcome as i had the lumix 14mm for a while. Excellent lens but i didn’t like the barrel distortion on my PEN. Now looking at a 17 or 20 mm

  • Mar

    I think 25mm is a mistake in usability perspective.

    It’s nowhere close to 50mm 1.4 (or 1.2) in terms of “creative effects” aka DoF.

    Furthermore, 20mm is much more compact and will be much less expensive and with modern high mp sensors you can easily crop away if 20mm is a bit too wide, but you can’t “uncrop” a 25mm image if you need wider angle.

    On 35mm camera, 50mm is much smaller and cheaper than 35mm lens, but on m43, 20mm will be much smaller and cheaper than 25mm.

    I don’t think mirroring DSLR lenses is a good thing for m43.

    50mm is not a portrait lens (on FF), but can be used for wider portraits, plus is capable of nice bokeh/dof while 25mm f1.4 on (m)43 not so much and 20mm is just so much more practical, smaller and less expensive.

    • WT21

      If they built it well, and the lens is good wide open, I think people will become dissatisfied with their 20/1.7 once they see the rendering of a 25/1.4 on m43. If it was 25/1.2 it would have been even better, but I’m sure this is a tricky lens to build. The 25/1.4 could possibly (just guessing here) be built for better bokeh than the 20/1.7 (which is a little nervous, IMO).

      If they built the lens well, my prediction is that initial samples will have folks thinking seriously about getting this lens, though there’s always a reason to have a pancake lens, as well.

      • Chez Wimpy

        >If they built it well, and the lens is good wide open, I think people will become dissatisfied with their 20/1.7 once they see the rendering of a 25/1.4 on m43.

        Can’t see that… I have a great (wide open) 50/1.4 on FF yet I am anything BUT dissatisfied with my 20/1.7 on m43. I would be dissatisfied is if the size (and price) came closer to my 50/1.4 on FF, which is likely what the 25/1.4 will bring. I bought into m43 as a compact alternative, sacrificing that advantage leaves me cold.

        • WT21

          The 25 1.4 will render backgrounds a little bit more OOF than a 20 1.7. Additionally, if it’s engineered to have smoother bokeh, then the bokeh hounds (those amateurs like myself) will pursue it (the only downside is that, it seems to me, smoother backgrounds often come with longer MFDs. Don’t know why. It’s just an observation).

          A 25/1.4 on an EP3 body will still be far more compact and light than a 50mm 1.4 on a 5D (to use one example). Having the 5D with a 50mm (1.8) myself, I rarely shoot wide open, and looking at 50mm at 2.8 on the full frame camera, that gets me very close to what I want for people shooting in a way the 20 1.7 doesn’t.

          It’ll depend on specs, performance and price. If it has a nervous bokeh and costs $1,000 then I’m not sure who would buy it, but if it’s $600 and has creamy bokeh, I’d put money down that the lens will sell. It would also spank anything Sony/NEX has to offer.

          I could be totally wrong, but the wide variety of amateurs I see, looking for family shots, on DPR, mu-43 and seriouscompacts, want these things, and will find them more in a 50/1.4 than the 20/1.7.

          (I would still prefer an AF 50 2.0 macro or, say, a 40 1.4, but neither seems to be on the horizon).

          • WT21

            Correction —
            “I could be totally wrong, but the wide variety of amateurs I see, looking for family shots, on DPR, mu-43 and seriouscompacts, want these things, and will find them more in a 50/1.4 than the 20/1.7.”

            Should read
            “I could be totally wrong, but the wide variety of amateurs I see, looking for family shots, on DPR, mu-43 and seriouscompacts, want these things, and will find them more in a 25/1.4 than the 20/1.7.”

    • Robbie

      If its IQ is as good as the 43 predecessor, it will sell.

      The 20mm 1.7 is something that is also not too well received initially.
      Now, the demand and its price (even second-hand) is quite ridiculous.

      • Mar

        PL 25mm is a good lens, but it’s overpriced and relatively big.
        These two negative aspects can be reduced in micro, but only the size will be reduced while price is going to be high (especially if it has Leica badge), it will easily cost $900+

        Furthermore, PL25 doesn’t have that great out of center definition for a lens of such high price, it never really becomes sharp in the corners.

        I found that I’m better off wih 14-35mm which is almost as “fast”, but has much more usable range, sealing and better image quality.

        Finally, I paid only 200-300€ more than what PL25 costs second hand :)

        IMO, m43 makers should release faster, wider primes first such as f2 or faster 12mm, 17mm and 50mm prime before the $1k 25mm 1.4

        And a good general wide to normal zoom such as 12-35mm f2.8-3.5 and 25-65mm f2.8-3.5, shouldn’t be hard to make.

        • PL 25mm sits well on the GH series but I definitely wouldn’t use on the smaller micro four thirds bodies.I paid £545 new for mine in 2008 and I have taken over 160,000 shots with it so it has worked out at very good value for money…

    • @Mar
      extreme bokeh is over rated and over used, bit of a lazy device for “creative effects”, I’ll think you find the 25mm F1.4 Leica gives just the right amount of bokeh :D

  • > Panasonic will also launch the Panasonic-Leica 25mm f/1.4 Micro Four Thirds lens.

    BTW is they any review site compiling info on AF speed of particular body/lens combinations?

    It would be interesting to see how the new (m)PL25 would perform on G3 or GH2 for available light photography.

    • the Four Thirds 25mm F1.4 Leica works very fast with the GH1 in my experience, I can image the micro four thirds version will be even faster…

  • AmandaNL

    Will the new 25mm lens have IOS?
    If it will then I buy this lens!

    • AndyOz


      I think the rumor was that the 25/1.4 lens will NOT have OIS.
      Doesnt matter to those with an Olympus body!

  • mpgxsvcd

    I will pass on the GF3. My GH2 does what I need it to do. I am definitely getting the 25mm F1.4 though. I just wish it had IS for video though.

  • Don’t say “ugly.” Say, “theft-deterrent design…”

  • eric

    Do I really have to buy a 2 year old used GF1 if I want a serious MFT camera from Panasonic?

    • Inge-M

      Stop cry, to Oly come by E-P3 soon :-D

  • NativeFloridian

    Wow… $699 dollars is expensive. Doesn’t seem like the right price point for Panny’s entry level camera. It’s primary competitor, the SONY NEX, is already substantially less expensive. The only way they can justify the price is to bundle it with the 20mm lens. Maybe that’s why the 20mm is out of stock…?

  • Brod1er

    No Eric, you buy a GH1/2. Both better than the GF albeit style-free devices. Any news on the GH3 Mr Admin??

  • eric

    Want it to be size of GF1.

  • Brod1er

    Ah! Fair enough Eric if you are after a small serious mft camera. The size isn’t that different – I stick my GH1 with 20mm in my jacket sometimes. I even have trousers that it fits although the bulging is not that appealing….. The biggest issue to pocketing the GH is the eyecup lump which sticks out a lot and doesn’t slide well into pockets as it is rubber. I wish Panasonic could make it flush with the camera body.

    • safaridon

      In order to make the EVF back flush with back of camera Pany would have to use design used by Fuji in their X100 to turn the long EVF body sideways and reflect view at 90 degree angle and also remove flash from the front end. I think this is exactly what Pany will be doing in the coming rangefinder model hopefully before years end.

  • Diane B

    The G3 appears to be the GF1 size with EVF and Tilt LCD. Won’t have the “cool” factor I guess but will function better for me than my GF1. I still go to my G1 for serious shooting. If I’m unhappy with the G3 I’ll wait for the GH3 or move on. The GF3 isn’t even a consideration nor was the GF2. I handled th NEX and it was too small and of course it doesn’t have the lens lineup. Panasonic is trying for the pocketability everyone seems to be saying they want. Maybe a 14/2.5 as kit with the GF3.

    The 4/3 25/1.4 seems to be a cult favorite and the output is lovely in the right hands but I have a 28/2 and find I rarely choose that FL (slso have 2-24/2.8) so unless it has something special besides AF I doubt I’ll be interested.


  • eric

    Ultimately it’s good news for Fuji.

    Gf1 gone the way of Canon Pro1 and Sony R1… too good to last.

  • Man I wish Panny was going a different way with the GF3… I would love a ‘pro’ GF series cam. Would also love a revised sensor that has a bit more d.range. Unfortunately, at least with the pro version, I guess I’m waiting for awhile.. or forever :( The Fuji X100 is almost what I want… just wish it could take other lenses. M9 is my dream cam but yea… I’m not affording that :)

  • safaridon

    I for one am skeptical of parts of the above rumor. For starters I know that there are a lot of Oly fans on this forum and tempted to throw out the word “ugly” when describing a competitors model when probably they simply don’t like a touch screen. If you look at the 43rumors fac simile which is a likely scenario of reducting the GF2 size the only think I think could be described as ugly is the ring around the lens mount and no reason Pany would keep that. In fact a GF2 with reduced height would be even more attractive and more pocketable with less height and no hotshoe.

    I also question the price projected at $699 as producing smaller model sans hotshoe and connections would be cheaper to compete with NEX and OLY Pens? However if it is going to replace GF2 rather then separate model wouldn’t they still retain most of its features but how then to make it even smaller? Otherwise Pany is betting this new smaller model is going to be very popular.

    What I hope to see is the new model similar outward body style of the TZ1 and size which in fact is very much what the new NEXC3 looks like. Moving the lens mount to the far side enable them to still keep very good handling and good grip size yet make it pocketable with 14mm lens. Note the back controls on TZ1 same type and number buttons only positioned lower to make room for hand grip but the GF2 has a rear wheel which could be added. Deleting the hotshoe would enable Pany to bring back the top mounted control wheel.

    What I like most about this rumor is the GF3 whatever it is will have the same excellent new sensor and processor from the G3 for much better JPEGs and high ISO performance.

  • Mar

    Regarding 25mm,
    Reason why 50mm were (are) so popular on a DSLR is because they’re easy to make and relatively inexpensive.

    They’re not wide enough, but have nice added benefit of shallow dof for some purposes.

    25mm on the other hand is neither wide nor does it have shallow dof as a 50mm, plus it will be 2x the price of a 50mm 1.4

    I really see no point in such a lens in micro, in 43rds it was the widest fast lens, but having a 20mm pancake (or similar future lenses), 25mm doesn’t seem to make sense.

    It will be a premium lens with the most boring angle of view – neither wide enough nor long enough for portraits.

    • Jules

      50mm is perfectly fine for me. Too wide is boring for walk around lens, I find.

    • Michael Meissner

      I believe the original reason was 50mm on a 35mm film camera is that is roughly what the eye sees (it might be closer to say 45mm, but 50mm is in the right ballpark). Thus, you don’t have to think about adjusting for wide angle or telephoto, which takes more skill and practice. The reason these lenses are cheap is that they are considered to be a starter lens or kit lens, and manufacturers have had a long while to hone the line making the nifty 50 or plastic fantastic (or whatever nickname they had).

      • -10

        The eye sees much more than the 50mm equivalent field of view. Probably it sees around 28mm equivalent.

        The only reason why 50mm were common (on SLRs, not all 35mm films – in fact on rangefinders and the like 50mm were not common) is the mirror size of the reflex mechanism.

        See for example here:

        • Jules

          peripheral vision extends beyond 50mm, but its poor vision and no one observes with it. The conclusion of this article is quesitonnable and open for debate.

          That said, who cares if 50mm is not “normal” or if it was convenient at the time. It is a perfectly fine FoV.

    • +1

  • kevin

    G3 for the enthusiast who wants compact w/ EVF & controls, GF3 for those who want ultimate compact (along w/ pancake lens) into their pockets. seems like panasonic has it well thought out!

    now only if oly starts making some line distinctions…

    • Michael Meissner

      Of course the body size is only part of the equation. The size of the lens is another issue. Yes, the 20mm is a nice small lens (and maybe the 14mm is also, but I haven’t seen that lens). However, the normal zoom lenses Panasonic makes are rather large. I recall doing a side by side comparison of the Olympus E-620 with its 14-42mm lens, and it was roughly the same size as the G-1 with the 14-45mm lens. That was one of several reasons, why I own a E-P2 and not a G-F1, since I was looking for something small to complement my DSLR (not replace it). I don’t know if Sony has gotten any better, but when the NEX came out, I felt they had the same problem of an overly small body with a giant lens attached.

  • ihateidiots

    Funny enough, the Leica 50mm/f1.4 Summilux, the Cosina Voigtlander 50mm/1.5, the Carl Zeiss 50mm/f1.5 C-Sonnar are among the most popular lenses out there for 50mm, and some of the best street photos ever made using those lenses.

    Are people seriously saying that 50mm is a boring field of view? I have the CV and the CZ 50mm/f1.5 and I love my 50mm lenses. Sure, in the DSLR world, 50mm/f1.4 use old lens formulae etc. etc. but seriously, some company for once comes along with a decent 50mm equivalent and people start dissing it.

    If you suck at composition, at least have the decency to admit it! Quit the bitching!

    • juavel

      The street photography focal length by definition is 35mm or even 28mm, the reason: good street photography uses to be shot at short or very short distance to don´t be boring.

      Moderate wide angles give an interesting point of view at the same time that they provide good DoF at those distances(24×36).

      50mm is acceptable though, but then shooting distance has to be increased. It is a “I want all but I have nothing” focal.

      • Bobby

        Cartier-Bresson must have thought that a 50mm gives an acceptably interesting field of view…

  • I’d buy the 25mm f/1.4 if it AF’s fast and quietly, and if the pictures are great at wide aperture, AND, finally, if the price is around $600 tops… Al

  • eric

    I just looked at some photos of a G3 for the first time… in regards to people that suggest a G3 is a GF1 alternative, I’m sorry, but you might not understand what made the GF1 so popular.

    Perhaps Panasonic does not realize what made it so popular as well?

  • bilgy_no1

    why oh why do people keep dissing the touchscreen based interface on a camera? TS is pretty much the only mode of contols on telephones these days, and it works great. People were complaining of replacint the physical Mode Dial with a screen based version in the GF2, but I bet most people don’t use the Mode Dial that often.

    IMO there should be an extremely small camera in the m43 line up. I now have E-PL1, but I’d love to replace it with a more G3 or GH2 like model with a very compact model on the side to have a high IQ came always with me. The Oly is fine for winter (coats) but summer is on its way now, I wnat something smaller.

    • spadista

      I much prefer dial controls to a touch screen because most “control changes” for me, at least, occur with my eye to the viewfinder. TS makes sense for VF-less “point and shoots” because the eye is away from the camera, and the screen is easily accessible by the fingers.

      However, for me, it is a slow method of controlling the camera. A dial on the top of the body, one for the right thumb and one near the lens mount are where I would like my controls…

    • Michael Meissner

      Yes, but a touchscreen doesn’t work so well when you are shooting in the snow with gloves on. Also, assuming you have an EVF (or clearviewer), you can more easily shoot in the dark once you get the tactile feel for where each of the buttons are, and can change settings without having to move the camera from your eye.

  • John

    Personally I’m looking forward to the PL 25/1.4 for use on my GF1 for the following reason:

    My primary goal is to have a 1) small form factor body with 2) decent sensor, and 3) fastest lenses possible with AF. DSLRs are too big. Sony NEX has no fast lenses. I tried some nice Voigtlander fast MF lenses with adapter on my GF1 but decided I can’t live without AF.

    If the EP3 has a better sensor than the GF1 I will buy the Oly and use my Panny 20/1.7 and 25/1.4 lenses with it. Don’t think there any better options than that. If there are someone please tell me because I’m open to anything that fulfills my wants listed above.

  • Logapeti

    Forget the gear. Go out and take pictures.

    • spam

      Can’t take many pictures if I forget the gear.

  • Pisut

    I think I spotted the GF3. This Thai band, “Room 39,” is sponsored by Panasonic and they have just released their new single with their photo shoot for Panasonic Lumix cameras in the video. The girl seems to hold a white GF3 with a pancake lens.

    • admin

      It’s the GF3!!! Yes!

      • themartist

        Does the GF2 body curve at the top so much? Looks slightly different body, no?

    • admin

      Thanks PISUT!

  • harold

    What an ugly duckling. It even makes the NEXs look good!

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