(FT5) New OMD E-M10 name gets registered in Indonesia. Announcement in January!


So, the rumors I posted the last weeks were correct and Olympus will announce the new E-M5 successor in January. The proof comes via the Indonesian agency that approves wifi capable devices before their launch on the market (ePostel). It registered the name OMD-10 for the new Olympus!

The new OMD will replace the E-M5 although the E-M5 production will not be stopped. The camera is that popular that Olympus will keep selling them for a longer time. The new E-M10 has the same E-M5 sensor but it has the new E-M1 Imaging processor. Also Autofocus and IBIS have been improved (like the E-M1).

As usual stay tuned on 43rumors because there is an exciting rumor time ahead of us!!!

link found via Digicameinfo.

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  • padam

    The EVF is the real question, unfortunately it might still have the old one to distinguish the two models.

    • must be the new EVF4. Otherwise this will not be replacement .

  • sig

    Although the em5 sensor is not bad. I really hope they keep using new sensor instead of recycling.

    • rrr_hhh

      If you look at DXO results, the E-M5/E-P5/E-Pl5/E-Pm2 are all getting better scores than the E-M1. My two cents is that is the price to pay in order to have on sensor PDAF. so I prefer that the new models don’t sport the E-M1 sensor plus on sensor PDAF. I would like the E-M1/VF4 EVF however, but is don’t think that new model will get it. E-M10 looks like a lower grade model. May be the entry model that was announced ? while the E-M5 is still a middle range model. The true E-M5 successor could have the VF4 equivalent, but not the PDAF on sensor. That would suits me well.

      • Regardless of lab analyses, in my experience noise and DR from those sensors is indistinguishable. I have specimens of both.

        • superbigmirrorless

          Yes it is always handy to upgrade and pay so much more for the same performance.

          • Same performance? Not at all, my friend. The E-M1 is a totally different beast in use. “Image quality” from both sensors is more than good enough for my needs and is subject to the lens being used more than anything else.

            • spam

              Agree, E-M1 handles much better than E-M5. IQ is about the same.

        • yaa

          Hmm, from owning 2 E-M5s and an E-M1, I see some slight differences:
          – E-M1 has slightly better DR, especially at ISO 200
          – E-M5 has lower noise, especially at higher ISO (>1600)
          – E-M1 noise is somewhat more ‘grainy’ making it less disturbing

          Differences aren’t very big, and generally won’t be visible.

          • Bob B.

            @yaa…. do you notice any improvement in sharpness in the image IQ of the E-M1 over the E-M5? I have read two posts (on websites that will not be named here), that have extensively compare the images of the two cameras with the authors waxing poetic as to how much sharper the E-M1 is than the E-M5 because there is no AA filter in the E-M1…but when I look at their 100% crops I see no difference in sharpness (on an full screen computer) or in some instances (to me) the E-M5 looks sharper, which I would attribute to sloppy testing technique. It’s as if the reviewers have had a little to much of the Olympus E-M1 hype Kool Aide and are not paying attention to there own results??? I think that the E-M1 has a lot of attributes, but the IQ is basically the same as the E-M5, E-P5, E-PL5 E-PL6, E-PM2….At least that is what my eyes are seeing.
            Any insight about the sharpness?????

            • yaa

              First question would be what they compared…

              Raws? viewed/converted with what?
              ooc jpegs? what settings?

              When looking at ooc jpegs, or raws converted with Olympus Viewer (and as much as possible identical settings), the pictures from the E-M1 look a fair bit sharper to me, especially the corners. This however looks like a result of ca correction, and if I (manually) apply similar correction to the E-M5 pictures, the result is much closer, and I can’t consistently tell them apart.

              Another related thing I noticed is that it seems easier to trigger moire effects with the E-M5 then with the E-M1. Seeing how the first supposedly has an AA filter, and the later doesn’t, I found this result rather surprising. In both cases it took quite some effort to produce moire that actually shows in pictures anyway.

            • yaa

              (reply still under moderation, so here is a copy/paste of it)

              First question would be what they compared…

              Raws? viewed/converted with what?
              ooc jpegs? what settings?

              When looking at ooc jpegs, or raws converted with Olympus Viewer (and as much as possible identical settings), the pictures from the E-M1 look a fair bit sharper to me, especially the corners. This however looks like a result of ca correction, and if I (manually) apply similar correction to the E-M5 pictures, the result is much closer, and I can’t consistently tell them apart.

              Another related thing I noticed is that it seems easier to trigger moire effects with the E-M5 then with the E-M1. Seeing how the first supposedly has an AA filter, and the later doesn’t, I found this result rather surprising. In both cases it took quite some effort to produce moire that actually shows in pictures anyway.

            • yaa

              Ok.. 2 replies under moderation now, guess you’ll have to wait for admin to moderate them, not going to copy/paste it again and have a 3rd reply under moderation :-)

              • Bob B.

                yaa….thanks for the input..so what you are telling me is that if the CA is corrected from my E-P5 or E-PL6…I am going to be hard-pressed to tell any difference in the images compared to the new E-M1 sensor..thanks for taking the time to enlighten me!!!

                • yaa

                  @bob b

                  From what I can tell so far, you’ll be hard pressed to tell them apart with regards to sharpness when ensuring both get the same corrections and as close as possible to identical settings for conversion.

                  There are some more subtle details however.

                  As Marco mentions below, the E-M1 may have more noise, but the ‘quality’ of the noise is less disturbing. Like him, I often turn off the noise filter (for ooc jpegs, and in oly viewer) even at higher iso levels. That leaves me with somewhat more noise, but also a fair bit more detail, and perceived sharpness, especially in the mid tones and shadows.

                  Also, this CA correction is about lateral CA, depends on the lens (obviously) and affects corner sharpness much more then sharpness towards the center of the frame.

                  Obviously none of this has anything to do with the E-M1 not having an AA filter. Like I said before, I was surprised to find it easier to trigger moire problems on my E-M5s then on my E-M1.

        • MarcoSartoriPhoto

          There’s one big difference in my opinion. Try to take the same picture at same high ISOsetting, let’s say 1000 (I know it’s not that special, as ISO value), with noise reduction turned off.
          Then pixel peep (sigh).
          Look at the noise aspect: that of Em5 is still “splotchy”.
          That of Em1 is pleasant.
          At least I find it similar to real grain.

          As you said, Em1 is a joy to use, and I prefer it to my beloved Em5. I use both during concerts and in theaters.

  • alexander

    internal FLASH & PANORAMA stitching pls !!!

    • Cyril

      No flash Please

    • Ross

      They didn’t do internal Panoramic stitching in the Stylus 1 so they won’t be doing it in this as I think the variable lens specs would not give reliable results.

  • Duarte Bruno

    The real question is… will it feature the same shabby video from the last 3 years?

    • Mike

      If you want a camera for top quality photo’s – buy an Olympus. If you want one for video – buy a Panasonic or perhaps even a “video camera”. The choice is yours.

      • Viezevure

        Mmmm…if you want real quality foto and good video buy an APSC or FF camera for less or the same amount of money and size.

        • Mike

          You have a good point. However, I do wonder if the photographer who wants top quality stills and video in the same body is a rare animal? I have taken many thousands of shots with my OMD-EM5 and have never shot video.

        • Or a GX7.

        • Duarte Bruno

          APS-C? I don’t understand your reply.
          Name one APS-C camera that has distinctively better photo quality than an E-M1.
          Name one APS-C camera that has distinctively better video quality than a GX7.

          Why should I step out of m43 when no APS-C cameras offer better video and image quality?

          • Duarte Bruno

            Where I said distinctively better video quality I should have dropped the ball and say “quality that comes even close to that of a GX7”, because that’s how it stands as of today.

          • Viezevure

            Duarte Bruno: its seems youre happy with M43. Good for you. But almost every latest APSC camera has much better image and way much better video quality then the EM1.

            • C. C.

              That is absolutely NOT true, you troll. I have both m43 and APS-C mirrorless cameras. There is no APS-C mirrorless better than Oly with video. And the best video is with the Pany cameras.

              • Fish

                He used to make claims like that back when he was posting under the name ‘shenkie’. One time he even claimed that to have done a head to head comparison between Olympus m4/3 and Nikon and Fuji APS-C. Instead of providing a link to comparison shots (or even proof that he has used a camera before), he changed his name.

              • CC? comedy fan

                “That is absolutely NOT true, you troll. I have both m43 and APS-C mirrorless cameras. There is no APS-C mirrorless better than Oly with video. And the best video is with the Pany cameras.”

                Just about all Nex cameras have better video output than Olympus, though not so straightforward to use the D5200/D5300 also have better video output than Olympus. As for stills well you have the last gen Sony 16MP models all better than the best mFT { Nikon D5100,Pentax K5 Sony Nex etc].

                Then you have the current 24mp APS options from Sony,Pentax or Nikon clearly better than mFT by better I am talking 1.3 stops better DR, better colour depth better shadow noise and better high ISO.

                But don’t worry admin makes sure that no dissenting posts will last very long [ even perfectly polite offerings].Got to keep the crowd happy and keep those clicks coming.Anyone not visually impaired can clearly see the differences between smaller vs larger sensors. If getting the best image quality you can, is not that important mFT offers some excellent gear. Unlike you I actually do use both mFT , APS & FF.

          • mFT user

            “Name one APS-C camera that has distinctively better photo quality than an E-M1.”

            Over a stop better DR, colour depth ,better shadow noise, better shadow detail, better high ISO. Take your pick from any current gen Nikon,Sony,Pentax or Fuji cameras. Considering the excitement that a fraction of a stop better DR on the E-MI caused here the differences are indeed quite distinctive.

            The Sony 1 inch sensor in the RX10/RX100mk2 is significantly closer to the output of the E-M1 than the E-M1 is to the best APS.

            Now had you claimed better video than Panasonic [ GH2/GH3/GX7etc] i would have agreed heartily.However you said Olympus who have one of the worst video codecs and outputs around. Which is easily improved on by multiple models in other formats.

            For my uses mFT has two huge advantages , firstly it is smaller lighter and more compact [very important to me]. Secondly it has a great selection of lens options nearly all of which are decent. The price you pay for these advantages are poorer image quality compared to larger sensors.It is a price I am happy to pay and mFT image quality is fine for me , that does not mean it is so for others.

          • Anthony

            @Duarte Bruno6

            “APS-C? I don’t understand your reply.
            Name one APS-C camera that has distinctively better photo quality than an E-M1.
            Name one APS-C camera that has distinctively better video quality than a GX7….”

            For photo IQ, there are a lot of them.

      • It should read like this…

        If you prefer unlimited creative possibilities and want a camera for top quality photos and video… buy a Panasonic.
        If only you want a camera for photos, buy an Olympus.

        • Duarte Bruno

          Yes, pretty much so.

        • I read a strong bias for Panasonice here, Panasonic for top quality photos and Olympus for photos. be ready for attacks :-)

          • Fish

            Everyone has a bias. Some we share in common, has which led us to the m4/3 format in the first place, and others are for specific qualities that make either Panasonic or Olympus the most attractive choice to each of us.

            The problem comes when people are in denial about their own biases and can’t abide the idea that a different person might prefer something different to them. The easiest way to spot these people is through their use of the word “fanboy”.

        • Tron


        • yaa

          Rather, I think it should read like this:

          I’m jeffharris and I’m a Panazealot!

          • Ich bin ein Voigtländereiferer… nicht ein Panazealot! ;-)

            Let’s just be fair.
            The constant beat-down of Panasonic products, here and elsewhere, is ridiculous. Especially the minddless repetition of the old saw about photos.

            From Wikipedia: “… from 18th century singled out “saw” as a vulgar, uneducated wisdom, often based in superstitions.”

            BOTH Olympus and Panasonic cameras are capable of capturing great images. Panasonic adds the ability to shoot great video. Olympus? Well, not so much.

            The only bone I have to pick about Olympus cameras is the convoluted interface. Some may like or tolerate it, but for me, it just gets in the way. BTW, I own or have owned and used Olympus (3), Panasonic (3), Sony (1), Nikon (7), Canon (1), Pentax (1) and Konica (3) cameras.

            • yaa

              “The constant beat-down of Panasonic products, here and elsewhere, is ridiculous. Especially the minddless repetition of the old saw about photos.”

              I think there are a lot more ‘E-M1 is too big!!! and too expensive!!!! Olympus is only making things bigger!!!!!! It can’t be used for startrails!!! the 12-40 is FRAGILE!!!!!’ and alike comments then anything about Panasonic over the last 6+ weeks. Before that, it was mostly the E-P5 that got the flak.

              To miss that, you must either be blind, or such a zealot that you simply only see things that fit your predetermined argument.

              • So, negative opinions or criticism of any sort immediately equals zealotry?

                That’s a pretty narrow view.

                • yaa

                  You seem to twist the argument being made, as I never said you aren’t allowed to voice an opinion or criticism.

                  Rather, I pointed out that Panasonic isn’t exactly being singled out for criticism, and all the ‘poor poor Panasonic is treated unfairly’ complaining is just totally ridiculous.

                • Fish

                  I think you missed his point. The point is that there is just as much negative opinions and criticism for either brand – but some people view it as a constant beat-down (or in extreme cases “hate”) if it is leveled at their preferred brand.

      • Would be nice to at least get “acceptable” video from Olympus… is it too much to ask for switchable 24/25/30 frame rate and a mic jack? It isn’t really much to wish for! But would make Olympus a 10,000% better choice for video than it is now. :-/

      • Duarte Bruno

        Sorry but your view is too simplistic.

        A Panasonic GX7 or GM1 will give you an indiscernible photo IQ from an E-M1. Same goes for APS-C. The differences here are other features that might help you with your setup/workflow.

        Top video IQ these days is a near exclusive to Panasonic (not only for their codec but for the way they bin the sensor). I was only wishing Olympus didn’t do such a terrible work at both jobs (codec and sensor readout), because one of them (the codec) is perfectly within their reach. Instead they just think they don’t need to work hard enough on it, and that’s a terrible business attitude.

        • +100
          Exactly. Olympus would sell many more cameras if they would put more effort into video shooting and output. It’s all about convergence.

          The EM1 is a damn compelling camera in so many ways… just look at all the stellar reviews coming from every direction… it could clean up if the video (and of course, the interface) were state of the art.

          We want to draw MORE users into the M4/3 realm, so attractive… feature and design wise… flexible cameras is the best way to do it. The current and upcoming selection of lenses is fantastic, from the dirt cheap to the amazing.

        • Val Evans

          Totally untrue. I have both cameras, E-M1 and Lumix. Olympus video is garbage compared to Panasonic especially the GM1 which has better video than any Olympus and the GH3.

          • AW

            Your claim that Olympus video is garbage is simply false. People should watch a direct comparison video of GH3 vs E-P5 here and make up their own minds instead of listening to your rubbish. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIAAIClmA6s

    • John

      Since it’s (allegedly) got the E-M1’s processor then the answer would be yes…

  • Camaman

    Even though the camera will undoubtly have more features and improved gimmicks than EM5 but no new sensor i dont think i will feel a “need” to upgrade.

    Mainly because of the huge price devaluation m43 gear brings.
    Bodies are litteraly resale bricks.
    And it would be a shame to lose so much $ and gain almost no percievable IQ.

  • The G

    The EVF being better may just tempt me to trade in my E-M5 , especially if it (as it should) has focus peeking too. A bonus would be if it still used the same battery grip…but knowing Olympus it won’t…!

  • Eosphoros

    I fear that the E-M10 will be, in a way, a downgrade from the E-M5 and that there will be no true successor to it.

    And that’s a shame, because I’m not interested in a cheaper E-M5, and the E-M1 fills a very different role for me.

    I would love a 3 tier OM-D line :

    E-Mx : the top of the line, weather-sealed, fixed grip, geared toward ergonomy rather than aesthetics, with or without integrated flash, with rotating screen (the current E-M1).

    E-Mxx : the near top of the line, weather-sealed, modular, focused more on aesthetics than ergonomy, without flash, with tilting screen, sharing batteries with the E-Px and E-Mx (the current E-M5 and in a way the equivalent in the OM-D line to the E-Px in the PEN line).

    E-Mxxx : the consumer friendly version, lighter built, not weather-sealed, smaller fixed grip, with flash, with tilting screen, sharing batteries with the E-PMx, E-PLx, and Stylus x (in the OM-D line, the equivalent of the E-PLx in the PEN line).

    They’d have :

    PEN E-PMx : 450€ kit
    PEN E-PLx : 550€ kit
    PEN E-Px : 1000€ body

    OM-D E-Mxxx : 750€ kit
    OM-D E-Mxx : 1000€ body
    OM-D E-Mx : 1500€ body

  • digifan

    Seems like they will use the model logicfrom the old OM days. OM-1 top line OM-10 series below. The sensor and may one or two items more being the differentiating factor.

    • Freezeproof body + the best sensor + faster shutter (1/8000) + faster x-sync?
      for a pro model? May be, we will see soon…

  • Admin, have you heard anything about new lenses?

    I suppose the 40-150 f/2.8 is not ready for mass production, but so far every new OM-D was accompanied by a new lens.

    • admin

      two to come! More about it soon…

      • Two? That is sweet. Hopefully at least one prime.

        • 25/1.8?

          • Nah… too redundant. Panasonic already checked this box. A good 10mm would be welcome though.

            • Miroslav

              Too many 25 mm lenses.

              • yaa

                Which helps Olympus how when wanting a ‘normal’ prime as a ‘kit’ option?

                • Miroslav

                  Name another manufacturer that has 50mm equivalent lens as a kit option. Leica? Maybe.

                  • yaa

                    Traditionally about every interchangeable lens camera had a 50mm lens as a kit option, to the point that it was considered a ‘body cap’ by many.

                    I could quite see a point in wanting such as a kit option for an OM-D, it goes very well with the entire ‘retro’ idea behind it.

              • +1
                Voigtländer, Panasonic and SLR Magic have 25mm pretty well covered, but a cheaper 25mm wouldn’t be a bad thing. Although, it remains to be seen just how cheap an Oly 25mm f1.8 would be.

              • A Micro Four Thirds 25mm which sells for the same price that Canon’s and Nikon’s very popular and affordable 50mm lenses sell for would be nice. A fast-ish 17.5 plus a 30 or 42.5 at a similarly low price would be great too.

                Currently it seems only Sigma is offering such options with their 19/30/60mm lenses, but they’re a bit on the slower side of “fast”, and there is nothing quite like it in their price range from Olympus or Panasonic.

                Only one which is vaguely close in cost within this focal range is the Panasonic 20mm but it is pretty pricey compared to Canon/Nikon’s cheapest offerings, and the next up in cost would be the 45mm from Panasonic and Olympus plus the Panasonic 25mm. Yes, very fine lenses they are, but they come at a substantial cost.

                Where is the sub three hundred and even sub two hundred dollar prime lenses from Olympus and Panasonic for people just getting started with the Micro Four Thirds system??? :-/


                • Miroslav

                  There’s no way such a lens would be cheaper than Pana’s 20 mm. Unfortunately, m4/3 is still more expensive than more established systems. That’s the price we pay for its portability.

                  • Remember also, that Nikon and Canon have the advantage of long-established lens designs, the power of scale in terms of manufacturing and in their distribution channels. M4/3 pretty much started from scratch on all those fronts.

                    Yes, Olympus has been around for years, but was always a smallish, niche company. Panasonic has several decades of video expertise and only entered the photo realm since digital stills became viable and affordable.

            • sammykhalifa

              Oh, I bet lots of people would buy a weatherproof 25mm.

      • CaverDave

        Just a guess. A 12-40 f2.8-4.0, which they have a patent for. Also a 25 f 1.8.

    • rrr_hhh

      Before outing the long zoom in production, they should just start delivering the 12-40mm and satisfy the demand there. I ordered mine on the 4th November, paid for it in advance on the 6th November and there is still nothing in sight. Bummer. I didn’t get it for Christmas ! It is every time the same with Olympus, they aren’t able to satisfy the demand. So rather than issuing new product they should satisfy the existing demand.

      • Each optic has its own assembly line, I would think. I’m not sure the production of one lens limits the capacity of producing another. Perhaps the demand for the 12-40 exceeded expectations and thus the short supply.

  • E-M5 > E-M10
    E-M1 > E-M? (stays one digit?)

    What a mess in OMDs numbering…

    • Miroslav

      No, numbering is just right: E-M1 high end, E-M10 mid level, E-M100 entry level. They should do the same with the PENs: E-P6, E-P60 (instead of E-PL6 ) and E-P200 ( instead of E-PM2 ). Much more logical IMO.

      • “No, numbering is just right: E-M1 high end, E-M10 mid level, E-M100 entry level.”

        Yes, now it is obvious and it should be so from the beginning. Oly knew there will be two different bodies some time (pro body and mid-range body).

  • MJr

    E-M1 > E-M5 > E-M10 … doesn’t sound like an upgrade.

    • El Caballero Que Dice Ni

      My thought exactly. Doesn’t sound like a replacement, just another model.

  • ronin

    I am betting they will have found ways to lower their production costs, having gone to school on the EM5. This would mean some cheaper components or streamlined techniques, while assuring us it is just as robust. Maybe it will be, maybe not. Any savings will not be passed to the consumer.

    I am also betting that EM5 production is indeed over (possibly has been for some weeks), and production will be switched over to the newer model. They will not keep both models in production- it would cost them too much, with too little product differentiation. However, they likely have plenty of EM5s in distribution centers or dealer shelves, and will continue to sell that existing stock until gone, and at that point the EM5 will disappear from the current Olympus product catalog.

  • Ross

    I don’t think this E-M10 is a replacement for the E-M5 as it is more likely like the E-30 was for the E-3 with some advancements but in other respects at a lower level.

    • Ross

      Of course, the following next future models may go E-M2 & E-M20 without any actual replacement for the E-M5 as it is. Well, it’s just a guess.

    • Ross

      OK. I’m probably wrong & this is the replacement, maybe.

  • Henaha

    The model running number is getting more confusing. E-M5 -> E-M1 -> E-M10


    • em5 will remain on market like nikon D90 … cameras which never had real succesors and become legends :-)

  • Oeally

    Hopefully it won’t be ugly DSLR-like shape again.

    • kenneth


      I’m so sick of DSLR shape (ugly big hump, ugly big grip).

    • yaa

      I bet a new OM-D will look like…

      An OM

      Which is an SLR.

    • Ranger 9

      Unfortunately, I suspect the relatively lackluster reception given to the Panasonic GX-7 (which is a really nice, well-thought-out camera) will have convinced Olympus that M4/3 buyers prefer the SLR shape.

      • Johbremat

        Shame, really.

        Loving the E-M1 and could be convinced to by the E-M10 if they styled it like the GX7. Would be wicked to have it in that form factor, dedicated to primes, leaving PRO zooms to the E-M1.

        (Appreciate I could by a GX7, or a E-P5. Just that the OMD line meets my own expectations)

      • Miroslav

        Relatively lackluster reception given to the Panasonic GX7 has caused its price to fall, which is a nice thing for us waiting for it to become a bit more affordable :).

        Better that than E-PL5 whose price hasn’t fallen more than 10% in a year and a half. Not that I’m seeing a lot of them outside the shops…

    • Anthony

      “….Hopefully it won’t be ugly DSLR-like shape again….”

      Agree. Oly seriously lacks creativity. E-m1’s shape is really ugly. It’s exactly like my old D3200. They should not have copied DSLR style.

      • Ross

        If you hadn’t noticed, there are a number of other companies turning out models that look similar too, so maybe Olympus started another trend (again).

    • Miroslav

      Hopefully it won’t have ugly retro shape again.

      But it will be both retro and DSLR shaped, because it’s an OM-D and because E-M5 sold so well.

      • Anthony

        E-M5 looks a bit retro, but E-M1 looks like the exact copy of DSLR, really ugly

    • Eifex

      There is always the pen ep-5, if you don’t like dslr shape.

  • Ranger 9

    Just thinking from the viewpoint of marketing logic:

    — E-M 10 will have to have the same sensor/processor package and IBIS as the E-M 1; it actually would be more expensive to maintain two different varieties of those components. I’m guessing this will mean similar video features also, as this doesn’t affect incremental costs.

    — E-M 10 will have smaller, less expensive EVF similar to the E-M 5; the E-M 1’s EVF and accompanying optics are expensive components, so this is one opportunity to hold down the cost of the new model. The success of the E-M 5 proved that many people are satisfied with a finder of this quality. Also, if the E-M 10 had the same EVF in addition to the same sensor package and IBIS, what reason would there be to buy an E-M 1?

    — Ditching weather sealing on the E-M 10 might be a possibility, as this would help differentiate the E-M 1 as the “pro” camera in the lineup. However, I suspect they won’t; this isn’t an expensive feature to design in, and many competitor models include it.

    — Of course there will be built-in WiFi similar to the E-M 1’s (which is disappointingly lame, BTW — can’t work with infrastructure networks or third-party apps, unlike Panasonic’s implementation.) Again, this is cheap to design in, and everybody else will have it.

    Given this, the E-M 10 naming makes sense given Olympus’ interest in evoking its film-SLR heritage. In the OM family tree, single-digit model names (OM-1, OM-2, OM-3, OM-4) denoted the high-end models; two-digit model names (OM-10, 20, 30, 40) denoted the lower-cost “enthusiast” models. So, the naming convention fits with history and provides a lot of headroom for future new-model naming, while eliminating consumer confusion over why the “5” model is lower-spec than the “1” model (“I thought 5 was more than 1…?”)

    Of course, this also means that satisfied E-M 5 owners will have little reason to buy an E-M 10… for which my wallet thanks Olympus!


    Sony shooter here. Think I’ll be picking myself up an EM10 when it comes out. As a FF shooter, I wouldn’t want to give it up. But dang, for a small system oly is doing something interesting.

  • Wing

    Always cool to hear about new Olympus cameras, and the e-m5’s replacement sounds intriguing, but I am NOT expecting huge difference since they’re are going to keep the current e-m5 in production simultaneously.

    more wifi capable cameras are always welcomed, but they better get their O.I.S. issue resolved fast. Currently O.I.S. NO LONGER WORKS WITH LATEST ANDROID 4.3 UPDATE. THIS TOTALLY SUCKS!

  • Andrew

    Sounds like the might be going back to the OM-system numbering, where the 2-digit indicated the consumer version of the camera.

  • PENtastic

    anything new about the Kit-Lens ?
    There were rumours about a 25mm f1.8 ??

    I guess, two models on the OM-D line are enough… PEN is the consumer line

    A while ago, it was also rumoured that one PEN model might be dropped
    My guess, the E-P5 will not be replaced by a PEN but by the new E-M10


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