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(FT5) New Olympus camera to be unveiled between February 6-11th.


An imaginary Micro Four Thirds camera with build-in viewfinder created by Livedoor.

Finally I have a FT5 rumor (FT5=from top source) about the new Olympus camera! Other sources already told me weeks ago that the camera was coming very soon. I thought (and hoped) that Olympus would unveil the camera at the CES show in Las Vegas which starts on January the 10th. No way! Olympus will “skip” that event and instead announce the new camera in February in the week between the 6th and 11th. All I know for certain is that the camera is weather sealed and that it has an integrated viewfinder.

P.S: Obviously the camera will be sold with the 12-50mm as kit lens. The lens itself is already in Stock in some stores: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • KEN

    price??? i’m so gonna sell my old one lol

  • scalia

    cant wait!
    if this mean that the EP3, EPL3, and EPM1 drop in price?

    • Unlikely. Oly tries here to complete/extend their line up with a camera with integrated VF. If anything, that suggests that the new camera would be more expensive than the E-P3.

  • I hope it wont be that ugly… :)

    • Miroslav

      Exactly what I wanted to say :).

    • Alexander

      it looks great !!!!!!!!

      • MJr

        +1 !!

  • Oliver

    Please, Oly: Don´t create another retro-camera like the shown fake-pic. The PEN is nice, but now it´s time to present a more ergonomic design!

    • Martin

      Agreed. No more bricks!

      • OlyFan

        Hmm, quite subjective opinion don’t you think? Me on the other hand, would love to see a X100 style body (Remember, that’s one of the reasons for its popularity).
        I really really hope it does not look like the G series!

        • Martin

          Hmm, manufacturers should consider selling retro sacks with cameras: Want a retro looking camera? Dress it into the sack and… Voilà, here it is :D

        • Ahem

          X100 is a poor comparison. It’s a VERY niche product. Olympus needs to get their sales volume up to survive or turn their camera division into a sellable asset, and they can’t do so with a niche product.

          • dvdyeo

            If olympus wants to create a cam with good ergonomics, then the retro ep1 design has to go; not that its ugly though.

            • Alexander

              i like RETRO :-)

              • Oliver

                I like a handy grip, a comfortable positioned viewfinder, a tiltable display and direct controls.

                • Patrick

                  Aren’t you describing a GH2 or G3?

                  I think the form factor of the E-P3 with a large grip works well for me, so adding a tilt screen and new sensor while maintaining the form factor would be perfect for me.

                  • mclarenf3

                    Yes, but all of the panasonic bodies lack two things that Olympus has. Those wonderful colours straight out from the JPEGs and (more importantly) IBIS.

      • mupfrey bumpfrey

        MORE bricks please. it is interesting, my gf called the OM2 the BRICK, but it was the best camera i had.

    • What is with this obsession with “ergonomic designs”? I’ve used a Pentax LX for years, a camera that is shaped much like the above mock up, and I have never once had any ergonomic issues. Nothing is hard to reach and I’ve never had a single hand cramp.

      Exactly how long do you guys hold a camera in the shooting position? I never do more than a few seconds at a time. I spend more time reviewing pics on the LCD or just simply carrying in my hand as I walk. So if anything it should be more comfortable to hold when doing those two things then when in shooting position. In all honesty, I think it’s far more important that Olympus comes up with a design stands out in the crowd then it is to make a Nikon D90 clone.

      I’ve always been against mirrorless cameras with humps, but I have to admit a digital OM would certainly get my interest. Perhaps it’s just the Panasonic designs moreso than it is the hump, because I really don’t mind it so much in this mock up, nor do i mind it on the Nikon V1.

      • dvdyeo

        I like to hang my camera grip by the fingers, but for the ep1, my thumb has to do lots of work. GX1 looks comfy.

        • Archer

          Try holding your camera by the lens in your left hand. That’s a lot more comfortable than any grip.

          • dvdyeo

            there isn’t much to grip for the 20mm! but thanks for your advice, will try with other lenses.

      • Boooo!

        >> What is with this obsession with “ergonomic designs”?×434.jpg

        • That’s not an ergonomic problem caused by the lack of a giant grip, that’s just poor button placement (and a really fat hand, seriously, put down the pork chops). I’ve never had that issue with my E-P1 or Sony NEX-5, I’ve also not seen people complain about that with a Leica M9 or a Sony NEX-7.

          • Mr. Reeee

            Grip or no grip really isn’t the issue. Poor button and control placement is a perfect example of poor ergonomics.

            I used rangefinders and SLRs, none of which had “grips”, and never had a problem. For balance, you hold the lens in your left hand. It’s a technique you use naturally, because you adjust aperture and focus with your left hand. That’s a problem with all-auto cameras, people have to make an effort to learn good handling skills. it’s all pretty simple, really.

          • Boooo!

            Erm, button placement *is* ergonomics, along with camera size itself.

            The more buttons you have, and the smaller a camera is, the more likely you are going to press a button or turn a dial you didn’t want to… And modern cameras have a ton of buttons to press, and which get in your way.

            Also, that is a perfectly normal human hand. The camera is roughly 7cm tall and 10cm wide, and an average human thumb is about 6cm long and 2cm wide. So, basically, a human thumb covers almost the entire non-LCD area on that GF2.

            • I didn’t say it wasn’t an ergonomic problem, I said it wasn’t an ergonomic problem caused by the lack of a grip. My original response was to those claiming a camera has to have some big honking grip to be ergonomically sound; they don’t. In fact I prefer cameras that don’t have them at all period.

              And that is a normal hand? Really? It looks like a sphere of fat on the end of a wrist.

              • Ross

                If it had a vertical, dual battery grip that perhaps could incorporate an extra grip on the right & with a grip strap, it would allow easier use with large 4/3’s lenses too. In other words, a good replacement for the E620 design, but with E5 controls, plus I would prefer if it used BLM-5 batteries as well.

      • flash

        Agree with you there, the best SLR for ergs was the OM1 in my opinion, not much different form your Pentex, the best rangefinders were the older Leica rangefinders and their knockoffs. The best medium format is the Leica S2 for ergonomics, it is real nice but to expensive for me. I also like some of the old vest pocket cameras of the 30’s and 40’s; for form not so much ergonomics.

  • Yun

    Is the new Olympus camera packed with new sensor ? I think this is everyone’s concern .
    Without that I can’t see this consider a new product . My guess , likely be new sensor otherwise we have to write to it’s engineers or designers .

    • Actually, I don’t mind a new sensor at all. I’m absolutely fine with what the sensors of my E-5 and my E-PL3 are delivering. What I want is a C-AF on E-5 level or better. And if possible with my FT lenses.

      • AnonYmuss

        I suppose you re pretty alone here, olympus desperately needs a new sensor, haveyou actually everTried another brand than olympus?

  • Actually I like it a lot. Livedoor, If I send you my E-P2 and VF-2, can you help me in a radical reshape? :)

    Admin I think that the most serious info you might get is:

    – does it have a new sensor, and which?

    – is it dual format, working with 4/3 proper?

    – hence, does it have PDAF sensors?

    My best wishes for a happy New Year!

    • Mike

      +1 PDAF (like Nikon 1) would be great for FT SWD Lenses!

      • Boooo!

        Unless that camera is the size of an E-3/E-5, there’s absolutely no point in having PDAF built-in.

        • Frederic Hew

          Nikon proved you wrong.

          • Boooo!

            Because people are attaching a 1.5kg 70-200 to a J1/V1?

            • Frederic Hew

              No, because of much better CAF performance with native lenses. As fast as the new Panasonic and Olympus are, the Nikon 1 is on another league all together.

              Besides, not all Nikon F lenses weigh 1.5kg and neither are all Olympus 4:3 lenses. Most if not all SG and HG lenses work fine on a smaller (E-XXX / E-XX) bodies.

              • spam

                Nikon 35mm or 40mm would make nice portrait lenses on Nikon 1 – provided PDAF works well.

                • flash

                  Isn’t it a 5 to one crop, a 200 for a portrat lens is to long even for me.

                  • Frederic Hew

                    It’s a 2.7 crop factor.

              • Anonymous

                Do Nikon have to do much focusing with that crop factor …..? :)

              • “No, because of much better CAF performance with native lenses. As fast as the new Panasonic and Olympus are, the Nikon 1 is on another league all together.”

                I’m reading this all the time – but I still am waiting for the pics confirming this. To date, I haven’t seen (apart from the ones published on the occasion of the 1-system launch) a single sharp picture of a subject approaching the photographer quickly. Neither at DP Review nor anywhwere else. Okay, there were some of alpine skiers with everything in the frame being sharp, but this doesn’t say anything about the C-AF performance, does it?

                • Spaldo


                  Too much has been swallowed too quickly by the blogosphere and press.

            • Mike

              No, but maybe a 575g 12-60mm SWD (with weathersealed adapter)

    • Yeah, the sensor is the biggest question mark.

    • Martin

      Let me guess:

      > – does it have a new sensor, and which?
      16mp G3 one, at maximum

      > – is it dual format, working with 4/3 proper?

      > – hence, does it have PDAF sensors?

      Happy New Year too!

    • OlyFan

      I will cut the suspense for you.

      – No
      – No
      – No

      Oly is a company that considers a high res screen to be a “feature”! There is no way they are going to put all of that in a single camera. As far as they are concerned, IVF as a feature is more than enough to make up for the lack of any real innovations!
      As an Oly fan, I hope I am wrong but I think that is the unfortunate truth.

      • MJr

        Modern times … ugh !

  • Boot

    Admin: any news on the sensor in this camera?

    Thanks :)

    • admin

      Should get some news very soon. Cross the fingers!

      • Boot

        Great, thanks!

      • CRB

        Please let us know as soon as possible,,VERY INTERESTED…

      • MJr

        Yea because it will be announced officially ;)

  • kesztió

    I just can hope that nobody will speculate about a Fujifilm organic sensor in the new weathersealed PEN. :D

    • Martin

      Forget the Fuji garbage: The new Oly sensor will be orgasmic!

      • SteveO

        Ah, yes, the Austin Powers of cameras, released by Olympus, International Camera Company of Mystery, body brought back to life from the land of OM’s cryofreeze chamber and supercharged with the sensor that shagged the world ;)

        Anyone for bodies in Paisley? I’ll stop now…

        • Why you think that those cameras will not be instead frickin’ sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their frickin’ heads?

          Muhaha! Muhahahahahhaaa!!

          • flash

            That is Funny. :) lol

    • The evolution path for sensors are always slow, because it requires substantive semiconductor progress. Therefore, why expecting anything but the current best offerings from Panasonic, i.e. their latest sensor from the DMC-GX1. Probably a better choice over any video optimized GH1/GH2 sensor. However, I would welcome the upcoming GH3 sensor, but Panasonic probably but not necessarily needs to launch their new camera before any Olympus camera.

      Micro Four Thirds will always be 2/3 EV behind the APS-C, and I think 80% of the users can balance that with better size/weight/price performing lenses. However 135 format sensors and bright lenses will still be the top choice for the extreme quality performance, with a price gap increase trend.

      • Fan

        The current Olympus sensor has exactly 61.35% of the area of the NEX-7 sensor. I think it’s more precise to say that the area is smaller and thus able to produce a lower resolution with the exact same quality! So Olympus could produce 14.90 MP with the exact same quality as Sony NEX-7!

        That would be so awesome.

        MFT sensor is large enough! There is no doubt!

        If you put the Sony NEX-7 sensor into a MFT camera, it could produce 14.90 MP with the exact same Sony quality. Just a greater lens variety.

        • JF

          that would be so great ! 14.9 MP is more than I need. With multi-aspect like GH it would be perfect !

        • That’s a good point.
          With the same pixel pitch as the latest Sony CMOS Exmor sensor with “Column-Parallel A/D Conversion Technique”, thereby receiving the 14.9 Mpix in a Multi Aspect Ratio feature, certainly is within reach.

          However, if that is a perfomance target, but Sony is not ready to produce a MFT sensor yet, still the new analogue output Panasonic GX1 sensor will give the Olympus cameras their best performance this far.

          – Good enough for the new weather sealed flagship?
          – I hope so!

          • It makes sense for the comparison to use a sensor with a pixel pitch in the same ballpark as the GX1.

            Looking at the sensor in the Sony NEX-7 we’re finding that with the same pixel pitch, the amount of pixels is:
            17.3 x 13.0 / (3.91^2) = 14.7 Megapixels. Multi-Aspect ratio is varying the numbers a small bit.

  • vromopodarix

    That is how faux DSLRs should be made ! If the camera looks like the concept shown here I’ll definitely get it even if it has the old 12 MP sensor we all love to hate.

    • nobody

      You must be very young if you think the camera shown above is a concept :)


    No change, No pay , No money. I need change, new sensor

  • nobody

    So it would be released for the CP+ camera and photo imaging show at Yokohama that will be held from February 9th to 12th. Makes sense :)

    The most interesting question to me is, will Oly have a new sensor? As far as I’m concerned, I would not be interested in any new camera if it’s still using the old 12mp sensor.

    • Right!
      A great viewfinder : wow cool !
      Weathersealed : Why not!
      A new sensor : Yeeeeeeeeees !!!

  • “P.S: Obviously the camera will be sold with the 12-50mm as kit lens”

    It’d better have a decent ISO 400 performance to make up for the zoom’s long end aperture speed then

  • If it looks like the image at the top of this article – and is available as a pancake kit – I’ll have one, please :-)

    • lnqe-M

      LOL :-D


    oh, Oly and Fuji will introduce new products just for CP plus, a big Japanese camera festival in Feb.

    It’s common thing in Japan.

  • BLI

    Of course, if it has a new Fuji sensor, they probably cannot announce it before Fuji has announced its camera with similar technology. Wishes:
    * retro style is just fine, as long as button layout and quality is fine. It should be small, but not smaller than E-P3. Personally, I prefer a “brick” over an OM copy.
    * EVF is important — like the NEX 7, etc. Personally, I don’t care about tilt/swivel LCD/AMOLED, but if it increases sale without making it bulkier/more expensive, why not?
    * new sensor — at least similar to GX1 in quality
    * please: speedy (fast continuous shooting + fast tracking auto focus) + new, longer lasting battery (like in the V1, Nikon D300, etc.)
    * weather sealed is taken for granted
    * connectivity, etc: if no built-in flash, at least a radio signal to control flashes (independent of line-of-sight), possibility to control the camera from a computer/iPad (wirelessly?), upload pictures wirelessly, etc. Better possibilities for postprocessing of pics? A la iPad app Snapseed?

    • Agent00soul

      I don’t think the G3/GX1 sensor is enough. It’s only marginally better than the old sensor and it’s now last year’s model. Olympus needs Panasonics next generation sensor or a sensor from a different manufacturer.
      If the sensor is from Fuji, they of course can’t release their camera before Fuji releses their own. Maybe that’s why they released the kit lens before the camera. There must have been some sort of delay with the camera, otherwise they would have released the lens and the camera at the same time.

      • Frederic Hugh

        Having upgraded from a G1 to a G3 I can assure you the difference in performance is far from marginal.

        • JF

          Do you see a difference in RAW ? or in JPEG ? because I think the biggest difference is in the JPEG computing…

          • Frederic Hew

            I only shoot RAW

        • Esa Tuunanen

          That’s only because G1’s sensor is same old mediocre already at arrival sensor as Olympus has been using.
          And in dynamic range there isn’t any real improvement while both GH2’s and especially GH1’s sensor beat G3/GX1 sensor hands down in dynamic range…
          While Sony pulls out guadrupled DR compared to G3/GX1 sensor from only marginally larger pixel/photosite than in GH2 along with notably better noise performance.

          And using JPEG for comparing sensor performance is like trusting those manipulated, all around cleaned, polished and waxed celebrity poster photos. Both have equally little left from original data and detail.

      • BLI

        To me, 12Mpx is ok. But — as several have pointed out: it should have a wider ISO range with little noise, and better dynamic range. Personally, I prefer a two generation improvement in order to upgrade a camera — in this respect, the GX1 sensor is too little. But it all depends on what else there is.

        Wrt size, one (p)reviewer has stated that the new 12-50 is perfectly balanced by the E-P3, and I’d like to see it small — but not as small as the GX1.

    • …+ new, longer lasting battery (like in the V1, Nikon D300, etc.)

      I wouldn’t mind either, having more battery juice with a larger Li-ion rechargeable.

      -Powered by BLS-5 (1150mAh) or the BLM-5 (1620mAh)?

  • Curtis Huston

    Great news! A viewfinder is really a good thing IMO.

    I have an EP3 with 3 lenses (14mm 2.5, 20mm 1.7 and a Pentax 50mm 1.4 with an adaptater) and 2 bateries.

    Do you think I should sell it now or keep it until Oly announced its new camera?

    • Stravinsky

      I say keep it and buy the new one too. You would lose money selling the Ep3 and the miss having it around ;-)

    • flash

      If it uses the same lens, which apparently it does do not sell your glass. With that much glass a second body is a very good thing.

  • Ahem

    All I ask is a new sensor optimized for LOW ISO performance and dynamic range, and keeping the small form factor and I’m sold.

    • AtlDave


      For me more dynamic range and better tonality is much more important than improved high ISO performance. If Olympus introduced a camera with a sensor that was a little noisier at ISO 800 up but had more DR at base ISO I would buy it.

      But I do not expect Olympus to make a camera that only I would buy. Most people seem pretty happy to live with less DR in exchange for less noise at high ISO. More DR and less noise in one sensor would be even better but it seems these are conflicting design goals.

      • Bobak


      • infinity jr.

        Panasonic: Stop sacrificing base ISO noise and DR while trying to equal APS-C @ ISO6400.
        Darned marketers.

  • For those who don’t get it. PDAF is not only important to activate 4/3 lenses, but in general for action cameras. it is predictive in nature, which CDAF isn’t.

    Now assume that we have PDAF plus an optical path to the EVF. When needed one won’t lose track of the action, like slower EVF do.

    Oly’s patent shown here had much in common with Sony’s ‘translucent’ cameras. It would make the coming camera a very welcome ‘tweener’.

    The sensor’s matter is paramount, not only for better low light performance, but also because in the patent it was able to reflect light to the PDAF sensors, and hence to the OVF part of the hybrid VF.

    Quite a clever act, if implemented.

  • Bob B.

    FT5…Fuji and Olympus head to head! Interesting. Can you throw in a new weather-sealed Panasonic too? LOL!

  • Olaf

    If it has a viewfinder, hmf, must be a clue! My guess is:

    Its the E-50 DSLR with 16mpix sensor!

    • Martin

      I used to be that naive as well..
      Test question: Why do you think the M.Zuiko 12-50mm has been released?

      • Olaf

        It was an attempt to have fun with all the speculation around here. (Anyway an E-50 would fit my needs a lot better than any m4/3 camera…)

        • Martin

          OK ;-) Sometimes it’s not easy to recognise fun in the middle of all those pipe-dreams..
          And yes, a year ago I was also hoping for an E-50. Unfortunately it looks like all that will soon be left from the former glory are just those snobbish huge overpriced lenses plus one overpriced body lagging behind competition.

        • > Anyway an E-50 would fit my needs a lot better than any m4/3 camera…

          That goes for many 43 users. Almost all of the 43 users.

        • lnqe-M

          I think we vill see a E-50 also, in 2012 too.

      • Gabi

        The 12-50mm is not yet available in Germany. This is a wrong information.

    • Geoff

      I’d be very surprised to see another 4/3rds body, I feel the E-5 is the last of that line. An OM styled u4/3rds is a far more likely prospect, one which excites me greatly. Using an E-2 & E-620, as prime bodies I also have an E-P2 and C5060WZ, of those I much prefer the 5060 for is superior handling, bring on an OM styled u4/3rds body.

  • NativeFloridian

    I’m betting on a DSLR-styled camera, but I would love to be wrong.

  • SteveO

    Olympus may want to use this camera to emphasize they are alive and well in spite of the scandal, turning the page. If so, it should be revolutionary, a showcase for their technical prowess. Finally perhaps they’ve told their Imaging designers/engineers to pull out all the stops and produce the dream camera for many of us. An iconic camera as the original Pen and OM were, and not a retro copycat (though it could have some fun cues).

    If they do so, wonderful news!

    For this it would need to include:
    – a new 16MP low-noise sensor that can compete with Sony NEX5N quality
    – on same note, truly expanded DR
    – Nikon V1-like hybrid CDAF/PDAF focusing
    – NEX 7 quality EVF
    – fully articulated touch-screen 3″ HD OLED (3.5″ Retina even better, my iPhone 4S having forever spoiled me!)
    – further improved IS and Truepic processing, their mainstays
    – ground-breaking, attractive and ergonomic styling that sets it apart
    – body MSRP just under $1000

    What fun to dream! They have many of the right lenses in compact sizes now, so they’re certainly well positioned with the right body.

    If even some of this comes to pass they’ll have a success; new sensor is key and still my biggest concern given their E-P track record.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      > For this it would need to include:
      – a new 16MP low-noise sensor that can compete with Sony NEX5N quality

      You could get equal DR and noise performance from ~10MP sensor because ultimately performance is decided by pixel/photosite light gathering area if we assume same/best sensor tech.
      But nearly NEX7 performance would be possible from 16MP 4/3 sensor.

  • I think some readers here made a good point – Olympus need to make some money (that they really need) and that’s why I think they need to release a more “serious” camera – spec wise and usability wise, something that appeals to professionals who are used to DSLRs, I think a DSLR-style body would not be a surprise. I’m sure a complete body re-design is not an easy decision for their product line management. I’m sure there is a lot of people out there who, like me, loved the PENs for their form factor. We’d all want a rangefinder-style ILC with built-in VF but we are yet to see if this comes true. Nikon did it and so can Oly. Perhaps this new camera will not be the upgrade path for existing 4/3 users yet and will still be a PEN – but until we see some leaked pictures of the body we can only speculate.
    I used to shoot film on soviet rangefinders when I was a kid. With digital, I briefly used a bridge compact and then moved to mirrorless, and I chose PEN because it was small and appealed to me visually. If I wanted to use DSLR I could have bought one from one of the major brands and stayed with it. I don’t want to end up with a non-pocketable DSLR-style camera, So I want a better PEN. Will I get it? I’m not so sure. After all, how many weather-sealed rangefinders have you seen? Leica rangefinders are not.

    If the new Oly camera is to be bundled with the 12-50 then the styling of that lens is a bit of a give-away as well. I think it’s the least PEN-ish of all current Oly mu4/3 lenses so far…

    • Boooo!

      The problem with the 12-50 is that it’s not a great lens. It has a very small aperture (already f/4.0 at 15-16mm, IIRC!) and it’s far from being anywhere remotely competitive with the legendary 12-60. Olympus just can’t make good m4/3 zooms, the format doesn’t allow it. If they want to make money and survive, they need something with great compatibility with 4/3 and PDAF lenses.

    • Martin

      > I don’t want to end up with a non-pocketable DSLR-style camera, So I want a better PEN

      I am sorry, but PENs are neither pocketable… if you use them with lenses, that is.
      Any lens bigger than the 14-42mm kit lens deserves better ergonomy than that offered by the PENs. I understand people who want soap boxes to use them with pancakes, but IMO that’s the only reasonable combination with such cameras.

      • Martin – you’re right, I should have corrected myself. By pocketable I meant something boxy and flat, something that remains reasonably flat with a pancake on (basically the grip should not extend further than the lens). I know that the “pocketable” aspect as a whole is highly debatable. But my E-P2 with a pancake lens on, fits nicely into a side pocket of my jacket; if I carry it with a bigger lens I use a bag anyway. All I’m saying is that I just like the PEN bodies, that’s it :) And since I’m not their only customer, they should do and will do what they believe is better for the product line; no vendor can ever meet the expectations of all of it’s customers with one single product.

        • NativeFloridian

          Hasn’t olympus already addressed this issue in the PEN series… there is a modular grip. Those that want a DSLR-styled grip can purchase one. I am in favor of continuing this design philosophy… in fact, I hope the new camera is compatible with the same grips.

          • Esa Tuunanen

            That marketroid scam is pure plain lipstick on a pig.
            Only properly working interchangeable grip concept is that of battery/vertical grip.

    • Nathan

      Olympus can NEVER compete on image quality grounds. They neither make their own sensor nor have any flexibility on the size of that sensor. Because they zigged when others zagged, they also have very few sensor options from third parties.
      Four Thirds is essentially screwed only because they needed more companies to sign on and failed to make it happen. So, if you’re looking for miracles and increases in sensitivity, it probably just isn’t going to happen.
      Micro Four Thirds is more than adequate as a step up from compact cameras, and that’s just where Olympus is going to stay until one of three things magically happens:

      Someone develops a sensor technology that nobody else has, and for inscrutable reasons builds it in 4/3 standard format, limiting themselves to selling to Olympus.

      Canon decides “to hell with competition” and joins Micro Four Thirds.

      The Nikon One is shown in a reputable scientific study to have a sensor so small, that it shrinks your testicles and gives you lip blisters.

      So, instead of IQ, Olympus competes with convenience and a full range of versatile and interesting lenses. Sometimes, those lenses miss the mark too, like many of their camera bodies.

      • muk

        What a goon!

      • Chris

        Odd argument. Olympus can’t compete on IQ because they can’t be a million miles ahead of everyone else? That’s a peculiar understanding of ‘compete’.

        Anyway, it’s not so completely implausible that Panasonic, one of the world’s foremost electronics manufacturers, might at some point make a sensor breakthrough and decide to build it only in 4/3 size, is it?

        Industry-wide sensor performance might improve so significantly in the medium term that IQ differences between 4/3, APS-C and even FF sensors might be all-but irrelevant, in that any IQ advantages the larger sensors have may be visible only in exceptionally marginal conditions.

        • flash

          In 5 years we will think all the current sensors are rubbish. Olympus does have good quality viva superior JPEGs, not many shooters will use Photoshop etc. correctly to get the advantages of raw on the more technically better sensors. A lot of people who use the software do not do very well with it. Personally, while I can use the software (I can get a lot of excellent help) it is tedious for me, and only for the real special shoots the time is worth it.

          There are two only times were better resolution is really needed, in making some prints for posters the 1/2 the size of a regular door, (for big stuff like busies or outdoor advertising even 8 megs is enough) and when super cropping is needed, in most cases this is result of poor technic in not using the correct lens etc. So less noise is where it is at, and the correct depth of field for what you are shooting not the reverse getting a shoot to use your depth of field.

      • Fan

        Yes they can compete on image quality grounds. Just not on resolution. Arguing with resolution is more neutral and objective than image quality.

        If you put the Sony NEX-7 sensor into a MFT camera, it could produce 14.9 MP with the exact same Sony quality. So the sensor area is big enough.

        Maybe it takes 1-3 years until they get that kind of sensor, but then we will be in heaven. More high ISO quality than NEX-7 is not needed.

  • Alexander

    if it would look like the pic shows-> G R E A T :-)

  • Since nothing has been leaked about the sensor, I guess is the same one. I´m happy with 12 Mpix but noise and DR could be much better, just that Oly.


  • Elliot

    If the rumored camera still comes with the same old sensor, please make it film-compatible so that I can switch the sensor back when I want shoot 640×480.

  • If it looks like that Im gonna sell my soul to buy it!

  • Farrukh

    Arrrgh, just bought an EP3! If this is our in Q1 of this year I’ll be so upset (at my poor timing!) :/

  • st3v4nt

    I don’t care about how camera look and design as long as it have some kind of ergonomic grip and enough dial I’ll be happy….what it really need is better sensor performance not necessarily more Mega Pixel but more of less noise, faster AF especially in C-AF or we can set multiple point cross type, PDAF integration in new sensor would be great. And price should be competitive. But I’m afraid they will use sam blunder, same old sensor with Truepic VII or VI+, base ISO to 400 so they can push the ISO limit to above 12500…. , weather shield proof gimmick and integrated EVF from detachable EVF-2…..

  • I have a little too much free booze on board to make sense. But personally, I don’t give a flying “F” about sensors or ergonomics. I love everything about my E-Pl1 except the butt-ugly VF2 on top. B*ggered if I’m going to spend US$10G on a Leica, but I want something nice to carry, that gives me a decent low light image that doesn’t show the bugs on the wall 6 feet behind my wife’s face when we are eating good food in an ugly place……
    I don’t shoot much video, so will stick with Olympus, because then I can deal with emails from annoying people instead of doing PP (or go fishing…)
    So, Olly, give me what I want, or I will stick with my E-PL1 until it dies, then I’ll buy another one. Or go fishing, which ever seems more relevant at the time.

  • JohnnyJ
    • SteveO

      Okay, you’ve got me. Is this link to a real article or is it in jest? Something about the the guy on the right’s deadpan expression and his fellow Fuji-guy’s raised eyebrows with a look of acid afterglow, official white Fujifilm uniforms, framed photos with logos on the wall behind them, and what’s that plant to their right….

      Looks staged ;) . If so nicely done, if not, no harm intended, just made me laugh.

      • JohnnyJ

        Are you kidding? I love the Fujiguys!

        They are totally real and official and they belong to Fujifilm Canada. They make tons of videos showing off Fuji cameras, check them out on YouTube.

        • SteveO

          Just did, thanks for sharing. Yes, they are totally real, the photo just appeared a bit funny to these uninitiated eyes.

  • dvdyeo

    looks like i’m the only one hoping for these things:
    -accurate AF
    -good dr sensor or sony’s auto HDR bracketing
    -panoramic function
    -less noisy IS (during startup)
    -a better menu (panasonic’s is good enough)

    • > -a better menu (panasonic’s is good enough)

      OK. Oly menu system is a mess. But it is a properly documented mess. And one can always download PDF version of the manual and search there.

      Samsung users say that the NX cameras have very good and well layout menu system. But the same users would tell you that that was achieved by merciless trimming of features.

      And I personally like the level of customization my Olys provide. I’d rather spend 15 minutes looking through the manual – than have no function at all (and at that, for the sake of a clean menu system).

  • Fan

    If you put the Sony NEX-7 sensor into a MFT camera, it could produce 14.9 MP with the exact same Sony quality. So the sensor area is big enough.

    • SteveO

      Good idea, whose our first NEX 7 owner volunteer? I’ll offer my E-PM1 and X-acto knife up for the transplant.

      • NT

        NO, do Your math. It’s less then 11 MP! [16MP X 0.63 = 10.08 MP]
        mFT has 63% the size of Sonys sensor.

        • efwee

          Nope, just looking at the surface of the sensors is misleading.
          The (m)43 sensor is 83% in height of APS-C (Sony/Nikon, 89% for Canon), the width is not relevant due to the difference between 4×3 and 3×2.
          The Nex7 has 4000 pixels in height, so (m)43 would have 3333 of the same pixels. Horizontal (m)43 would have 4444 pixels. That gives about 14,8 Mpx.
          It is more realistic to state that m43 is around 69% of the sensor surface of APS-C (Sony/Nikon, 79% for Canon).

  • Carles

    hums… instead of launching so many new products so often they should improve the ones they have already in the market.
    At least I mean by firmware. I moved from the Canon G9 to the Ep3, and yeah I love the camera but…hate the fact that my canon, few years older, could show all the info at once on the screen (yes, histogram included), and the option for deleting pictures, please correct me if I’m wrong, but in the ep3 you can either delete all or one by one. In the G9 could select by dates or range from A to B to delete the pics more easier and faster.
    I’m pretty sure they could fix all this if they wanted…
    perhaps use both viewfinder-to show the image-(they could make one smaller…in size, not resolution, with the technology existent nowdays…) and main screen-to show the shot parameters info- as DSLR mode?
    I don’t know, I just got my camera 3months ago, and they releasing a new one that maybe can have this stuff, when they could just make it happen for the present products … weird -_-;

    • The Pens have a “supermenu”, which shows all relevant parameters and gives direct access to them. Further, if you are watching your pics on the display, use the thumb wheel to make them smaller. Then you can select the images by the ok button and delete all selected ones.
      Maybe you should read again the manual ;)

      • Carles

        Thanks for the tip about selecting images, indeed didn’t try that.
        But the supermenu is not what I am talking about. I am talking about the display options. so we can see either the grid the histogram or the shadow&highlights…but not all together. That’s what I mean. ^^

        • ok, yes, that sucks indeed.

  • TomR

    I hope it comes with a new 17mm with optics like the 12mm.

  • Fan

    Soon sensors will be so great you don’t have to buy new cameras all the time.

    The same happened with computers. My main machine will be 4 years old soon, and I see no reason to upgrade it. All I did in the meantime was install SSDs but the processor will remain the same for another while.

  • samshootsall

    nice mock-up. the person forgot to erase the little sides on the camera. I think 20MP should be more than enough. Yet I STILL use my Nikon D2H, 4MP is enough to print 20×30 from that camera!!! Please give us a metal body cap and PC sync also.

  • Could it be finally the promised 43 replacement camera?

    I’m not holding my breath for the on-sensor PDAF (judging by first reviews of the “FT1 mount adapter” even overhyped Nikon 1 has problem there) but at least a E-30/E-510 class of camera with (large) m43 lenses in mind?

    O&P both are bringing larger lenses – now one needs a larger body.

  • groubas

    I have a new rumor too: Olympus will be announcing a new camera soon. Any time now. (FT10) From amazing sources. Other companies will be announcing new cameras too. (FT20) (Most of these cameras will be available 20 months after they are announced and you will still shoot the same bullshit photos of your dog and cat with them that you do now after you preorder first!) Sweet!

    Now write 100 comments under my drivel.

    • Jason

      @Groubas – that is how this site works, if you don’t like it then you don’t have to comment under the drivel.

      The FT5 designation means it is a highly reliable rumor, I’ve never seen the site owner miss once giving a rumor a classification of FT5. Regardless of your unsubstantiated statement, this site is highly accurate. And the site acts as a record of this, just refer to the archives. If you have any facts that prove otherwise, then please do tell us.

      The admin says the new PEN Pro will be announced between Feb 6-11, do you have a better idea of when it will come out?

      You surely will not have an intelligent response to this, because I’ve basically shit on your bullshit comment; so I suggest you GTFOH and never come back!

    • camerageek


  • Scott

    I think retro is on the way out. Photographers are wanting cameras that acutally do something and do them well. I love the image quality of my ep3 I love the concept but you have to customize everyting on the camera to get it to do what you want it to do. Just give me 3 dials. shutter, aperture and iso. Give me buttons for wb and focus points and I am happy.

    • Vivek

      +1 :)

    • Neonart

      “Just give me 3 dials. shutter, aperture and iso.”

      Scott, you realize thats actually very retro? It’s what alot of us have been after. I loved my Pany L1 for it. My “retro” Voigtlander Bessa and all my old 50s-80s film cameras have the same. The only reason modern cameras don’t have actual dials is that it’s cheaper to put lots of features on the same buttons.

      The fuji X100 and it’s “retro” style has this and people love it.

      • Scott

        I was referring to the look and feel of them camera.I am all for an all manual camera.

    • Ab

      no exposure comp button? I would like that as well at least…

      • Scott

        Thats the same thing as iso, shutter, aperture. Why do you need exposure comp?

        • Esa Tuunanen

          That’s because all people aren’t leisure sunday shooters in Madame Tussauds and can’t spend time setting exposure manually for every shot.

          For all I care you can go and carve your pictures to stone tablets by hand or paint them if you want but don’t say that user interface of proper high end DSLR isn’t needed.

          • Scott

            I am a professional photographer and I have never used anything but manual exposure. It doesnt take any longer to set exposure manually. I shoot 40 weddings a year and I always have time to properly set my camera before I shoot. I dont understand shooting any other way. Why let the camera tell me what I am looking for. You set fstop for dof you set shutter based on any movement or if using flash the shutter controls the exposure of you background. I only set ISO to get the exposure right after I have set the shutter and f stop. It take about 3 seconds to get it right and I am set for a whole group of shots in the same light.

  • MJr

    The mockup has hinges for the backdoor on both sides, does that mean it has TWO doors opening to the sides !? Awesome ! What’s behind them ?

    • Mr. Reeee

      2 doors for 2 rolls of film, of course! Think of the possibilities, especially if you’re shooting half-frame! ;-)

  • furb


    • BLI

      Two mountains for gods — Fuji from Japan and Olympus from Greece.

  • Mr. Reeee

    The 1970’s are long gone, people.

    It’s hilarious to see people go completely ape shit over some geeky Photoshop job, somehow imaging it’s real and then continue on to argue vehemently about it, along with a Christmas list of fantasy features they’re SURE will be released.

    I wish it were so, but unfortunately, based on watching Olympus product and “road map” announcements over the past year and a half, my expectations of Olympus are pretty damn low.

    Actually, the real news from Olympus will be a few buttons moved around, touch screens on everything, new body colors, yet another 14-42mm lens and slew of new art filters. This will be called revolutionary and some will believe it. ;-)

    • Michael Devitt

      Of course the ’70s are gone forever, but interest in solid built quality and direct dials will never die. Just look at the X100’s huge success and its design is even 1960’s ;).

      • Mr. Reeee

        Solid build quality and direct controls, yes! Those are reasons why I chose a GH2 and use a lot of manual lenses.

        Why do people get stuck on 60’s aesthetics when it comes to camera design? I still have my old Nikon FM2 (black, of course ;-) ) and a Pentax Spotmatic SP2, but I don’t really have a great desire to resurrect either of them.

        The problem trying to “recapture” the aesthetic of older deigns is the extreme complexity of today’s digital cameras vs. older film cameras. My FM2 and Spotmatic have film advance and rewind, shutter speed, ASA, timer, lens and shutter release, connectors for external flash and depth of field button. Aperture and focus were obviously controlled by the lens.

        How many zillions of setting possibilities are there on a GH2, for instance. I won’t bother counting.

        • Ree, do you really know something about form&funtion? desing?.
          Why do you think the Leica m is still there, or the porche carrera, or the Mini? . I think the only reason of your comments is an extrange Pana-phico-dependance, and an almost most extrange neuro-hate-Oly-damage. Be happy with yourself :-)

          • Tropical Yeti

            Well, your question is not intended for me, but I can give my opinion anyway.

            Leica and Porsche are here for people with lots of money, who want to distinct themselves from the rest, and they can aford it. In price/performance ratio they are far to the left from ballance.

            Mini – for people with a little bit less money, who can not afford Leica or Porsche, but they want to distinct themselves anyway.

            No offence. This is just my opinion…

            • fiat 500?…..the quaestion isn´t money. The quaestion is form&factor, and…beauty. You haven´t understand me at all, sorry

              • Esa Tuunanen

                It’s you who lacks understanding while pushing your narrow minded ideology to everyone.
                Or actually from the way you talk about that old analog mechanical era design it sounds more like case of religious fetishism.

                So before coming back try to assimilate the fact that different jobs need different tools.

                • Mr. Reeee


                  The point I was trying to make was that it’s difficult to overlay the extreme complexity of digital cameras, with their plethora of controls and myriad possible adjustments onto a simple, mechanical design, with only a handful of hard control points. There are some things that can be mapped directly to physical controls, but many others that cannot. The size of M4/3 bodies makes these choices even more difficult and compromising usability is often the result.

                  Few designers and companies are able to do this successfully. Creating simple, functional designs is far more difficult than festooning something with clusters of buttons and switches. At this point, it’s also a software issue. ALL digital cameras, regardless of company, suffer in this area.

                  I love old cameras and tools, but the fixation of “retro” design at the expense of usability can be a poor choice and an example of lazy, non-forward thinking design. I want good, solid, usable tools, not fashion statements.

                  • pdc

                    Right on!

        • mupfrey bumpfrey

          dear mr ree, the question is why the heck some people love such crappy camera and their design and build, as om2 was, for example.

          oooom2 was the best camera i ever had. it was a jevelery not just a camera. it was build so solid it lastted for 30+/- years until broken.

          and i understand that some people need plastic crappy junk, which will serve them for a two years of warranty and then will be replaced.

  • blastingmills

    If it shoots stills better than an E-5 and better video than a GH2, I will buy it.

    Although they are a consideration, looks and size are low on my priority list.

    • Jason

      Shooting better stills than the GH2 is already possible with all PEN cameras!!!!

      • Duarte Bruno

        I want the same shit you are smoking. Where can I find it?

        • Jason

          GH2 may be a great camera with the 14-140mm and other zooms, it may also be great for high ISO, and it is great for video… But we are talking stills, and the GH2 will never get what I can get out of my EPL-2 (soon to be upgraded to PEN Pro) with an FL-36R and 50 mm f/2.0 lens attached. NEVER!

      • Mr. Reeee

        Oh, really. On what planet?

        @Duarte, I’m not so sure I’d want any. If you get that disconnected from reality it could end up being deadly! A Darwin Award in the making!

        Kinda like this:

        • Jason

          High ISO stills and video are what Panasonic cameras are good at. But simply take a PEN camera with the 20 mm f/1.7 attached and a Panasonic with the same lens attached, take some well lit shots, and the Olympus results will be so much more pleasing – that is what they call Olympus colors!

          I only use prime lens, and I have tried them attached to numerous bodies, if the light is good or a flash is attached, the Oly wins everytime… if there is low-light, the Panasonic shines. But then again, that is when a full frame Nikon might be a better option anyway…

          • Mr. Reeee

            If you like over-saturated JPEGs, then you’re set, but not if you prefer color accuracy. Either way, it’s subjective and I can understand the appeal either way. I prefer color accuracy, so I set my white balance with a grey card and shoot RAW. The GH2 can produce stunning images.

            I use mainly manual primes… Voigtländer, Nikon and Pentax SMC Takumar… in available light. Though I do have the 14-140mm, 7-14mm and the 20mm. I always carry the 7-14mm!

            I would LOVE a Nikon full-frame camera… it would make all my Nikon lenses happy ;-)… but I’m not willing to lug something that big around. I tried to convince myself but M4/3 won out.

            • Jason

              I find that Panasonic images are too saturated, much like Canon…

              I prefer Olympus and Nikon. I guess it depends if you are shooting for print or web. For print the Olympus is not the best, at least as JPEGs, for web, say 1000 pixels wide, the Oly JPEGs are all that is necessary.

              For print I think Nikon is a good option, with a full frame.

              Do your Panasonic RAW images ever go into print?

    • and….

  • Anyway, if this new camera will come out with a new fantastic sensor I want to have it in my hands before I go to holidays in June ;) Otherwise I will buy a mFT 9-18 additionally to the kit lenses and take my “old” E-PL2 with me. It’s still good enough for travelling and good pics :)

    And no, I don’t want a retro look. But red colour would be nice ;)

    • Your continuously dissing Olympus doesn’t make any clever Mr. Reee. Your irony can be very shallow indeed.

      There are plenty of satisfied users of Pens here, so if you don’t like the brand just skip the thread.

      We are not interested in your ego as you are… Buy something else and be happy.


      • Mr. Reeee

        Sorry you’re humor challenged, pal. :-P

        I have nothing against Olympus or their gear and really wish they were doing a better job overall… for the M4/3 system! Panasonic does some idiotic things, as well and I’m not shy about pointing any of those things out, either.

        Try to step out of the haze of rationalizing Oly’s odd product line-up and marketing and try to be even slightly objective…
        What sort of evolution has there between in 3 “generations”?
        Unfortunately, not much. A few tweaks for the graphics engine, some cosmetic “refreshes”. They look nice and handle fairly well, but it took 2 iterations to get fast enough AF. They use that crappy point & shoot 4-way click-dial thing. There are multiple copies of the same lenses. Low-end cameras with only an external flash? Still the same sensor, even though they’ve managed to impressively push the old 12MP quite a bit. Yeah, there ARE more “art” filters, you can obviously deny a lot, but not that. ;-)

        At least they finally released a couple of good lenses (12mm and 45mm). The EPL3 is quite nice. There are some great things about the EP3. But why aren’t all the great features assembled into ONE camera, rather than scattered between three? And what about actually discontinuing older models instead of undercutting their current lineup with low priced refurbs and such?

        I’d be happy to buy an Oly M4/3 camera if it had a built-in EVF and a movable display. So, where is it? We’re still waiting.

    • mupfrey bumpfrey

      feel free to say you long for retro sturdy design, i can say… yes, please, more sturdy durdy furdy retro cams made of real metal…

      it was funny i had a chance to read about a new fuji retro cam, they wrote


      huh. that is sad we have too much plastic around which will survive it’s warranty and then will die or will start to creak

  • Shanti

    just hope it can use 4/3 lens and focus fast enough…a OM4ti style would be cool…

  • Sorry boys but this cam was designed at least 2 years ago….so your dreams are just dreams. The same thing is valid for those thinking that “Oly is in a low moment”……
    I hope a good product, focused on photography not in video.
    I hope a natural progression from ep3 and cross my fingers for a better sensor with a better DR and usable at 1200 iso
    I hope it will be expensive from most of us
    I´m almost sure it will not be 4/3, m4/3 is the way to go (I´m 4/3 user also)
    I don´t expect miracles
    I hope most of you claim against the new cam the same day Oly develope it….and I also hope most of you buy it….
    I´ll wait for the new ep4 at spring, not pro, not wheather sailed, not……but with a better sensor at the half of the price ;-)

  • Toby

    I’m beginning to think that Oly marketing staff are just there to trolls on forums like this. Spreading rumors all the while keeping the hope high for enthusiasts but in the end failed miserably on delivery.

    I mean just look back on all the buzz around the ‘new improved sensor’ design prior to the release of EP3/EPL1/EPM1, and turned out it’s just the same old sensor with minor tweaks for IQ.

    I’m not saying that the whole line sucked, but honestly I don’t see any point of upgrading from the EPL1 that I currently have. I’m quite certain there are many other m43 users out there who felt the same.

    I just hope they actually deliver actual improvement with this camera, and not just “combining” the EVF3 with EP3 and jack up the price to match the total price of the two items when purchased separately.

  • flash

    Maybe it will look like the e20 that would of been nice if the mirror was just a bit bigger (viewfinder seemed dull). As the e20 is over 10 years old it would seem a little retro. I would not buy it if it was like that, I like my lens and viewfinder in the middle of the camera. The Panasonic GH3 would be my choose then,if it is weather proof. Hump no hump no difference for me, as long as it is in the middle and has a flash shoe in the middle.

  • achiinto

    I almost got a heart attack seeing the conceptual design that is OM body like!!

  • Remember, according to Mr. Tagawa interview we know only 2 things:

    – it’s not a Pen, although it is ‘Pen compatible’

    – it has a built in VF with amazing visual experience

    That makes me think that the VF has also an optical path which is compatible with the full range of lenses.

  • quiquelbola

    Esa, your own words qualify you as you are. The intolerance, disrespect and tone of your reply is quite pathetic. Please make a favour to yorself and learn to read and please understand that I have not mentioned the term “analog” in my post.I Do not force anyone to follow my opinion, it seems you just are in this situatión.I Just wrote about something that you possibly are exceed: design.

  • Rr

    I think what we will see is a e-p3 with a waterproofing package. All other innovation will need to wait for photokina.

  • Rr

    I think what we will likely see is a chunkier e-p3 with a waterproofing package. All other innovation will need to wait for photokina.

  • mupfrey bumpfrey

    hoool das ist my old OM2 hoh. finally real good retro. unfortunately da senzor is the same crap as was and dynamic range of ilford film is faaar away this. good year 2012 to all

  • mupfrey bumpfrey

    if Matiani has to be resurrected then it should have just two dials for aperture and speed. and ap priority, of course. then it will be a CAMERA.

  • Tonux

    Good design

    Seems to me the old OM Olympus series

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