(FT5) HOT!!!!!! New Micro Four Thirds camera within the next few days! Follow 43rumors!


I really didn’t expect that but three of my very trusted sources just contacted me to say that we will see a new Micro Four Thirds cameras very very and very soon! I was ready to get on vacation this weekend but they told me to stay at home because I will have a lot of work to do soon :)

The first thing I can tell you about the new camera is that the announcement date have been kept very secret (more secret than usual) and only a few person seem to know what’s coming. One of my very good sources also said that it will be almost impossible to get a picture of that camera because of that. I got some info about the new product but I am currently double-checking the specs with other sources. If you know something feel free to contact me at 43rumors@gmail.com!

Folow us every minute! Spread the word! Nobody should miss the next few hours on 43rumors!!! We will update this website with all last minute rumors, leaks and camera reviews! Be sure to not miss any news. Join on Facebook and Twitter. Subscribe our RSS feed. Thanks!

Reminder -> Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • kesztió

    None of these above?

    • admin

      I give you the answer very soon. Just need to check one last thing ok? It’s an awesome camera ;)

  • Lee

    Oly? Pany? or Fuji? (oh no it can’t be..)

    • admin

      No Fuji no Oly…

      • cocute

        other Panasonic? noooo

  • Canon? Nikon?

  • Agent00soul

    I suppose that leaves only Panasonic.
    Or could it be the m4/3 module for the Ricoh?
    Or Sigma? (not likely to be awesome)
    Or Leica? (not likely at all)

  • g

    its got to be the gf2 then surely

  • George

    i hope it is gf2

  • Arboreologia

    New Panasonic GF2!!!!

  • George

    maybe nikon q ???

    • admin

      Start the countdown guys…it’s coming ;)
      And spread the word! It was veeeery hard to get some info!

  • Luis

    Probably the GF2. I know it was expected for February, but Andrew Reid (EOSHD) announced it two days ago and now has deleted those posts. Suspicious behaviour…

    • Luis

      Rumored specs were a new body design with integrated EVF and a new 14mpx sensor. Hope they become true, although I have serious doubts about both.

      • Arboreologia

        Totally true!!! New sensor as Olympus EP-3…

  • Arboreologia

    Panasonic Gf2 with un built Evf !!!

  • With the recent dramatic price drops on GF1 I bet it’s the GF2. Would make the most sense.

    • GF1’s price is up again

  • cocute

    I do not think that is the GF2, as the rumor says it’s a secret camera and GF2 not secret.

    • admin

      The announcement has been kept secret.

  • safeg

    I saw GF2 List in JAPAN camera shop.
    same size GF1(1mm different).
    I dont know what is GF2 future.

  • Richard

    I just ordered a NEX-5.. was that a mistake?! ;)

    • admin

      Yes ;)

      • bast


    • Ordering a NEX would have been a mistake at ANY time. :)

  • Jack

    So GF2 it is….

  • zigi_S

    Olympus should really get their act together and show us the m43 to 43 alternative to E-4xx and E-5xx models.

  • lolicht

    haaa so it’s a Sony ! … hope it’ll come with some HD video capabilities like the GH2 … but as Sony is also a video camera maker, they are not going to “shoot a bullet in their own foot” (as french people says …)

    • George

      sony clearly stated that they will never make micro four thirds camera. Mirrorless and m4/3 are different things.

  • doofus

    i just ordered an LX5… was THAT a mistake?

  • I just bought Olympus PEN FT, a half-size DSR.
    I’m kind of waiting for E-P3, just I was curious about THEE film PEN series.
    But please say it’s E-P3 coming, or is it too early?

  • safaridon

    Its about time if true and long awaited for. I am not surprised as Pany would benefit from a new m4/3 camera out in time for Xmas shopping and yet not detract attention from GH2 debut by releasing any earlier. Given the recent Pany $100 price reduction on GF1 for short time maybe to make way for a model above it. If these rumors of GF2 are correct with inbody EVF and body size same as GF1 then that would be remarkable if they achieved that as would be smaller than the coming Fuji X100 but still plausible if LCD screen is in middle or right of EVF. I would expect the design to be based on the Pany patent model. However I guess a popup EVF with LED flash in front also possible if based on GF1 body.

    Another alternative is the small thin NEX smaller sized model Pany has said they are developing, however the GF2 with EVF seems more plausible from the rumors already posted as it has been under development for a longer time while the small one would be in reaction to the success of the NEXs.

    I can’t wait to see whats coming. Admin – please post the info on specs you already have and thanks for the news.

  • Tropical Yeti

    I hate news, anouncing some “new news”, which anounce some “really hot new news”… This is just web traffic generation activity.
    When you have info ready, then publish.

    • Cat

      Agreed. And made worse by the sad and irrelevant comment about canceling vacation.

    • You know, Tropical Yeti, this is a rumors website, so it’s about rumors.

      • Whisperingvision

        “Tropical Yeti” and “CAT”.

        This site is a great source for someone who is looking to make a purchase with no legacy. I’ve been leaning toward the EP2 as a present for my mother due to a few reasons. Was about to purchase it at B&H Photo until I noticed this rumor and now will wait and see.

        Point is, the site is called 43RUMORS, emphasis on the later and I find your comments to be the most irrelevant!

        Well done for the person who managers this site, it’s a lot of work and if he or she generates traffic and this helps their income stream, good for them.

        Weather the new GF2 will extinguish some of the issues I had with the GF1, doesn’t matter, my purchase will now be more confident and with no regrets.

  • gekopaca


  • Jerry Suppan

    Even with a rumors-based website, unless there is something substantial to talk about, even as a rumor, best left unsaid. Last thing I am concerned about is someone’s personal vacation schedule to go visit grandma because of rumor hysteria. The rumor of a GF2 release or at least announced being imminent has some substance and interest. Personally getting hyped up and hysterical about rumors, cancelling vacations, etc., well, time can be better spent rather reading such fluff. When further information is available on the GF2 or anything, even in the form of a rumor, I am sure it will become fairly prominent all over the internet. So, @ Tropical Yeti and @ Cat, there is substance to what you say.

    • deepkid

      who CARES what you think or want? we came here to read the items posted by the site manager. thank you.

  • Milt

    I am a bit envious of the administrator. He or she always seems to be going on vacations in interesting European locations, and sometimes we get pictures. So I would be grateful if admin was more sensitive the rest of us with our noses to the grindstone.

    Having said that, it looks like a GF2 coming down the pipe. Am a bit disappointed it does not seem to have the sensor from the GH1″ but what do any of us know at this point?

    • deepkid

      what the hell is wrong with you people? if you can’t come here and appreciate the information shared by the site and leave your personal insecurities at home, why bother?

    • Jerry Suppan

      U R welcome, ‘kid’. ;-)

      • Jerry Suppan

        @deepkid. Insecurities? ha-ha! LoL. Funny! Contributes nothing to a knowledge base camera information from what I can tell. Your comment does serves the purpose though to expose your own immaturity, emotionalism (and, of course, insecurity). Take a break, kid! Enjoy life!

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