(FT5) New images and sensor info. Announcement on 2am London time. Follow us live!


IMPORTANT: Olympus will announce the new E-M5 camera tonight at 2am London time (February 8). It will be 6pm in San Francisco (February 7), 9pm in New York (February 7), 3 in the morning in Berlin (February 8) and 11 in the morning in Tokyo (February 8). You can follow a live coverage on 43rumors. I will continually update you with precious info and links to reviews, videos, interesting news and preorder options. So be sure to be online at 43rumors by that hour!!!

LEAKS: There are again new leaks from Japan! On Flickr (Click here) you can find two REAL pictures of the E-M5 without the grip. UPDATE: Here on facebook is the silver version.
The Japanese store Biccamera already posted the pictures of the new E-M5 accessories:
eyecup EP-11
power battery holder HLD-6
MMF-3 adapter
New battery
Underwater housing (Flickr)
And there is one more size comparison made by our reader Paolo on Flickr (Click here).

NEW SENSOR INFO: The source “European Lady” (cool name!) sent me some interesting tidbits about the sensor:
1) The 16.1 Megapixel E-M5 sensor is 40% less noisy then the previous 12 megapixel sensor from the Olympus E-P3.
2) Thanks to the new powerful TruePic VI engine Olympus can use a very weak AA (anti-aliasing) filter. Only the FUji X PRO 1 and the just announced Nikon D800E  (Click here) don’t use any AA filter!


Again thanks to all sources and readers for sending me info and links to leaks! I should send a bottle of good Chianti to everyone :)

  • Vril_Ya

    Haha.. everyones looking up to see the chimney smoke now. :D
    I will take the silver one. Thanks.

  • alphabeta

    i made this comparison to the EP2.


    The hump is much smaller than the VF2 on the EP2.

  • st3v4nt

    10….9….8…7….the countdown begin….

  • Sweet! Look at the underwater housing! http://www.flickr.com/photos/whenyoufallinlove/6835152431/in/pool-1941650@N22/

    Also looks like it takes two underwater flash units. Dual strobes, baby! That’s a must for decent underwater lighting.

    • It also looks like the PT-E08 does not use a fixed port, which means third party manufacturers can make ports and wet lenses. Essentially that means that, assuming there is enough interest, potentially any m43 lens could be used underwater, provided that a manufacturer makes a port. Promising stuff.

      • I just found out that the housing above was mislabelled. It is not the PT-E08 housing for the E-M5.

    • Also notice the two round holes/windows at the front of the housing? Is there something hidden by the “Olympus” logo on the hump?

      • I’m pretty sure those holes are the connectors for the external flashes :)

        • That makes sense, they’re right under the hot shoe!

      • Dave_in_MI

        I’d guess those are on-board stereo mics.

  • The fog begins to clear… looks good… a nice-looking, well-integrated new camera, nothing radical, but with sensible improvements over what’s been available in Micro 4/3 (i.e., finally you can get a camera with BOTH built-in EVF and in-body stabilization.)

    For those of us who are in the position to contemplate buying a new mirrorless camera soon, the real question will be: Do I stick with Micro 4/3, or do I jump ship to one of the growing welter of alternatives?

    Suddenly there are a lot of options: Sony NEX? Fuji X-Pro? The forthcoming Samsung built-in-EVF camera? Nikon 1? Pentax Legocam? Wait to see what Canon does? Wait to see what Leica does?

    For me the choice comes down to lenses, and — since I’m already satisfied with the quality of results I get — that’s likely to keep me in the Micro 4/3 camp. Leaking the full-system photo was a very smart move on Olympus’ part — it dramatizes the lead that M4/3 has over the alternatives in terms of the scope of kinds of photography you can do with it.

    • Bob B.


    • Duarte Bruno

      That wasn’t even a full system photo? It’s missing all the Panasonic lenses & accessories.

      • Bob B.


    • Duarte Bruno

      That wasn’t even a full system photo.
      It’s missing all the Panasonic lenses & accessories.

      • Bob B.

        Well…don’t forget the Sigma 30mm f/2.8 and the Kenko/Tokina 300mm f/6.3 mirror lens!!!!!!!!!! ( I was going to mention Voigtlander….but that name should not be mentioned in the same sentence as the above two offerrings!

  • achiinto

    Looking at the photo, it seems like the E-M5 is thinner and taller than the OM system camera. Do you think? Some how it resemble the E3/5 body ratio.

  • My wish for the Highly Useful Multi Purpose (HUMP) connector:
    An adapter with line input and headphone output for the sound while filming.

    • jekins

      To connect a jack Mic you have pen accessory SEMA-1

  • Charlie

    Is that HUMP silicone or saline???

    • I think the only is air. ;-)

  • Nick

    When I compare low-iso in real photo situations between e-pl3 and sony a580 there is a lot of difference. a lot.

    Many of us that are used to shoot with sonys 16mp-sensor, feels that the base iso in panny/oly cant really compete.

    So. In short. Lower the mps. Boost the DR.

    I love the M43-bodies, so I will keep hoping for the next panny-sensor. The sensors that are available right now from m43 isnt an option for me.

    • spartacus

      Hey, the HUMP is a low budget french product!

      uups, attached to the wrong posting (-;

    • “When I compare low-iso in real photo situations between e-pl3 and sony a580 there is a lot of difference. a lot. Many of us that are used to shoot with sonys 16mp-sensor, feels that the base iso in panny/oly cant really compete.”

      You can’t expect one camera to satisfy every type of need equally well. So, if that’s your most important criterion, buy a Sony a580 instead. Or buy the new Nikon D800, which will be better in that respect. Or, buy a medium-format camera and a Leaf back, which will be better yet. Or wait until something else comes along, that will be even better than that.

      As you gain in this area you will be giving up other things, of course. We are all riding along this route, and we all have different points at which we say, “This is far enough” and get off the bus.

      • Esa Tuunanen

        > You can’t expect one camera to satisfy every type of need equally well.
        Lack of good low noise, high DR base ISO is fault of Panasonic’s crappy sensor tech, not 4/3 sensor size.

        • But since nobody else currently makes a M4/3 sensor, all these putative “improvements” are in the realm of fantasy. It is easy to IMAGINE a better sensor, but you can take pictures only with a sensor that actually exists. If the quality of existing M4/3 sensors is not good enough for your picture-taking needs, your only options are to use a different sensor/format, or hope that something better will come along someday

  • Victor

    I wonder if your sources might be to answer this question. Between E-M5 and Evolt E-410 camera, which one has the weaker AA filter?

  • Fedeskier

    I wanted to know, is olympus olny going to announce the E-M5 or will they announce all the new things their going to make during the year?

  • Pendant

    Hey Admin,

    the Ricoh GXR Mount 12MP doesn´t have an AA Filter too! And I think mostly all Medium format cams doesn´t have one -it´s done in software.

    But it´s good to see Olympus heading in the right direction…good looking camera. I´m curious how the Pen 4 will look like!

  • gena

    Oh guys,

    Olympus has tried to do away with DSLR style with its PEN cameras with NEW outlook on camera design and just to come back to the same DSLR style.

    Olympus fans, remember? Panasonic G1 with its hump and dslr style, bad idea, no innovation? And how great is PEN with its retro design…

  • did put up ads for my gear,for sale …..now there is no way back anymore.

  • I always skip a couple generations at least when upgrading my body. Went from G1 to GH2, so I am not there yet. But I am extremely happy about that new option, as I expect a few iterations at m43 speed within the next two years …and in the process, better looking bodies..

    Oh, and those two new lenses. Unless those are disappointments : pure joy!

  • BLI

    One web page (Spanish language) claims the calibrated ISO range is 200-12 800, while there are uncalibrated options 100 + 25 600. Any truth in this?

    • kokotis

      which page?

  • Duarte Bruno

    Why haven’t we heard anything else about dramatically expanded DR?
    Was there so much hype that everybody forgot about it???

    • Because there isn’t any. Those were rumors. This is a rumor site, right?

  • tomas

    I like the silver, would look good with both silver and black lenses.

    I am sticking with GH1 and saving my money for a 25mm F1.4.

  • Joe A.

    I believe I’ll be making the jump. I’m more than pleased with the output of my E-620, and also my wife’s PL1, so this will be a step up. I’m really itching for the rumored 75mm, the 45mm and the 12mm. I know I’ll be listing my E-620, but am undecided about listing my 11-22, ZD50 and 14-54 mk. II. I guess listing the 11-22 will give me an excuse to pick up the Panny 7-14.

  • Jón

    Maybe this is the upgrade I’ve been waiting for. Still using my faithful E-P1.

  • safaridon

    I expect that once we get to handle and feel this camera and its small size we will object a lot less about its hump especially if the metal body quality feels and looks as good as the OMs did.

    Now that much of the hype of exaggerated or misleading claims has been damped down with the realization that it is the G3 sensor the one area of significant interest to me is how much improvement has been made with the new 5 axis IBIS and its claimed ability to track fast objects and eliminate jelly effect when used for video? A possible explaination for much of this improvement is a reported 120 second refresh but didn’t the G3 and GX1 already have this or am I mistaken?

    I am pleasantly surprised of the timing of a 2am press conference in London to announce this camera but happy as I will not have to wait another night to see or read the previews as it will be 7pm where I am.

  • iluvhatemail

    time to upgrade the e-p1

    also the Leica M9 has no AA filter as well

    • And actually, the Nikon D800E does have an AA filter… it is just neutralized by an “undo-AA” filter. Nikon had to do this to keep the imaging qualities of the two 800 models similar other than for AA.

      (The AA filter is an integral part of the optical design of the sensor package; just removing it arbitrarily would be like removing one of the elements of your lens arbitrarily!)

      Even many of the big-name media outlets have been making the mistake of saying the 800E has no AA filter; Rob Galbraith is the only one I have seen that gives a full, correct explanation, complete with diagrams (scroll down to see):


      His site also gives an excellent explanation of the types of problems users will see with the neutralized AA. These include moiré patterns and color fringing in subject areas with repeating textures, such as fabrics and printed labels, and red, green or blue pixels in specular highlight areas that should be white.

      Of course none of this is relevant to the new Olympus, other than to counteract the assumption that when it comes to AA filters, “weaker” is always better, and none at all would be best of all.

      At work I used to use an MF camera with a digital back that had no AA filter, and it was a huge nuisance to have to choose which software settings would give the best aliasing removal for a particular subject, with the least damage to other details. Better to have a well-designed AA filter and not let aliasing occur in the first place!

  • If I understand well, the best M43 camera (speaking about sensor / raw files / video quality) is still the GH2, isn’t it?

    If yes, I will stay with my GH13 and my E-P2, waiting to a real improvement…

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