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(FT5) New images and sensor info. Announcement on 2am London time. Follow us live!


IMPORTANT: Olympus will announce the new E-M5 camera tonight at 2am London time (February 8). It will be 6pm in San Francisco (February 7), 9pm in New York (February 7), 3 in the morning in Berlin (February 8) and 11 in the morning in Tokyo (February 8). You can follow a live coverage on 43rumors. I will continually update you with precious info and links to reviews, videos, interesting news and preorder options. So be sure to be online at 43rumors by that hour!!!

LEAKS: There are again new leaks from Japan! On Flickr (Click here) you can find two REAL pictures of the E-M5 without the grip. UPDATE: Here on facebook is the silver version.
The Japanese store Biccamera already posted the pictures of the new E-M5 accessories:
eyecup EP-11
power battery holder HLD-6
MMF-3 adapter
New battery
Underwater housing (Flickr)
And there is one more size comparison made by our reader Paolo on Flickr (Click here).

NEW SENSOR INFO: The source “European Lady” (cool name!) sent me some interesting tidbits about the sensor:
1) The 16.1 Megapixel E-M5 sensor is 40% less noisy then the previous 12 megapixel sensor from the [shoplink 23568]Olympus E-P3[/shoplink].
2) Thanks to the new powerful TruePic VI engine Olympus can use a very weak AA (anti-aliasing) filter. Only the FUji X PRO 1 and the just announced Nikon D800E  (Click here) don’t use any AA filter!


Again thanks to all sources and readers for sending me info and links to leaks! I should send a bottle of good Chianti to everyone :)

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