(FT5) New E-M5 image with the new 75mm f/1.8 and 60mm f/2.8 macro lenses!!!


On that leaked picture you can finally see the upcoming new E-M5 in all possible angles and with the new external flash (there is no built-in flash!). And for the first time you can see the new 75mm f/1.8 and 60mm f/2.8 macro lenses!!! As I told you days ago, only the macro lens is weather sealed. All new Olympus accessories, Battery grip, Four Thirds adapter and external flash are weather sealed! The camera has the fastest autofocus of all digital interchangeable market currently on market! (yeah even faster than a $5000  Nikon D4) It shoots 4fps or 9fps without that powerful AF in action. Shutter speed is 60-1/4000sec. It has an innovative five axis image stabilization, a 16 megapixel sensor (probably the same from the Panasonic GX1). It uses the powerful Truepic VI engine. ISO range goes from 200 up to 25,600 ISO. Unlike the Fuji X PRO 1 (the current preorder king) the E-M5 has a 1.44 Million dot EVF placed in the middle of the camera. The 3 inch OLED touch screen is tiltable . It records in Full HD MOV(MPEG-4AVC/H.264) format (no AVCHD 2.0). Camera dimension without grip: 122mm x 89mm x 43mm and weight 369 grams. Price of that beast: 1100 Euro or $1200.

The camera will be announced on Wednesday ( I guess it will be announced between 2-3 in the morning London time!). Stay tuned on 43rumors! You can join our group on facebook and follow our tweets. As you know I am going to sum all links to news and reviews in one single post. I will make it easy for you to not miss any interesting detail of the new camera.

One more thing: The camera with grip looks very close to the OM-4T camera (here on eBay). I would have expected Olympus to announce a “special” adapter for OM lenses (here on eBay) but this is not going to happen :(

Oh, and second more thing :) I am surprised to read that almost two third of all readers like the new E-M5 design. That score probably beats the Fuji X PRO 1 :)

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  • Daniel

    That photo already looks like a complete and serious sytem, but don’t forget we have all the Panny glass too guys.

    • mpgxsvcd

      No AVC-HD 2.0 means that it won’t be any better for video than a GH2. I doubt it will even be that good. That is a shame.

      • Sean Nelson

        Hope is fading… It’s still possible that it could record in 1080p60, albeit without the AVCHD metadata it would mean the clip length would be limited to ~30 minutes.

        • Michael Meissner

          Clip length is going to be limited to 29 minutes 59 seconds anyway, due to the European laws dictating a higher import tax (4% if memory serves) on video gear as opposed to still photography (and the cutoff point is whether the camera can record VGA or higher for 30 minutes). Panasonic for some of its point & shoots has two models, the European and the rest of the world, and the European version is limited in software. Olympus tends to not have separate models, but instead limits all cameras, such as the current generation of Pens (E-PM1, E-PL3, E-P3).

        • TheEye

          How long do you want to be able to record uninterrupted?

          • Michael Meissner

            I record performances at my local renaissance faire, and occasionally some shows are more than 1/2 hour long. If I don’t know the performer’s way of doing the songs, I have to guess when the break was between songs, and sometimes I guess wrong where I think the song has ended, and they add in another chorus or verse. Granted, 1/2 hour meets my needs a lot more than 7/14 minutes of my E-P2.

            Similarly when my daughter was school age, I would have wanted to record her in plays or at sports events.

            It is easy to edit afterwards to get the performance down to a more viewable size if you recorded it.

      • reverse stream swimmer

        I haven’t seen any Panasonic Lumix G yet to support the latest AVCHD 2.0 version, while the NEX-7 does. Anyway, this is a Sony/Panasonic format standard, and if Olympus doesn’t support it, neither does Nikon and Canon with their DSLRs.

        Surprisingly, the DMC-GX1 doesn’t either, and rumours says that the OM-D/E-M5 shares the same sensor with the GX1. Neither is using the oversized, digitally output sensor seen in the Panasonic GH series. Rather, it’s most likely a sensor optimised for still photography, lesser to video. A compromise acceptable to most, I presume.

    • Right!

      Another thing I haven’t seen anyone mentioning is the possibility of shallow dof casual street portraits. With the built-in viewfinder of the E-M5 and the 75mm f1.8 (150mm reach!), I’m hoping I will finally be able to get out and grab some nice shots. I’ve always been envious of the shots from the 85mm f1.4 Nikon lens, and I think the extra crop reach (and tradeoff of the slower aperture) of the 75mm will be capable of similar effects:


      • Michael Meissner

        Well lets see, according to the Cambridge in Colour DOF calculator, if you shoot a f/1.8 75mm lens with a 4/3rds sensor, a region of 0.161m (6.34″) will be in focus for a subject that is 4m (13.1′) away, and the apparent focal length is 150mm.

        A so-called full frame body with the f/1.8 85mm lens will have a depth of field of 0.25m (9.8″), with a real focal length of 85mm.

        A Nikon with a crop factor of 1.5 will have a depth of field of 0.164m (6.45″), and the apparent focal length is 127.5mm.

        The calculator is at:

        • Thanks for churning out the figures :). My friend has a crop sensor Nikon and uses the 85 f/1.4, so it’s encouraging to know we’ll be able to get similar shallow DOF results! Now we just have to hope the bokeh is nice, but if the 45mm is anything to go by, I think we needn’t worry :D.

      • Im with you on the 75mm! I had been anticipating a longer fast tele, and if its as good as the 45mm, then its going to be a killer lens! A very exciting announcement. Just wish it came in black.

    • Anonymous

      M43 is getting mature ,. Hope Panny comes up with A Fine Glass with fast aperture for both Prime and Zoom ,. Enough with powerzoom ,. There’s no point with slow aperture

  • No built-in flash? My god… I would not really be happy If I had to carry an extra flash with me, it doesn’t matter how small it is…

    But I have many other questions: Will there be a OM-D cam that is not weather-sealed and less expensive? Will there ever be some mFT zooms similar the good old FT 7-14 4.0, 14-54 2.8-3.5, 12-60 2.8-4.0 or 50-200 2.8-3.5 lenses? I know it’s difficult to make lenses with such a quality in a compact, leightwight style, but I don’t want to carry much weight with me, and I don’t want to carry a big bag with me for my photo equipment.

    And how will the new cam work with the old mFT lenses 14-42 (second version) and 40-150? How will it work with the FT lenses mentioned above?

    And when will the new pens come out with new sensor? ;-)

    • Pro

      pro cameras dont need flash built in, this is for party-snapper amators only

      • It is not a pro cam, it is a mid-range cam, similar to E-30 ;-) Very rarely I need a flash, and for that a built-in flash is good enough for me, should I buy an extra-flash and always carry with me only for about 4, 5 pics of 1000?

        • flash

          It comes with the flash, it does not look much bigger then an SD card but thicker, you could always mount it on your camera strap, along with an extra battery. That is not hard to do.

      • Rooko

        pro cameras that haven’t flash, have integrate radio control to flash.
        Is ridiculous not integrate any system to shot external flash in pro camera.

        • JF

          +1 maybe there is a radio control ? but it would be a big change as until now olympus system is a wireless control by flash…I have a Metz and I would like to have wireless control without carrying another external flash…

        • Pro cameras without built-in flashes use Pocket Wizards for triggers.

      • Tom

        What? Plenty of circumstances when a built-in flash is good enough or aids creativity: 2nd curtain shutter, fill-in flash for for outdoor portraiture! Yes we see a lot of photos ruined by flash but I’d rather have one than not. Thankfully that new external one is pretty compact but it’s a negative not having one built-in for me.

      • Built-in flash is useful for fill flash (generally) and trigger flash (pro).

      • Curiousburke

        Yes, that’s what’s so frustrating about epl3!

      • flash is useful for backlit subjects and creative flash techniques, what will be interesting is whether the add-on gives enough clearance for use with wide angle and fish eye lenses and also it’s High Speed Synch capabilities….

      • beelzebub

        Then why did Olympus put one on the E-5? I thought they considered that their pro 4/3 model.

      • I wonder… Could the hump house a wireless flash control unit? If so, I don’t mind that there is no built-in flash. If not, it’s a big oversight on Oly’s part. It’d be another case of a lower model camera (E-P3) having features the pro line doesn’t…

        • Also, I can’t believe I missed it! A new flash bracket! I’d been search for one of these for macro photography :D.

          • Michael Meissner

            I don’t think the flash bracket is new. I believe it is FL-BK04.

            For macro photographer, there is also the FL-BKM03.

        • Michael Meissner

          Unless Olympus comes out with an entirely new line of remote flashes, the current Olympus remote flash protocol requires using visible light from either the pop-up flash or the clip-on flash provided with the E-PM1 or E-PL3 (presumably the E-M5, but we probably need to wait until Wednesday to know for sure).

    • Anonymous

      A non-weatherproof OM-D = PEN.
      Stop going backwards.

  • …and a new twin flash?

  • SJO

    I myself do like the retro design; much speculation whether this cam is going to be the next “BIG Thing,” Photography is in the eyes and hands of the beholder/user. I believe any photographer with some skill, given a pro cam or a consumer cam can produce good images. With this said, it’s all up to how you will use the cam, what you use it for and your personal tastes, etc. IMO, I like the design immensely. For the first time, a new mirrorless cam with a decent place to position your thumb; I love the raised “thumb-piece.” As a M43 Pany GH2 user, I am very dependent on the video side of the cam. I will need to see the final specs on this camera in terms of the video codec/bit rates, the ability for remote flash, clean ISO up to at least 1600 and fast prime lenses. Here’s is a question, I wonder how the backwards compatibility will be for using the Pany glass will transform with the new E-M5, this too will be a factor for anyone currently shooting GH2 or Pany looking to jump ship to Oly and the E-M5. The biggest draw for me as a videographer is the ability to upgrade to HD video using a larger than standard consumer sensor at a much more affordable cost than to purchase a new HD video camcorder. Add in the fact that with M43, you can virtually use any lens out there and for me it’s still a no-brainer. Any limitations, for me, can be worked, etc. Regardless of the position Oly is currently in, I think they will have a winner on their hands and right now they need a Home Run! Are we ever really satisfied with any new camera that comes out regardless of the manufacturer who produces it??? Do your homework and decide what is best for you – then get to making photographs or video!!! Olympus, I like the design and I like the direction you have taken here with the E-M5. Looking forward to the official announcement on Wednesday. Good job as well to Admin of this 43 Rumors site, keep up the outstanding investigative work!

    • The problem I see as a GH2/AVCHD user is the fact that if they don’t adhere to the AVCHD spec, then they lose the spanning of 4GB files, and the files are much larger due to a less efficient mpeg4/h.264 implementation. Maybe they can get 1080/60P better this way rather than adhering to the AVCHD 2.0 spec? Still, the loss of the standard means 12 minute limits like the Canon DSLRs.

    • caver3d

      Amen, SJO. I’m with you all the way.

      Just sick and tired of all the whiners on here that want this and that and everything else, and of course, want it all for less than the price of an E-P3. The real photographers are the ones providing the proper insight into this camera.

  • Dana

    WOW. Very nice. We are finally getting back to seeing cameras that are kewl, and metal and small and affordable, like the film cameras that they replace.

    About time.

  • Dana

    Regarding built-in flash… Built-in flash is harsh, you can’t use it with a lot of lenses (try using an E-520 with a 12-60 and you’ll get lens shadowing half the time), and frankly, with the iso speeds you get these days you don’t even need flash most of the time.

  • Dana

    “Will there be a OM-D cam that is not weather-sealed and less expensive?”

    This OM-D isn’t expensive.

    • I don’t need a weather-sealed cam, why should I pay for that? But a PEN with new sensor and the new is (if it works better then the old is) would be nice :-)

      • flash

        I expect that is coming or maybe even a Panasonic version. When that comes there will be a body for all of us.

  • Charlie

    That 75mm/1.8 is NEX big!

    Looks twice as long & a lot fatter than the 45mm/1.8.

    • MJr

      You should see what a 150mm equivalent F1.8 for NEX would look like ;).

    • Steve

      It’s just physics – no way you can make it smaller than a certain size for that focal length/max aperture combo.

      • MJr

        Actually different optical designs can have different sizes even if it’s exactly the same max aperture and focal length. More glass just means more precision and thus better quality, but also harder to make and more expensive. The trick is to find the right balance. Since this one is high-end the balance shifts to precision over pricing, thus it is big. At least compared to other m4/3 lenses.

    • Based on the photo, I calculated/estimated that it will be about the size of the Lumix 14-140 zoom — so, chunky, but not hard to manage.

      A 75mm f/1.8 lens requires a central aperture almost 42mm in diameter regardless of format, so such lenses are unavoidably somewhat thick. (Central aperture of a 45/1.8 needs to be only 25mm in diameter.)

  • If the hump doesn’t contain a flash, it must contain something else. A joint all around the base of the hump is clearly seen in the full size photos of the camera. It wouldn’t be there if the hump didn’t flip up or detach. But for what?
    By the way, the eyepiece is not part of the same section, since the joint runs between the hump and the eyepiece.

    • I wonder the same thing. Wednesday should still be interesting.

    • 43shot

      There is a fold-out water tent in there.

      • Russ


    • MJr

      I think that the biggest clue is actually the small horizontal rim below the finder window. Why else would that be there than to provide extra grip for the thumb when pushing up the EVF. Very neat for low-angle photos or macro.

    • MichaelKJ

      I think the EVF is in the hump. The EVF specs are identical to those of the VF-2 which is similar in size.

    • John R

      I’d guess the shoe is sitting up high to make it compatible with the accessory port that sits below the hotshoe – so you can plug in the microphones, bluetooth module etc. without that connector running into the viewfinder.

    • Vril_Ya

      “If the hump doesn’t contain a flash, it must contain something else”
      hahaha reminds me of Kinder chocolate toy. :D

  • ste

    I honestly can’t wait for the OM-D to be released, i gonna go for the Silver & black one i think with the 12-50mm, flash or no flash who cares.

    I’ve not had an Olympus Camera since the E-510 days, & personally loved that 4/3 camera as it got me into the world of Photography, before moving over to Nikon.

    I love the classic retro look of the OM of old.

    I think it work with all M4/3 lenses because it is a m4/3 camera when all said & done.

    • think I would prefer the OM-D in brown…. (or even Pentax yellow)

    • Anonymous

      I was on the same boat. Seriously thought about E-5 before but the price tag stopped me. This one will cost over $1500 with lens too, but definitely will try it at the store when it is released.

  • Juako

    Waiting new E-ML5 with flash integrate and lcd pivoting to front.
    and without Sealed and low price.
    EP-1 = E-M5
    E-PL1 = E-ML5

    • +1 :-)

    • MJr

      What’s a EP-1 ?

    • Miroslav


    • reverse stream swimmer

      First came OM-1, then came OM-2.
      Refinements were OM1n & OM-2n.
      Then came OM-3 & OM-4.

      It’s obvious, that there is a continuation, hence the OM-D/E-M5 within the digital era.

      Lower end models were OM-10/OM-20/OM-30/OM-40, hence expect also the next digital model to be OM-D/E-M50!

  • 1player

    the 2 new lens is really big.. They have to make them small if they want to steal dslr users.. Come on olympus ,you can do better than that..

    • The problem is, that it’s not easy, almost impossible, to make high quality lenses that are compact.

      • Bob B.

        For an Autofocus MFT lens of that f/stop and focal length…IT IS SMALL! Duh.

        • MJr

          In fact, i don’t think a 150mm eq F1.8 has ever been done before. m4/3 makes the craziest things possible ! :)

          • Bob B.


      • nobody

        Ever heard of Leica M lenses???

        • MJr

          Proving his point ?

        • yes but leica engineers dont need to bother to make products which are reasonable priced

          • MJr

            exactly !

        • Bob B.

          Leica M..incredible lenses…but…no auto focus. (oh …and this lens will be in the realm of hard-working regular people can afford it.) :-)

        • 1player

          Canon 60mm f2.8 macro looks smaller than oly 60mm 2.8.. And canon crop sensor is bigger than m43 sensors..

          • Bob B.

            Not so. If you look at the photo above I think we can both agree that the new Olympus 60mm f/2.8 Macro is smaller in height and diameter than the new Olympus 12-50mm which is sitting to the left of the new 75mm f/1.8. Yes? The dimensions of the 12-50mm are 2.5″D X 3.25″L. .. the dimensions of the Canon 65mm f/2.8 Macro are 3.2″Dx3.8L”????? So how is the Canon possibly smaller. Also..the above Olympus Macro looks more sophisticated than the Canon lens.
            but….since the Oly macro is equivalent to a 120mm macro for FF we need to compare it to the Canon 100mm Macro which is 3.06″x 4.84″. So how exactly is the Oly Macro larger.

            My comment above was actually referring to the new Oly 75mm f/1.8 lens. For an AF lens at this focal length and f-stop…the lens is INCREDIBLY small. Yeah …it is bigger than its other MFT counterparts…but it is WAAAAAAY smaller than any 1.6-crop or FF lens that compares in focal length and f-stop. No doubt! :-)

            • Anonymous

              +100 Mr Bob

              Nice explanation sizes ,..can’t wait to see the review of both glass

            • reverse stream swimmer

              Perhaps they’re leaving the door open for third party vendors (Samyang, Tamron, Sigma, Kenko-Tokina, Voigtländer) to enter with a 85mm/F1.4 portrait lens.

              That lens will be BIG!!!

            • SteB

              Whilst the 60mm macro looks slightly shorter than the 12-50mm zoom, it is an illusion. If you measure it on the image you find it is fraction longer or same height. Smaller filter thread maybe 49mm or 46mm. My guess is that it has switchable ratios, see my other comments. I’m a very experience macro photographer and have owned a lot of macro lenses over the years. It’s not an extendable lens extended. The switch makes that impossible and there’s nowhere for it to telescope into. It could extend out of the front, but is probably fixed length (IF).

              • Bob B.

                in any case…the Oly macro above is considerably smaller than ANY Canon macro. That was my only point directed at 1player’s ridiculous comment.

          • Even Olympus’s own 43 50mm f/2.0 lens + 43-to-MFT adapter looks like it would be smaller than their new 60mm. Weird. Is there something else about the 60mm macro we need to know… or is the size a way of keeping cost down? Curious.

            • Maybe the 60/2.8 is a real 1:1? Well, I hope it is. Also hope that it’ll be around the same price as the 50/2 or even cheaper (because it’s slower).

              • Yes look on 12-50mm, not bad price on the also then.

            • SteB

              I’ve already commented that there is something going on with the 60mm f2.8 macro. There is a switch on the side, and a table on the side of the lens presumably with magnification ratios. There’s not quite enough detail to read them, but there are 2 sets, white and red. Whilst it may just be a focus limiter I think it is some sort of switch between ratios (hence the 2 colours). This could mean a number of things. It could mean it’s a switch to get to 1:1 but this seems odd in a modern macro lens and given it’s length. It might also mean that it goes greater than 1:1.

              It is not extended because of the switch and other design. So unless the front extends out of the housing it is IF i.e. fixed length and easiest to weatherproof. Measuring it on the image the length is a fraction longer than the 12-50mm (83mm) – say 85mm. However, it has a smaller filter thread, possibly 49mm or even 46mm. With a minimum focusing distance of 0.19mm, if it is IF it will have a working distance of about 85mm at the closest focusing distance (back flange distance of around 20mm).

  • OM-4ever

    The more I see of the E-M5, the more I am surprised at the projected $1,100-$1,200 cost of the body. I think Oly will have trouble meeting demand….

    • indeed as i will do a bulk order

    • MJr

      Don’t say that .. People said that about the X-Pro1 price and look what happened.

      ps. It’s not like you get the grips and such for free you know ! And the 75/1.8 is gonna set me back quite a bit for sure.

  • Dee

    I’m really curious about the video. Any word Admin if it does 60 fps?

    • flash

      or 24 fps. and what about tracking focus? those are the three big question remaining. Even if DR is as good as the P3 it is good enough, and it should be on the level of the Panasonic GX1 then it is more then good for me.

  • Rooko

    if hump is simple caprice (inside empty) to seems to OM old cameras….
    i waiting to new pen E-P4 with viewfinder and flash popup

  • Pete


    I like to have the 1,8/75 to. I need a new job :(

    • maybe sell one of your lenses first? thats what i am thinking about, but not sure yet.

  • The macro looks big (extended?), the 75 mm as shiny as the 12mm – this lens is intimmidating used for street photo. It has been designed for “show off” rather than for usage. A black version would have been better. Personally I am more likely to get the Pana 35 – 100 anyway.

    • Similar thoughts on the advantages of understated black. And black finished lenses age better than silver ones imho.

  • OM-4ever

    Note the position of the microphones on either side of the hump.

  • Nic Walmsley

    It really is the Mt Everest of MILC … With a hump like that.

    • flash

      It is a phallic symbol. :) We were promised a camera for the boys after all.

  • Charlie

    What is the contraption on the HUMP of the OM-D in the middle of the picture?

    Or is that two contraptions — wide oval eyepiece + ???

    • SamshootsAll

      That is the bluetooth adapter…transfer your images wireless to your ipad or smartphone

  • flash

    Just how many tripod mounts are on the bottom of this camera? Look at the flash bracket (I think it reversible and adjustable seems to be rubber in flew places), that is one. Look at the grip that is two.

    Is there one in the center of the lens then that is three! Sockets are cheap I guess.

  • Dana

    “The problem is, that it’s not easy, almost impossible, to make high quality lenses that are compact.”

    Oh for the goddess’ sake. See Contax G system and Leica. See the Pentax Limited lenses. Where do people get this ilegitimate drivel from?

    • flash

      Have you priced a Leica M lens? or seen how some of the old ones do not work that well on the M9? With the Pentax the registry distance is huge, bigger then even the Nikon. Both of these are camera lens are great (the sharpest overall IMHO), but they do have limitations.

      Some day we will have sensors that work more like film and we will have better results with short registry, till then it will be tough.

    • “Oh for the goddess’ sake. See Contax G system and Leica. See the Pentax Limited lenses”

      Add the adapter on a Pentax and they’re no longer pancakes. Those Leica lenses are not cheap and are all MF. Add AF and make it internally/silently/quickly focusing just like 12/2, 45/1.8, etc. and they’ll be bigger, optically compromised and/or even more expensive.

      “Where do people get this ilegitimate drivel from?”

      As flash said, some of those compact lenses, particularly the wide ones, won’t work well on digital as you’ll get colour shifting. This is because the lens is so close to the sensor which causes the light to hit the sensor at a sharp angle and it can’t cope like film. You’ll see examples of this fairly documented on the web. Here’s one:


  • Robbie

    LOL Just can never get enuff for trolls

  • OM-4ever

    I’m hoping the module on the left side E-M5 is a wireless flash module with focus assist lamp. Edit: Or other form of flash trigger.

    • It’s a wing to provide downforce, as the camera is so light. Specially made for motorsport photographers.

      • flash

        I thought it was a left over t-10.

  • om messias

    the 75 1.8 has designhints of the Original legendary 100/2 om, cool, my next lens together with the OM-D.


  • om messias

    the camera seems to have replacabel prisma options OVF for 43 and EVF for m43

    • flash

      That would be to dam good. But I suspect there is some truth in your statement, but I do not think it is removable. Maybe the next version will have it there, outside chance this. I want supper tracking to take pictures of rafters I have in my yard.

  • That 75… oh no, I’m getting wood.

    • OM-4ever

      Yes, it is attractive. When they release a photo of it mounted to an E-M5 with portrait grip, people will start to get ideas. ;)

  • Toughest decision will be what color to choose.

    Black looks classy and modern, but silver looks classic.

    Silver Olympus lenses go better with the silver camera … please make all silver lenses in black too.

    • MJr

      “please make all silver lenses in black too.”
      That would be awesome !

      Personally i think chrome is the more aesthetic one, but i’d like to use it on the street without blinding people (standing out too much), so the black version is more discrete, and it’s certainly not unattractive, which is a bonus. Also depends on how the material will look and feel for me in person. The coating on the Fuji X-Pro1 for example really doesn’t look very attractive to me, probably because it doesn’t have texture. It seems this one looks right. Yea i’m very picky like that when the choice is there.

      • After looking back at the OM wallpapers like this one: http://www.olympus.co.jp/jp/fun/wallpaper/camera/dl.cfm?id=364&type_id=2&la=en

        I think black looks more slick. Plus the grip looks more performance-based i.e. “grippy” than the slippery leatherette on the silver version.

        But Olympus must make the 45mm in black.

        • MJr

          Too bad it doesn’t look /exactly/ like that. Too many redundant curves these modern times. I’m a fan of the titanium. http://www.olympus.co.jp/jp/fun/wallpaper/camera/dl.cfm?id=224&type_id=7&la=ja

          I’m especially disappointed, or bummed out that the grip isn’t removable, and with removable i mean you can choose your own. While keeping it neatly straight at the same time when without one. They had something going with the E-P3 grip, now why not continue with it. Might even have been interchangeable when done right.

  • om-4

    If the hump merely is there for cosmetic reasons than that is a waste of a lot of space.

    Considering the EVF is half sunk between the shoulders and the port/hotshoe built on top of that. What do the sloping sides and front conceal? Helium to make it lighter?

    Having said this I do notice a different eyepiece. Deeper and bigger than previous pictures showed. That 75 looks like a Contax/Zeiss.

    • Charlie

      Yes, the HUMP was not required.

    • There are two different eyepiace rubbers in the picture. The leftmost camera has the same as on the full size camera images. I suppose that one is standard and the one on the middle camera is an acessory.

      • Rich

        I really like the look of that middle eye-cup – looks good and deep so you can get your eye up close and exclude light around the edges.

    • MJr

      Come on man do people really believe that Olympus would just put on a empty hump for no good reason. That is just too idiotic. Not even grips are ever empty unless they’re add-ons. Have some sense man.

    • Fan

      Helium … good idea …

  • JF

    pfff, the 75 mm is in silver shiny bling bling,I hate that…

    • +1. Silver lenses don’t age too well in my experience…

  • Nikrapmada

    Okay. Where do I sign…..

    As a long time Olympus user, OM10, 1 and 2 and a variety of film cameras I was seriously looking for a more traditional styled DSLR. I did have an E-PL1 for a short while but ended up returning it as its rear screen only made it almost unusable outside, and finally ended up with a 60D. The 60D is now up for sale and I’m going to have a play with both the E-M5 (and X-PRO 1) at the focus on imaging show in Birmingham UK in March.

    Which one to buy, probably the Olympus, small body and a wide angle lens for street shooting and whack all of the bits and a big zoom on if I want to impress a punter!

  • fgl42

    I need to get an APS SLR so I can start using all the fast Samyang lenses and have a balanced body. I LOVE Olympus cameras but their good lenses are just too expensive. And mounting a big fast aperture lens on a small camera doesn’t make sense. Bummer. There’s no way I will be able to afford the 75mm and I really need a fast portrait lens that can provide great dof. That dramatic tone was so much fun.

    • And who needs newfangled stuff like autofocus anyway…

  • I want NEX-7 with m43 mount!

    • and a m43 sensor ofcourse

      • Charlie

        That would be dumb.

        • MJr

          Congrats, you’ve figured it out.

        • why? it would be dumb to have a nex 7 with m43 mount with aps sensor

          • Charlie

            Why would anyone other than a fool downgrade their sensor? :D

            • i was merely reacting on Efat who wants a m43 mount on an aps format camera, that would only make sense if you changed it with a m43 sensor too. I am not goin into discussion about sensor qualities, because its a wasting time about something which is not that important at all.

              • MJr

                No point getting worked up over what’s clearly a 12 year old.

                • i think he is 13 already!

          • JimD

            Ulli, there is a little problem with back flange distance and the width of the nex lens mount, and a bigger problem of selecting f stop and focus. I think it would be a start from the ground up, but as a wishful thought its not a bad one.

            • so luckily its not complete nonsense? thank god

    • reverse stream swimmer

      “I want NEX-7 with m43 mount!”

      Rephrase that to:
      ‘I want a NEX-7 sensor cut into an oversized MFT sensor ~16 megapixels within a MFT camera’, and I’ll fully agree with you!

      • JimD

        reverse, you would not want that. It would be slightly less than 16M and would in all possibility be inferior when seen in large print format. The pixel pitch density of the NEX7 is 0.0039 and the 16M pany sensor 0.00364. not much difference and the 16M would be more attuned to the size.

        • reverse stream swimmer

          I guess I would get the same per pixel performance as the NEX7 with respect to both DR and high ISO usage at low light.

          I agree that I will not get the resolution difference (16 megapixels vs. 24 megapixels), but I’ll have no problems printing less sizes.

          I’ll also welcome the smaller raw files needed for storage, and the faster bufferings, the smaller files permits.

    • An m43 to NEX-7 adapter exists, but as I understand it very fiddly to use.

  • Olympus ?… have two water pro lens for m43 one zoom 12-50 made by macro function and a 60mm so is dedication for macro and also a camera water pro by a five axis IBIS so is special good for macro, is the a niche Olympus will in to. ???

  • Tripp

    What I still do not understand is the incoherence in product design of the Oly’s m4/3 lenses. There is a significant variance in finishes, materials and proportions. With the old OM line one could identify the lenses easily, they had nearly identical design and finishes. This picture looks like a collection of lenses designed by different people, manufactured in different plants with materials from different suppliers. Otherwise, a very nice system, looking forward for the official release on Wednesday!

    • What if

      This is a viable critique i ve been thinking the same, it s going on since the 3 incarnation of the 14-42 kitlenses all different, seems like they havent figured out where the system is heading until now, for future lenses my favourite design would be the 12/2 and 75 /1.8 design approach

      • TheEye

        We live in the age of do-overs.

      • reverse stream swimmer

        It’s a common practise, that different factory design teams compete internally. The winning design gets produced. Let’s hope all R&D design teams still getting busy, with internal and external projects.

    • Alan

      “This picture looks like a collection of lenses designed by different people, manufactured in different plants with materials from different suppliers.”
      Yep. You guessed it.

  • 43shot

    I feel I have now owned this camera for a month. Im ready for the next model, when will those rumors begin? Should be interesting to see what news crops up before this model goes on sale.

  • David

    Well, it looks like the new lenses are just as big as Fuji’s, and the body is almost as big (and just as big once a grip is attached, and with the cost of Oly’s top lenses the price almost evens out. So if Oly wants my money I’ll need to see either 1) a dramatic increase in DR or 2) that Fuji didn’t learn anything from the terrible implementation of manual focus in the X100 (which I own, and will continue to happily use, bad manual focus notwithstanding, because the image quality is superb).

    • flash

      Probably, a little of both. and not a knock out, so they both will be successful.

  • Why would one need a new, special OM lens adapter besides the MF-2 one? Are ðere any weaþersealed OM lenses?

    As far as I know, ðe OM system was not weaþersealed. It was just weaþerresistant because of its extreme simplicity and ruggedneß. For instance, ðe OM-1 and its OM-3 suceßor had only a small battery for a very lowpower photometre, leaving very little for water to ruin if properly dried after a splash or immersion.

    • OM-3Ti and OM-4Ti is water pro and all OM-2,OM-3 and OM-4 use two SR44 or LR44 battery.

    • flash

      The OM-4 had weather proofing; my older 2n did not, the others not sure. There were a flew sealed lens that were sold at the end time, I did not pay attention to that as my bodies were not.

      I just ran across the fact that the OM-4 was in the opening of a James Bond movie. Another M5 connection.

  • MJr

    Wait, the D4 is only $5000 ?

  • dumbo

    Sorry, its really nice, but I cant get past the hump. That hump is one ugly bitch

    • TheEye

      Put a paper bag over the hump.

      • dumbo

        lol, yes. Make sure you don´t look at the mantle piece whilst poking the fire.

      • Paint flower on hump, be happy.

    • Cat Goes Splat

      Very many people will laugh at you for buying a camera with that hump. It is not necessary.

      • Have you heard by Camel camera.

      • flash

        Not while I am present, I make that giant Polish guy with the M5 in the picture look like a midget :)

        • OM-4ever


      • Russ

        If you care about what people think about you and your camera, then you are not a real photographer.

        • Charlie

          Then why do you need to carry around a faked up, humped-up mini D3/1D to feel like a “professional” photographer??? :D :D :D

  • Timbo Tas

    Does this mean that it won’t do a silky smooth 60fps video?

    If it does not, then I will have to stick with my GH2 and await the second version of the OM.

  • Henry

    I was looking forward for a 25mm prime from Olympus, less expensive and bulky than the Leica lens.

    • 25mm F1.2, and finish like 12mm F2.

      • MJr

        Cool. When ?

  • andrea

    come on that huge bump and no flash??? who confirmed this???

    • admin

      me :)

    • Miroslav

      See addon flash in the image above. Why would it be there if there was a flash in the hump?

      • Robin

        Hahaha Who else den our great admin

  • Why oh why the 75mm is silver and not black :(

    • The is made in metal ;-)


        Because no lens manufacturer has been able to make black metal lenses.

        • dumbo


        • TheEye

          There have been plenty black metal lenses. With modern anodizing methods the finish can be very durable.

        • flash

          They use to be able to do that even in the OM lens.

          • SPOTMATIK


      • greyhat

        and expensive as 12mm (aka “pro price”)

    • Sensilux

      I feel the same. Why Olympus don’t couple lenses with the 2 body styles, silver for retro and black for wheather-sealed ?

    • yes i was wondering about that too, but this is just a small issue for me. if not, i just would paint the damned thing black myself.

      • MJr

        whole lot better than white like the canon L lenses.

        • agree those white L lenses are terrible on a black eos body….they should have make a white 1Ds series too

          • Agree too. They aren’t even white for christ sake, they are more like “cream-coloured”…ugly…

    • I’ve got an 85mm f/1.5 Canon rangefinder lens from the 1950s on which the rings on the barrel alternate between black and chrome. Maybe Olympus should do their lenses like that and make everybody equally happy (or unhappy.)

  • Don’t forget the new flash unit, top down, right side.

    • achiinto

      Have you wonder how the camera could stand up in the air? The flash must be double the weight of the camera. lol…. kidding, probably double sided tape? glued?

  • pedro

    now we are talking ;)

  • DR

    Looks like Olympus has it’s sights set on picking up the system camera approach they had with the original OM series. That’s great.

    All they need now is a sensor.

    Admin, of course the OM will be more popular than the X-Pro1 on this site. The X-Pro1 may or may not deliver on it’s promises, but one thing it will never be is an m43 camera, and your audience is m43 users!


    Nice job OLY!!! Glad you kept the accessory port so I could plug in a bunch of GPS, bluetooth gadgets (and a 2nd viewfinder!) instead of making that hump shorter.

  • Miroslav

    No built in flash? Really? So after the great innovation of Pentax, a hump without EVF, we get another one – a hump without a flash. And don’t tell me real men don’t use built in flashes, that they are weak, harsh, useless, etc. I know how to get best out of it and when not to use it. m4/3 is about portability and I don’t want to lug another thing in my bag or to have a camera taller than DSLR because someone wanted to save a bit of R&D time by using addon flash from E-PM1. If I wanted external flash, I certainly would not carry that one.

    Why is it so hard for Olympus to make a m4/3 camera like E-620 or E-30 – with EVF, flash and articulated LCD? Is one of the conditions for getting sensors from Panasonic not making a body like G1 or G3, so Olympus has to strip its each and every m4/3 camera of some feature?

    No buy. As someone said, I’ll wait for E-ML5 with flash and articulated LCD. We’re back to E-P1 with this one. My E-PL1 will be with me couple of more years for sure…

    • Andrew

      Just leave it on all the time if you want it so much.

      • Miroslav

        Take a look at the picture. It doesn’t look practical keeping it on top of that hump all the time. If the camera top was flat, it would make some sense…

  • Sensilux

    About the tilting touch-screen, can we expect the same AF by touch like the EP3 ?
    For me, it’s a good way for focusing : simple, quick, efficient. Even more if the AF speed and the touch tech has been improved !

  • Miroslav

    I don’t recognize the flash attached to silver E-M5. I suppose that’s new FL-600R. If it is, it’s too large for me, I was expecting something the size of FL-300R.

    • nobody

      “I was expecting something the size of FL-300R.”

      Then get an FL-300R :)

      • Miroslav

        No high speed sync :( .

        • reverse stream swimmer

          Both FL-300R & FL-600R are weaker than the older counterparts, i.e. their guide numbers are calculated at ISO 200, while the older flashes at ISO 100!

          For high speed sync, get the most powerful flash available, either the FL-50R or the Metz biggest one.

          • Miroslav

            What are FL-600R specs?
            FL-300R GN is 20m at ISO100.

    • Flash up in ceiling.

  • Fan

    Been to dpreview and compared ISO 3200 shots of G3 and NEX, and honestly the G3 sensor is very good. The difference from NEX 5 or 7 is very small. It is a good sensor for high ISO. I am very much looking forward to what kinds of images Olympus gets out of it.

    • DR

      Keep talking Fan. If you say it often enough, even you will believe it.

      GX1 sensor is no NEX killer. Not even close.

      So much camera, so little sensor. Just watch the pretty blinking lights and pull out your wallet ok? :)

  • awaler

    Big hump, but not even a tiny little flash?
    I can’t believe it.

    • Hump is a large mystery so pyramid in Egypt. ;-)

      • Annunnaki

        The hump contains a juice box.

      • flash

        Maybe it sharpens razor blades, if you align it right? :)


      The real OLY innovation is the ability to plug in bluetooth and GPS toys.

    • JimD

      There is a box of matches inside, that’s why is so big. Oh and an oil lamp.

  • Anonymous

    I salud to Olympus with this camera ,. Is more dare to move forward and fill the need of photographic tools rather than Panasonic who always concerned with UN-wanted and UN necessary features,..

    There is a BIG homework Panasonic to catch up ,.. They have the Resources, Money , and technologi but somehow they (DUMB) don’t know how to make a Photographic tool or maybe they just An Electronic Giant not A Camera Maker

  • Omolympus

    The thing is far too narrow. It’s exactly the same width as an Ep3, that works for
    The spacing and design of a Pen, but not more a more busy control set.
    Should be at least 10 mm wider like the original. The grip does not help either, it only adds height.

    Just look at 122mm crazy. Another cheap job by Olympus because it allows them to use the same injection mouldings as the Pen.


    • flash

      Except it is molded of Magnesium.

      • Andrew

        Are you being sarcastic? I have trouble imagining that someone could feel this strongly about something so stupid.

        • flash

          yes :)

          • Andrew

            Sorry, I was talking to the other guy! Hope I didn’t make you feel bad. Hope I didn’t make the other guy feel bad, either, but I did want to needle him a bit for being dramatic.

            • Omolympus

              You didn’t make me feel bad.

              The handling and haptics are very important. The original OM was just wide enough for grip, with enough spacing for controls. This is too cramped and you will be surprised when you pick it up in the shop how small it is.

              I suspect the reason is due to the cost of changing injection moulding frame. Yes they inject mag alloy as well. See above comment to Flash.

              If they are going to use OM nomenclature, then do a proper job. Not a Pen in disguise.

      • Omolympus

        Except they injection mold Mag Alloy as well. The difference in cost per body is minimal between metal and mag. About two dollars. Mag is not expensive these days.

        What does cost is changing the injection moulded frame. Hence the Pen in disguise

    • OM-4ever

      Yes, clearly another shameful, cheap job!

    • JimD

      How do you inject magnesium?

      • Proprietary Olympus process, introduced with the E-3.

  • Steve

    I can’t believe so many comments criticizing the lack of flash. Is it so hard to carry a small flash for when you need it, which is probably rarely?

    I use my pop-up flash on way less than 1% of my shots….

    • Miroslav

      Carrying is one problem. The other is that by the time you find it and put it on you’ll miss a shot. Fastest focus of all ILCs won’t help much. And if it’s always on E-M5, you’ll get a Frankenstein looking camera… So, instead of addon EVF on E-P3, you have to put up with addon flash on E-M5. Not much of a progress.

    • leonedolci

      It’s interesting. I am a 5D user. I do events and travel with NO flash.

      EM5 is clearly not targeting soccer moms. And for advanced amateurs, a small flash in the forehead usually kills a good picture instead of helping make one.

      I do agree that a small flash with tiltable head would be good emergency fill. I hope Oly can make one of those, or even make that as default accessory in the box.

      A wireless TTL trigger would be much welcomed but I highly doubt building a wireless flash system is on the priority list of Olympus.

    • Michael Meissner

      Actually there are times when I do find it annoying to carry a flash when I’m carrying the E-P2 around (mostly when I have the 14-42mm or 20mm lens on it, with the 14-150mm lens, the FL-36 tends to be part of the package). One of the reasons I bought an E-P2 in the first place was when I wanted to go light, but still have been image quality than a pocket or cell phone camera. If I intend to use flash, I will carry it, but I’ve had times when I didn’t have the flash, and I wished I had brought it with me, but it was too bulky. The FL-300R is perhaps more suited to carrying around, but it wasn’t available when I bought the E-P2.

    • DR

      “I use my pop-up flash on way less than 1% of my shots….”

      Careful, you’ll wear it out.

      I never use it. WOFTAM. This is one of the good things about the OMD :)

  • Camaman

    While I am OK that they will ship that puny/cute little flash in the box with the body and that we have a huge new video flash, I would also very much like to see a small bouncable and actually usable flash like their old T32 but with bounce like Sunpak RD2000. Even Fuji copied that design with their EF-20

    I use that on my D7000 and its great, but it will always go off full power if on a non compatible body I guess. And it can only go +/- 1EV Where I frequently need at least +/-2 EV on Nikon

    • flash

      The little flash on the camera on the right is real little, but probably works better then any attached flash. You can carry it on your camera strap.

      There are many flashes available for the m43 bodies.

    • They deliver the cam with the new flash for $ 1100?

      • flash

        Well the puny little one, probably cost less the 30 euros to make.

        • That would be ok, even if I would still prefer a built in flash ;-)

        • JimD

          flash, in China then 100th of 30Euro

  • Rhys

    It’s beautiful, I’m sold. The tilting touch-screen is sensational – touch screen brings all sorts of possibilities (I’ve often dreamed of being able to select exposure or focus points in a frame using a touch screen) while keeping the buttons and dials to a minimum.

    No built in flash suits me fine – why have a compromised flash built in when I can slip a small but effective flash into the space it’s meant to go – the shoe.

    The faux penta prism hump does looks taller than the traditional OM hump, but there will be a technical reason for it. I look forward to comparative pics with an OM4.

    My only disappointment now is the confirmation of no ‘special’ OM lens adapter. Sadface indeed.

  • Am i the first if i say i am in love with the HUMP?

    • Rhys

      You are, but not the last

      +1 !

    • Only double ^^ for me. ;-)

    • OM-4ever

      Kiss the HUMP.

    • Marcram

      I dig it.

      • Robin

        Hump it baby…. Hump it

  • DPV

    Nobody has commented on the two shutter release buttons( body and battery pack) being strangely high, reminding me of very old style film camera releases. Most modern cameras have a shutter release which is only marginally proud of the surrounding collar making it possible to squeeze the release with the least shake. This tall button would appear to make that technique more awkward. Any thoughts as to this design decision?

  • G3

    The voigtlander 25mm will look nice on the black one….but will it perform much better?

  • Carlos

    The hump makes it OM-like, it’s a style signature. If it didn’t have the hump (and EVF), then the camera might as well be an Pen E-P4.

    • CrazyM

      And the hump is REQUIRED so previous peripherals with accessory ports can be fitted above the veiwfinder. I dont see why people find this so hard to grasp


      You mean if it didn’t have the accessory port. There would hardly be any hump at all if there was only an EVF. I guess Oly knows its market… those that want to ACCESSORIZE!

      • Carlos

        If the enthusiast Pen cameras can take advantage of accessories that use that accessory port… why shouldn’t their new flagship camera also be able to use those same accessories? Would you isolate the users that previously bought AP2 accessories by selling them a relatively crippled camera for the sake of cosmetics?

        If you want the accessory port but no hump, forget about the integrated EVF and get an E-P3 (or E-P4 when it comes out). If you want an EVF but no accessory port, get a Panasonic G3 (or wait for the GH3 or G4 when it comes out). Else, don’t buy this camera and keep hoping for something prettier to come along.

  • Ben Y

    Admin, what’s that thing attatched to the hotshoe/viewfinder on the middle EM5 in that picture?

    • OM-4ever

      Bluetooth ‘Penpal’ module.


      It’s one of Oly’s toys/gadgets.

      • pdc

        How about a remote flash trigger?

        I’m really lusting after this camera – reminds me of good old SLR days, but in a more compact package and way cheaper to operate.

        If Panasonic had done this 3.5 years ago, instead of the G1 (great at the price), they would now own the MILC Enthusiast market.

        Although the Fuji X-Pro1 may have an edge on stills IQ, this camera with it’s Panasonic G3/GX1 sensor, and a sensible price-point is going to be a highly recommended buy.


    For me the major break through for this cam is the accessories! I would gladly take a hump twice as large if I could plug in both GPS, bluetooth and electric toothbrush. I can see the marketing now:


    • Spoo

      OK. Your theme is getting old. Move along.

  • Vril_Ya

    black or silver… black or silver.. black or silverrr?

  • Olaf

    No built-in flash = no clear buy for me. Pity, otherwise it looks very good. If there is no built-in flash, I really don’t understand the large size of that central hump?!

  • admin,
    i dont believe many are love the design. your poll have not tell the detail which specific part. overall many love it feature and layout. debate on the pyramid is still there :D

    anyway, no worry! olympus users will still buy this camera. if they are not buying this, what else they can buy from olympus :D

  • EnPassant

    That viewfinder “hump” is such big only because of the accessory port between the viewfinder and the hot-shoe. It certainly would look more aesthtic if the hump was lower. But Olympus could simply not design it differently with the look they had in mind. Constructing a camera looking more like NEX-7 would have forced a radical change in the controls of the camera compared to other PEN-cameras. Changing from using a PEN-camera to OM-D would then be very confusing if they operated in different ways.

  • all this obsessing over the hump has we wondering if people here are getting enough sex in their lives… just saying

  • andrew

    Very OM-system pic from the 1970s/80s.
    i like it.
    If image quality is going to be an evolutionary step up from the Pen series, I am definitely in.
    i like that 75mm.
    So a kit could be something like
    OM body
    12mm , 45mm, 75mm, and at least 1 longer tele lens…
    the macro 60mm looks tempting.

    Altogether I think positive for Olympus and users.

    Yet i am still very tempted by the new Fuji Pro…

    and will be waiting for test results before I decide..

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