(FT5) New E-M5 image with the new 75mm f/1.8 and 60mm f/2.8 macro lenses!!!


On that leaked picture you can finally see the upcoming new E-M5 in all possible angles and with the new external flash (there is no built-in flash!). And for the first time you can see the new 75mm f/1.8 and 60mm f/2.8 macro lenses!!! As I told you days ago, only the macro lens is weather sealed. All new Olympus accessories, Battery grip, Four Thirds adapter and external flash are weather sealed! The camera has the fastest autofocus of all digital interchangeable market currently on market! (yeah even faster than a $5000  Nikon D4) It shoots 4fps or 9fps without that powerful AF in action. Shutter speed is 60-1/4000sec. It has an innovative five axis image stabilization, a 16 megapixel sensor (probably the same from the Panasonic GX1). It uses the powerful Truepic VI engine. ISO range goes from 200 up to 25,600 ISO. Unlike the Fuji X PRO 1 (the current preorder king) the E-M5 has a 1.44 Million dot EVF placed in the middle of the camera. The 3 inch OLED touch screen is tiltable . It records in Full HD MOV(MPEG-4AVC/H.264) format (no AVCHD 2.0). Camera dimension without grip: 122mm x 89mm x 43mm and weight 369 grams. Price of that beast: 1100 Euro or $1200.

The camera will be announced on Wednesday ( I guess it will be announced between 2-3 in the morning London time!). Stay tuned on 43rumors! You can join our group on facebook and follow our tweets. As you know I am going to sum all links to news and reviews in one single post. I will make it easy for you to not miss any interesting detail of the new camera.

One more thing: The camera with grip looks very close to the OM-4T camera (here on eBay). I would have expected Olympus to announce a “special” adapter for OM lenses (here on eBay) but this is not going to happen :(

Oh, and second more thing :) I am surprised to read that almost two third of all readers like the new E-M5 design. That score probably beats the Fuji X PRO 1 :)

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  • xsda

    Screw new cameras, I want to know of new lenses, like that really big looking one behind the 12mm.

    • It’s big alright! Amazing what an extra 30mm can do to glass!
      Love the silver/ black body. I could live with this camera. Sure, the hump is biggish, but nicer than the VF-2.
      The camera body is only fractionally larger that my E-Pl1, and only an ounce heavier. It will actually fit better in my camera bag than the E-PL1, which is always wearing the VF2.
      I won’t be buying it in a hurry, but if a RF style body with built in EVF doesn’t happen, this will be good enough.

    • That’s the 12-50..

  • Anonymous

    Firts wowww like it !!!

  • Mike

    I am ready to see some pricing on the lenses.

  • Eugenio

    I can also see new lenses

  • alexander

    no build in flash, no remote control, no…. bye bye Olympus ( I quit you my love)
    I can understand that you had not enough money / technologie to compare with Sony NEX 7 but this is out of tolerance for me, sorry!!!

    • Anonymous

      Lol the list of no is down to 2 for the trolls? Is this the best you can do?

    • fringuello

      sonys suck in comparision with fuji and panasonic and oly ;-) sony is only marketing

    • Stu5

      Remind us all, when did Sony release a lens range this large designed for the Sony NEX 7… oh that’s right they haven’t have they. They have still not invested much money in lenses. They have spent hardly any money on lenses designed for the size of the camera. Also do remember that last week Sony overall announced that they had made a loss for the last quarter. Things are not going that well at Sony at the moment. No profit on TVs for the last 7+ years and various other parts of the company struggling. This might explain their lack of investment in lenses. At the moment the NEX 7 looks nice as a piece of male jewellery around the neck on a strap but as a system camera which is going to be used to take photographs it lacks the backup of the accessories and the most important part, lenses.

      • chuckd

        Nex technology is younger than the M4/3 and Sony has the Alpha dSLR line to maintain so it’s not like they fully concentrated on the Nex E-Mount. Now that the Nex is taking off, I’m sure there will be more lens coming in the future. As for your mighty M4/3, lol, remember what happen to the 4/3 back in the days? I guess the tiny size camera and lens didn’t help them against the bigger Nikon and Canon huh? So where is it now? Why do think Fuji, Ricoh, Pentax, Samsung and Sony chose ASP-C sensors? M4/3 will never give that clean, film like, smooth boken look and high dynamic range capability compare to the bigger sensors. Your tiny lens (if you really think they are that tiny) will only keep you happy until the fall of M4/3 so enjoy collecting them. Soon Olympus will leave the tiny sensor and join the ASP-C. By the way, not just Sony is losing my money right now, but also Panasonic, Olympus, Canon and Nikon. Geez, do you research buddy. In the meantime, go shoot more pics with that souped up point & shoot of yours before they become classics.

        • mahler

          Yes, the lenses are that tiny. Once YOU understand that you’ll throw your Sony gear into the garbage bin, if it isn’t too large for that.

          Coming from APS-C DSLR I can tell you that there isn’t much IQ difference to warrant to carry a full DSLR system anymore.

        • Stu5

          I am well aware what other brands are losing money. I use to work within the industry and still have contacts within it.

          If you can’t get film like results out of M4/3 then that is down to the user and not the camera. Use the right lens with the right settings and you can get the job done. The dynamic range issue has nothing to do with sensor size as much as it does with Panasonics sensors. They are noisy compared to other camera brands. That is down to poor design. But then you have lenses that work better wide open with the format to compensate.

          Take a ASP-C sensor and crop it to a 4/3 ratio and the difference is not so large anymore and that is the mistake many people like yourself make. They go on about how much larger the sensor is compared to 4/3 and completely forget it is a 3:2 ratio so of course it is going to be bigger. Now get to the real world use of producing a 10×8 photographic print, how much of that 3:2 ratio photograph have you just had to crop off? Quite a lot. There are plenty of professional photographers out there including myself who can use a micro 4/3 camera and make money out of the photographs.

          • Larger sensor means more light hits the sensor – this is a fact. APS-C will always have an advantage in IQ due to that. If you cannot see IQ difference between results, then maybe you eye-sight or or photography insn’t that good.
            I spent lots time getting the best out of booth and APS-C has better potential.
            Then we have other aspects like size, weight where m43 has an advantage.
            The question is which system supports the photography of each individual best. Deciding which compromize to go for is of course also about budget.
            Currently m43 is my choice even if APS-C would be a benefit for the photography I do. With arrivals like the Fuji and the Nex-7 I am re-considering…..

            • JF

              totally wrong, what is important is pixels size not sensor…with the same number of pixels a bigger sensor will be better as pixels will be bigger. A m43 sensor can have exactly the same performance as a APS-C if has slightly less number of pixels and for me 12 to 14 Mpix is enough most of the time.

              • nobody

                Totally nonsense! Sensor size matters, not pixel size!

            • Stu5

              I have used APS-C and 24×36 digital formats as well and retouched photos of other pro photographers. If at standard ISOs you are saying you can’t get as good a result out of a 4/3 sensor compared to a APS-C sensor on say a 10×8 print that is a little bit of a concern. The APS-C does not have advantages in all areas of image quality.

              When you get up to higher ISOs then it is different regarding noise but that more more down to the sensor brand than the sensor size. The 24×36 format does have advantages though because of the sensor size but all of this can be lost if the photographer does not know how to get the best out of it. I have seen that happen before.

          • chuckd

            Please explain to me why other makers didn’t choose m4/3 sensors in the first place? Is there something you guys know about the m4/3 format that the rest of the industry doesn’t?

            • @chuckd
              mostly pride and lack of foresight.

            • Stu5

              Because it would require them to totally redesign their lens line ups. Olympus had already discounted the OM system years before so they had the option to start from scratch. The squarer the format the easier it is to design good quantity lenses. For Canon or Nikon to have changed lens systems it would have cost them a fortune in money in developing them so they continued with what they had. In the end it all comes down to money.

        • JimD

          Chuckd, If you can’t get great results from 4/3 give up taking photos. As for research, if you had done any you would have known that many pros (Nikon and Canon users) are using 4/3. Also look at http://www.luminous-landscape.com/reviews/kidding.shtml
          He is talking about a Canon v a Hassy mid and can’t see the difference in general use. So how can you?

      • Petter J.

        Oh I forgot. Olympus corporate is in such a rosy financial state compared too Sony. It’s not like anyone is speculating in Olympus going bust, being sold to, “ghasp!”, Sony or others.

        • Stu5

          Did I say they weren’t… no.

          The difference is Olympus are still investing development money into the whole system (not just camera bodies) and this is something Sony with the NEX is just not doing. There does not appear to be any commitment there from them.

          Also no one has said Olympus is being sold to Sony. They are talking about a 20% stake which very different to owning a company outright. It will be interesting to see if that happens now with their recent losses and cancelled agreement with Samsung regarding TVs and changes with their mobile phone division.

          • Pei

            Stu5, just stop. You made yourself look like a moron with that rant up there. You like m4/3 fine, tattoo the logo to your forehead. Just don’t go around smacking people with you fanboyism.

            BTW, you said you are a pro photographer. I am not one but I know about business strategic. With SONY’s current position, it is very easy for SONY to cripple m4/3 format. I don’t think SONY will as it is not the Japanese way but if SONY is American, m4/3 is dead.

            • @Pei
              not gonna happen, Sony are making too many wrong decisions.

            • Stu5

              It’s quite funny how some people use words like this when they feel things are not quite going their way instead of trying to engage in a intelligent and structured conversation, they simple take the easier option and name call.

              I think you need to look up the word ‘rant’ as you seem to have a miss-understanding of it. Also the word fanboyism as again you have a miss-understanding of that word as well. I have never said the m4/3 system is perfect have I?… No. In fact I have stated it’s current issues before so that rules out the word ‘fanboyism’ out. I also use many format of cameras in my work, so I am not a total fan of any one brand. ‘Rant’ well I am not shouting or screaming am I? Again no.

              All am doing is stating very basic facts. If Sony was investing fully into the NEX system you would have a proper lens range by now but there isn’t, why is that? What is holding them back from fully committing to the system? Why are they not bringing a range of lenses out at present? Why are they not trying to reduce the lenses in size yet?

              No Sony would not cripple Olympus because as they are a Japanese company that is not the way business is done there. This is what saved Pentax about 20 years ago when they were in trouble. The other camera brands helped them out in many ways to save them.

            • JimD

              Pei, Sony has become Americanised and it is showing in its marketing, product delivery and profitability. To fast, to slick, overpriced (Using marketing to sell poorly thought out product). It has picked all the bad components of Americanisation. There are many good ones, it picked the wrong ones. There are two kinds of business. Those who want to make a profit full stop and those that want to do good business with good product, thereby making a profit. Sony is the first type nowadays.

              • Stu5


          • “Oh I forgot. Olympus corporate is in such a rosy financial state compared too Sony. It’s not like anyone is speculating in Olympus going bust, being sold to, “ghasp!”, Sony or others.”


            Yes indeed. Didn’t the Sony shares lose 50 percent of their value without a scandal. So, Oly indeed seems to be in a better finacial position than Sony and the likes.

    • caver3d

      Keep in mind that the new Fuji Pro also does not have an on board flash. But that won’t stop us photographers from buying the E-M5.

    • Wuulfgaeng

      Mr. Sony…?
      Eat your Nex and shut .. ;-)

    • So a small dinky pop-up flash is your priority and would have that rather than advanced IBIS, weather sealing, touch LCD, grips and more/better lenses.

      I have an E-PL2 and don’t play with its pop-up flash; I use my Metz AF-1 50 or my LED light panels.

      • JF

        It seems that you don’t use tour Metz with wireless control !! :-p

  • RW

    Zounds. Almost looks like a full photo system in that pic.

    Looks like there is more to that hideous bump than meets the eye. Good!

    • It sure does look like a decent system. Just a long weatherproof telephoto prime to come now!
      It’s a relief to see that the tripod mount is centered on the lens mount.

      While it would have been absurd if they had left of the accessory port, the hump sure isn’t pretty. I’m still wondering what’s under it, can’ t just be dead space!

  • Wuulfgaeng


  • kparks

    Can anyone make out the attachment for the middle camera?

    There goes any chance of the hump being removable I think.

    • Stu5

      That is the Blue tooth transmitter. It’s been out a little while but you might have missed the launch of it.

  • alexander

    olympus waa the first with Panasonic in the mirrorles world- they should be the abolute leader but they are not. why? becuae of some marketing guys… fire them!

    • Stu5

      How is Sony doing in their home country on mirrorless sales at the moment… oh that’s right they have slipped to third place. Now that is a little embarrassing when it’s your home country to go from first to third.

      • flash

        Is that because they think the NEX will be dropped? We are talking about Sony here.

      • Petter J.

        So where are all the other companies from? All mirrorless camera producers except Samsung are Japanese. Trolls. Trolls everywhere.

        • Stu5

          You are missing the point. We are well aware the other two brands are Japanese and this has nothing to do with trolling. Sony brand in Japan is huge. It’s very popular with Japanese people compared to the other brands and use to have a loyal following. They would buy it simply because it had Sony on the front and they felt they could trust it. For Sony to go down to third place in mirrorless sales in Japan does not look good.

          • chuckd

            Olympus & Pana are selling their 1st and 2nd generations cameras for dirt cheap, that’s the reason why they’ve sold more. If the Sony NEX-5 goes for $300, what do you think will happen?

            • @chuckd
              maybe they are producing them “dirt cheap” with lower production costs, r & d already paid for, less marketing costs because of effective word of mouth, cheaper distribution because of higher online sales, eh?

            • JimD

              Amazon Japan has the E-m5 on its web site for US$1460. That is not a price to buy the market.
              Sony has become Americanised and the Japanese tend to prefer their own.

          • Petter J.

            Oh, you are quite right. Olympus has close to no brand recognition in the photography space compared to Sony, in particular in Japan. Panasonic is of course a tiny almost unheard of company, employing just 350,000 people, and with a puny 104 bn USD in sales last year. Technically larger than Sony, but lets net allow facts to confuse the matter.

            • Stu5

              Yes people are well aware of that and you are still missing the point about how loyal the Japanese are usually to Sony brand regardless of the other Japanese brands.

  • SF

    The silver version really looks classical.
    But look at all the different silver-tones Olympus used for their lenses.
    Would have preferred a uniform silver.
    No build in flash is no problem for me, I never use it anyway.

  • 4B12BRO

    Which of the two new lens the big metal one on top of the 12mm f2 ?

  • Ugh.
    Flash is (tiny but) separate — not built-in.
    Lots of glass in the pic… but no 43 glass. The dream Oly camera is still MIA.
    The stereo scope mic has a flash on top, so you can use flash and stereo mic. Nice for video.

    But… it looks like it’s still all about MFT glass. When is Oly going to bridge 43 with MFT? The grip and the battery made the camera look so pro… so serious… so 43. My fingers are crossed, but I do not hold out much hope for full 43 glass support after seeing this Oly marketing pic.

    • If the remote flash commander can be tilted up, I definitely prefer that to a built-in flash. On the E-3 I sometimes get unwanted reflections in the subject from the commander flash when shooting closeups with remote flashes.

      • Good point. Also, if the flash opens flat, it should be eminently pocketable (and good for the soft reflection flash, as you point out). Not so bad, assuming it was engineering necessity to fit the rest in-body.

      • Michael Meissner

        Agent00soul: The usual solution to getting unwanted reflections from RC flashes, is to use FP-TTL mode and set the shutter speed faster (assuming you are not using the FL-300R flash).

        Another solution I’ve read about is to put exposed film over the pop-up flash which should block visible light, but allow IR light through. This works for normal slave flashes, and I assume the RC flashes would have some sensitivity above what humans can see.

    • 4B12BRO

      Well thanks admin for clearing that up cant miss which lens is which now

    • Esa Tuunanen

      1/4000 max shutter speed puts this to E-xxx level which is also the highest what these controls and ergonomy affords.
      So maybe this is first step of finally diversifying m4/3 toward single system including also high quality 4/3 optics.

      But lack of any kind integrated flash is plain questionable because it’s usefull for quick documenting of things for example when you’re taking apart some appliance for repair.

  • bugoy

    i am definitely buying this. hoping that the video is 60fps as a bonus.

  • Mike


    Just curious… What body are you currently using and how often do you deploy built in flash?

    • alexander

      it is often nice when you make pictures against thel light. I have a Nikon p7000

  • Fan

    Wow the new lenses look great, but expensive.

  • Antoine

    Nice way to visually mislead people by making a camera look professional when it’s actually not.

    • SWWT

      You’re right, it really does look like a very nice professional camera system.

    • What make a system professional?

      • MJr

        Don’t feed the trolls !

        And to answer your question. You’ll know if you are one. :)

      • When professionls buy the system and use it in their work. Guess CaNikon has 90% of that market

        • There’s a few using µ4/3’s in that context.

    • Vril_Ya

      Sir, what is your definition of the term “professional”?

    • Re: MIA professional 43 glass support. Is it called marketing when it’s #EpicFail? I think that’s just called stupid. In this case, Oly seems to have lined up all the ducks for professional camera… just to miss the major beat: 43 glass.

      By all appearances, they are phenomenally stupid. Or maybe they planned for it but there was a technical glitch? Doubt it. I think I’m just so stunned by the sheer stupidity and absurdity of the Oly oversight, that I’m making excuses for them.

      Antoine, good point. I was thinking along the same lines. Major disconnect by Oly from image to execution.


      Let’s hope the sensor is a major pleasant surprise (to make up for the apparent MIA PDAF support for 43 glass).

      • Jonko

        My God, you need to calm down about 43 glass on m43 cameras. They aren’t the same system or mount. If you need to use your 43 glass soooo badly then use your 43 body. Wait for the E-7. Quit bitching.

        • “43 glass on m43 cameras. They aren’t the same system”

          You must work for Oly marketing.

          • bilgy_no1

            No, Olympus said ‘one beautiful system’

        • OllieS

          EX are big, they are also a pro body to go with the SHG glass. There are lots of other great 43 lenses which are better built and optically superior to the m43 lenses. The exx and exxx make a great useable package with bodies about the same weight.
          The reason some of us are hoping for pdaf support from this model is that there is a real need for a better sensor in these sized bodies for 43 glass. Its not bitching, its just wanting a different set of features to what you want. Deal with it.

        • JimD

          Jonko, they are according to Olympus fully supported they made the mmf2 to prove it.
          I think Occam is entirely right. I also want my 43 lenses to work on this new body. There are many 43 users who have been waiting for this. Probably 50% + of 43 users. Many of whom will walk away from Olympus if it is not forthcoming, they will not move to M43.

      • Chris K

        What are you on about, now? M43 sucks? Why are you here?

        • Jonko
          Ranger 9
          Chris K

    I LOVE THE 75MM!!!!!!!!!!!

    • SWWT

      Which one is which though?

      • Jesper

        Look at the front lens element, it is very clear that the silver one (same finish as the 12mm F2.0) is the 75. While the one to the right of it, the black slim lens is the macro.

      • SWWT

        LOL, thanks for changing the picture so I look like an idiot. :D

    • MJr

      Same built q as the 12/2 !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

      • I hope we can pull the ring for manual focus like the 12mm!

      • ght

        Oh great, means it will cost a fortune

  • ght

    I’ve got a really bad feeling that 75 mm is going to be expensive- too expensive for me and most Olympus consumers.

    • 1000$ maybe or ????

    • Eric

      Same feeling for me.

      >1000 €

  • Vril_Ya

    F*** built in Flash. this is looking cool. Only hoping the IQ, DR, IS, VF don’t dissappoint.

    • OM-4ever

      Agree 100% on the flash. The new IS is a huge plus for me, it sounds like a lot must have been invested in its development. This cam will be a street shooters dream.

  • Bad news/Good news.

    Good news first: There will be an E-7. (Good news for those who want a mirror camera for their 43 glass.)

    Bad news: Olympus has an epic fail at some level of their organization. Either camera division executives have vetoed bridging the 43 and MFT systems… or marketing has not prioritized bridging 43 with MFT… or engineering has epic failed to solve any engineering issues to bridge the systems once and for all. Since the official line is (from the top of Olympus) that the camera division is totally insulated from the financial crisis in the company, then (by the official line) the #EpicFail begins at the top of Olympus — leadership #EpicFail. I imagine that marketing is #EpicFail too, but engineering should probably start a skunkworks project (totally against Japanese culture, I know) to fix the issue themselves. Otherwise, Olympus is just dead-ending one of the best things (43 glass) going for their new bodies (cough, cough, except the MFT ones… until they build a bridge body).

    So close… and yet so far.

    @Admin, thank you for not getting our hopes up. That would have been more frustrating. I never got excited about Olympus until this camera, and I can see my hopes have been dashed — even though the 43 bridge feature is a virtual necessity for Olympus. Now I see why and how people get so frustrated with Olympus.

    Fix your camera division executive offices, Oly. Skip marketing (in case you have rampant #EpicFail there too — which you must if they did not properly advise their camera division executives to bridge the systems) and fund engineering to solve your single biggest opportunity and system oversight — 43 / MFT bridging.

    ‘Nuf said.

    • Jonko

      Have you forgotten about the new m4/3-4/3 adapter that will be coming, too? Why would you say it’s an epic fail on the engineers part if they haven’t been able to come up with a perfect bridging solution yet? If it’s so easy then, please, tell me in detail and technical terms how to do it.

      • Let me spell it out for you.

        Given the pic above (which showcases all MFT glass), Oly marketing is apparently not showing off the full 43/MFT system… which implies the new camera does not fully support 43 glass. (I would love to be surprised but) I no longer hold much hope that the new adapter adds any value beyond weather-sealing. There was a rumor that Oly would provide an adapter for 43 users… again implying some special value to the adapter. But if it’s just weather sealing, 43 glass would not be getting full support (i.e., for PDAF and full focus speed).

        As for the engineering snipe, Oly has had years to solve this all too obvious problem. So they shouldn’t need me to do their engineering for them. It should probably be solved by now… several times over. I guess there’s still a sliver of hope, but the marketing pic (above) does little justice to a unified system if they “forgot” to showcase the combined glass of 43 with MFT.

        So, mirror less half of the system (MFT) is getting better incrementally (with all the new primes, e.g., 45mm, 75mm, and 60mm) but suffers without the 43 glass support. Meantime, the premium half of the system (43) withers and dies without new bodies or glass. And at this rate, 43 glass will never get mirror less support assuming only E-7/mirrored support for 43 glass in future. And unfortunately, the E-5 and presumably any E-7 will be neither as pocketable nor as versatile as the E-M5 was shaping up to be.

        In other words, I was be excited to buy a bridge body (which would take all 43 and MFT Oly glass), but not to buy a mirror-only body (e.g., E-5/7). Jury is still out on the non-bridge “pro” body, E-M5. If you were right about adapter bridge support for 43 glass, I’d be delighted (but again, the pic above suggests no special support for 43 glass).

        • Jonko

          Why do you keep insisting they are two halves of the same system? MFT is one, FT is completely separate. One has a mirror, one doesn’t. One has lenses designed for PDAF the other CDAF. Stop acting like you are being robbed of something that was never promised to you (ability to use 43 glass on m43 with full AF speed). You knew when buying 43 glass initially that it was for large pro bodies that are not pocketable. If you so desperately needed a pocketable system then why did you ever buy an E-X? Your plight is no different than anyone else who bought into a DSLR system.

          I’m not against allowing the use of 43 lenses on m43 bodies, I’m all for it, but people who are moaning and bitching saying Olympus failed miserably but not having full PDAF support on the E-M5 are majorly disillusioned and are only acting like spoiled 8 year olds.

          • Spilt milk.

          • 43shot


          • Esa Tuunanen

            > You knew when buying 43 glass initially that it was for large pro bodies that are not pocketable. If you so desperately needed a pocketable system then why did you ever buy an E-X?

            If it does fit into tiny minds of you “no mirrorless full controls and ergonomy bodies” people just why should SLR mirror be dragged forever for camera to be allowed to have fully featured controls and ergonomy?

            SLR mirror design was simply only possible solution offered by analog mechanical era technology to problem of getting actual through the lens (rangefinder lacks that) image framing and focusing user viewable. Now with digital camera design that mirror part isn’t needed for that and for uses which don’t benefit from guaranteed speed of light operation of SLR viewfinder having EVF instead of it would give benefits elsewhere.

            Mirrorless enables big flexibility in making different bodies so why should it mean even less diverse line up?
            4/3 line up had two consumer/entry level bodies (cheaper without IBIS), full ergonomy and controls enthusiast model, and then flagship model with additional ruggedizing and weather proofing. Most DSLR systems have similar model line up.
            Again m4/3 line up of Olympus consist of 0.95a, 0.96, 0.97, 0.98b software version style iterations of PEN whose design is compact P&S on steroids and interchangeable lens. And now with three years from announcement of mirrorless concept we have first actually different camera model whose features are at just about that old entry level. (except smaller LCD of E-xxx models left more space for ergonomy)

            It was actually few Olympus big shots who talked about one beautiful system.
            So just why are you so fanatically demanding limiting mirrorless to only small stuff?
            Is it too big concept for your minds to have one compatible system from compact bodies and lenses to fully featured high end bodies and high end optics with possibility to choose according to needs of the moment?

            Hybrid AF system combining both would benefit even every model because no matter how much marketing pee and shit you sheeples swallow PDAF’s advantage of instantly knowing how much and to which direction move focus stays. Or do you want Olympus to wait until everyone else have done their own cameras with that?
            I’m sure Canon and Nikon love the idea of getting rid of SLR design’s mechanical&optical complexity.

          • JimD

            Jonko “If you so desperately needed a pocketable system then why did you ever buy an E-X? Your plight is no different than anyone else who bought into a DSLR system.”
            This is not correct. The m43 was not in existance when 43 came out. The use of 43 glass on m43 was supposed to be assured.
            I think Occam is entirely right. I also want my 43 lenses to work on this new body. There are many 43 users who have been waiting for this. Probably 50% + of 43 users. Many of whom will walk away from Olympus if it is not forthcoming, they will not move to M43.

          • Vril_Ya

            +1 It’s really funny seeing all these rants about the 43 glass compatibility. Olympus would not want to invent a camel would they. They have said m43 is the future and they well realize their own future depends on how well it does as a system. Grapes are sour indeed eh?

            • Jonko
              Ranger 9

        • HHBLx

          I confess: I am a mirrorless fanatic. 4/3 lenses were superb–one of the most beautiful mistakes in photographic history (at least the history of Oly’s photo division). I still own the 50/f2 micro mounted on an old E510 body (I sold the wonderful 25/f1.4 and 12-60 zoom about 18 months ago for a decent price).

          So, what can Olympus do to preserve the value of those superb lenses? I don’t have the expertise to say. But I would like to ask any tech gurus who read this site to answer the following question for me:

          Is there an elegant, efficient, cost-effective technological SOLUTION to creating mirrorless camera bodies that will fully support the classic 4/3 lenses? And by “fully support” I include especially FAST, accurate autofocus and truly useful manual focus.

          If not, I guess Oly will be distracted by the need to build at least one SLR body per design cycle until the regret and disappointment over these orphaned lenses begins to fade away. Or, until Oly itself fades away, god fobid!

          Even if Oly survives as a corporation it may be forced to sell the photo division. In which case, I doubt the new owners will be able to afford to worry about the legacy lenses.

          Retained or sold off, the Oly photo future is mirrorless. Given the fact that Oly lost far, far, far more money with their financial scandals and bad acquisitions than they spent developing the 4/3 lenses we all love, perhaps it is time for us to begin the grieving process for the legacy 4/3 lenses. I hope not. But I am prepared for the worst.

          In the meantime, I love the new m4/3 body and battery grip. If Oly survives long enough to find a better sensor to put in a future iteration of this new line (OM-D, EM-X) I will happily buy one to replace my G1.

    • tmrgrs

      43/m4/3 bridging isn’t important to the vast majority of m4/3 users. Go buy something else and be happy.

      • Unclear on the concept and…

      • OllieS

        It’s important to the majority of 43 users though! This is 43rumors.

        • All of the “macro” 4/3 users in the world should get together and stage a protest rally in front of Olympus headquarters! If you carpool you probably can all fit into two cars…

          • Jonko
            Ranger 9

          • OllieS

            43 lenses are superior in quality to m4/3. A weather sealed camera needs weather sealed lenses. 12-60 and 50-200 are uniquely brilliant.
            I use 43 as it is compact yet delivers excellent results in real life situations. I climb so am not going to haul a ff or even an APS-C camera about. Anyone with half a brain be they 43 or m43 shooters should want 43 compatibility with the om-D! Why wouldn’t you?

            • 43 lenses also have superior price and weight. THis was one of the reasons 34 failed. The sensor though was smaller than APS-C. No chance for Oly to break into the pro market with that offer. Enthisiasts bought the smaller cameras and cheaper lenses. Oly has invested heavily in the big, expensive and excellent lenses, but did not sell enough. Even if many pro’s were aware of the lens quality a) to switch from CaNikon is too expensive, b) camera housings could not compete with CaNikon.
              43 is a flop

          • OM-4ever

            Lol. Nice one.

            • Jonko
              Ranger 9

      • Hope you will be in same situation in a coppel of years. Stocked with good glas and dated cameras.

        • Jonko
          Ranger 9

        • Pff, am in that situation now with my M-mount lenses and Epson R-D 1. Fortunately, most people only look at the pictures; they don’t care if my camera is “dated” or not.

  • disco

    can somebody please point out which is the new 75 & 60 in that photo?

    • disco

      thanks for the labels!

      is it just me or is that 75/60 huge?

      • 75mm looks big compared to the rest, I have the 45mm, it is soooo tiny! The 75mm is about as wide as pannys 14-45mm kit lens.

        I wish they made them a bit beefyer with F1.4 instead.

  • Eugenio

    Just before the question “Which one is which though?” he changed the photo with the new one solving the problem…WHAT KIND OF SOCERY IS THIS!?

  • CRB

    So this is the solution to satisfiy both m4/3 and 4/3 users? a m4/3 body looking like a dslr? still waiting for the sensor final word…lets hope its not really from panasonic

    • disco

      i lol’d

      thanks admin!

    • MJr

      People seem to forget that it’s miniscule compared to DSLRs tho. Even compared to the crappy plastic entry-level ones, but surely the true comparison lies with a weather-sealed one, which will not even come close in size and especially weight. Not to mention the lenses.

      • OllieS

        Not compared to the exxx it isn’t (certainly weight wise with grips inc… do we know the weight of the grips yet? 425g without)

        • MJr

          missing the point are we ? Yep.

  • OM-4ever


  • Camaman

    That small flash better be tiltable.
    The camera body is 2cm higher and 1cm thicker than E-P3, is that correct?

    • Narretz

      it looks like the one that oly already bundles with the epm or EP-L3. And that one is tiltable by 45°.

  • Fish

    The camera looks great and I will probably end up owning one – but I am going to buy both of those new lenses… maybe even preorder them!

  • Michael Devitt

    The Micro Four Thirds is getting a serious photo system ;). Even classic Four Thirds E-System never had so many fantastic primes offering like the MFT already has.

    BTW what’s that device on the top of black body? Seems like small bouncable flash.

  • Fan

    Something is strange with the telephoto zoom lenses on that photo. It looks like there are two superzooms (14-150), one in black and one in silver. But so far the silver version does not exist. Instead, the black version of the 40-150 is missing on the photo. Strange.

  • Sven

    Thanks admin. too bad There s no built in flash .. If IQ and Dr have improved quite a bit , I may buy it. If not i am probably end up with a G3 or Gx1 ..

  • OM-4ever

    A quick note to the Rude Haters, Panny Fanbois, and make-believe photogs: E-M5 is the new King. Long live the King!

  • Bob B.

    Admin, thanks for the confirmation with the arrows, LOL!…I did a little research (I am more a Panny man)…and figured it out before you gave us the red ink! . I was surprised that the macro was so large. That threw me a little ( I guess the scales on the side of the barrel should have been enough, though. Looks like a really well made lens. I already have the Panny/Leica 45mm f/2.8 Macro which I love and satisfies my needs in the macro area …but i will be interested to see what the story is with the 75mm f/1.8…THAT looks like a nice chunk of glass!!!!!

    • Michael Devitt

      I call it a bokeh master :D.

    • admin

      I am also surprised to see these large lenses. But I have been told they are very high quality. That is what matters! :)

      • Raist

        They are supposed to be super high quality. Probably “4/3rds class”.

        • FT1 – probably fake rumor

          Micro Four Thirds is not only about small –
          it is about ultimate performance in a lightweight and compact design too!

    • Bob B.

      From the colorization of the metal it looks as though the 75mm, f/1.8 is the same metal build quality as the 14mm, f/2.0, which means it is probably built in Japan and is high quality. ( and will have a $150 accessory lens hood made in China! :-)). It looks like a grenade I would like to pull the pin on.

  • Latemarch

    What is the object in the hotshoe on the camera in the middle?

  • Steve

    What kind of flash is this mounted on the side of the silver E-M5? A new one? Replacement of the Fl36R?

    Whats this?

  • Mr. Reeee

    The OM-D is a damn nice looking camera!

    Bummer, the 75mm is big and silver. It looks like it takes a 62mm filter!
    I wonder if it and the 60mm have the same focus thing as the 12mm. For the macro especially, it would be pretty much essential.

    • Mr. Reeee

      I’m interested in the 75mm focal length, since it’s close enough to the classic 135mm, but I’d have to see how the Oly 75mm compares to the Voigtländer 75mm f1.8 before buying either one. I guess they’d be around the same price, $715 for the Voigtländer, unless the Oly 75mm is based on their 45mm instead of the 12mm.

      • Bob B.

        I think it is based on the 12mm and will be closer to $1000. (Plus $150 lens hood. LOL).

        • MJr

          Sad, but true. Oh well if it were cheap then everyone would buy one, that would be no fun either ;)

          • Bob B.

            I WANT the quality!!! I would like to see the price lower…but I will just have to figure out a way to find the money if it checks out to be a stunning lens.

      • The Voigtlander lens is designed specifically to be soft at full aperture, for portrait use; see this page: http://cameraquest.com/voigt_75_18.htm

        I hope/assume Olympus will have designed theirs to have good sharpness even at full aperture, like the 45/1.8. That’s how I would want it, since I would be using the 75 to photograph stage performances and for documentary coverage. I am more excited about this lens than I am about the new camera!… especially since it will work on my Panasonic GH cameras as well.

      • if it only were weathersealed, then it would be perfect.
        looking at the focal lenght and speed, I can’t imagine this being too expensive, unless they choose for a special lens design. its perspective characteristic(subtle depth compression) should make this lens interesting for me.

    • Vril_Ya

      What a month of contrasts in terms of looks and design.. the yellow Pentax K-01 and the Olympus E-M5.
      Interesting :)

      • flash

        I do not think we will ever have a Yellow OM-D, rats.

        • OM-1 is in many type leather on e-bay also yellow. ;-)

        • Geoff

          I was hoping for a PINK one, possible with BABY BLUE trim.

    • flash

      The 70 looks like the 12. So I think it must work the same way. The 60 does not. Other then weather proofing I think I still will use some legacy macro glass, the lens are much smaller and I have a lot of it with tubes, lighting, bellows etc, and as you say auto focus will not work. If you and I are both wrong on the auto focus part I might buy it.

  • 4B12BRO

    Now give me a weather sealed 7mm f2.8 !
    One can hope…

  • The only thing I don’t like about the M43 Zuikos is their finish. They’re not that uniform in appearance…

  • pelex

    Thanks Admin!
    Missing your Sunday for a great day of skiiing…just to help satisfy our Oly lust!
    The new 75mm looks awesome!…same build quality as the 12 & 45.
    The mini flash looks totally pocketable too.
    Can’t wait for Wednesday!

    • admin

      I will catch up :)

  • Berneck

    Well, there goes my theory of a removable hotshoe. Looks like there’s some crappy little add-on flash…

  • Jekins

    New sealed adapter 4/3 not show in photo¿?
    only i see OM adapter MF-2.

  • The 75mm looks like a KILLER. Want it.

    • admin

      me too!

      • acahaya


  • simon

    Good stuff. A few remarks come to mind:

    1) The E-M5 (including hump) is smaller in all dimensions than the E-400. That’s should give many an indication just how small this camera is.

    2) The camera on the left seems to be sporting a tiny flash unit. Is that the GN10 flash that’s rumored to be shipping in the box? I hope it can be used as a controller for remote flashes. Probably too much to ask for it to have an auto-thyristor mode as well (against blinks).

    3) The flash on the right must be the FL-600R. Looks like it gets a second reflector. Nice. If it’s weather sealed, too, all the better.

  • 4B12BRO

    The 75mm f1.8 will be a really nice lens for sports…hockey rinks = bad lighting

  • Anonymous

    Yeah,.. Oly Rocks,.. Am i too excited? Sorry admin ,. Cant help myself
    It’s time to put my G3 and silver GX1 on ebay ,.. Oly I”m coming .. Bye Panny

  • SteB

    The macro lens is what fascinates me. Not just because it’s my interest, but because its design is intriguing. There’s a lot of inscriptions on it and apparently a switch. Unfortunately the image is not high enough resolution to be certain of more. However, I do know my way around macro lenses. It is quite different than I expected. Longer, and the other stuff is unusual. It look possible that it may go beyond life size. Although maybe that’s just my wishful thinking, but I can’t see much other reason for the switch and the inscriptions. One big question is whether the lens is an extending type, and shown in it’s extended position, or maybe it has some other unusual design. I would love to see a higher resolution image so I could say more.

    One other thing, the new flash appears to have a video lamp built into it, or that’s my guess as to what it is i.e. not a secondary reflector.

    • The inscriptions look like a chart of reproduction ratios, common on macro lenses. I think the lens is pictured in its fully extended position, which makes all the ratio markings visible.

      I am guessing that the switch is a focus-range limiter, like the one found on some EOS macro lenses. If you are using the lens for portraiture, you can use the switch to “lock out” the extreme macro range, for faster AF. If you are shooting macro, you flip the switch to the other position, allowing use of the full focusing range.

      • SteB

        Yes I know about Canon EF lenses and focus limiters on macro lenses because I have got quite a few. I’ve also been taking macro photographs and using macro lenses for over 25 years.

  • Aly

    That 75mm f1.8 looks like it’s about the same size as the Panny 14-140 so it’s gonna be a chunk of glass. Looking forward to finding out the price.

    Looking forward to a review of the E-M5. Guess I’m going to have to dust off the the old Master Card.

    • Raist

      Two billion USD dollars :-)

    • If we compare the size of the 75 to the size of the 45 in the row in front of it:

      — The front rim of the 45 is 39.5mm across (I measured my 45 to see.)
      — Measuring the picture, the image of the 75 is about 50% wider than that of the 50.
      — So, I estimate that the 75 will be about 60mm across the front rim, give or take a few mm.

      The Panasonic 14-140 is 66mm across the front rim (I measured that too) so the 75 should be a bit slimmer… but I expect Aly is right, overall they will “feel” about the same size. I have no problem with that; I think the 14-140 handles well on a GH, so the 75 should be no problem. Those with tiny hands might be a bit challenged, though.

    • OlyFan

      Wow (SF photo gal), i thought u didnt like Oly cameras!

  • Nettison

    Does it still have a noisy m43 sensor with severely limited dynamic range?

    • bobw

      Do you still have a microscopic willy?

      • tmrgrs

        LOL! bobw

  • flash

    The OM adapter, could it be the never released one that hales the focal length correct? It would be a good welcome back for a lot of old and current OM users.

    • Any adapter halving ðe focal lengþ would degrade image quality and cost way more to make ðan ðe current one. I would even argue ðat ðe current one is ðe correct one; ðe impreßion we get of half ðe focal lengþ being more correct is just because we tend to þink of focal lengþ, which is a technical characteristic of ðe lenses, when we actually mean angle of vision, which is the result we want.

    • Also if you optically “halve” the focal length, you will increase the intensity of light, making the lenses all a stop faster. I suppose it could have an in-built ND1 filter.

  • Sven

    Any info on the price or GN of the new mini flash? Can’t wait for Wed.

    • BLI

      I think a previous rumor said the E-M5 comes packaged with a GN 10 flash.

  • MacroFan

    I love it, Olympus you have my money :)

  • OLYMPUS E-M5 – this camera will make history!

    – The best camera-tool on the market (!) and
    – OM-D-System gets really professional (!)
    right from the beginning

    WOW – Olympus E-M5 – state of the art!
    This will be a bestseller!

    I have to update my preorder wish list instantly:

    I will certainly preorder
    – The OM-D E-M5 camera body (black)
    – The 12-50mm m.Zuiko powerzoom (black)
    – The OM-D HLD-6 external battery grip
    – The new Olympus flash FL 600-R
    – The new m Zuiko 75mm/f1.8
    (Please bring the 12mm/f2.0, the 45mm/f1.8 and
    the new 75mm/f1.8 in black!!!)
    – Perhaps even the new 60mm/f2.8 macro
    + Eyecup, MAL-1 Macro Arm Light, SEMA-1, PENPAL PP-1 …

    This camera will take the pole position in the Micro Four Thirds Camp.

    PS.: It will be only the second lightweight and compact camera for Nikon and Canon Enthusiasts.
    A camera that Canikons will firstly use outside the photo studio, on holidays, for street photography, on a walk, at the sea … – summarized for only 98 % of their stills and videos – but not for their really serious 2 % professional stuff.

    But nothing will stop the Olympus Imaging Division now!

    With the announcement of the new OM-D-Series Olympus celebrates the come back to market leadership and success.

    After the PENs market penetration this is the second strike to regain top positions on the basis of their famous camera tradition and product excellence.

    The key to success is once again their power to innovation and the speed of developing and launching high quality products with extreme reliability.

    Olympus has the best long term strategies!

    On the way to their current break through the development of the Four Thirds System with its superior HG and SHG-lenses and the top cameras E-1, E-3, E-5 was a necessary and not jumpable step to move the potential of the whole system (Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds) to a new dimension – the integration of HD-video and stills in a future-proof alliance.

    Special thanks go to CEO Akira Watanabe and the Olympus Imaging division!

    • Raist

      Best camera in the market? WTF. Everytime someone says “best” they don’t understand different cameras can fullfill different sets of needs. And then there’s that sensor…

      • Riley

        what sensor would that be?
        you spend all day correcting people on the basis that the inf at hand is just rumour
        then you go right out and excuse yourself of the same thing
        freakin typical

      • OM-4ever

        Let it go Raist, sheesh….

        • Raist

          Collin? :-)

    • amvr

      Wow , talk about OBVIOUS Olymmpus employee viral marketing scheme!

      Did you you copy all that from some brochure ?

      This is camera will be great but I seriously doubt it’ll change anything in the grand view of things. This release only means a more serious alternative to the pens, less casual. When I first opted for m43 I decided it would be my only camera system, no chunky DSLRs for me. The problem with that is that potential customers would soon be detracted by the casual P&S appearance of the PENS, at least with the OM-5 (and this is a very shallow but true comment on the state of things) people will take you more seriously.

      So now it looks like this:

      Pen line : personal, everyday casual use

      OM: paid jobs and for those times you need to be taken seriously

      At least now I won’t be forced to get a bigger DSLR system just to be taken seriously. Sadly, looks are everything in this world.

      • Dear amvr,

        “Wow, talk about OBVIOUS Olympus employee viral marketing scheme!
        Did you copy all that from some brochure?”

        Don’t worry! I’ m an ordinary bank employee in Europe. But in my job it is very important to value customer strategies and to know if you can trust in the entrepreneurial actions and vision.
        I’ m fully convinced that Olympus will celebrate a break through with the E-M5 and the OM-D-series.

        My only link to Olympus is the fact that I’ m a loyal Olympus customer since more than thirty years (OM-1, OM-2, OM-Zuiko-lenses …) and now converted to a Micro Four Thirds Fan and Enthusiast, because taking stills and HD-video is my passion. OM-D series and E-M5 are the digital realization of a dream of my youth (the digital OM-5!).

  • Doug

    Well it seems that for the first time I’m starting to feel good about micro 4/3. Hopefully this will be so popular that Olympus can kill off those horrid, retro brick, Pen camera pieces of *&%#!

    • Fan

      I love those bricks.

      • Doug

        I would never fault you for loving those “bricks” if that is your thing. For me they were a source of great frustration as I desperately need to upgrade from my E-510. I saw Pen cameras as little more than overpriced point and shoots and the E-5 as an overpriced and underwhelming compromise.
        The E-M5, on the other hand, has got my full attention, and I can’t wait to read the specs on this new camera. My only question is what other OM-D cameras are planned after this. I budget my money thus I’d like to know if there are cheaper models coming before the summer.

        • did you know that with those overpriced point and shoots you can make beautiful photo’s?
          Somehow i always want to laugh about people who are so desperate to upgrade their camera but are not satisfied with the options within their choice of system. Why don’t you just look at the other systems. They are all worthy too!

          • JimD

            Great comment.

            • thank you Jim, and this one was without drinking

  • bobw

    Thanks admin, great job!

    • + 100% !

    • Doug

      Those overpriced point and shoots are also hard to hold. Let me also point out that my E510 shoots beautiful photos too, yet think it’s time to upgrade to a better camera. Overall I thought that the Pen system didn’t bring enough to the table for me to seriously consider them. What I want is fast, accurate focusing; greater range when shooting bracketed exposures; and a newer sensor. As for looking at other systems, I’ve got $2200+ dollars in zuiko 4/3 glass which doesn’t doesn’t exactly mesh well with the Canikon collective so forgive me if I’m just a bit reluctant to switch. Despite that, I was in fact finally starting to look at other systems just a week before I first heard of the the OM-D (that was cutting it close there Olympus). Now it looks likely that I’ve finally found what I’m looking for in the E-5M.

      Still laughing now?

  • Dave

    Olympus, shut up and take my money!!

  • Sorry, but without AVCHD 2.0.. it’s a no go for me. Gotta have AVCHD 1080/60P. I’ll be waiting for the GH3. Too bad really… I was looking forward to this. How can it have better than GH2 video footage without AVCHD 2.0?

  • wooooow…

  • MacroFan

    I cant wait to see the AF tests, finally BIF with a PEN? Tracking my kids will be great.

  • SteB

    A few other points. There’s something more going on with the viewfinder than just an accessory port. My guess it is tilts. The close-up images earlier carefully blurred a bit.

    I had another look at the macro lens after enlarging the image and sharpening it a lot. It doesn’t appear to be an extending macro lens in the extended position. There doesn’t look to be anywhere for it to telescope into. So either it’s a fixed length lens IF, or it extends further. It almost certainly appears to have some sort of dual range from the switch and the white and red lettering. The question is whether this just extends it to 1:1 or beyond. If it goes beyond 1:1 it would be very significant as the only lens currently available that does that is the Canon MP-E 65mm f2.8 1-5x. However that starts at 1:1, and doesn’t go to any less, let alone infinity. Of course another option is that Olympus macro is itself not an infinity focusing macro lens – in which case Olympus have nicked my idea I’ve suggested quite a few times that a macro lens going from around 0.3x to about 2.5x life-size would be a killer.

  • jocky

    Iso 200 and 1/4000thsec !! Are they serious?

  • Voigtlander 75/1.8 is much smaller.

  • HKSSupra91

    Did you guys notice the camera with the external battery grip has an additional shutter release, in front of the standard release? It seems that is part of the external battery grip, so you have 3 shutter releases with the external grip? Interesting!

    • Bob B.

      That shutter release is for portrait/style shooting so that you have the ergonomic comfort of a release on the top of the camera when it is turned 90 degrees.

      • HKSSupra91

        I know what portrait shutter release is, but take a look at the at the black camera w/ external batt grip vs the silver one. Check out where the shutter release is on the silver camera, now go back to the black one. There’s two shutter releases on top and one at the bottom for portrait, I am wondering if all three are usable when you have the grip on. Quite an interesting design.

  • MikeH

    I think I’ve figured out what is in the hump. There is actually an ultra micro 4/3 camera inside that you can pop out for ultra stealth shooting.

    • achiinto

      I supposed this idea came from Transformer.

      My bet is that the E-M5 will transform into a 43 mount camera and 0M mount camera when needed. Need less to say, the m43 sensor can transform to full frame as well. And also the photographer with the equipments will also be transformed from amateur, to professional and eventually transform into an antique camera collector.

      that is what it means by the E, “Evolve”!

  • achiinto

    I think Olympus was actually planning to release this when they release the E-5, but I guess it was not ready yet. So they released the E-5, which has the same body as E-3 with minor upgrade.

    And this probably explain why the E-M5 has a 5 in it. But we could also explain it that the 5 is an upgrade to the 3 from the Pen series.

    I still hope to see a 43 to m43 adapter that support 100% focus speed. But I guess I will in anyway sell off my 43 equipments. Anyone want to buy a 2nd handed e-3, 12-60 SWD and 50-200SWD? I think this bulky, weather sealed lens could go soon. but however, the standard grade zuiko 43 glasses will might be of good use with m43. What do you think?

    • simon

      I doubt it. I think E-M5 is a logical name for the spiritual successor of the OM-4.

      • Riley

        ‘spiritual successor’
        how do you people think this stuff up !

  • OllieS

    Admin – Any news on the mm3 adaptor?

  • OM-4ever

    Dear Admin: Thank you, for bringing such good news, for a great site and forum. 

    The Olympus Way

    Dear Olympus: It seems to me that the new E-M5 is a creation worthy of the memory of the late, great Yoshihisa Maitani. As a former professional user of the OM system, that is my highest compliment. While your choices may often run against convention, I assure you that I place great value in the fruits of this unique design philosophy, just as I value the fruits of my own creativity. Thank you for your efforts. -J.C.

  • Gareth Lovering

    Does anybody know if the OM-D E-M5 has the level gauge?

  • Isaac ali

    What a fantastic system m43 has become! I’ve been into photography since 2005 and this OM-D is my perfect camera. There is nothing about I dislike and it meets all my needs! Olympus is alive and kicking! My wallet hates you though!

  • “The camera will be announced on Wednesday…”

    Wednesday is HUMP DAY!!! How apropos! Seriously, though, I’m interested. I don’t buy a lot of gear, and this looks like something I might actually want to buy.

    A few questions/observations about the “family portrait”:

    — Look at the 45/1.8 lens, just above the center camera. Notice how its front edge is dark? Normally there’s a chrome-finish plastic ring that goes there to cover the lens-hood mounting lugs, but it comes off very easily; I figured lots of people would lose them. Well, even Olympus seems to have lost theirs — LOL!

    — You can see the stereo-microphone and micro light accessories in the upper left corner of the photo, but what’s the accessory mounted on the center camera? GPS unit?

    — I assume the flash unit shown on the right-front camera is the new FL-600 and that it has an LED video light below the flash portion (as on Canon’s new flash.) So, what is the thing on top of the left-front camera? Tiny flash to replace lack of built-in? Remote commander? PEZ dispenser? Something else?

    • OM-4ever

      Center unit has a ‘Penpal’ bluetooth module. The left camera appears to have a new gps module.

      • Consensus seems to agree that’s the pocket flash rumored as included with the camera… to make up for no pop-up flash (another longstanding rumor).

        GPS module would be nice though.

        • OM-4ever

          Could be, although it looks a bit odd for a flash unless it is pictured in a folded position. It reminds me of a gps module we use with our 5Dmk2 in the field.
          If it is true that there is no pop-up flash, that is actually a plus for me, as I dislike them.

      • Thanks, guys! I will have to look up the “Penpal” module; have no idea what it does.

    • Vivek

      All the little accessories except the little flash were released a while ago.

      I am disappointed that in this day and age Olympus still wants us to use a flash cable on a tiny camera. Can’t they make a tiny radio wireless device???

      • RF control of flash might be a headache because of the different standards needed for different countries. And there’s the issue of battery drain also.

        I would be happy if Olympus sold enough cameras to get PocketWizard to expand their ControlTL system to work with Olympus. Since they don’t even cover Sony yet, I am guessing that would be a long wait. But maybe PixelHK or Phottix or one of the other Chinese OEMs would get with the program…

      • OM-4ever

        Actually, I am beginning to think the device is in fact a flash controller, possibly of the strobe type.

    • 43shot

      Hump day AND my birthday! I assume everyone will chip in and buy me one:)

  • P

    @Admin Is there no AVCHD at all or just not AVCHD 2.0? Because I think the 3rd generation PENs have AVCHD. MJPEG video sounds kind of boring. Is the video really better than GH2?

    • mjpg is good for editing because of the low compression, it works great even on older pc systems, while not lots of encoding/decoding is required. regarding to the required storing space its hopelessly antique.

      • Looks like they updated it… It’s not mjpeg it’s mpeg4/h.264. Most modern computers can edit this native anyway. Any software worth a salt can do it. Heck two years ago I did it on a cheapo i5 laptop right off the SDHC card in RT with no transcoding.

  • BA Baracus

    About built-in flash, here’s my take:


    • e-m5

      very good question, i wanna get 60p

    • Jekins

      This idea is bad,
      Flash shoe is need fixed to body to support external big flash, same FL50R.

  • Melvin

    “It shoots 4fps or 9fps without that powerful AF in action”

    Can anyone explain me: 9 fps without AF, that means a lot of unsharp images to me. Who does need 9fps for static subjects? Then 1 fps and some timing is enough to nail the shot.

    9 fps is for action. Sports or wildlife. Without AF this becomes worthless. Or do I miss something?

    • Any subject moving high-speed in parallel to the film/sensor plane will remain in focus. So for certain situations (especially at distance) where the focal distance remains within the depth of field focus, high-speed shooting can be no-compromise even without between-shot autofocus. So AF on/off setting is situational, and makes sense for a pro camera for high-speed shooting.

    • Also, lots of people now are shooting in short bursts for portrait, fashion, etc. — that way if the model blinks or twitches, you still get a good frame “before” or “after.” Continuous AF isn’t needed in this scenario, but a higher frame rate improves your odds of getting a good picture.

      The auto-stacking feature in Lightroom and Aperture makes these mini-bursts easy to manage, so editing isn’t as big a nuisance as you might think.

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