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(FT5) New E-M5 image with the new 75mm f/1.8 and 60mm f/2.8 macro lenses!!!


On that leaked picture you can finally see the upcoming new E-M5 in all possible angles and with the new external flash (there is no built-in flash!). And for the first time you can see the new 75mm f/1.8 and 60mm f/2.8 macro lenses!!! As I told you days ago, only the macro lens is weather sealed. All new Olympus accessories, Battery grip, Four Thirds adapter and external flash are weather sealed! The camera has the fastest autofocus of all digital interchangeable market currently on market! (yeah even faster than a $5000  Nikon D4) It shoots 4fps or 9fps without that powerful AF in action. Shutter speed is 60-1/4000sec. It has an innovative five axis image stabilization, a 16 megapixel sensor (probably the same from the Panasonic GX1). It uses the powerful Truepic VI engine. ISO range goes from 200 up to 25,600 ISO. Unlike the Fuji X PRO 1 (the current preorder king) the E-M5 has a 1.44 Million dot EVF placed in the middle of the camera. The 3 inch OLED touch screen is tiltable . It records in Full HD MOV(MPEG-4AVC/H.264) format (no AVCHD 2.0). Camera dimension without grip: 122mm x 89mm x 43mm and weight 369 grams. Price of that beast: 1100 Euro or $1200.

The camera will be announced on Wednesday ( I guess it will be announced between 2-3 in the morning London time!). Stay tuned on 43rumors! You can join our group on facebook and follow our tweets. As you know I am going to sum all links to news and reviews in one single post. I will make it easy for you to not miss any interesting detail of the new camera.

One more thing: The camera with grip looks very close to the OM-4T camera (here on eBay). I would have expected Olympus to announce a “special” adapter for OM lenses (here on eBay) but this is not going to happen :(

Oh, and second more thing :) I am surprised to read that almost two third of all readers like the new E-M5 design. That score probably beats the Fuji X PRO 1 :)

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  • “The” 3 big open questions about the Olympus OM-D E-M5:

    1. Who makes the 16MP sensor? AKA: Is it the Panny GX1 sensor?

    2. What’s the point of the pro grip, battery pack, weather sealed body, and new weather sealed adapter if not to support the superb pro weather sealed 43 glass? AKA: To PDAF or not to PDAF 43 glass?


    3. What’s hidden behind the Olympus logo and what does it open to reveal? AKA: Why the big hump? AKA: Where’s my flash?

    Wednesday, February 8, 2012, may still have some surprises in store for us.

    • PDAF = not happening. Doesn’t matter how many times you ask.

      • Jonko
        Chris K
        Ranger 9

        • bobw

          ^^ What is this, your Christmas card list?

  • leonedolci

    Admin, this is a m43 fanboy site. No wonder EM5 beats anything in a survey.

    • lol… and let see how many will buy. x100 sold 100k unit so far, impressive!

      • Pete

        Yes it is! Why do they buy (just preorder?) it? And I think many of them will use it for old Leica M lenses!

  • OM-4ever

    Why are we so certain the device on the left cam is a flash? Yes, it could be, but maybe its a gps/flash transmitter/af illuminator unit instead? If no popup flash, then mustn’t there be a transmitter? If it a flash, than it seems smaller than any other in the system up until now, including those issued for smaller cameras…

    • I was thinking… what if the Olympus logo pops up to include a built-in flash (as norm), but Oly includes/sells a separate video “only” light (akin to the light in the middle of their new external flash? Then the camera has a built-in flash, the videocamera mode has a small pocket video light, and both bases are covered for basic shooting (photo and video). Including a video light (even if external) would be a boost to the video capabilities of the camera, especially for casual users, and would provide one more use for the battery pack(s) — to support video lighting without instantly draining the camera battery.

      • OM-4ever

        Except Admin says: No popup flash.

        • napalm

          it will popup to show Bumblebee’s two LED eyes for video :D

    • Stu5

      Logic says it is a flash with a design hint to the T20 flash on the OM series but the front of it (which would be the flash head) is angled which does not make a huge amount of sense if it is a flash. You could well be right with what you think. Would hopefully mean it would also work with the Pens.

  • 43shot

    I hope there is a non-functional flash in the hump. I hope it takes up the entire hump and that it looks very cool but does nothing at all. Well, perhaps it will make you think it is flashing, that would be nice.

  • Richard_X

    From the picture, I’m wondering. Are a clip-on flash and thumbnail included in the package?

    • flash

      It will come with the flash, guide number 10; I expect it is the one to show on the camera to the left (it is real small must use a lithium cell).

      If I get this unit I will attach to my camera strap. I do not know about the thumb-wheel. It will have to have a couple of things that have not been rumored for me to buy it, or wait for the next model and buy some glass now.

  • Mano

    Too expensive. The end.

    • Disagreed! i would saya fair price for IS and weather sealed body

    • Richard_X


      That depends on how and what you compare.

    • Me

      If that thing on the top of the left camera is a flah, it doesn’t even need to use a button battery / lithium cell. It could simply get its power over the accessory port from the camera. However, it doesn’t look like a flash in my opinion. Could be a gps logger or something…

  • Zo


    Oly both does great things and half you know what things.

    If I see correctly, in the bottom center we have the stupid bluetooth module. Really was hoping that WiFi would be built into the camera or we would have a different module. It is stupid even today that you can have bluetooth or you can have flash but you cannot have both. How do not see how dumb this is!

    I believe this is still an excellent effort, but they always leaving something behind

    They did an excellent job of assembling a camera from available parts and tweaking them to make them better, but forward thinking they truely are not!

    • flash

      Where did they get the 5 axis stability from? Where did they get a small system camera weather sealing from? Where did they get the hump from? It is a camera people have been making them for over 150 years, there really is nothing new. It is the execution.

    • em5isoverpriced

      faboys to the max…

      it is TWICE the price of Panasonic GX1 + X 14-42mm Lens kit! It is 3 times!! the price of (excellent) GF2 + couple of lenses!

      It is MADLY expensive compared to DSLRs cameras, even good one. It is SONY NEX7 price!!!

      this camera is worth probably £400 pounds, like GX1 is worth £300 pounds…

      they are milking the cow, time will tell WHEN the bancrupcy knock on the door… as is the case with Panasonic right now (9 billion loss) to shitty selling E-P3 which even now is overpriced, compared to competition…

      yet, NO ONE IS INTERESTED in buying E-P3, even if price would drop to half…

      like it was stated here, m43 started as a good concept of ‘cheap’ cameras, it skyrocket to a professional territory with price, quality is 4 years behind though! Old sensors & weak ISO, of course I will change it for my £1000 kit, is soo awesoooomeeee…

      it is weather sealed isn’t it?!? wow want!!!

      • @em5isoverpriced such a nice name
        we are all adults here and can make or own descisions.

        From what I hear Olympus are happy with their level of EP-3 sales.
        EP-3 flickr activity is massive and happy.

        As for Panny’s temporary loss is doesn’t mean a lot in the grand scheme of things.

        The m43 concept was never cheap it was practical and enjoy your camera/video (if they saved a bit of costs y losing the mirror they had a choice to take the saving or invest it in the rest of the body).

        Photographers and videographers who spend time outside will be very interested in weather sealing.

      • Anonymous

        I left my canon 5d MII 24-70mm at home , i carry my ep3 12mm all the time , and im really satisfied with it , and im a profesional , living with my photos , so dont tell that, the M4/3 was not about price IS ABOUT SIZE AND PICTURE QUALITY, i wouldn’t not change my ep3 , not for a sony , non fuji, and I WOULD LOVE TO BUY AND EM5, instead of a D3 , for the price , and weight, thats for SURE ^^

      • ithinkthatsme

        yeah sure!! actually Nikon 1 and Canon GX 1 are a bargain, aren’t they?? they are priced as competition and usually better. For a body of those features, it’is well priced, and we are talking about an MSRP, price will drop bellow 1000 Euros in some months. Quit a deal if u ask me for a Weather sealed body with very good performance ( according to the rumors and based on the E-P3 reviews it should be the case, fast AF, no shutter lag, and good buffer, not as the NEXs that gives you 10 FPS BUT they don’t shoot more than that, i prefer having 4/5 FPS for 2/3 seconds than 10 FPS for JUST one second) This camera if there are no big issues with it will be an ideal streetphotography tool.

      • Fish


        Was an E-M5 responsible for the breakup of your parents by any chance? Olympus fanboys look rational and levelheaded compared to your ranting.

        I would be very interested in seeing where you are coming up with your numbers. lists the price of the GX1 body-only as $700… and that is without any lens. You are already wrong and we haven’t even added the cost of the 14-42mm x lens??? And three times the price of the GF2 with a vague “couple of lenses”. Well the G-F2 with the 14mm kit is also selling for $700 so you are already more wrong than you were last time and we haven’t even added the second lens. Which second lens were you using to come up with your numbers? And you do realize that there is a GF3 out right? Why are we even comparing an older generation 12mp body to a brand new one and expecting the new one not to cost more??

        In fact, your comparisons have only proven that the E-M5 is reasonably priced. If you took either of the cameras you mentioned, and added a viewfinder (which I doubt would perform as well as the new Oly finder) – how much more does the E-M5 cost than your rig? Maybe $200 more? Now factor in the new sensor (at least compared to your second example) with the latest processor engine and improved auto focus and a tiltable OLED screen. What’s that worth? Now how much does it cost for a magnesium body and weather proofing? Please share an example of a DSLR with those features that make this camera look “MADLY expensive” (it would have to be a DSLR because Panasonic and Sony don’t make anything comparable).

        If anything, your post has convinced me of what a good deal this camera is. If you aren’t interested, that’s fine, don’t buy one. But don’t be a donkey about it.

  • Fish

    Do you guys think there will be any chance of Olympus offering the new body with one of the new lenses instead of the 12-50mm?

    Their bundled discount is usually a good deal and I would love to get the body with either the 75mm or the macro. Or better yet, a two lens kit with both! A guy can dream right?

    • A combo with one of the new primes would be great, and it’s heartening to see them in the photo, above. But I believe the current rumor is that the lenses are coming later than the camera, so kit _sounds_ unlikely.

      As for double combo kit, I doubt it. The two lenses probably have too similar focal lengths and too specialized purposes to make such a kit attractive to many. But who knows?

      Olympus will tell all on Wednesday. Fingers crossed for some interesting kit(s).

      • Fish

        I’m sure you’re right.

        I have noticed that sometimes the Olympus online store offers a discount on certain lenses if you add them to your cart with other products. If they had a deal where I could buy a silver E-M5, the 75mm, the 60mm macro, and have the total on checkout be $2000 or less… I don’t think I would be able to stop myself from ordering. And this from a guy who doesn’t even need a new camera!! (and who doesn’t have $2000 either)

    • flash

      Outside chance. Was hoping that they would offer a 25mm weather proof prime when it was anounced.

  • Turtle

    I hope that hideous humpy accessory port above the EVF just a hotshoe/port extension stacked on a lower level hotshoe/connection. Can be detached for those who use flash but not the accessory port…

  • IHUR

    an overkill features and accessories for such micro43 sensor camera and those lenses size are so dslr’ish

    • Fish

      Haha made my day IHUR, thanks.

      It is a good sign when the complaints start being about having too many features or accessories! m4/3 has small and slow lenses if you want them… in fact smaller than APSC is able to offer. But, if you want high quality and fast… well… they’re going to be bigger. Your choice though, and that’s the great thing about the format right now.

      • PS

        Compare apples with apples, lets see the size of equvelant APS fast lenses for mirrorless…..if they exist i.e!!!!

        Or then carry the full DSLR with giant lenses

        • Pentax has several small, HQ lenses for APS-C. Nikon has some…..

          • PS

            Please tell me one Pentax / Nikon mirrorless lenses which has a faster aperture and is smaller than a m43 lens with the same focal view????

          • ShatteredSky

            Pentax limiteds are mostly 2.8 or slower, there are only three with 1.8 and they are no pancakes either.


    • Richard_X

      Why should M4/3 have limited accessories? Why cannot if offer many options to its users?

      • pdc


        We have invested in m43 because we think it is the most logical future for enthusiast and prosumer photography. Panasonic started the whole brilliant idea but then lost their way with dummied-down P&S upgrades. Finally, Olympus have seen the light, but it took nudging from Fuji and Sony to show the way. Nikon gave us a fright, but their form factor is better suited to more entry level work, and Canon are coming very late to the party. We need full featured m43 systems, and the OM-D EM-5, together with some nice new fast primes and a range of flash accessories really is a great step forward. Panasonic had better have some similarly good news at the end of this week, as the GX1 doesn’t make up for all their lost opportunities. Viva m43!!

        • Digifan

          Why do you think Olympus was following Sony and Fuji?
          A body like the E-M5 takes at least 2 years from drawing to delivery.
          I seem to recall earlier interviews where there was talk about a Pro m43.

  • Paul_Wenis

    Hello everyone

    I’m relatively new to the world of M4/3. Now I have GF2, 14/2.5, and 20/1.7. I’m impressed in the design and physical look of EM-5.

    If I want to upgrade my GF2, should I move towards EM-5 or buy GX1?From what I read here, GX1 and EM-5 use the same sensor, don’t they? The IQ would not be different (or may be similar). Correct? What bothers me is that if IQ from both cameras is smilar, why should I pay more for EM-5?

    Thank a lot. Paul

    • Weatherproofing, built in EVF to start with. Both those things are worth real dollars.
      Olympus JPGs are generally recognized as being better, saves you shooting raw and PP.
      If you later need bigger lenses (Panny 100-300mm for e.g.), you have the grips as an option with the E-M5 to help balance them.
      But, hey, don’t upgrade at all unless you feel limited by your current camera. I use the E-PL1, and probably won’t buy this because I don’t need it yet. When I do, I’ll buy what is sensible at that time. You would be much more sensible to buy lenses. You don’t have the 45/1.8 yet, and the Panasonic F2.8 zooms are just around the corner.
      Shove a skin on your GF2 to satisfy your upgrade fever!

      • Mauro

        Sensible advice! I also have an E-PL1 and although its various limitations (for ex. cannot give it to my wife for her to take a picture -they are always out of focus LOL) I stick to it waiting for a substantial upgrade and investing in glass ;) we have so much good glass to choose from in M4/3!

    • I will be buying into the m4/3 system in a few weeks time and am torn between the GX1 and E-M5.

      Let’s say the sensor is the same. Why the E-M5?
      The E-M5 will have a better build quality, has the EVF built in, has image stabilisation built in, should have better overall AF performance, might be more versatile.

      Why the GX1?
      The GX1 is much simpler, much cheaper, more compact, and might be more ‘fun’ (or less serious) to use. Plus, money saved can go to lenses.

      Different propositions, and I don’t know what will be the best investment for myself. I do think both cameras are priced acceptably.

      • flash

        Wait till a couple of days, the m-5 will be released on Tuesday and you will be able to learn a lot more about it then and shortly after. Remember the sensor is not the camera, but I am sure you will like either camera.

        • I will certainly wait for the first reviews before deciding. Both are great and it’s mostly down to how I feel about the cameras, and how much I want to invest in lenses.

      • Pedro del Río

        Me too, I will have to decide between these two. I will be waiting for E-M5 reviews.

      • The Pana user interface is more straight forward. If you only shoot jpg, the Oly is better. RAW is of course always the best, but requires post processing.
        IS on Pana lenses is very good, but not all lenses have. If you are looking at the very good Oly primes, an Oly camera with built in IS is better.
        Flexilbe LCD is very useful
        Manual focus (3rd party lenses) is more straight forward in Pana.
        I have owned Oly EP1 and Pana GF1. Now I own a Pana G3: Same sensor as GX1, built in veiwfinder, swivel LCD – and is a lot cheaper than GX1. The later has slightly better build quality though.

        • One of the elements I have to consider is that I will have a budget now (I’m trading in my 7D), but likely won’t be spending great amounts any time soon after. If I buy the E-M5, I might be able to get it with the kit lens and 20mm. If I buy the GX1, there will be a lot more room for lenses. Especially as I would like to have the 25mm, or a nice set of primes (14, 20 and 45mm).

        • BLI

          The only problem with manual focus on the E-P3 is that in magnified view, the entire image is magnified = difficult to compose pictures if the target moves. Otherwise it is at least as good as the Panasonic solution!
          * assign Fn2 to toggle AF/MF
          * set up manual focus to automatically magnify (selectable: 5x-14x) the image when you turn the focus ring. Ca 1/2 s after you stop turning the ring, the magnification disappears, and you can compose the picture.

          Still, it would be even better if the edge of the image was without magnification, thus allowing instant composition.

      • pour faire simple il y a aussi le GF3 ! mais l’EM5 va être aussi simple a utiliser que le GF3 mais plus polyvalent, plus évolutif, pus complet, plus rapide que le GX1.Je pense que c’est un meilleur investissement…

    • Paul, the GX1 sensor is known (Panny sensor). We do not find out for sure about the sensor in the Olympus E-M5 until Wednesday 2-3PM, Japan time (or maybe later, when camera is released to reviewers/public).

      Aside from the sensor, the Oly E-M5 offers weather-sealing. Panny is releasing some weather-proof lenses, so they may have a weather-sealed body coming out later this year too, but Oly has more experience in this area.

      Oly E-M5 also has a special EVF (unknown special how), IBIS (In Body Image Stabilization) to work with any lens (even legacy lenses, e.g., Nikkor or Leica), Olympus colors and image processing, Olympus jpegs (again good color), versatile form factor (with optional grip for big hands or lenses), battery extender (optional battery bottom for long jobs), and PenPal gadgets (e.g., bluetooth, for what it’s worth; GPS would be cool).

      In general, Panny’s strengths are filming, power-zoom (silent zoom for filming) lenses, and OIS lenses, while Oly’s strengths are photos, colors, jpegs, and IBIS (In Body Image Stabilization for any lens). With the latest IBIS, Oly may have an advantage for macro photography as well.


    • Anonymous

      Hi paul,.

      I have GX1 for several weeks and honestly ,.I don’t like the image Quality from GX1 ,.the Color smeared,.AWB ,un natural,.but the High ISo is a big improvement over GF1,.so is a decent camera for a low light shooting with high ISO,.but again ,Less detail and the color smeared,.
      I rather to have more noise but still have a fine/sharp detail like GF1 or EP 3,.personnaly its not a good value concerning an Upgrade from GF1,coz GF1 have better Image Quality in a good light condition ISO100-400 ,.GF1 is better than GX1,..

      About EM-5 ,nobody knows,.but you can see the comparison between GX1 >< EP-3 @,..will determine your choice

    • l’EM5 a la stabilisation 5axes pour tous les objectifs, il a un viseur intégré, l’écran est orientable, il n’est probablement pas plus gros que le GX1 il est évolutif et résistant. Pourquoi hésiter ?

  • Vril_Ya

    I can understand people’s concern about the sensor quality, tweaking and issues and Olympus having to do using pana-sensors.But It’s hilarous to see negative comments on the the sensor size itself though. So what.. a m43 camera system doesnt deserve dlsr type accessories range? :D ..m43 is a system and it has its limitations both in terms of size and quality. simple.

    • DR

      I don’t have a problem with the sensor size. It’s the lack of significant improvement over time that puts me off.

      No real problem with the exterior design of the OMD, bit worried by the lack of direct buttons though. Hopefully someone in Olympus has worked out how to do menus now.

      The price difference over G3 is something everyone will have to decide for themselves. If the sensor was much better than G3/GX1 then it’d be a no brainer.

      • Fan

        The G3 16MP sensor is a significant improvement.

        • Rchard

          Are everyone shure that it is the G3 sensor? The G3/GX1 has a base ISO of 160, and rumors about the sensor in the E-M5 is that it has a base ISO of 200.

          • This difference can be because Olympus has altered the tone curve to get more highlight headroom.

        • JF

          significant improvement over what ? the previous sensor in olympus cameras (EP1 to EP3) ? Ok yes
          But if you look at pana sensors, G3 is worse than GH2 that is worse than GH1 so it is a bit disapointing…and more generally pana sensors are not the best on the market, look at Sony nex7 sensor, the gap is huge !! (I don’t like nex however)
          For me, sensor is the weakness of m43 not beacause of size but because of technology…

          • Fan

            The gap is not so big. Compare a G3 sensor against Canon EOS 5D Mark II at ISO 3200 and the Panasonic one wins by a huge margin. It is a good sensor. Compare it to Nikon J1/V1 and it wins too.


            • DR


              Look again. The G3 does not beat a 5DII at all!


              Run the compare, select all cameras and add the G3 and 5DII to the comparison.

              The G3 scores poorly against an old camera at end of model life, and is thrashed by the new one.

        • BLI

          Digital Camera World for March 2012 tests the GX1. According to the test, the Dynamic Range at base ISO (TIFF) is more or less identical to that of the E-P3, and only slightly better (1EV) at high ISO values. It is *significantly* poorer than that of the NEX-5N (2 EV at base ISO; 4.5 EV at high ISO).

          Personal experience with the E-P3 in mixed light (shadow, but some strong spots of sunshine) has given me JPEG pictures with totally burnt-out spots. Ok — perhaps I’m just an amateur photographer, and perhaps the RAW file can save the picture. But to me, the lack of good DR is the main concern I have.

          So — if the DR is better in the E-M3, I will be thrilled. If not, that should really be among the 1-3 main concerns for Olympus for the M6.

          • JF

            Yes Dxo finds the same. Raw format allows to recover some highlights and shadows but it doesn’t do any miracle. Dynamic range is what is it…

  • SteB

    I think one thing that Olympus need to sort out is the accessory port conflict. What is the point of have all these accessry port accessories, when you can only use one at a time? From what I can see there is already a conflict with the E-M5, because from what it appears you could not use a flash with any other accessory. So they need a splitter and a bracket to allow the use of more than one accessory together.


      I think a splitter would be cool. Imagine a remote viewfinder!?!?! Or just two viewfinders on one camera!!!!

    • @SteB
      re: micro for thirds port splitter
      there is a business opportunity for you, get designing ;-)

  • Hope this funny system will not focus ‘HUNT’ in low-light.

    And hope for a useable Continuous AF, E-P3 is unusable very suck.

    • Roy_X


      In fact, EP-3 focus is exceptionally fast. EM-5 should be better and even is faster than D4. This EM-5 may blow away every FF camera in the market. We will see soon.

  • Mike

    Anybody have a clue what flash is attached to the bracket at the bottom right? At first glance it looks like a FL-36, but it has a different shape, and seems to have an extra flash tube on the flash body, a bit like the Metz 58.

    • Geoff

      I reckon it’s the FL-600R

      • Rooko

        frontal reflector = Lamp for video?

    • I also think the is FL-600R ?

  • I guess

    The 75 will cost around 1200

    • JF

      !!!!!!!!!! 1200 ??? but this would be the most expensive lens on m43 !! (maybe the panas 12-35 and 35-100 will be as expensive) The 75 is not even weather sealed !!

    • I don’t think the 75 will be more expensive than the 12, even if it has the same all-metal finish. A fast 75 mm lens is much easier to make than a fast 12 mm. Yes, it uses more glass, but probably fewer and/or easier to produce lens elements.

  • oluv

    The hump is the EVF. Have a look how big the additional EVF for the EP2 was. Oly just didn’t manage to make the EVF as small as sony. Even panasonic’s new EVF for the GX1 is big.
    Sony are much better in miniaturization, they always were.

  • Rooko

    What is Guide Number of two new flash?
    In small model almost i waiting better that integrate of others cameras.
    E-520 – E-620 = GN12
    E-3 – E-30 – E-5 = GN13

  • My question is: When (approximately) will it be on (European/American/Asian) market?

    • Shipping is supposed to start end of March, so count on middle of April.

  • From the system image, it looks like the EVF needs to be pulled out/extended when in use.

    • Bobafett

      Yep, I share that impression. A small detail, but it makes a big difference for ergonomics.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, it will be a bad ergonomics. Or, if indeed it is the case, we can think of it the other way: the EVF can be retracted/compacted when not in use.

      • 43om4ti

        Yes, it will be a bad ergonomics. Or, if indeed it is the case, we can think of it the other way: the EVF can be retracted/compacted when not in use.

  • emde

    @admin: Why did you expect a new OM adapter? There is already the MF-2 OM. A weathersealed version does not make sense as OM lenses are not weathersealed.

    Any hints regarding the lens price tags?

    • @emde
      I have a feeling there won’t be a weather proofed OM adapter from Olympus as there is little demand, maybe from a third party???

      • DR


        What would be the point of that? Do you know that OM wasn’t weathersealed?

  • Beuq

    Photoshop picture to compare E-P2 + VF-2 vs E-M5 :

    • Mauro

      Nice comparison! Thanks for the work.
      It shows the good work Olympus engineers have done here. Remember it is all about containing (here HW/manufacturing) costs, by using appropriate components, like it or not..
      I would then say: good job Olympus!

  • GP

    Will E-M5 work with Panasonic X 14-42mm lens ?

  • Florian

    Any Ideo on the release date of those lenses?

  • MGuarini

    Love the system. The picture reminds me the OM system picture Olympus used on the brochure during the 70s and 80s. Finally Olympus is converging to a great system camera with a lot of potential. In the comming future

  • MGuarini

    we’ll see a much better sensor and this will be a top camera system.

  • Eric

    While not a deal killer, the 1/4000th shuttter is a bit disappointing.

  • MGuarini

    I allready know one guy that cancelled his preorder for the nex 7 and another his preorder for the fuji X pro 1, both in favor of the E-M5.

  • DR

    Lets go for 600!

    MGuarini, I’m keeping my PreOrder for the Fuji.

    If the E-M5 works out I might buy one cheap after the ‘new’ wears off, or wait for the updated model with a Sony/Fuji/Canon sensor in a year or so when they have ironed the bugs out.

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