(FT5) New focus features on the E-P5 and new connect “trick”


I have been told by a source that the E-P5 also has two brand new autofocus features:
1) Super Spot AF: you can now select an area that is even smaller than standard AF points. Ideal to focus on very small subjects
2) Focus Peaking: yoy already know what this is :)

The E-P5 also has some new features concerning “connectivity”:
1) Built-in Wifi. You can use the Olympus Image Share Application to remotely control the camera.
2) QR display: There is also a new connect “trick”. The E-P5 can display “QR codes” on the LCD screen. If you point your Mobiles camera on the QR code to connect both devices


Reminder: The Olympus E-P5 and the three black primes will be announced on May 10 at 6am London time. 43rumors will folllow the event with live updated!

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Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct



  • Anonymous

    Hows is the Super spot AF different than what is now implemented on the EP3? On the EP3 you can also set different sizes for the focus points.

    • true homer

      Its probably not.

    • It’s good they include it. I dont know about the EP3 but my E3 had the superfine AF option where the focuspoint was very small indeed.It’s great for portraits as you want to focus on the eyes. But even without it you have the option to use face recognition with eye priority, or just focus after using magnify option.

    • Anonymous

      Really? How do you do this? -ep3owner

      • Anonymous

        If you’re in the ‘touch to select focus point’ mode, on the right hand side there is a bar with which you can select different sizes. When it’s quite dark smaller af points don’t work as well though.

    • Steve

      This is great news. I like the smaller AF box on the Panasonic cameras and now it seems like Olympus will finally have the same. It is great for birding.

      • Anonymous

        As I wrote in the first comment, the ep3 already has this feature.

        • Steve

          Still not as small as the one from Panasonic.

    • Super Spot AF – sounds like pin-point AF which has been in Lumix cameras for a while and works great for critical focus shooting like macros.

      • Uberzone

        Yeah, my GF1 has this…

        • R

          GF-1+ Spot meterinng + spot focus + 20mm + B&W =D

      • My L10 from 2008 has this :)

    • Agent00soul

      I wonder if Super Spot is the same as the small spot on the E-PM2/E-PL5.

  • Drazick

    I hope they will release API to control the camera over WiFi to allow 3rd party programs to add features.

    • true homer


  • true homer

    I love how the cameras are next to a gio perfumre and diuchebag shoes! Hahahaha

  • Sqweezy

    After viewing this comparison lineup pic multiple times, it’s clear how similar in size the E-P5 is compared to the E-M5, minus the hump. I hope the E-M6 will differentiate itself further by adding a slightly larger grip to give it better overall handling. The EVF rangefinder is simply NOT coming, so why not emphasize its bigger brother’s faux-SLR look with a more substantial body?

    • the HLD-6 prob wont fit anymore, as that was one of its functions also.

    • Mahler

      To me, Olympus can keep the shape of the naked body as it is now, but form the HDL-6 grip more hand friendly.

      • I would like the landscape grip be as beefy as the portrait one.

        • Ranger 9

          Good news — that thing in the background of the photo that looks like a pair of white shoes is actually the new landscape grip. You just lace it onto the camera and have a large, convenient gripping surface.

          • Eary to star weekend, ;-) but think if you need use hat on you foot.

      • Wt21

        How about battery door access in the first part of the grip?

        • would be nice yes, but prob not possible because of the wiring inside?

  • api75

    Since there’s no 14-42 kit yet, my guess is that Oly is developing a new standard zoom, which could be:
    – either a pancake zoom a la Panny PZ;
    – or a M. Zuiko version of the 14-54/2.8-3.5 a lot of us are waiting for!
    This last option would make sense to counteract the Fiji X-E1, which is the other retro mirrorless.
    Heard something about it Admin???

    • Anonymous

      “- or a M. Zuiko version of the 14-54/2.8-3.5 a lot of us are waiting for!”

      Please make that a 12-54 …

      • rrr_hhh

        Plus one ! 28mm equivalent isn’t enough. It could stop before 54mm however, 45-50mm is enough IMO.

    • shatteredsky

      “- or a M. Zuiko version of the 14-54/2.8-3.5 a lot of us are waiting for!”

      Please make that a 12-54 …

    • ArtP

      …or a 12-60 :)

      • rrr_hhh

        MMmm that would be great, if it is as sharp !

  • Farrukh

    QR codes, really? Talk about a sideshow creating a solution for a dieing offering.

    Hope the wi-fi control works well, would be great to finally be in my own photos!

    • E-1

      QR codes is the perfect solution, much easier than bluetooth or Wifi or service discovery or typing an URL into your phone.

      • pempam

        NFC would have been a better option – use the “bump” of devices to sync…

        • E-1

          Yes, because most phones have NFC, not.

        • “Bump” to connect is the more elegant solution, but using QR is cheaper – no need for NFC chips on the camera and mobile device. I’m fine with either.

  • Ep3pl25_ninja

    1) i wish there is a faster way/mode to move the focus points, ie nikon style
    2) any news if we can lock spot ae to the focus point?
    3) what about c-af?

    • Ross

      I have a perfectly fast method on the E-M5. I have the touch screen set to focus only & the size can be left to show the smallest box (for 14 X magnifification) which can be adjusted on the right of the screen with the vertical slider & I can select the position anywhere I want to by simply touching that point.

      I wonder if the E-P5 will have a smaller area?

    • werderano

      2) any news if we can lock spot ae to the focus point?
      That would be really nice and i hope Olympus is working on that. But im pleased with Olympus, because the ep5 has some updates we were waiting for.

      • The e620 has this from 5 years ago, Olympus now know its a much wanted feature so fingers crossed :)

        • Anonymous

          Nikon have had this for years even on low end bodies like the D3100 it will work well with a touch screen

  • dfgh

    Come on sources, quit being so stingy with the video capablities rumors and give admin some info. 24p, 60p, built in mic input, headphone jack?

    • peevee

      If it is still TruePic VI, it wouldn’t have hardware power to encode 1080p60.

      • Tron

        I find it hard to believe that a new “flagship ILC” can be taken seriously in the marketplace in 2013 without at least 24P & 60P. The retro looks are very nice, but the camera still needs to at least MATCH Sony and Panny in some area. We now have Raw cinema cameras being introduced at this price point for crying out loud.

        • Sean Nelson

          Totally agree. Any camera without decent 1080p60 and manual control of video exposure and focus is a non-starter for me.

          • peevee

            Actually, just tiny percent of cameras have both 1080p60 and manual control DURING video (not before, like OM-D and almost everybody else who have manual control at all, which is less than 50% of the market anyway).
            Of course, for video you can use manual lenses with manual apertures – here is your control. Asking to change shutter speed in the middle of the video? It would be just weird.

  • Len Metcalf

    Loving this camera already. With that huge viewfinder.. and new features.. besidedvit looks great.

    Olympus are releasing some of the technology that we will be able to expect in the next om-d. Now that will be very exciting. I do wonder what Sony will pull out of the bag for the next one, sensor wise.

    This camera is a good upgrade from an ep1or ep2.. but wont tempt many em5 owners I suspect. But a great choice for entering the micro four thirds line..

  • dfgh

    This camera is gonna be expensive. With 17mm for $1,299? I wish it was $999 but I suspect that will be the body only price. I’ll have to wait for the price to drop. Of course if they haven’t significantly improved the video capabilities I probably won’t be getting it whatever the price.

    • $999 can’t be the body only price. That is the same as the E-M5 when it came out. I expect it to be $799-899.

    • $999 can’t be the body only price. That is the same as the E-M5 when it came out. I expect it to be $799-899.

      • Oops. How can I delete the the above. Must have double tap (using a phone).

  • werderano

    Great little camera, with lot´s of great things i wished for the omd. :-)
    Smaller fokuspoints like the pinpointfokus from pana, 1/8000s, better af, better is, maybe a better EVF, fokuspeaking (hope more accurate than the one from sony), tilteble EVF and flash on board. Go on Olympus, your on the right way.

  • peevee

    ” QR display: There is also a new connect “trick”. The E-P5 can display “QR codes” on the LCD screen. If you point your Mobiles camera on the QR code to connect both devices”

    Very smart solution, and no need to rely on NFC, especially given that very few phones and tablets have NFC.

  • Olymous has just reinvented the Pinpoint AF. :D Smart move, BTW.

  • Maczon

    QR-codes are still worse than NFC. But better than without it.

    • Kabe

      QR-Codes are clearly the better solution. Works on pretty much all smartphones, and is pretty reliable technology. NFC currently is mostly a buzzword, not even available on iOS, which gives away about a third of the devices alone…

  • c’mon Olympus, can you at least give us E-M5 owners the small focus point without having to do a workaround?

  • Don’t forget the new photostory feature included….

  • mino

    Orribili visu….Owfull to see with external EVF… I WAIT THE NEXT ONE

    • Ross

      That’s OK. You keep waiting while the rest of us enjoy our cameras now. ;)

  • roquito

    The super spot AF may well be the same as the EPL5 implementation. If you change the home focus point to be a single point, you can select […]s which focuses in on a smaller square within each of the main focus boxes (30 points or however many). It’s a neat solution that I wish they would include for the EM5.

  • Amazing how smart the E-M5 looks in comparison to the steampunk machine in the middle of the picture – just saying’ :)

    You are going to buy… THAT?

    • Ross

      To each their own, but I’m glad I have an E-M5. This E-P5 looks good (especially in silver) but as useful as a tilting EVF is, it does tend to dwarf the camera though, but that’s OK as I use the FL50R flash on my E-M5 which does look a little mismatched (but better now with the HLD-6).

    • MdB

      Yes. Far as I’m concerned the OM-D is a very very well specified piece of crap camera.

    • That ain’t steampunk! There’s no brass trimmings and stuff! It’s more dieselpunk… ;)

      The E-M5 does look good compared to it! :)

    • we are waiting for the brass version Amalric.

    • Jón

      Looks good to me. E-M5 took a litte time to get used to, but I really think it is gorgeous now. Both cameras seem to follow similar design philosophy, probably designed by the same team. I now have 2 great looking m43 too choose from.

  • MdB

    Why is it so unbelievable for the 17mm kit to be $999? I mean the E-P3 (which at launch was Oly’s TOP of the range) was about $1000 AUD with twin lens kit. Yeah yeah, it’s just a twin kit right? Well the RRP of those two lenses is about what the 17mm is, so it isn’t so crazy. Look at the X-E1, last week could buy them with the 18-55mm for $950, the lens on its own is like $700!

    Want more evidence? The 12-50mm bundled with the 17mm is barely more than the 17mm on their own, yet you think the 17mm kit is going to be as much as the OM-D with 12-50mm?

    • Uberzone

      Your not going to get the camera and lens for 999. End of story. It’s fun to dream though!

    • Christian G


      The epm2 was 549 at launch.
      The Epl5 was 649 at launch.

      The EM5 was 999 at launch.

      That leaves space for a model in between the epl5 and em5.

      Such as EP5 at $800.

      E-P3 was $899 with 17mm f/2.8

      So an E-P5 for $1049 with 17mm f/1.8 is quite realistic.

      For those that claim the E-5 is Olympus new flagship model, that is clearly not true as it is lacking high-end features such as EVF and weather-sealing. The next OM-D will have the smaller upgrades that are in the EP5 as well (wifi, faster AF, better IBIS) – the high-end cameras always have weather sealing and EVF.

      EM5 was with 499 kit lens – saves $200

      E-P5 $800 at launch BO, 1049 with 17mm – saves $200. (Or $999 – saves $250.)

      Makes sense to me.

  • Yun

    Finally EP5 have the PinPoint focusing , what about how many focusing points / areas in EP5 ?
    The Pens always have more focusing points than lumix 23 areas focusing , wonder if there is further improvement in this segment .

    • In case you did not know it yet, you can choose any area for focusing in CDAF cameras.

  • Sunny

    I like the shoes in the background. :-)

  • miamidallas

    I wonder why the shoes and the used men’s fragrance bottles were added to the photo?

    • Because clearly Oly Mkt dept. considers the item as Personal Jewelry. That allows them to charge outrageous prices, for what would be otherwise an ordinary follow on.

      OTH I am sure that the engineering dept. is all engrossed in the OM-D Pro. That must succeed at all costs, since their reputation is at stake. Seems obvious that the same 2 Mpx EVF will be built in.

      • Kabe

        Actually the EVF was announced by Epson(?) about half a year ago… So it was already pretty clear at that time that a OM-D Pro would get it. But even if we add all the features from the p5, the existing OM-D is a pretty cool camera.
        The WiFi mode might be interesting, yet it depends a lot on the feature set that is made avaiable via Wifi. Olympus strength hasn’t been the software side, so I’m a bit cautious assuming too much control here. Let’s hope they proof me wrong ;-)

    • stickytape

      You should take a look at the OM-D commercials from when it was released.

  • awaler

    Used men? Where?

    • pempam

      any man that is married :)

      • some stay NOS

  • Damn Oly

    I wander if they have a new ,.bigger additional grip,.for the E-P5,,.so we can hold a big lens,.firmly better such ,.75mm,.VC17,.& 25mm,.also 35-100 and 100-300 Panasonic

    • there are already some good 3rd party solutions for PEN series. But it would be nice if the HLD-6 fits.

  • What about the rumored fast zoom? No news?

  • WSG123

    I have it on good authority that Olympus will never implement focus peaking because Sony bought some percentage of the company and will never allow it.

    Remember those posts? *rolls eyes*

  • mjj

    Can’t wait for full specs! It may be my first m43 if it has manual video recording capabilities! I had big hopes for Panasonic, sadly I lost them.

  • xp

    The only thing that’s missing in this beauty is build in viewfinder! Sorry Olympus…

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