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(FT5) New E-M10 pictures (first time pic of the back).


For the first time we can see a picture form the back of the camera (well not all the back). And this is an image from the top and again from the front:

This is a nice looking camera with nice specs (too bad it doesn’t have the 5 axis IBIS). Now let’s hope Olympus will have mercy with the pricing in Europe and US :)

via Digicameinfo.

  • Berneck

    For all intents and purposes, it’s an E-M5 in a plastic body. This is exactly how I envisioned their entry level camera. It seems like the price is going to be just right, also. Well done Olympus! You’re finally starting to get it!

    • broody

      You sure about the plastic? Oly uses plenty of metal even in the EPL5 and EPM2.
      That said, there’s plastic and plastic. I know the kind used in consumer DSLRs (say T3i/D5100) is pretty OK, while it seems Panasonic bought parts from Hasbro for the G3/G5.

      • tokugawa

        You’re right, “plastic” isn’t just one type of material, it’s a group of material that can range from cheap to very expensive and highly durable (like various kinds of materials for space stuff).

        I hate it how thanks to Apple and its iPhone, “plastic” has become synonymous to “cheap”.

        • Zaph

          Err, most of the iPhones have been metal and glass. Pretty sure plastic got it’s reputation for cheapness long before the iPhone even existed.

          • Bobo

            Read it again, Zaph; the poster is saying that because of the introduction of the (metal and real glass) iPhone, people began to think of plastic phones as being cheaper, or perhaps of less quality. This is true and has been pointed out in many articles, even causing a big discussion within Samsung a while back as to whether they should switch more to metal bodies.

          • tokugawa

            No, it was specifically Steve Jobs who claimed that aluminium was so much more “premium”, and thus everyone started believing him and started thinking “plastic” means cheap, when in reality, chemically, “plastic” doesn’t mean anything, because “plastic” is a whole group of very different materials, ranging from really cheap to very expensive and far more versatile and “premium” than aluminium (not to mention having better properties for actually engineering a phone).

            That’s the point. It was the anti-plastic propaganda from Apple.

            • rpm40

              Plastics are great from an engineering standpoint- they can be light, strong, flexible- they have lots of potential advantages over metals in some applications.

              But for me, metal and glass have the look and feel of quality. I know it’s subjective and doesn’t make much sense, but the smooth, sleek textures and added (admittedly unneeded) weight and heft add a sense of quality.

              I have no problem whatsoever with a plastic camera, but I still love the look and feel of my iPhones. Other phones look and feel cheap to me incomparison (HTC One excepted, maybe) and it’s been a factor in keeping me sticking with iphones for 3 generations now.

        • bousozoku

          Polycarbonate is hardly cheap plastic and Apple has used plenty of it with the lower cost MacBook that was replaced, and the iPhone 5c.

      • Berneck

        Yeah, when I said plastic, I didn’t mean that 100% literally. I meant more that it’s the same camera with a cheaper build quality. Which to me is not a bad thing by any means.

        The biggest mistake m43 made in the beginning is “watering down” the camera at the lowet end by eliminating basic features to some how differentiate from the higher end. Unfortunately, they were viewed as expensive point and shoots by most people.

        This is what should have been done from day one….

      • speedandstyle

        That isn’t fair to Hasbro! They make pretty good products. But I do hear you and you are right. There are some plastics that are as tough as steel and highly resistant to temp extremes, they are more expensive of coarse.

        I am very eager to see the full specs and reviews for this new body. I wanted an E-M5 but I just didn’t have the budget for it. I also want focus peaking which Olympus refuses to add via firmware so this may be the perfect camera for me.

    • gg

      Not to forget, before the I-phones, nearly all serious semi-auto handguns (pistols) had at least some parts of plastic. Although the trend may not have begun with Glock, That’s the company that initiated the seriousness of plastic in handguns. Those pistols are tough; really tough.

    • robin

      plastic are underrated haha… they are as durable as metal. but they don’t feel and age well like metal body’s. I love metal body with paint peeling from the corners

  • AustrianGeek

    Wow. It´s a beauty with the 14-42mm …
    Are there maybe any news / rumours about the specs?

  • Looks good! I notice there is no accessory port and a slight relocation of Fn1 and Playback buttons.

    • biggles

      No accessory port? Get your eyes checked bro.

      • tokugawa

        Get yours checked. There is no accessory port (AP2) below the hotshoe.

        Maybe you’re mixing up “accessory port” and “flash hotshoe”.

        • z

          Good riddance. I’m not gonna use VF-4 with that anyways. And other accessories that use it is useless.

          Built-in flash on the other hand, coupled with amazing oly wireless flash system is a welcomed addition.

          • Jack LeBoul

            Not really.
            Olympus has a great external mic solution, SEMA-1.
            In many way much better than a standard 3.5mm input jack.

            If this is the case, and the EM-10 would have PAL video, then it would be a massive disappointment.

            • Bobo

              I disagree that the SEMA is a good solution. It uses the hotshoe, which leaves no easy way to have a mic and a flash (or a different, hotshoe mic) at the same time. I think that complaints about this is one of the reasons that a mic port was added to the EM-1. I had a SEMA with my EM-5, and it worked fine and wasn’t expensive, but it tied up everything and limited the flexibility of the camera. I sold mine after I got a GH3 for video use.

              • ArthurDayne

                I also think the accessory port is pointless, at least on the OMD bodies. It adds unnecessary hight and most of it’s purposes are redundant. I hope they drop it from the rest of the line as well.
                Jack LeBoul, the SEMA-1 still uses a 3.5 jack, but instead of it being on the camera body, now it’s on a separately purchased accessory that prevents the use of the hotshoe for other things.

                • Jack LeBoul

                  Yes, I get it that SEMA-1 on the OMD it can be annoying as you have to choose between it and the flash.
                  Very similar to Sony NEX-5 series.

                  But now that the E-M10 has internal flash, would it not make sense to keep the accessory port?

    • “there is no accessory port”

      If that’s why the hump is smaller, that’s good news.

      I like the new camera more and more. I’m waiting for the final specs to see how it compares with GX7 and then will decide between the two.

  • kl

    Stylus 1 big bro! I like. If only they’ll develop a similar collaspable 28-300 f4 lens

    • Ross

      It has the same eyecup as the Stylus 1, the EP-14.

  • Arnaud

    Hopefully the video quality will be finally much improved, but I suppose not, since it has the True Pic VII processor.

  • kl

    Also hope itll take the hld-6 too

  • Marcio K

    The seal line in the EVF hump…maybe there is an integrated flash like the on in the Stylus 1?

    And I doubt about improved video specs – in fact the microphone holes disappeared.

    • Ross

      It just might have a pop-up flash, but not like the Stylus 1. It would be more like their DSLR’s (looking at my E-30) with a pivot at the back, but this would be the first time the ‘OLYMPUS’ name would lift with the flash head though. Specs or another photo would help.

    • stebbo

      There’s a small “flash up” button next to the diopter dial.

      • NateS

        Or maybe that button is the camera On/Off switch. Or the release for the mode dial. On the right side of the viewfinder, opposite the diopter dial (see top view,) there appears to be another button or small port. Could that be the flash up release? We’ll know in a few more days.

        • Ross

          The button on the right side of the EVF is the EVF/Live View (screen) switch. Because there is no Accessories Port there would need to be the Built-In flash & that button on the left looks very much like that flash release button.

    • Ross

      The microphone holes are on the top plate. It looks like I might have to eat my words in earlier posts about not having the flash (but we didn’t have these photos then & that’s my story & I’m sticking to it. ;) )

  • Tim F

    damn- no 2×2 switch. :-(
    Now i hope that i can put the same funktion on one of the fn Buttons ;-)

    it looks quite promesing, and there is definatly a little Button “Up” on the left side, so the flash is sure :-)

    • Ross

      This is being moderated above.

      It just might have a pop-up flash, but not like the Stylus 1. It would be more like their DSLR’s (looking at my E-30) with a pivot at the back, but this would be the first time the ‘OLYMPUS’ name would lift with the flash head though. Specs or another photo would help.

      I noticed that button too. Could be promising!

      • Ross

        Admin, why is this being moderated? Is it because it includes the word ‘pivot’? ? ?

        • The autocensor has a very poor lexicon.

      • bousozoku

        Doesn’t the current clip-on flash require the accessory port, which doesn’t appear to be present in these photos?

        • Ross

          Good point. If no port, it has to have the flash built in. Or, if the flash is built in there is no need for the port.

    • Peter

      It looks quite prominent. I hope it doesn’t have the same “easiness” to trigger as in the EP-5. But all looks good!

  • Joli

    I wonder if the LCD is 16:9 or 3:2?

    • Ross

      That’s my next question too. It’s too hard to tell from the angled photo.

    • Tim F

      I it looks like 2:3 on that pictures.
      A little bit disapointing for me, i was hoping for a native 4:3 display.

      • Ross

        4/3’s (4:3 ratio) hasn’t been used on any PEN or OM.D screen since HD video using wide screen has been used & 3:2 ratio has been the best for both 4/3’s stills & wide screen video. Earlier size comparisons of the E-M10 & E-M5 looked like it might have been possible the screen may have been a 16:9 ratio but these photos make it look like it is the 3:2 size perhaps.

        • Tim F

          Well, the E-P1, E-P2, E-PL1, E-Pl2
          all got a 4:3 display. And they only let it go with the 3generation of Cameras. I think it makes more sense to have a display that has the same aspectratio then the sensor, regardless of the amount of space of the sensor that you use.

          My bet would be that because of standard dslr 3:2 format, the displays will be cheaper-and its an ok compromise between 16:9 and 4:3 ;-)

        • safaridon

          Yes the screen does look like the 3:2 screen used on the Stylus I of similar height but has a larger bezel border around the picture so may be slightly smaller. The 16:9 screens used on most of the NEXs and recent Pens were a real step backwards in viewing size except for video (as all P&S and iphones use larger ones) so even more surprising that the small GM1 managed to include a 3:2 LCD.

  • The G

    Looks very nice, I like how the hotshoe is level with the hump rather than sticking up over it. The new lens looks ace as well, it’s a perfect ‘everyday use’ lens. I’ve never been tempted by a kit lens before! The pop up flash is a great addition too.

  • KI

    The hump is actually true to the legacy OM-10.
    E-M1/5 – looks like the OM-x series (pro)
    E-M10 – looks like the OM-xx series (entry)

  • No accessory port any longer, as far as I can see…
    But w/ an EVF and onboard flash, that’s probably redundant anyway.
    Unless some of the intermediate sized flashes needs it?

    • tokugawa

      Add-on flashes wouldn’t use the accessory port anyway.

      Maybe they also started designing an Accessory Port V2.0 (AP3)? Because having the extra port below the hotshoe takes away lots of space for the eyepiece.

    • ArtP

      You’d need the port for the little flexible arm twin light, external mike adapter, or ‘penpal’ (MAL-1, SEMA-1, PP-1)

    • Bryan

      Well, I’d hate to give up the tilting viewfinder feature, I use the VF-4 on my E-M5 all the time when it is on the telescope and for macro shots where you can’t get your head down close enough to the ground to look through the built in viewfinder. Still, looks like a nice camera, not everyone cares about a tilting viewfinder.

  • Pedro

    This camera looks very interesting for me, if well priced.
    I’m looking forward to a E-PL5, but miss the extra control wheel, that the E-M1 has.
    If this camera is reasonably priced I will buy one, if not there isa E-PL5 waiting for me.
    The screen seems 3:2.

  • PixelpeepingPaul

    Can it use the IBIS with video and doees it have improved video (1080p60, bitrate)?

  • Charles

    Looks nice to my eyes. Does it has the EVF of the E-M1 or E-M5?

  • ArtP

    Lessee, comparing to my E-M5 I see a few differences. Function buttons moved to beveled surface behind shutter button, shutter button looks larger, mike holes moved from sides of hump to top of body, breather holes moved from side of body to just right of LCD, screen bezel looks thinner, no HDMI/USB port on side of camera (maybe on bottom?) Diopter dial is larger, Little button to left of diopter dial (flash release?)
    Thinking the presence of the breather holes indicates this is weather sealed to some degree?

    • M

      weather sealing would be really nice- lets hope its weather sealed. Admin, any word on that particular feature? :)

    • Ross

      “Breather holes” is actually speaker holes.

      • ArtP

        Ah, so they are… so no bearing on weather sealing… Just where does the camera breath then, when zooming a sealed lens?

        • Ross

          Where ever it can perhaps. I’m not sure how much design consideration has been given to that.

          • ArtP

            Well, in the E-3/5, there was a breathable membrane… I forget if it was in the battery compartment or the card area… But perhaps such a membrane is behind the speaker or mike holes on the OM-Ds

            • Ross

              So, if you get a little water in any of the orifices, detach the lens & re-attach with the zoom out & then quickly zoom in to blow it out. ;)

              A bit like holding your nose & blowing the water out your ears. :D

        • I hear labored breathing through creaky gaps in the body. ;-)

          • Ross

            That’s what happens when you get old. ;) :D

  • Camaman

    Now all we need is a small bouncable flash.
    With swivel. Nopody is innovating in small flashes!!

    • Berneck

      Yeah, I have often wondered why they haven’t done much with their flash units. That FL300 looks riduculous, and isn’t as useful as I would like. The FL600 or FL50 are huge. They look way out of place on these cameras.

      I wish they would do some innovative with thier flashes.

  • nobody

    The eyecup might be useful for E-M5. I hope the adaption is the same. The actual eyecups for E-M5 are in my opinion a weak point. I’m using the Nikon DK-20 on the E-M5.

    • Ross

      You now have 3 eyecup options for the E-M5 (& E-M10 too, as far as I can tell), EP-10, standard, EP-11, deep & now the EP-14 that has been made standard for the Stylus 1 which has the same EVF & it looks to be the same for this E-M10 too (which appears to be the same design as that on the E-M1).

  • rpm40

    Wow, looks GREAT. Whoever was saying it would look like a bigger Stylus 1 really nailed it. Especially with that pancake lens on there. Built in flash, very nice. Lack of accessory port, fine with me, who needs it with a hotshoe, flash and evf built in. Olympus keeps impressing me with their recent releases.

    Side note- Oly pancake kit lens! Yay! This release is a great sign for future models. Two complaints I had with the e-pm2/e-pl5 were the size of the kit lens and the lack of built in flash. If these carry over, and they ditch the widescreen lcd (they got that right on the e-m10 too it seems), those models will be sorted. I just got my e-pm2, but if they had an e-pm3 with flash, pancake and standard ratio screen, I’d upgrade right away.

  • safaridon

    What not to like with the new EM10? I bet it will be very popular especially because of its significantly smaller kit lens if the price is right. I wouldn’t put too much emphasis on use of 2 or 3 axis IBIS versus 5 axis when it comes to picture taking. Reportedly the 5 axis is best for video and steady viewing when using long teles but there is little difference to be seen in the actual pictures taken and the EMs are not exactly optimized for video options at present. I hope that this EM10 from Oly will make Pany offer their small 12-32mm lens available as a kit with their other m4/3 cams and thus they will better represent the advantages that m4/3 brings.


    Price please. I’m very interested. This could get A LOT of people to give this system a try who are on the fence.

    • Not to sound negative, but no it won’t. And for the price, it DEFINITELY won’t succeed at that.

      This camera realistically should be around half the price of the E-M5’s initial price. It doesn’t have 5 axis ibis, nor isn’t weather sealed.

      It’s a entry-level OMD, without the entry-level price tag.

      Once again, Olympus cut costs, yet refuses to pass on the savings. All they are doing are crippling their own sales and the health of M43 as a whole.

      Who with a sound mind is going to drop their E-M5’s for this? I don’t see much at all, fanboy or not!

      • Bob B.

        “Drop their E-M5”??? HUH?…Current E-M5 owners is NOT the market for this camera? What are you talking about?

        • MrALLCAPS


          When this camera was first announced, a LOT of posters here were hoping it was a Upgrade to their E-M5’s, Even Though it was mention to be Under it, claiming a better engine, no need for weather sealing and wi-fi a few of the factors.

          I love how people flip-flop.

          Gimmie a sec, I can pull quotes.

      • C. C.

        this fanboy talk again…….

      • goofy

        So you know the real price? Please share it with us as we only have a FT3 rumored price here….

      • tripper

        Only half? Come on, weather sealing is at least 40% of E-M5 price, and 5-axis ibis is at least 50%. And we all know that gimmicks like WiFi are given away for free to any manufacturer who wants them. With all this EXTREME cost cutting, Olympus should sell E-M10 for at most 76$. I mean, who in their right mind would pay more than that for non-weather sealed camera with such a tiny sensor. Madness, I tell you, madness!!!


      • Des

        We all know you are an angry fanboy that the sale of E-M1 in Amazon explodes your useless prediction :)

    • NateS

      MrAC, I don’t think you’ve done any market analysis, just shooting from the hip. I would be very surprised if Olympus has *not* done a full market analysis.

      I have to agree with THKPIC. I have a hunch that I’m in Oly’s target demographic / market segment for the EM10. And I’d guess I’m not alone- Enthusiastic hobbyist, but photography is not my primary hobby. For the past six months I’ve been looking to m43 as an upgrade from a Canon P&S. I’d like better IQ, better controls, interchangeable lenses, but still in a relatively small, lightweight package. I’ve been holding off on a purchase until I could see the EM10. I’ve looked at all the options, from the EM1 to the GM1 and I like what I’ve seen. I just couldn’t pull the trigger on any of them for various reasons of personal preference. This EM10 may be just what I’ve been waiting for. We’ll see on Wednesday, and I’ll read the reviews in the weeks to follow.

      BTW, I’m much more sensitive to camera size and features than price. I intend to use the camera for a variety of purposes- technical photos, artsy photos, friends & family snapshots, but I’ll use it most intensively for shooting landscapes and otherwise documenting tours on my motorbike.

  • Tim

    25p PLEASE!!!

  • Viezevure

    Nah not so nice. Just the same as the not so pretty EM-5. Oly should look more at the new beautiful Fuji X-T1. That camera rocks and has a good decent size sensor.

    • Iso-5-Million

      Are you crazy? The Fuji X-T1 is beyond hideous.

      And Fuji also cooks their raws which really sucks when you want sharp and detailed images to work with.

      • MrALLCAPS

        “Are you crazy? The Fuji X-T1 is beyond hideous.”


        But, the E-M1 is a swan compared to it, right??

    • Denis

      Of course… APSC is huge, M43 is tiny…

  • OldAlaskan

    I like the thumb grip.

  • bro

    I really hope that is the same grip material as on the EM1. The grip (even the silver one) on my EM5 is super slippery, while the EM1 feels grippy and awesome.

  • tripper

    With that collapsible lens, it looks quite a bit like Stylus 1. But the button layout is more like E-M5, at least on the top. It’ll probably be very similar in the back as well.

    The popup flash mechanism is definitely not the same as in Stylus 1, it’s obvious when you compare both.

    So, if the EM-10 with this sexy little kit lens is priced similar to E-M5 with a kit, I’d go for it. I really hope it’ll be a bit cheaper, tho, since it’s probably not gonna be weather sealed, and it’s only got 3-axis IBIS (wonder how well that will perform).

    • goofy

      My guess is e-m10+14-42 ‘s price will be the same as Stylus 1’s…

  • bousozoku

    When Olympus introduced the OM-10, they used (then) supermodel Cheryl Tiegs for the advertisements. Since this E-M10 is the equivalent model, I wonder if they’ll bring back Cheryl Tiegs, now in her 60s most likely, to help advertise. :-D

    • Ross

      Hopefully a good looking granddaughter instead. ;)

  • TheEndIsNigh

    This looks like an old camera, crippled and with a silly price tag. How much longer are Olympus going to be there?

    • tripper

      So you know the official price? Why not tell us?

  • kiki

    did you notice they added new fonction in PASM dial. What is it? is it on the e-m1 also?

  • AH

    Looks like a Sony A7 with tiny sensor

    • kiki

      Or.. A7 look like OMD?

    • goofy

      But with a huge and great native lenses collection!

  • Turin

    I see fn1 & play buttons are still hard to reach, something which ultimately prevented me from buying E-M5 although I loved the concept. Glad to see flash and no accessory port, though.

    • Patrick

      You didn’t buy because of the position of two buttons? That are right above the thumb grip?? Funny…

      • Turin

        Have you tried using them? If you’re accustomed to having AF start at your thumb insteadd of shutter half press, it’s a deal breaker.

        • Turin

          (They are recessed and impossible to press without shifting your grip)

        • Stu

          I agree with that.

  • Does anybody know the shortest shutter and sync speeds?

    • Ross

      The shutter speed should go up to 1/4000 (I doubt it would be faster & be surprised if it was slower) but it’s anybody’s guess with the flash sync speed (especially with various external flashes) going on E-M5 & E-M1 results.

      • A shutter with 1/4000 “should” be capable of 1/250 sync, but in Oly’s case is often just 1/180 sec.

    • Ross

      Not the E-M10, but I just tried the Stylus 1 with shutter speed at 1/2000 (max) in Shutter Priority with In-Built flash & it happily took the photo at that speed with the flash (at ISO 1600, default max.) & again in Manual with it stopped down to f6.3 & ISO set to 1600 with fine results (maybe a bit grainy). Sorry if that was some useless information to you, but it seems like it goes into Super FP mode (not specified at all though) which I haven’t known of before for an In-Built flash.

      • Ross

        In addition to my finding with the Stylus 1 (sorry if I’m boring some here), but the FL50R also syncs at up to 1/2000 sec., in normal TTL but doesn’t use Super FP TTL, even using RC triggering it still goes up to 1/2000 in TTL & FP TTL isn’t available (or needed).

        I would assume the E-M10 won’t do this & be more in line with the E-M5 or E-M1 with flash sync speeds, allowing Super FP TTL as well.

      • Do you know what kind of shutter the Stylus 1 has? Not that it matters for the EM-10…

        • Ross

          I think it is electo-mechanical (electronic control), but might be just the iris control, which could/may explain it & its reasonably quite shutter (when the sound is turned off) that fires away at up to 7 fps.

          • Of course it’s an electro-mechanical shutter. Probably closer something to a leaf shutter than to a focal plane shutter, hence the short sync speeds.

            • Ross

              Yeah, sorry for the ignorant response, but on trying to see it through the lens (with a torch) it did appear to be a leaf type in its shape. I can’t say I’ve opened a camera like this before & am more used to the blind curtains in SLR/DSLR’s & wasn’t sure what they used in these cameras.

            • Ross

              Just for sake of not leaving this diverse discussion unanswered, here it is discussed in the XZ-2 review at Photography Blog & would be the same for the Stylus 1, which does not answer the E-M10 sync speed etc.

              “Importantly, it’s possible to sync these flashes right up to the fastest shutter speed of 1/2000 of a second, although their range will be somewhat limited above 1/500 s. The official specifications do not mention the type of shutter used in the Olympus XZ-2 but it’s definitely not a focal plane shutter, so there will be no black stripes across the frame when using a flash at a high shutter speed.”

  • I think the GH4 will set the mirrorless world alight in 2014 (along as it has high fps, built in ND filter and the other goodies etc), the E-M10 will do OK, at the moment it’s looking pretty safe/tame….

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