(FT5) New E-M1 and 12-40mm lens picture!



And now we also have a nice picture form the top of the E-M1 + 12-40mm lens combo. You like it?

P.P.S.: I like the camera more and more. My only real worry is the price :(

  • Anonymoose

    It’s definitely pretty, but it’s not “pro” by any stretch of the imagination. For example, there is a reason why *all* pro cameras have at least a top LCD, and the big guns also have a back LCD. Nine settings on the mode dial, four are useless. Ah… Nice fashion accessory, though.

    • Anonymous

      Yes they have a LCD because they don’t have an EVF. Which info would you have on a LCD you couldn’t have in the EVF? Do you shoot looking at the LCD?
      About the mode dial, you can assign ANY function to ANY mode: everything is reprogrammable.

      Will you evolve or go on moaning and feeding your ulcer?

      • Sören

        +1 A customizable EVF makes a top LCD obsolete.

        • brudy

          The top lcd allows you to instantly see your settings, which matters when seconds count.

          • NikonKing

            You mean like on the lcd at the back?

            Top displays are lame. I never use them.

          • Anonymoose

            I’m beginning to think the majority of fanboys here have never even used a camera with any sort of viewfinder.

            Top LCD replaced by the EVF, my god… This is probably the new low of 43rumors…

            • mike

              I have one… I have to remind myself to use it… maybe use it 2% of the time… I shoot with the Sony a77 btw.. fun camera… but I am interested in something smaller…

            • Who told you Mister that for a camera to be professional must have a top LCD? I have two Leica M, a Hasselblad and an 8×10″ view camera, and non of them have a top LCD. Please, don’t be silly.

            • Anonymous

              I own an E-3, I do every so often rent a d3, I own a minolta 7000 AF, dynax 5 and 7, all of which have a top lcd, and I’ve been using all of those, some for much more then a decade, one for more then a quarter century, so don’t come with your you never used a camera with top rubbish. I also use an OM-1 and Minolta x-700, so the ‘you never used a real viewfinder’ bull doesn’t work either. Those suggestions are just stupid.

              From this and many other posts its totally evident that you just totally fear EVFs and dismiss out of hand anything EVF related.

              Preference is one thing, prefer ovfs and top lcds all you want, just bloody stop trying to tell the world that they should skip on progress because of it.

            • If you learn where the buttons are, you don’t need that display, everything is displayed in your viewfinder. It’s easy enough to change them on the fly, plus, you skip the step of having to look back into the viewfinder.

              I have an E-5, I only look there when other people ask what settings I’m shooting at. I think it’s convenient, but not a deal killer in any way. I’ll get used to looking at the lcd.

              I’m looking forward to a camera I can review the images I take in the viewfinder. that would be more important to me than a top LCD showing redundant information.

            • Oilymouse

              > Top LCD replaced by the EVF, my god… This is probably the new low of 43rumors…

              Because of one post? That sounds deranged; now YOU are heading for a new low, haha! :-)

              Anyway, EVF + rear display is much more critical. Keep in mind the tradition of LCD started with film bodies long ago and likely won’t last forever. Given the size of this body, it all makes sense to the sensible.

              I have bodies with one or even two LCDs AND a rear display. If you don’t touch the menus, the LCDs are fine. On Oly bodies with their super menu on the back, not even an EVF is needed.

              To know so little and to shout so hard…

            • sd

              Try it, instead of bitching about a camera you’ve never used.

            • ajendus

              I have two nikon bodies (D700 & 800) and use the top LCD because it can be valuable to know your settings while shooting but very infrequently do I miss said LCD on my EM5. I don’t believe it is a make or break feature of a “pro” camera. Mostly I think people use the term “pro” as a negative premise. This camera doesn’t have this feature. Pros need this feature. Therefore this camera isn’t for pros. It assumes far too much and is based on the undefined nature of ‘pro’. Ansel Adams had cameras far less sophisticated than ours today but most would agree that he was a pro. Same token, plenty of people use very high-end equipment, more sophisticated than many of us even, but are certainly not pros by most people’s accounts.

          • rrr_hhh

            If you want instant feedback, then having the settings appearing in the EVF as you change them is better : you can adjust them without that your eye leaves the target.

          • Brent cov

            So does your back high res screen

            • Anonymous

              This is true, but for a DSLR the top display makes sense still next to the rear display.

              The top lcd tends to be a classic lcd segment display with optional illumination. The power use of this display (with illumination turned off) is very low, so it can be left on all the time. The hi-res rear display however uses a fair bit more power.

              Since you’ll be using the EVF or rear display during shooting anyway, the top LCD makes little sense on a mirrorless camera.

              • The Real Stig

                Given the photo this article is based on, where do you see room for an LCD such as you describe?

                I have an SLR with such an LCD. It pales in comparison with the info on the back screen of an E-M5 or what is available in the viewfinder. It’s like arguing the superiority a flint axe over a modern steel one.

                • Anonymous

                  Sorry if what I said wasn’t clear (or possibly you clicked on the wrong reply link?), but I was not at all arguing that the E-M1 should have one, rather the opposite actually.

                  Of course what the rear display tells you over what a top lcd tells you is much more, and as someone else pointed out, what the evf can do is even better as you can get all the info you want while changing settings and without having to take your eye off the subject.

                  My point was that historically top lcds do make sense on DSLRs because of having all important settings always visible for extremely little cost (in power use) whereas the rear display typically uses a lot of power because of being a backlit tft.

                  A few things changed since, OLED displays are more power efficient, there is more power available from batteries, and ‘live view’, either on the rear display or in the viewfinder, which made all important settings available whenever you actually need them for no extra cost in power usage since those devices need to be turned on anyway, so on a camera like the E-M1 its simply not needed.

                  • Oilymouse

                    And hearing this, Anonymoose stood up and left.

                  • The Real Stig

                    Yea it was supposed to be in reply to Anonymoose – Anonymouse is visually not that distinct.

    • As mentioned, a Top EVF is unnecessary when you have all the shooting information available to you without even taking your eye away from the VF.

      As a note to anyone who hasn’t experienced the benefits of this say in a portrait shoot, getting a quick review in the VF is unbelievably useful as you no longer have to chimp… This means a more seamless experience for you model and more momentum for the shoot.

      As for the useless mode dial items, iAuto is very useful today when you want to hand your camera to someone who doesn’t know what they are doing. YOu are more likely to get a shot of you in focus :)

      The art and scene modes are what they are, and if you haven’t enjoyed using them.. well your loss. For my modes there is now a very convenient switch on the camera body for you to quickly change global settings.

      • Which somewhat begs the question… why was the top LCD ever conceived at all, when the information it provides was already able to be presented in the viewfinder ? Never mind EVF’s, I’m talking about film SLR’s that had viewfinder information yet also found it useful to have a top LCD.

        But WTF, decades-worth of photographers can’t possibly have known what they wanted and needed, right ?

        Now that we’ve done away with the mirror, we can forget everything we ever knew about camera’s and start over.

        FFS. Some people really need to get a ticket for the clue train.

        • Richard

          so which dials and buttons would you want removed from the EM-1 to fit in your LCD?
          or do you want a much bigger EM1???

        • Anonymous

          You’re missing the point.
          An EVF can show everything that appears on the back screen
          DSLRs and film SLRS cannot show all this information, just a subset of it which is why top LCDs were invented.


      Nice, try harder.

  • Svenlovesflo

    I like but won’t buy…for that setup I am thinking it will cost close to 3 grand

    • Kabe

      So, you are not going to buy because of your price expectation? What do you do if the price is closer to 2 grand?

      • Vlad

        He’ll probably buy it?

  • Mr kazak 35mm

    mmmm $3000 for this? WOW!…Choice between full frame, high detail, great dynamic range, great in low light, or choose tiny little frame with RUBBISH performance! mmmm hard choice there!

    • Vlad

      Well, that leaves out Canon…

      • Mr kazak 35mm

        Sony and Nikon smoke your system (oh I forgot, you rely on Sony for your sensors, even begging Sigma to make lenses for you…Kinda humiliating!)

        • Vlad

          I am a Sony user. Lol.

        • Oilymouse

          So many Nikon cameras have a Sony sensor… With luck, they “tweaked” it, just like Oly. Oh, sweet delusion.

          Meanwhile, the Sigma 18-35 1.8 is nicely rocking the boats of establishment and simpletons believing in “their” brand, hahahaha.

          I think we should have some sort of troll entrance exam. You know, to filter out the stupid bottom end.

          • stu5

            The thing is with the Sigma lens design that was registered a few days after Olympus announced their lens. Plus there are not loads of different ways of designing a lens of this spec in the first place so hardly surprising it looks the same.

            • Uberzone

              There are infinite ways to make a lens by varying the number of elements, their type, and the groupings.But all you need to do is slightly change another design to call it yours. No reason to reinvent the wheel, but it is definitely possible to come up with something drastically different if you want to put the money and effort into it.

              • stu5

                Uberzone this is a classic lens design for this type. Nobody is going to make it slightly different just for the sake of it. There is no point. Have you actually studied lens design and I don’t mean just mean reading a book?

        • jimbo

          Too many damn teenagers on this website.

    • The Real Stig

      Taking a laptop, a book, headphones, a D800, 24-70mm f2.8, water etc in your cabin baggage for a flight and subsequent connections – or swapping the FF anchor combo for the E-M1 combo – not a hard choice at all.

      • Vlad

        Especially when hand luggage allowance gets smaller by the day.

      • mFTfellow

        Come on guys move with the times, laptops are so last year :-) a tablet does the job of a laptop at least on holiday. I can tinker with JPEGS { I keep the RAW files on the cards which are tiny } using Snapseed does fine for the basics and upload it to Flickr or Facebook etc ,it also works as an e-reader { books really? :-) } , plays music movies etc all in a compact form.

        A D800 with 28mm F1.8G,50mm F1.8G and 85mm F1.8G hits the scales at 1.8kg I could live with that or Do what I do when on holiday with my MFT one body , one slowish zoom along with a favourite prime or 2. If I was a FF user I would have the D800e with ,16-35 and the 85mm F1.8G { 127mm with DX crop} , I am a landscape guy so this would do me pretty well. Not to hard to get a decent set up under 2kg.Sure it is going to be heavier than mft by a big chunk, but come on 2kg is hardly going to be a crippler.

        By that same thinking, If size and weight are the priority then something like an RX100 would do a fine job. I have seen a lot of great shots from it online. It would be far lighter and far smaller than any mft kit , downside you lose some image quality, just as you lose some image quality by using mFT instead of the D800. In fact looking at the ratings for the E-M5 ,D800e or RX100 there is a much larger difference in image quality between the E-M5 and the D800e than there is between the RX100 and the E-M5.

        Makes you wonder if there is someone on an RX100 forum wondering who would carry all that weight taking an mFT kit :-).mFT does the job for me but i have no problem with someone thinking different


        • Anonymous

          If 2KG isn’t an issue for YOU then think of what m4/3 setup you could fit in that weight.
          Oh, and that you’d only take a slow zoom, well, there exist fast zooms for m4/3, currently 2 of them, soonish 3, and a bit less soonish at least 4. That you don’t own one, well, means you can’t take it with you, but if you can dream up a ‘full frame’ kit you could fit in 2kg, why not try to dream up a m4/3 kit that would also fit?

          But indeed, some are totally happy with a compact for their travel and when you are, that sounds like the perfect way to go. I’m absolutely not, as I tend to want to take good indoor pictures WITHOUT flash and/or tripod. Many of the places I visit during travel allow taking pictures, but absolutely forbid using flash and tripods, so decent high iso performance (at the very least a good 1600 and acceptable 3200) and being able to use bright prime lenses is an absolute must-have for a travel camera for me. (yes, talking about ISO 1600, f/1.4 and not being able to get better then 1/25 shutter often, so IS also quite helps)

        • Vlad

          “A D800 with 28mm F1.8G,50mm F1.8G and 85mm F1.8G”
          I currently have a NEX-7 with a 10-18, 35mm f1.8 and 50mm f1.8. It is around 900 grams. That is twice as light as D800 and more than twice less bulky. I am also a landscape guy and this setup works great for me. I can lug a D800 all day, but I choose not to. 1kg is not going to be a crippler, until you consider that I have a backpack, tripod, etc., all of which specifically chosen to be lightweight.

          “By that same thinking, If size and weight are the priority then something like an RX100 would do a fine job.”
          Absolutely. But where you draw the line is entirely subjective. The RX100 might have great IQ, but doesn’t go to 15mm wide and is a pain in terms of handling.

          “Makes you wonder if there is someone on an RX100 forum wondering who would carry all that weight taking an mFT kit.”
          Pretty sure there is.

          • mFTfellow

            Hi Vlad,as mentioned landscape is my interest the only thing about the E-M1 I do not like is the MP count. I have been wondering about the Nex7 replacement combined with the Sigma 18-35mm F1.8,have you seen reports in any Nex forum about anyone using it on Nex I am not bothered about AF etc just how it performs.

            • Vlad

              I haven’t, but I believe it will perform great. There is no reason whatsoever why it wouldn’t. The only (potential) problem I can see is handling. It is an 800gr lens connected with an adapter to a 350 gram camera. The grip is good, but not that good. And you might have some issues on a tripod as well. For me, all of those are non-issues, but you should definitely give it a try in a store.

              • mFTfellow

                I do not mind the weight my most used focal length range is 28-50mm {FF AOV } so this would tick all the boxes , I really hope that the Nex7 replacement comes with a higher MP count I am not too interested in high ISO.I hoped to find some results and input from users of the Nex7 with this lens, thanks for the info

                • Vlad

                  What about the upcoming 16-70 f4 stabilized Zeiss? Samples look good, price is decent.

        • derek

          are you really serious?
          do you really trust DXO that much?
          well, DXO really does not measure real life practical IQ , just useless numbers even which are usually incorrect due to their biased testing methods(re-sampling everything at 8mp) and place of importance on base ISO IQ , rather than all around IQ.
          no real photogs care about what DXO crap says even a bit, it is even not scientific test as some believed.
          if Adobe does something similar , it will be much better.

          no one actually needs a tiny minor software company rating sensors(it is impossible to just measure sensor quality anyway).

          • mFTfellow


            I have extensively compared the actual RAW files from the respective cameras and the DXO results are completely in line with their observations.My point was that different people have different standards and expectations , nothing up with that. I am currently in the mFT camp that does not mean that I cannot appreciate other systems.
            As for DXO being a minor company their list of clients makes them pretty much a world leader. Then what do Olympus, Nikon, Pentax, Fujifilm, Nasa ,Sigma etc know


            • derek

              as I said many times, you cannot simply compare RAW files , it involves many many other factors and key electronics chain.
              DXO does not measure it correct, and I know it, there is no point of discussing about the shitty useless test any futher.
              now , many many clever people see this and many of us do our own RAW file measurements since Adobe never does it for us.
              but in fact , even before that, there is no real RAW in any current consumer based cameras any more, all current cameras have some level of noise reduction at RAW level and you cannot be turned off.
              if possible , try to develop the top rated Nikons with DCRAW, or something similar , you might get shocked how bad they actually are without Nikon style RAWNR.

        • The Real Stig

          I take my E-M5 + 12-50 in my backpack along with a Zuiko 90mm F2 when skiing. I do not want a D800 thanks.

          • Oilymouse

            For most (almost all) photographers, FF SLRs (and heavier MF systems) are too much 99% of the time. If you need a FF/MF kit for special occassions, simply rent.

            There’s not that much point to personally identify with such a camera if you wish your kit to be remotely portable.

            And this is the irony: for a more “personal” system, it really borders on the insane to consider FF. You’d carry the weight and the bulk around, while never needing the benefits. Well, those people help to keep prices down, I guess! :-)

            • Anonymous

              “real stig” and “oily mouse” you are the same bloke right? I totally agree with you. I only take my G15 when I go mountaneering, I couldn’t cope with the bulk of a M43 system. And when I am not mountaneering, I cannot cope with the low quality and high price, so I shoot 24 x 36.

              • Oilymouse

                If you can live with such a simple setup, fine. For some climbers even a G15 is too much weight (I’m not going into robustness, but good luck to you!). IQ wise, I’ve tried and sold Canon. Personally, I’m happy there’s something called medium format for when my 24×36 doesn’t suffice, btw.

                I don’t know how many post under “Anonymous”, but it’s probably more than one, haha.

    • BLI

      WOW, if the rumours are correct, the 16 Mpx E-M1 will have close to the DR of the FF D700. WOW, how uninformed is it possible for 35mm fans to be?

      • derek

        actually the D700 only has 11.7 stops of DR, I measured it myself and even the crappy test like DXO said similar thing.
        anyway, the D800E has amazing DR at base ISO and I know it is almost close to full 15stops of DR, but the D700 had just 11.7 stops of usable DR and real life practical DR was even lower than that of lab level DR of the sensor.
        so it is nothing amazing if the EM1 had the same level of DR as the D700 sensor. in fact, the current EP5 already has more DR than the D700 ever did.

        • Oilymouse

          Makes sense. The D700 is a very capable, classic camera, still preferred over the D600 and D800 by many. If the E-M1 compares well to it with iso <=3200, Oly has a real winner.

        • Anonymous

          The Sony RX100 with its tiny little itsy bitsy sensor has a whisker more DR at base than the E-M5.The 5yr old D700 has 12.2DR with far better high ISO

    • Anonymous

      Bugger off with your amateur 35mm toy. Real photographers shoot 6×5 or at the very least 120 format.

      • Mr kazak 35mm

        with 35mm being a toy compared to large format, then that makes m43 a bit of dirt on the side of the road (and you forgot that d800 sensor smokes medium format! Oops!)

        • Anonymous

          Go learn something about photography and the history of photography instead, and you’d know that you sound totally like all the now out of business photographers from times past that were indeed calling 35mm an ‘amateur format’. Go learn something about Leica and how they became the king of the hill for a long time by totally ignoring the stupid kind of argument you are trying to make.

          • Oilymouse

            Trolls by definition are limited in knowledge: they know no reason. A troll’s contributions to the discourse are often – as in this case – verbal turds that degrade the poster to a sad karikature.

            Good trolls however, can switch angles and set intricate traps instead of simply claiming “mine is better than yours” and “this will surely fail”.

            Please trolls, this camera will wipe the floor with your pathetic egos that cannot but identify with a few 100s or 1000s worth of consumer electronics. It deserves better. We deserve better. Give it your best.

            • Robert Mark

              Don’t forget the importance of a constant 2.8 Aperture 12 to 40 mm lens. This thing is literally half the weight of and about an inch smaller in diameter then some of the big Canon or Nikon glass.

              • Oilymouse

                This is why the FF fanboys are in such disarray. D800 was a game changer that punched above its weight. E-M1 will do the same: for many FF shooters, it will be the ticket to lose a lot of weight fast.

                I’m convinced that long ago, Olympus thought long and hard about the possible value of the 4/3 sensor in the long run. It must be gratifying for them to see how well they chose the sweet spot, while Canikon have APS and FF cameras overlapping more and more. They can only move towards the bigger sensors now.

                Since a few weeks, I have very few doubts (if any) about the future of the OBS43 format. :-)

                • Clubber Lang

                  Call me crazy but I read a bunch of different sites because I’m a photo nerd. I read about different systems even if I don’t own them. I hardy ever see people on the full frame forums bashing other systems. They seem to just shoot and enjoy their camera. Sure there are people that do. But, I’d have to say that there are more people on the 4/3 forums that have some sort of issue with people that choose to use a full frame camera. What gives?? They are only cameras. They all do the same thing…Take photos.

                  • Anonymous

                    But photographers and ‘fanboys’ are 2 entirely different things.

                    Photographer: hey, thats a neat little camera with some nice glass.

                    Fanboy: but it isn’t full frame, I’d never use that seriously.

                    Both seem right, but the later because of not actually using a camera for much more then bragging rights to begin with.

                  • Oilymouse

                    You apparently completely missed the great number of FF “evangelists” bashing the E-M1 and m43 during the last weeks. They have received their fair share, poems and all.

                    I shoot m43 + FF. I know these systems. Trolls reap what they sow.

              • Anonymous

                That is because they are not equivalent you even explained why lol

        • Oilymouse

          > and you forgot that d800 sensor smokes medium format!

          Good. That means that by exactly the same token, an m43 sensor could smoke full frame. And that’s what’s about to happen.

          Whoops, you goofed!

      • derek

        well, huge 645, 6/7,etc are only useful for landscape , still life ,etc on a solid tripod or at studio.
        but the D800E can shoot action and lowlight with amazing detail.
        on top of that the D800E shoots amazing pro level video with a set of Zeiss or Nikon primes, does any phase or a hassy or Leica S(junk) shoot video?

        so even if a Hassy or Phase is priced as cheap as my D800E(I actually think the IQ260 should be priced around there anyway, though) , I will always choose my D800E.
        I honestly think the Pentax645D should have been cheaper than the D800E and the Leica S should be around the same price point as the D800E.
        as a tool , the D800E is a better camera than the overpriced Leica S2 or Pentax 645D shit, anyone with a bit of brain can see that.

        • Anonymous

          Derek you completely missed the point of that post.

  • John P

    I like it from a design standpoint, especially with that lens. mft looks likes it’s finally all grown up.

    The price might hurt though.

  • henrik

    One thing i like is the grip. First Oly for ages that doesn’t make my hand cramp just by looking at it.

  • Petri

    I’m basically in love, but will have to see if I can manage to cough up the dough for it. Also that lens looks pretty big, but definitely would love the convenience over primes.

  • Werner

    hey Admin, any news regarding video features?

    • admin

      asked two soruces. Hope they can tell me more soon.

      • u

        I have a bad feeling on that one.. Don’t see 24p being there sorry guys. But it’s just a feeling

      • Werner


        • U2

          I have a bad feeling about this also. Came so close to buying the Gh3 but didn’t because it took FOREVER to to out of back order where I am. Pre-ordered the black magic pocket cam but will cancel that due to the white orb issues its having. Have decided to get this camera because it is simply the most irresistible thing I have ever seen. But, video is hugely important to me and my gut tells me this will be basically a stills only implementation. Video will be there but it’ll be ametuer hour. Would love to be wrong though, this camera and the 2 pro zooms are basically perfection

          • Nelson

            Just get the GH3 if you are seriously into video, since it is also on special atm

      • BLI

        “O” has indicated that emphasis has been on stills.

  • oliver

    As a Canon 5dmIII shooter I have to say that’s the first m4/3 camera to give me GAS! Superb!

    • Oilymouse

      Good news: it’s intended just for you, not for the E-PL2 lovers whining about its large size instead of dreaming about the GX-7! :-D

      • 3vo

        I’m a proud refurbished E-PL2 owner and…. i’m not going to whine about the size of e-m1 or about the “…” of the GX-7, only if i can have both refurbished in one week!! ;-)

        (the “…” are the unsuccessful attempt to find a gx-7 defect!)

  • Jason


    Video specs?
    Two sdcards?
    Headphones jack?
    Hdmi out free?
    Prores codec or raw video?
    Ibis5 works video and focus peaking?

  • Frank

    I have a question : Do you guys think that there is a button in the aperture dial ( next to the dial mode) ? Looks like you can press it…

    • Tim F

      I think it’s a lock button for the dial to prevent accidental turning it. Don’t know if I like that-it’s great on the Ricoh gr, but the dial is on a corner on the gr…

      • Frank

        nope Tim you talk about the pasm dial.My question is about the aperture dial next to the p/a/s/m dial. Looks like a button…

        • Mo

          Probably the shutter button. It’s got two of em it looks like.

          • A second shutter release button for those with double-jointed thumbs? :-P

            There is no second shutter release – what you see is just a congruent design element.

  • Raist

    That looks *really nice*.

  • Ivo

    Hmm, i need a napkin….

  • Anonymous

    Darn it….This is what my EM-5 should have looked like ;-). My hands are not gigantic, but I’m a tall guy and on a number of occasions I wished for a better grip or different placement of buttons.

  • Chris

    is the EM-1 the same size as the EM-5 with addon grip?

    • dgreene196

      The general consensus (and there are some links to some good efforts at visualizing the difference on this thread) is that the E-M1 is somewhat larger (wider and deeper) than the E-M5, but appears to be, overall, smaller than the Panasonic GH3. It is by no means a large camera, but it’s not tiny, either.

  • Anonymous

    BEST looking m4/3 camera to date!! Superb! This lens is very nice too!

  • AAA

    I will buy MFT if they release a light weight and fast super tele lens.
    say 100-300 F4 or 400 F5.6

    I am happy with my full frame for landscapes and portraits.

    being said that, the top view of this looks pretty cool.

  • 10% distortion

    Not a pro camera. Try again.

    • Oilymouse

      I define what “pro” is and I’m saying it is pro.

      Sounds reasonable, I think.

    • Anonymous

      If you can make money with it, it’s a “pro” gear no matter what the format. If you are using it for fun/hobby it’s a toy no matter what it says on the lens or what the marketing people made you believe. So it’s time to hide under the bridge little troll.

  • Robert Mark

    Some commenters seem to equate “Pro” with big and heavy. I guess pros have never used Leicas, right? And how did any of us possibly earn a dollar from photography before we had top mounted LCDs?

    Recently, I spent several weeks dragging a Canon 5D3 and 3 lenses (covering 16-300mm) around Italy. A kit with the OM-D and three lenses would have been about a third the weight. There’s not one image I made with the Canon kit that I could not have made with an OM-D kit.

    • “Some commenters seem to equate “Pro” with big and heavy. I guess pros have never used Leicas, right? And how did any of us possibly earn a dollar from photography before we had top mounted LCDs?”

      He he! How did any of us earn a dollar in photography without auto focus, auto-exposure, through the lens metering, image stabilization, high speed shooting, compact flash or SD cards, etc, etc.

      We did it by going out and taking photos, using light meters or cardboard exposure calculation guides, by understanding lighting and composition without getting hung up on rules. By using our personal combination of technical and creative skills to capture a moment or to tell a story and by teaching ourselves to see things differently.

      All forms are technology are just tools. Nothing more or less. The art, science and vision depend on the person.

      There is no clear definition of Pro. Generally through history it is considered to be some combination the following. Reliability, durability under difficult situations, intuitive easy to use controls that don’t require a lot of effort or thought to use once learned, flexible, adaptable system, not unusually burdensome relative to the format, quick in operation, supports high quality optics. And last, empowers the photographer to make better photos.

      Most of the technology people argue over has no relationship to actually taking photographs, other then that they might be used but aren’t essential to the end result. They are simply benefits we can enjoy to make the process more enjoyable and easier.

      • Anonymous


        And some of us still return to those ‘old ways’ every so often because the lack of technology lets you concentrate on the picture itself.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been waiting almost 5 years for a good replacement for my E-510. In that time, I’ve accumulated many lenses (SG > SHG) and refused the urge to ‘upgrade’ or jump-ship, and decided to experiment and learn more with what the E-510 could do. It looks like my patience will pay off with the E-M1.

    • Oilymouse

      Some say that very few of your kind exist these days. Others think there might be a whole army of 4/3 sleepers waiting to summoned to hail the Dark Knight and restore order… Ok, off to bed.

  • Lobbamobba

    I have a GH3, a e-m5 and a d800. If this have 25 and/or 24p I will sell all three and buy the E-m1.
    It looks like a real game changer, if it have good video specs. Othervise it is of no interest at all comared to the e-m5.
    (i would get the bmpcc as b-cam)

  • Robot

    Real pros rarely comment here. 5 years ago i knew 1 (one) real pro who shot with Olympus (E-3). Now there is so many that i could not even count. They all shoot now with EM-5 as second body and some even as their main. Main problem that they say is that only thing to bother when shooting micro 4/3 is credibility in their client’s eyes becouse of so small camera body and compact lenses.

    GX7 and GH3 might be the volume sellers, but believe me, if you go to pros shooting stills they either have EM-5 in their bag or planning to buy it, but rarely will admit it.

    Average people, especially in wedding shoots and studio portraits expect that bigger is better and it is sometimes hard to justify their gear size as there is dozens of Canon-Rebel-uncles (guys) shooting in the crowd with bulkier bodies. There are many pros who shade their OM-D in the camera bag becouse of current consensus.

    I believe that if Olympus play their cards right, this might be REALLY tempting with pros. If there are enough pros buying this, it will guarantee the system will live and prosper. Just include MMF-3 and grip in kit and they are buying.

    • Alex

      I don’t have a clue about volume.

      How many 43 and m43 cameras / lenses were made to date?

      What is the order of magnitud? 1,000 / 10,000 / 100.000 / 1.000.000 units?

    • Mattphoto

      That’s such BS.
      Let’s see some numbers to back up the claim on Pros using the EM5.

      • Robert Mark

        If by “pro” you mean the guys on the sidelines shooting sports, you won’t see much else than Canon or Nikon. Often I’m one if them (with my giant white lens). But I also get paid for editorial work and for that kind if work I don’t need the servo focusing mode of a Canon 1DX. My fine art work is sold in galleries and I could seriously benefit from a lighter weight kit when I’m working the road.

        I’ll bet that most of the comments claiming that OM-D gear isn’t used by pros are clearly written by people who have never been paid to create images.

  • AG

    The top view looks very nice with a lock on the mode dial. But for me this is like Devil temping me. My mode dial broke off on the E-M5 and Olympus sucks at repairs, so they really are going to have to work hard to get me to spend $1500 or even $1 on any Olympus product.

    Is there a reason why the street price of a FF CanoNikon body costs the same as a m4/3 body? Olympus needs to get some clue on how to provide service.

  • 3vo

    The top left of em-1 is even more similar to om-1 in respect to em-5! same on-off switch position and film winder vs “fake film winder” positions!

  • Scott

    I am a pro and I use the em5 without shame

    • Richard

      as was said earlier a pro camera, is a pro’s camera… Anyone making money from photograpy is a pro, and any gear good enough for them is “pro” gear. End of discussion!

  • Shenkie

    Looks real sweet.

  • Anonymous

    If this photo were reposted in reverse we could post an other 300 comments:) The next post will be the box, and then then….

  • One More Thought

    This will be a great camera but like the site admin I think the price may be a huge barrier like it has been with the EP5.

    • dgreene196

      The E-P5 is in sort of a rough position. At it’s price point, the lack of an EVF is pretty obvious. On the other hand, it’s good as good a sensor as any camera Olympus sells, and it’s got class-leading image stabilization built-in. But, when potential buyers are clicking off features, the GX7 now has IS, as well. Though it may not be as good, it’s a harder sell for the E-P5, and that’s without comparing it to the G6, GH3 (now on sale), NEX-7, NEX-6, E-M5, and even the Fuji X-E1 or the Nikon 1 V2 (eww). Not to mention the seemingly dozens of ordinary DSLRs under the E-P5’s price point.

      E-M1 is a little bit of a different beast. Weather-sealing, solid grip, and PDAF (all rumored, of course) put it a higher category, with a corresponding higher price tag. It will be interesting to see how it compares to the NEX-7 successor, and even the rumored Nikon D300s and Canon 7D replacements. In a lot of ways, those are the cameras it will be competing against. As a side note, anyone know how Sony’s NEX Fast Hybrid AF performs? It’s in a few models, and I suspect the implementation is similar to what the E-M1 has, but no one seems to comment on its effectiveness.

  • Anonymous

    Why this iAuto setting on this camera? Seems totally out of place.

    • MAFAv8r

      That is what my wife uses so we don’t need to take a P&S

    • The Real Stig

      As someone explained earlier, if you have a need to just hand the camera over to a someone who hasn’t a clue – perhaps the bride wants a photo with her and the photographer – you can just set it to iAuto and tell them to just get the subject in the frame and press the shutter release. It’s just Olympus thinking of everything.

      It’s the same with the much maligned Art filters – some people might have occasion to use them while others might never use them. You can’t use whats not there but you can ignore what is.

  • Steven R

    In reply to Clubber Lang:
    Gee whiz, what planet have you been living on? The 4/3 format has been knocked for years by the FF and APS-C forums all over the internet. Even all the innovations created by Olympus like Live-View was ridiculed incessantly by the CanNikon crowd right up to the point that their cameras later adopted it.

    • Clubber Lang

      Calm down there chucky. It’s only photography. Nobody’s life is in jeopardy here.

  • Tobias Giesen

    Of course it has to be expensive, it’s a Pro level camera. We can be happy that it will be cheaper than the E-5 was.

  • It is not pro…. Pro will use a camera with bigger sensor. Its a fun camera with nice features and weathersealing. Kids will love it.

    • true homer

      So rebels are pro?

    • jimbo

      Are you a Pro Photographer? If not, please shut up.

    • Furious at idiots!

      Love that you are so deluded you think you can talk for every professional in every circumstance. Your either stupid or utterly naive or both!
      Sure for some things in some circumstances ff will remain for the time being better, but for lots of things at is no longer the case. If you can’t see this then you simply don’t know anything about any photography other than the small variety you are engaged in

  • Mack

    From what people here posted, pros are mostly laborers , equipment movers. The difference with enthusiasts is that they get paid for hard work they do for others, and enthusiasts enjoy themselves shooting what they want themselves. Who care to use what pros use. Like truck drivers. Sure, lots of power. The smart enthusiasts drive smaller sportive cars.

  • victor

    What’s up with all this “pro” photographer talk these days? It seems to me that some people still think the camera makes a photographer, and that’s just a cheap excuse to make up for lack of vision. “I could be an amazing photographer too if I had THAT camera” is not a mantra to photograph by, and will get you nowhere.

    Besides, so many people out there still shoot film, slides, Polaroid, large format, etc. that your two cents about the “pro” world are worthless.

    I really like checking out camera tech because it’s such an amazing time for affordable digital photography at long last, but honest to god some of the comments on this site are worse than YouTube comments.

  • Seth Ellis

    To me this looks heavenly. I hope they have made it attractive to most professionals with decent battery and very responsive AF. I also hope the video specs and price are competitive with the GH3 list price.

  • grant

    so any idea if the lens will be available immediately? i have a trip in early october that would be a perfect test for this nice-looking zoom lens.

  • Phred

    That lens just looks so BOSS!!!!!!! I want one….want some tests….give it up Olympus!!!!

    • Dirk

      Yeah, BOSS!!

      This lens looks like a killer. No mess with me.

      I surrender.

      Take my money.

      • Phred

        I want to see one review vs Panasonic to confirm our expectations.

  • Apparently the E-M1 + 12-40 is bigger than the GH3 + 12-35.

    • Richard

      Not sure this is right, see;

      The gh3 is 11mm wideer than em5, and all estimates on how much the grips adds to em1 width or around the 3-6mm range, leaving it still substantially smaller. Or have I missed something?

    • true homer

      Its so ironic that the exact same people that I are having geargasms over the em1 are mfor the most part the same people that commented the gh3 was stupid big.
      Its so fun to go look at thos3 comments and compare them. The hypocrisy. ..

      • Anonymous

        Oh, hi true whiner.

        Could you please be a little more original with your trolls? You have been using this one for a while now, its entertainment value is gone.

        • true homer

          That’s because I dont make the stuff up as I go, this isnthe thruth plain and simple. If you bother to check youd see it. But you wont, because the vast majority of anonymous cowards are nithing but fantards.

    • Matt

      I also don’t think it was right. There have been other size comparisons with the E-M5 using the 17mm lens as a common reference, and the results suggest the E-M5 should be just 1 cm wider than the E-M5 but just slightly taller.

      I am quite sure that the E-M1 is smaller and more importantly, lighter than the heavy GH3. Olympus 12-40mm is however bigger, and therefore the net overall (camera + zoom) size would be close. If the rumor is correct in that the 12-40mm has higher IQ than the 12-35mm, I am happy. The larger lens size suggests that Olympus has to use more in the glass, with the result that it is larger even though there is no OIS, to get the optical quality right, i.e. less reliance on software corrections.

      For me, the considerations are good quality first, less weight second and smaller size third for a high grade lens. Otherwise, a kit zoom would be much cheaper.

    • Anonymous

      no way! there is a prob in your comparaison.

    • The Real Stig

      I don’t think so. Here’s my overlay of an E-M5 on the E-M1: http://i1351.photobucket.com/albums/p794/An0nemu5/Forum/E-M1-E-M5Sizecomp_zpsd00e5614.jpg

      Now compare that to the camera size site choosing the from above view: http://j.mp/PLX99T

  • Jezza

    Funny reading the comments and seeing how much the FF fanboys fire up on news like this. I reckon you could almost set up a fanboy perceived “threat level” rating based on the amount and depth of slander and baselessness of the comments made. I’m rating this one “high” :-)

    I’m loving the look of the E-M1 and will have to seriously resist trading in the M5 for it. I love my 14-54 and have been waiting for the day I could expect quick focus again… Saying that, I could always get the 12-40 instead and trade off a bit of long end for reduced weight, a bit more light, and possibly slightly better focus performance (still waiting to see how Olympus on sensor phase detect performs…) Decisions decisions!

  • The E-M1 is a watershed for Olympus, so in the future the price will be inessential. Olympus is the first company to close the dSLR era, showing that old lenses can be salvaged, but more importantly that its performance as an action camera can be unimpaired.

    It is of course critical that the dSLR replacement be much smaller, a thing that 4/3 never achieved. That is the significance of pairing the body with a smaller 12-40.

    Because of the high resolution, high DR, and other features: reactiveness, high frame rate, fast and yet exact AF, it challenges all the camera industry, including the larger formats. That is the very reason why we see the panic and the trolling.

    The quantity and quality of lenses from all sides is the best demonstration that m4/3 has become the main hub of the camera industry allowing peerless resolution/weight/size ever.

    It puts the rest of the industry in a quandary: yes they have cheaper prices, but they risk more and more to be stuck in old technology as time goes by. They are the undead, while m4/3 is the most lively format in the industry.

    Expect all sorts of sniping from the retarded, which invested thousands in what they discover now to be obsolete technology. Not nice to say: but it reminds me of eating peanuts in front of caged animals at the zoo. Please throw them some of your peanuts :)

    • Cyril

      I share the view

    • Anonymous

      As this camera uses a Sony sensor it’s likely that versions of it will appear in the next NEX cameras. So it will be Sony and Olympus that will enable all those old PDAF lenses to be used, not just Olympus.

      • I meant dSLR technology. Isn’t Sony abandoning dSLR?

        It seems to me that by abandoning the mirror a lot of new technologies become available. And isn’t it amazing that even older formats can be made compatible (up to a point)? Olympus has perhaps the fastest AF of the industry.

        My first digital was a Sony Mavica with built in floppy disk. It still makes me laugh, but at least it made me realise that a digital camera needn’t share anything with a SLR.

        Conversely 4/3 people were always stuck in a post-film predicament. So the end of 4/3 is really the end of a film leftover.

        I have no doubt that Sony saw long ago how digital advancement would help it unseat C&N, which are stuck in a paradigm of the past.

        By comparison Olympus was forced to see the light. It was the young engineers in charge of P&S that designed the first Pen, the dSLR team was sidestepped – said one of the Oly managers at the time.

    • Ceph

      “… Olympus is the first company to close the dSLR era,…”


      all of them stopped producing DSLRs beside Olympus (and I dind’t count those in larger formats)

      Sigma and Sony could join the club.

      The remaining players will be…

      Ricoh (Pentax)?

  • RayF

    My feeling is Olympus is completely dictated to by their relationship to Sony
    Hence the lack of any real improvement in RAW Video and 2-4K video features and frame-rates.

    Like so many mentioned before I think Olympus are maintaining the E-M1 as a stills camera.
    Simply because they do no have the Cojones to face down Sony and produce a killer
    MFT Stills and Video Camera.

    • OM

      E-M1 is designed for photographers rather than video shooters. The reasons you give have nothing to do with the real reasons

  • Z

    Hmm, getting concerned about lack of IR AF assist.
    The E3/E5 have one.
    May affect low light AF speed and accuracy.

    • Anonymous

      IR AF assist? on an E-3?

      I mean.. yes, it has an IR sensor for its remote control, which has nothing to do with AF whatsoever, but until such time you put a flash on top, the only low light AF assist it has is a stupidly strobing flash.

      • Z

        Hm, thx for the clarification!

  • Weeklygerbera

    @Z. I think the auto focus assist lamp is on the front below the control dial near the grip. The Engadget video made it visible. Someone correct me if I’m wrong?



    There still looks to be too little space between the grip and the lens for large fingers, especially if using some of the larger 4/3 lenses.

    • I wondered about that too. There were some “comparisons” shown between the EM5 and the estimated dimensions of the EM1 based on various reports.

      Using that image, I spliced in a third image of my E-1 with 14-54mm mounted. The size could be compared based on the known overall width of EM5 and E-1. (Pretty easy since I own both.)

      On the E-1 there’s about 22mm between the indented part of the grip and the lens barrel near the mount.

      The grip of the EM1, judging from the more recent, front-view images of the camera, also is indented below the shutter release area. My best estimate is it will have about 20mm between the grip and 12-40mm lens as the camera and lens have been shown so far.

      It appears there will be ample room for fingers between grip and lens. Sure seems the new cam is the about-to-be-born ergonomic descendent of the E-1, which would be a very, very good thing indeed.

      • OM


    • The Real Stig

      I think Olympus would have tried out all their lenses for fit when designing this, so I think there is enough room for fingers.

    • Shenkie

      Thats just one reason this can not be pro. But Kids will love it.

      • kl

        Does it matter? I’ll rather feel young with it.

    • Rchard

      I use my EM-5 with my 150/2.0 and it works well even with large fingers. The EM-1 is a bit bigger, so there shouldn’t be a problems unless your fingers are the size of bratwursts.

  • Jason

    :( Video specs?……….

    :) say ….Hello Nex FF

  • clara

    i had an a99, and will change my top lcd for some of this handy buttons/dials/switch any day.
    the top lcd and their light on button are the only waste in my a99, i never used them, never will, god i wish instead i had some programable buttons there.
    the top of this camera looks awesome, the best i had ever see, i will try it as soon as i can, even if never owned or touched an olympus before, hell… this could be my first 4/3, just love that top!

  • 400+ comments about the single picture of an already leaked E-M1 and only 100 about the first test report of the same camera???

    • admin

      Was wondering about it too!

    • OM

      Can’t be called a test. Seems like some impressions gathered obviously at one of Olympus touch and try sessions for importers. Contains also false assumptions and shallow understanding.

      • +1 I had thoughts along the same line.

  • Ivo

    I am actually happy with the iauto HDR and art modes quickly available, those were lacking on my e3 IMHO, heck would not mind a macro, portrait, sports, landscape mode either as long as I can massage them and use them as a quick preset of camera behavior
    Rofl but I am enthusiast not a pro, my issue is needing a monkey weather proof camera and that comes at a certain price.

  • Robert Mark

    Any idea what the button on top of the rear control wheel does? It looks just like the shutter release.

    • OM


      • ButtonsAreUs

        Nothing is what you should say if you don’t know. In this case there are even symbols to show what the buttons inside the dials do (while playback) – View index, and Zoom in.

        • OM

          Never used Olympus? That´s not a button, it´s just design.

          • Robert Mark

            Hey folks, enough with the snarkiness. At this point none if us know anything except what we see in a picture.

            Oly doesn’t always label everything. Note the lack of a label on the shutter release and the lens release buttons. No label on the front control dial.

            I hope the button in the middle of the rear control dial is a configurable function button.

            • ButtonsAreThem

              You are rigth, we just don’t know, however I can tell with confidence that it is a button, because if Olympus wanted to have a buttonless main dial, they would have reused the one from the E-M5.

              However I stand corrected about I wrote above. The button on the Mode dial is almost certainly a lock, while the checkered square and magnifier symbols, on left and right of the main dial indicate the function taken by the dial during image playback, and are placed on the corresponding side or rotation. Also it seems like Oly has corrected a minor inconguency from the E-M5, where the magnifier has white color, while it should be blue like all the other playback-related functions.
              But the white round symbol with a vertical line that the E-M5 has, seems to be gone.

              • OM

                Mode dial is lockable. Round symbol with line through it is the common way to mark focal plane. It marks where sensor is for macro work. Focal plane is now indicated by mode dial’s alignment line.

  • Twister

    Since the EM-1 won’t have built-in flash, will it come with a small flash like the OMD EM-5? Is the small flash of the OMD EM-5 sold separately? Would I be able to use it on the OMD EM-1? I only use the flash occasionally and don’t want to buy a big flash to attach to the hot shoe.

    • Richard

      It came with the em5. Assume same for em1

    • Flash news

      E-M5 “small flash” (FL-LM2) comes with the camera.
      E-M1 will be the same.

      • Twister

        Thanks! Now I wonder why some people are complaining that the EM-1 doesn’t have a built-in flash. If it comes with the FL-LM2 flash, you can leave it on all the time and can substitute a built-in flash. What would be the disadvantage (if any)? I will probably sell my Panasonic GH2 and buy the EM-1 because I want Olympus colors (without having to process RAW files), the EVF which should be better than the one in my GH2 and the 5-axis IBIS which works for stills and videos.

  • Katz

    A question , would appreciate if I could have some feedback .
    I have the 12-60 mm swd lens and I will be purchasing the omd-em1 when it comes out, but I was wondering about the pro lens 12-40mm, or would I be better off getting a couple prime lens maybe the 12mm and 45mm not sure what would be best so if anyone could help it would be much appreciated, thank you

    • Richard

      First, best to wait on reviews to see iq. I have the 12-35, the 12, 17, 25 and 45
      The 12 is an awesome landscape lens. The 17 I use for social stuff, the 35mm equiv just works for me. The 25 I use when light is v low, and the 45 is a wonderful portrait lens for shallow dof. But as a walk around lens I use the 12-35mm
      Depends on what you most enjoy shooting! The 45 is v cheap, so if you can afford the 12-40 and the 45mm do that!
      Enjoy :). Great to see a sensible question here!

    • OM

      12-40 has better IQ than 12-60 but not the speed of 12 or 45

      • If that is true, then the 12-40 2.8 will be one very sweet lens. If it can equal the Panny 12-35 for center sharpness and improve upon the corner sharpness, then it will become another Zuiko classic as well as be in high demand.

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