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(FT5) New 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 OIS lens from Panasonic to be launched in March.



Looks like the CP+ show is going to be particularly boring this year. After the Olympus 75-300mm lens update also Panasonic will release a minor update only. There will be a new 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 OIS lens. It is a HD lens that will have improved tracking focus support improved OIS, silent auto focus and exposure control. The lens is also lighter and smaller and the filter sized has been reduced from 52mm down to 46mm. Price is the same of the current 14-42mm lens and official availability is March 2013.

  • Anonymous

    i want 14-5- f2.8

    • Anonymous

      oops typoo,.

      14-50mm F2.8,.like the 4/3

    • Marcus Wolschon

      I want a 10-300 f1.4 parfocal pancake. ;)

      • Sounds good, but I prefer if it could go a little wider. Can they get < 1 mm focal length? Make it weather sealed too, and cost $50.

    • Anonymous

      My old 14-45mm lens was silent had no issues with focus and was a ton sharper than any of the 14-42mm lenses. This is the worst m4/3s announcement I have ever hear.

  • eeaa

    …12-60 f2.8 please please…

    • No thanks. Already have one of those. 10-55mm 2.8 4.0 maybe.

      • A 10-40 would be good. Wide enough for my presonal preference for much of what I shoot, but also suitable for more classic portraiture. A constant f/2.5 or f/2.8 would be acceptable. Slower than 2.8 at the long end wouldn’t be to my liking. I have the 12-60, and at 60mm, I’m not crazy about shooting portraits with it even wide open, although headshots turn out okay with a distant background.

  • Miroslav

    Designed and made by Konica Minolta ;) ?

    I don’t see why they’re updating the bigger version of the kit zoom. New bodies should come with the small X lens IMO. The production volumes would lower its price…

  • Anonymous

    14-42 F3.5-5.6 Olympus M. Zuiko Digital
    14-42 F3.5-5.6 Olympus M. Zuiko Digital II
    14-42 F3.5-5.6 Olympus M. Zuiko Digital II R

    14-45 F3.5-5.6 Panasonic Lumix G Vario
    14-42 F3.5-5.6 Panasonic Lumix G Vario
    14-42 F3.5-5.6 Panasonic Lumix G X Vario PZ OIS
    14-42 F3.5-5.6 Panasonic Lumix G Vario OIS

    No comment needed.

    • Miroslav

      14-42 F3.5-5.6 Olympus M. Zuiko Digital had two versions, one with metal and the other with plastic mount.

      14-45 F3.5-5.6 Panasonic Lumix G Vario and 14-42 F3.5-5.6 Panasonic Lumix G Vario both had OIS. Maybe this one has Power OIS?

      • Digicame-Info apparently states that it will be called “Mega O.I.S.” as well, so only the “HD” tag sets it apart from its predecessor.
        Considering this it seems really strange to discontinue the compact Power O.I.S./Lumix G X lens since the new lens apparently isn’t meant to replace it.

    • Anonymous

      Okay so lets compare it to the other companies like ummm nikon.

      – Nikon 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 G
      – Nikon 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 G VR
      – Nikon 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 G ED
      – Nikon 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 G ED II

      okay so that’s not fair, that’s kind nikon being asses too like olympus and panasonic, so lets look at canon.

      – canon 18-55 f3.5-5.6 I
      – canon 18-55 f3.5-5.6 II
      – canon 18-55 f3.5-5.6 III
      – canon 18-55 f3.5-5.6 USM I
      – canon 18-55 f3.5-5.6 USM II

      okay so that’s also not fair, canon is also known for being asses too. I guess we should all just switch to the fuji instax already.

      • Anonymous

        sorry mate can’t buy fuji either

        – fuji instax
        – fuji instax mini
        – fuji instax mini 8
        – fuji instax mini 50s
        – fuji instax mini 25
        – fuji instax mini 7s
        – fuji instax 210 wide
        – fuji instax 7S
        – fuji instax 500AF
        – fuji instax 100

      • Rutrem

        :) 3 Canon standard zooms, just indentical witout stabilisation , oho what a leap forward in optical tech :) ha,ha

  • Narretz

    Just to be clear, it is not an X lens?

    • Bob B.

      I think that the original 14-45mm was the best of the lot. It was sharper and had a metal lensmount.
      The first 14-42mm had a plastic lens mount (totally unacceptable), and was not as sharp as the first kit zoom. What the 14-42mm was was cheaper to manufacture and more profitable to was a step downward…not up. Yet the lens was marketed like it was an improvement?
      The X kit lens is small yes, but totally flawed in the image quality dept..
      This new offering is lighter in weight yet than the earlier kit zooms, which tells me that, most likely it is even poorer in quality.
      Why would Pany buck their own trend?
      If you need a cheap kit zoom, better off pricing up a used 14-45mm on eBay if the focus is fast enough for you……..(not sure how well the 14-45mm focus speed stacks up to the newer offerings).

      • woof woof

        I wonder how many people have actually had a problem with the plastic mount on the 14-42mm.

        I have one of those lenses and so far it hasn’t fallen apart… yet…

        I wonder if any have.

        • Bob B.

          LOL…well …it isn’t a comforting feeling knowing that the mount is plastic for me (I take my photography very seriously..many do not..and that is ok, too)…I definitely draw the line at that…It kind of tells you a lot about the mind set of those making the product…but…hey…its cheap and it works so that is a priority for many…neither group is wrong!!!!

          • neon123

            To be fair, no one apart from people that visit websites like this will care one iota that the mount is plastic.

            • People who seldom if ever change lenses might not care, but many who do change lenses will care.

  • Looks like it has internal zoom, that will be quite useful. The zoom ring is in the middle, but still, the lens is not extended.

    Also, it breaks the tradition of making lenses with smaller and smaller front elements. The 14-45 had the largest front element, the 14-42 had somewhat smaller, and the PZ14-42 had the smallest. The new one again ups the front lens element diameter.

    • peppone

      Most of the standard 18-55mm zooms for aps-c have the low package at middle focal.

    • @M43Photo, the translation on linked source confirms that it has “internal focus”, not sure if that is the same as “internal zoom”. I hope so. Also, the change to a 46mm filter size is very sensible, as it matches that of so many other m43 lenses:
      -45-175mm F4.0-5.6 X
      -45mm F2.8
      -14mm F2.5
      -20mm F1.7
      -25mm F1.4
      -60mm F2.8
      -12mm F2.0
      -17mm F1.8
      -19mm F2.8
      -30mm F2.8

      • The picture of the lens seems to be showing it set to 25 mm, yet the barrel is not extended at all. Let’s hope the picture is real and accurate, I think internal zoom would be neat.

        • Well spotted. If all the above is correct, this looks like a real improvement over the previous iteration. Larger front element, standardised filter thread, internal focusing, HD, lighter & smaller. What’s not to like?

          • That Panasonic didn’t “get it right” the first time around is annoying.

            • I’m baffled. Why is my above post awaiting moderation?

              • I’m not baffled my post was allowed, but I’m still baffled why my post had to await moderation.

  • Yun

    Not interested at all .
    Again , Pana is wasting it’s resources redo such slow kit lens . Not for me .
    Better save for something else .
    I start to rethink if mFT worth for further investment since
    everyone start to complain depreciation is too fast .

    • brod1er

      m43 is for taking pictures. Get some stocks and shares if you are serious about investment.

      • I agree, next thing you know buying a toaster or blender will be conidered an “investment”. Maybe that’s why society is so consumer focused, they mistook their buying binges for investing.

        I’m still using my e-p1, no crying from me. I’ll wait till the current version goes down to $200 then I’ll buy them used off all the cry babies who keep upgrading every 6 months after having taken 8 photos.

        • c0ldc0ne

          It’s called planned obsolescence which has been going on since the 20s and is the driving motor behind mass consumerism.

    • digifan

      Then take pictures with your present kit lens and when the lens breaks get the newest kit lens.
      Who in his right mind would exchange a kit-lens to a newer updated kit-lens if it doesn’t bring anything extra. Looks like many here buy the newest gadgets just for the sake of buying the newest.
      I guess this new kit-lens will be supplied with all new future cameras, no big deal. If I really would need a kit-lens then I’d probably buy the latest iteration if I didn’t already have one.
      Kit lenses are primarily for the crowd that gets into the format or brand and probably never buy an other lens or use it temporarily until they can afford better.
      I buy body only because kit-lenses normally are too slow or don’t fullfill my needs, the 12-50mm Oly is an exception in case, because there were no weather sealed lenses available at the time the EM-5 came out. The 12-50mm has one other bonus, it’s macro position.
      I also could see the use of the 12-42mm X vario.
      So stop bashing a brand just for updating it’s kit-lens with a probably slightly better one.
      Canon and Nikon do it all the time!!!!!!!!!!
      No Pro is buying them by the way.

      • Dec

        True words. Many people here forget that camera reviews are often done with standard kit lenses. Give the reviewers a new model with an improved kit lens, and the review will be better. Also, couldn’t it be that the reworked lenses also bring more sharpness, color reproduction, or whatever other IQ-influencing properties?
        Overall, this does not sound too stupid to me – given that there *are* improvements, but we’ll only know when it’s out ;).

    • homer

      this is what you write in eeeeeeeeeeevery post. You are a troll

    • Ant

      Unfortunately the price of the more exotic mFT lenses such as the 7-14, 45/2.8 and the f/0.95 sisters are not depreciating steep enough in the second hand market.

  • Uncle_Pix

    Weather sealing would make sense. Or is this trend already over?

  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    There’s nothing wrong in “refreshing” old kit lenses, and it’s a good thing (for new customers) if they bundle them with new camera bodies. That said, I’m not interested in this lens, therefore I won’t buy it.
    Off topic: I’m enjoying Zuiko 17mm f1.8 and while I can criticize the absence of a (cheaper) hood, I must say that this lens is really nice, and I can’t understand the critics I’ve read around the web.

    • Steve Huff gave it a very good write up on his blog. With some very sharp samples.

      • LOLler

        Yes, I left a comment there, to someone asking me wether I prefer Zuiko17mm f1.8 or Voigtländer 17.5mm f0.95. As Steve, I don’t really care about charts and prefer real life photos. I was surprised by the angry and disappointed comments I read here, about this lens, but some photos taken by Robin Wong spoke louder and now I’m enjoying it. I really think people should try things, before judging..

        • MarcoSartoriPhoto

          Actually that was me, I stopped laughing about this ranting above! ;)

    • I have use the lens befor xmas, and the is very nice, harp to cormer and boket look good.
      The is a special good lens for street photography.

  • Kudo

    What’s wrong with it?
    Its probably cheap. It’s smaller than the non-X 14-42. Let’s hope it has decent IQ.

  • Beautemps

    This ist obviously an update of video features and AF! So they promiss us new fast hybrid-AF m43 cams. Thats all what it is about.

    Except from downsizing of the very good and expensive 14-45 and creating the discontinued small X-Pancake, all other changes were made because of AF capabilities.

    m43 is now the system with the most Kit-Zooms in the world, I suppose. :-)

  • Henry

    Stop producing THIS TYPE OF LENS!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are already thousands of 14-42

    • Andy

      Eh, at least the lens it’s replacing is mediocre and undesirable. Hopefully it’ll match the 14-45, although I don’t think anyone would mind if they just started making the 14-45 again and saved their time.

      I wouldn’t worry about the resources tied up in making such a lens, it’s probably not significant. Even if it is, the m/43 lens selection is pretty close to complete, already.

      • Achim

        “the m/43 lens selection is pretty close to complete, already”??
        You must be kidding! The is no single focal length > 75 mm (yes there is a 300 mm Tokina but it’s got f 6,3!!) so no lenses for wildlife or sports photographers apart from the slow Pana 100 – 300 and the even slower Oly 75 – 300.

        • digifan

          Agree that the format is far from complete. I could use a fast tele myself.

          But I wouldn’t want them to stop updating kit-lenses.
          Because a kit-lens is the first lens most people get. When the first experience (relative Hi IQ/fast AF) is great people will be willing to go for even better or the will buy next camera of the same brand because of the great experience of the former.
          THAT’s how you build up and keep your customers.
          For Pro’s or enthousiasts that may be totally irrelevant since they have totally different criteria, but the same logic is relevant, but for higher end gear.

        • Andy

          Sure, but what you’ve mentioned constitutes only a couple lenses. I don’t think the extra effort involved in refreshing a couple kit zooms has anything to do with whether those lenses you want ever happen. I think the main factor is whether they think it’s worth it, or if they think it’s the right time.

  • kavat

    Ok Panasonic, go F*** yourself !!!!!!! For me MFT is only Olympus now.

    • Beautemps

      yeah…you mean the ‘new’ 75-300 :-)

      • kavat

        No I talked about 12 f/2 , 17 f1.8, 45 f.18 , 75 f1.8, 60 f2.8 and OMD. The best lenses of this system and the 2012 camera of the year.

        • But still no really good zooms… :(

        • Admin’s Evil Twin

          What about the Panasonic 20/f1.7, 25/f1.4, the 12-35/f2.8 and 30-100/f2.8? All have been favourably reviewed. Also the 14/f2.5 has a fair number of fans, and 14-45 is still considered by many to be the best MFT kit lens to date.

          • Leendert

            Dont forget the very good Panasonic 7-14mm.

            And the Panasonic G5 is very good in price and features.
            (And the G5 is ergonomic better then OMD)

            • What about the people that have problems with CA when using Pana lenses at Oly bodies?

            • digifan

              I beg to disagree. Horses for courses. It’ svery easy for me to say the e-m5 has better ergo than the g5. It just depends on the personand application. The e-m5 has very silent shutter the g5 an annoying “chi clank” sound of higher pitch.
              That’s my ergonomy.

          • Yes, all good lenses, but kavat likes Olympus and hates Panasonic, so all Panasonic products must suck in his world. That place is totally off my travel list.

  • fuSi0n

    This is just trash talk and full of toxic behaviour. I want to state an example from lens history: The superb Minolta Rokkor 135/2.8 had 17!!!!! versions. And is it a bad lense because it has been reworked? Srsly you are kidding me.

    • Anonymous

      I heard minolta just got back into the game, here’s to #18! cheers!

  • W. C.

    When will Panasonic and Olympus start offering prime lens kits like they used to when m43 first started? Olympus used to bundle the 17 f/2.8 with the E-P1/2 and Panasonic had the 20 f/1.7 with GF1 and 14 f/2.5 with GF2.

    So sick of new cameras being bundled with the typical std kit zoom or std+tele zooms, yet no option for getting a discount on a good prime when bundling with a body. This should be permanent option and not just during seasonal promotions and rebate offers.

    Individual stores may do this, but it would be good to have it officially sanctioned by the companies.

    • tomas


  • Ulli

    not into this type of kitlens either, but then again, i used it for a lowlight model session in the past where i was struggling with my E-1 & ZD 50 combo preventing shakeblur. The available shorter FL saved the day despite the slower speed…..

  • Patrik

    Don’t know why peaple complain when support continues for the system. When that stops, then you can complain! If you want a fast high quality zoom, go for the 12-35 and 35-100 f2.8 zooms. They are excelent, especially the 12-35. However, be warned, these are not small and light and you pay for what you get! Panasonic offer two of the best m43 lenses out there. The 12-35 blows away the 20mm f1.8 in corner sharpness, contrast, has OIS, and almost matches it in bokeh. Dumped mine once I got the 12-35!

  • AMVR

    Guys don’t feed the trolls, it’s internet 101, he’s just jealous because his archaic dslr no longer gets any attention by the market, don’t worry DSLR will stay, just like medium and large format, largely irrelevant to 99% of users, the majority of which will eventually go ILC, it may take time but it’s a fact.

    Anyway, yeah, as Marco said, this lens is very good news for new buyers, those who already are covered with a set of lenses won’t bother (like me), either improve the PZ 14-42 or make a collapsible kit lens like oly (neither big nor pancake, but in the middle), lenses like this are meant to be as compact as possible, either that or go all the way and make it 2.5/2.8 kinda fast.

    In regards to the idea of investment, only leicas or larger formar cameras could be considered as such, even canikons won’t retain 100% of its value, you’ll be lucky to get 60-50%, dslr’s are viewed as common household items nowadays, I’ve seen little girls and boys carrying huge ¨Pro¨ dslrs, it’s no longer special or exclusive, anyway, if you’re more preoccupied with collecting and investment then photography is not your calling.

    MFT is a young system, it’s bound to update its kit lens range, we’re lucky it has matured so much in so little time, besides, would anyone be happy if we still used the original 14-42 ? people would light their torches. Think of new buyers, that’s what Pany and Oly are doing (now where’s my damn fast std zoom Oly !!! XD)

    • Dec

      I agree with lots of your points, but there is one thing that immediately comes to mind:
      I believe there *are* photos that you can take with mirrorless gear (not just m43) that will at least be a lot harder to take with other formats: Just try to take your dslr stuff with you on a multi-day hike, not even necessarily in the mountains…

  • I just realised that’s why canon is doing so well, they have even more incarnations than everyone else. See m43 only has 3 version of their 14-42 while nikon (from the above post) has 4 versions, and canon (who’s above posting is wrong) has 6 versions.

    canon efs 18-55
    canon efs 18-55 II
    canon efs 18-55 III
    canon efs 18-55 USM I
    canon efs 18-55 USM II
    canon efs 18-55 IS

    • oh wait! I stand corrected, according to wikipedia canon has 7 versions of that lens!

      all hail canon! all hail canon! oh wait were we suppose to bash a company that produced too many versions of a lense?

      • Rutrem

        :) are those lenses identical or have some modifications , any addition?

  • Honda has made the Accord for many years. It would be a bit stupid if they were still making the original version.
    Cameras? same
    Lenses? same.
    Elmarit r 28mm? same

  • Narretz

    At least Pana could update the 20mm, too.

    • Admin’s Evil Twin

      Agreed – optically, it’s a little gem of a thing but it could do with an AF upgrade. If they could add weathersealing as well, I think it would be very popular.

  • Jfdana

    Perhaps it is time for this site to require, as many newspapers now do, that posters log in via their Facebook link. Then, real names are used and everyone’s comments are attached to their names for all eternity.

    • admin

      Yep, working on that.

    • Pedro del Río

      This would exclude all people who are not on Facebook. It would not be fair.

  • BLT

    Oh Jeff – Find something better to do with your, for you’re own sake.

    • BLT

      Ah, Admin – you have removed all of Jeff’s Babble . . . Thanks.

  • Chris K.

    zzzzz…buh wah, what Pana? Why’d you wake me up for that?…zzzz….

  • Ivey3721

    14-42 x lens: small, but seems expensive to make
    old 14-42 “normal” lens: cheap kit lens, but bulk.
    So, there is a gap in Panasonic’s product line – a small AND cheap kit lens. The new lens fill in the gap. To me, launching the new 14-42 lens make perfect sense – if the new lens is to replace the old “normal” kit lens.

  • Anonymous

    i would get if can equal the 14-45 and smaller too?

  • WSG123

    I had no idea that people were so passionate about “the investment” of their kit lenses.

    Their accountants must be horrified.

  • Tron

    I would say just ban Jeff’s IP address and we can call it a day. The guy obviously has serious prejudice against a format that no one is forcing him to troll and contributes nothing of value to the conversation other than his typical DSLR fanboyism.

  • NFT

    i guess it bundle with G7 or GF-7 on this Spring.

  • Leendert

    Nice, same size and weight as m.Zuiko 14-42mm II R

  • The answer might be easier than you may think:

    The G7 is already “ante portas” an presumable it will have an ultra fast focus speed, comparable to GH3 + 12–35/2.8 (firmware version 1.1).

    That’s why a new cheap (but probably much more responsive) kit lens has to be released.

  • peevee

    #4 (if you count 14-45, same thing basically). Who is their stupid product manager?

  • Pasmia

    Does Panny seem to think that the typical M43 user has the mentality of:

    “I really love the Panasonic 14-42mm standard kit lens, I just wish Panasonic would come out with a prettier version of it and offer it with the 48th shade of M43 silver.”

  • safaridon

    Since it is reported to be a HD lens that means it will have a metal mount and as mentioned internal focusing. So why complain if it also may have higher IQ similar to old 14-45mm and does not have the X problem of shaking at long end of lens elements? From the picture it looks same size as Oly kit lens folded for transport which does extend. Yes it is slow lens but with the excellent high ISO performance of these cameras this is much less of an issue and use a fast prime for portraits.

  • MikeH

    I don’t see why the hate is being piled on this announcement.

    New 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 OIS lens with…

    1) Improved tracking focus support.
    2) Improved OIS.
    3) Silent auto focus and exposure control.
    4) Lighter
    5) Smaller
    6) At the same price as the current 14-42mm lens.

    Hopefully the IQ is as good or better than the current 14-42.

    Sure it isn’t another high end zoom, but it doesn’t sound dreadful either.

    • neon123

      Plus with the 46mm filter size you should (hopefully) be able to mount the fisheye, wide angle etc converters that only worked with the 14mm and the 14-42PZ before.

    • ha

      Yep. Will go with the small 45-150 as double zoom kit.

  • So much anger from so many people. It would be interesting to know the average number of posts before the discussion strays from the topic. I think its somewhere between 5 and 1.

    • you could be right

    • Sometimes the straying from the subject is beneficial. A bit of Bif in the comments is not always negative but bad language always is. If people want to rave and lune there is always Sodahead. Its full of bad mouthed lunes and nuts surrounding some great comment.

  • AMVR

    On the positive side of things, this much trolling can only mean M4/3 is really making a dent in the market and taking off, people are paying attention, it would be far worse to be in a place like samsung and pentax which, although have really cool cameras (except the marc newson K01), no one pays attention to.

  • Another 14-42 kit lens? The home for old lenses is getting crowded!

  • David B

    Hm….so were saying that CES is boring, look toward CP+ show for all the exciting things, now saying CP+ is boring, so look forward what…Photokina 2014?

  • The ever-growing pantheon of 14-42 mm lenses is fascinating.

    • Ant

      Add them to the pantheon of 18-55mm APS lenses (that have roughly equal FoV and speed) and they’re even larger :D

      More changes noted from another site
      – 2 Aspherical lens (from 1). 9/8 from 12/9 configuration.
      – Inner focus
      – Minimum focus 0.2~0.3 m (from 0.3m) – 0.2 for 14-20mm & 0.3 for 21-42mm.
      – Maximum magnification 0.17 (from 0.16)
      – 56mm x 49mm @ 110g (from 60.6mm x 63.9mm @ 165g)
      – Metal barrel

      And it will be sold as new kit lens for GF5.

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  • I think everything published made a ton of sense.

    However, what about this? what if you added a little information?

    I ain’t saying your information isn’t good., but what if you added a post title to possibly
    get folk’s attention? I mean (FT5) New 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 OIS lens from Panasonic to be launched in March. | 43 Rumors is a little plain. You might look at Yahoo’s front page and watch how they write
    post headlines to grab viewers interested. You might add a related video or a related picture or two to get
    readers interested about everything’ve written. In my opinion, it would make your blog a little livelier.

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