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(FT5) More Panasonic GF2 images: “Ultra compact & Ultra simple”


Philippe Grangier captured those picture of the new Panasonic GF2. As you see the slogan is “Ultra compact & Ultra simple”. Philippe sent us a high-resolution image you can see below (Click the image to enlarge):

We didn’t find any picture of the back.

If you have more images or info contact me at Thanks!

  • mpgxsvcd

    I know the picture shows “FULL HD” for the GF2. However, I hate to disappoint you. Full HD only requires that it be 1080i or greater.

    There is no chance they put 1080p @ 24 FPS on a lower end camera for support reasons.

    The GF2 will offer 1080i and 720p @ 30 FPS resolutions. This is not an improvement over the GF1 and definitely no where near what a hacked GF13 can do.

    • MatthiasJ

      .. you made a little mistake in the headlines .. it’s not the GH2, you are showing, but the GF2 ..

      • admin


  • mpgxsvcd

    Isn’t it ironic that the background is pink and the slogan is “Ultra compact and Ultra Simple”? Or maybe it isn’t that ironic after all?

  • Richard

    I hope they have moved the mode dial to a recess. Ie still a manual dial but inset in the body (a bit like the ep-1) ifthey have done away with manual dials it’s a step backwards IMO

    • mpgxsvcd

      What if they just did away with the manual control abilities all together? Remember they are making it “Ultra Simple”. Let’s face it they are making this camera for Women and the stereo type they are adhering to is that women want a point and shoot camera that is as small as possible. That looks like what they have created.

      • Bryan

        Agree with you on this one. This seems to be a gentle push from panasonic to merge the prosumer and consumer markets together. Trading prosumer loyalty for a more fashionable design that probably makes full use of the touch screen in the back. The downfall of the tangible user interface =((.

  • sparedog

    why has no one thought that this camera may be based at kids and not women? seems like im gonna have to bash the comments with more cool women photographers… :)

    • Bryan

      There are exceptions to every stereotype, but stereotypes exist for a reason. With that said, I am on your side on this one. I know more female photographers with DSLRs than males. In general this camera seems to target a segment of the market that is not touched yet. We’ll see when they start their marketing campaign

      • sparedog

        remember this advert is in france not america, in france pink is cool for guys (yes men, crazy concept). look at any kid in europe and they were wearing pink this summer.
        if you were gonna buy your 15 year old a camera to get them interested in photography, maybe it’s saying buy one of these.

        • sparedog

          actually, thinking about it….
          you buy your kid a camera, and slowly they collect some lenses. now they are a m4/3 customer for a mighty long time. they wont want to replace all the lenses for a different format, and just will update the bodies as new ones come out.

          • Four by Six

            Good point. I am still using Pentax lenses I first got as a Senior in High School for photography class and club. My “go-to” lens for Halloween night shots was this old 50mm/1.4 on E-PL1. The main reason I chose mFT over DSLR was to be able to use my old lenses I was accustomed to.

        • mpgxsvcd

          I am not in Europe so I will just trust you on that one. That is definitely possible then. Over here though you don’t usually put a pink background on an electronics advertisement you plan to sell to guys.

          That is like putting pink shoes on NFL players. It just doesn’t sit well with guys in the US even if it is for a good cause.

        • Greg

          “in france pink is cool for guys”
          Dude you’re so funny :D
          No it’s not. Maybe our society is a bit less gendered but clichés die hard, and “pink is for girls and blue is for boys” is as alive here as “anything French is gay” is in the US! ;)

    • mpgxsvcd

      Who buys there kids a $600 camera with a $400 lens on it? I buy my kids a $100 camera or hand them my phone.

      • sparedog

        i know, but your son is younger, what will you buy him when he’s 15. not a hundred quid camera surely :)

        • mpgxsvcd

          Naw I will give him my GF13. It will probably be worth about $87 when he is 15. He just turned 7 last week so there is a lot of depreciation that happens in 8 years. The kids always get my old cameras that it is not worth me reselling on ebay. I think they use a Canon S3-IS right now.

  • Suradej

    I saw stereo mic between hot shoe and shutter button

  • DonTom

    Leaving issues of controls aside, if my amateur attempts at scaling are right: this camera is smaller than the LX5, probably except for thickness.
    Again, putting ergonomics aside(!), that is quite an achievement.

    If you don’t agree, please have a go, but I think the body of this camera is about maximum 95mm wide by 70mm (or less) high, versus the LX5 at 110x65mm.

    Note that the 14mm pancakes has a diameter of 55.5mm, versus the 20mm at 63mm diameter. The 20mm F1.7 will look big on this body!

  • DonTom

    Here’s a link showing the 14 and 20mm pancakes on a GH!:

    • Bryan

      You are definitely close on this one. A simple check on photoshop told me that the width is very nearly 2 lenses thick, which amounts to roughly 90mm wide (+ 5mm for round sides)

  • RW

    ultra ugly as well. What a shame – the GF-1 is such a wonderful looking thing…

    • ???
      Looks exactly the same except for the silver cr*p,
      If it will be functional ill forgive the style

      • RW

        Really – that’s all you see?
        The mode dial is also missing.
        The lens flange juts out from the camera body
        The shutter button is changed
        Dreadful curvy silver trimmed grip

        However – all of this is relatively unimportant. Beauty is all about proportions, and the new shrunken proportions of the GF-2 kill the classic look that went so far towards making the GF-2 the “must have” camera of the previous generation.

  • TenSpeed

    Can’t wait to read all the details – it looks like my old LX2 may be getting retired soon.

    Btw, admin, the title should read GF2, not GH2. Panasonic doesn’t make it easy on you. ;)

  • DonTom

    Also interesting to note that iA has it’s own button, like the G2 does. I guess this is a good thing if you have a preferred “PASM” mode, you can toggle back and forth rather than having to dig into the the menus….

  • BBernhardt

    Is that a stereo mic next to the shutter release?
    I like it but wouldn’t buy it personally =)

    • DonTom

      Looks like it. Well spotted.

  • Karli

    @Admin: wrong title?

    • admin

      Yes :)

  • Alec Yudin

    I’ve been waiting for GF2 for so long, but I’m not sure how I feel this, to be honest.

  • JimRamK

    Yeah I think the admin meant GF2 not GH2

  • steve

    I hope they still offer the 20mm in the kit.

  • i wish pana would make smaller X3 zoom (olympus style only with OIS)

  • Dex4

    I think this is how they are going to split entry and pro level. GF2 will be the entry level m4/3rds and we will see a rangefinder style come out in the coming months.

    It seems they are going away from some of manual controls as they say “Ultra Simple”. I would still think they put some manual controls in just not as easily accessed as the GF1.

  • Greyhat

    (long post sorry)
    I think that they nailed the target: it will be the camera that pro summers will offer to their loved ones (so they can use it when traveling light)
    I also think that they completely missed the target by making it available after Xmas: it may cause some people to not buy competitors cameras (nex, epl1, and some d3100, 550d) but also will impact lx5 and g2/g10 cameras

    Please remember that is this “low end” camera that will pay the salary of the engineers currently designing you soon to be favourite lenses and camera bodies (lc2, gp1, etc I forget all rumored)

    For me a m4/3 camera (or similar – smaller body and lenses and good IQ) should have a reasonable good sensor and a perfect JPEG engine. Yes this camera target “needs” RAW because who is buying or who is advising to buy is not the future owner (that usually does not want to process files)

    The back is missing, I expect a clickable dial for exposure/aperture setting, touch screen is good enough to set up a manual mode. Remember that every consumer loves to swipe to show pictures on a device.

    What should have to convince the buyer (pro sumer) is customisable buttons and easy access MF button and zoom magnification.

    That’s why I thing olympus is typically closer to target (smaller lenses because of IBIS and reported better JPEG engine). This time Panasonic pushe it a litle bit further ( and is not advertising it with a zoom – the better zoom should be the Olympus kit, but you loose IS and customer will complaint because of shaky pictures)

  • Tim

    I really do not want another camera that loses all external controls in order to become so small you can’t hold it properly and I have small hands believe me!! And like someone said earlier, why oh why would you want to put any of the current crop of m4/3rds lenses (except the pancake primes) on such a small body – it’s like having to roll up a £20 note and stick it on the front of a credit card to make it work – who would carry credit cards then!!??!! The NEX cameras look ridiculous and handle even worse, I for one give up, it’s not about photography any more its about fashion and gimmicks – maybe that’s the price we pay for the electronic giants trying to dominate the camera market?

    What do I want?

    1. Range-finder styling compact PEN size (as opposed to mini-SLR look-a-like)
    2. Interchangeable lenses that are small and in proportion to the body (and don’t make the damn thing no more convenient to carry than an SLR)
    3. EVF built-in (which is why I say “range-finder” design – its a good place for an EVF – it must be, it’s been the place for viewfinders on compact 35mm cameras since the year dot!)
    4. A sensible mix of external controls and menu design (some things are good to have in the menu where they can be automated, somethings are important to have on buttons and dials ready to hand)
    5. It should look “cool”, doesn’t have to be totally retro, but pleez lets drop the plastic chrome trim and curvy accents – it wants to look like a serious camera for serious photographers. We already have plenty of pink, designer, plastic, credit card cameras surely, enough for anyone, there are hundreds! If you don’t like retro then get Jonathan Ive to design it for Gods sake!
    6. It should be able to make the tea and answer the telephone, book hotels and flights and carry your luggage to the taxi… oh sorry, no, that’s from a different list :-)

    • Godot

      “get Jonathan Ive to design it for Gods sake”

      Wouldn’t it be great if he did cameras? Then again, you’d probably wind up with the first really excellent touchscreen interface for a camera, so loads of people would dismiss it out of hand, because as we all know buttons and dials are the only way to go.

      In any case, it won’t be happening anytime soon. I’ll bet it would be next to impossible to hire him away from Apple. Can you imagine the offers that guy must get? And yet he stays. And why not? He’s the top designer and possibly heir apparent at a huge, design-driven tech company. Any of the big camera companies would probably be hell by comparison, because they clearly tend to be driven by marketing and/or engineering, not design.

      BTW, I agree with most of your wish list. But just because you aren’t getting it this time around, doesn’t mean they’ll never make a camera that appeals to you. This is aimed elsewhere, so what’s the big deal?

  • Well, this looks more interesting than the original rumor.

    Look, it has a flash on the right!

    If it’s really smaller than the LX5, then great! I complained about the use of an oldish sensor, but for such a small thing it’s fine, if it’s cheap enough.
    I’ll buy it, but only if it’ll have full PASM and it’ll be priced at $500 with the 20mm (I don’t like the 14mm), which I doubt.

    They get the name very, very wrong though: this must have been GS1, not GF2.

  • Catastrophile

    looks like there is a new contender for the title of worst system camera of the year. Last year there was an article about the worst cameras of 2009, that was probably the best article I read in 2009:

  • Four by Six

    Ha! I just had a funny thought. There are plenty of examples of people using the Panasonic lenses on the Olympus mFT bodies, for various benefits…

    What if the much maligned Olympus compact kit zoom becomes the “go-to” lens for the compact GF2?!!! It is small, and very light with the plastic body and bayonet mount, and covers 28-84mm (35mm equiv) range.

    • RW

      Heheh – wouldn’t that be a kick?

  • Godot

    So to sum up, (almost) everyone is ready to bury this thing based on a couple of pictures of the front, an ad slogan, the (largely assumed) lack of various wish-list items, and the use of the color pink.

    No specs… no look at the back to see what buttons/dials are or aren’t there… no samples… no reviews… ho hands-on reports… no pricing info…

    I might be trashing this thing tomorrow, I don’t know, but all this negativity seems just a little premature to me.

    • RW

      Doesn’t every new camera that moves to FT5 status gets bashed? Its a fundamental problem with rumors – when you live in a world exclusively populated by wish lists – reality always sucks.

      Having said that, I still think the GF-2 is ugly (and I think that I CAN make that judgement based on the advertising photos).

      • Godot

        You might be on to something. I didn’t really have any particular expectations for the GF2. Like many other I hope for the mythical LC1/L1 successor in m43, but didn’t expect it this fall/Christmas anyway.

        As for the looks… well, that is one thing that’s open to informed opinion at this moment. I’m neither impressed nor turned off. But then again I think the G series cameras are ugly as hell, yet I still like my G1 for the way it takes pictures.

        • DonTom

          Keep bashing it guys! I’m sure if I really troll through previous comments, it will be the same bunch who think the Fuji X100 was perfect, except it was too big and should have an interchangeable lens that was also a zoom, or wider angle……or some-such! Now you have a very small, large sensor, ILC that is being marketed to carry a 24mm equiv pancake (with 34 and 40mm pancakes on the market), but, OH NO! It’s not good enough!
          I am REALLY glad that Panasonic see fit to ignore the whingers on this website.

          • Ron

            Totally agree.

          • Zaph

            DonTom, while I pretty much agree with your comment, it wasn’t long enough and you didn’t use a paragraph space before the last sentence. I won’t be buying your comment when it comes out! (And you are marketed to girls!)

    • HIM

      you can apply the same concept if all the negative words are changed to positive words, so people cant make any judgement based on what they know and have to wait until the camera is announced to say a word?

  • SLRist

    Is it’s significantly smaller than the GF1, then I will forgive them for not including OIS or improving the ISO range.

    If the NEX-5 actually had any decent pancake lenses, it would be a no-brainer. As it is, GF2 is still the one to beat.

  • Larry

    The only thing left to know about this camera is how good the pictures are. If they can equal (or even approach) the E-PL1 JPEGs, I think this camera will do really well.

    Unfortunately, with a February release date, we’ll have to wait awhile for that critical piece of information.

  • Neicila

    I’d like to see a picture of the back if someone have found it. In any case, I’ll go to the “salon de la photo” tomorrow to see this specimen :-)

  • Catastrophile

    there is something weird (a bit like cut-paste) if you look close at the “GF2” name written on the camera. makes me suspect the photo might be fake. you can see this better on the enhanced version of the 2nd photo here:

    • Four by Six

      Doesn’t look weird to me… the GF2 is chrome lettering, rather than white like the Lumix…

  • safaridon

    The picture of the GF2 shows what appears to be an on camera zoom mechanism at the front of the shutter release much like that found on compact cameras? Is it possible that this will permit easy in camera cropping so the 14mm single focal length kit lens can also serve as a limited zoom lens however with reduced resolution and this be linked to what is displayed on the LCD? Possible this is to be used in combination with new extended teleconverter mode for video which extends the focal length by up to 4X ie in HD Video lens focal length would range from 28mm to 112mm at 2MP at f2.5. See discussion in DPR on this feature. That would mean that when using a small legacy lens on camera would be very useful for example a cheap 50/1.4 lens would for video be able to be zoomed from effective 100mm to 400mm all at f1.4!

  • Are these guys shooting with the new GF2??? I can’t see a mode dial on the top of the GF cameras…

    • NM… I think I see an E-PL1, G2, E-P1, E-P2…

  • nug

    Finally a small, simple digital back for the lenses. Couple of those for three primes: 14, 20, 45…

  • dts

    fixed lcd or swivel/arti? exciting times at panasonic high ;) could be a nice little pocketaddition for my gh13 collection…

    • mike

      Exactly! I will buy one and put the 14 mm prime on it as a all around street photography camera and to complement my GF1 when I use the 45-200.

  • Adrian Lewis

    This is an excellent camera for µ43.

    Which has been the most criticized PEN? The E-PL1. (Ugly, slow shutter, etc.)
    Which has been the best selling PEN? The E-PL1.

    Yes, the GF-2 is ugly, but it is small, and should be relatively cheap (unless Panasonic is stupid … hmmm … ).

    All in all it should be a great shot in the arm to the µ43 system, and if so, so what if its ugly.

  • Put an EVF in where the pop-up flash is and I’m sold. Otherwise, I’m buying the Fuji X100 as my compact go anywhere digital camera.

  • Unless they add 1080p and better iso performance, i just don’t think gf2 can outmatch sony nex not to mention nikon uncoming mirrorless camera.

    • sderdiarian

      The Nikon is rumored to have a smaller sensor than mFT, so don’t count on superior performance from it.

  • Four by Six

    Not sure if links are allowed here, but I photoshop’d the Oly kit lens on the GF2 image here: I guess I could have just waited a few days for the real pictures, but the odds of Pany showing it with an Oly lens is pretty slim. This could be a killer combo, if Pany doesn’t incorporate the electronic zoom mentioned in an earlier comment. If they do, then there is even less need for a slow zoom that ruins the pocketability.

  • Dave

    “The E-PL1. (Ugly, slow shutter, etc.)”

    Since the last firmware the EPL1 is just as fast as the GF1 when using the same lens according to dpreview.

    • Adrian Lewis

      [damn Reply link location! :-)]
      1/2000 sec shutter vs 1/4000 sec shutter, not AF speed

  • Dee

    The Sony NEX body is definitely significantly smaller. The NEX with the pancake lenscan be put in a jeans pocket. The GF1 cannot. It looks like the GF2 cannot either.

    • Adrian Lewis

      1/2000 sec shutter vs 1/4000 sec shutter, not AF speed

  • Bookervrk
    chinese official website~.~
    GF2 about 19% reduction in size
    7% in weight.

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