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(FT5) It’s not all! More Olympus/Panasonic product releases in June/July


We just had that Panasonic 12-35mm zoom and the Olympus 75mm 1.8 portrait lens announcements but it’s not going to end here. According to our sources there will be new Olympus/Panasonic announcements in June/July. But it could also be that those will have to do with the new compact camera introductions only (like the XZ-1 successor). The Panasonic 35-100mm X lens and the GH3 are going to be announced in late August/early September so maybe Panasonic will announce the LX6 (or LX7) and the G5 in July?

Regarding Olympus, don’t know when the 60mm macro is coming and I don’t know if Olympus will launch a Four Thirds camera too. As you know Damian McGillyCuddy wrote “The new stuff I am playing with is even better than the E-5” but I really haven’t heard anything about a new FT camera! I hope to get some info about it soon. If you have some rumor to share contact me at or send me an anonymous message by sing the contact form on the right sidebar. Thanks!

The Olympus 75mm lens can be preordered at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here). And Adorama has also the accessories: Olympus LH-61F, Metal Lens Hood (Click here) and the Olympus LC-61, Metal Front Lens Cap (Click here).
The Panasonic 12-35mm X lens can be preordered at Amazon (Click here), BHphoto (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Panasonic store (Click here), Amazon Japan (Click here) and Digitalrev (Click here).

  • Keith

    I am in the first 10 people to have a Pre-order on the 12-35 directly from panasonic online shop.
    I’ve just had confirmation from Panasonic saying that it will be shipped at the end of June :-)

    • PEN

      Panasonic USA does not offer it for sale yet: “Available at your favorite retailer.” You must have ordered from the Asia or Europe site.

      • Keith

        Yep, UK.

        • spam

          Did they say which June?

  • Ernest.orf

    First !!

    • DonTom

      My money’s on an E-xxx. But not really, cos I haven’t got any 4/3 lenses.

      • Why not a E-xx or E-50, but maybe also a new Pen too.

    • @Ernest.orf : Loser

  • Kaloksi

    Grow up and get serious man.

    As for Olympus do hope they release the EP5 Pen.

    • MK

      yes the internet is serious business. i hope olympus releases products that are even more expensive than ever before seen. we should support yakuza and do nearly anything to deny plebians access to quality photographic equipment.

      • We could start an internet plebosite and vote for higher prices.

        The only plebiscite that counts for exclusivity.

  • onlyme

    Admin do you know anything about the xz-1’s replacement yet? Specifications or announcement date?
    If they give it a step zoom feature and improve the video I will probably buy one. I keep looking at Canon’s S100 but the lens is not as bright as the xz-1 and only 200 shots per battery charge would do my head in.

    • Ernest.orf

      Im really good living with my xz1 its awesome , but i just wanna see the xz2 , cuz its hard to beat the xz1 ^^

      • bli

        I compared the E-M5 and the XZ-1 recently at high ISO. What a difference!!

    • onlyme

      I forgot to say that Olympus UK have a £40 cash back offer on the xz-1 but it ends tomorrow.

  • Yusuf

    I think Oly should reduce the price of the 12mm f/2

    • DonTom

      Or weatherproof it, and keep the price the same…..

      • Miroslav

        … and release a black version.

        • MK

          i will notify olympus marketing immediately of these wonderous developments! a price reduction of $10 to $790, a black version for $1000, weather sealed for $1500

          did i mention these will be PRO? ZOMG what a deal

          • Nikku

            If you don’t like the pricing, go to another system that has cheaper comparable lenses…OH WAIT THERE ISN’T ONE

        • +1 for black

  • solar

    One could hope for an upgraded 17mm prime from Oly.

    • Keith

      I want a 17.5mm f2 pancake the same optical quality as the 45/1.8..

      • Geoff

        Why 17.5, what’s wrong with 17mm apart from 17.5 equates to 35mm, anything from 16-19mm would work, just as well.

    • nicwalmsley

      yes please

      • TomR

        I’ll take one. Or a weather proof 25mm

      • +1 for weatherproof 25mm – make it f/1.2 ;) and in black.

        • TomR

          Yes, in black

  • Thisguythere

    September is kinda too far away. We ordered GH2 from Panasonic at my company so we could test them for IMAG, knowing the GH3 would eventually come out and be all the GH2 is in term of video but better, faster, stronger. We can’t even get a test unit at this point, it is discontinued. We are a huge AV company with offices troughout North America and a big Panasonic client, they can get us products not released yet but can’t get us a GH2… (or a GH3, we asked).

    September is way too far away :(

  • Miroslav

    Panasonic and Olympus have turned off the taps on leaks recently – we’re getting rumors on pricing and release dates only, but I’m not expecting much this summer apart from G5 :(.

  • Lily

    Come onnnnnnnnn quieter and faster 20mm pancake! Mama needs a new…um, 20mm pancake.

    • Bob B.

      That is true…mine is really noisey..wrrrrr..wrrrrr…wrrrrr….and now that we are spoiled with all of the fast focusing cameras and lenses….the wrrr…wrrrr…wrrrrrrr….call your attention to how slow the lens is….LOL….still a great lens though!!!!

    • The Real Stig

      You were about to say “pair of shoes”, weren’t you? ;)

  • Tom

    Given the rumours of a “revolutionary” VF from Oly a while back, I think it’s a fair bet that a 4/3s camera is in development — most likely an E-5 replacement for those still carrying high end glass. Personally I’d hope for an E-50 also but Oly already have far too many camera bodies!
    A true hybrid OVF would be revolutionary i.e. OVF with overlay for clipping/focus peaking/histogram etc etc etc. Still dreaming but Oly are THE most innovative camera company bar none so fingers crossed.

    • Tom

      Olympus, with all it’s financial problems, needs to abandon their reflex systems.

      Oly should focus on integrating or adapting phase-detection auto-focus into their mirrorless product line. This would allow them to move forward, and at the same time, hold on to their existing customers.

      Focus on mirrorless.

      • Will

        You’re being short sighted though, yes they need to integrate them but currently the technology to do so appears to be somewhat lacklustre and still in development. They need to keep the user base happy, so another FourThirds camera will keep people there until the technology totally catches up, hopefully in the next 3 years (or more like 2 years).

        • Esa Tuunanen

          Wouldn’t call this result for hardware ready some time around last summer (it takes time before you can get cameras out of assembly line) exactly lackluster:
          “Overall, I was very impressed with the Nikon V1, and by the end of the trip it was the only mirrorless camera I wanted to shoot birds in flight with. The V1’s focus performance comes incredibly close to higher-end DSLR levels once you get the right settings for a subject”

          I don’t think Oly should keep doing any more than one DSLR and instead diversify m4/3 body range even if they don’t yet have viable hybrid AF.

          M4/3 has had such easy time in mirrorless because there hasn’t even been that much competition and competition hasn’t even tried to offer controls and ergonomy comparable to above entry level DSLRs so Olympus should use that chance.
          You should remember rules needed for success if you’re late to game:
          You either need to have overall clearly better product than competition, or be able to sell same performance/features lot cheaper than competition or have the absolutely biggest brand religion to steamroll others.
          And with limited resources it’s hardly possibly for Oly to be best in all areas, they can’t sell at loss and neither they have required brand name.

          • Anonymous

            I can see there being enough room for two DSLR FT cameras. One high-end pro spec. and one enthusiast spec.

        • MichaelKJ

          Looking at the mFT forum on DPR, much of the 4/3 user base has already migrated to mFT. Many of those who used to post on the Olympus SLR forum have purchased the E-M5.In the meantime, activity on the Olympus SLR forum has dried up. The oldest post on the first page on the SLR forum is 4 days old versus 5 hours on the mFT forum. Thus, I don’t think Oly will be hurt that much if it abandons 4/3. I’m sure they have considered this, but they have to balance the costs of developing a new 4/3 camera versus the costs of losing what appears to be a shrinking base. And, if many 4/3 users migrate to mFT because of the E-M5 then it makes even less sense to continue to support 4/3.

          • Riley

            well the oldest post on the D300 forum is a week old
            hows that looking now ?

      • Tom

        Hmm, I think an E-7 that’s more or less a repackaged E-M5 makes a huge amount of sense; the E-M5’s sensor and IBIS have had universal praise and would be more than at home in a pro-DSLR, I think it would sell like hot-cakes (if Oly priced it sensibly, the E-5 was stubbornly overpriced!). I don’t see much cost inherent in this strategy.
        Personally I feel that SLRs have a place in the world and given the Olympus 4/3s glass
        available, I wouldn’t deem it smart to pull out entirely. It made sense to concentrate on m4/3s in order to rebuild but for the future?

        • Riley

          they committed everything to a system that has a share of 18% of the global market. Time for some balance…

      • spam

        They abandoned their reflex system after E-3, just don’t want to admit it (which explains the E-5).

    • Geoff

      Unfair to say “already have far to many bodies”, when in point of fact there is now only one, seeing as we are talking 4/3rds here, the E-5 stands proudly alone.

  • Catalin

    Is there any chance that the LX6 has an m43 sensor and built-in lens ?

    • G1X by canon? ;)

    • Gustavo

      I don’t think so. They would have had rebuilt the lens for that, and it should be “a little” bigger. See the size of the Can. G1X…
      I personally have one LX5, not that happy wit it. It’s the best cam I have ever bought, but I was expecting far more of it.
      For example, the yellow-ish dots in a lot of pics, bad ISO from 800 above, kinda slow processor for loong exposure.
      I’m moving to Pana GX1 soon + Canon FD 50-1.4 and 20-1.7 preferentially since I think will outperform the LX series in almost every aspect.
      I think LX needs a CMOS sensor… and a 2/3″ size would add IQ also.

      Bottom line: I live in BR and although it’s being 6th economy I can’t find it being sold! Ridiculous country. Err, I cand find it only at a similar “local eBay” at R$ 2899 body only ($ 1450). SO stop complaining at british prices! hahahaha

      Great site! Who wants to buy my LX?

  • Panasonic G5?

    I find the lack of news disturbing.

  • It may seem peculiar, but I don’t really need anything else. It’s time to enjoy what I have. Bliss.

    • Congrats sneye,
      I need to try and have the same attitude. Out of curiosity, do you have the E-M5, or have you achieved bliss without it?

      • I have it on order. Don’t know why really. Recently I’ve been getting on with my E-P3 very well. My trusty E-5 takes care of all the rest, but I prefer the nifty little m4/3 primes. Might sell them both once the E-M5 is here. We shall see.

  • I think an update of the E-5 is highly likely – Olympus would be crazy not to leverage the positive response to the E-M5 by adding it’s sensor and IS functionality plus better movie to the E-5 and keep it at a competitive price.

    Such a dSLR combined with my ZD 50-200mm would make a great companion to my E-M5 with its compact primes.

    And while you are there just do a quick update of the PENs with the new sensor.

    And don’t forget the lens adapters so I don’t need to hand hold my ring flash all the time.

    Please Mr Olympus….

    • Ross

      That’s Ok. They have oodles of spare money for R&D. ;) :D

    • Geoff

      Lens adapters for ring flash, there are enough stepping rings out there to reach the moon, that’s all you need, assuming the ring flash is not to small for the lens front element, you wouldn’t want it to vignette would you???

  • ED

    PLZ MORE NEWS AND RUMORS ABOUT GH3!!!! I don’t think I can wait that long without going crazy :(

  • Roland

    How about an EP4, I’m waiting Olympus, once that is out then my money is coming your way !

  • Baronlee

    I’m hoping for an E-5 replacement, integrating all those nice OM-D features, into a camera the size of an E-5 or E-30. All those m4/3 cameras are too small to fit comfortable in my hands!
    And I’ve got all that lovely 4/3 glass…

    So either a mirrorless 4/3 camera or a new 4/3 DSLR, please!

    • Esa Tuunanen

      > All those m4/3 cameras are too small to fit comfortable in my hands!
      And same applies to every single mirrorless camera which should be double reason for Olympus to offer mirrorless body with actually good controls and ergonomy.

      Sure (D)SLR design isn’t going to drop to minority overnight and might well exist still for decades but future is no doubt mirrorless and for small company it’s better to be among first ones than last ones.

  • Leo
    • Admission that Oly feels pressure to release E-720 is definitely positive news.

  • safaridon

    The delay in introducing the G5 is strange as the G3 was introduced on May 12th over a year ago and pictures of the G5 have been leaked several months ago? In contrast the GF5 was introduced in April only 10 months after the GF3 intro on June 13, 2011. The new body on the G5 represents more of a change and maybe they are holding that one back for intro with the start of the Olympics?

    I am still hoping for the GXPRO or GX2 with EVF to be released for the Olympics but now that seems less likely given the delays for the G5?

    • admin

      Yes it’s strange. I am investigating the reson for that. But I htink we don’t have to wait a long time!

      • Anonymous

        Hey Admin, there have been a lot people wanting view finders added to GX/GF/EP/EPL cameras but I haven’t seen any proposals as to how it would fit. You should ask your readers to mock up some examples of how they would want the view finder to fit on the back of the camera (GX/GF/EP/EPL). A bit like ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ except ‘place the viewfinder on the camera’. I would be interested in seeing the results.

        • admin

          There is a patent showing exactly how the EVF is integrated. Will post this tomorrow!

    • Milt

      safaridon: Am with you about the GXpro or GX2 with EVF. That is what I am waiting for.

      For a SLR style camera, the G5 body does look attractive – like a Leica S2 that has been shrunk in the wash. The GH3 may be too video specific for me, and is likely to have added cost because of exceptional video capacities I can do without. Th multi-aspect sensor I would like however. In the GXpro, please.

  • If it is an EP5, then I will cancel my order for the OM-D. of course, Olympus knows this, and won’t announce the EP5 until after the OM-D ships.

    • admin

      Oh will post this soon. I can translate it ;)

      • Not very impressive results…

        • rrr_hhh

          Soft corners at the short end, which aren’t improving when you step down to F4… That was already visible in the first four samples posted at DPreview. And rather soft at the long end. BTW : that is from the comments. I don’t quite understand what kind of units they are using in their graph ? Also the graph show the result measured in a 20x30mm print. That is more or less an A3 / letter size print. Almost anything would print well at that size. We need at least an A3 size to judge such a lens.

          And they want to be aid to get a) the explanations of the graph and b) all the different graphs.

  • Jo

    What!? An $80 lens hood!!! I know others like fuji have done that but hey, Olympus isnt taking a loss on each lens ( fuji neither of course). This is just sick.

  • dau

    I expect the g5 release to coincide with the olympics, (didnt the g3 release coincide in some way with an olympic announcement?). Ive been thinking though, that panny may have lost a lot of buyers to olympus in the last few months because of this delay. Im pretty sure this was a big blunder buy the marketing division…

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