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(FT5) Images of the Black 17mm and 75mm lenses!


Here you have the images of the new 75mm and 12mm Black lenses. Still missing is the image of the 45mm f/1.8 lens. I am not sure yet but the price of the Black lenses should be the same of the Silver version. Note that two of the three Silver primes are yet discounted (at least in USA).

The 17mm f/1.8 sells for $449 at Amazon, Adorama and BHphoto.
The 45mm sells for $349 at Amazon, Adorama and BHphoto.
The 75mm f/1.8 can be found with a $100 discount at [shoplink 38467 ebay]CameraLand (Click here)[/shoplink].

But I think the price of the Black version will be the previous “normal” price.

via Digicaminfo.

  • Damn Oly

    the Black version is looking more better than ,the silver version,.-more aesthetic,elegant, look more professional in a black camera body

    damn you Oly why it took so long,.I rather not to see this version ,.coz i already all in silver

    • The black 12 mm looks also better than the silver one on the silver E-M5 ;)

  • sergey

    The black versions look fine, but I like my silver version as well.

  • PannyBoom

    Just Wait till you see the black versions on the EMD EM5!! you will want it bad.

  • Marcram

    I’ve been waiting for black versions. Olympus will see how well their lenses could have been selling from the beginning.

    • Anonymous

      You mean before they were greedy and lost sales and customers.

      • Marcram

        Yeah, after this strategy, they can’t afford to only launch with silver versions because we know they will eventually offer the black version… So initial sales would suffer.

  • It was about time Olympus offered its primes in the industry standard color for lenses: black. Whoever thought it was a good idea offering lenses in silver only had a definitely bad idea…

    • Mark

      I am wondering when Canon will sell there big L glass in the industrial standard color…

      • Henry

        @Mark The larger canon ‘L’ lenses are that colour for a reason; to reduce heat absorption and thermal expansion in sunlight.

        • E-1


        • MANFACE

          Yeah… thermal expansion… that’s it. It’s certainly not marketing hyperbole. That would just be crazy and unheard of by a huge camera corporation.

        • I read because the fluorite elements are very sensitive to heat.

          • That’s actually correct. Fluorite lens elements expand about 2.5 times more than do glass lens elements. Fluorite also deteriorate when exposed to humidity and condesation, which comes with heat heat cycling.

            Sigma gave some of their longer (400 mm if I rememember correctly) lenses a grey finish back in the late ’80s and early ’90s. No idea if they still do that.

            • Pharque Moi

              Fluorite also helps fight against lens decay.

              • Milt

                Still illegal in some jurisdictions.

        • bousozoku

          Sony went to white with some of their lenses, probably because they’re hoping to be confused with Canon, not for technical reasons.

          • Any company can produce white lenses, if they want to be confused with Canon. ;-)

          • Twaddler Belafonte

            That’s just something that Sony inherited from Minolta, the white lenses, which Minolta had been doing since the 80s.

        • mattphoto

          many, not all, of those white lenses have fluorite elements.

  • Bob

    The properly acessoried shooters which demand matching ensembles will be so, so happy! LOL! :-)

  • Bob

    The properly acessoried shooters which demand matching ensembles will be so, so happy! LOL! :-)

    • Bob

      Sorry…apparently I hiccuped!

  • MP
  • ethoxy

    we saw the black 45mm in a previous post. it was attached to one of the three cameras…

  • asaf

    This is the most stupid disjoin ever .. Oly is facing some real chalenge at the lens market ..Yet they give you a great reason to skip their lenses base on color :(
    They could sell lot more if they simply remember that we pay gor IQ , BQ and focus speed .. Special edition in black will be insulte.

    * Oly please do not lough at our faces again with new over priced “Limited” black versions.
    ** Sorry for my english

    • pizza4D

      Take a close look. Unlike the 12mm, these have no “Limited Black” printed on their barrels.

      • Michael Devitt

        Nice call, seems like these are gonna be regular ones, offered maybe without the lens hood but still better than paying premium for a “limited” version. Silver or black? Let the choice by the costumers don’t limit them. More happier they are more profit for the manufacturer ;).

  • Andres

    Waiting for low prices in second hand market silver lens.

    • shatteredsky

      Yup, me too …

      • kl

        me three

        • Tim F

          make it 4! ;-)
          specially the 75 is missing in my setup…

          • MiamiDallas

            Me 5.

  • man

    those black ones are going to sell like hot cakes…

  • Farrukh

    Nice looks, though personally I prefer the current silver editions. They should have made both available at the same time, it’s as if they have such few innovations that they release different colours to keep us talking about products.

    • Speaking just for myself, I’d be happy if Oly could standardize on a single shade of silver (body *and* lens).

  • Uberzone

    The lens on the right is the 17mm not the 12mm

    • BdV

      Exactly. Unfortunately.

  • Starred

    Good news

  • fvanzela

    They should have both colors, what a strange thing from olympus!

    • +1

      Good news. Now it’s time for some really new lenses, both in black and silver.

  • veteran of light

    am I the only one that think 75mm looks _much_ better in silver?

    even on my black OM-D, is kind of luxurious chrome look – unlike grey plasticky 45mm I own (will exchange for 45 black so is on sale if you are interested – in London and pristine condition with filter always on) or 17mm too-shiny look…

    I wouldn’t change 75mm for black – looks like ordinary ‘zoom lens’ from Canon, those plastic behemonts. Silver one is actually saying I am premium – at least in 75mm case.

    • I am a thief

      “Silver one is actually saying I am premium”

      I would have to agree ;)

    • mahler

      I prefer the silver editions too.

      • Bob

        Me too!…and they stay WAY cooler in the sun!

    • Fish

      I like the contrast of my silver lenses on my black e-m5. But these black lenses look good too.

  • Anonymous

    Guys keep your silver lenses. Yust wait a litte bit and they will become collector items ,-)

  • The black 17mm is a beauty – just when I was deciding to go for the Sigma 19mm, which has about the same performance, but is 300 less !

    Oh, well, like the French say: il faut souffrir pour etre belle…

    • Nonsense, M.Zuiko 17mm f/1.8 is markedly better than Sigma 19mm f/2.8.

      • bousozoku

        Everything I’ve read has said that the Olympus 17mm f/1.8 is rather unspectacular. It’s a big leap from the really terrible 17mm f/2.8 but that wouldn’t make a lens great.

        The maximum aperture and 2mm of focal length aren’t much of a difference.

        • Unspectacular, terrible, great…
          I would say that M.Zuiko 17mm f/1.8 is a very good but not excellent lens while while Sigma is not bad but a very ordinary lens.

          • MarcoSartoriPhoto

            I agree with you P.P. I bought 17mm f1.8 because I was feeling lazy to use Voigtlander 17.5mm. It’s a good lens, I find it sharp enough and I have taken some nice shots with it. As I said several times, people should try in person lenses and cameras before leaving judgements. It’s not a new Summicron 35mm f2.0 but it wasn’t meant to be.

          • bousozoku

            At a difference of US$300, it’s not surprising that there is such a difference. US$499.99 is a premium price for a lens that isn’t excellent. micro Four-Thirds is definitely overpriced.

      • That is because you didn’t read the resolution figures, so you go by hearsay and price, which is the vulgar side of opinion. Tsk, tsk…

        • Luckily I don’t need to resort to reading (somebody’s) resolution figures and hearsay.

          • Fish

            It’s nice to hear from someone who actually has experience with both lenses. And I admire your self restraint in answering an arrogant comment with a civil one. Bravo.

        • MarcoSartoriPhoto

          Amalric, please look at photos, not at resolution charts.. ;)

          • That’s what I usually do. But I don’t buy two lenses of the same focal just to compare what I see. The lamer there I just pretending, and you are fool enough to follow him. Congrats. :)

            • MarcoSartoriPhoto

              Amalric, Why calling me names? I upgraded from 17mm f2.8 to the new f1.8 after two years of use. You upgraded your camera, should I consider you a fool? No, because I’m polite and respectful.
              If I had to feel fooled by Olympus, it happened when they released old f2.8 version. A delusion to me.
              And if I had to choose a 17mm focal lenght I would go for Voigtlander 17.5mm. Not because it can be ultra fast, but for the overall feeling, output, quality, sàtisfaction. Nothing a chart can tell us.

              You complained about E-m5, then you tried itand eventually bought it. Now you can write about how good and small it is. Try also this 17mm f1.8. Then of course it’s up to you where you decide to spend your money. But you can always sell the old f2.8. Or give it away to a friend.

              • Thank you for the advice. In fact I sold the 17/2.8 the other day. Paradoxically it was v. good for uportraits – no absolute sharpness needed.

                17/1.8 is a strong candidate, but if you look at Lensrentals, you’ll see that they quite like the two Sigmas:

                These are very reliable figures, since they use various samples of the same lens. 35mm eq. is my favourite focal. so it’s an important decision to me since, being in Europe, I don’t buy concurrent lenses at the same time.

                • Human eye sees “sharpness” as a combination of resolution and contrast. Imatest as linked measures only one of those parameters. Images by two lenses with the same Imatest result could seem vastly different by perceived sharpness.

    • neonart

      The 17 f1.8 is a fantastic lens. A pleasure to use. It may not be samurai sword sharp, but it renders beautifully, its very practical as an all around, focus is blazing fast and accurate, and handles and looks beautiful (which adds to the enjoyment).

      When compared to f2.8 lenses like the Sigmas, you have to take into account not only the build quality, but also that faster lenses simply cost more. Look at the nifty 50’s in the SLR arena. How much is a 1.8 and how much is a 1.4? This becomes even more pronounced in wide angle lenses. F2 35’s are $300-400, f1.4 35mm lenses are $1200-1600.

      I’ve owned 2 of the Oly 17 f1.8’s and both have been sharp enough, and just great. LOVE THEM.

      • Yes. this is reasonable. The fact that the 17mm is sharp across the frame even at 1.8 is an important feature. If you like the range you could even use it as a portrait lens at home. The uniqueness of Sigma 19mm is that it is telecentric, so no distortion correction, and of course much cheaper while being in the same class at 2.8.

        I think that the point about the 17/1.8 is that it should be a 100 bucks less.

  • Walter

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird that people care about the aesthetics of camera equipment?

    I don’t care how my lens reflects light; I’m more interested in how it refracts light.

    • Optical1

      Your ambivalence toward aesthetics must make you a much better photographer…

    • OM-4ever

      1. “Art” photographers, concerned, even obsessed, with looks and appearances: Expected.

      2. “Fanboy/pixel peeper/gear slut” photographers, concerned, even obsessed with looks and appearances: Not expected.

    • true homer

      Youre in the wrong place then, 85% of pen buyers get it because its pretty

    • bousozoku

      You’re not the only one, but then, most people are concerned with accessories and looking at (or being seen with) their cameras.

      Remember how many people use a dSLR in auto mode just because it makes them look professional?

      • DavidFindllay

        “”Remember how many people use a dSLR in auto mode just because it makes them look professional?””

        Now ,you are having a laugh the most style obsessed camera buyers definitely lurk in mFT land,the E-M5 is a great machine regarding image quality and has an excellent 5 axis system.But,for me it is a horrible design with ergonomics so poor that I “had” to buy the HLD just to make it usable, compounded by the poor menu layout.

        Then we have a load of faux retro design Pens,which all look much the same , folk arguing over silver or black lenses ,limited editions.Then there are the Oly fans who go on [ and on, and om !} about the huge humongous,unbearable intolerable weight and size of the GH3 lol. A camera with far better ergonomics than any Olympus mFT.For me the most important aspect of camera design is the ergonomic performance, I shoot a lot of low light architecture night shots where the 5 axis IS is actually most useful or I would for sure be using Panasonic in fact if the 7-14 had OIS i would be using Panasonic.

    • Damn Oly

      I’m sorry but aesthetic is really good,.for example , when somebody carry a Rangefinder camera,.such as Voigtlander Bessa, Zeiss Ikon, or even Fuji XPro/ XE1 , the first thing they always think,.you carrying LEICA,.

      Secondly ,.i experienced that many people would noticed me when i using the 75 and i found that little bit annoying,.just because its so contrast with my black OM-D,.. anyway some people who knew about the glass would praise it and they asked me a lots of question about the glass.

      The other thing is ,.some people who dont know about the glass ,.they ,.thought that was NEX-SONY the 18-200, other NEX lenses,.and its really make sad, I prefer the BLACK EDITION rather than the SILVER ONE

    • Aesthetics don’t change the final image, but, for some people, the look and feel can provide another level of connection with the tools, and that is as important in the creative process as anything else. You may or may not feel that way, but some people does, and that should be respected, i don’t understand all the commenters that feel like their photography is somehow more pure or with a higher ethical value because they don’t care about how their gear looks. That is nonsense, and a very narrow way of seeing the world.

      You don’t care about looks? Great, more power to you, but it should be avoided the shallow thought that because someone does, that person is a poseur or a fashion freak. Personally, I take pleasure from using gear that looks and feels in a way that I like, in very much the same way as a musician cares about the design and feel of his instruments. I believe it is a very valid point of view, for me a camera is a tool for creating art, and, for that reason alone, I find valid the thought that it should provide another level of connection besides just being functionally sound.


      • Nsowon


      • Mr. Reeee

        That’s the best point made yet on the subject.

        The look and feel of the tools you use does make a difference in the creative process.

        As for the question of black vs. silver lenses… For me, black is simply less conspicuous than silver, in the same way that smaller lenses are less conspicuous than larger.

      • I understand that looks of a camera is important to some people,maybe even for many, but i find the comparison with a musical instrument a bit too much, I mean for the musicians who perform onstage, it surely adds to the visual impact if you have a beautiful instrument. But for a photographer? I admit i sometimes look at the gear how wonderful some parts are (either lens or body)but while busy i am totslly not aware if i hold a greatlooking tool in amy hand or just an ugly one, the involvement with the subject absorps all my interest about looks.

  • dwainedibbly

    If I buy the 17 (very likely) I’ll probably get the black version (if the price is the same) just so it is easier to pick out compared to the 12 & 45 in my bag.

  • Previous 4/3 user

    Anyone else notice that these new lenses have the blue and silver rings on them like on the 4/3 HG and SHG lenses?

    • Optical1

      I think they had them on the silver model too. The 17mm does for sure. I’ll bet the 75 does too…

      • You’re right, they have. M.Zuiko lenses have no HG/SHG etc. grouping so far.

        • Anonymous

          My 45/1.8 doesn’t have these “rings”

          • MarcoSartoriPhoto

            Yes, also 45mm has that blue ring. It’s just behind the plastic piece you remove to put a hood on the lens.

          • Fish

            Are you looking at your lens right now? My 45mm has the blue ring. In fact, every Olympus m4/3 lens has it as far as I’m aware. I started to notice the blue rings on the mark II lenses for 4/3 so I just assumed it was a marking that denoted CDAF lenses. Is that not correct??

            • Fish

              I might not have been clear. The 4/3 lenses that support CDAF (and all m4/3 lenses) have the blue ring.

              • Well, the HG SWDs have also blue rings and the SHG SWD has “platinum” ring, and they are no CD-AF references.

              • Previous 4/3 user

                Not true that the blue and silver rings = cdaf compatible. Check the 12-60 and 50-200 etc all have the rings. I believe it denotes HG/SHG status

              • Previous 4/3 user

                From this site :
                it appears the “blue” stripe denotes zuiko digital lenses. I guess that denotes a lens for a digital cam vs older zuiko lenses for the old film SLRs

              • OMega

                I don’t think the rings (Blue or Silver) mean a thing, they are/were on the budget lenses I had with my E-620, I use the word were as it came off one of my lenses while out on a shoot. I was holding my camera and wondered what was hanging off it, which was a length of blue adhesive tape, the blue ring.

    • Damn Oly


      Wow,.you’re right ,.I’ve just notice that,.is really great to this similarity

  • ct

    I guess Panasonic got it right since no one complains about their lens finish…

    • Pharque Moi

      Do you mean black/grey or purple?

      • I was going to say — apparently ct didn’t hear all the whining about the shiny purplish tint on the 12-35 (not my favorite either, but I can live with it).

  • Tom

    The picture shows the lenses with hoods on, thus that mean these lenses will come with the hoods at regular prices? Could that be the reason for the deep discounts on the current silver lenses.

    • Fish

      I would love to see that policy change at Olympus, but I’m not holding my breath.

    • Uberzone

      That would really piss off current silver lens owners. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

      • MAFAv8r

        On the contrary, people should be happy that Olympus is hearing the masses. The two major complaints have been no black at standard price and no lens cap included

  • sdffg

    Is the hood included or are they still gonna charge $75 for the lens hood?

    • Nsowon

      I hope the genius at Olympus who decided to exclude lens hoods and bags has been shown almost every review that mentions this as a negative/con in the review – often with ‘shame on you Olympus’.

      I can afford the lens hood, but bought Chinese equivalents that are every bit as good and saved the money for more accessories.

      I cannot, for the life of me, begin to understand the thinking behind this. Either it’s a very dumb marketing decision, or a very, very clever one that impacts us in subtle psychological ways we aren’t meant to understand.

      • OM-4ever

        Or, you could look at it this way:

        The lenses are NOT overpriced as they are, without hoods.

        The 75 f1.8(yes, even especially), 17 f1.8, 45 f1.8 (etc), are actually all VERY reasonably priced, when you consider the main points of sharpness, rendering, build, focussing speed, QC, etc.

        If hoods were included, it would be reasonable to expect to see an adjustment in cost.

        Functionally, hoods are OPTIONAL.

        Lenses, even premium ones, come in simple packaging, without hoods or cases and this keeps the costs under control, for these (what I believe to be) relatively premium optics.

        If you want a hood, just buy one, but be reasonable and don’t complain so much-we have it real good, when you stop to consider the alternatives…

        All silver lenses? Well, thats an outrage….

        • The 45/1.8 not coming with a lens-hood is in my opinion excusable, this is a ‘budget’ lens, and the price can only be low by reducing cost as much as possible. Doing this by not including optional items is a lot better then doing this by reducing quality.

          However, when looking at the 75/1.8, I disagree. This is a premium lens with a premium price. Not including things like a hood to save another $10 (if that, considering that you can get an equivalent hood for $15 or less sent from China, its actually extremely likely going to be way less then $10) removes from the experience of buying a premium product, and this annoys people.

          Or put differently, $10 matters a lot more for the price of a $300 item then for a $1000 item.

  • Bob

    Wait till you see the prices!!!!!!! :-)

  • DonParrot

    Well, I definitely prefer my silver primes (45 1.8 and 75 1.8) to the black versions, but if I could make a free choice, all my gear would be in British Racing Green metallic. ;-)

    • Ah, the MG Zuiko series.

    • Milt

      In Canada we get BRG ones with white stripes.

  • peevee

    @admin, you write:
    “Here you have the images of the new 75mm and 12mm Black lenses. ”

    It is 17mm, not 12. The baby does not let you sleep enough, eh? :)

  • Yun

    Whatever the prices is , I have owned the silver version of the lenses , so no really interested .
    To me , Silver looks special & premier .
    My interest is more on the L style interchangeable lenses camera by Pana & the next OMD .
    Admin to reveal more on this 2 very important cameras .

  • kl

    I think either silver or black lenses are fine. Just look at the Pentax limited range, they’re quite drool worthy when paired with the limited silver k5.

  • Tim van Vliet

    People talking about ….Silver black purple racing green or pink with polkadots….lenses or cameras… as long as it makes sharp images and build well…. i’ll take the cheapest and save the rest of the cash to make trips so i can actually use the camera.

    To me the omd is not about the looks. Its about the portability and image quality. I used to travel with a big big lowe pro bag and 5d and plenty of primes. On top of that i had to carry my travel backpack. So i looked like a turtle shelled in between two backpacks. Now i have 6 primes (8mm 12mm 25mm 45mm 60mm 75mm) and a nice and compact artisan artist splash proof bag. With two flashes and a goriilla pod. And still travelling light. And lets me take sweet pics for my remembrance.And not killing my back.

    Now taking a trip through Flores Indonesia. Finally hit a hotel with electricity and wifi. (Nusa Lembongan) Bali is not very nice in my opinion so got outta there as soon i flew in. Uploading is slow but for those of you interested.

    Still uploading but going to sleep. So maybe it will cut out halfway as power shortcuts happen more than often. So maybe better check it later for full report.Maybe this will inspire you guys to actually go out and use your gear!!

    • Tim van Vliet

      Moderator please wait with posting will write a better story tomorrow….. this has nothing to do with initial black or silver lens on this post.

    • Tim,I guess the problem with Bali it’s full with tourists maybe(DenPasar/Kuta/Legian)? I never went that far to the east of Bali(only untill Lombok-nice black beaches-)

  • avds

    Oh shoot just as I was contemplating to get me a cosy small order for shipping dirt cheap black paint to Olympus at premium prices so as to delve into their little nice black-lens-for-special-price business, they decide to sell them for the same money as silver ones! That’s so insidious and iniquitous of them, such an utter disappointment! /sarcasm off :-)/

  • bullswin

    Who cares if it comes with hood or what color they decide to release. Why is there so much hate? As long as the lens performs let oly do as they please. Hoods are OPTIONAL so the consumer has the option to buy a hood. $10 or $100 who care how much it costs/saves oly. I’m glad hoods are not included because I never use them, why should I have to pay/waste my money for something that I don’t use? If I used hoods then I would spend my money and purchase one instead of coming to a forum crying about how my $900 lens didn’t include a hood. Get over it.
    Heck I bought a 40K car and it didn’t come with floor mats!!!! What no mud guards? What no anti-rust coating? Geez people if you don’t like a product don’t buy it, simple as that.

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