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(FT5) UPDATED! Panasonic teaser for a new MFT cameras and the LX3(or TZ ?) successor!


The teaser clearly shows a new MFT camera and a new compact camera!
Panasonic, a leading imaging brand, is pleased to announce that for the very first time it will attend this years Focus on Imaging show held at the NEC Birmingham from 7th-10th March.
Panasonic UK

We already told you two new cameras will come. Probably the successor and a TZ or LX compact camera.

UPDATE: This are the G1 and TZ7 silhuettes?
UPDATE2: Drew S. noticed something really interesting: “The silhouette of the new Panasonic compact camera shows the mode control dial to the left of the shutter button as you face the camera. The dial on the newly announced TZ (zs7/tz10) is to the right of the shutter button. So it appears that this is not from the TZ series.

The G1 and TZ7 silhouettes

Just a reminder: The G1 has been officially discontinued in Japan and the Panasonic LX3 price is continually dropping (now $371.70 at amazon)

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