(FT5) Hot: New Panasonic GH3 specifications!


Photkina is getting closer and the new Panasonic GH3 is probably the “hottest” new Micro Four Thirds product. Quite many sources contacted me saying that this is an incredible nice camera. And very likely the first camera that can be considered as “pro” level camera. It is aimed to compete against all high end DSLR APS-C cameras like the Nikon D7000 or Canon 7D. But we know well…we have to see it to believe it :)

At least I finally I can share the Panasonic GH3 specs. Many trusted sources confirmed that these are correct. So here they are:

– 16 Megapixel “Wide dynamic range” CMOS Sensor.
– New Venus 7 engine
– electronic shutter
– ISO 100-12.800
– 6fps
– Fastest AF of any interchangeable lens system camera.
– Video Bitrate 50Mbps (72Mbps ALL-I)
– 30p/25p in MP4, MOV and AVCHD
– 3.5 Mic in
– built-in stereo mic
– Audio out
– Pc control
– Time Code
– 1740k OLED LVF, Touch Monitor OLED 610k.
– external battery grip
– Wifi with remote control through iOS and Android Applications
– external XLR accessory
– Focus Peaking
– Interval shooting and slow motion. Slow Movie extension (40%, 50%, 80%) Fast 160/ 200 / 300%
– Magnesium alloy body. Body is bigger than the Panasonic GH2.

I still don’t know the price yet. The only rumor I got says the GH3 with 14-140mm lens will cost 1700 Euro/Dollars (But this hasn’t been confirmed by any of my trusted sources yet!). Based on those specs I would like to hear from you:

If the specs are correct and the price the same of the GH3 ($1200 body only)

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  • Befürworter


    • mpgxsvcd

      If it doesn’t shoot 20% slow motion I am not buying it. You didn’t mention 1080p @ 60 fps. I can only assume that it has that? Why only 6 fps? That is very sad news to hear.

      • Those video specs, thats probably one Vitaly hack away from having them.

      • I can see a lot of people owning both the GH3 and the E-M5, the GH3 for video and the E-M5 or a Pro O-MD for photography…..

        • mpgxsvcd

          I think the GH3 is going to be both the “Pro” stills and video camera everyone was looking for. The OMD only goes to ISO 200 while the GH3 goes to ISO 100. Also the dynamic range in the GH2 was absolutely the worst Dpreview has ever tested. If Panasonic can get that up to the OMD’s level then the GH3 will be outstanding.

          ISOs over 6400 are not really that useful except for on some of the very expensive cameras like Nikon and Canon’s top models. I see no problem with the GH3 only going to ISO 12,800.

          • @mpgxsvcd
            E-M5 has
            5 axis stablisation
            live bulb mode
            built in wireless flash support
            underwater housing
            flash sync speed up to 1/250th sec
            useful artfilters
            colour tones in the black and white options

            • mpgxsvcd

              The 5 axis IS is great. I would love to have that for my prime lenses. However, Panasonic just simply won’t ever do it. That is fine they make in lens IS that works equally as well.

              For pictures IS is not really as necessary. In some cases it actually messes up more than it helps. For video it is essential. Thankfully the 35-100mm F2.8 will be out soon as well.

              • Roy

                Perhaps you don’t find it necessary. For me, it enabled me to take countless photos during my vacation that would have been a blurry mess without IS. And it worked for both Panasonic and Olympus lenses. This is one of the main features that won me over to the OM-D.

            • does the OM-D have have in-built wireless flash support? I thought you had to attach the mini flash?

              • bart

                Or the fl600r.

                Wireless flash support Olympus style requires a controlling camera, a comand unit (flash) and a receiving unit. You need all 3 components, the clip-on flash acts as command unit.

          • ukkuk

            DPreview test DR with JPEGs which is simply idiotic .DXO rates the GH2 max DR at 160 ISO as 11.34 the E-M5 comes in at 12.2 on Imaging resource so not even a stop difference. All the Pen’s have poorer DR with the max DR on DXO OF 10.1 trusting a JPEG test of DR is foolish. If you have ever used a PEN next to the GH2 this would be obvious.

      • Blinkered


        6fps will be great if it also supports autofocus/no screen blanking.

        9fps sounds great, but according to people who own the EM5, the screen blanks out and there is not real live view at this speed, something the GH2 offered in M burst mode over 2 years ago.

        If Panasonic have increased the burst speed, while maintaining live view to 6fps, this will be more useful in many cases (most for me) than 9fps with interrupted live view and no AF.

        • mpgxsvcd

          I agree the burst mode with live view and AFC is the most useful. However, there are times when the subject is not moving that much but there facial expressions are changing quickly(Think baby pictures where you can’t just tell them to smile). That is when a high speed burst without live view or AFC is very handy. In that case at least 12 FPS is ideal.

      • Hopefully the “GH3” (or whatever they call it) will include 1080p60/50, and be available “soon” as a body-only. Those are must-haves on my list.

        Beyond that, I’ll be looking for much improved stills & video quality compared to my hacked GH2, and especially in video: Greatly reduced 8-bit banding artifacts, higher than GH2 data rates, improved S/N performance, “live” full-time audio monitoring via headphone output, and “clean”, full-time, 100% bog-standard live HDMI out.

        I have a Blackmagic Cinema Camera on pre-order, so I’m looking at the “GH3” as a B-camera to intercut with it, especially with the BMCC’s 10-bit 1080p ProRes 422 HQ 220-megabits/sec mode. If the “GH3” image quality is even just a modest step up from the GH2 (hacked or otherwise), these 2 cam should intercut nicely.

        Assuming the new “GH3” features good weather-sealing, I’ll also use it as a fall-back camera for situations where using the more expensive and not-advertised-as-weather-sealed BMCC might be too risky.

        Bring it on, Panasonic, and please, please, make it available for sale in the US _____soon_____! Cheers.

  • sharpfilms

    Wow! thats what we like panasonic……
    external xlr’s thats real good!

  • bitcrusher

    XLR! woot- Do you think the hack made Panasonic think more about filmmakers?

  • Zzz,

    Where’s 60p!!!!!!

    • Kristo

      These are only rumors…the official specs will have many more features than these and logically they will have 60p…

    • Wheeeere’s!?!?!?
      I find it a big handicap not have 60p, i think will my choice of another brand, and I do not see at this point why take the GH3 and not a GH2 that costs less… ok for the bit rate, ok for other improvements, but the 60p is vital!
      I think so…

    • CobyD

      That part of the list has to be incomplete – it will certainly have more bitrates than the one mentioned, and it will have 720p60 … but it would seem 1080p60 should have been mentioned by the sources if it was there?????

      • G5 have 60p, why not GH3?!
        I also believe (and hope) is incomplete

      • matt

        I´m sure it will have 1080/60p in avchd mode, because G5 has it, but what I really want is 1080/60p in 4:2:2 color so I can use it for serious work and some grading

        I would not believe that camera that has timecode and xlr´s and high bitrate which is suitable for pro work will have a consumer avchd 2.0 codec.. it must have something good too, professional video quality is not only about sharpness, GH3 should be sharper , better DR is expected in video and stills due to new HDR senzor, so the last thing is codec and framerates, I don´t believe they would mess up the last thing that we are all wainting for.. panny make it 1080/60p with 4:2:2 8 or better 10bit and take my money!

        and I almost forgot! thank you admin ! my adrenalin level allways jumps when I see GH3 word on this site

        • werner

          Excatly. That´s what I want to hear: 10 Bit 4:2:2, all the other improvements are secondary

          • @ werner

            Although I agree that 10-bit 4:2:2 video would be great to have in the “GH3” (that’s one of the main reasons I’ve pre-ordered a BMCC), myself I’d be happy if the GH3 merely featured high-quality properly dithered 8-bit 4:2:0, relatively low noise, and above-average DR.

            There are many video cameras that record great-looking 8-bit 4:2:0 video by using clean dithering, and that are relatively low-noise, and have decent DR, too. I’d hoped the GH2 could do this, too, but unfortunately for all of us, it doesn’t.

            So, sure, bring on the 10-bit 4:2:2, but in the case of the GH3, I care more about how its video looks than how they achieve it. Cheers.

      • Tom

        I think 60p is the 200% slow motion setting. I don’t think the video specs as shown are complete or accurate, as no mention of 24p (23.976) is made, which would be critical for this camera.

    • Sqweezy

      1080p/60 was mentioned as a rumor before. Suddenly it’s gone from this “updated” spec sheet. So what’s the deal, admin? Are we getting 60 frames per second or not? This will be a deal breaker for many.

    • KinoZig

      Don’t worry, this is not official specs…

      1) AVCHD specification since 2011 includes 50p and 60p for 1080
      2) slow-mo at 50% needs 50i/s, 40% needs 60i/s and it sounds it will be progressive

      so 50p and 60p will be present ! (GH2 and GH1 have already 720 50p, not1080 50and 60p but their release was before 2011)

      What is unknown is the bitrate for the different flavors of 1080 , because i don’t think you get 72Mps for all settings…

  • Ryan Woo

    I’m very happy with my E-M5 now. Looks like GH3 is much better in video aspect. I guess I will pass GH3 until I work on a video project.

  • Sounds like a good video cam…
    Now how about a good stills camera?

    • Pavlo

      Rumours are only about specs, IQ always is a mistery before some initial shots. Lets wait to see this “high dynamic range” camera in action. I hope it will not be the case of GF5, which supposed to be on par with Canon FF in low light shooting…

  • uiti

    GH3 is too much video! I’m going to wait GX2.

  • bitcrusher

    what dose “electronic shutter” mean…… it could be…… maybe

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Exactly same as for G5. It can take photo without Panasonic’s noisy and camera vibration causing mechanical shutter.
      Global shutter is different thing.

  • helten

    No GPS?

  • dg

    I wonder how expensive the xlr accessory is and how big? Won’t Sony be offering a similar option for the upcoming Nex and/or A99 and pricing it at $850? Anyway, this will be the most exciting Photokina in a long time. The d600, the GH3, the a99, the Nex6…can’t wait!

  • Ernest

    Good camera , but i really love my OLYMPUS EM5 , i will not change it , for long time !!!!

  • @admin
    any word on focus tracking especially in video??

  • Urban Ninja

    Do not care about 60P if the slow motion modes work really well.. Here’s hoping they do.

    HOWEVER I HOPE that the crop video mode is still available.. I plan on shooting some surfing films and that feature would be amazing for me, even if it’s exactly the same as what the GH2 can do.

  • OMD owner

    I prefer OM-D size, but I’m glad to hear that there is micro43 improvment. Wi-Fi with Android and iOS remote control is good direction. I’m not filmmaker, but better sensor, better EVF, better AF are always good.
    Maybe some imporvments will be in future in other Panasonic’s bodies, therefore maybe I will replace my OM-D by Panas body in future. My primes will be 100% compatible.

  • Doffer

    3,5 inch mic in sounds a bit too big ;)

    I also have to wonder why it only has 30p when the G5 has 60p?
    Furthermore 6 fps sounds a bit low as well. The specs look nice but I can’t help feeling they aren’t entirely true, still very interesting.


    Happy to see an intervalometer and OLED in the camera. :D

  • John H

    @Admin: Hope you just forgot to write it’s weather sealed… though you’ve written it so many times now that it might implicitly be taken for granted :)

  • dre

    electronic shutter means very fast x-sync speed, thats what i need ….atleast 1/500 please

    • AtlDave

      Hopefully that would be true but I would not count on it.

      The Nikon 1 cameras have an electronic shutter but since it is a rolling shutter the max sync speed is 1/60. Even without the faster sync speed I would still like an electronic shutter option since it is silent and would eliminate the vibration induced blur problems on lenses like the 14-42X.

      I rarely shoot video and want a smaller, less expensive camera. So while I am going to pass on the GH3 if Panasonic puts a high dynamic range sensor with an electronic shutter into the GX2 I will probably preorder it.

  • Richard Han

    ISO 12.800 does this mean that the EM5 might still outperform the GH3 in low light?
    And how long do we expect it to be till the GH3 is actually available in shops?

    • bli

      ISO range… calibrated, or uncalibrated? (Nikon D700 has calibrated up to ISO 6400, and uncalibrated up to 25 600)

      • Richard Han

        yes I would really love to know! Low light performance is a key for me, as it being small.. I am holding out to find out more, as might opt for the OMD.
        Anyone have any experience using the Summilux 25mm and OMD? Does IBIS actually make any difference in low light with this lens?

    • fegre

      Have a look at the E-M5 highest ISO raw files with no NR they look like pointillist paintings just because they put a setting on the camera and fan boys say it is good doesn’t make it true lol

  • Some improvements are nice, but my next camera must have stabilized sensor for video. So, I will not buy it.

    • tyty

      You sound like a typical Oly fanboy looking for any feature that E-m5 is likely to have over the GH3 , if there is a huge need for IS you can have in lens from 14-300mm { 28-600mm FF equiv} zooms and even in the 45 macro . The main advantage of the fast primes is to hopefully give you a chance at getting a shutter speed that allows you to photograph non dead subjects. The ability to shoot static subjects at lower shutter speeds is of dubious benefit for a lot of photography.

      • Roy

        And you don’t sound like a Panasonic apologist? I wholeheartedly subscribe to the benefits of in-body IS for both video AND stills. And that’s after a decade using a DSLR system with lens-based IS. Don’t be so quick to discount other people’s preferences/requirements.

      • bart

        never mind that he was talking about IS for VIDEO.

        It more looks like someone here is a bit over-sensitive…

        No, having is in some lenses is no alternative for always having it. Additionally, if is for fast lenses makes little to no sense, then why does the 12-35/2.8 have OIS? Right, because it also gains at least a stop or 2 in handholdability for fast lenses.

        • fegre

          @bart F2.8 on mFT is not a fast lens. If you are photographing still or dead subjects there is always some kind of solution that enables the use of slower shutter speeds. Including, bracing against walls, or other supports { trees,street furniture etc}, mini tripods, mono-pods, gorilla pods, bean bags and so on. When shooting moving subjects in low light {indoor sport etc} IS of any kind is absolutely worthless. That’s why they have fast lenses.

          • Bart


            F2.8 is F2.8 is F2.8, for BRIGHTNESS (which is light/area, the ONLY thing that matters for exposure).

            FAST lens has to do with being able to achieve FAST shutter speeds, and has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with shallow DOF.

            So yes, a F2.8 lens is a fast lens for ANY system because FAST depends on brightness, and brightness depends on relative aperture and transmission.

            The primes are in the order of 1 1/3 stop faster (except for the PL25/1.4 which is 2 stops faster). When looking at 35mm, the 12-35/2.8 is still at F2.8, whereas most zooms will be at least at around F5, which makes the 12-35/2.8 in the order of 1.5 stops faster at the long end.

            Beyond that, I have been taking pictures for the last 35 years, I do totally understand, probably much better then you, why IS is useful, and why it isn’t, depending on the situation.

            See, most people don’t shoot sports, actually, most people shoot scenery, and for that it absolutely helps, a lot.

            There isn’t always a support available, it takes too much time to setup a tripod, it is not allowed to setup a tripod, it is not allowed to lean on that cabinet at a museum etc etc etc etc. Your approach is ignoring many very common situations.

            That you can come up with situations where it isn’t useful does absolutely nothing to take away from the situations in which it is useful.

      • inis16

        I’m not an Oly fanboy as I have GF3, but recording video handheld with 25/1.4 (without OIS) in indoors is quite a challenge. Stabilizing video in post-processing does not look that good (thanks to motion blur) and you must do crop.

      • I’m not an Oly fanboy as I have GF3, but recording video handheld with 25/1.4 (without OIS) in indoors is quite a challenge. Stabilizing video in post-processing does not look that good (thanks to motion blur) and you must do crop.

    • Blinkered

      It makes a difference if your subject isn’t moving…. if your subject is moving then at the shutter speeds you would need ibis at, you are going to get motion blur.

  • twoomy

    Somebody always asks this and it always seems to get ignored…

    Is the sensor multi-aspect? One thing I love about the GH2 is that you can shoot 3:2 without it simply chopping the top and bottom off of the image rectangle.

  • @admin is it a global electronic shutter?

  • wayne wong

    what is time code?

    • Tom

      time code or SMPTE / LTC timecode is a synchronization signal that is used on the majority of professional film sets, where multiple cameras have to be synchronized or most importantly, to be synchronized to the sound mixer’s recorder… as it is very rare for cameras to actually record production sound.

  • Incessant Troll

    gonna laugh if d600 comes out and gh3 is more expensive. out loud.

    • Sqweezy

      I really hope the GH3 with 12-35mm f/2.8 kit will be $2,000 or less. Must at least stay price competitive with a D600 sensor that is FOUR TIMES BIGGER!!!

      • Gjim

        I agree- price this and the 12-35 under $2,000 and it’s somewhat attractive. But this camera will appeal to such a niche audience (filmmakers) that I think they might price it higher initially. And I think it will fare far better against the D600 than the high end APS cameras- the D600 should wipe the floor with the APS cameras that are priced similarly to it. Because they won’t be offering anything all that extraordinary- they’ll be rather run of the mill. But the GH3, the video specs really make it standout from the crowd.

      • bart

        If you actually want to get some sharp pictures with that rumored 24mp 135 format sensor, you’ll have to get yourself some higher quality and more expensive lenses. If a.ll you care for is more impressive numbers (your capitalized 4 times somewhat suggests you are) then please go buy a d600 and goto nikonrumors. If you actually care about results and understand this concept called marketing, you’d be waiting for actual results, both from the gh3 and d600.

        • haty

          There are no shortage of lenses, which are more than capable of taking advantage of high mp sensors as for 24mp. That is a fraction of the pixel density of mFT sensors to match the pixel density of the E-M5 a FF would have to be at 54mp.

          There have been 24mp FF sensors for almost four years the D3x came out in 2008, as I am sure you know. The simple and dirt cheap 50mm F1.8G on the D3X can give resolution figures simply unachievable with any mFT lens and any mFT camera. Though some find it hard to swallow higher MP sensors will improve the results achievable from every lens you own.

    • > gonna laugh if d600 comes out and gh3 is more expensive. out loud.

      I might too. But only if D600 has the same dimensions and weight as the GH3. AND along D600 also compact primes and zooms are released too.

      Otherwise, whatever price, I’m not really interested in the D600. It is primarily for people with legacy lenses – most users own only DX lenses anyway.

  • ckwin

    I’m sure it is top. Also the price is.

  • Zeus

    Seems like a nice camera! Hope it’s not priced too far above the OM-D. But looking to replace my mirrorless camera. Currently in both the NEX and GH2 systems. Thus far NEX better for stills and GH2 better for video. Hoping this GH3 or NEX6 shine, so I can commit to a set a lenses.

  • Sqweezy

    What happened to the earlier rumor of the 2 million dot EVF and 1 million dot LCD?

    Now the LCD is only 600k? Where’s the update to its viewfinders to keep it in the game with the NEX-7?

    • If the OLED EVF and monitor are implemented well, I’d gladly trade higher contrast, and more-accurate color for higher resolution. OLED can be very very good. Whether the “GH3” includes it, and if it’s any good, remains to be seen

  • Ad

    Still no IBIS, for the rest it looks very promising, even considering I’m not at all into video. I now own a GH2 and did not switch to E-M5 because of the GH2’s articulating display and multi-aspect sensor. If the GH3 sensor is indeed significantly better I’ll probably buy it, also because an electronic shutter prevents vibration, which can be a problem for some lenses like the X 14-42mm and X 45-175mm.

    Anything else than µ4/3? No, too heavily involved in µ4/3 lenses…

    • Troll
      You are so troll… D600 is crap for serious photographers (with collection of manual lenses) as it even does not have peaking.

      • bli

        He, he. Yeah, right. Crap without peaking and can not be used for serious work.

      • Anonymous

        Serious photographers are doing serious photography for years with manual lenses and without focus peaking…D600 has OVF which helps a lot for manual focusing…

  • M

    No 120p means no buy.

    • Anonimous
      “Serious photographers are doing serious photography for years with manual lenses and without focus peaking…D600 has OVF which helps a lot for manual focusing…”

      It is time for the “serious photographers” to update: it’s XXI century an there is no reason for the masochistic work with the legacy ergonomics. And, b.t.w., OVF is useless if one shoots from e.g. hands: that’s why many of the traditional DSLR shots are so boring.

      • Incessant Troll

        In the quiet words of the Virgin Mary… come again?

  • Mike

    Glad to hear about all of this. Though I do hope it can also shoot 1080p/60fps

    I think it’s interesting that it says audio out instead of headphone out. Same thing?

    I just really hope they fixed things like FPN and improved the image overall. Everything else sounds great, like they are moving in the right direction.

    • Tom

      audio output / headphone is likely the same thing. On professional shoots, if this product is aimed at getting more exposure in that market, camera operators rarely wear headphones and leave that for the sound mixer to monitor, via a confidence return feed (normally fed by the headphone output). I’d be surprised if it was line only.

      • Ross

        I assume the XLR connection is there for that.

        • Gjim

          The XLR is an accessory- and will probably cost a lot (Sony will be charging $800 for theirs). XLR inputs are not built into the camera.

  • Almost perfect: at this level of technology and user’s feedback.

    The only one essential thing remains is RAW via HDMI (or. perhaps other interface (via battery grip with embedded SSD (?)).

    Panasonic, please give it us (it costs almost nothing) – and you will be a winner!

  • > – 16 Megapixel “Wide dynamic range” CMOS Sensor.


    Does that mean a Sony sensor inside?

    • Bob

      No. Almost every serious camera this side of a Leica has a CMOS sensor now.

  • If all this is true, GH3 is certainly on my wish list now. Happy they will deliver OLED (in my case normal LCD irritates eyes due to the blinking – can’t work long with it). Still OM-D could be a good second camera with few unique selling points (DR, IBIS).

    • Dummy
      It could be the sensor with white pixels, which Panasonic patented earlier.

  • Admin
    Hope you just forgot 24p ?

  • aqasem

    I am considering GH3 only if it will be bundled with 12-35 lense for 2000$ only…

  • fl00d

    no 1080p60 is a deal breaker for me. Sad panda.

    • Tom

      See the 200% overcrank feature… that is likely your 60p mode.

  • Yun

    Base on the current survey bar , it suggested GH3 is a nice camera but almost everyone will not buy it . The reason is simple , we want a true rangefinder style camera similiar with L style .
    It looks like we are not far from the truth now ( after GH3 ) if Pana is going to include a very highend camera as rumour suggested or it just a GX2 .

    • Anonymous

      No, I think it’s because a lot of readers have already E-M5…

    • Mr. Reeee

      Only some people want a true rangefinder style camera. Many of us are perfectly content with a centrally located viewfinder. Others seem to think a P&S styled camera with a clip-on EVF is a good thing.

      Choice is key!

    • mahler

      The success of the E-M5 shows that rangefinder cameras aren’t really needed.

      • Esa Tuunanen

        I don’t think E-M5’s success has so much to do with retro design. In fact that design just copies bad points of analog mechanical era.

        First of all E-M5’s sensor is finally modern and competitive with APS-C after all those PENs with that old mediocre already in 2008 sensor.
        Also it offers easily remembered and differentiated feature set after all those “Try to remember what this model has and what it lacks” dozenware PENs. Heck, I’m that tech geek who easily remembers technical details of various devices and I have hard time remembering any differences between PENs.

        • mahler

          I certainly agree. However, a lot of people, who claimed that they could only work with a rangefinder style camera (I.e EVF on the left), bought the E-M5, and you don’t hear a lot of complaint from them any more.

  • cameras like a cat

    1740k?? 1,74 k? 1,74 Megapixel?

  • Wally in Austin

    For the Strobist shooter where is the iTTL flash trigger? Phottix???? Pixel King??? PW???? PW probably not in my lifetime!

  • Marcus Wolschon

    The very moment we have a hack to remove the 30minute video limit in Europe I’ll get one!!!
    Wireless remote!


    • Gjim

      It’s an external xlr accessory, something Sony will also be offering for the A99. Sony will be charging $800 for theirs. If Panasonic charges a similar amount, will you still be as enthusiastic about it? I think it’s very cool. But that price is ridiculous IMO.

    • CobyD

      +1 to all those

      But one thing I’m still nervous about – the rumor that they were doing away with the fully-swiveling LCD. Surely not?!

  • nicwalmsley

    What’s XLR?

    • uiti

      XLR is proffesional sound output/input.
      but it,s not only for sound output.

    • It’s a type of audio connector used with professional microphones and mixers.

      • Ross

        And uses a balanced line (+ & -) with shield to cancel out any external induced noise (from stray magnetic fields etc), hence the professional use for it.

        • Plus XLR is a locking-type connector, so it won’t become accidentally disconnected in use. XLR & BNC are still the 2 best connectors ever designed, IMHO. :-)

  • “1740k OLED LVF”
    Do you mean EVF?

  • Rinaldo

    Admin, when are they going to officialy announce it? Probably some days before Photokina??

  • Important caveat: I said in the survey that I would want to buy a camera like the GH3 (finances permitting) BUT only if it’s not ridiculously large. DSLR-grade features are nice, but if the body is the same size as a DSLR I would have to think twice.

    I got out of DSLRs and into Micro 4/3 because I was tired of having my mobility impaired by lugging big cases full of big camera bodies and lenses. I’m not going back to that.

    • Dannecus

      Video is not my thing, but I have to agree with Ranger 9. Panasonic have to be careful, not to throw out the major plus of M43 that justifies the other compromises – size & weight.

    • Trankilstef

      Exactly the same for me… I really wanted to buy it to have the perfect camera for BOTH stills and video professional working, as I already sold all my professional Canon gear to go lighter.
      DSLRs are too bulky, I’m done with it, and the GH3 appealed me for the size…
      But as soon as I saww that Panasonic claim it to be larger than GH2, I bought an Olympus OM-D em5. That’s the perfect size I want for stills camera.
      I don’t mind on a paid work to shoot with a bulkier camera, that’s why I will buy the GH3 for sure only for video purposes, but if I go out and just want to take stills, or even video just for fun, the smaller the better.

      But, damn, I definitely will buy the GH3 for video work. Seems to be a monster of a camera !

    • Mike

      There are a lot of small m4/3 cameras already. What is missing is the larger bulkier “pro” style cameras. If Panasonic can add that with the GH3, then we have more choice. But it sounds like it’s not the camera for you.

  • chris

    The next few weeks are going to be awesome if you’re looking for a new camera with all the big stuff coming from Sony, the GH3, the OMD pro model, possibly a higher EOS-M model and such. Thankfully I’m in the market for a new camera, exciting times.

  • peevee

    6 fps does not sound all that professional. At east unless there is a bigger number with AFL/AEL on first frame.

  • “external XLR Adapter” ??? Would that be an 2 channel XLR (balanced) to 3.5mm Mini (balanced) adapter? That would be cool if it form-fits the camera somehow. Now if it’s a combo input like on the Zoom H4N that would be a Super indeed!

    • Mike

      I’m going to take a guess and say that it will probably either be hot shoe mounted without a wire coming off or it will be built into the left side of a vertical grip.

      • Hopefully it’ll be either hot-shoe or otherwise “bolted” to the cam, so it’s a secure connect that won’t accidentally fall out during the middle of a recording!

  • Gjim

    I think most of the people who got GH2s were people who were interested in filmmaking. Yes, the specs of this camera are heavily weighted towards those who are interested in video. I’m impressed. Hopefully there will still be enough to turn the heads of photographers.

  • CuriousBenjamin

    Good specs, but I’m enjoying my EM5 way too much to consider a switch/swap. Also, the GH3 sounds more video centric. I hope it doesn’t disappoint in stills area. Price is going to be a tricky factor to consider here. Also, I’m not too sure of GH3 being bigger than GH2 considering Canikon is focussing on reducing the body size and weight to compete performance wise to m43. If the rumours of D600 (720gms, FF and $1500) are true, GH3 and any m43 camera that is $1200+ will be a tough sell.

    Lets see what Pana and Oly do to differentiate themselves.

    • Bob

      I’m no longer interested in carrying the size and weight of FF no matter how cheap is might get.

  • Labalbi

    In fact , what choice do we really have ? The gh3 aiming those who like hdslr muvees . In the micro43 world show me a better choice ! The canon 5d mark III is a double price /weight change ! Again I am talking about only if shot video ! For stills should be a lot of great options .
    Since I am a happy gh13 owner the gh3 purchase is a easy go movie…I mean , move he he

  • Bob

    The poll lacks a key choice: Interested, but waiting to see.

    There just aren’t enough details known yet for me to say I will, or will not, buy one.

  • ColinH`

    “And very likely the first camera that can be considered as “pro” level camera.”

    What makes this a ‘pro’ level camera and the OM-D not?

  • Mr.Tritium

    “Bigger than the GH2”. Damn, GH2 was already the biggest and heaviest m43 camera. m43 standard was developped to make lighter and smaller cameras and lenses, so what’s the point?

    The Oly OM-D proves that a camera doesn’t need to be that big to have a good handling.

    • Bob

      Sorry, but IMHO the OM-D proves no such thing. For me, it proves the exact opposite. The controls on the OM-D are way too cramped, and heavily compromised by Oly’s prioritizing size over usability. The ergos on the GH2 are simply much better than on the OM-D. And the GH3 can be bigger than the GH2 while still being way, way smaller than APS-C DSLRs. A kit of a GH2 or GH3 and 3 or 4 lenses will still be very small compared to the equivalent kit for APS.

      • Rinaldo

        Come on guys, stop complaining about size. A bit bigger is not bad at all. There are lots of options for smaller and still excellent bodies. The OM-D is bigger and heavier than any previous Olympus m4/3 camera, and we will see a PRO OM-D next year probably, that will be bigger and heavier also, probably. All in all it’s still a camera without a mirrorbox and the lenses will be the same small ones we know very well… ;)

    • mahler

      The OMD is currently the heaviest m43 camera. And since it is only comparable with the GH2 if you include the HDL-6 grip, it is only fractionally smaller than the GH2 and even heavier.

      The GH2 also has better build quality, because the E-M5 looses paint and eye cups and is thus less robust.

      And the GH2 ergonomics are in many aspects superior.

      People should also try to realize that m43 is not only about camera body size. It is also about live view and all it’s potential.

      The main Achilles heel of the GH3 is that it probably won’t have in body stabilization. Other than that, the GH3 seems to be superior over the E-M5, provided the body retains the user interface of the GH2. Especially the fully tiltable screen, where the E-M5 fails completely.

      I own both cameras, so I know what ai write about.

  • Bob

    Geez, people. Stop whining. These are rumors, not facts, and that’s clearly NOT a complete spec list. All this whining about what the camera doesn’t offer is way, way premature.

    The real questions for me, as a stills shooter, is what does “fastest AF” really mean, and how much better is the EVF. If the AF is another few microseconds faster in S-AF mode, I don’t care. If it actually has usable C-AF on moving subjects, I’m very interested.

    And 6 fps is plenty fast enough is AF actually works at that speed. 9 fps without AF doesn’t do much for me.

    • aqasem

      what about 1080P native sensor that supports 60 fps with enabled auto focus!

  • Cata

    What is the point in makeing a m43 camera as big as a nikon d7000? Wasn’t dslr iq in a smaller package the strong point of m43?

    • Rinaldo

      >as big as a nikon d7000… where did you read this??

      • Cata

        In the previous rumors

        • Bob

          No you didn’t read any such thing. You read some idiots on this forum interpreting “larger” as “as big as a D7000.” Not one rumor has said anything but “bigger than a GH2.” There’s a whole lot of room between a GH2 and a D7000.

          Read more carefully from now on.

    • Mike

      What’s wrong with having options? I didn’t buy a GH1 because it was smaller. I bought it because it had the best video for the price and was hackable. I really don’t care about or want small cameras and lenses. So I say “Please make it the size of a D7000, that would be great!”

    • Not sure how big the gh3 wil really be but all those dials, buttons, in/outputs, etc. will take up more space thus requiring the bigger body.

      That said, lenses are still small. How much bigger (and more expensive) is the Nikon 17-55/2.8 than the Panasonic 12-35/2.8? How about the DX/FX equivalents of other m4/3 lenses like the 20/1.7, 7-14/4, 35-100/2.8, etc?

  • Ya.. they said the same thing about GH2… “It’s a nice camera, but I won’t buy it.”
    Uh huh…. get some results out and many more that now say won’t buy it will own one.

  • eliot

    i voted WONT BUY
    mainly because i love my ibis, and oly styling
    i just cant get into the pretend dslr black roundy blob style
    has some nice specs tho! i cant wait to see some panny fan bois post up first pics with theirs!

    • safaridon

      I would want to see actual pictures of the new GH3 before making any conclusions. For years I thought Oly and Pany should produce metal bodied DSLRs much like the SLR OMs and FMs to compete with APSC and FF cameras and now Oly has delivered with the EM5 and we await the GH3. The rumor that it will be magnesium body is good and if it is to have addon camera grip then that side cannot be rounded as the G5? Still Pany does seem to mirror a rounder shape in recent FZ200 and G5. I think the GH3 will be wider than G5 for more controls but similar height ie less than EM5 hump. For me I admire the EM5 very much but would like better AF and electronic shutter for those IBIS problematic speeds around 1/100 and higher.

    • jyqw

      Styling ,seriously you think a miniature mock up of a 30yr old film camera is styling lol

    • Bob

      And style is really more important than performance and usability? Maybe you should be frequenting a men’s fasion web site.

  • kesztio


    Sorry, these rumors seems to be really crap.

    Even the G5 has 920K LCD (instead of the rumored 610K) and 60p (instead of 30p rumored). Something is wrong here.

    The EVF resolution also seems to small – just increasing 1740K vs. 1440K? Don’t think so…

    • safaridon

      To me the important spec is both the EVF and rear screen will be OLED which appears to look sharper and more contrast. More importantly it requires less real estate for the EVF body to enable the smaller internal EVFs as seen in the NEX7 etc, so look for one in the next GX2? Also the question is battery drain which higher rez OLED screens experience. The one item left out is whether or not the screen is swivel or only tilting since different from that in the G5?

      I think the reason for the incremental change in resolution for the EVF has to do with the fact its viewing size is much larger than that of the EM5 ie 0.7″ vrs 0.5″?

      • Esa Tuunanen

        LCD or OLED doesn’t make any real difference to viewfinder size.
        NEX-7 has viewfinder in such small size because its optics are small which causes small eye relief/image size needing cramming eye closer to it.
        Exactly same OLED modules gives lot different experience in A77 with bigger viewfinder optics.

    • agachart

      waiting for review (but i mean likes benchmark 555)

    • kie

      The new LCD and EVF are listed as OLED which is a better newer technology, Oly fans think that the E-M5 EVF { the same old Epson model} was “awesome” because it had a better refesh rate some fool even claimed it was an epoch making option

    • Bob

      What’s wrong here is people paying this much attention to rumors.

  • Labalbi

    Its hard to believe gh3 wont have at least 120 fps in 720p ! If g5 does why not the flagship ?

    • SZRimaging

      120 fps?! *drool*

      I work for a ski resort, and I could only imagine the possibilities if you shot at that the conformed it back to 24fps…..

  • Exposure zebras are missing from this list and would be expected if this is to be a serious video cam.

  • If I were more videographing then photographing, i could get tempted into buying the GH3, but as it is for now (75% modelsessions & 25% gravure/video pictorials), the OM-D will be ok for doing both.

  • fed

    won’t buy because need IBIS for 7-14mm & 20mm f/1.7

  • st3v4nt

    Can wait when all the whistle and bell of GH3 frenzy subdued what kind of critics will fly toward it. I see a few already. The same thing happen when OM-D fever goes down. I just wish in my country the Panasonic will have as much enthusiast as Olympus marketer but seeing the trend both don’t have the will to goes all out in marketing m4/3 format.

  • Mister Dernest

    I´m really looking forward to this nice camera! Seems to be the perfect film tool for me. Thumbs up!

  • Bob B.

    Sounds like a REALLY great camera……and adds to the thunder of MFT!…..too much video for me. (stills only)….why pay for tech I will never use…my OMD is still…um…pretty perfect for my needs!!!!!…but you goooooooooo Panasonic!!!!

  • jon

    interval shooting – Yes, ISO 100 Yes.. Hopefully superb Image quality, 120fps video!! Hopefully its not too much bigger than GH2, but happy its not SMALLER!! Focus peaking looks good 2.. Hope they bump the bracketing up from +/- 1 though, canon will do +/- 3 I think..

    • SZRimaging

      Agreed. I do a lot of HDR so 2 EV steps work great for me. I miss my D200 with 5 shots at +/- 2EV.

    • Jorginho

      Interval shooting sounds pretty interesting. I assume it is something like time lapse? I wonder how long the intervals will be. LX7 has timelaps shooting in it and I m astonished why we do not hve this on G5. FP is nice, in body HDR is nice. G5 has sweep panorama. I assume GH3 wil have it too (?).

      100 ISO if done correctly would be very nice (I mean: better DR). Also, somewhat less trouble with those sunny days you need to go down to f8 in order not to overexpose.

      I just hope they do not consider the cam to be Wide DR because of its in built HDR capability…

  • DIY Cinema Camera

    30p, how gay (in the artsy sense).

    No FHD p60, no 4k, low bit rate, if they go with that dual mode stills video form factor design it will make it look like a toy. If you are going radical, you need to back it up with Black Magic Cinema camera crushing video. How long are they going to play this game, if they want us to buy the more expensive cameras, people might as well buy a Black Magic camera or a Red Scarlet. If these specs are the limit of it, it is time they gamed up.

    FHD p60 came years ago in the Sanyo HD2000 consumer camera, it’s day is gone, now is 4k.

    Sorry, disappointed, been waiting for Panasonic to even go 60p fhd for years.

    • Dan

      It bothers me that 1080 60P is not mentioned. The G5 has it!

      The GH3 has the potential to be a great combo cam – both stills and video. And to be semi-pro camera if it has the right basics. However…

      1080 30P is no longer a passing grade for video. If all they have is 30P and you want pro-quality video, a BlackMagic Cinema Camera (BMC) is a far better video camera – RAW video and pro-level features for $3K.

      I sincerely hope this feature list is incomplete. If they have 1080 60P, then I’m interested. If not, it’s a fail (IMO). I’ll keep my GH2 and look at an OMD for stills and BMC for video.


      p.s. IMO, the Apple iPhone is a success because they focused on what’s important and not what’s bling. Hopefully Panasonic focused on what is important. For video, 1080 60P is important.

  • Anonymous

    I guess the question bugging most people now is whether the electronic shutter is rolling or global…

  • Boooo!

    Is this the first OLED EVF?

    • safaridon

      No the NEX7 has a OLED EVF but one on GH3 will be larger hence slightly lower resolution. Both the GH3 and EM5 have similar 610,000 dot resolution OLED rear screens.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Nope, Sony has had one in NEX-7 and A77 for year…
      And still higher resolution one. (2400k)

  • New Deal

    RAW. My next camera will have video RAW.

  • snowflake

    Does it need a new battery?

    That was one of the major disappointments from gh1 to gh2.
    I always carry a back up camera, and bringing 2 chargers and two sets of batteries is wasteful.

    • @ snowflake

      Hopefully the new “GH3” will require a new battery, otherwise it’s likely to have poor battery life from the too-small GH2 batteries.

      Chances are the GH3, with its improved features, will require at least somewhat more power than the GH2. A new, bigger battery would be a good way to address that issue.

      Alternatively, they may use the same batt. as GH2 (with less runtime per charge), and address that issue by offering an optional battery-grip. That would be a good solution, too.

      Batteries are the least of our “problems”. Specs and performance are more important to me than battery life & cost. Batts are relatively low-tech and inexpensive compared to almost every other aspect of a modern camera.

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