(FT5) HOT: New Panasonic GF camera and the 25mm f/1.4 Panasonic-Leica coming in June!!!


Today I am pretty sure (let’s say around 99,9%) that Panasonic will announce a new Micro Four Thirds camera (oh yes!) and the highly anticipated 25mm f/1.4 Leica branded lens. A couple of weeks ago a trusted source told me that this camera would be a new GF model. I checked around and a couple of trusted + new sources confirmed that Panasonic will launch the new GF camera in June. I didn’t get any image of it so I am not sure yet how it will look.
I confess that I was really surprised when I first got the rumor. The Panasonic GF2 is only 6 months old. Is it already going to be replaced? The GF1 production have been stopped and the GF2 is getting some bigger price drops. I am not counting on a L1 resurrection yet (at least not yet in June). Hmm, I hope some of my other sources can send me the answer after reading that post! As usual if you know something use the contact form on the right sidebar. No name, no email address needed!

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Links to the two current GF cameras:
Panasonic GF2 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay Panasonic GF1 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay

The L1 at Amazon (Click here) and eBay (Click here).

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  • bilgy_no1

    Cool first to comment: great news, but if it will be announced together with the 25mm lens, it will probably be really expensive (X100 territory?)

    • bilgy_no1

      Or alternatively, just a revamped GF2 with the G3 sensor to bring it up to par with competition?

  • YeahYeah

    Maybe a better GF body, closer to what was the GF1, with more manual controls?
    Do you have any info about the sensor?

    • admin

      I have no info about the sensor yet. I assume it will sue the same G3 sensor. But I am not sure yet!

      • YeahYeah

        Yup… But I’m not really convinced by Panny’s new sensor. I’ll wait for Oly!

  • It would be great to finally see a proper successor to the GF1. And Hopefully, the 25mm f1.4 is going to be priced nicely (With good image quality). Ahh, what am I dreaming?

    • Chez Wimpy

      >Hopefully, the 25mm f1.4 is going to be priced nicely


      • Ha Ha +1
        I don’t see how a Leica branded lens could be priced nicely.

        Hopefully the quality is there, though.

  • NiKo

    If it won’t have a viewfinder, it will be useless (unless it can make phone calls)

    • Bob B.

      +++++1 NiKo

  • If only Panasonic had in body image stabilization.

    I still don’t understand why a system geared towards being small and portable should be designed with IS within the lenses, making them more expensive and heavier.

    • Skrytebane

      Because Panasonic wants IS for video? (I’m not sure exactly why IBIS is unusable for video, but I’ve been told that it is…)

    • Alexander

      absolut correct! so where are the news of Olympus!?…

      • admin

        I posted a couple of them during the last dasy, 12mm lens, new sensor from Oly, Samsung Oly possible partenership, eccetera…

    • Mr. Reeee

      Having a switch on the lens to toggle OIS on/off Is a good thing. There are many instances when IS isn’t desired or necessary. I haven’t noticed much difference between shots taken with it on or off.

      Somehow photographers managed to shoot images without electronic stabilization for years. I believe that it’s still possible to do so. ;-)

  • Ron

    Interesting. Still very much in love with my 18 month-old GF1, but I’ll be keeping a close eye on the next generation of GF-series. I’m hoping it’s targeted a bit more towards enthusiasts than the GF2. Although I’m sure that the GF2, when paired with the 20mm, is a fine cam as well.

  • Deckard

    maybe just the replacement of the sensor with the G3 one, let’s say, GF2s…

  • Leave a reply

    Maybe a serious camera, if it comes in kit with the 25mm!

    • admin

      I don’t believe the 25mm will be the new kit lens. It is to expensive! I don’t know the price yet but hey…it’s a Leica :(

      • Leave a reply

        Yeah I was already day dreaming of a pana-leica GF colab. Like they used to do with L1 and digilux 3…

  • AdriZ

    It could be a new line, in parrallel of GFx, more “pro”, for example a GFHx. It could have the same features as the GH2 except the EVF (and perhaps the articulated screen), keeping manual controls, but in a tiny body (closed to GF2 one).

  • RP

    Will this lens have video focusing features like the 14-140mm?

    • admin

      Don’t think so!

  • Admin please add “a gf2 with g3 sensor and AF” to the poll

    • admin


      • Maybe if the poll would reflect the real product panasonic would conclude that they are very predictable and do something about it

    • That was fast :0

      • admin

        Today I have mor etime than usual. It’s a different story to work on 43rumors when i have time of from my work!

  • Fishfishfish

    If it is a GF1 outlook with the G3 guts, I wonder why they didn’t name GF2 differently to distinguish different product lines??

  • Miroslav

    New camera every month? Did Panasonic hire Olympus m4/3 R&D team?

    • admin

      LOL :)

  • AdriZ

    admin, could you add “A new Pro GF line of products” in the poll?

    • admin

      Isn’t that to generic? What’s pro? Better to make a realw orld example like, GF with built-in EVF or GF1 successor.

      • AdriZ

        Indead, perhaps too generic.
        I thought about a tiny body (between GF1 and GF2), with all the feautures of the GH2, except EVF (and swivel LCD): same manual controls, same sensor, same processor, same HD video quality recording… and just a little bit less expensive than GH2 (but more than GF1/GF2).
        to sum up: “A tiny version of the GH2 without EVF and swivel LCD.”

  • bilgy_no1

    Wouldn’t it be great to have a move-able LCD on a GF1 type camera. If hi-res, the need for a viewfinder would already be much smaller? The trick is to make the thing very thin, so it doesn’t add too much bulk to the camera.

    • bilgy, a movable lcd would add depth to the camera to the level that it would be virtually same size as G3,

      I am kicking myself for saying that, but i don’t see a room for a rangefinder camera when G3 is already as small as it can get,
      in other words, unless GF+EVF rangefinder will come with a smaller 2.4 inch LCD and a smaller EVF – it cannot be smaller then G3

      • Chez Wimpy

        >I am kicking myself for saying that, but i don’t see a room for a rangefinder camera when G3 is already as small as it can get,

        I tend to agree, unless they mean to retain the full suite of GF1 manual controls, trade pop-up flash for a smaller upper-left-corner EVF, and retain a non-touch non-swivel LCD. This could lead to yet another – mini-Leica on a budget – niche.

      • My speculation regarding your comments to compromise:
        GF1 (mode dial & thickness) + G3 processor & sensor + EVF top left of body with smaller magnification to reduce depth (?) + 2.7 inch LCD fixed touchscreen + flash in body below mode dial. Hence, 5 distinct lines to meet demands between East & West: GF(w/o EVF), GF(w/EVF), G(SLR), GH(SLR Hybrid) and AF(pro video broadcast)

      • bilgy_no1

        “bilgy, a movable lcd would add depth to the camera to the level that it would be virtually same size as G3,”

        Hi Frosti, that’s why I said ‘the trick is to make it very thin, so it doesn’t add too much bulk to the camera’. I’m thinking about something like the NEX-screen. Even the screen on my HTC Desire Z is very thin; perhaps adding only a few mm’s by making it movable.

  • Rainer

    I am still annoyed that Pana puts the hole energy into bodys instead of lenses. We want to make videos with your cameras guys, we want soon a better more sensitiv zoom like the 12-50 2.2-3.5 for video, not in a year, this summer! I am doing videos at big sport events. There is often not enough of lighte to have good video results with the 14-140mm! Start to listen to your customers Pana!

    • +1000

    • Actually; I don’t care at all about video :)

      But yes, more lenses are always welcome. That said, look how many lenses they’ve released in the last 2 years compared to anyone else. Perhaps one can complain about the order in which they’re being released, a high quality fast zoom and a portrait lens should both be here by now, but no one should complain that they aren’t giving us options. Hopefully by the end of the year between them and Olympus the basic lens selection will be pretty well set; then they can focus more on niche lenses.

      Also, lets not pretend like bodies aren’t important. Up until the GH2/G3 m4/3’s was way behind NEX in the IQ department. Before I saw the IQ from the G3 I was thinking about going back to NEX because that old 12mp simply isn’t in the same league as APS-C sensors. However, sample photos from the G3 have convinced me m4/3’s is going to be fine.

  • kesztió

    Thinking about G3 – a smallest possible mirrorless EVF camera – I don’t believe a GF3 with EVF would have much sense. As the G3 is smaller than G2 it’s either highly improbable the GF3 to be at the same size of GF1.

    The likely answer is: A GF2 with the new sensor, fast AF and small improvements on layout/handling – as the G3 has.

    • I wouldn’t say that it’s the smallest possible; close, but not quite. For an enthusiasts camera they could lose the flash and move the EVF to the corner and use a prism to bend the light from the EVF 90 degrees. I doubt it would be much smaller than the G3, but it would be thinner.

      The protruding EVF sticking off the rear of the camera bugs me on the G3. I know they do it to make room for a persons nose, but I think it’s simply a design flaw. If they put the EVF in the corner, where it belongs, there will be no need to extend the EVF from the rear of the camera.

      • AdriZ

        But I assume the advantage of this central EVF is we can look through it with right or the left eye.

  • IB

    It is probably Leicas first m43 camera ;)

  • Mr. Reeee

    Ideally it would be a true high-end GF1 successor with the same multi-aspect ratio sensor as the GH2. Add more manual controls and an articulated LCD.

    Maybe we’ll even see an upgraded successor to the add-on viewfinder?

    So, Panasonic could have 4 distinct cameras:
    High-end with and without EVF… GH2 and ?
    Low-end with and wihout EVF… GF2 and G3

    Perhaps the cryptic “G” on the body of the new G3 will make a bit more sense?
    Very Interesting!

  • Maczon

    I would love to see thinner body. Is it even possible? Maybe they could move the sensor bit closer to lcd. Or is there any room?

    I bet they just gonna do samller GF1 with updated sensor and bit smaller.

  • Duarte Bruno

    Everybody is complaining about the G1 decrepit sensor still being used. I bet that with this short term development it’s going to be nothing but a GF2 with the G2 sensor, which makes a lot of sense to attack the entry level DSLR market.

    • Duarte Bruno

      I meant G3 sensor, of course. Sorry!

  • V_ll_

    How about GH3, what’s your best guess?

    Release cycle was about one year (right?) from GH1 to GH2, so end of this year?

  • Bob B.

    Why would anyone think that Panasonic would actually give “photographers” what they want. It is clear that they are making cameras for “people” who happen to take pictures.
    The funny thing is …the most noticed of ALL cameras last year was the Fuji X100. ( I do not know if that translated into sales..although it is hard to sell a product that is not out available for the public to actually purchase?).
    Wouldn’t a retro Micro 4/3’s body, without all of the embarrassing caveats that the X100 suffers from, get ultimate press and sell like hot cakes?

    • Daemonius

      No cause selling factor of X100 is APS-C sensor and very good one, unlike m4/3s which pretty much all have quite crappy performace (even when they shouldnt cause 4/3 really isnt much smaller than APS-C).

      I like 4:3 ratio, but I definetly dont like small sensors.

      • WT21

        You are contradicting yourself. Which is it — does the m43 have a small sensor (“I like 4:3 ratio, but I definetly dont (sic) like small sensors”) or not (“even when they shouldnt cause 4/3 really isnt much smaller than APS-C”)

        • cL

          4:3 is 2x crop vs APS-C’s 1.5-1.6x crop, I think that’s what Daemonius mean (correct me if I am wrong).

          That said, effective pixels when printed on a squarer format like standard size 11×14 or 8×10 enlargements is not that different between 4:3 and 2:3 because you crop like 1/3 off 2:3 APS-C to get to 8×10 print size, which makes your 14MP Canon/Nikon (with the same pixel density as 4/3, which means noise ratio should be about the same) more like a 12MP camera when printed on 8×10. 11×14 is pretty standard for photo exhibition. A Canon APS-C sensor at 14mp loses all the advantage over 4/3, especially when printed to squarer format. If you use squarer format more, there is very few difference between 4/3 and APS-C, so it’s pretty stupid to move to more megapixel. If you really need that many megapixels, you need FF or larger formats.

    • mahler

      In my opinion the title of most noticed camera was the GH2 and not the X100. What is behind the X100 is evidenced by the loooong bug and issue list published by dpreview and other quibbles identified by Luminous Landscape. I played with that camera a bit, and would say it is the most overrated and overpriced body release of the recent past.

      Panasonic makes cameras for photographers – much more than the mirrorless competition: G1, G2, GH1, GH2. All these models have an excellent user interface with a lot of analog controls – even more ergonomic than those of the X100. Even the first in the row, the G1, got almost everything right from the beginning: ergonomics, performance, features, finder, and control layout. Olympus and Fuji should have taken those cameras as an example of how to do it (with the EPL-2 that manufacturer still did not get it).

      You seem to forget, that it was Panasonic that had the system’s key lenses available very early and still has the biggest lens line-up for m4/3. This contradicts your statements completely.

      And, please, no more retro stuff, enough of that! Well build bodies, yes, but it does not have to be retro. No more bodies with a nice look and feel, but a poorly implemented firmware. The X100 is to some extent a masquerador. The people, who desire a proper rangefinder-style body for such a long time, seem to tolerate almost everything just to get this holy grail.

      Fujifilm plays a game here. Not completing R&D to see how the product sales, in order to decide, if they continue the line or not.

      A retro m4/3 body would certainly find a lot of friends, if its implementation is better. But it is not the only way m4/3 will be represented.

      • Esa Tuunanen

        Panasonic might have the most diverse mirrorless line up and currently highest end bodies but get that head out of Pana’s butt.

        Even Olympus E-xxx serie has better ergonomy than GH2 whose undersize grip and total lack of real space for thumb makes plain holding of camera cause accidental button presses and then undersized buttons crammed into too small space makes intentional use of them hard. Also exposure compensation adjustment should be activated by its own button because now you have to all the time waste time for checking what dial is adjusting or it will just waste more time by adjusting wrong setting.
        And then you’re scolding others for wanting retro just for the sake of retro but don’t see any problem in fake SLR position of EVF which wouldn’t be physically bound to that clumsy old time position…

        • mahler

          Which E-xxx series has a bigger grip than GH2? E-4xx or E-3xx certainly not. The E-xxx series is characterized by small, dim tunnel-vision finders, certainly not a big achievement in camera ergonomics.

          However, that was not the point of my post. The poster I answered to, claimed that the X100 shows the rest, what a real photgrapher’s camera is and should be. Given the current state of that particular camera, that is quite a bold statement.

          Neither pseudo-rangefinder nor faux DSLR designs are anything new. Both have their merits, none of them is clumsy or old fashioned. This is one of the problematic dogmas of the rangefinder fanboys, that they do not tolerate any other equally useful design alternatives. The internet forums are full of such posts. Those people see m4/3 too narrow, and do not get its potential of diversity.

          Currently, there are more brick-like, pseudo-rangefinder style designs for mirrorless cameras out than for DSLR type. I don’t know, what problem the RF fraction really has.

  • I agree with “Mr.Reeee” that it would be ideal to have 4 Body’s (like canonikon each have 4 aps-c bodies)

    1.1200$ GH (14-140 or 12-60 f2.8 video kit)
    High End + Video Multi aspect cutting edge sensor + processor, , better build+minimal weather sealing,swivel LCD

    2.630$ G (14-50 kit collapsible)
    Consumer/photographer size/functionality compromise
    normal aspect sensor, GH processors, smaller&cheaper body, High grade EVF, swivel LCD

    3.749$ GF-Rangefinder (20mm, or 25mm f1.4 kit)
    G style sensor/processor (but perhaps slightly better quality components)
    Smaller 2.4 inch fixed LCD + slightly-smaller-but-HG-EVF, smaller body then G3, GH-Quality build + minimal weather sealing

    4.499$ GF-Slim (14-50(collapsible) or 14mm pancake kit)
    like the current Gf2 :)
    same G-sensor but lower grade processors&components
    Small, cheap, touch-screen oriented, maybe lower LCD size to 2.7 INCH to make it even smaller, heck make it even plastic mount – but make it pocketable with the 14mm pancake somehow!

    • Nick Clark

      +1 :)

      • Nice job, needs some tweaking and commentary ;~)

        1. High end EVF SLR-style: GH3 body US$999
        2. High end EVF compact-style: GR3 body US$799
        3. Low end EVF SLR-style: G3 body+kit lens US$799
        4. Low end compact-style: GF3 body+kit lens US$599

        High end has enthusiast/pro features/designs and better body build.
        Low end has consumer features/designs and modest body build.

        (FWIW, you don’t need to go to smaller LCDs to cut costs or make things smaller; those things are coming with BIGGER LCDs, too. Yes, you can have a smaller 3.5″ LCD than current 3″ [thinner, less border needed].)

        Lenses are what I said they should be a long time ago (kit zoom, superzoom, telephoto zoom, constant aperture kit zoom, constant aperture telephoto zoom, minimum three primes, preferably five (24, 28, 35, 50, 80 equivalents).And yes, you are correct that the low-end kit zooms need to be collapsible.

        But even if Panasonic did that, in over half the world they’d still fail with their current marketing/sales/support/distribution system. You can be the biggest fan boy in the world but if you’re a Panasonic fan boy in the US you get diddly squat. Still waiting on the AC adapter, Panasonic. Six months and counting…

        • Mr. Reeee


          That’s the logical product line direction.
          Simple, clear model differentiation and just diverse enough.
          Very Apple-like.
          Yes, lenses, lenses and GOOD lenses!

          You’re right, if you can’t BUY, what’s the point?

        • greyhat

          Thom et al,

          Totally agree, that’s why I think that Olympus had the _size_ advantage: smaller bodies and collapsible lenses. No VR/IS (aka IBIS) helps to reduce lens size: the bulkier part of a camera and a show stopper in this type of cameras.

          If only sensor got a bit more of DR… even for enthusiasts, these sensors clip too soon.

          And another one that helps a system survive: product availability and accessories availability (Panasonic batteries and no 3rd party available)

        • pdc

          @ Thom

          Order your accessories from Vistek.ca or MostlyDigital.ca and you will get them in reasonable time. I agree with your earlier comments on Panasonic’s marketing failures in the US – hopefully enough of the bleats will have gotten through to see improving customer support. Still, the G and GH product line is very compelling and one just has to be patient to get the product you desire. I just don’t get the GF line, and unless a new GR line has as good as EVF as the GH, this form factor has little appeal. Having moved from rangefinders to SLRs a very long time ago I can’t imagine going back.

        • When i proposed the smaller 2.4 Inch lcd i was concerned more on the units size then just price,

          after rethinking the LCD size i have to conlclud that i would prefer 2.4 inch and smaller camera size, because in the last 1.5 years using my GH1 i’ve hardly used the screen

    • AndyOz


      Totally agree. And the same should go for Olympus with their strategy.

      To “3.749$ GF-Rangefinder (20mm, or 25mm f1.4 kit)”
      – I would also add more manual controls, getting towards the X100 layout. Preferably without touch screen.

      • Esa Tuunanen

        Instead of more tiny me too-cameras Olympus needs bodies actually comparable to E-xxx and E-30 for preventing those who’ve invested in them from saying sayonara.

      • If Olympus executes the same strategy as Panasonic, they probably lose. This was the danger of a coopetition strategy in the first place. The smaller less integrated partner (Olympus) needs to distinguish itself from the bigger vertically integrated one, because they don’t have the brand clout, deep pockets, or the cost savings of vertical integration. The only upside for this strategy is “coattails.” In other words, if Panasonic wins really big against Nikon/Canon, maybe Olympus will be pulled along.

        So far, I’d say there’s evidence of collusion between Panasonic and Olympus. Some of the differences in their approaches are too prevalent to be by chance. For instance, all the Olympus collapsible lenses versus all the Panasonic upscale lenses. Unfortunately, the collusion strategy hasn’t quite built m4/3 solid enough to hold off the competitors, which means the coattails aren’t going to get long enough, I think.

        The good news is that it’s not too late to rethink and adjust. Sony seems to have put a buttload of NEX variants in the pipeline (at least seven bodies that I know of) and ridden that to some partial success, but their lens production shows they hedged their bets big time, which could turn out to be their big mistake. We’ll see in how fast those other six lenses show up now.

    • Fishfishfish

      Agree. It makes sense that Panny keeps the layout of GF1 with G3 sensor + processor. Then we, the customers, have options for a camera with EVF (G3) or a smaller package without EVF (GF3). More manual control X100 layout (retro design) is a niche product, which is good for the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Lumix!!? :-)

      • HMR

        My guess: GF1 styled with dials and articulating screen with G3 sensor. No EVF

    • a_lesss

      Here is a little story.

      A few years ago in the marketing dept of Panasonic:

      – Ok we have the lumix G line. People want smaller cameras. That is why we are making a new camera.
      – How will we name it?
      – Why not “F”, that just before G in the alphabet?
      – Mmmh not sure. We bragged about our new “G system”. It should be “G-something”!
      – What about “GF” then?
      – How yeah, that could do.
      – And for the more “pro” line that we have in the pipe, why not “GH”.
      – Oh that makes sense, as H is just after G in the Alphabet!!!!
      – great!
      – great, let’s do it!!

      So I guess if a new body is coming, it should be either:
      GI or GE, right ;-))

      • The same marketing people named the HAL-9000 and Windows NT.

  • Mk7

    I hope it’s GF3 (G3 with EVF chopped off)

    or it could be a fixed lens “LX-6”

    I think June is going to be more fun than December!

    • Mr. Reeee

      G3 with no EVF. Perfect, then you can buy the add-on EVF and forget to bring it with you! ;-)

      Maybe we’ll even be able to buy them by December!

  • Wow Panasonic is so aggressive!! May G3, June a new GF model (GF3?), and August a “special lumix micro four thirds”?

    Where are you Olympus :)

    • Bob B.

      Olympus, in a coup of marketing genius, is privately finalizing a deal to have Charlie Sheen represent the company…first commercial is Charlie in a photo session with his Goddesses ….or is that Goddess? LOL! :-)

    • Miroslav

      “Where are you Olympus”

      Olympus is turning into Sigma: they’ll make lenses for Panasonic and release one body per year – with their own sensor.

      • cL

        Razor sharp tongue. LOL!

        It’s true, unfortunately. But at least Olympus lenses are better than Sigma’s and Olympus don’t brag too much of their highly under-rated cameras (humbleness is a virtue).

  • No way are they replacing the GF2 after six months. This will be the spiritual successor to the GF1, featuring the sensor and engine of the G3. Probably no viewfinder. People who want one will always pay extra.

  • Belay

    And why not something which looks like the following patent :
    As a reminder it was a HOT FT4 Rumor at that time !

    • admin

      I guess that’s the camera that they delayed in February. I am working on that rumor true. but it’s only FT2-FT3 yet. Better to wait and see what’s coming from my sources…

    • If it’s indeed such a camera, I will probably drop my resentment about no in-body IS and get it. However, I wouldn’t give up on Olympus yet, let’s see what they announce this summer.

      I’m still having fun with my E-PL1.

  • what i placed my bet on and what I would like are two different things. I just want to make that clear.

    • Bob B.

      me too!

    • +1

    • thomas ashley

      And me!

      I’d like to see a more enthusiast-oriented camera but I’m sure what they’ll produce is a smaller GF to keep up (or should that be down) with Sony & Samsung.

      It may be big and clever to be able to make tiny interchangable lens cameras, but the handling is compromised for enthusiasts, while having to change lenses is too much hassle for casual consumers.

      • Mr. Reeee

        Casual shooters don’t buy interchangeable lens cameras.
        When they do, they buy big, fat DSLRs with impressively recognizable logos, shoot in Auto mode and never change the giant kit-zoom lens. ;-)

  • fullbeam

    I sold my LC1 for a GF1, which is great but I really miss a) the viewfinder and b) the ‘je ne sais quoi’ quality of the lens. So I’ve been waiting patiently for so long now for a decent replacement for the GF1, and for me that means more manual controls and a viewfinder (in a rangefinder style body).

    Last week I caved in and bought a 35mm rangefinder. I’m going back to film (not that I really left film for good).

    I’ll be back here one day – so I’ll see you when Oly/Pana (don’t mind which) ever get round to releasing the m4/3 x100 LC1 style camera that us enthusiasts are crying out for.

    • Film Forever! I have a few 35mm rangefinders and SLR’s, which I happily use. For a real treat pick up a Yashica 44. The film is pricey (~$8 a roll at freestyle), but the cameras redefine fun (a phrase that can be taken several ways!).

      • deniz

        damn right! everyone is craving for a rangefinder style street camera. why not just buy a rangefinder?

    • cL

      I also went to film route. But keep in mind, film photography is SUPER expensive. The amount of money I spent so far I could almost buy a Fuji x100 now, so I am fundraising right now to support my expensive film camera (I am not selling E-620, so that’s out of question).

      The reason being maintenance of antique cameras is very expensive. Most high end film cameras cost an arm and a leg in the first place, and you probably need a full CLA (clean, lube and adjustment) service before it can do you service again. Each CLA cost $99 plus parts.

      Each film is ~$5/roll (some are cheaper and some are more expensive). Film process is $12. Scan to CD cost extra, so we’re talking about $25 final cost/roll of 36 exposure. If you shoot 10 rolls/year, that’s $250. Each roll of 36 exposure will give you about 12 usable photos if you’re very good at it and bracket your exposures properly.

      If you care about quality, you need to buy dedicated film scanner, that’s another $200-400. Wolf camera persistently scratch my film when they use their automated scanning machine so low cost solution is out of question. Small print shop I use now only scan at 2MP. If 6MP like Wolf does, it’s $22/CD (film and paper prints cost extra).

      That said, what you get from film photography is excellent lenses and FF prints that can be enlarged to much larger size than 11×14 (if printed from film). Film is for professionals. There is no such thing as P&S with film given the cost, you need to be extra careful with your composition and exposure and all that pre-requisite skills that are currently replaced by auto mode with digital cameras.

      That said, I had a lot of fun with film photography. It’s more satisfying when you see the result (because you hard earned it).

      • deniz

        wow those are high figures. i guess it depends on where you live.

        i pay like 3$ for film and another 3$ for developing. bought a 200$ epson scanner to do my own scans. it has paid for itself. if i do b/w developing its even cheaper. and i do all my shooting with a 50$ canonet (great little thing)

        • fullbeam

          Sure! I pay less than £2 per roll for Legacy Pro (which is FUJI B+W) and just slightly more for decent Kodak/FUJI colour film from ebay or Firstcall. I develop myself (works out probably under £1 per roll for C41 colour, just pennies for b&w) and it’s not only fun, it’s easier than you think, you don’t need a darkroom (just a changing bag) and it’s so satisfying when you unravel the negs and hang them up. I can have them scanned in within a couple of hours – wonderful!

          I have a Yashica rangefinder – such great character. Plus with film I find I don’t waste exposures like I do with digital, and each one seems to mean more, for all the reasons above.

          • cL

            Which Yashica you have? Sounds like you’re seasoned with dark room. It took me hours… (but I am pretty new at this). Rental dark room costs like $60/hour, if I need to do the whole 9 yards….

        • cL

          I have developed B&W photos myself, and there are certain steps that require dark room, like enlargement and print the photos on paper. Chemicals are totally difficult to deal with. Some must be reused (put back into can because they’re illegal to flush down the sink), and they’re generally painful to deal with. It’s not hard, but very tedious work. It takes me hours to finish a few prints, so it’s easier for perfectionist like me to let other people do it, or I will spend the entire day correcting minor defects. It takes me hours in front of Adobe Lightroom only to put out a handful of photos, so thank you…. I will delegate work whenever possible.

          $25/roll is pretty cheap around this area. Some may charge twice as that (and the quality isn’t better than the mom and pop shop I go to). I think it’s just economy of scale. Our area is pretty sad. :-( It’s cheaper to send the film to San Diego (North Coast Photo Service), but they screwed up my film once…, so it’s better to use mom and pop and support local economy. The owner actually cares about quality of their service and remember each of his customer by name.

          I am curious, what’s the output resolution of your Epson scanner? I have thought about using a flat bed scanner, but I was too concerned about the resolution. There would be no point shooting with a razor sharp lens when it’s your scanner that dulls it down.

          • deniz

            you have a point that flatbed scanners kind of defeat the purpose of high quality lens. using epson v500 i can produce sharp images up to maybe 4mp-5mp. its good enough for screen. printing large from a flatbed scan doesnt seem realistic. i really wish i could do the darkroom printing too but i dont have space for a darkroom :/

            so, i can suggest a flatbed for screen viewing size but nothing more.

            • cL

              Not a big deal. If you prefer digital post-processing before you print, then it’s a big deal (I usually use Lightroom to remove color cast…). If you know how to fix your photos in dark room, you just have to print everything directly from film.

              I let photo labs to do the printing for me now.

  • Hinekill

    It will be even slimmer and lighter than GF2.

    • fullbeam

      It’s an Epson V500 scanner, wasn’t that expensive and the resolution is more than good enough. As I said, I don’t have a darkroom (you only need that for the printing) I just scan the negatives and import them into Aperture. Best of both worlds!

      With the chemicals, the developer is one-shot (throw it away after every use), but the stop and the fixer last for ages. It’s not that complex, just a bit of measuring out chemicals and reading a stopwatch.

      I have a Yashica Electro 35 GTN but I have a GX coming, same size as my GF1 but 100x the fun

  • Oh yes please , a rangefinder camera !!

    • cL

      A rangefinder camera or a rangefinder style camera? A real rangefinder camera is very difficult to use for typical photographers because you need to mentally adjust the parallax error and is usually manual focus only.

  • I handled an L1 at a camera show a couple of months ago. It is huge and clunky. We do NOT need another camera like that.

    My guess (and vote) is that Pana realized that the GF2 is too small and doesn’t have enough knobs on it to appeal to the photo-enthusiast segment, so they will bring back the GF1 concept with a slightly larger, knobbier camera… but still no built-in EVF because the excellent EVF used in the GH series can’t be fitted into a smaller body.

  • John

    Hopefully it will be a GF3 with:
    – Multi-aspect sensor of GH2
    – External knobs/controls (no touch screens please)
    – New detacheable EVF of the same quality as that in the GH1/GH2
    – Larger than GF2, but smaller than GH2
    – Still have built-in flash

    This would differentiate it enough from the GH2 to appeal to advanced folks like myself who are looking for something smaller than a Nikon D5100 (which has an awful viewfinder IMHO).

  • Narretz

    Why would Panasonic already present an updated GF2? This would only make sense if the GF2 didn’t sell very well.
    The “real” GF1 successor would make more sense, maybe as the stepping stone towards the long-awaited rangefinder-pro.

  • napalm

    maybe a GF-Pro + 25mm leica lens release? that would make them preempt the release of the Pen-Pro + 12mm zuiko from Olympus.

  • Boss

    Hopefully, Olympus will come out with a cool viewfinder equipped PEN in the next 12-months.

    @Admin – I finally bought the 20mm f/1.7 yesterday, through your link to B&H. I’ve been waiting for it to be in stock for over a month. It should be fun to use with my EPL2 – I cannot wait. Thanks for update on the stock availability.

  • popeye

    i’ll hope will be pro- GF3 one, no touchscreen + better sensor, simple and retro design, evf, and expensive one :) if not .. i’ll stick with my GF1 and if i want more i’m gonna look trough some full frame..

  • Frank

    My money is on that .1% of you that is not sure. Your track record with “FT5” rumors is rather sketchy.

  • Max

    I predict the first High-bred micro 4/3 12m pixel sensor with retro 110 film magazine. The best of digital and analog photography.

  • Jevfp

    Hopefully the sensor and image procesor can achieve more dynamic range and better ISO so it can compete with NEX or Fuji X100. As for the new PL 25 f/1.4 … I wonder is it better than the 4/3 version ?

  • Mojojones

    I sure hope it’s in the GF1 style. I bought into the four thirds system because I thought the GF1 was a new concept in enthusiast camera: small, modular (evf), good manual controls, and decent lenses and very good image quality. But since then it seems the line has been pushing upward with an emphasis on video and downward with an emphasis on smaller, more automatic cameras. The photo enthusiast segment has been left in the lurch! The x100 garnered so much attention not because of it’s styling, but because it gave photographers the controls they wanted, where they wanted them. Panasonic, in the mean time, has been busy taking them away. I think the G3 is a compelling camera for many reasons, but, as someone else here said, I want a camera that allows me to change settings without having to take my eye away from the viewfinder. With the GF1 you could do this, although it often took a some finger gymnastics to accomplish. While the G3’s sensor is better, it’s not as good as we should be seeing from four thirds by now. If we don’t get a worth successor to the GF1 soon, I may have to jump ship.

  • I think GF2 is successing GF1 very well. Guys like us will expect more sophisticated buttons and levers than GF1 for GF3, but Pany will say “Then buy GH2.” Many novice compact user don’t like many complicated buttons. And there’s more buttons on the camera, you should pay more. The NEX-3/5 was so popular, and you know that people didn’t buy NEX for they have plenty of buttons, lever, and dials. They were just simple. I can’t understand why enthusiast demanding services like huge department store for a small convenient store.

    • stickytape

      Users who don’t care for those functions should buy the LX5 or something. I always thought that the GF series was for users who wanted the small profile (with the option of adding an EVF when desired) and buttons/levers of a professional camera (in terms of control). After all, things like the touch screen are more gimicky and target at the regular consumer. And the thing is, the GF1 did cost more than the GF2.

      • pdc

        Current touch screens are not gimicky!
        Smart ‘phones use them and the latest models are indeed slick.
        I can understand why camera manufacturers are pushing us that way, as less physical switches there are the lower the manufacturing costs and after-sales costs will be.
        However, the advantages of dial switches are hard to dispute. Need to check the setting? – look at the dial! So a dilemma for a manufacturer wanting to fill the enthuthiast space. If enough of us sqawk loud and long enough we might just get some “pro” offerings from MFT, but we gonna have to pay.

        • stickytape

          Ok, I used the wrong word. Touch screens have their use, but they give no feedback and break the flow of taking a photo if they replace dials entirely. It’s just like the new generation of phones – I can no longer type a message without looking at the screen. Touch screens are useful for functions like focus points, but I think the essential settings should be accessible via dials

  • Glen

    Oh man, I just bought my GF2!

  • safaridon

    My prediction is this new GF camera will as others have said be the true replacement of the GF1 and will be the G3 sans EVF model.

    While Pany could just take the popular GF1 and add the new G3 sensor and dual core processor they have already orphaned the GF1 production line and to do so would maybe take more production capacity then a model based on essentially the same body as the metal G3 body without EVF module in the middle. I would prefer this new GF model because of the swivel screen even if some functions of the GF1 are missing but would have good sterio sound pickups and hopefully designed for new higher resolution optional EVF? A swivel screen design greatly overcomes the glare or blackout problem of a stationary LCD screen so less need for an EVF. Note Pany cleverly reduced the size dimensions of the G3 model to same width as the GF2 so new larger sensor and processor board would fit in both models and more common parts. I believe that Panys new GF model will use the flash hot shoe design shown in their recent patent on which the latter pro model likely will be based.

    I don’t think the 25/f1.4 lens will become the kit lens for this new camera in place of the 20/1.7 because of the cost and size of the Leica lens would make this model too expensive. I hope that Pany also has a smaller collapsing kit lens in the offering soon and maybe a little faster?

    Exciting times indeed and I am glad Pany has not waited till end of year to produce the new GF model and this makes it all the more likely that it is similar in many respects to the G3 as could come off virtually the same assembly line.

  • Voldenuit

    Where is the option for “the Panasonic GF3 is… a warmed over camera with nothing new over a G3?”

  • John H

    Hasn’t the micro four third 25mm f/1.4 Leica branded lens taken such long time already, that there might be a chance it has just a little more to offer than just high performance and quality at a corresponding price level?
    After all, there is already the Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 and the Voigtländer Nokton 25mm f/0.95.
    Rumors say it won’t have OIS, but then maybe silent AF suited for video?

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