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(FT5) Hot! First image of the new 20mm f/1.7 II lens!


The new Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 II lens just leaked in Japan (Digicaminfo). And here are the full specs of the lens that will be announced very soon!

– Seven lenses in five groups. 2 aspherical lens.
– Filter diameter is 46mm
– Total length 25.5mm, maximum diameter 63mm
– 87g Weight
– The exterior Barrel is of metal
– It will come in silver and black
– Estimated retail price of around 40,000 yen

In short: The lens has the same lens design as the previous model although we don’t know yet if the image quality has been improved by using new single lenses. The good news is that Panasonic managed to make the lens even more lighter than the previous version (87g versus the 100g of the older pancake). I am not sure yet btu I think the autofocus performance has been improved too!

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Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
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FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct


  • laborn james


    • andrew


    • Mr. Reeee

      MUCH nicer looking than the original… especially in black!!!

      • Anonymous

        The grey was unique in the original….something different than just black.

      • con55

        yes! that’s the innovation we are waiting for! a black n silver version! and 13gm lighter! in ur face fuji!

    • Totally agree, this is how a lens should look like. Understated, elegant. If the AF performance has been improved (i have to believe it has), this is a more than welcome refresh of an existing lens!

  • TVKC

    If only Oly had such a great small budget pancake…

    • oluv

      they have the 17/2.8 :-p

      • admin

        lol :)

      • true homer

        Id rather use glass from a bittle than that horrible lens

        • taran
          • true homer

            F6.3 and f8…is that the “right way” to use this lens? The glass from a bottle will also perform like that at f6.3

          • Nice photos, and good illustration that the differences between so-called “poor” lenses and “great” lenses and way, way smaller than those between poor photographers and good photographers. The general level of sheer morinic stupidity in the comments on this site astounds me. In fact it’s getting so bad that it’s starting to drag the whole site down.

            • taran

              Thanks for the kind words. It means a lot. And I agree with everything you say.

        • false homer

          Really? You must be a superb photog. Please show us your work.

          • Taran

            I guess my last comment was to long for you.

            • MJr

              He wasn’t asking ya.

            • MJr

              ps. any lens can resolve detail stopped down.

            • false homer

              I wasn’t asking you. And any kid with a decent compact camera can take those boring shots.

          • true homer

            Me being a superb photog has nothing to do with what I said, the lens is shit, simple

        • MJr

          Lol, arguably the advantages are limited for some, but with optical quality at least as good isn’t suddenly incapable of good photography.

    • explorer76

      Why would you want that when this panasonic lens can be used perfectly fine with Olymus cameras as well. I would rather like Olympus to release new lenses which don’t already exist rather than replicating existing lenses.

      • Anonymous

        BIG +1!

        • digifan

          And another Big +1.
          m43 is a system with multiple manufacturers.
          You don’t need to put Oly glass on Oly camera’s for a perfectly functioning combo.

      • Anonymous

        Explorer…no so…the original 20mm has banding issues with Olympus OMD.

    • its surely is not a small budget lens, the 14mm is (can get the kitversion for 150 euros)

  • emde

    I hope they will have improved the AF performance. Otherwise a new version would not make sense at all.

    • DSSSSS

      I agree totally other than it slowish AF in some situations the lens is an excellent performer

  • Ivo

    not built in stabilization!

    • om43

      Why do you need image stabilization on a short/fast prime lens? It doesn’t make much sense.

      • Ivo

        I used the lens most for video

        • om43

          Oh I see… Well yeah, video is a good reason. I stick mainly to still photography, so that thought hadn’t even entered my mind.

      • Having it is always good. Sometimes you shoot static subjects in low light and it’s welcome. For hand held video is a must. That’s why having IS in the body is such a good thing, because it works with all lenses. And all lenses benefit from it (better sharpness for the same price).

      • ever hopeful

        der….for those times you are not using it wide open.
        Don’t forget that 20mm on MFT is equivalent to 40mm on FF so you need 1/40 sec for handholding limit. If they stopped putting IS on a 40mm ‘FF’ lens everyone would be saying ‘what the hell are they doing that for?’ and no-one would buy it.

        • peevee

          Canon and Nikon don’t put IS on 24-70. 70!
          It is stupid of course with high resolution sensors, even at short exposures your natural tremor will blend a couple of lines (or 10). Especially when shooting close subjects (but OIS does not help with those much).

        • ph

          Where are those 35mm, 40mm, 50mm FF primes with IS? Never seen one.

          • m43dude

            He says, completely ignoring the even shorter 24mm and 28mm primes with IS.

    • Hubertus Bigend

      If Panasonic is to drop OIS in favor of IBIS in future bodies as recent rumors do promise, it would seem logical not to introduce new lenses with OIS, although users of existing Panasonic bodies will, of course, be left empty-handed there.

  • Mau

    Gorgeous. Too bad I have the old version. The timing for such an announcement fits well with the upcoming GX7, to be used there as a kit lens? That would be nice. I am confident on the improvements on the AF performance, but it seems it is not weather sealed. Oh well.

  • Terry

    yes yes yes more pancakes

  • matt jones

    Excellent news and a long time coming. I have the existing version but will gladly fork out for a new one with fast AF, it was the only thing holding it back. Oh and if the front element doesn’t move, that would be nice too.

  • Tom

    Good news, but a 2.8/7 would be better.

    • bitcrusher

      I would kill for a 7,8 or 9MM F2.8 prime

      • BdV

        I would definitely also kill all the snails in my garden for that.

      • JF


  • KI

    My guess is they release a new version due to the crappy AF performance on the original one.

    • Barterd

      I think that the AF speed issue is way over the top exaggerated I have had little trouble with it used on GF1,EP3,GH2 and currently GH3 though it usually lives on my GX1 as my go everywhere option.I have used it in all kinds of situations from street shooting to landscape with a lot in social situations bars etc. It is not the fastest lens in the world but for me it defines mFT small ,light ,reasonably priced with very good optical performance. Honestly how many things are you shooting with a 20mm lens that requires ultra fast AF. I also have the 25mm and it gets used a fraction of the time

    • Tropical Yeti

      Many times companies release new versions of products for sake of cheaper manufacturing process. It may be so here too. I hope they will throw in something, that improves user experience too (like faster AF or weather sealing).


      Only the fanboys here think so. It’s the top selling MFT EVER.

      Call it crappy all you want, sales and people actuall being seen using it more than any other MFT lenses tell a different story.

    • Jørgen

      Af can be better, but that does not mean it is crappy. It is the lens I use most on my EPL5. it works better on GH2 btw. And the45 1.8 works better on EPl5 than on it also depends.

  • John

    Admin, do you know when it will be available for sell?

  • If the front element does not move, best AF and lighter metal body. UUUh I think I will sell my current 20mm and buy this one for sure. I love this lens!

    • As I can see the first element DOES move during AF. Unfortunately.

      • Narretz

        How do you see this?

        • Not sure, but look carefully: you can see the same gap between the front element and the lens barrel. No other lens has such gap, incl. 14/2.5!

          • Vic

            You are running ahead of the train. That “gap” doesn’t mean at all the element will move. Also, considering no other panasonic lens focuses externally (or moves the front element), I’m 99.98% sure this lens will also focus internally.

  • Yun

    Likely a kit lens for GX7 , I guess .
    Let’s wait for reviews for the lens .

    • true homer

      Oh yun…all you do is wait!

  • This update looks ace. Recently sold the old version as I also had the 25mm f/1.4, but I miss the compactness of the pancake. Will definitely buy this when it’s released.

  • Same external AF system. You may expect slightly increase of speed, but forget the breakthrough difference.

    • Were did you get the information about the same AF?

      • Not sure, but look carefully: you can see the same gap between the front element and the lens barrel. No other lens has such gap, incl. 14/2.5!

        • Sqweezy

          I’m afraid it makes absolutely no sense for Panasonic to update this lens without addressing its number one user complaint. Possible, yes; but it defies all logic to update the 20mm’s already amazing optics without modernizing its auto focus capabilities. I hope even the most vocal contrarian would wish it to not be true.

          • BdV

            If that is the case, people might as well just buy the old one, on discount.

            • ha

              If the banding issues have been resolved and AF is faster and less noisy why touch the optical formula?


              Unless you mean buying one used at a discount.

  • Jerome LaPlume

    Well, i think my desire for Summilux is now a little weaker.
    The old is amazing, hope this new version will be faster in AF performaces and water sealed.
    But, if is really lighter, i think this second future will not implemented.

  • tomas

    admin..waw…that was quick!

    • admin

      what? :)

      • tomas

        I mean …yesterday there was discounted/rumoured MK2…today we have FT5 rumour MK2

        • MJr

          Well they’re not going to discount it a year in advance ! :P

  • beavis

    If it´s not video optimized with better AF, than it´s useless update of excellent old 20mm pancake.

  • Not sure why a lighter lens on an already extra light lens is GOOD news . IMO it means a cheaper build . who cannot carry a 100 grams lens ?

    • admin

      Obviously it’s good news only if image quality doens’t get worse because of it!

      • The only worse-than-original ‘upgrade’ is the 14–42 first release so far (over 14–45 obviously). So you shouldn’t be afreaid about IQ. I have concerns only about AF speed, as the image clearly indicates external AF system (similar to the old one).

    • weight does not equal quality.

      btw, was the preivous lens all plastic? as it says here that the new one has metal exterior?

  • Jankoff

    40 000 yen being a little more than 300 euro, this looks like a commercial blow on the Oly 17mm. Justified – Oly is rather overpriced.

    • Do

      The Oly 17mm suggested retail price ist 62,475 according to but street price there is about 42,000. So if you compare retail prices the Oly is 50% more expensive than the Panasonic, not that much given the probably better better build quality and a focal length that is more attractive to many buyers. In Europe, I would say both lenses are/will be too expensive.

      • true homer

        But the 20mm is optically way better than the 17. Cheaper lens plus better iq? Whats there to think?

  • Sqweezy

    WEATHER SEALING!… Please tell me if there is but a chance to be the case.

  • Nelson

    I think it will impact the sale of 17mm F1.8 and 25mm F1.4. I for one will get it when it get released!

    • if you dont care about the pancake size advantage, the 25mm’s nicer rendering of the oof areas might be more important, especially for portraits. Other then that i can totally understand why many people want the 20mm instead.

      • for me , 40mm and 50mm are quite different focal lengths. I have experienced several cases when 50mm was too long in street photography or full length portraits . NEVER so with the 40mm which is my favorite focal length

        • Anonymous

          yep, taking two a step back could cause you to burst into flames lol

        • the 25mm too long for full body portraits in street? Must be very crowded then lol.

  • Sqweezy

    Question: Since this lens will be lacking OIS, and is looking to be the kit lens for the upcoming GX7, are we to assume that stabilization will be done through only Panasonic new IBIS system? What happened to the rumors of the new lens/body hybrid stabilization?

    • Ant

      The original 20/1.7 do fine with non-stabilized GF1 :D

  • Woof

    please tell me it is weatherseal..

  • Cyril

    25 mm 1.4 is also backordered…

  • JF

    Sexy ! but the question is:
    is the AF faster and less Noisy ?
    is it internal focusing ? (less important but would be nice…)
    is IQ at least the same (or better) ? I suppose yas because this lens was praised for his IQ so pana wouldn’t have decrease it…

  • Anonymous

    Good news, if only:
    – IQ will be the same (or better) without software correction
    – build quality will be the same or better
    – AF will be faster (as fast as 17/1.8 from Oly)
    – it will be good for all micro43 bodies – from Panasonic, Olympus, Blackmagic

    I will buy this lens, it will be better proposal then Olympus 17/1.8.

    Oly – you should create:
    – 17/1.2 or faster
    – 10/2 or 10/2.8
    – 7/2.8
    and of course competition for 12-35/2.8 and 35-100/2.8, or micro version of 14-54/2.8-3.5 and 50-200/2.8-3.5

  • Pb

    i hope this one has less lens distortion :D

  • Liad

    I dont get it !

    2 months for the new OMD launch and no substational rumors !!!

    thanks to admin we know about every panasonic and other Olympus months before launching time and only the OMD is still a mystery

  • radissimo

    Interesting , in a view of introduction of Fuji X-M1 with similar 40mm FOV.
    I am big fan of this FOV as a walkaround lens. I bet GX7 will be better than Fuji. Fingers crossed

  • it looks a tiny bit elongated to me. good?

    • atleast more good looking ;)

  • Andy

    The optical formula doesn’t really need improving but I hope they’ve improved the anti reflection coatings. The old version had a low contrast compared to the 25mm 1.4.

    I also hope they’ve done something about the banding issue with the OMD. The theory was that the old lens was giving out some sort of electronic interference that only affected the OMD. Since olympus were not able to fix this through firmware, hopefully the new lens has been tested on the OMD and does not cause this issue.


      If the original was MFT top selling lens, why discontinue it?
      I’m sure they made it better somewhat.

    • true homer

      Olympus were not able to fix it….I doubt they even tried! Oly abandons the8r cameras shortly after release. Maybe a firmware or 2 for bugs but nothing new to the table. Go ahead, name me a firmware that has added features from oly. Im still on factory firmware on the em5, thats how useless the updates have been

      • Too bad Panasonic hasn’t fixed it for their gh3 either, but flame on, your silliness is entertaining.

        • true homer

          I can name you a couple of useful firmwares for the gh3, can you name me one for the omd? The truth doesn’t qualify as flaming, even when you feel burned. Take it out on oly

  • kl

    Nice Nice…. almost bought the 20mm recently but i guess will wait for this instead

  • Ben

    Who is going to buy 17mm F1.8??!?!

    Even the silver version is now priced at ~42000 Yen, the black version is even more expensive

    The new 20 f/1.7 is a pancake and with slightly faster aperture and only priced at around 40000 yen for both Black and Silver version?!

    • Do

      Build quality of the Oly 17mm is extraordinary, many people prefer 35mm over 40mm focal length, while on the other side size difference isn’t that big (the Oly is 58mm diameter x 36mm length, the Pana 63mm diameter x 26mm length) and the f-stop difference between 1,7 and 1,8 negligible (t-stops could even tell the opposite story)

      • true homer

        Unreal the lenghts some people will go to defend oly

        • Do

          I’m an owner of the Panasonic 20mm and I don’t own the Oly 17mm yet. To be honest, I’m a bit angry that Panasonic releases a a new lens instead of working together with Oly and Sony to solve the banding issues with the new sensors (Olympus acknowledged at least that there is a problem while Panasonic simply stated “banding can occur in use with the GH3” ). Since the problems didn’t occur with older sensors I can’t believe they aren’t solvable – but it seems more profitable to sell the same lens a second time. But for me the Oly 17mm seem much more attractive than buying a second 20mm.

  • Rob

    Looking forward to some news on the new 20mm performance on the E-M5, since Olympus have completely failed on their promise to investigate and update us the current 20mm banding issues. Panasonic have been disappointingly silent too.

    • ha

      Panasonic confirmed this issue in GH3 manual. Solution: Use lower ISO. Not software fixable I would say. It’s just forward compatibility that failed.

      The new version won’t have this issue for sure. If the new version still has banding issue than we can blame Panasonic…

      • Don Pope

        The banding problem was the reason I didn’t buy the old version.
        Not much point in getting a fast lens if it’s going to limit me to a low ISO.
        (OK, shallow depth of field is a reason, but low light performance is more important to me)
        I hope they have fixed this.

    • Out of curiosity: where and when did Olympus promise that? Obviosly missed their statement…


    I was *this* close to leaving for the Fuji camp, but with this news, I’ll stick around. Besides, it’ll be cheaper for me to pick up the G6 and use that besides my 6D until the GX7 drops.

    I never really wanted to leave anyways. So now I’ll have the O.G. 20mm, the 25mm and the new 20mm. Nice!


    Lens Hood thread… Why not, Panasonic? My hood stay on the 25mm. I don’t use a filter, so my hood stays on to protect it.
    I have the screw in hood for my 20mm, but I prefer the plastic hood of the 25mm instead.

    • Actually that’s a good catch, the lens front seems more able to receive a hood.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Use the filter threads for a lens hood.

      I’ve got two solutions, that work for the 14mm, too:
      A. 46mm B+W Folding Rubber Lens Hood
      B. A 46mm to 37mm Step-Down Ring. This works great alone or with a 37mm Folding Rubber Lens Hood

  • Jonny

    If it’s weather-proof, it’s perfect. If not, I’ll keep my $

    • true homer

      Why would it be weatherproof?

  • Narretz

    Front looks quite a bit different from current 20mm. Current 20mm has three “steps”, while the front-most part has a gap between the outer and the inner ring, because the inner (?) ring moves while focussing. The new one has only two “steps”, but now the front-most looks like it has three different “rings”. However, it’s not clear if there’s a moving part or not.

  • Bert

    Same optical formula, same dimensions, … The weight difference doesn’t seem so relevant… so far, looks like a simple cosmetic upgrade :-/ hope you get more info soon.

  • Al

    This is going to be a very tall order to make a better 20/1.7, since the old version is extremely popular. Faster, lighter, quieter, but maintain everything else. We will see…

    • Ash

      “I can’t see this as being the only lens to bundle with GX7” 14-42mm…

      • VAU

        14-42 is unexciting. It needs to start at 12mm. The best zoom range for street photography is 12-25mm and make that f2.5-3.3
        If Oly or Pana can release this in a compact form, that would be an awesome kit lens.

        • alexander

          +1 (12-60 in a very pocket form )

        • My guess is if it started at 12mm, they would lose sells on the 12-35. All the tripod landscapers, who don’t care about the fastest aperture anyway, would go for the lens with slightly more zoom.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t see this as being the only lens to bundle with GX7. There has to be at least one if not two more lenses.
    If anything I can see Panasonic using Fuji as a benchmark, will Panasonic finally release the rumored 12-50 f2.5-3.3?

  • Alejandro

    If it was weathersealed we would have known by now :( . I’ll stay with the old one if its like that

  • Surprised nobody mentioned yet: I like the color of the mk2 lens.

    • yes, black instead of two shades of (ugly) gray makes this look much better!

  • AhYap

    Panasonic first leaked the GX7 specs short after EP5 is announced and we know it has built-in articulated EVF and IBIS.

    Now they leaked their 20mm f1.7 II just before EP5 and Oly 17mm f1.8 is shipping.

    This is so intentional! But good job Panasonic! GX7 (with EVF) + 20 II (legend reborn) will give a good fight to EP5 (without EVF) + the so so 17mm.

  • Jason

    I want that.

  • tim

    what is the point of getting tis if everything is the same except 13gm lighter..
    my old 20mm now AF speed is fast enough..they need to throw in weatherseal man…fuji is catching up fast, weatherseal & video is the only thing fuji can’t match. Other than that AF speed, Price, weight, they are already pretty darn good, just not OMD AF fast but they will get there. image quality and crop factor is no match.. Give me weatherseal!!

  • alexander

    PANASONIC or OLYMPUS pls make a SMALL (!!!) pankacke-lens like the Sony 16-50mm (m43: 12-40) even the quality is a bit less.


    -> Take it in the jacket pocket & having one other lens in the jacket (e.g. 14-150mm)

    => I don’t like to wear a special pocket on my shoulder on a sunday afternoon walk!!!

    (Alternativ: Sony RX100….)

    • peevee

      If you want Sony 16-50 but Sony RX100 (starting from 28mm eq) is alternative for you, then Panasonic 14-42 PZ lens is for you – it is even smaller than Sony 16-50 yet optically seems better (but there is not 24mm eq).

  • look at fuji

    why cant they just update the AF speed with firmware like fuji? fuji have multiple firmware updates to both their body and lenses to increase AF speed and others. And panasonic to address this issue by launching a new lense? I get that they want to earn another round of $$ from us but com’on, give us more than just +AF speed n bs paint job! weatherseal pls!!

    • true homer

      Do I some googling betore posting. Fuji improved af with firmware because its contrast detect algorithm (in the camera) was, and quite frankly still is, shit. This lens cant focus any faster because the motor inside it cant move any faster. You can tell it to move faster with a firmware but the motor physically cant. Theres nothing wrong with the contrast detect algorithm in panasonic cameras, so theres nothing to fix.

      • RT

        Some of the recent fix for the fuji no longer have this focusing issue. The utube testing all shown really fast AF. Of coz OMD is still the fastest using their kit and slow using 20mm, other m43 bodies isn’t as fast as OMD also.. Really depends on lens used .. So I won’t call fuji AF shitty.

    • geared

      The 20mm’s focus mechanism is fairly dated(It come out with GF1). It is one of the first generation of M43 lenses. Cant fix physical limitation with firmwares.

  • alexander

    +1 (12-60 in a very pocket form ;-) )

  • peevee

    “- Seven lenses in five groups. 2 aspherical lens.”

    Same optical formula.

    “- Filter diameter is 46mm”


    “- Total length 25.5mm, maximum diameter 63mm”


    “- 87g Weight”


    “- The exterior Barrel is of metal”

    Yet metal?

    “- It will come in silver and black
    – Estimated retail price of around 40,000 yen”


    • true homer

      So its now metal and will focus way faster, why change the other things that were perfect?

      • Ant

        Not complaining, just amazed at how most properties are the same, yet it’s lighter despite moving to metal barrel (should be heavier)

  • mimstyle

    HOT BABY !

  • sLorenzi

    If it’s not a sweet lens, I don’t know what is.

  • KK

    They prolly stop the production of the current 20mm and use the same glass put on a black/silver case then call it as a new model.

  • kk

    They prolly stop the production of the current 20mm and use the same glass put on a black/silver case. Apply some marketing powder on it then call it as a new model.


      And labeling it “Limited Edition”… Right? I mean RIGHT???

  • The one reason I’m going to keep my Olympus 17mm is because it handles lens flaring very well (absolutely no green or purple circles), and it plays well with my E-M5. If this new 20mm does both of these as well, I may switch.

  • true homer

    The fanboys really got creative on this one….its so funny to go read how rabidly the 17 1.8 was defended and stated better than the 20 because of af and now that af will be improved theres a list of other issues thats wrong with the new version.
    “Its the same formula” lets say it is, it still is way better than the 17, it was perfect why change it?
    “Is not weather wealed” why would you expect it to be? Does every new pana lens now have to be weather sealed? How many lenses from oly are ws?
    “It looks like external focusing” well youre quite the engineer to be able to tell from a photo but, anyways, if its faster than the old one who the F cares?
    My fave has to be the complaints about size and weight, its a pancake, you wanted it more pancakekier? 13g doesn’t impress you? IT WAS A PANCAKE the fact that they change the enclosing to metal and lost weight is an achievement on its own.

    The fact of the matter is that whats wrong with this lens to most people here is that it doesnt say olympus on the barrel. Im sure youll get creative with the replies

    • jose_e

      you’re the only one who sounds rabid, buddy

      • true homer

        By repeating whats been said here? Yeah thats rabid

  • Doesn’t look like much of an upgrade, honestly. I hopes spanned such improvements for mkII as weather sealing and improved optics to fight the mediocre light fall-off below f/2.0, but now I think I can only expect the obvious which would be somewhat faster (and silent!) autofocus and the elimination of the dreaded shutter lag at wide open… Well, combined with the reduced weight these things, if they happen, still could make the new lens much more friendly and warrant an upgrade for me.

    • march

      exactly. one have ask oneself honestly does all this so call upgrade improve your photography skills/images significantly? unless u have extra cash lying ard..

  • Reis

    Only two expectations on the new lens: faster focus speed, and quieter focusing motor.

  • mike

    nope but it’s apsc.

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