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(FT5) GH3 has fastest AF of the world. It is like a pro DSLR. Best hybrid cam ever (Source report)


A tester had the chance to test a Panasonic GH3 camera which he says was a final prototype with unfinished firmware. There are only few cameras at the moment going across the world in hands of photographers and journalists. First he said the specs I posted in these days are correct. The GH3 is weather sealed, has a new 16 Mpx sensor, ALL-I 72Mbit/s video recording, 100-12.800 ISO, external vertical battery grip and full Application remote control. While he can’t unveil the spec he said that the camera was a real surprise fro him:

1) Ergonomy: The GH3 is bigger and heavier, it is built like a tank! Panasonic clearly wants to give you a “DSLR feeling” going away from the “smaller is better” philosophy. It feels much more PRO than the [shoplink 29074]Olympus E-M5[/shoplink]. De facto it looks more similar to a PRO DSLR like a Nikon D7000 or Canon 7D more than to any other Panasonic/Olympus mirrorless camera we have seen before.

2) Specs: While he can’t unveil the specs he said that Panasonic improved any aspects of the camera. They really studied the feedback they got from Photographers and Filmmakers using the GH2. So almost everything you wished to have on a GH3 will become truth. The sensor gets on market with the “Wide Dynamic Range” definition while the Autofocus is said to be the fastest of the whole interchangeable camera world. Video specs and features are the best he ever saw on these kind of cameras. While there was no chance to analyze the stills quality he got the chance to see some videos made with the GH3. Definitely a leap forward!

3) Connectivity and accessories: The GH3 is all about getting connected. There are many physical and wireless connection possibilities. Filmmmakers are going to have all the connections they need for a professional production.

Thanks source for the precise report that I as usual rewrote (by adding my usual baby-English language) to hide your language style. We are all looking forward to see the GH3!!!


P.S.: All sources confirmed that the Gh3 is the “only” new m43 camera from Panasonic at Photokina. But as I told you before I expect a new GX2 to be announced a few months after Photokina.

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