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(FT5) GF7 announcement in December/January only. 45-175mm coming soon.


A phantasy GF7 camera designed by Blog-Livedoor (based on the L1 design)

According to our sources the GF7 announcement has been delayed at least until December (and could be also delayed to very early 2012). Sounds like Panasonic wants to present the camera at the PMA show in Las Vegas (January 8). We are not sure about the reason for the delay. The same sources do confirm that Panasonic will announce the new 45-175mm Micro Four Thirds lens by end of August/early September.

Reminder: The GF7 will be an advanced GF model with plenty of manual controls. The 45-175mm will be an ultra compact and cheap lens.

  • M

    It better be good!

    • Admin
      you need to do better permalinks for your posts, they can be changed before you hit the publish button, example …ft5-gf7-announcement-in-decemberjanuary-only-45-175mm-coming-soon because you slashed betweeen jan/feb it’s become one word also you don’t need the “ft4” in your permalink.
      Could be better as “gf7-panasonic-camera-announcement-45-175mm-lens-coming-soon” much better for SEO (google,bing)

      • michael

        Your “fix” will result in the identical SEO. Admin – You’re doing fine.

      • admin

        ok! :)

  • It’s never too late for a nice camera. Patience is a virtue :)

    • GreyOwl

      Plus one.

    • Pete

      Not your first very good comment! Youre right, absolutely!

  • Brod1er

    Admin – So was this the “big surprise”/”big announcement”? Or is there something else imminent? (cough-pleasebetheGH3-cough). The 45-175 seems unlikely to be of interest to me.

  • Anonymous

    GH3,please. with Avchd2.0, and new sensor feat. global shutter.

    • I don’t know about that one. GH-2 is not dated, GH-3 is far from being long due.

      If the GH-3 is announced that early, it has better be hot.

  • Mr. Reeee

    Okay, so what about the mythical 12-50mm f2.5-3.3 lens? Any word on that?

    @Brod1er… GH3 is due for sometime in 2012, right Admin?
    There’s no rush on that either, because we all want to see some dramatic sensor improvements, like better dynamic range, low AND higher ISO performance improvement and of course, full AVCHD compliance. I’ll take higher res EVF and LCD, while they’re at it. And some of the G3’s interface improvements, like picture in picture focus assist and customizable QMenu.

    I vote for a decent manual, too!

    Let’s hope Panasonic refines and doesn’t take an axe to it in their dumb-down fever.

    • Martin

      > Okay, so what about the mythical 12-50mm f2.5-3.3 lens? Any word on that?

      Yes it’s coming – since a long time ago! And a rumour says it will be coming in the future too! :D

      • Jan Francois

        Yes, I also want to see dramatic sensor improvements. Also, World Peace.

    • Brod1er

      @mr Reee- 2012 was rumoured for GH3, but seems like all bets are off. Panasonic may have decided that the GH3 should be released earlier so it does not clash with the GF7- you never know it may even be in the shops for Christmas……[dreaming!]

    • I rank among those that will start saving once such bright zoom is announced.
      By the time its on the shelves, I should have the money :)

    • Sam

      Very true Mr. Reeee the manual could do with an overhaul although I don’t know if it’s been re-done since the GF1?

  • mex ler

    they better take their time, to finaly have a sensor which can compete

  • Miroslav

    If the delay means Panasonic has taken Sony’s August announcements seriously, than it’s a positive thing. With NEX-7 + Zeiss 24mm priced at 2000 USD, there’s time to spare :).

    Let’s hope new lens(es) do not disappoint.

    • I doubt the delay means any such thing.

      m4/3 users need to get realistic. Both Panasonic and Olympus have the same problem right now: they’ve flooded the market with production of various small iteration models and those didn’t sell through. Panasonic still has GF1 supply, for example, and Olympus still has E-PL1 and E-P2 supply. They’re actually iterating too fast for their sales rate, which is now producing fire sales on older models. Two points:

      1. Canon and Nikon DSLRs tend to slide 25% in price from introduction to model discontinuation. I’ve now seen several m4/3 cameras slip nearly 60% from introduction to model discontinuation, and even the better selling products have been sliding 33% or more. That is not a good sign.

      2. Low end DSLRs continue to outsell m4/3 cameras, and by a wide margin. Nikon is the only company that produces enough public and verifiable numbers to do meaningful analysis from, but they just reported a trailing market share of 30% of interchangeable lens camera sales and a forward expectation of a 34% share. The net read on that among camera company analysts is that mirrorless hasn’t dented Nikon’s DSLR sales.

      So you don’t actually want Panasonic and Olympus doing more-of-the-same type of development, I think. And you certainly don’t want them iterating every few months, especially Panasonic here in the US (ordered a G3 in May on day one, got it this week).

      Personally, I look at the lenses more closely than the bodies. The latest Olympus announcements are welcome and I’m hoping we’ll see more slightly higher spec’d lenses. That’ll make as much difference as sensor, because it plays to the size/quality balance that’s m4/3’s advantage. Sony’s NEX lens plans are head-scratchers to me. Not a single option seems to play to all of the NEX 7’s strengths, let alone down market NEX bodies. I suspect that the VG-10, VG-20, and FS100 are distorting Sony’s thinking on NEX.

      • spam

        IMO the high price slide for m4/3 was (at least partly) caused by too high introductory price. Olympus and Panasonic thought (I assume) that they could charge a more than entry level dSLR prices since m4/3 didn’t have any real competition for the first two years.

        They probably could too, but IMO it would have been better to go for volume while they had the mirrorless market to themselves. Anyway, they seem to have adjusted the introductory price somewhat and I’d expect that to reduce the price slide too.

      • 1.Just maybe they are going for market share and lowering prices after recouping their initial development and early marketing costs…
        2.Canon and Nikon DSLRs tend to slide 25% in price from introduction to model discontinuation.
        …shows how much they distorted the market, me thinks *these are very different times*
        3. Low end DSLRs continue to outsell m4/3 cameras, and by a wide margin.
        …that’s not what I see in the real world unless DSLR owners are leaving their shiny brand new cameras at home all the time!
        4.So you don’t actually want Panasonic and Olympus doing more-of-the-same type of development, I think.
        …that’s pretty subjective as whether they have been, and looking at their sales figures they have been doing a lot more right than you give them credit for.

      • Riki

        I hope you are right Tom, I’d really like to see for ‘enthusiast’ lenses (telephoto!).
        And, yes, the glut of slightly tweeked cameras is bad, I think Oly is really guilty of this, I can’t justify upgrading my E-PL1 to anything – at least without getting a new gen sensor (like the 16mp pany), which it seems Oly and Panasonic won’t be doing for a while :-/

      • explorer76

        “Canon and Nikon DSLRs tend to slide 25%……”

        The canon xxD series typically starts at around $1400 and slides down to around $850. Was true for 20D, 30D, 40D and 50D. And thats a well-established mid-range series. But yes Panasonic drop rates have been higher partly due to high starting prices and also due to the more “consumer electornics” nature of these cameras and frequent model updates.

      • Mr. Reeee

        If Olympus had actually discontinued earlier models, it might have helped, or at least delayed introducing newer models a bit. They’re still selling all NINE models!

        Panasonic’s dumb-down fixation hasn’t helped either. It really seemed as though the GF1 was really starting to take off when it was “replaced” by the GF2. Had the GF2 been the GF1 shell with most of the guts of the GH2, it would have been warmly received rather than vilified. Or had Panasonic simply replaced the woeful EVF it may have helped sales tremendously. I’d have bought a GF1, not a GH2, if not for the lousy EVF!

        The GF3 could have been renamed GM (mini?) for differentiation and left as is.

  • Narretz

    Let’s hope they use the time to bring some kick-ass improvements. Not just some cosmetic stuff, ala “Oh, let’s slap an articulated screen on this baby, it will surely beat the NEX-Competition”

    Anyway, that’s nice, so I can save for buying this baby. :)

    • In order to be competitive, the GF7 must match the NEX-7’s features while at the same time leveraging the advantages of the smaller sensor. In other words the GF7 plus the Leica 25/1.4 prime must be more compact and lighter than the NEX-7 with the Zeiss 24/1.8. I really hope the GF7 is the first GF camera with an articulated screen. That seems likely considering all the NEX models and even the E-PL3 have one.

      • WT21

        Articulated or tilt? The EPL3 and NEX’s are tilt. I think of the GH2 as articulated. Personally, I prefer tilt. I don’t find I need an LCD to the side or looking forward. Just high/low. A fully articulated screen is actually a pain to do high/low.

        • Mr. Reeee

          Full articulation is handy for video and also stealth streeetshooting. I’ll swing it 90 degrees and because I’m not directly facing people, it looks like I’m messing with the camera and gives me time to compose and even manually focus.

          For video, I’ve been able to put my GH2 on a shelf behind me and still adjust exposure and such with the screen facing forward. A touch screen isn’t all fluff.

          • WT21

            I agree. Very useful for video, which is why I’m sure the GH series has it. Didn’t think about street shooting. But it is a pain to use simply to shoot from waist, because the LCD ends up on the left side of the camera.

            I can see the need for both, as they have different uses. I just want the tilt :)

            • Mr. Reeee

              Yeah, I’m not a big fan of the LCD off to the left, but I’d rather that than a fixed LCD! I like the tilt, too!
              Basically, ANYthing but fixed in place.

              • WT21

                The EP3s screen is much better than the EP1 in terms of viewability outdoors, and also the viewing angle. Having said that, I would still like it to tilt, so I agree with you, in terms of getting off the fixed LCD.

                • Mr. Reeee

                  I saw the EP3 at B&H last week. I like the screen, but would never buy it. The EPL3 is the appealing because of the pivot screen.

                  It’s too bad Oly distributes features to their cameras in such a random manner.
                  They should have:
                  EP3: internal flash, pivot and touch LCD
                  EPL3: pivot and touch LCD.
                  EPM1: barebones

                  Hipster style points go only so far.

        • You are right; I should have made the distinction between “articulated” and “tilt” screens. Like you, I also prefer the NEX’s tilt mechanism to my GH2’s fully articulated screen. When folded to the side and up, the GH2’s screen often gets tangled in the shoulder strap. And I don’t take that many photos in the portrait orientation where I require an articulated screen.

          • the shoulder strap is an optional extra and stops the camera being in your hands :(

          • WT21

            I agree with you Bjorn.

        • @WT21
          articulated screen allows you to shoot behind you when facing forward, self portraits,shoot around corners, tilted overhead shots and allows you additional camera support/stabilisation when it is resting on your wrist when screen is flipped up facing out…

          • WT21

            I haven’t found the need to do a lot of self portraits :) Or shooting around corners, for that matter.

            I either shoot above my head or at waist or knee level ( that is, when not shooting traditionally). My issue with articulated, is; to shoot above, you pull out the LCD to the left and rotate. With the NEX (and it seems the EPL3), you just push up from the bottom.

            I had the Canon a650 (fully articulated) and a NEX3 (tilty). The NEX3 covers 85% of the need, in 6X the speed.

            YMMV, of course.

          • JoelH

            Absolutely I think the articulated screen is more useful for many kinds of shots. Also I really like the ability to flip it inside so the LCD is tucked away against the back of the camera when carrying or when shooting eye level with my G1. I would vote for the articulated version every time – even better would be removable with wireless connection.

        • Just tilting screen with no possibility of articulating is useless on tripod when shooting in portrait mode (camera rotated by 90 degrees)

          • Kusuke

            How about a totally removable and free floating screen on a flexible telescopic arm? (For the gh3…).

            • WT21

              I love these examples. “I have to have a fully articulated screen for:

              Self portraits
              Shooting around corners
              Shooting back over my shoulder
              On a tripod in portrait mode”

              Honestly — what % of these shots that you are all shooting like this are really keepers?

              Video I understand, but it seems to me these are all low % use cases for the average person, though if this is the way you shoot all your stuff, then it would indispensable.

              • Mr. Reeee

                Agreed, those are some pretty marginal uses.

                But shooting around corners or at a 90° angle is actually quite useful.

                I was taking a family portrait just the other day… some family of strangers ;-) … and it worked great. They were all huddling with different colored umbrellas under an overhanging roof during a rainstorm. I was standing next to them and got a couple of decent shots.
                They never knew. Perfect!

                • deniz

                  thats kind of creepy

                  • Mr. Reeee

                    That’s street photography, dude. ;-)
                    No harm, no foul.

              • Yes, I’ve shut recently on a tripod, in portrait mode.

                I’ve made several portraits in the exactly same position and using an MF-only lens. You simply cannot imagine how easy was manual focusing and using the touch shutter (normal shutter button would shake the camera) with the LCD articulated on left…

              • @WT21
                Honestly — what % of these shots that you are all shooting like this are really keepers? about 85-88% all through the day (keepers are the norm, makes sure your timing, composition and all camera settings are good before shutter is pressed)
                btw I have LCD permanently flipped out when shooting *even faster*
                Self portraits –
                Shooting around corners –
                Tilted overhead shots –
                Shooting back over my shoulder – 2nd image
                you need more examples???

        • Zsun

          What’s if you need to shoot waist level for a portrait shot? Can’t do that easily with just the tilt LCD. With articulated one you flip it out and achieve the shot. Same applies to portrait shot above head.

      • hiplnsdrftr

        I really hope they resist the gimmick of a tilt or articulated screen… That would kill it for me.

        • I would not touch a camera WITHOUT an articulated screen and it beats a tilt screen hands down for versatilty…

        • WT21

          Why would you NOT buy a camera if it had a feature that you didn’t use? For instance, is the pano-stitch-assist on the NEX3 a reason to NOT buy that camera?

          • Mr. Reeee

            Those are fluff features, like art filters or scene modes.

            Something that makes a camera physically more useable is on a different level. I bought a GH2 precisely because of the articulated LCD and integrated EVF… among other things.

        • @hiplnsdrftr Why? You can just leave it flat…

      • Zeiss is expensive and big.. but nex-7 looks really tiny!

        • Renato M.

          I don’t think it’s tiny. Make a PS comparison with the other NEX cameras using the mount as a reference, in the NEX-3/5 the mount is bigger than the camera and in the NEX-7 it’s not. And the rumor says it feels as big as the M9.

          • True, nex7 will be bigger than I thought, I like that.

  • bright wide angle

    I really hope it means multi aspect GH3 sensor/technology inside my GF1 form.

    • Panasonic will have to use their best sensor in order to be competitive with Sony that, presumably, is also using their latest and best sensor in the NEX-7. The multi-aspect sensor is one of the distinguishing features from Panasonic; it would be a shame not to use it in a high end camera.

  • WT21

    WAIT! A Panasonic ANNOUNCEMENT is delayed until Jan 2012? When does the camera actually become available then? In limited quantities in Japan only in August 2012? General availability worldwide in January 2013???

    • bright wide angle

      I have no problem with. My GF1 still working great. I’m in no hurry. Maybe they found a solution for a global shutter quicker than they meant.
      Anyway such a postpone is not a delay but rather change in core spec and that can only meant: more mature product :)
      Panasonic, please more pancakes AND “Leica” f/1.4 lenses and your sale figures will be just fine ;)

      BTW. If announcment is for dec 11 it is clear it will ship in new fiscal year – april 12

    • Mr. Reeee

      Seriously. Cameras aren’t like computers that I replace every 18 – 24 months or so. Although, it seems to be getting that way.

  • NativeFloridian

    I’m very interested in the actual size of ‘very compact’ new zoom lens. Would sacrifice some aperture for it to fit in my camera bag.

  • max

    i cant wait soo long,sorry panasonic but i will buy nex7..too bad because i was very happy with my G1

  • Leave a reply

    “an advanced GF model with plenty of manual controls”
    That’s what I’m talking about!

    • Luke

      I’ll believe it when I see it. I’ve been reading and dreaming about this for nearly 2 years. and they keep introducing cameras with LESS manual controls, so I don’t believe a word of it.

    • hiplnsdrftr

      Manual controls, black, no tilt/articulated screen, no touch control, a viewfinder would be nice… advanced but simple.

  • Maley

    Yeah, finally a new slow telephoto zoom, I mean we only got that range covered with the 40-150mm f4.0-5.6, the 45-200mm 4.0-5.6, the 75-300mm 4.8-6.7,the 100-300mm f4.0-5.6, the 14-150 f4.0-5.6 and the 14-140 f4.0-5.8.

    • Duarte Bruno

      You missed the “cheap” part… and compact!

      • Mr. Reeee

        And the crappy part. ;-)

        • Yet another plastic super zoom. Boooooooooring.

          • Agrivar

            maybe they use plastic for the len elements as well… save more money…

            • Mr. Reeee

              A Holga branded Panasonic zoom, now there’s a concept! ;-)

        • Duarte Bruno

          Nah, the crappy part is pretty much dominated by the 45-200mm. ;)
          As much crappy as the 45-175mm might be, I hope it’s not as crappy as the 45-200mm.
          If it’s cheaper then all the better! :)

      • Maley

        I guess it wont be cheaper than the 45-200 or smaller than the 40-150mm.

    • MK

      wait til the announcement. no one knows if it will actually be slow. if it is slow, i will be happy if it is half the size of the current zooms & cheaper.

    • Slow zoom, this is where the $ is.
      Between the time that someone buys his first SLR/mirrorless, the time he accepts that quality optics comes at a certain price and finally the time that he puts the money where his desires are, on average it takes years.

      many will never reach the final step.

      But paradoxically, I still think the 45-200 is good enough not to warrant that new zoom. Let alone, there are currently no bright tele zoom, not even on any roadmap.

  • Neicila

    Admin, any idea of one of the GF7 main feature ?

    • Martin

      Let me guess.. It will take photos?

    • admin

      Some vague ideas. Honestly, nothing exciting from what I heard.

  • Agrivar

    Where’s the fast zoom? Who needs this cheap lens.. the oly 40-150 isnt expensive..

  • Rutrem

    it would be nice that the GF7 have some features from the old L1: metal(steel/magnesium) body,and a lot of manual controls.. just to prove that pro intentions that panasonic announced, and maybe a weather selling. That will be great walk around camera with some primes and even a telephoto. Much better than a NEX.
    ..maybe with a newer sensor, with improved IQ and ISO sensitivity a little it could be great, the 16mp is just fine, dont need a higher rez sensor but more ram and faster AF and processor.

    • Weather sealing in m43…i don’t think that’ll ever come. There are no weather sealed lenses for a start, and the amount of people that demand such characteristics and actually pay for them is marginal at least. No, this is not a system for that.

      A good quality (magnesium alloy) body with some buttons and knobs is more feasible.

      • Mr. Reeee

        While it would be nice, I think the number of actual buyers would be pretty low and add weight and bulk. Just look at the E5! I wouldn’t want my GH2 getting anywhere near as bloated.

        Maybe there’s a market for third-party waterproof camera bags or shells. Not for underwater, but for use in harsher environments. There are some plastic bag things now, but for DSLRs, so they’re rather big.

  • Stepper

    I just can’t help to think that cameras like this would sell more if there was a chrome + redish-brown rubber/faux leather option. It would be so easy to do and yet they dont.

    • flash

      I like the look. You can get a silver and apply the “leather” there are some nice inexpensive kits to do that.

  • Bob B.

    The GF7 should be the GF2 we were all waiting for after we purchased our GF1’s.

  • I wouldn’t hold my breath for the GF7 availability, given panasonics track record. So, if they announce it on January, we should expect the first units to be available world wide several months after that. I hope it looks something like the mock up in the post :)

  • Narretz

    I just got inside news … they actually had the GF-7 in pre-production to make it available shortly after announcement, but they destroyed all the models. The reason? They finally realised it’s a stupid idea to call the camera GF-7, so they had to destroy all the bodies with the name. They want to take their time until December to decide for GL1 or GP1. Great move, in my opinion. Oh and it will have the good old 12 MP sensor, but it will be improved!

    Yes, were was I. I really hope for a multi-aspect sensor. But that depends where Panasonic wants to place the GF-7 in the G line: beneath, same level as, or above the GH2. Given that the buyer profile will always be different, it’s basically a no-brainer to include it. Let’s hope.

  • Bu

    A 45-175, if it’s a nice f1.7ish (I know, big and clunky), but if it is, it’ll work for me :)

    • Mr. Reeee

      f1.7? That’s a laugh.
      Be thankful if it’s f4 at the bottom end.

      • Mr. Reeee

        I saw the Olympus Four Thirds 50-100 f2.0 zoom today!
        OMFG, the thing was HUGE… almost 12″ long and at least 3 1/2″ to 4″ in diameter at the widest. I was afraid to ask about picking it up!

    • Agrivar

      Admin said the key point for this lense is “Cheap”. fast zoom in m4/3 is not cheap. Nor small. So I suspect it to be a f/4-6.3 kind of spec.

  • Zsun

    The combined price of a 14-42mm and 45-175mm would be approaching the street price of the olympus 14-150mm, and I can’t imagine the IQ be better (if any), so why not get the oly 14-150mm and save your self the trouble of changing lens? I can’t begin to describe how many photo opportunities I had lost when using the oly E510 with the two kit lens. Good lenses I know but..
    IMHO when they try to sell the camera with a two lens kit, they should really just boost the price a little bit and make it a one lens package for the consumer. Especially for beginners when the concept of “changing lenses” is so foreign, this will make them more comfortable replacing their “megazoom” consumer level camera.

    • lrt

      The problem with the Olympus 14-150mm is that it isn’t stabilized… Which sadly doesn’t make it a very good choice for Panasonic users as opposed to those who own an Olympus camera.

    • Martin

      > The combined price of a 14-42mm and 45-175mm would be approaching the street price of the olympus 14-150mm, and I can’t imagine the IQ be better (if any),

      You can bet that the IQ of two separate lenses will be better than that of a superzoom (the 14-150mm in particular.)

      > so why not get the oly 14-150mm and save your self the trouble of changing lens?

      1) IQ (as we said); 2) Lens brightness. The two lenses option will be (in average) half a stop faster than the superzoom.

      > I can’t begin to describe how many photo opportunities I had lost when using the oly E510 with the two kit lens.

      That’s true. It is the one and (probably) only advantage of the superzoom.

  • Andrew

    I’m finding that the internal EVF and LCD screens on the G3 do not appear to be colour calibrated to each other, and that there is no way to adjust the colour settings of one without automatically changing the settings of the other (correct me if I’m wrong). Not to mention, I also note that images seem slightly oversaturated as well as having a little yellow-magenta push. This is a bit of a disappointment and a trade-off for having touch-screen controls. Have any of you noticed this? If the GF7 has an EVF and main screen, I hope they are colour calibrated to each other.

    On a further note, if the GF7 has touch controls, I hope it uses a capacitive touchscreen. My beef on the G3 is with the images rendered on the lcd screen itself. Likely a consequence of having a resitive tactile layer, but to me, photos rendered on the G3 screen do not seem as clear/crisp as they did on my old GF1.

    All in all, I find the LCD screen on the G3 of limited use as a post-capture viewing tool.

    Indeed this perhaps is where having a capacitive OLED touchscreen (like on the EP3) would be nice! Even if the GF7 does not have a touchscreen, an OLED would still be welcome!

  • lrt

    If only the GF7 could have a good integrated EVF, and focus peaking !
    (With of course an up-to-date sensor, which we shouldn’t have to ask for)

  • A GF7 must have a new, better sensor compared to the GH2 and G3 sensors. I switched from E-P1 and GF1 to G3 and yes, image quality is a lot better.
    A high end, high price camera must be a significant improvement in many areas to justify the price. The new Panasonic sensors brings m4/3 close to the current APS-C 16 -18 Mpix sensors, but now APS-C enters the 24 Mpix level. Provided that the quality, DR, noice etc is there, the gap has broadened. So if Panasonic can’t deliver to (almost) match the APS-C level, they better don’t try.

    A HQ lens like the Oly 12mm is as important as a higher quality sensor. Som maybe now is a good time for PanOly to bring us HQ lenses – and they do!

  • Renato M.

    they could leak something, leak images, leak specs, anything!

    in the future I’ll probably be between GF PRO/Gh3 and NEX-7.

  • Frederick Hew

    Having gone on holiday to spend some time with my family, I have finally caved in and replaced my G1 with the G3. I really like this camera.

    Contrary to others, I find its build quality, though less reassuring than my old G1, really fine. IMO Panasonic really hit the nail on its head with the G3: it makes sense because it is small, light, (relatively) cheap and delivers (relatively) good IQ.

    We have been frustrated with cameras with a “low end” feel to them but lets face it – m43 *is* low end.

    Unless the GF7 brings something really new and innovative (better sensor than G3/ GH2, global shutter or what not) it can not be built to the standards you are asking for. At the costs involved it will be crushed by the NEX, and so it should.

    The E-P3 and 12mm, considering what IQ this much money can buy elsewhere, are a joke and will ultimately fail commercially. Ultimately, this is why 43 (reflex) failed so miserably.

  • vanawesome

    Damn, that mock-up got me real excited for a minute… I hope they do something classy like that. Please please please panasonic, they have to be listening to us right? maybe? no? yeah, probably not.

    • ArKersaint

      Right… The fact is that Admin said <> and it does ont look like L1 !

  • Katsunami

    Booh. Olympus/Panasonic have way too much slow zooms. f/4-5.6 gets you a depth of field (if you can still speak of it as such…) comparable to f/8-11 on full frame. So that is basically almost unlimited DOF after you stop down a bit.

    4/3 needs lenses such as the 12/2, 25/1.4 and 45/1.8 (I wish that 45 f/1.8 had been a 50/1.4, but it’ll do). This gives you the possibility to play with DOF without it getting so small that it is unusable. 25 f/1.4 gives a DOF comparable to f/2.8 on full frame, which ideal for me; the fast speed is then a huge bonus.

    What 4/3 needs as an addition is a 17 f/1.x and a 70 1.x lens. Also, a very small flash that can both swivel and tilt, and the system will be a perfect rangefinder replacement.

    The GF7 render based on the L1 looks good. I’ve been staring at the L1 since 2006, but because of lack of lenses and the very small viewfinder I never bought it. Get me a camera as in the render, with a nice big viewfinder, no internal flash (but a small external one, that can both swivel and bounce), good manual controls, and I’ll buy the entire system in a heartbeat.

    12mm for landscapes and broad street shooting, 50 for general shooting, and 45 for details and portraits; add a 17 f/1.x and a 70 f/1.x, for under €1000 each, and I’ll buy them too.

    While the early samples of the 45 seemed to look good, I would have had more confidence in the lens if it cost €600 instead of €300… but even the Canon and Nikon 50 f/1.x are “cheap”, costing also around €300, and they are very good lenses. We’ll see.

    Come on Olympus and Panasonic. You finally have the lenses I want. Now release the camera, and I can start taking pictures again, after I sold my (huge) Canon equipment over 2 years ago because of size and weight.

    • Katsunami

      (Sorry. Double post. Internet glitch :))

      • Renato M.

        Well, by what you said I guess you don’t consider buying a NEX-7, right? Since the NEX series don’t have lenses. Did you consider the E-P3? The problem would be the very old sensor.

        I’m wondering what would be the real differences between the GF7 and the GH3.

        I think that the GF7 should have a tiltable screen while the GH3 should have an articulated one. The GH3 should still be for videographers, but what would they make to differentiate it from the GF7?

        They can’t take out the AVCHD 2.0 because the NEX-7 will also have it. It looks like Sony said that they will make the NEX-7 very video friendly so if the GF7 was to compete with the NEX-7, they could not strip video feats and controls, but then, again, what will they make to differentiate the GF7 and the GH3?

        Besides the articulated screen, they could give the GH3 some fine tuning and fine control over video that the GF7 will not have. Like Variable Frame Rate control so you could make anything from time lapse to slow motion. External mic input and audio monitor. I don’t know if with the AVCHD 2.0 compression it would worth it, but a 28mbps 1080p24 should have one of the best video qualities out there in the same category.

        Against the NEX-7 the GF7 would be smaller, it would have a lot more lenses variety and also the lens size, because the NEX lenses are way too big and heavy. NEX-7 will probably have better IQ and better high-ISO performance, also 10fps burst is pretty good.

        Overall I think that Panasonic should maintain the 16MP size and try to get better IQ, lower noise, better high-ISO performance instead of going to add more MP. And go for better engine as well, one that could handle 180~240hz read out, the AF would be even faster and a lot more enhancements would be possible. It they could really develop a global shutter sensor and electronic shutter, they would have one of the fastest shooting camera performance. But that’s an ideal world vision. LOL.

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